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Adibah Noor at Klang Parade Mall | 3rd June 2018

Meet Adibah Noor
So, I haven't really shared with you on which celebrity I like and love seeing, and since I got some time today, im gonna share to you on why I love Adibah Noor. Well, to begin with why I love Adibah Noor, is because my mum is a fan. I remember growing up hearing her on repeat, and to be specific, its one of her top hits, 'terlalu istimewa'. The song actually made me cry when I played it through youtube recently, and y'know what, when you're older you tend to understand somethings better than before. Other than having an amazing voice, she has a heart of gold.

I met her once at one of the comedy shows that I attended to, and managed to say hi to her. It was like a moment of spazz because she was so nice. I need to find the photo and share it with you guys! I mean, I would have to say that she's one of the most humble celebrities that I know, and she never fails to make you feel warm on the inside. Above would be a video of the song I kept hearing on repeat, and each time I listen to the song, it never fails to give me goosebumps!

Thats Adibah Noor on the highway billboard
It is impossible that anyone in Malaysia who don't know Adibah Noor, shes even on the billboards on the highway. Literally! She sets a good example for the entertainment industry that if you be true to yourself, people see beyond looks and the stereotype ideal celebrity material. If you've seen her acting, she does it really well, and I'd usually stop and watch each scene as long as she's in it. She puts so much effort and she deserves it so much!

And I think I started being a fan when she sang a Disney song with another famous singer when I was younger, Vince. I wish she continued to make more albums cause she is talented. Just check out the video above to see how well she sings 'Beauty and the Beast'. Her voice can go so high man. And I think you can see that she has a little humor too by just watching this video. I swear, even tho she's not exactly my age group, she is the cutest! I really think she is cute, and that what makes her so real.

Adibah Noor as Puan Hajar in Oh My English! (Photo credits:

Not to forget Adibah Noor as Fatimah in Phua Chu Kang
Not to forget her appearance in acting. Having a younger sister with an 8-year gap, I had to tolerate watching kid shows. But one of my favorite times watching shows with my sister would be when she starred in Oh My English, as Puan Hajar. I always thought she was very funny on the show, and she really played the role really well. Also, in the famous TV Show, Phua Chu Kang where she acted as the maid. I guess this is how she keeps herself updated with the generation making her lovable by all different generation, from my mum's generation to as young as my sister's generation.


Be entertained by celebrities at Klang Parade
What if I told you that you can get a chance to meet Adibah Noor in person? A little bird told me that she'll be making a special appearance at Klang Parade Mall. There will also be other artists present during the event, but my specific highlight would be Adibah Noor. Im a girl fan and im not shy to admit that I love her. hehe. Present also would be Hael Husaini, Baki Zainal, Kilafairy and Khai Bahar. So better catch them while you still can. Be sure to save the date!

When: 3 June 2018
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Location: Klang Parade Mall


Since it's during the fasting period, I understand that some of you may be concern about where to break your fast. Fret not as I have just the solution! You can consider going to their revamped Next Food Junction where they have tons of variety to choose from. Just to name a few, you can have Mee Hun Soup,  Chicken Chop, Burgers, Sup Tulang and more! Check out the video above to get a little idea of what the food court offers. With the amount of variety offered, there's surely something for someone.

The Next Food Junction
Food to Indulge
Don't forget to take this opportunity to meet your favorite artist as I've marked my calendar to be there too! There are tons of things to look out for and there will also be performances by famous artist and celebrities to entertain you at Klang Parade Mall. So what are you waiting for? Plan your weekend ahead and maybe meet up at Klang Parade Mall where you can meet celebrities as they entertain you. Hehe. That's all for now. Let me know if you'll be there by leaving a comment below. Who knows, I might say hi to you! Hehe. Ttfn xx

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Top 5 Malaysian Brands As Your Raya Outfit in 2018

We all know that living in a fast-paced fashionable world can be exciting, but what's even better is when you include your local designers and be ever proud to wear them during this coming Raya Celebration. In today's post, I'll be focusing more on the Top Malaysian Designers for Raya to look out for, which you can consider getting your hands on to impress your friends and family during the Raya Celebration. Today marks the day as the first day of the fasting season, and what better way then to do a post on planning ahead for the festive season.

