Saturday, February 15, 2020

Mary Jardin Malaysian Natural Skincare | Exclusively Available at Guardian Stores

Mary Jardin is now Exclusively Available in Guardian
Guardian being my go-to lifestyle pharmacy, im excited to share with you their latest collaboration with a rapidly growing homegrown brand, Mary Jardin, providing Natural Skincare to cosnumers. With this partnership, this also means that Mary Jardin products will be exclusively available oin more than 130 Guardian Stores in Malaysia. Since Mary Jardin provides natural skincare, this will be an added advantage to Guardian by providing an option of natural skincare to loyal consumers.

Gotta love the floral garden theme during the launch. 
With fellow bloggers at the event to celebrate the launch

Mary Jardin has a catchy tagline being "Every Womans Dream", they have took tons of challenges in developing and manufacturing their third product range exclusively for Guardian. With this collaboration, Mary Jardin presents their Peony Bouquet range which is enriched with natural ingredients whipped into a unique blend of essential vitamins, botanicals and minerals that has been formulated to heal, resotre, and maintain the skin condition.

With Dr Mryam Aziz, Founder of Mary Jardin
The 4 exclusive products by Mary Jardin available in Guardian Malaysia
Dr Mryam Aziz, founder of Mary Jardin shared that she is very excited with this partnership as it would open more opportunities for more people to grab this honest natural skincare product since it has been recognized by Guardian Malaysia. Mary Jardin is perfect for those who are trying to avoid chemical products, and aims to only source the best natural ingredients available, while producing high quality products in their GMP certified factory located in Kedah.

The Mary Jardin Peony Collection Herbal Sunscreen with SPF 30 - RM35.90
The Mary Jardin Peony Collection Regenerative Serum - RM78.90
For some of you who finds Mary Jardin new in the indusrty, they actually started in 2016 with products that are handcrafted to perfection.And looking back through their journey, they have came a long way to reach to where they are today wtih customised options to cater for different skincare needs. Being a beauty enthusiast myself, i would have to say that i do notice tha advancement of science and technology when it comes to producing beauty skincare, but sometimes the basics are what we need when the skin needs a full cleans from chemicals.

The Mary Jardin Peony Collection Facial Cleanser - RM25.90
The Mary Jardin Peony Collection Foam Facial Soap (Anti-Aging Formualtion) - RM19.90
Even for myself, when my skin acts up, i do tend to source for a natural skincare option to not expose my skin to harshful chemicals that may cause my skin to react. Especially back when i was pregnant, i was all into natural options cause i wouldnt want any chemicals to affect my pregnancy by accident. Mary Jardin being the ideal natural skincare option, ita s relief to know that such a brand exist! Mary Jardin understands the concerns of revolving around natural products that would give results without the use of chemicals. With intense research, Mary Jardin has got you covered by providing natural skincare that actually works with an affordable price tag.

I managed to get a swiff of this, and OMG, it smells like a garden of Peonies!

Mary Jardin Le Fleur Peony Bouquet - RM139
The Peony set by Mary Jardin is available at selected Guardian outlets near you, so be sure to keep your eyes open for this exclusive product in stores. Mary Jardin provides products that are naturally formulated skincare that is supported by science. With this revolution by Mary Jardin, i would have to say its nice to know that we now have a brand that is devoted to redefining the beauty industry standards for natural products.

Mary Jardin

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Safe with Triple the pleasure with Care Latex

Triple your Valentine Pleasure
With Valentines just around the corner, im pretty sure you would have some sexy plans coming up for your partner. Other than spending quality time with a romantic movie, followed by a really nice fancy fine dining experience, we usually know where that leads to in movies right.... to the bedroom. Haha. Well, not that im judging but lets say what if i told you that you can keep things safe, with triple the pleasure? 

The Exclusive Box of Love by Care Latex
The Valentine edition consist of 3 different variant of condoms
Theres an exclusive box of condoms dedicated for Valentines day by Care Latex, containing 3 types of premium quality lubricated condoms i.e. the skin thin condom, the contoured dotted condom with perfume and the perfect fit condom with vanilla fragrance! A first impression on this when i saw this in 7-Eleven, i would have to say that the creation of this box has been perfectly packaged to satisfy every desire of consumers. These three types of condoms were specially picked among the wide variety of other condom products produced by Care Latex to get consumers all covered for the occasion. 

Includes the skin thin condom that has been recorded in the Malaysia's Book of Records as the thinnest condom
The skin thin condom (NIPIS) is a newly launched product by Care Latex, which has set a record in the Malaysia’s Book of Records for being the country’s made thinnest condom. It’s so thin that it makes partners feel that there is nothing between them, taking them to a whole new level of intimacy. Need i say more? The contoured dotted condom with perfume is a product that has a dotted texture which adds vibrancy and pleasure during sexual intercourse. With a sexy fragrance that would enhances the mood in the bedroom. The perfect fit condom with vanilla fragrance fits just like a glove, optimizing your sexual pleasure and comes with a soothing fragrance. 

Basically the contains of the box
The launch of Triple Your Valentine Pleasure aims to enhance sexual pleasure while encouraging people to practice safe sex, it is a way to show love and care to our partner. During the launch of Triple Your Valentine Pleasure, the founder of Care Latex, Bonn Lam said “People dedicate this day to celebrate love, romance and sensual pleasures and our aim is to provide consumers with a unique combination of condoms to treat themselves with for an enjoyable sexual experience.”

Ready to triple your pleasure this valentines day? 
Coupled with the focus of fulfilling the needs of consumers, Care Latex gives an assurance that each condom had passed through stringent tests to conform to internationally accepted standards. Valentine’s Day as we know, has always been about showing our loved ones love, affection and passion. The Triple Your Valentine Pleasure is packaged to boost pleasure and confidence in addition to providing safety during sexual intercourse. 

This product is available exclusively at 7-Eleven while stocklast

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

OMG! Cloud 9's New Flavour | New Berry Twist!

Cloud 9's Latest new flavor | Berry Twist!
I cant emphasize enough on how much I love Cloud 9 since I was younger and I have to admit that it has grown with me as I still enjoy it up till today. Im pretty sure we all know and love the caramel, crunchy coated nougat, but now, it's a Cloud 9 revolution as they introduce their newest flavor in the market, the Fruit & Nut variant! The same timeless combination of satisfyingly rich chocolate, crunchy nuts, but with an addition of fruity tanginess to add on a twist of flavors for each bite.

Being a chocolate and fruit lover myself, there is just something appealing about the new flavor featuring fruit nut with chocolate. It's definitely exciting to see cloud 9 coming up with a chocolate treat with a combination of fruit and nut. To break it down to you, imagine raisins and cranberries being tossed in golden brown roasted peanuts and almonds, covered with luscious caramel, soft nougat, and Cloud 9's signature rich chocolate. I really don't know about you, but just taking about it is already making me droll.

I tried it and loved it!
To celebrate this launch of Cloud 9's new chocolate bar, Cloud 9 introduces its #OldWorldCharmWithANewTwistcampaign that celebrates the good ol’ days made even better with a new twist. The idea of this is to bring back your nostalgic memories into a modern twist to make them not only memorable but also more relatable in today's lifetsyle. Think about vintage OOTD paired with the latest fashion styles. That's basically what Cloud 9 is talking about, by bringing the old flavors with an addition of an exciting fruit and nut berry twist!

With the new Fruit & Nut variant being available in the market, Cloud 9 now has five chocolate bar variants with four existing flavors: Classic (caramel, peanuts and soft nougat coated in rich chocolate), Plus (caramel, cereal, rice crispies and peanuts wrapped in rich chocolate), Overload (caramel and soft nougat stuffed with a load of peanuts wrapped in rich chocolate) and Crispies (wafer bar wrapped in chocolate and packed with peanuts, rice crispies and caramel), and its wafer cubes option, Cloud 9 Wafret Twins, coated with chocolate and filled with either vanilla, chocolate or kaya pandan flavored cream.

