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Hey, guys! As the title says, if you're joining this contest because you love to shop, well here's your chance to get RM100 worth of Shopping Credits to shop at SGShop. In this blog post, I'll be looking for 10 lucky readers to win themselves a shopping experience to remember! Wondering what SGShop is? Well, SGShop is your online platform to shop worldwide at crazy prices! Believe me when I say its super cheap! But if you want a clearer picture of my shopping experience, why not head on over to my SGShop Haul & Shopping Experience blog post which I'll like it below.

SGShop Haul & Shopping Experience Entry:  Click Here


Lets cut to the chase. Now, who here wants to win RM100 worth of shopping vouchers?! I promise you that it's super easy and all you need to do is just to follow the instructions below.

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3. Leave a comment below by telling me how excited you are and fill in this form via rafflecopter.


Psst, if you are still unsure, there will be 10 lucky winners which really gives you a higher chance of winning.

Terms and Conditions of Contest:

1. Contest will be run from 14th August 2017 to 30th August 2017, 11.59pm.
2. The 10 winners will be announced on the 1st of September 2017 via email and my facebook page.
3. Participants must be Malaysian, and a member of SGShop Malaysia.
4. SGShop Shopping Credit may not be converted to Cash or applicable for any withdrawal
5. SGShop Malaysia reserves the right of final explanation towards this collaboration.

So what are you waiting for? With just a few clicks, you're already in the running to win Shopping Credits to shop at one of the CHEAPEST online sites in Malaysia. It's even more exciting when you get to choose your own prize. I don't wanna talk too much so that you can proceed with taking part in this contest.


SGShop Malaysia

[REVIEW] My Shopping experience on SGShop Malaysia

This goes to all the shopaholics, I'm here to introduce you an exciting online site where you can ship items directly from China directly to Malaysia. I've always wanted to shop on Taobao since most of my Chinese friends would say that it's SUPER CHEAP to get fashionable pieces since fashion is always so fast paced, but it sucks when you can't read Chinese (boohoo). This is where SGShop comes in! SGShop is a Taobao Agent that can help you shop from Taobao and ships directly to Malaysia, especially just for you!

SGShop being an unfamiliar platform to some, im here to share with you my experiences shopping via SGShop! Im a buyer like all of you are, and I did have my fair share of insecurities when shopping on a new site which im not used to as I dont hear it from the people around me. But after testing it out for myself, I can reassure to you that SGShop is a safe platform to shop on and I'll warn you that it may be addictive! #youhavebeenwarned


There are two options to choose from on SGShop where you can either choose "Buy for me" or "Ship for me". To keep things short, Buy for me is when you browse through their website, add it to a cart then SGShop will help you ship it to Malaysia. Whereas Ship for me, on the other hand, helps you purchase items from China online based stores, then SGShop would once again help you ship it to Malaysia.

But being a first timer, I've decided to go for the "Buy For Me" option, cause I find it safer when I'm shopping on SGShop's website. Plus, it sucks that I can't read Chinese so shopping on other Chinese online based stores may be an issue. #firstworldproblems.


Now for the fun part! First, you can start by browsing through the website and pick the items that you want to purchase. I love the fact that everything has been converted to RM saving me the hassle to recalculate the total in my head. And what's even more exciting is that SGShop literally has almost anything which I shall let you know that I had a good 3 days of browsing through and it never ends!

Spotted some chic outfits, and a backdrop which I've always wanted to get but it's usually over RM200 in Malaysia for a good one. I was in hopes that its good, but thankfully SGShop has like a rating system for easier identification how likely the item matches the images online. Psst, here's a hint! Be sure to choose items that have RM0 charges on domestic shipping to save on your purchase. Once you're satisfied with your decision, pick your choice of colours (if any) then add to cart. And once everything is added, you can click your cart and see the items that you've purchased together with the total amount.


Once you've confirmed your purchases, next is to choose your payment option. Usually, i would choose Maybank2u or CIMBclicks, but what sucks about this is that they charge an additional 2.8% + RM0.80 on top of your total amount. Booo. But in my case, I chose to make payment by account balance, which may require me to top up my account and wallah, no additional charges. Hehe. Once payment has been made, you would also receive an email that your payment has been confirmed.


