Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yu-Na Kim

it was a saturday morning, during breakfast. my dad switched the channel to discovery channel & thats when i first saw her. the famous figure skater Kim Yu-Na. she's starting to be my role model. i admire her work & the fact that she's no quitter. eventhough she had intentions to quit figure skating, she didnt. i can bet she fell more than 1000 times, & yet, she's still standing, till today. i mean, come on, ice skating ait something that comes to you easy. so, she started ice skating when she was 7. despite coming from a not so wealthy family, her mom actually sacrificed & worked really hard for her to achieve her career. and to think that professional coaches and skates are EXTREMELY expensive. can you imagine how much her mom sacrificed for her? for a second there, i felt really really lucky, having parents who can actually afford to send me to college. moving on, i just really admire her hard work. shes now a heroin in korean history, making the country proud of her. there's this one time, she suffered a back injury 3days before the BIG competition which was going to be held in Russia. with the bad condition shes suffering, she went on to Russia for the country & won a gold medal. She went to Russia as an ice skater, & returned as a star.

when you watch her skate, she seems to be as if shes very comfortable. the way she expresses herself, one word, incredible. check out one of her video performances by clicking here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


keeps going on & on & on...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

with a cherry on top

if there one thing i love MORE than anything, is cupcakes.

they're soft, yummy & sweet (;

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