Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i shall stop blogging for a while

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

he just had to

well you know what? fine, 'AVOID' being in my group if that makes you happy. we dont make a good team because im the one being all boastful kan? hurting you and everything? and i thought i was the one feeling the pain. and another thing, i was never good enough for you.

and not let me hurt you

Thursday, October 14, 2010

yes, blogging again baby !!

well, today was like the usuals. managed to shoot a few scenes for our culture and civilization project. and today honestly felt.. awkward. it was nice talking to rizal again after a few months of not talking. at least he remembers me, unlike some people i thought they would. *sigh* its like, i dont know who you are anymore. we used to dance and sing together. what happened to those olden days? well, guess what? youre off my BFF list. mmhmm.. oh, and long story short. we went to cheras just to get our hands on some indian costumes. haha. his parents were sort of staring at me, fell the preassure sara! feel it.

ps: sayang, im sorry for being relatively quiet & thanks for your sacrifices you've made today <3

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a day

had my effective public communication test today, and it went quite well. a few mistakes here and there. but, im satisfied. english class was cancelled and so, i managed to get my dad to pick me up early. god, never felt so full. celebrated yu kee and mr nats birthday in wong kok. too bad i missed chun pao's one though ): oh well. theres always next year (; i should be sleeping now since i have a class at 8am tomorrow. but, god knows how 'early' i'll wake up tomorrow. hehe.

im suppose to be in little india tomorrow to buy some stuffs for my video shoot, but a certain someone wont let me go. too far, dangerous are his reasons. the least you could do is offer to follow. but no, instead you tell me not to go cause you dont wanna go. sheesh, might as well not tell you right? when i want to contribute, youre not letting me. *sigh* hung up my phone and i wished you would call me back <3

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

its been a while

have you ever felt so unsure about love? cause im feeling what everyone else is feeling. its like, you want to know, whether if he really is the one, the prince you've been waiting for, the one whos going to take good care of you. i dont usually talk about relationships in my blog, but.. its time for change. i mean, i dont want to fool myself, 'again'. i had an opportunity with my bestest friend, but i totally blew it. i have my reasons why. GAH! im curious and i blame myself for being serious so soon. everything is set up straight from my heart, and tell me, what am i going to do when it all falls apart?