Having a bae in my life, I think the keyword for today is where can we get matching outfits this Raya? Couple Raya sets are currently a fashion trend as it simplifies the whole process of making sure that you and your partner are wearing the right shade of a color that would in result create amazing photos to remember the Raya celebration in 2018. It does not limit to only partners, but also for those seeking for matching themes colors with your husband, wife, or even for the whole family! Listed below would be my Top 5 Malaysian Brands to compliment your Raya.

5 | Jubah Souq

Listed in my Top 5, goes to Jubah Souq! Jubah Souq features tons of designs that would be to keep yourself updated with the latest trend in 2018, for both male and female shoppers seeking for trendy styles to wear. Their price range is fairly reasonable for those who are looking for affordable Baju Kurung, Dresses, and Kurtas! Above would be a few pieces that I personally like. Just to give you a few ideas on the designs, I believe that the collection I selected gives you a better picture of the designs presented by Jubah Souq.

Jubah Souq

4 | Sirnasin

Moving forward to the Top 4 in my list presents Sirnasin for a more exclusive collection of RTW designs. Hands down, Sirnasin has their way to create an impact to those who seek for younger bolder vibes. Some designs from their collection may be a little too strong for my liking, but if you think you got the attitude to make this Raya your runway, then you would definitely like Sirnasin's variety. A personal value I see in Sirnasin's collection is that their collection can be wearable for any occasion, making it a versatile choice. 


3 | Zefiks

Number 3 falls to Zefiks because they have luxurious minimalist designs which are priced at a reasonable price. I love the classic details of Zefiks collection from the Zefiks Raya 2018. Just that, I kinda wished that they had more variety to work with. Most of their designs are pretty much the ones in the photos above, but it's still very chić and modest at the same time. The good thing about the collection tho would be that they offer a wide variety of colors! So trust me, I can guarantee that you'll find your chosen Raya color for 2018. 


2 | Asikin Ahmad 

Asikin Ahmad is pretty hot when it comes to the choice of the locals which falls to the top 2 on my list. If you check out their website, you'd see most of their collections are already sold out! The styles that Asikin Ahmad creates is to always ensure that there is a partner outfit that matches one another, and from the looks of it, I kinda like what I see. It's not like a literal copy-paste matching outfit, but one another compliments the whole look. 

Asikin Ahmad

1 | Cirgaro

And this leads to my number 1 Malaysian Brands as your Raya Outfit in 2018, and established brand, Cirgaro! It may be a little unexpected, but hear me out on why they won number 1 based on my preference. The designs are fine and very high in quality, with precise workmanship to ensure that none is a defect. I owned a top I got from them last year, and surprisingly, it's still in tip-top condition. This year, Cirgaro features their Lebaran 2018 collection, and boy im in love with their designs this year, period. With 12 different unique collections, with 85 colors to choose from, how can anyone resist? 

Because they've won number 1 on my list, im going to elaborate a little bit on what makes Cirgaro unique. Their principles are based on a designed by consumers for consumers, and benchmarks are always kept to suit to the Malaysian context. I would have to say that their Kurta has been the leading design in Malaysia, so I can confidently say that if you see any other Kurta from other brands, they initially were inspired by Cirgaro. Believe it or not, they've produced over 13 different Kurta designs within the span of 3 years

They offer sizes starting from S to 4XL for male apparels, which can suit your liking to go for a slim fit, a regular until a super large size! I solute brands who invest in providing sizes for everyone to wear. #nodiscremination. Means, my dad would also be able to get matching Raya outfits with me too since he's a little more toward the 3XL size. Basically, by purchasing at Cirgaro, your colors can match any design doesn't matter if it's for him or for her. No more struggle to look for the same shade.

I don't know about you, but I think Cirgaro is the first brand that I know of to introduce a kids line, which was an instant hit when they introduced it to the market. I like that they focus more on designs that are suitable for different generations both young and old, and doesn't concentrate on high quality to push to agents to sell making each and every piece exclusive for their consumers. It may be a little pricey, but trust me, it's worth every cent paid

If you don't believe me, it would be best if you can make your way to their boutique in Plaza Shah Alam which opens daily. This has to be another unique part I solute about Cirgaro as they are one of the local brands who managed to open and operate their boutique to cater to those who prefer to not shop online. And to me, this is what we Malaysians need to support, real entrepreneurship! Im actually waiting for their newest collection to be available and quickly grab what I want before it's sold out. A little bird told me that it will be available from 22nd May onwards, so get your decisions made and get them while you still can!