You may be required to wait till all your purchases arrive at SGShop's warehouse in China before being able to click "Submit Delivery" to avoid double shipping payments. And to check your order status, all you need to do is click your username, click "My Order" and all the things that you need to know would be on this page. And if you see all your items listed as "Arrived China Warehouse", then you're free to click "Submit Delivery" where you will be required to fill in your address and to pick a shipping method.


There are a few Shipping Methods available, and it really depends on the urgency of your needs. So in my case, I've decided to choose Sea Shipping cause its one of the cheapest shipping rates available since the stuff I purchased can be considered heavy. SOBS! I was also told by a friend that if your purchases are light, then Economy Air would be one of the best options to choose. Each item you purchase will have a description on the total weight as you check out.

Since I already paid for my items, next is to pay for my shipping fee which totaled up to RM66 + clearance fee + Service Charge (8%) which I think is fair considering the items I purchased can be considered big and heavy. And repeat payment method based on your preference. Once payment has been made, next the status of your items would be "Repacking in progress" and in about 2 days I checked, my status changed to "Sending to Malaysia". YAY!


And after 33 days of anxiously waiting, my parcel has finally arrived. It's pretty obvious that it's from SGShop since it's wrapped in an SGShop tape all over. Hehe. So here are some of the items that I bought if you're wondering. I'm planning to get the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar and I got my casses at a steal price! We all know how pricey MacBook Pro Cases can be, and you would not believe how much I got mine for. I also got myself some shirts for work, casual shoes, ballet shoes, lego and a portable backdrop anchor! The price of each item is listed below:

Macbook Pro Touch Bar Case 13" | RM38.91 
Macbook Pro Retina 15" | RM17.36
Macbook Pro Retina 15" Sleeve | RM27.08
Genuine Lego Star Wars | RM155.73
Portable Backdrop Anchor | RM65.97
Sascha Ballet Shoes | RM26.39
Ballet Socks | RM13.70 (x2)
Summer Slippers | RM10.42
Korean Top in white & black | RM10.28
Korean Top with choker collar | RM14.44
Koran Fan V Coat | RM20.83
I was actually a little concern about the quality of the items, and it took me a while to decide on which supplier to get the items from. But after really reconsidering my choices, I think the slightly expensive ones has better quality so I'm rather satisfied with my purchases. YAY! Despite the fact that it took me a while and whole lot of waiting to get my parcel, for the price i paid, I'd say it was worth it!


Day 1: Successfully placed an order with payment
Day 3: First item arrived at SGShop's Warehouse (China)
Day 5: All items arrived at warehouse with payment
Day 8: Shipping from China 
Day 33 : Received my parcel

Total price of items purchased: RM 421.03
Sea Shipping: RM66.00 
Service Charge 8%: RM38.25
Clearance Fee: RM0.98


And there you have it! I don't know about you, but I'm loving my purchases and I really can't wait to stock up more stuff to purchase from China. (OH LORD, this is so addictive!) Well, there you have it. If you have any further question, you can always ask me anything that is bothering you and I'll try my best to assist you with your concerns. Psst, if you're tempted to shop right now on SGShop, well here's a heads up that I'll be having a RM1000 Shopping Voucher giveaway for you to shop at SGShop! Conditions are super easy, and I'll be selecting 10 lucky winners to shop on SGShop.


Lets cut to the chase. Now, who here wants to win RM100 worth of shopping vouchers?! I promise you that it's super easy and all you need to do is just to follow the instructions below.

1. Be a follower of my blog, Facebook page or Instagram.
2. Follow SGShop Malaysia's Facebook & Instagram
3. Leave a comment below by telling me how excited you are about the giveaway!

Terms and Conditions of Contest:

1. Contest will be run from 14th August 2017 to 30th August 2017, 11.59pm.
2. The 10 winners will be announced on the 1st of September 2017 via email and my facebook page.
3. Participants must be Malaysian, and a member of SGShop Malaysia.
4. SGShop Shopping Credit may not be converted to Cash or applicable for any withdrawal
5. SGShop Malaysia reserves the right of final explanation towards this collaboration.

Good luck and may you win some shopping vouchers to spend! xx

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[TRAVEL] STAR CRUISES SuperStar Libra 3 Days 2Nights Package

Star Cruise SuperStar Libra Review
Hey guys so if you have been following my Instagram, you may realise my recent trip on the SuperStar Libra cruise and I'm honestly super excited to share the experience with if you're looking to find out more in regards to what the star cruises have to offer, then you are on the right page. Now sit back, relax and scroll away! I'll be sharing with my 3 days 2 nights experience living on the SuperStar Libra.

Deck 9 (Top Deck on SuperStar Libra)
Star Cruise's have been tagged as the most popular cruise line in Asia and they are currently having a vacation offer package for SuperStar Libra's newly introduced 3 days 2 nights destination cruise itinerary to Phuket. It departs from Penang every Wednesday and Friday, starting from 4 August 2017 onwards. Starting from as low as RM699 per person, you are able to enjoy the SuperStar Libra's 3 Days 2 Night cruise itinerary. Superstar Libra being a favorite destination for travelers of all ages including families and has attracted many locals and international tourist from across the region. The 10-storey SuperStar Libra cruises remain passionate and committed to offering the best cruise experience with the free and easy cruising holiday accentuated by world-class service with the familiar touch of Asian hospitality. 

The Superstar Libra 3 Days 2 Night cruise itinerary really complements it's existing popular 4 days 3 nights Cruise to Phuket and Krabi that departs every Sunday. And good news for travelers in holidaymakers yearning for a longer cruise vacation with additional destinations can also have the option of booking Superstar Libra 4 days 3 nights phuket krabi destination cruise with a special promotional price from RM1050 per person.

Ocean View Stateroom With Window
Ocean View Stateroom with Window
When you hop on board Superstar Libra, you would be able to enjoy a free and easy cruise experience with an all inclusive gastronomic journey of 5 complimentary meals daily or dine at the restaurants and bars serving global culinary cuisines all masterfully prepared by award-winning chefs.

DAY 1 
At Sweetenham Pier to collect our cabin passes
Once we reached the Penang International Cruise Terminal (Sweetenham Pier), we had to go through embarkation before we could check in the cabin. So be sure to bring your passport, as that would be the key to your cruise. Don't be alarmed as once you board the ship, your passport would be replaced with your room card which you have to keep it safe with you to ensure that you get your passport back once you check out. Once we hopped on the ship, we were welcomed by a spectacular presentation of food at the mariner's buffet on deck 9.

Fresh Seafood on board
Plenty of food to welcome you

Just when the ship sails away, immediately we had an exciting performance by Fitness First with a Zumba at sea session as the sail-away party. After all the food I consumed, I have to admit that their dance moves are very intriguing that made me got up and got me to join the dance. But if you wish to just enjoy the show, you can always just sit back while you have your dinner and watch the exciting performance to entertain you.
Safety Drill (mandatory)
Right after the sail away party, passengers then were told to go through a safety drill for safety measures. I don't know why, but being a part of the safety drill actually got me really excited as it reminded me of some scenes from the Titanic movie. HAHA. Rest assured I felt safe as each cabin section had their own assembly area which made it organized and smooth. Besides it being a safety drill, I was very entertained by the instructor as he was very well taught on how to make it less boring.
Managed to catch the magic show on board
Once that was over, I decided to head over to the Stardust lounge on deck 5 for a magic illusion show by James Long. Being it my first time on a cruise, I was impressed on how huge the interior of the ship can be! Walking into the Stardust lounge really made me felt like a VIP as the setting was nicely done. It's literally like walking into your own private layout theater. As much as I thought the show would be a normal magic show, surprisingly, it really blew my mind away to see things that I don't believe I'm seeing right before my eyes. And I'm talking about the magicians assistant floating in thin air kind of unbelievable. HOW?!

DJ to entertain you at night.
Care for a dip in the pool maybe?
And if you're not too tired, you can possibly go for a night swim at the deck 9, because why not? When can you ever swim on the ship deck while you enjoy the sea breeze? Only when you're on the Star Cruise of course! Hehe. Of if you're feeling adventurous, you can always discover and walk around the ship to find special spots to take photos the next day. Hehe.

DAY 2 
Just doing my signature Yoga pose
After a peaceful night from day 1, I woke up early for a rise and shine yoga lesson by fitness first on deck. Not that I managed to achieve every move, but trust me, it feels really different when you do yoga on a ship. CRAZY! I believe that yoga tests your mental strength and physical muscle, but when you're on a ship, you're fighting the waves of the sea to conquer your level of balance. But it was indeed exciting as it really stepped up by yoga game.
Breakfast time! Spot my huge omellete 
Yoga got me a little hungry, so I went straight for breakfast at the Mariners buffet to enjoy my morning meal just before we reach Phuket. I managed to walk around the ship to take some insta worthy shots, and by the time I took about 3-4 spots for pictures, we have already reached Phuket. Time really flies when you're having fun on board.
Cause i love the feeling of the breeze
The disembark to shore went pretty smoothly as I expected as the crew was well thought on how to segregate the exit by groups. I know that there are hundreds of people on board, but somehow it felt like we were the only ones on board, because the procedure was that smooth. The crew had to scan our room cards before embarking, and we were required to take a smaller boat to be brought to the Phuket pier to catch a bus to Patong Beach! YAY!

Along the way, for some reason, the bus took us to this Rich Home Decor store which offers traditional Thai products and local souvenirs which I thought was really thoughtful. But personally speaking, if you're not a fan of souvenirs or local items, then you can always not waste so much time here then head back to the bus. The journey from the Phuket pier to Patong Beach took us about 45 minutes to reach and along the way, you will be able to enjoy the scenery of the beach, the people, and nature.
Mandatory beach shot
And we have reached Patong Beach!
The famous chai yen tea is a must when youre in Thailand. 
Trying out their famous Thai Pineapples.
Once we reached Patong beach, we were given our free and easy time to do anything we want as long as we come back to our meeting point at 5 pm, which means we had about 4 hours to explore and enjoy Phuket. We ate, we shopped and some even managed to go for massages which meant 4 hours was good enough to enjoy Phuket if you're not looking forward to their 'nightlife' if you know what I'm talking about. hehe. Right after that, everyone hopped on the bus at 5 pm and by 6 pm, we were already at the Embarkation with our room card to hop back up on the cruise
Be amazed by talent that would make your jaw drop
All ready at the stardust lounge
Dancers to entertain yo
Dinner is ready to be served once you are settled down in the cruise and you can have dinner first before proceeding to another show at Stardust Lounge to enjoy the One In a Million show. The show featured really talented people who could sing, dance, do tricks with talents, and even acrobats that would make your jaw dropped. I personally really enjoyed the show and I would advise any cruiser to not miss the chance to witness this when you're on board.
Look at all these inspired by banana dishes!
Who wants a banana cake?
After the show, I got back to my cabin just to freshen up myself after a long day. But since I was told that they will have a farewell party, I was informed that the party would be a banana food theme supper party. Hehe. Not everyone went 'banana's', but the spread was all about bananas that you can image the minions going crazy if there were found on board. Teehee.

All ready to check out with my banana phone case. Hehe
I admit that waking up on my 3rd day felt a little sad, but nevertheless, it was indeed an exciting trip to talk about. Got up and had breakfast and managed to enjoy my free time on the ship by taking photos and going shopping at their duty-free stores! Did you know that they also have a salon, a spa center, a gym, a massage therapist and more? You will be spoiled with choices on what to do when you're on board! Before we disembarked, we had an optional tour of the galley with the chef, where he showed to us how and where the food was prepared. The galley was really clean and I'm actually amazed that they had everything sorted out when it comes to storage, drainage, preparation area and more. Good stuff!
Duty Free shopping anyone?
Few more shots before leaving the cruise
Get perfumes here at a discounted duty free rate!
Just before checking out, I would advise you to check your room card for outstanding payments before the line if you had purchased anything on the ship. I believe that there is a RM100 service fee when checking out, so it's best if you would get that sorted before disembarkation. You will receive your passport at the stardust lounge, but if you have any outstanding payments, you may be required to make payment first before getting your passport back.

Till we meet again Star Cruise
All in all, it was really an exciting experience to be on the Superstar Libra and if you ask me if I would hop on board again, it would be a definite yes from me! At RM699 with an additional charge of RM117 for a cabin with an ocean view stateroom with window, inclusive of food, entertainment, facilities and transport to Phuket, it's such a steal deal to be experiencing all that the price you pay for as an escape from the hustle bustle of the city life. With the Superstar Libra, every voyage is a chance to experience the signature Asian hospitality which Star Cruises is renowned for.

Psst, I was also told that in the future, guest can also look forward to the launch two new "Global Class" cruise shops as part of the Star Cruises fleet coming soon! The ship would be designed for worldwide cruising, where each ship will measure 201,000 gross tons and contains 5,000 lower berths, I can't wait for it to come into realitya in the year between 2020 and 2021. I am convinced that Star Cruise deserves its title as Asia's Leading Cruise Line for 6 years in a row. Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope it was informative enough for you. For more information on Star Cruises, links would be below.


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