Cloud 9 Malaysia

Monday, February 3, 2020

Kilafairy Tak Nak Seksi Lagi

Bagi ramai, perkataan seksi itu cukup subjektif. Tetapi bagi artis dan usahawan terkenal, Kilafairy yang terus ampuh dengan empayar perniagaan makanan tambahan miliknya, KILAFIT juga mempunyai pandangan tersendiri terhadap istilah seksi. Hakikatnya anak kepada artis penyanyi era 1980-an, Rohana Jalil itu bagaikan tak boleh dipisahkan dengan sisi seksi berkenaan.

Kalau korang ikut jejak Kilafairy sebagai peminat, korang akan tau yang dia terkenal sebagai selebriti yang dikatakan mempunyai bentuk badan dan bibir seksi. Kilafairy atau nama sebenar Syakila Nisha Jangir Khan ini sendiri juga pernah diberi jolokan Angelina Jolie Malaysia suatu ketika dahulu.

Yang belum follow Kilafairy di laman Instagram miliknya, Kilafairy, kalau korang nak tau lah kan, i perasan yang, Kilafairy sebenarnya sudah ‘berubah’. Berubah dari segi apa? Sebab i dah lama follow, i perasan yang gambar dia tak de gaya macam gambar dulu dulu. Boleh nampak la nampak yang dia semakin sopan dari segi gaya pakaian harian dia. 

Ada yang kata susah nak percaya, tapi hakikatnya, memang Kilafairy tak seksi lagi dan itu antara komen popular yang mula menerpa di fikiran peminatnya. Tak kurang juga yang mengandaikan perubahan imej itu disebabkan hatinya yang sedang berbunga mengenali jejaka bernama Sa’aid Umar Aiman dan kononnya sedang menuju ke fasa perkahwinan.

Ditanya akan perkara itu, empunya diri mempunyai penjelasannya. “Pastinya perubahan itu seiring dengan kematangan diri. Ia seperti isyarat atau panggilan kepada diri sendiri. Dalam hidup ini kita sentiasa berusaha mahu jadi lebih baik dan memperbaiki diri. “Step by step... insyaAllah. Berkat doa ibu bapa juga. Sempena tahun baharu, 2020 ini saya mahu mulakan sesuatu yang segar dan bersih. “Saya cuba elak atau tak mahu lagi orang di luar sana nampak diri ini dengan terjemahan seperti ... oh badan dia cantik mahupun seksi!,” ungkap Kilafairy.

Penyanyi lagu Put The Word In ini lebih selesa kini mereka di luar sana melihatnya daripada sudut bakat dimiliki selain usaha untuk terus menjadi usahanita berjaya.

Ikutkan dari berita dalaman, Kilafairy mahu memberi contoh yang baik kepada penyokong dan juga untuk mereka yang menggunakan KILAFIT. InsyaAllah. “Saya mahu jadi insan yang lebih baik. Sebenarnya sudah tujuh bulan saya cuba menjaga penampilan dan sebagainya. Lagipun saya bukan makin muda. Lebih mengujakan perkara ini tanpa diduga membuka mata sendiri dan pasukan KILAFIT mengenai visi dan misi perniagaan kami,” katanya optimis.

Jelas Kilafairy, perubahan imejnya itu juga seiring dan selaras dengan apa yang mahu diperjuangkan KILAFIT lagi lagi dengan perkembangan agen dan stokis jenama berkenaan yang semakin meningkat.

“Saya bukan saja sayang dan kasihan dengan haiwan. Namun turut bersimpati dengan orang dan persekitaran yang melanda dunia. Termasuk isu umat Islam Uighur di China yang ditindas dan krisis kebakaran hutan di Australia baru baru ini. Serta terbaru isu Coronavirus yang menggemparkan dunia.“Jadi berbalik kepada situasi sendiri terutama apabila Mama (Rohana Jalil) berdepan kesan sampingan yang teruk daripada produk yang digunakan, saya yakin hal sama juga terjadi kepada orang lain hingga menjadi mangsa. “Maka sebab itu juga saya bangkit memulakan perniagaan KILAFIT sejak setahun lebih yang lalu kerana mahu berikan solusi penurunan berat badan terbaik tanpa kesan sampingan. Alhamdulillah misi itu berjaya dicapai menerusi testimoni yang menggunakan produk saya secara konsisten. Pelanggan dan pengguna produk saya  boleh turun berat badan dengan selamat secara purata 8 kilogram dan lebih dalam tempoh sebulan ,” katanya.

Tambahnya lagi, soal menjaga penampilan, bentuk badan mahupun kecantikan bukan semata mata dilihat daripada luaran.“Kita menjaga kesihatan atau mahu menurunkan berat badan sekalipun bukan kerana aspek luaran semata mata. Bab dalaman juga harus dititikberatkan. Saya sendiri apabila mendengar banyak cerita di sekeliling terutama mengenai hal sakit tenat dan berita kematian di usia muda atau meninggalkan anak yang masih kecil, hati ini terpalit rasa sedih yang amat.

“Malah menerusi pengamatan dan pembacaan, kes kematian kerana berat badan berlebihan juga antara yang cukup membimbangkan. Tiada jaminan dan kompromi dalam bab ini. Hal sebegini terus menggerakkan saya dan pasukan kerja menetapkan misi baru KILAFIT untuk membantu orang di luar sana mencegah masalah kesihatan akibat berat badan berlebihan.“Hingga menjurus kepada masalah kencing manis, kanser, serangan jantung, tekanan darah tinggi, period tidak teratur selain cabaran masa kehamilan,” katanya.

Bahkan, Kilafairy sendiri takut melihat mereka yang berdepan kesukaran dan kesusahan ketika bergelut dengan masalah kesihatan.

“Kesannya hingga perlu kerap ke hospital atau klinik untuk mendapat rawatan. Bil perubatan sekarang pun melambung tinggi hingga ada yang tak mampu membayarnya. “Berbalik kepada KILAFIT, kami bukan mahu menjual ‘seksi’ atau perlu kurus semata mata, sebaliknya nak bantu mereka di luar sana yang ada masalah kesihatan dan mengharapkan masa depan yang lebih baik. InsyaAllah. “Mencegah itu lebih baik daripada mengubati. Kurus atau seksi itu cukup subjektif dan mungkin dilihat penting untuk meningkatkan keyakinan diri bagi sesetengah daripada kita. “Namun di KILAFIT tiada gunanya semua itu jika kesihatan dalaman tidak dijaga. Keseimbangan dalaman dan luaran itu paling penting. “Itulah juga misi dan azam KILAFIT pada tahun ini serta mendatang. Ia juga seiring dengan imej saya kini. Tagline KILAFIT juga menekankan peri penting Versi Terbaikmu. “Bukan sahaja daripada sudut kesihatan, tapi bantuan khalayak ramai menerusi sudut taraf kehidupan melalui platform usahawan Agen & Stokis KILAFIT ,” katanya.

Lepas tengok Kilafairy pun mula berubah, hati i sendiri oun tergerak rasa nak berubah juga untuk kebaikan diri sendiri. Alhamdullilah Kilafairy pun telah ke arah yang lebih baik untuk menunjuk contoh yang baik kepads peminatnya dan juga sebagai duta Kilafit. Yang tak sabarnya sekarang adalah untuk mengikuti trend gaya Kilafairy untuk menghebohkan gaya fesyen yang tidak menunjuk tetapi insyallah sedap mata di pandang. Jom stalk Kilafairy gais! Mana tau boleh curi inspirasi sikit. Hehe