Monday, October 31, 2016

[REVIEW] Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion

Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion Review
Hello, beauty lovers, i think we all know how advance our compacts has evolved, from compact powder to compact cushions. And to every beauty enthusias, its a must to at least have one compact cushion in our beauty drawers to be considered as a beauty junkie! With compact cushion making a hit in the  world of beauty, it can be a little tricky to pick the right compact cushion when theres just so many varieties. Just to ease you down with decisions, i'll be sharing a review with you on the latest Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion with SPF 50+++.

Press, click and open!
The First Tri-Color CC Cushion
Presenting the Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion with SPF 50+++ happens to be the first tri-color swirl CC Cushion that contains Rose water essence (& yes, i said rose water). The compact features 3 colors swirls which consist of CC Foundation, Pink Rose Water Essence and Brigtening White Essence, providing the perfect blend of coverage. And to be honest, i was already convince when it claims that it provides moisturizing benefits, balance out skin tone, brightens the skin, conceals, restores and protects your skin from the sun. Since i have slightly dry skin, i would say that i love how the cushion is rather moisturizing and that it doesnt end up making my skin looking dry. YAY! (plus points to Cyber Colors)


What the box looks like
Whats inside the box
Each box of Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion with SPF 50+++ contains a Rosy Glow CC Cushion, an air cushion sponge with an additional cushion refill. Which is also equivalent to getting two cushions instead of 1 for each purchase! I would personally say that each cushion would last me for about 2-3 months, depending how often you use it. So im actually glad that a box would at least last me 'almost' half the year.

The exclusive air cushion sponge
I was told that the air cushion sponge has been specially designed with 80,000 micro holes which are able to infuse the foundation cream with bubbles, enabling it to create a silky coverage on skin. Since its also water resistant, it helps to maintain the foundation creams luminosity and prevents caking on skin. So beauty friends, just a head up that you wont be getting your ordinary sponge when you purchase this compact. *wink


Press into cushion, and gently tap face
I know it may be a little confusing when it comes to tri-colour compact cushions, but its actually not at all complicated. Like any other compact cushion, to apply, lightly dap the sponge on the cushion then swipe the sponge across the skin to spread the cream evenly. Next, gently tap in circular motions to evenly blend the foundation for better coverage. And you're done!

Make up tips! 
But what makes the Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion with SPF 50+++ unique is that you can use the color on the cushion proportionally to create different make up effects! For a Rosy Glow, dap more of the Pinky side of the cushion then apply it to face, or if youre trying to look fairer, dap the white side of the cushion then apply it evenly to face. Im not too sure if you can see the difference in the image above, but if you look closely, the whitening glow has a fairer shade and the rosy glow is slightly pinkish on skin.


Tro-coloured purposes
A little in-depth detail of the product, since it "tri-coloured", you might wonder what are the ingredients of each colour represents. To make it convinient for you, i'll list down the purpose of it below for youre reference:
  • CC Foundation Cream (Beige area)
Contains concealing and skin reparing benefits. With just one tap, it cover pores naturally and evenly. It also has sun protection benefits of SPF 50 PA+++, which helps to protect skin against harmful UVA & UVB rays.
  • Pink Rose Water Essence (Pink area)
Contains rose water, which nourish and moisturizes skin for a brighter and radiant complexion with a light touch of pink. 
  • Brightening White Essence (White area) 
Contains snow lotus, chamomile, pansy flower extract and hyaluronic acid. It effectively helps to brighten the skin, remove dullness, refine aging wrinkles and improve skin elasticity giving the skin a noticeably brighter and smoother complexion after application.

Applied to face with only the CC Cushion
After adding additional make up 
The Cyber Colors Rosy Glow CC Cushion with SPF 50+++ is now available exclusively at all Sa Sa stores, and it reatails ar RM169 for a box which includes a Rosy Glow CC Cushion, an air cushion sponge with an additional cushion refill. Visit your nearest Sa Sa store today and maybe give this cushion compact a go! Do let me know what you think about it, and if you have any other enquiries, do not hessitate to leave me a comment below and i'd be glad to get back to you.

Sara xx

Saturday, October 29, 2016

KOSÉ AEON Midvalley Re-opening

The Re-opening of Kosé AEON Midvalley
I've been a loyal fan of Kosé and still currently a huge fan of Kosé because it works really well with my skin. I was honored to be a part of the KOSÉ AEON Midvalley Re-opening Party earlier this week with fellow blogger friends, and i cant wait to share the HUGE surprise with you guys. Kosé's counter had a fresher revamp and i love how they were giving out balloons to passerby's to celebrate the occasion. Curious about the huge surprise? Scroll away till the end of this blog post!

My favourite range on display
The KOSÉ AEON Midvalley counter follows a minimalist concept with monochrome colours featuring black and white which i found rather interesting. Kosé products are colour coordinated depending on which range you prefer, so with the black and white counter setting, it makes it super easy to identify the ranges and to browse through what Kosé has to offer.

Tadaa, how do you love my diy masterpiece?
Just look at all those sparkles!
Messages of positivity
Bloggers and media members who attended the event had a little fun activity to do where we were given the chance to design our own Christmas ornament. Attached above would be a picture of my final creation, and it wouldnt harm to ask you guys about what do you think about it? Teehee. Why a Christmas ornament you may ask? Well, thats where the fun is! Kosé decided to bring Christmas early for everyone by introducing their latest collection! Thank you so much Kosé.

Latest edition by Koseé, Esprique
Loving the two usable ends
If you think Kosé has done their best in providing quality products to customers, well think again cause Kosé surprised us with the latest makeup series, ESPRIQUE, the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow liquid. With 3 different shades available within the range, you would definitely find the perfect shade to suit you. Im more interested in their eyebrow liquid, cause its something away from the norms. So why not drop by Kosé's AEON counter and give these eyebrow pencil/liquid a go while being assisted by their friendly beauty specialist.

Infinity Kosé compact powder
Set deals anyone?
Another product which caught my eye would be the Infinity Kosé compact powder. Before i say anything else, i have to just highlight that i love the floral bling packaging. If you love the packaging, wait till you give the lightweight powder a go. Formulated to be SUPER light on your skin, making your skin looking as soft as snow. And again, with the re-opening party, they've decided to have a promotion by selling the Infinity Kosé at a steal price inclusive of 2 refills to last you long enough till you buy your next one. hehe. A deal not to be missed!

With my blogger friend, Rika :)
So there you have it! I guess being a Kosé fan myself, I'm still in love with the Kosé Sekkisei Lotion for doing justice to my skin. And if you haven't given Kosé a chance, be sure to visit the counter pronto and at least try out their Sekkisei Lotion and rest assured that you wouldn't be disappointed. In conjunction to their re-opening, there will be on-going promotions such as the promotional images attached above. Congratulations to Kosé once again for the re-opening of Kosé AEON Midvalley! For more details and updated on Kosé Malaysia, you can always visit or

Sara xx

Thursday, October 27, 2016

[Launch] Borders Gardens Redefines Concept

Borders at Gardens Mall is Now Open!
Bookworms from all sort of backgrounds would be very familiar with Borders as a retreat from reality when it comes to reading books. And to only satisfy customers of all ages, Berjaya Corporation Berhad (BCB) is proud to officially launch its redesigned BORDERS outlet at the Gardens Mall on the 27th of October aiming to make bookstores more fun and exciting.

The Children's section
Some open seating area's spotted
One of my favourite corners at Borders Gardens
With this innovative development, it has definitely managed to cope with the new realities of the world. The store features that the traditional model of a bookshop is evolving with a blend of brands and products. The new concept for BORDERS has been designed internally by BORDERS Gen Y and Millenial employees, and with the help of professional partners, the store has managed to set a cheerful palette complemented by warm hues of wood furnishing and trims. (Which also means that the store looks more inviting and comfortable as a place to hang out)

The Starbucks Island Coffee Bar
Whats more exciting would be that the new BORDERS features an island coffee bar by Starbucks, digital gadgets from a brand new revamp of Radioshack, collectible figurines from Little Monsters, Board games, greeting cards and gifts by memory lane and hallmark. As an effort to encourage more Malaysians to read more, the new BORDERS has also included an extensive childrens section with bean bags and space for small community events. Like, seriously, who doesn't love bean bags?!

Children's section
Fiction Section
Magazines anyone? 
The store has over 230,000 copies of 28,000 titles on topics that include fiction, non-ficiton, fantasy, comics, art, photography, cooking, design, the outdoors, home decor, lifestyle, classic literature, pop culture, humor, childrens books and more! Psst, i also heard that BORDERS will be hosting more events regularly, so i'd advise you to keep track on their facebook page to not miss out on exciting activities.

Monologue section
Gifs and Cards from Hallmark anyone?
One of the widest Radioshack section i've seen
Metal & Grace for personal gifts 
So what are your thoughts on the new BORDERS concept? As a first impression, i would have to say that i love how cozy the interior is. My personal favourite spot would be at a corner by the window, i'd also have to say that the corner is also an insta-worthy spot to share to your Instagram too! Teehee. For more information on BORDERS, head on over to or check out their Facebook Page

Border's cashier
So when will you be checking out Borders at the Gardens Mall?
FYI, BORDERS, The Gardens Mall is located on the second floor of The Gardens Mall, and is open from 10am to 10pm daily. No plans over the weekend? Why not grab a good book and read within the redesigned BORDERS outlet? *wink. Thats all for now i guess, so do leave me a comment below to share me your thoughts xx

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nike Roshe | Must Have

Being in the world of fashion, where it's always fast paced, it can be really tricky to find something that would be versatile no matter what season it is. So, I decided to pick out a must have an item that would be a must have that won't go out of style. Atleisure is the in-thing in fashion nowadays and what's a better pioneer than to own a cool pair of  Nike Roshe? If you're unaware of what athleisure fashion is, it's actually a combination of athletic wear and casual, let it be for work, casual or social settings. Some current examples of modern day celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and even singer-style icon Rihanna are well known to be rocking the athleisure trend. And psst, it doesn't limit itself to only the ladies, boys. *wink

Despite being known and considered as a sports shoe, it does not mean that its only meant for gym-goers. In today's era, it's all about mixing things up a little, and by mixing things up, I mean pairing your outfits with a comfy pair of Nike Roshe instead of putting on a pair of heels or formal oxfords. Instead of killing your feet with the pain, why not experiment your daily attire with Nike Roshe to suit any function, on its own as a running shoe or a comfy pair of smart casual shoes. On days when you are on the go, all you need is a Nike Roshe in jet black and you're set to go.

And for the record, with the Nike Roshe, you can also grab attention by looking chic while you're at the gym. The Nike Roshe is available a variety of colors and prints. For smart casual, you can always opt to stick to the jet black or off white pairings. Who knew that by adding a sleek piece would revamp your entire outfit looking athleisure? If you're not too sporty, you can also add accessories and pair it with some feminine pieces to keep the most masculine side of athleisure at bay.

So looks like you already know what's coming your way. I can see that you're envisioning what atleisure would look like on you. Enough waiting, you can always get a headstart and shop for a Nike Roshe online today!

Sara xx

Monday, October 24, 2016

[REVIEW] Alpacasso Café | Theme Café by Anista Tokyo

The Anista Tokyo X Alpacasso Cafe
Earlier this week, I was invited for a food review and it was definitely a one of a kind cafe. Inspired by the Japanese, this theme cafe by Anista Tokyo has finally made its way to Malaysia with their first outlet in Aeon Mid Valley. What's special about this theme café is that the theme changes every 2 months. Just to entertain fans from all ages to get a chance to spend a day enjoying their meals surrounded by their favorite Japanese anime character. Since I was recently invited, the current theme of the cafe is the Alpacasso.

Just because these Alpacasso's are so cute!
The dining area 
The Garden Green Salad | RM19.80
White Aplacasso Beef Burger | RM29.80
White Alpacasso Chicken Burger | RM28.80
Alpacasso Curry Island | RM26.80
The café's unique concept would be that as the theme changes, the menu changes as well, making  your experience interesting and different every time you plan a visit. At the current theme, Alpacasso Café, they served 4 varieties as the main course where you have the option to choose either the Alpacasso Curry Island, White Alpacasso Burger (Chicken or Beef) and a Garden Green Salad. Interestingly, these dishes are inspired by the animated character itself, making the dishes looking too cute to even be eaten. Don't believe me? I'll let the pictures do all the talking.

Fluffly Aplacasso Pancakes | RM 25.80
Summer Danish Pilllow | RM25.80
Potted Cheesecake | RM22.80
Potted Cheesecake | RM22.80 (Close up shot)
And what's a meal without desserts right? On the menu, they presented 3 options to choose from where you can either order a Fluffy Alpacasso Pancakes, Summer Danish Pillow or the Potted Cheesecake. I've attached some images below and you have to admit that these desserts are well presented! Personally sharing you my experience, among the 3 desserts, I would have to say that my ultimate favorite would be the potted cheesecake! It's not too sweet, and for every order of this dessert, you will get to bring the mug back as a gift for yourself! YAY!

Cotton Candy Alpacasoda | RM24.80
Garden Fresh Smoothie | RM17.80
Alpacasso Latte | RM14.80
Not to forget the variety of drinks they serve ranging from latte's, soda and smoothies to choose from.  They had more varieties of the drinks, but I think the unique drinks that you have to consider ordering would be the cotton candy aplacassoda, garden fresh smoothie, and the alpacasso latte (hot). These three drinks would be the modified versions of drinks which follows the theme of the cafe. Since I'm not a coffee lover, I ordered the Cotton Candy Alpaccasoda which had an interesting presentation that made the animated Alpacasso looked as if it was brought to reality.

And if youre a fan, why not bring home an Anista Tokyo Alpaca?
So there you have it! I dont't want to talk too much cause I shall let the pictures do all the talking. But as a verdict, I would have to say that the pricing of the menu is a little steep. Don't go if you're extremely hungry, but if you're a light eater looking for some fun in your food, please proceed to visit the Alpacasso Cafe for a Japanese experience. You will definitely be able to take insta-worthy photos or plan a private birthday function surrounded by the cute Japanese characters.

Alpacasso Cafe Menu
Get a Latte for free when you purchase more than RM50!
The Aplacasso Cafe will only be available until the 15th of November 2016, and after that, they'll be a new theme and menu coming up! You can be as creative to figure out what could the next theme be? I was only given a hint that this character is a hit worldwide, but because I'm biased to my favorite characters, I'm gonna guess it's either Pokemon, Sailormoon, Doraemon, One Piece or Rilakkuma. Tehee. If you have any inquiries on the Theme Cafe, do leave me a comment below as I'll be glad to get back to you on it. For more updates on Anista Tokyo, do not hesitate to visit for more information.

Sara xx