Monday, March 21, 2011

The Perfect date

well, to me, the perfect date wouldn't be too complicated or expensive. I dont care about how much you spend on me or how hard you try to impress me. i'd prefer a stroll in the park then a picnic for two and y'know, we could just talk while just looking at the sky. just the two of us. i think the bonding is really important in a relationship and sex is definitely not everything. *swt* Sometimes, simplicity is the most sweetest thing any relationship could have. like, for example, when you text her good morning when you wake up, or randomly saying 'i love you' when shes mad. Small things matters and it does make a difference!

The perfect date would mean something special, when you just spend time with the other person, just because you want to get to know the person better. not just because you have to. i hate it when you go out with someone just because you have to, in order to make the other person happy. thats LAME with a capital L!

We girls 'do' expect a lot from what you guys plan, cause it somehow represents how important she is to you. If you're planning a surprise, dont just surprise her with not knowing what to do after you're already at the mall. And if you offered to pick her up, NEVER i repeat NEVER make her wait. girls hate it, alot! As the man in the relationship, you have to 'at least' plan what youre going to do & not ask the girl what she wants to do. cause it'll just lead to something bad, literally. we dont expect you to reserve us movie seats or a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, though that would be an extra point if you do so.. but hey, we get it, money is an issue in the world economy. so yes, the least you could do is plan ahead on what youre going to do. It just shows that you're in control. (not unless you want the girl to control you)

Anyway, the main thing here, is we love it when you do all the small things that you dont think its important. and trust me, dont ever talk about a girl friend (as in friend) and compliment about how unique she is in front of your girl. It definitely makes her feel insecure about herself. I've experience the feeling and it aint pretty. It made me felt like i wasnt special at all! but hey. im good and i trust him. *breaths in and puffs*

DAMN! why am i talking about this in my blog? gah! feeling in me are mine alone to understand.

till then, xoxo's

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This is one for the gals

I find this very inspiring. ,watch this. Live a healthy life and stay in school. and no, its not boring. Im against childbirth. Are you?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seeing things differently

Everyone has different perspectives on fashion. i'd say fashion somehow relates to how people see you as a person. Fashion represents as a mask of your personality without actually communicating verbally. okay, enough with the 'pish posh'. I was browsing through the Internet, and i found something really interesting. Its apparently a guy site, but whatever it is, i still think its cool. If youre into Architecture, Art, Fashion, Photography, you should really check it out by clicking HERE.

tata for now readers

Laid back,

so, i've been gone long enough. well yeah, my blog popped up in my mind, and i told myself, why not? so here i am, saying hi. HAHA. okay, im being super lame -.-

anyways, im suppose to create my own architectural mask, and what have i found very interesting was this,
Featured: Mask paper construction + photography
Art director / Makoto Yabuki (TANGRAM)
Model / Yuri Ishizaka (eva management)
Photographer / Hanzawa Takeshi
Hair and Make-up / Noboru Tomizawa(CUBE Management Office)
Stylist / Tsuyoshi Takahashi
CG/TANGRAM + Hideki Inoue
Produce / TANGRAM
Interesting no? i think it copies Lady Gaga for some reason. im just sharing (: