Wednesday, January 17, 2018

[FASHION] Lewré Bespoke Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Presenting Lewré Bespoke SS18
It's 2018, and the world revolves around the fast forward fashion world, and I was honored to be invited to attend the unveiling of the  Lewré Bespoke Spring Summer 2018 Collection. In line with the Spring/ Summer 2018 season,  it was inspired by Datuk Lewre's travels in 2017, and he decided to call it his Regal Pilgrimage. The collection features beauty and flair of the Himalayan region, that embraces Asian details. During his travels, Datuk Lewre saw a potential in design in relevance to the Tibetan culture and arts which then inspired him with his latest collection, the Regal Pilgrimage.

Here's a little preview on the collection
At the launch, invited guest were given an exclusive preview on the Regal Pilgrimage highlights exclusive designs, just in time for the Chinese New Year festive just around the corner. WOW! The collection basically showcased 15 new designs with each having their own identity and inspiration. With so much detail and effort being put into a pair of shoes, imagine bringing a story with you wherever you go with your shoes.

One of my favorite pieces 'Rinbung'. 
I had a particular eye on one of the red pair of shoes called 'Rinbung' and it was actually inspired by a lotus flower. Designed as mules, the sparkly ornaments really created an impact on its overall personality. Datuk Lewre shared that red is the color of fire for the Tiber and apparently the color that represents prosperity and longevity for the Chinese New Year. To get everyone in the festive spirit, some heels in the collection have red options to reflect the auspicious colors.

Choejor - Representing the sky symbolising peace, purity, gentleness and grace
New colours from the 'I Love You' collection
Sagya - Yellow to represent the earth - Rooted
Shiwa - Inspired by the details of the Tibetan Hand Woven Rug
All of Lewré Bespoke collections are handmade and built with premium materials. I did manage to get a close up look, and I can pretty much tell that the details are very fine. What makes the collection unique is because the designs reflect very specific elements in the Tibetan Influence. An example would be on the 'Shiwa' designs which were actually inspired by the Tibetan hand-woven rugs.

Palden - inspired y the details of Monkey Temple Kathmandu 
Lhozhag - Inspired by the details of the temple in Bhutan
Chanang - Inspired by the Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt
Im pretty sure that any woman present would absolutely LOVE the collection as some designs were also inspired by the Sacred Lotus Flower, Himalayan Sea Salts and even Blooming Rhododendrons, the national flower of Nepal. There has been so much meaning being included in the collection that it makes me feel like im bringing a piece of art wherever I go in these Lewré Bespoke heels. (Also a way to boost your confidence too ladies). So if you're looking for special occasion heels or if you would like the Regal Pilgrimage Collection to be customizable, it would be available upon order.

We indulged in some amazing hi-tea snacks at Nicsmann by Lewré
The the creme brulee was magnifique
Mandaotory photo with Datuk Lewre himself
To see the collection yourself provided with a full bespoke experience, you can visit the Lewré Bespoke flagship outlet at lot G-210, The Gardens Mall at Midvalley City. Lewré Bespoke also offer made to order shoe services. Alternatively, you can also visit their official website to see other collections as well.

Lewré Bespoke 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Iringan Bayu Seremban | Weekend Family Activity

Look at it spin!
I can't believe that it's already 2018, and to me, it also means that im another year older. Being at this age in time, to some its still the best age to spend your life, but to keep my spirit young, i like to reminisce the times when I was younger where I was more carefree, energetic and not to forget the times where I like to run with the win with my neighbours. Hehe. C'mon, don't tell me I'm the only one who feels this way? OH! And another nostalgic toy I used to play with was the pinwheel, the thing that spins when you run or when the wind blows.

