Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So you think you can Style?

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Well, came across this since i follow Tongue in Chic on Facebook. & out of the blue sky, i was thinking, yknow what, i have nothing better to do now anyways, why not give it a go. So, in order to enter the competition, you need to assemble a team of three of your most stylish friends or relatives (one of which will be modelling the clothing that the remaining two will be styling them in), and out of everyone, i reunited with my babes after not seeing them for a really long time, Carolyn and Carrine. 

From left; Carrine, Carolyn and me back in 2011

A short brief history on Carolyn and Carrine, well we were way back together in foundation, which was in 2010, then we went our separate ways when we entered degree as i was doing a degree in architecture and they were majoring in QS. Its not that we don't see each other anymore, but its usually a rare chance that we do. So, i was pretty glad to be having them in the team with me. Feels like the good old days. (right babes?, if you're reading this. hehe)

So, we were pretty excited to be joining SYTYCS, and decided to have a photoshoot with great help from Chai Yu Kee, a talented photographer. The session was pretty fun and it was a really good catch up session cause it has really been a while. Anyways, we had fun during the shoot and here are some of our favorite shots.

The Monochrome

The Fairy Tale


Thanks to Chai Yu Kee for the amazing photos, as you can see, his perspectives are in the right angle. So we've submitted one of the photos above for SYTYCS, and kept our fingers crossed to realize that we actually qualified for top 15! We're pretty excited for the event day on the 22nd of March (This coming saturday). So, if you happen to be free on that day, do come on over at Pavillion, level 4 and show some support as they're giving prizes for crowds favorite team. It would be nice to see familiar faces there too (; Thats all for now, its getting pretty late.

Goodnight blog, goodnight readers.

Hope to see you there!

Date: 22nd March 2014
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Location: Pavillion, Level 4 (Event space)


Oh how i missed you.

So, lets get this straight

i've been MIA for the pass 583 days / 83 weeks.

Why? Well, its because i've been busy. So many things has happened for the past 583 days and i don't even know where to start. 

Overall reason why i've been missing was because i kindda lost my password, and now that i've figured out what my password was, HEAVEN!  Its back to blogging baby.

Updates, for now,
and Fashion.

Will be blogging more often from now on. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dorothy Perkins & Burton Menswear Spring Summer 2014 Collection

What: Dorothy Perkins & Burton Menswear London Spring Summer 2014 Collection.
Where: Paradigm Mall
When: 7pm

Hey y'all. not going to talk much about the event, but i shall let the pictures do the talking :)

Since i arrived early, this was before it all started.

7pm, and every was was SUPER excited.

Some refreshments were given.

With le sister as my date at the event.

Guess who i spotted, Zizan, Malaysian actor and comedian.
But first, let me take a selfie ;)

The smoking hot male models.

Pretty tall models in a row. *smoking hot too

With famous DJ

OOTD moment with the typical event wall.

Alright, thats all for now, hope it wasn't too draggy.

Aliza Sara