Monday, August 31, 2020

Gong Cha Introduces Its First-ever e-Drink Series with Shopee

Malaysians’ favourite bubble tea chain Gong Cha and Malaysia’s no.1 e-commerce platform Shopee are joining forces to bring all Shopee users an exciting range called the Shopee 9.9 Super Drinks that will sure tingle the taste buds, put a smile on everyone’s faces and have them wanting more. 

Introducing three special brews - the Mango MatchaLatte, Mango Latte & Mango Marble, these exclusive and special beverages are introduced in celebration of Shopee’s flagship annual shopping event - the Shopee9.9 Super Shopping Day. 

Mango Matcha Latte

The triple-layered and eye-catching Mango MatchaLatte consists of tangy mango puree, rich-flavoured matcha and creamy fresh milk. While some may wonder at the odd coupling and contrasting bitterness of the matcha and sweetness from the mango, they actually complement each other well when mixed together. Be bold and adventurous with this Mango Matcha Latte that will sure to stir your gastronomic senses. 


Mango Latte

The Mango Latte’s flavours are subtle and on point. The Gong Cha's freshly brewed green tea blends perfectly with the fresh milk while the bits and pieces of mango offers a unique and addictive texture to the drink. This refreshing and fruity version of a green tea latte is something you can’t afford to miss!


Mango Marble

The blend of mango, paired with milk green tea and Gong Cha's signature milk foam, creates a beautiful marble texture which gives the drink its name. The combination of rich, creamy milk foam and the floral taste of mango may just be that refreshing drink for you to sip on during a fun, road trip with friends. 

Gong Cha is introducing their e-drink series for the very first time where the drinks can only be purchased digitally via the Shopee app and collected at their outlets. Get the Shopee x Gong Cha e-drink series now exclusively on Shopee through the Food & Services Vouchers in-app portal. The Shopee 9.9 Super Drink vouchers can be redeemed at all Gong Cha outlets nationwide from now to 27 September. 

Fans can enjoy the drinks at an introductory price of RM7 (Normal price: RM10) from now to 13 September. Save more when you purchase the drinks at RM5 only on these special dates: 1 Sept, 6 Sept and 9 Sept. 

Apply the code GC99 upon checkout to enjoy 30% coinscashback (capped at RM5) when you purchase the e-drink series on Shopee from 1 - 9 September.

The Shopee 9.9 Super Drink is introduced in conjunction with the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, happening from now to 9 September 2020. Users who visit Shopeeare in for an exciting shopping event - free shipping with minimum spend of RM9, daily Shocking Sale with RM9 deals, 50% off vouchers as well as prizes worth up to RM 99,000 to be won through Shopee Games.

What are you waiting for? Visit now! 


Monday, August 24, 2020

My Nivea Vacation Kit | Body Spray, Foam Cleanser and Lotion

Hi guys! Im back with another blog post today sharing with you my must-have items that you need to bring for any trip you take. Nivea being one of my favourite go-to products, here are some of my picks on their latest launched products in which i will also share with you a review on what i think of it. Featuring in todays post, i will share with you 4 products which i think are useful for everyday use and for vacation trips, which would be, the Nivea Black & White Invisible Anti-perspirant, the Nicea Extra White C & E Vitamin Lotion and the Nivea Rosy White Hokkaido Rose. 

Nivea Black & White Invisible Range

The Nivea Black & White series has been one of my husbands fav ever since they launched and now they have came up with an upgraded formula featuring two variants, for men, the Black & White Invisible Ultimate Impact Long Lasting Protection and the for Women, Black & White Silky Smooth After Shaving. Both guranteeing 48 hours of protection, making it great for long lasting freshness! 

The Black & White Invisible Ultimate Impact Long Lasting Protection is specifically designed for men (which i secretly use it too when im in a rush to smell fresh), is formulated to be a 5 in 1 which offers 48 hours of protection from Odour, Sweat, Stains, Residue and Irritation! The perks of this would be that it doesnt leave your shirt with any stains, and honestly the new formulation smells nicer if you ask me. 

