Monday, April 22, 2019

[CONTEST] Yeo's Raya Bergaya Contest 2019 | 15th April - 9th June 2019

On a hot day, my favourite drink has always been Yeo's Lychee!

Contest geeks, this is your chance to win yourself some 'Duit Raya' and if you're lucky, you might walk away with the grand prize, a Proton X70! Since the secret word under the title is 'Yeo's, you can now enjoy your favorite drinks made without preservatives while standing a chance to win yourself weekly prizes of RM500 for 200 contestants weekly and of course who knows, you might also drive away with a Proton X70. Even I'm tempted to win a cool ride!


Contest mechanics for Yeo's Raya Bergaya Contest 2019
So if youre reading this, you're one of the first to know about the contest organized by Yeo’s Malaysia. The contest is open to all Malaysians residing in Malaysia and for those below the age of 18, they would need their legal guardian consent prior to joining. The duration of the contest will be between 15th April 2019 till 9th June 2019 at 11.59pm. So be sure to stock up your home with Yeo's and keep the receipt with you.


Step 1: 

Here are my purchase and don't forget to keep the receipt!
With 3 simple steps, all you need to do to buy any Yeo's food or drinks up to a minimum worth of RM8 in a single receipt with a minimum purchase of 1 Yeo's drink in bottle/PET which 1 receipt would equal to 1 entry. (Yeo's food/drink includes canned food, sauce, noodle, Cintan, Justea, and Tong Nam.) Also, be sure that the brand and price of the product must be clearly listed on the outlet receipt with the date stated during the contest period.

Step 2: 

Open your WhatsApp (cause we all have phones now), and attach the Official Receipt and type (Full Name, Identity Card Number (NRIC) & Official Receipt Number. Be sure that your shared image is clear as any non-clear figures may also lead your submission to be disqualified. Date of receipt should be within the contest period duration.

Whatsapp (example) : 
Name: ALIZA SARA *****, 
IC: 92****-14*-****

Step 3: 

Send your submission through Whatsapp to 017-6627511 and you will receive an official notification from the Organizer in 1 to 3 working days for each successful submission. Keep the receipt in a safe place for verification purposes. And that's it! 

Weekly Prize Winner: 200 x RM500.00 Cash

Week 1: 15 Apr – 21 Apr 2019

Week 2: 22 Apr – 28 Apr 2019

Week 3: 29 Apr – 5 May 2019

Week 4: 6 May – 12 May 2019

Week 5: 13 May – 19 May 2019

Week 6: 20 May – 26 May 2019

Week 7: 27 May – 2 Jun 2019

Week 8: 3 Jun – 9 Jun 2019

Grand Prize: 1 x Proton SUV X70 1.8 TGDI Standard 2WD

Yeo's Soya 1 Litre Bottle *NEW*

Also if you have been browsing through supermarkets already, you'd notice that there's a new addition of the Yeo's Soya 1 Litre Bottle in their variation. With fasting season being just around the corner, this would be a nice addition to your 'sahur' and 'buka puasa' as it will definitely leave you replenished with nutrients and thirst with well-maintained quality of soya milk. Yums! Im already trying to get myself to at least one of the prizes. Hehe. That's all for now, and I wish all participants of the contest good luck!

Yeo’s Malaysia

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Ramadan Buffet 'Makan Malam Selera D'Kembali' 2019 | Best Western Petaling Jaya

Kambing Pangang by Chef Amin at Best Western Petaling Jaya
Petaling Jaya peeps, this post goes to you or to anyone who wants to break their fast in Petaling Jaya in a highly convenient location. In conjunction with the fasting month, Best Western Petaling Jaya hotel will be serving a dinner buffet with a theme of 'Selera D'Kembali' at Kembali Kitchen on Level 6 from 15th May 2019 till 31st May 2019, presenting to you with more than 100 items that will be served daily during the duration.

Kerabu Daging
Serunding Daging
Variety of Sambal's
Kerabu Udang
Starting off with appetizers you are given a variety of options from assorted types of Kerabu, to raw Ulam vegetables with 9 different sambals to enjoy it with. Not to forget that there is also Salad, Rojak Buah, Pulut with Serunding, Asam Jeruk and more! I would say that the array had a decent amount of choices to choose from, and I can guarantee that all the ingredients are freshly cut for you to enjoy your dinner.

Spicy Prawn Masala
Kambing Masak Merah
Daging Masak Hitam
Sotong Masak Kicap Berempah
Noodle station
Chicken and Beef Satay
Muscles and grilled squid
Grilled Cockerels
Diving into the main dishes, you can expect to feast by dishes exclusively prepared by Chef Amin and his team. Some signature dishes that you can look forward into digging into would be Gulai Daging Kawah, Telur Itik Bersama Belimbing Masak Lemak, Sotong Masak Lemak Pucuk Ubi, Mongolian Prawn, Fish Tikka, Stir Fried Lamb with Black Pepper, Kambing Panggang, Ikan Bakar and even Sotong Masak Kalio. I don't know about you, but all these dishes really reminds me of the taste of home.

Daging Salai with Young Mango Masak Lemak Cili Padi
Condiments for Bubur Lambuk
Bubur Lambuk that's very aromatic
One of the highlights is not to be missed would be something that I've never seen served in any other location before, which Chef Amin has prepared a tantalizing signature dish namely Daging Salai Bersama Mangga Muda Masak Lemak Cili Padi. I managed to get a bit of it during the preview, and boy it is worth trying! If youre a beef lover, then this is a must try! Usually, Masak Lemak Cili Padi dishes can be extremely spicy, but since this had an integration with mangoes, it really had a different taste to it. LOVE! Not to forget the classic bubur lambuk is also available too!

The dessert table
A variety of pastries
And a variety of cakes
Freshly cut rojak buah
And as for desserts, they also served a decent variety offering fruits, rojak buah, cakes and pastries, an assortment of Kurma, Pulut, kuih Melayu and more! For those who are young at heart, they also have a free flow of ice cream being served, and if youre creative, you can also make yourself an 'ice kacang' topping it up with ice cream as well. YUMS!


Now, as for the price of the "Berbuka Puasa" buffet, the normal price would be RM125 nett per adult. If youre one of the early birds to make bookings/reservations before 30th April 2019, then you are exclusively entitled to enjoy the early bird discount at RM75 net per adult with a bonus of a "Buy 5 free 1 package". As of children aged 5 to 12 and senior citizens aged 55 years and above, the price is fixed at RM62.50 net per person. To purchase your vouchers, you may contact Cik Wan Nabila at 019-7776079 or Ms. Vicky at 019-7774140 or email


Me with Iena enjoying our food preview session together
Lucky enough if youre a Maxis, Hotlink and Maybank customer, starting from 1st May 2019 until 31st May 2019, customers of these partners will enjoy an exclusive discount of 40% on an adult rate of RM125nett. If youre one of the partnered customers, you may refer to its mobile application for more terms and conditions.


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

SeoulNami Korean BBQ | Halal Korean Grill

SeoulNami Korean BBQ at The Gardens Mall
Hey guys, I've been to Korea for about 4 to 5 times within the past 5 years and there's always one thing I tend to miss out on when it comes to Korean food, which would be the famous Korean grill! Why? Well, usually the issue of being in Korea is that it's usually not Halal, and even if there is a Halal restaurant that serves Korean BBQ grill, the distance is usually out of the way. But if you haven't heard, Malaysia finally has halal Korean BBQ Grill called SeoulNami Korean BBQ at The Gardens Mall. YAY!

Food Status: Pork-free, alcohol-free, halal ingredients used, in the midst of halal application process.

Time to order and check out the menu
The interior setting
A little background on SeoulNami Korean BBQ, it's inspired by the Famous Chuncheon Chicken SeoulNami Korean BBQ uses the most tender cut combining it with the best tasting Korean marinades to serve you Korean BBQ. The beauty of it would be that your food would be cooked right before your eyes using high heat charcoal for a tantalizing smoky aroma and a tasty caramelized crust, giving you a chance to savor it the Korean way!

Fist Rice, RM29.00

You may be required to make it into a ball via self-service
Proof on who did all the work. Hehe
As appetizers, you can start off your appetite with Chef's specialty 'Fist Rice'. I was wondering what it was the whole time when I was looking at the menu, but upon receiving the dish, we were told by the staff that the rice is served with seaweed flakes and fragrant chicken that we may need to hand-mix ourselves into mini rice balls. How cute is that? They gave us gloves, so don't worry about getting your hands dirty. Hehe.

And doest this look like a typical Korean meal to you? YAY!
Beef Platter ( Bulgogi, Beef Rib. FIngers, Beef Belly),  RM119
Let the grilling over charcoal begin!
And of course, I believe most of us would love our beef to be grilled on the charcoal right? The one we ordered would be the Beef Platter which is a must order for those who are looking to indulge beef that has been charcoal grilled before your eyes. The set comes with 3 different types of cut which includes bulgogi, beef rib fingers, and beef belly. Yums! You'll surely be able to tell the difference of beef by the end of the meal. I honestly love d the bulgogi the most as it was tender and easy to chew on!

Honey Butter Chicken, RM59.00
Once you put it on the griller, you can cut it into smaller pieces too!
Hot Pepper Chicken, RM59.00
Spicy and juicy at the same time!
And fret not if youre, not a beef lover, there's always chicken as your next option in the menu. Here we have two types of chicken out of the 4 flavors that they offer, namely the Honey Butter Chicken and the Hot Pepper Chicken. Matching these two was one of the greatest ideas to us as it both complimented each other when you need some spice in your life, or if you would rather have a milder flavor. They will give you tongs and scissors for you to cut the chicken in bite size sizes too so that it's easy to share.

Spicy Baby Octopus, RM39.00
Cut it into small pieces for easy sharing
Why not enjoy it with Ssam Vege Wrap the Korean way?
An addition to that, you can also order the Spicy Baby Octopus marinated in Korean Style sauce. These baby octopuses are pretty huge in size and SeoulNami actually took the effort to find a supplier that supplies only big baby octopuses to maintain their standards. Im impressed! Upon cooking it on the grill, the marinate really just melts into the baby octopus and you can just pick up the octopus from the grill and enjoy it while it's still hot. If you ordered the Ssam Vege Wrap, its always nice to combine. your wrap with kimchi and the octopus, just like how the Koreans would enjoy it.

Mandatory picture with the BBQ grill
Fresh Kimchi (inclusive of Signature Kimchi Trio Set, RM29.00)
Fried Kimchi (inclusive of Signature Kimchi Trio Set, RM29.00)
Smoked Kimchi (inclusive of Signature Kimchi Trio Set, RM29.00)
Another highlight about SeoulNami Korea BBQ is that they also serve exclusively made kimchi that I've never seen before in any other Korean stores. This is the Signature Kimchi Trio, where it features  3 variations of flavors for you to enjoy. Being a huge Kimchi lover, im surprised to see that they have original, fried and smoked kimchi being served in their store! A must try if youre up for something different.

Sweet Potato to enjoy after all the meat is gone
Charcoal Burnt Cheesecake, RM12 (2 pcs)
Before I forget about the little surprises that you may get out of the BBQ meal, you are exclusively entitled to order Sweet Potatoes and their Charcoal Burnt Cheesecake to be enjoyed at the end of your grilling session. I loved the idea where they included the sweet potatoes and desserts in, and boy it tasted so good! The Charcoal Burnt Cheesecake was my favorite as it tasted as if it was freshly baked out of the oven, literally!

Fire Ramyeon, RM39.00
Odeng Seafood Pot, RM49.00

Fizzy Sour Plum Cooler & Sparkling Orange Cream Soda, RM19/each jug
If youre with a group of friends who are big eaters, then there are always some options that you may add from the chef's specials 'good to share' menu. For spicy lovers, you would definitely want to try their Fire Ramyeon, which is cooked with seafood and surprises you with a spicy kick. It had a combination of sweet and spicy, but the kick was definitely there. Alternatively if you're not so brave, the Odeng Seafood Pot is worth to try as well. And as for the drinks, I would highly recommend you to go big with their jug of specialty drinks as they are way better valued for money than going for smaller portions. Hehe.

Get a taste of Halal Korean BBQ at SeoulNami Korean BBQ
SeoulNami Menu: Famous Chuncheon Chicken
SeoulNami Menu: BBQ Beef and Seafood Korean Grill
SeoulNami Menu: Beef Platter and Chef's Specialty
SeoulNami Menu: Desserts and Beverages
Well, there you have it! Other than that, SeoulNami also offers others things on the menu (Refer above for SeoulNami's Menu), but the ones that I've tried are the ones that were recommended by the staff who were working there. Overall I must say that it was a lovely experience to get a taste of Korea in Kuala Lumpur and would definitely come back for more when i crave for this which I believe would be pretty soon. Hehe. For more info, please head on over to their social sites for more updates.

SeoulNami Korean BBQ