To compliment your Raya Outfit this year, you may need some accessories and bling blings if you know what i mean. Hehe. Youre lucky cause i found a blogpost sharing about where you can find trendy accesorries this coming raya! Written by Yaya Natsumi, i think her tips in accessorizing might come in handy for some of you.

Find Out More on Accessories:


Alternatively, check out their Raya Booths at the locations below
Ground Floor Plaza Shah Alam, Ground Floor Aeon Shah Alam
10am - 10pm (including public holidays)

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[REVIEW] Protect, Repair and Enhance the Skin | Lovera Magic Jelly

Reviewing the Lovera Magic Jelly!
Being a busy person myself, don't you wish you have that one product to go to in any scenario? Well, my go-to solution when my skin needs critical attention would usually be Aloe Vera, but at times, I do have my moments when im too lazy to scoop out the gel as it can be messy, and you don't want your aloe vera to be exposed to germs. The aloe vera to me works as a moisturizer at night to give my skin some cooling moisturizing benefits, but what if I told you that there's a product that protects, repairs and enhances just as good as Aloe Vera with possibly more benefits? Scroll to find out!

Do you face problems like dull skin, open pores and acne?

So, just about a few weeks ago, I was introduced to this Naturally Magical Magic Jelly by Lovera Malaysia, and trust me, you can just check out their Instagram to see real-life testimonials by users, and what attracted me the most was that most of the users are pretty much using it as a substitute to primer. Yes, primer. Never been a fan of primer cause my pores are usually open, and I tend to avoid using primer cause it might get clogged in my pores when I don't wash it off properly. And since the users are SO into it, I decided to give myself a go with the Magic Jelly. 


The packaging
Some details on the benefits and directions on how to use this Magic Jelly
Now that I got my hands on it. Just a little introduction, the Magic Jelly claims to protect, repair and enhance the skin with an advanced intensive treatment that acts as an all-purpose beauty gel that can be used on your face, body, and hair. It is also paraben free, free from toxic and safe for all types of skin. With that much confidence to create the statement, I have no doubt that this might come in handy since its pretty much multi-purpose to solve almost any common skin issue.

Pump bottle for hygiene control
It comes in a 60ml bottle as a full-size Magic Jelly and from a first impression, I'd say that I wish they could invest more in making the packaging fancier. But im assuming the reason to this is to keep the price low and focus more on the quality of the magic jelly. Its priced at RM70, and it comes in a pump bottle which makes it easy to pump the content out without getting the content to be exposed to germs.

Testing out the texture
Surprisingly lightweight and skin absorbs really well
The texture, to be honest, has a jelly-like texture. It may look like aloe vera but really, the texture is slightly thicker than your average aloe vera. Upon massaging it on my skin, I find that the formulation has been well thought of as my skin absorbed the jelly pretty well. It does leave a very slight sticky feeling on the skin (almost similar to primer), but it felt really light on the skin after the jelly is fully absorbed by the skin which is a plus point. Also, since it had a primer-like texture, I can see why consumers have been using this as a substitute for a makeup primer for the skin. I noticed that it makes your make-up last longer and at the same time has good benefits for the skin.

Loving each time I apply this on my skin
The product has been said to be a solution for those suffering from pimples, scars, dry skin, flaky skin, dull skin, and more! As good as it sounds, im living proof that it works amazing on my skin as it really helped keep my skin well moisturized throughout the day and it also made my skin feel healthier after wearing it daily for almost 2 weeks now. Im impressed! Tip: I also use this to solve my split end issues on my hair, and I love how it's as good as hair oil, except it's not oily.


At the moment, it's in my everyday skincare routine
As a verdict, I would think that its a little on the high side to be priced at RM70 for 60ml, but for the results it gave me, I think it was almost similar to the results of walking out from a facial salon. I mean, facials would actually cost more than a bottle of Magic Jelly, but for a multi-purpose Jelly that protects, repairs and enhances not only the skin but also hair, I see a lot of potentials for the product to grow. It can be used as an after wax gel, to soothe rashes on a baby's body, as an acne minimizer, as sunburn gel and so much more (as long as you're creative enough).