I remember having one pinwheel as big as my face
They come in different forms and sizes
Talking about pinwheels, people would like to talk more about the colors of the pinwheel and back then, if you had the shiny metallic blades, you had a cooler pinwheel. I mean, to really think about pinwheels, I think it's a great representation to present whimsical, carefree, innocent, happy and playful. Being once a child, I remember how holding a pinwheel really made me felt slight power depending on how strong the wind is, and to me, that was what all that matters. Also the fact that by having a pinwheel, it gives you this feeling of being one with nature.

Iringan Bayu | Changing your lifestyle through winds of renewed living
Have you ever wondered what a pinwheel symbolizes? I did some research because I'm older and curious, and to my surprise, it actually has a meaning of turning ones luck around. Apparently, to the Chinese culture, it is believed that the pinwheel is an instrument to turn obstacles into opportunities. It symbolizes so much that it actually makes you think about the unseen energy that the eye can't see, which makes it fascinating to really think about how a pinwheel can make your mind explore.


Check out this amusing video i found on Facebook!

Iringan Bayu is featuring 20,000 pinwheels during their launch!
Being in a modern era, I must admit that toy's like these aren't easy to come by since digital toys are taking over the generation. But, what if I told you that you'll get a chance to relive your childhood in Seremban? That's right, Iringan Bayu Seremban brings you 20,000 pinwheels for a windy-full weekend with your family and loved ones to launch the opening of their new Show Village of Iringan Bayu. If you would like to bring your family out to enjoy the winds of nature, why not head on over to the Irigan Bayu launch happening on the 27th of January 2018! Psst, they'll also be event activities available for your family as well.

LIVING IN YOUR YOUTH | Iringan Bayu Seremban

3D Interpretation of Iringan 
Imagine being given the chance to live a life where you won't have to worry about your kids being outdoors in a guarded neighborhood. Iringan Bayu Seremban is the ideal family home as they have designed this property to have a practical layout with full utilization of space! It also has a comprehensive amenities close to home, making it easy for you to jog, cycle and event with outdoor gym equipment too. It also claims to have a wide living space, and the highlight of it all would be the fact that the location is green, where you get a location where you can get fresh air each time you wake up in the morning.

Spacious design with utuliszation of space

It all sounds too good to be true, so im actually planning to go for the launch next weekend to really see it for myself. Will I be seeing you there? Hehe. If you would like to see it for yourself as well, don't forget to register (link below) to be invited to the pinwheel exhibition AND at the same time enjoy the green environment. I'm hoping to take some cute photos with the pinwheels as well while I'm there. So honey, if you see my next post with a pinwheel in it, don't make me say that i already told you so. Be the first few today to sign up and explore the beauty of Iringan Bayu Seremban and the art of pinwheels.

Register now to get an exclusive invite to the one of a kind pinwheel or contact 06-630 4656 now!

Find out more on Iringan Bayu: Click Here

Event Activities to look forward to: 

7 - 28 January 2018
Sistawork workshop
Wooden Block game
Hand Artsy
Yummy Fluffy - Shaped Cotton Candy
DIY Paper pinwheel workshop
Food Truck

3 Feb to 4th Feb 2018
Bubbly Bobble
3D Artwork Workshop
Dreamcatcher DIY Workshop
DIY Paper pinwheel workshop
Lokal Food store

10th Feb to 11th Feb 2018
Giant Kite Flying
Acoustic/Folk bands & solo performances
Buskers budget
Incl Bosco White, Statues, Floating army
Magician showcase (Family friendly comedic style)
Handy Art
Lokal Food store

Sunday, January 14, 2018

My Impression on The Traveloka App

Check out the Traveloka App
What is life if we don't get to travel the world? It's like being in a box when there are so many other types of boxes to be discovered! I was recently introduced to the Traveloka App and I actually found reasons why you should book your holiday plans through the Traveloka App. Living in a tech-savvy world, its time to go digital and portable where you can experience the easiest and fastest way of booking cheap flights and hotels in less than one minute. After all, time is money, right?

Traveloka App Homepage
Since I've downloaded the app during my staycation at The KL Journal, I've decided to write a separate post on my first impression of the app. The app is incredibly user-friendly, and with just a few clicks, you can already filter yourself the cheapest flights available within seconds! Now everyone can fly, but the real question is who has time to filter the best deals? Traveloka has got it covered! Looking at their home page, you can see that they offer flights, international flights, hotels, international hotels and ongoing promotions where you can find flight deals, hotel deals and more.

Special fares exclusively on the Traveloka App
Lets put yourself in a situation where you're just so stressed out with work, and you decide to give yourself a break by going overseas. But wait, you're clueless about where to go. Fret not, as the Traveloka app has your solution! By just opening the app, you can check for special fare deals and you would not be disappointed with the options of destinations they have to offer. I'm just checking this right now, and I see a one-way flight to Ho Chi Minh City from RM149 (Say what?!). Whats even better is that Traveloka offers an honest price with no booking fees with no hidden costs.

Fill in the details

From left: KL > JK, JK >KL.

Here's an example, let's say I want to go to Jakarta next month. All I need to do is click the flight's tab, and it would lead me to page where you'll have to just type out your origin and your chosen destination provided with your preferred departure and return date. Click search, and it would basically filter your flights from the cheapest rates to the most expensive rates online! With just one tap, it will do all the work of filtering multiple airlines from different legs to assure you hassle free in a single booking. Check it out, I could get a return flight to and from Jakarta at only RM271.73! That is insane!

Look guys, a return flight to and from Jakarta at only RM271.73

Once you're happy with your booking, you can just proceed to make payment through your phone where the Traveloka App will produce you a paperless ticket! Say what?! Yes, you will get your ticket almost instantly through the app, minus the hassle of waiting for the airlines to email you your ticket. Just fill in your contact details and your traveler details, and choose your preferred option of payment once you want to confirm your booking. Easy Peasy.

Traveloka offers installment plans for your holidays too!
Whoops, too broke to travel but still need a retreat? I would say that this is my favourite feature of all! With the Traveloka app, they offer you 0% installment plan, which means, you can split your trip to a monthly installment plan so that you don't feel that pinch of spending a big amount all at once, and pay a smaller amount monthly instead (through 6 months or 12 months). So its more of a travel first then pay kindda benefit.

Time to browse through some locations!
Did you know that Traveloka also offers 24 hours of customer service? With English, Indonesian, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese speaking customer service team, they will answer any question you ask through phone, chat or email, ensuring that you have the support that you need 24 hours and 7 days a week. And being given the chance to actually meet a portion of the Traveloka team during my staycation last month (read about it here), I would have to say that the team is very friendly and spirited to ensure that you have a great time as long as they surround you with only the best service.

Dont miss out already! Download the app now!
Traveloka has won the 1st winner among the Top 50 most valuable Indonesian Brands in 2016 and there is no doubt why. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, it's about time you do so that you can be the first to know about their app-only deals. You can also find discounted rates on hotels near your current location directly with the app. Never miss a deal again with the Traveloka App! I've got an account for myself on the Traveloka App, and I'm already looking forward to planning my next destination to visit. xx

Traveloka App 

My Traveloka Experience X Butterfly Project | The KL Journal Hotel Staycation

My experience with Taveloka | The KL Journal Hotel Staycation
It was such an exciting staycation to remember, especially when you get to spend the weekend with your butterflies from the Butterfly Project. The recent staycation I had was basically a collaboration between the Butterfly Project and Traveloka where 40 lucky butterflies from the community were given a 1-night stay at The Journal KL, a highly recommended hotel to stay within the heart of Kuala Lumpur as its located just 10 minutes away from my favorite shopping centers! (Pavillion, Times Square, Lot 10, Low Yat, you name it!) It's also very near to a monorail station which makes traveling so much easier too.

And here i am! Escaping with traveloka
A little introduction to traveloka
The Ice Breaking Session
Having a pack of butterflies in one location, it was one of the best times to get to know new butterflies through an ice-breaking session activity organized by traveloka which really brought back freshman vibes during the uni days. haha. Before checking into our room, we were given a short briefing on traveloka, and we were also given an explanation on their newest traveloka app, where you can book your hotels and flight in the shortest time frame! I managed to play around with the app, and trust me, it's SUPER CONVENIENT when you always have an on-the-go lifestyle.


Here's the Kedai Kopi Journal
Thank god its lunch time!
Presenting my KKJ Signature Wagyu Beef Burger
The buffet spread
After the entertaining introduction by traveloka, we decided to have lunch at their 'kedai kopi journal' which had a very interesting concept! We were given a choice of an A La Carte Course, then offered with an all you can eat buffet snack, soup and desserts from the buffet. They actually had an interesting choice of selection, and among it all, I decided to try their KKJ Signature Wagyu Beef Burger, because how can you say no to wagyu? OH GAD, I swear I'm craving for it the minute I started typing this out. The patty was extremely juicy and don't get me started on their sweet potato fries. Two words, BEST COMBO!

Did you know: Kedai Kopi Journal means Journal Cafe in Malay?

To launch the occasion, Traveloka X The KL Journal X The Butterfly Project released butterflies at the terrace bar and grill balcony which was magical.
Checking in with my roommate, Syafiqah Hashim
After lunch and the launch ceremony, we were finally allowed to check into our designated rooms, and believe it or not, my roommate for this trip is the one and only Syafiqah Hashim! Never really got to spend long hours with her, but being roommates with her was an awesome sisterly experience. Trust me when I say she's an awesome roommate. hehe. We managed to explore the hotel, and it really gave us an adventuring vibe (odd enough despite being located in the city center, it really felt like we had our own retreat from the city, within the city)! The hotel itself was like an old school vibe with a modern twist which was not at all hard to love.


Our bedroom
The office desk | Coffee Set | TV | Bottle of Water
Look! The safe is in the drawer! (first time seeing this)
They also have hangers and an iron
Check out the JBL speakers and the triple 5 notebook!
Upon checking into our room, it really made me felt like I wanted to just land myself on the bed cause the bed just looks so soft and comfy. That's basically the vibe it gave me when I was checking in. It had fluffy pillows, believe it or not, they also had the JBL Bluetooth clock where we could just connect to Spotify and play our staycation vibes all day long. What caught my eye the most was this nostalgic triple 5 book which I use to have when I was in my childhood days. Seeing it on the side table by the bed really gave me and my roommate childhood feels and it eventually got us talking about our childhood together! Can't believe something so small can create such an impact on bonding.

The bathroom looking super clean
Fully equipped with amenities
And check out this awesome shower?
And of course, the toilets were clean and surprisingly spacious. Fully occupied with all the things that you may need in the bathroom which includes a hairdryer, toothbrush, soap, towels and everything else! The only thing I wish now is if only I could wake up to a toilet this fancy every day for the rest of my life. *sobs* Fully equipped with everything you need for a staycation/or a holiday, The KL Journal Hotel has got you covered to make your stay a pleasant experience.

by Black Milk Project

Found my seat to start my watercolouring class
Look at me go! haha
And after freshening up in our room, we then proceeded with our next activity. There were 4 activities in overall, and everyone got to choose what they wanted to do. In my case, I decide to go for the floral hoop watercolor workshop by black milk project to embrace my artistic side. (LOL, not that I'm good at it, but what the heck.) The session was for about 3 hours, and trust me, painting can be very therapeutic as it slows down the pace to focus more on details. I find it was rather relaxing, but it's definitely a skill on its own to be able to learn how to paint.

The final outcome
All thanks to the butterfly project
We started off with the basics on painting by understanding how to control the brush and the consistency of the right amount of water to paint. I think after a few tries, I kinda got the hang of it! Later on, we learned how to draw out details and how to color next. I think this was one of my favorite sessions among all as it was fun and it really tests out your creativity and imagination. One thing I learned about painting is that whatever you draw doesn't have to be something real. Example, a flower does have to look like a flower, but as long as they have the characters of a flower (like petals), its good enough to be a painting on its own. And after tons of patience, how do you find the outcome?  #proud


Here are just a few things that I had for dinner from the buffet spread
Gotta always look fab for dinner
And yes, I actually dressed up for dinner 
Once all our activities were done, I quickly took some time to settle down in the room and got ready for dinner. All that painting really built me an appetite! Dinner was served as a buffet spread, and despite not having many options in terms of variety, every dish presented was good enough to keep an empty stomach happy. They had veggies, chicken, lamb, fish, appetizers, dessert and even fruits! Dressing up was so worth it cause every corner at the kedai kopi journal was a great spot to take photos.

Gift exchange session
The terrace bar and grill, with live music
With blogger Cindy because we're all in white
Just check out that view, such an amazing place to just chill
Over dinner, we also had a gift exchange session where we were supposed to give a gift to our designated roommate and I was surprised that Syafiqah got me a gift too! She is the sweetest! I really hoped she liked my gift cause it was something I got myself as well since the item was trending in the beauty world. hehe. We spent the night chilling at the Terrace Bar and Grill where there was live music being played with close friends and sang our heart out with the singer that night. A great way to spend our Saturday night together.


Rise and Shine!
The gym at The KL Journal Hotel
Gotta burn all that food from dinner last night
And some weights and I'm good to go
Excited to start my morning the next day, did I mention that The KL Journal has a gym too? I was told that the gym is open for 24 hours and I managed to go for a quick workout on the treadmill and some weights. The gym is airconditioned, and it presents you a view of Kuala Lumpur, a great way to spend your morning while deciding on where to go too! Hehe. The gym has a water dispenser and they even provide you with face towels to wipe your sweat. How awesome is that? It's not a big gym, but I'd say that its sufficient enough with basic equipment.

Time to get ready for breakfast
At the Kedai Kopi Journal
A casual Sunday to enjoy breakfast
 After a good 45 minute workout, I quickly got ready in my room to prepare myself for breakfast. Breakfast at the Kedai Kopi Journal was pretty simple and good enough to fill an empty stomach. They served salad, cheese, desserts, light bites, baked beans, eggs, and fried noodles (very Malaysian). It wasn't fantastic, but it also wasn't that bad. It was good enough to me to fill my tummy before leaving the hotel in the morning (boohoo).

The pool at The KL Journal Hotel
Photoshoot take 1
Group photoshoot take 2
Photoshoot take 3
We took the last tour around the hotel, and you'd be surprised that there are many locations that totally picture worthy. Before checking out, I managed to slot some time to check out their pool which had a stunning view! It was designed to be an infinity pool, but if you're just looking for some time to relax and read a book, there is also a spot by the pool where you can just enjoy the breeze too! Didn't get time to swim cause my morning schedule was too packed, but nevertheless, despite it being a small hotel, I'm actually surprised at how complete the facilities are. I'm impressed!


My thoughts on the hotel?
I requested for late checkout at 12pm, and the hotel was nice enough to allow the late checkout. An overall experience with Traveloka and the Butterfly Project, I would have to say that I had a pleasant time staying at The KL Journal with the Traveloka team and our community. I have to highlight that the Traveloka team are filled with fun people who are always ready to ensure that you have a great time during your stay. I definitely built trust with them while I was on my staycation that's for sure. Not to forget the service by The KL Journal Hotel, they were extremely friendly and ready to provide you with service whenever you need them. Thank you. Well, I don't want this post to be too long, so I'd like to end my post by saying thank you to Traveloka, The Butterfly Project and The KL Journal Hotel for an amazing staycation experience. It was such an honor to be surrounded by amazing people with such positive energy.

Psst: Already planning my next staycation with Traveloka *wink

Till my next post gais. 
Sara xx