Thursday, July 13, 2017

Anchor | Artisanal Pizzas Through Pizzart

Theres Artisanal Pizza's baking in the oven
This post brings me excitement and joy because Anchor Food Professionals has recently launched an exciting campaign with their partners and this time with a twist by recreating the art of Pizza! When pizza is mentioned, if youre a pizza lover, you would definitely love the closest ingredient to it, CHEESE! Celebrating pizza in this new campaign "PizzArt", it really brought pizza a notch up into a form of art. From had-core foodies, to discerning gourmand, these pizzas would not dissapoint.

Introducing Muffin Pizza's from Movida for a bite-sized snack
Indeed delicious, hearty and satisfying as each bite would be a stringy with cheese
Anchor has collaborated with 25 outlets in Peninsula and East Malaysia, where Anchor Food Professionals ntroduced artisanal pizzas that has taken my world (and possibly anyones world who ecounters it) by storm. Believe me when i say that the pizzas are masterpieces of its own, namely flower pizzas, pizza bombs, adjaruli khacapuri, mini muffin pizzas and pot pie pizzas. These pizza's are just waiting to be devoured from May to mid November 2017, and yes that means its only available for a limited time only.

Heres the Adjaruli Khachapuri from U Pizzeria
Great for cheesy lovers, filled with cheesy goodness
These artisanals pizzas were conceptualized artisticly by Anchor Food Professionals Hot Cooking Chef and i believe that they actually took a lot of time and effort to make it happen. OH, did i mention that the pizzas are to be made by the kitchen crew which means that they are simply made fresh? These are REAL pizza's we're talking about here. I was told by the kitchen that they had to even attend workshops to have specialized skills in preparing these artisants pizza too. Talk about exclusiveness ey?

Pizza Bombs to explode after every bite
Just look at that chessy goodness! I CANNOT! #cravings
The recipes to prepare these delicous looking pizzart's calls for only the finest ingredients which features Anchor Mozzarella Shredded Chesse, Anchor Unsalted Butter, Anchor Colby Cheese, Anchor Cheedar Cheese, and Mainland Edam Cheese. Anchor to me and many Malaysians has already took the leading position in the dairy segment, and i have no doubt that when preparing meals with their ingredients would bring your dish to an upper class standard.

Get these artisanal pizza's at selected Movida outlets
And U Pizzeria for some cheesy pizza goodness! 
With the new launch of PizzArt, Anchor Food Professional hopes to create a 'new age' of pizzas in Malaysia. Psst, if youre looking forward to try out these exclusive pizza's with friends, family or even by yourself, they are avalable at Movida  and U Pizzeria in Klang Valley, Movida and U Pizzeria in Perak, US Pizza and Lunarich in Penang, Sky Garden Resto Bar in Kedah, Movida in Melaka and Johor, Ejohng Concept in Johor, The Chubs Grill and Mad Ben Cafe in Sabah and Chillax Cafe & Bistro, Coup De Grill and Bistecca & Bistro in Sarawak from May to mid November 2017.

Get rewarded for eating Pizzart!
Collect all 6 designs while you still can
To all collectors! You will also be able to collect all 6 designs each time you dine in and order a pizzart from any of the participating stores. Arent these the cutest?! Psst, even im half way collecting it and it makes eating pizzart more fun! Teehee. Whos with me? For more exciting events and announcements by Anchor, head on over to Anchors Facebook. (Theres a fun contest happening where you can win exciting prizes in the month of July). YAS! What are you waiting for? Go stand a chance to win something now.

Merz Aesthetics reaches One Million Ultherapy Treatments Worldwide!

Merz Aesthetics has reached over One Million treatments!
Last week i managed to catch Merz Aesthetics during the exhibition fair and found out that they have announced that Ultherapy® is celebrating the milestone achievement of providing one million treatments globally. It has been globally launched in 2008, and has been well known for its non-invasive ultrasound device which has become a game-changer in physician offices worldwide by using the body’s own regenerative response to gently and naturally stimulate collagen growth (and by that, it also means no knives and needles going through the skin. YAY!)  With this technology, the revolutionary treatment is the only U.S FDA-cleared non-invasive skin-lift for neck, under the chin and on the eyebrow. Now Authentic Ultherapy™ is also U.S FDA-cleared to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the d├ęcolletage.

Dr Cheok Jia Rhong as our speaker of the day sharing his expertise
Before and After results of Ultherapy
I was lucky enough to also catch a sharing session by Dr Cheok Jia Rhong, where he mentioned that “Ultherapy® is frequently requested in my office because it’s non-invasive, naturally stimulates collagen growth, and provides visible results. Because of this, the treatment has become a favorite among my patients, so it is no surprise that it has reached such a remarkable milestone,” states Dr Cheok Jia Rhong, Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner (LCP Holder). “Not only does the treatment deliver these incredible benefits, it also requires little to no downtime, allowing those treated with Ultherapy® to quickly get back to their everyday routines.” And i have to say that painless treatments with results are the key to the beauty industry in today's era (cause nobody enjoys pain and permanent damage).

The Authentic Ultherapy machine (with seal on right bottom corner)
Making the treatment even more popular among physicians, Ultherapy®’s proprietary DeepSEE™ ultrasound imaging allows physicians to see the detailed layers of tissue targeted during the treatment to ensure energy is deposited where it will be most beneficial. This unique technology is supported by more than 50 clinical studies, more than 60 published, peer reviewed papers, and over 100 patents worldwide. I even had a chance to get a close up with the machine and im pretty amazed on how techonology works! 

Authetic Ultherapy symbol
Authentic seal
“Ultherapy® continues to lead in the category due to its breakthrough, award-winning innovation, our dedicated physicians, and consistent patient satisfaction. We look forward to celebrating the next million treatments.” After hearing out about Ultherapy throughout the session, i learned so much about how to maintain skin elasticiry and on other solutions that does not require you to go under sharp objects. YAY!

With bloggers at the talk session
It was indeed a lovely session with Merz Malaysia. And if you are unaware, Merz Malaysia will be celebrating the physicians who played a role in the success of Ultherapy’s® 1 Million Treatment achievement worldwide. Its no wonder that they managed to reach 1 million in less than 10 years. Will results that would last, there is no doubt that the brand pays attention to a lot of detail. xx

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant 2017

Miss & Mrs. World Prestige International 2017
Just about a week ago, I attended the Miss & Mrs. Prestige International Pageant 2017 Press Conference and I can't believe my eyes that I'm actually seeing beauty queens right in front of my eyes. The grand ceremony of "Miss & Mrs. World Prestige International Pageant 2017" has aimed to be on par with world-class Paris Fashion beauty industry ceremony. WPI was more than glad to announce that Gauraro Joaillerieis as Miss & Mrs. World Prestige International Pageant 2017's main diamond sponsor

2016 Miss Prestige finalist and winners
The Miss & Mrs Prestige International Pageant 2017 this year was covered under the theme of "The Beauty of Great Love" to make this world a better place. WPI believes that beauty begins from the inside and all the finalists present possess three qualities of beauty which would be appearance, inner beauty and social contributions as they compete to win the title of Miss & Mrs World Prestige International.

Mr Tan Kee Hock sharing a few words during the launch
Present was Prestige Honorary Advisor, Mr Tan Kee Hock where he said “This year we are proud to bring to you the theme of “Dare To dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life” of “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017”, which has allowed us to mobilize and encourage public dare to chase their dream and showcase the talent. We really believe that women from all over the world are like diamonds, but it's always an option to be a stone or diamond to some. We ensure that through a series of training & practicing, selected beauty who must be the best. It’s the matter how they reveal to the journey of success. WPI Strongly urge outstanding female out there choose World Prestige International Pageant as the platform to enhance their wisdom & ability.”

Ms. Harcana Liljay sharing her past experiences during the launch
At the launch, WPI invited 2016 Miss World Prestige International’s Grand champion winners Ms. Harcana Liljay to personally share their experience after joining this pageant. She felt glad to be part of World Prestige International. She had learned and developed so much during the journey to be Beauty Pageant. To adapt the theme of “Dare To dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life ”, Our Mrs. World Prestige International Ambassadors added, “World Prestige International is an idea organization who had complete pageant sources and well managed to compile each beauty pageant to be success pathway on leading industry with great potential.The platform can efficiently train local female with talent brought out their professional globally.”

The VIP's of the day
China Entrepreneurs Association In Malaysia (PUCM), Dato Lee Zong Ping said: “Besides the “Miss & Mrs. World PrestigeInternational Pageant 2017” there was also another award “World Prestige International Ambassadors” title which has been managed by World Prestige International. It’s a valuable award for a successful entrepreneur or extra ordinary people with competent career and creating industry legend. They must be gain public concerns about the minority in our society and the importance of public welfare. ”

Who will be holding the 2017 Miss Prestige International Pageant trophy? 
To feature this year's Miss & Mrs. Prestige International Pageant 2017, WPI is glad to collaborate with New Shanghai Group for the launch of “Miss & MrsWorld Prestige International Pageant 2017”. The operation manager, Ms. Wong added: “we are deeply appreciated our valued venue sponsor -New Shanghai Restaurant for today full support. We are proud to feature their brand in the Prestige recognition magazine and video of the interview for the best food at New Shanghai Restaurant by our grand champion of 2016 Miss World Prestige International as the reward".

Mandatory shot of mua pretending to be a beauty queen. LOL
At times I do wonder what are the challneges of being a beauty queen. And after being at the launch, I must say that it takes more than just beauty to be able to wear the crown. You must have confidence, skills, talent, brains and also the ability to set a good example to society. I have to say that im impressed with the current candidates that have made it to the finals in 2016, and I really look forward to the upcoming candidates. Know anyone you think who might be able to snag the title? Contact details are below.

To register for 2017 Ppageant : Ms. Jan (012-6553133) or Ms. Cassandra Ng (012-6101188)

Monday, July 3, 2017

[Unboxing] Althea Raya 2017 Haul

Unboxing review
Ordered early June, and my parcel arrived just in time for Raya. YAY! I really don't know where to start as there are just so many things to say about Althea this festive season. If you haven't noticed, Althea decided to join in the Raya festive season by having crazy promotional offers which is inclusive of a special Althea Limited Edition Raya box. What's there not to love? Since I've been collecting almost all their boxes at home (call me a hoarder for all I care), I couldn't resist but to get myself this.

Its so 'Ramadhan'  like
Sneak Peak! 
Here's a little sneak peak on what I got from Althea Korea, and don't worry, I'll be sharing with you a more detailed review as you scroll below. Hehe. Althea boxes are usually in pink, but to compliment the festive season, my parcel came in a green (very Raya) themed box. It had all the graphics that represented the festive season, and I have to give credit to the graphic designer for putting really cute efforts in making this box Raya ready. Psst, I also found myself a green packet from Althea too in my box. #sorare


Aritaum Shalp Cushion Brush | RM19
Great for gentle brushing!
Now, let's have a more detailed close up on what I got. First up in my unboxing attempt would be an Aritaum Cushion hair brush. Why did I get myself a hair brush? Because always needed a cushion hair brush for milder brushing. I was told that if you have 'hair fall' problems, it would be best to use a gentle brush like this cushion hair brush. I always tried to look for a hair brush similar to this, but it's usually so pricey! But I was really surprised to get this from Althea at only RM19 *Steal deal* and I have no regrets!

Peri's Ink Velvet in Celeb Deep Rose | RM32
Loving the shade and the texture of this
Lizly Oh My Awesome in Awesome Marsala Tint | RM31
The shade is LAV. (Occasionally i think im in love with shades that are in the same family) LOL
Being it a Raya season, I believe that makeup plays a really important role to enhance your Raya outfit. So please bare with me with my makeup purchases. Hehe. I decided to get myself two lovely lip shades one, featuring Lizly Matte in Awesome Marsala and another lip shade featuring peri's Ink Velvet in Celeb Deep Rose. Both have really interesting textures and they leave a very natural tint shade onto your lips, which I don't have to worry about reapplying after I eat at Raya open houses and etc. Hehe. You like?

WangSkin Eyebrow Tattoo Pen in Dark Brown | RM32
I also got myself this pretty cool Eyebrow tattoo which I cant wait to try it out. Always wanted to give it a go, but never really had the guts to really apply it cause I used to be really bad in applying eyebrow shades. But after lots of practice over the months, I am ready to take up the challenge. On the website, it says that the tattoo will be good enough to stay on for about a week which also means I get to save time on days when I wake up late. HAHA. Will definitely do a more detailed write-up on this soon.

A:Concept Triple Contour | RM46
Next would be a Triple Contour Compact by A: Concept. Not exactly sure how to use this yet cause usually, my contouring compacts are in one solid color. I decided to get this cause I belive that it would leave a very natural shading on your skin, and it can double as eyeshadow too! I managed to do a slight swatch on it and I'm not too impressed with the pigmentation sadly. Being slightly tanned, this doesn't really show on your skin that well, but if you want a natural look, then this would be great.

Witch Pouch Shadow in SD3 | RM10
SD3 - Shades of the sea
Last but not least, I got myself a Witch's Pouch Shadow for Eyes. I swear you wouldn't believe how much I got this for. I'm not too sure why, but it's going for RM10 on which I believe that its wayway way too cheap to resist. I previously owned a darker brownish shade of this and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the looks it can create (especially when you want to travel light during travels). hehe. I believe there are still stock on site, so hurry if you don't want to miss out on this offer. hehe


Althea seriously is the sweetest when it comes to festive seasons. Festive seasons are always about giving back, and surprise I got myself a sample pack of shampoo and a full size Matte Lip by Mat Fix. YAS! Samples are samples to me, but I swear I can't believe I got to choose my full sized freebie from Althea. Hehe. I got the Mat Fix Matt Lip in Mata Hari, and it looks like a vampy blood red shade. HAHA. Only God knows when I'll be confident enough to wear this, but I gave this a swatch and I love the texture. Can you imagine yourself wearing this shade on your lips? Hehe

Look, i got a Raya pack and a shampoo sample (BONUS)
And there you have it guys! I hope I didn't go overboard with my haul, and surprise, I got all these at about RM163.70 only?! INSANE! I usually would get just 2 lipsticks if I'm lucky for the amount I spend in stores, and this is one of the reasons why I love Althea. BEST PLACE FOR K-BEAUTY! Hehe. Thank you for reading my humble blog post, and I'm happy to say that Althea Korea is available worldwide now. Head on over to to shop now. xx

Saturday, July 1, 2017

[REVIEW] G9Skin Lipsticks

You've heard it all about G9 in my previous post, but did you know that they have a really nice range of lipsticks too? I was lucky enough to grab hold of these 5 amazing shades by G9Skin and I can't wait to share with you the looks I managed to create. I always thought that makeup needs to have like a color palette to create a look in overall, but surprise, with these babies, you won't event need to put on that much makeup to create attitude.


The packaging comes in a chic square tube and I'm loving how good it looks when you put it on flatlay. #instagramworthy! And like any other lipstick, you just need to twist the tube to get the lipstick out. Easy right? It comes in 5 incredibly sexy shades and even in shades that I never thought that would look good on me. Personally speaking, I'd say that the shades have been created to suit almost any skin tone (including mine). What can you not love about Korean cosmetics right?


Before applying it on, I did a swatch test to test out the texture, and to my surprise, it has a matte like finish! Not exactly a fan of matte lippies because it usually would dry out my skin, but I was actually impressed by the texture of G9Skin Lipsticks as it doesn't make my lip crack and it's actually rather moisturizing as well. I was actually a little skeptical about the texture as I thought I need to moisturize my lips first, but I guess G9Skin has got it all covered for you. YAS, thank you G9Skin!


01 Midnight Red
02 Dry Rose 
03 Dazzling Pink
04 Peach Brown
05 Vintage Red

As an overall, I actually love all the shades on me, especially Vintage Red (cause I'm classy that way). HAHA. But yes, I believe that getting the right shades would really create different impacts on your looks, despite wearing the same attire, no? The shades are indeed very unique and some are shades that I've never seen in stores before. Not too bad G9Skin, I shall look forward to more exciting shades for you to come up with *thumbs up. Now tell me, which shade is your favorite? ;)