Makeup test, left without magic jelly, right with magic jelly as the base.
KKM certified too! Which also means its safe to use 
My favorite usage for this would actually be my makeup primer and moisturizer before I apply makeup as I noticed that it works just as good a primer, but minus the clogged pores issues. I also like to use this after an intensive facial extraction at a beauty salon to help my skin recover. Works like a charm, and I would definitely recommend this to you if you're looking for a multi-purpose gel-based formula that can be multipurpose and beneficial for your skin. It is also KKM certified, which guarantees that its safe to use too. Leave me a comment if you have any questions, or you can maybe visit their sites to check out other products that they offer too. Thank you so much for dropping by and I'll see you in my next post. In the meantime, check out my daily skincare + makeup routine below featuring Lovera's Magic Jelly!


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[REVIEW] Hot Pot At Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Reviewing the Hot Pot at Dynasty Restaurant @ Renaissance Kuala Lumpur
Nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling of waiting for the food to cook right before your eyes as you share a conversation or two around a roundtable with loved ones. Today, I'll be sharing with you a meal I had which had a do-it-yourself twist, that is healthy and deliciously fun! Being Malaysian, Hot Pot is a very Asian dish which we all love and enjoy, and you don't need to be a chef to know how to prepare the meal. Hehe.

Herbal Chicken Soup has an additional chicken inside
Hot Pot serves a concept of sharing where everyone chooses to cook their own food right at the table. At Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, the ingredients are freshly prepared, and just to name a few ingredients, they offer thinly sliced beef (which means it was SUPER tender), fish fillet, chicken, freshwater prawns, dumpling, wontons, eggs, tofu, and vegetables which are presented raw on the side.

2 persons minimum, cause hot pot are usually best enjoyed when shared.
With a minimum of 2 persons to enjoy the meal, they will first serve you a pot filled with simmering broth with an option of herbal chicken, superior clean soup, vegetarian corn soup or tom yum. In my case, we added an additional RM10/person to enjoy 2 flavors instead of one which is the herbal chicken and tom yum. The fun then begins when all of us would pick our chopsticks up to pick up slices of meat or vegetables and swirl it around the simmering tasty broth for a few seconds to cook.

Fish Fillet
Fu Kwei Abalone
Sliced Chicken
Sliced Beef
Time to add everything in!
The best part of any hot pot meal is usually towards the end when the broth has thickened and its flavors have been enhanced by the meat and vegetables which were added earlier during the meal. Trust me, the broth just gets even better than it even tastes good when eaten on its own. Or, if you're not a fan of too many flavors, then you can opt to choose to start all over again with an extra broth.

Top soup: Herbal Chicken Soup | Bottom soup: Tom Yum Soup
Cooked Freshwater prawns
In case you're wondering on the options available for a la carte, they actually have Australian abalone, Baby Abalone (5nos), Sliced Seas Cucumber (5 pcs), Sliced Beef (100gm), Cof Fillet (100gm), Fish maw (5pcs), White Prawn (5 nos), Chicken strips, Mussels (5nos), Prawn Wonton (5nos), Green Vegetables, Bean Curd, Enoki Mushroom, Choice of Noodle. But really, if you want your meal to have more value, them consider taking the all-inclusive set menu that includes soup fish fillet, freshwater prawn, fish paste, sliced beef or money pouch, sliced chicken, squid, fu kwei abalone, chicken wonton, chicken dumpling, tofu, crispy gluten, assorted fresh mushroom, vegetables, eggs and your choice of noodle.


The all-inclusive set
Well just to conclude my post for today, I would have to say that I would repeat my hot pot meal at Dynasty Restaurant, which also means I find the deal worth it ONLY if you take the all-inclusive set menu at RM68.80nett per person. The flavors of the broth compliment the ingredients really well, and don't get me started on the authentic Chinese ambiance of the venue. I would definitely recommend trying the Hot Pot at Dynasty Restaurant as they serve hot pot with ultimate class at a reasonable price.