The Black & White Silky Smooth After Shaving on the other hand is designed for women, and i love the fact that it has a multi-dual purpose. Other than being an anti-perspirant, its also a great after shaving spray too. With 0% alcohol, its gentle enough to be applied after shaving, leaving us ladies with less worries when it comes to after shaving concerns. It has been dermatologicallt proven to be safe on skin and best of all, it doesnt irritate the under arm area. Just what i need for a fresh hairless vacation. To use this, i usually spray around the underarm, then allow it to dry. 

Nivea Rosy White Hokkaido Rose Whip Foam Cleanser

For my cleansing needs on a vacation, i would highly recommend you to grab this on the go! Being a mother now, i tend to cut down on my skincare products when i travel, and one of the biggest concerns i have while travelling would be getting dry skin at the end of the day from being a tourist. Impressively, the rosy white Hokkaido Rose Whip Foam Cleanser does not only cleanse, but it also restores skin radiance with 36x anti-oxidants. 

It deeply cleanses makeup residue, pollutants, and dirt effortlessly without harming the skin barrier. Its suitable for all skin types, but honestly i love it because it doesnt dry out my skin. Despite forgetting to bring my toner and moisturizer during this vacation, surprisingly this cleanser did a great job in keeping my skin cleansed and hydrated. I usually apply a pearl size amount of foam on my palm then lather it well before cleansing my face. Love how gentle the lather is, and its great that it doesnt leave my skin feeling dry and tight after cleansing. Major Love!  

Nivea Extra White C & E Vitamin Lotion

Im not usually a fan of lotion due to the sticky residue that it usually leaves, but this Nivea Extra White C & E Vitamin Lotion will change your perception on what you think about lotion. To be fair, this is beyond your ordinary lotion as its the first vitamin lotion that offers 10-in-1 benefits for the skin. 10 benefits?! Yes, even i found it too good to be true! We all know lotion serves a purpose to hydrate, but this lotion does not only hydrates as it also repairs and moisten the skin with 50x vitamin C and Vitamin E. 

A little review-sharing on this,  i was immediately in love when i applied this on my skin. Its surprisingly lightweight and is easily absorbed by the skin leaving no sticky residue no matter how thick you apply this in your skin. In case youre wondering on what are tha 10 benefitd this offers, it whitens, repairs, nourish, hydrates, smoothens, evens out skin tone, provides elasticity, enchance radiance of skin, an anti-oxidant and provides you with UV protection. With that much benefits, im sold! Been using this throughout my vacation and the after vacay skin still feels amazing! You have to try it to believe it! 


To conclude my post on Nivea Products that i’ve shared, i would have to say that these are really impressive products as skincare and body care needs. Not being bias at all, but really, Nivea did a great job in innovating their products to be beyond basic needs. I would say that if you need some TLC in your life, its a great start by purchasing these products from Guardian Malaysia pronto! Do check it out and trust me, every penny spent on these are worth it! Well, thats all from me. Thank you for dropping by to read my review and please leave me a comment if you may have any other questions in the comment below. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Immunity Kit 2020 by Himalaya Malaysia [Herbal Formulated Supplements]

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Living in 2020, i think the world has taken healthcare seriously, especially when theres a infectious deadly virus spreading around the world, also known to be the Covid-19. So, the question now is, how can we prevent from being one of the high-risk category of individuals from catching the virus? Simple, you can start by boosting your immunity with Himalaya. Thus, in todays post, i’ll be sharing with you the must-haves that you can consider taking to boost your immunity.

Himalaya Malaysia has been established since 1930 and has gained trust by many of their customers (including myself) to trust their products which are popular to be an alternative to modern medicine. Himalaya has been a preferred choice to many for being a natural option of health supplements that are 100% made out of herbal ingredients. Coming from a family background with doctors in the family, I’ve leaned towards Himalaya products because they are natural, which also means there are less side effects in comparison to modern medicine. Now, lets get into details on my immunity booster combo! 

Amalaki (RM51.70)

Starting off with the Amalaki, this is actually your vitamin C booster. With Indian Gooseberry as the key ingredient, this will surely boost your immunity system while giving you 10X more Vitamin C than a normal orange would. Other than giving your body a boost in your immunity, its also good for those who are suffering with diabetes, diminished immunity, infections and convalescence. I personally take 1 capsule each time, twice daily and noticed that i havent gotten sick since. Being a mother now, i really need to be at my best to ensure that i have the energy and health to care for my baby.

Septilin Tabs + Syrup (RM48.40 + RM27.30)

Septilin in general is effective for those who are having sore throat, cough and flu. So, when youre feeling like youre having a sore throat, cough or flu, this is what you'll need. The Tabs come in table form which helps to build body's defence mechanism. It will acute chronic and recurrent infections which makes it a great product to have at home. The syrup on the other hand has the same purpose as the tabs. Honestly, the ingredients for both of these are the same, so if youre not a fan of syrup, the tabs is an easier option that minuses out the after taste that syrup would usually leave in your mouth. Or, for the little ones, tabs may be a little hard to swallow, so the syrup is a great alternative. 

Koflet Lozenges 10's (RM10.50)

Koflet Lozenges is specially formulated for those suffering from dry cough. The key ingredients in this would be long pepper, ginger, black pepper and clove, which basically will give a spicy herbal minty flavour to help treat dry cough. I actually brought this around with me, and its pleasingly nice around the throat when it feels a little chesty. You can enjoy this when your throat is feeling a little dry, but if youre suffering from heavy cough, then it would be advisable to take this 3 to 4 times daily to relief throat irritations and cough. Alternatively, if youre looking for a mouth cleanser, this keeps your mouth and breath fresh as well. 

Cold Relief Balm (RM10)

And last but not least would be the Cold Relief Balm. I feel that this is my favourite product among the rest of my immunity kit options. Containing only herbal ingredients, Mentha arvensis, cinnamomum, and eucalyptus, this is used to relief cold and blocked nose (which i suffer on a weekly basis, especially at night). With this balm, the purpose of this is to clear congested and blocked nasal passages which i feel that it works really well for me. All i need to do is apply this on my nose and throat, and a few moments later, my blocked nose is cleared! Alternatively, this can also be used to relieve headaches associated with flu, cold and sinusitis. 


All products comes with an expiry date

As a verdict, i would definitely suggest you to get these items to be ready at home. The good thing about Himalaya Malaysia products would be that they are 100% herbal formulated, which also means this has minimal side effects in the long run in comparison to modern medicine. Its a great immunity pack to have and its also the best seller products during the pandemic of Covid-19. Personally i find their products are affordable if youre looking for traditional herbal medication as a healthier option for your health. Since we're all trying to stay safe by staying indoors, the products mentioned in this post are available online through or in Himalaya Boutique's, and Physical Pharmacies near you. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

#AyamWithYou Campaign Supports Orang Asli in Changkat Bintang with Healthy Food

Im pretty sure the pandemic has affected us in unexplainable ways and as for the Orang Asli community, they have felt the economic impact of COVID-19 through reduced economic opportunities. Glad enough, Ayam Brand™ in cooperation with the Department of Orang Asli Development (JAKOA) is introducing the #AyamWithYou community care campaign to Orang Asli communities in Selangor. The #AyamWithYou community pantry has been very successful since their launch and is now self-sustaining in 13 locations nationwide with communities coming together to give and to take daily essentials such as food, to help those in need, supported by product contributions from Ayam Brand, Mission Foods and Alce Nero.

The community care campaign is being rolled out at Kampung orang Asli Changkat Bintang, with one month’s supply of Ayam Brand and Alce Nero products being contributed to a total of 39 Orang Asli families from these communities. The Director General of JAKOA, Prof Dr Juli Edo said that the #AyamWithYou campaign was needful for its tangible and psychological support of Orang Asli communities through the contribution of food essentials during these challenging times.

“The stimulus provided for Orang Asli has been helpful for many communities, nationwide but they are still facing economic challenges, specifically putting food on the table. The #AyamWithYou campaign is a timely and positive uplift for Orang Asli communities, a reminder that they are not alone, as organisations and individuals have their interest at heart. Our thanks to Ayam Brand and Alce Nero for their generous contribution of premium healthy food products,” Prof Dr Juli Edo says. 

As the communities are deep in the interior, JAKOA will take on the logistics support, and coordinate with the Tok Batin to distribute a box of 27 products to heads of households in each community, while ensuring that social distancing is practised. Through its long-running Corporate Social Responsibility programmes Ayam Brand™ has contributed more than 2 million healthy meals for charity, providing nutritious food to more than 21,800 people from 524 charity organisations and NGOs over the past 13 years.

The #AyamWithYou community care campaign has supported front liners at Hospital Sungai Buloh, the homeless, the differently abled, orphans, single mothers and the elderly since the Covid-19 pandemic started in Malaysia. Approximately 20,000 Ayam Brand products have been distributed to date.

“We have reached out to different communities, especially those in need through the community care campaign, and are glad to work with JAKOA to support Orang Asli communities. Our products are nutrient dense with reduced sugar and sodium that well suit Orang Asli diets. We modified the community pantry concept as there are fewer donors due to the isolated locations. We welcome other brands to join us in supporting these communities. The take away from the #AyamWithYou campaign is that as communities we can lift each other up,” says Ayam Brand Malaysia’s Marketing Manager, Ms Teoh Wei Ling. 

The #AyamWithYou campaign was a welcome surprise to residents of Kampung Orang Asli Changkat Bintang in Selangor.  “Times are very tough for us as economic activity in our area has reduced, and opportunities are scarce. This contribution from Ayam Brand and JAKOA eases some of our worries on providing for our families. We appreciate the thoughtfulness, and the quantity of quality products. This can keep all 47 families here fed for a month or longer. We have not tried tuna, saba or pasta before so this is also a culinary adventure for us!” Tok Batin Hassan bin Kaku explained. 

A villager said the contribution was a windfall, generous and highly welcomed by the Changkat Bintang Orang Asli community. “All of us know Ayam Brand, but it is a luxury or special occasion treat. And now we have enough to last a month. We don’t even need a can opener for the tuna, saba, baked beans and santan. We are feeling that the rest of Malaysia is with us too through the #AyamWithYou campaign,” the villager shares.

Find out more about the #AyamWithYou community care campaign, visit

Saturday, August 15, 2020

[REVIEW] Shapee Breast Therapy Thermal Pads

Being a full time mom, it can be very overwhelming when it comes to caring for another human being, while also caring for yourself as well. This post goes to all the amazing breastfeeding moms who experiences pain and love at the same time while breastfeeding their little one. All moms are amazing, but i guess when being a parent who fully breastfeeds the little one, some days, we need a solution to the pain that we experience, especially when the breast in engorged. 

Most breastfeeding moms would experience breast being engorged, especially during the fourth trimester as the breast start producing milk for the newborn. First time moms would be in shock to experience such pain, thats why being prepared is always better than being unprepared. In today's post i'll be sharing with you a review on the Shapee Breast Therapy Thermal Pads which i recently started using and in short, this is a must have for any mom who is breast feeding.

What are Therapy Thermal Pads?

You may wonder what are Breast Therapy Thermal Pads, and its usually only when you experience engorgement, then you'll see tons of other mothers recommending you to get these. Usually if you DIY to find a remedy for engorgement, the internet would tell you to heat a towel in a microwave or pop some ice in a towel then press it to your engorged breast. Personally i would advice to get yourself the Shapee Breast Therapy Thermal Pads cause it has been specially designed to be comfortable and reusable, making it an easy solution for when you need it. 

Most thermal pads come in gel filled pads, but what makes the Shapee Breast Theraphy Thermal Pads unique would be that its also inclusive of soft covers. The soft covers are great for when you're using it hot or cold without being in direct contact with the skin. These covers are washable, making it perfect to keep it clean and hygenic. Nobody likes to rewear unwashed clothes am i right? I used to be that DIY girl, but once i started using this i noticed that i saved so much more time! Also, since my baby direct feeds, i would prefer something that is meant for that purpose.

The gel filled thermal pads are soft, flexible and when placed on breast, it conforms nicely according to the shape. Another benefit of having this would be that its convenient when you need to pump but experiencing pain. Once i had my breast feeling really engorged and so i decided to pump while using the thermal pads in warm temperature and noticed that milk production is smoother. I would assume that the heat helps with the milk flow as well and prevents clogged milk ducts. To heat it up, all you need to do is pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds, and its good to be used immediately when needed. 


In case youre wondering whats the difference between cold and hot therapy, let me spill the details for you. After doing some research on how to have a smoother breastfeeding experience you need to know how to overcome the challenges of breastfeeding. So, sometimes when pumping, you would realize that your breast would start to engorge, which is a feeling of your boobs turning into hard solid rock. The pain feels like needs, so i would advice to use the thermal pads when its cold from the freezer to help relieve engorgement. You may think its too cold to press it on your breast, but thats what the soft covers are for. 


Another method to relieve pain would be by using the hot therapy method. The hot therapy is usually used to relieve plugged ducts and mastitis. Mastitis is any breastfeeding mother worst nightmare cause the pain can really make you cry. By applying hot therapy thermal pads, it will help and encourage milk let down. Not only that, if you're a pumping mum, it also reduces time spent on pumping. Highly recommended to use it hot when pumping if you're a busy mom like me. 

The Thermal Pads are made out of latex and lead free materials, making it safe to use. Its also microwave safe for easy heating and also BPA & BPS free. As a conclusion, i would say that the Shapee Breast Therapy Thermal Pads is a must have for any breastfeeding or pumping mom. Its compact so its easy to slide it in your pumping bag, and even easy to put it in the freezer considering the design doesnt take so much space. Each box contains 2 pads its good enough to last you through your breastfeeding journey. Retails at only RM30 (Current online price: RM24.90) from Shapee's website which i think is really reasonably priced considering the quality is really good. Be sure to check out more products from Shapee and i hope this post was beneficial for all you moms out there! 


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Sunday, August 9, 2020

SHINE BRIGHT with Dr Alice | Innovative Laser Treatments

My Experience at Dr Alice Total Wellness Specialist

It was an honour to be invited to the Dr. Alice's Total Wellness Specialist, a beauty medical centre led by Dr. Alice Prethima who specialises in aesthetics, medical cosmetics and wellness within Malaysia, where Dr. Alice herself shared to the media about her new innovative venture in modern procedures that takes aesthetic treatments to a whole new level. I think when it comes to aesthetics, most of us are afraid of invasive treatments, but what if i told you that Dr. Alice has found an alternative to those treatments to be non-invasive instead? 

The beautiful Dr Alice Prethima

Since 1999, Dr. Alice Total Wellness has definitely set a standard by using the latest FDA approved technologies that are fully licensed products and is constantly accumulating medical metholodies accreditations. Providing only the best, patients and beauty enthusiast of Dr. Alice will have no worries during the procedures that would be done personally by Dr. Alice herself. As of today, the centre offers 88 types of treatments which compromises of 34 cosmetic procedures, and the remaining to be aesthetic treatments and wellness services. With a variety of choices to choose from, you can now consider this centre to be your one stop location to achieve your beauty goals. Talking about beauty goals, Dr Alice is proud to present 3 new innovative procedures that goes under the 'Shine Bright' series. 

Shine Bright with Dr Alice

Accompanied by Miss World Malaysia, Priyaa Simmi

Now, you must be wondering what treatments would be offered under the Shine Bright series, to cut it short, the series features 3 procedures namely, Dr Alice Gold Laser, Dr Alice Facial Rejuvenation Method (Profhilo) and Dr Alice Shine Bright Program. With these 3 being specially selected by Dr Alice, these procedures will definitely achieve your beauty goals that would make you shine when you walk out of the centre. 

Dr Alice Gold Laser Experience

The Treatment room

The laser machined used for the Gold Laser Treatment

I was given the opportunity to experience the Dr Alice Gold Laser, and i must say that im impressed with the results. For those who know me, i actually really enjoy laser treatments due to the results that it translates, but what got me really impressed during this treatment was that the results were practically instant with no down time at all. The typical laser treatments would usually have 1 week of downtime where my face would be super red right after the treatment, but with Dr Alice, my face was glowing the minute the laser treatment was over. Now, you must be wondering how the procedure went? Lets get into details. 

The Gold Laser Treatment Procedure

The Gold PTT Micro Particles with 99.9% Gold

Dr Alice believes that treatments should actually target to solve the problem/concerns of the skin, adn throughout this laser treatment, its great for those looking to improve dull skin while targeting to reduce pigmentations on the skin. Basically before getting the laser treatment done, the procedure would start by removing your make up, followed by throughly cleansing the skin. I believe they used in house products and it felt very gentle on the skin when my skin was being cleansed. 

Starting the treatment by spreading the solution over skin

Using Photo Thermal light to activate the solution

Followed by the laser treatment with over 3000 shots

After cleansing, Dr. Alice will apply the micro particles of GOLD, then penetrate Photo Thermal Therapy Technology that would attach acne problems. Believe it or not the particles are 99.9% gold, and fret not as Dr. Alice assures that all the products that they use would be approved by the FDA. A little comment, i would suggest you to hold your breath a little when they're applying the micro particles as it smells a little strong. This treatment has been specially designed to be a quick solution to treat acne, pigmentations and dull skin concerns, giving the skin an natural shine and glow immediately after the treatment. 

Before Treatment (Only eye make up and lipstick is present) 

After Treatment (Only eye make up and lipstick is present) 

Once the micro particles of GOLD has been evenly spread over skin, they immediately use the laser machine to activate the particles that would remove impurities while providing your skin with a glow, rejuvenating the skin internally. I was expecting to feel a slight tingle from the laser, but surprisingly it was painless. Literally it just felt like my face was being blowdried with a hair dryer and after 15 minutes, the treatment was done. 


A mandatory photo with Dr. Alice at her centre

As a verdict, i would have to say that this is one of the best laser treatments that i’ve tried that takes minimal time to see results, and its also a quick treatment that doesnt take too much time making it an excellent over lunch treatment if you’re looking for something quick. The results were beyond my expectation, and i would highly recommend this treatment if youre looking to shine to any event you attend, or simply because you want to look perfect for a special date. Initially before the treatment, my skin had dried acne breakouts that looks flaky, plus some pigmentation concerns, but after the treatment, post 1 week, the patch of breakouts i had is gone with no signs of it, and my skin looks so much brighter! 

Shine Bright Series Promotion

In conjuction to Merdeka coming up, Dr. Alice is kind enough to present to you with a promotional offer which would benefit you tremendously with more savings. Now, at only RM2500, you'll be able to get 4 treatments to cure your acne, pores and impurities with an extra glow. Act fast cause this offer is only till the end of August 2020. For more treatments offered by Dr. Alice, feel free to visit their outlets or free to checkout their social media sites for more offers and promotions. 

Dr Alice Ageless MediSpa Clinic

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