Time to enjoy the meal. 
The Hot Pot is available daily for dinner only, and diners would get to choose from the a la carte selection of RM8nett or opt for the all-inclusive set menu at RM68.80nett per person with a minimum of two (2) persons. In case you're wondering, the photos took for this blog post was the all-inclusive set menu, which to me is value for money. To discover more or to make a reservation, call 03 2771 6692 or email

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Dynasty Kuala Lumpur

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Affordable Studio Photoshoot in Setia Alam | Bajiwoa Studio

A month ago, I did a little photoshoot with Bajiwoa Studio to just get my profile done + a mini product photoshoot featuring Pudore Fragrances. This was actually my first time here, and thank god it was really easy to get there all thanks to the accurate location on Waze by typing out 'Bajiwoa Studio'. A little preview on this studio, it's located within a row of shop lots on the first floor, so if you ever decide to drive by, be sure to look a little higher to spot their banner on the building. It's also very near to Setia City Mall where you can enjoy your meal after the photoshoot. #modelswhoeat

The studio setting
If you're wondering why I considered getting my photoshoot done at Bajiwoa Studio, and the answer is pretty simple actually. Its because their charges are affordable and it has a huge space to work with. Whats even better is that they have all sorts of photography equipment provided ensuring that the photos produced are at its best. Trust me, when I saw all the lights and camera ready, it indeed got me really excited about the photoshoot.

Meet the photographer/owner, Mr Su Aziz
Before I go even deeper with my entire experience, I have to emphasize that the photographer was a huge impact on my experience. And to my surprise, the photographer present was the owner of Bajiwoa Studio itself, Mr. Su Aziz. I believe that it's really important to get a photographer who makes you feel comfortable in order to achieve the best photos during a photo shoot. He is very experienced, and is ever ready to get his hands on the camera to shoot some magic!

A little nervous in the beginning, but all went pretty well
So, basically, the reason why I was there was to do a mini photoshoot on a fragrance product, specifically, Pudore Fragrance. Why? Well, just because I wanted to create more content on my blog, and also to share some professionally taken photos on my Instagram and Facebook. The studio had an office, a changing room, a toilet and a living room to give their clients a comfortable place to hang around while getting the photoshoot done. How sweet are they?

And here are some of the unedited photos, just to show you how good he is.
After the photo shoot was over, the photographer shared with me a few shots to just seek approval from me whether if im happy with the photos. And overall, im actually very satisfied! He was good in giving me directions on how to pose, and also on how to work with props during a photoshoot. Once that's done, I decided to find out more about the studio by starting a conversation with Mr. Su Aziz, starting with my first question 'Why call it Bajiwoa?'.


The definition of Bajiwoa
Now, im pretty sure you had the same question that I had in mind. What does this 'Bajiwoa' word really means? Bajiwoa is actually from a Java word meaning lifting the soul. It has a really deep meaning to it, and im pretty sure that Mr. Su Aziz has taken tons of time to ensure that the brand name suits his goals and principles. Above would be some of the photos that he has shared on his site, and as the saying goes, a picture can give you a thousand words. And this is a skill that Mr. Su Aziz has.

Packages and Services 

Some packages and services available by Bajiwoa Studio
In case you're wondering on the packages and services that are available at Bajiwoa, usually, most clients would choose Bajiwoa studio as their chosen studio to do fashion shoots, wedding shoots, convocation shoots, product shoots and so much more! I would really recommend you to consider Bajiwoa if you want to get a photoshoot done as their services are period, really cheap and professional! Also, if you seek to just rent the studio, it would only cost you RM50/hour which I think is really affordable when you don't have a good space to work in.


We're happy with the overall results!
So, as a verdict, I would have to say that I really enjoyed the whole experience of being a petite model with Mr. Su Aziz as the official photographer during the photoshoot session. If you're looking for a studio rental or if you want a photography session with Mr. Su Aziz, you can always contact him directly (number at the end of this post). You can maybe mention my blog and possibly get a cheaper rate too, but guys, no promises. Hehe. No harm trying.

Bajiwoa Studio
+6019-426 2911 - Encik Su Aziz 

Jalan Setia Perdana AY U13/AY, Alam Nusantara, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor.