Thursday, July 18, 2019

Baskin Robbins X Tom Abang Saufi “Bungkus of Happiness” Collaboration

Who's ready for a Bungkus of Happiness?
Being pregnant at the moment, i have been craving for some ice cream fix! Its true when they say that when youre pregnant, your body ocassionally feels a little heaty due to hormonones, but thank god for ice cream! Honestly speaking, i didnt know the existance of this collaboration between Baskin Robbins X Tom Abang Saufi 'Bungkus of Happiness', but since im aware of it now, im sharing the joy of you getting to enjoy ice cream AND bring home a Limited Edition Wrap too! So, be sure to read more to find out how.

Im pretty sure we all love our classic Baskin Robbins, and as for me, it has been a part of my uni days where me and my friends would usually wear pink on Wednesdays just to snag a deal at Baskin Robbins. Hehe. This time around, the on-going promotion at the moment would be their collaboration with famous local designer Dato Tom Abang Saufi with Baskin Robbins "Bungkus of Happiness". Spreading the joy of happiness, there are 3 specially-designed Baskin Robbins inspired wraps that incorporates modern and traditional elements.

These 3 wraps designed by Dato Tom Abang Saufi, each had a story to tell where one is to be called the Gentle Ketupat Wrap, one as the Sweet Ice Cream Wrap and lastly as the Vibrant Waffle Wrap, all made from high quality silk mix fabric. These wraps can be reused in many different ways including as scarves and tudungs (head scarves) too! Filled with vibrant colours, anyone who sees it would know that it has a touch of the designer herself.

The idea behind this concept would basically be that you can "bungkus" (wrap) home your favourite ice-cream in premium quality wraps, making it a beautiful gift that you can share with your family and friends. The wraps are obviously designed by Dato Tom Abang Saudi, while the happiness is from the delivious Baskin Robbins ice cream! I dont know about you, but both the bungkus and happiness makes a perfect match! *Hints birthday coming up towards the end of the month. Hehe


There are 3 sets to choose from if youre keen on getting this Limited Edition Bungkus of Happiness, where you may choose to get 8 regular scoops for RM115, 10 junior scoops for RM125 or 4 pints for RM145 of ice-cream of your choice, packed with the limited-edition Baskin Robbins X TAS wrap. Good deals such as these dont come by too often, so be sure to get it before you regret. Im pretty sure that i'll be getting one for myself.

Available on Lazada too!
It has been available from 3rd of June and will still be available up till 31st of July 2019 or while stock lasts. “Bungkus of Happiness” is available at ALL Baskin Robbins outlets in Malaysia, including Baskin Robbins Premium Outlets, Johor Premium Outlet (JPO), Genting Premium Outlet (GPO), all outlets in KLIA, Genting, Sabah and Sarawak. Customers can also purchase it through Lazada if you prefer to shop online too! For more information, you may also refer to Baskin Robbins website at for more deets! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Australian Skincare | Glamogenic 1+1 Simplified Beauty

Mandatory photo at the Glamogenic Launch
Being 3 years away from my 30's (YIKES!), I've come to realize that I've been doing a lot of research on using proper skincare. One skincare that I've been keeping my eyes on would be Glamogenic, which is a skincare brand based in Australia, and recently they have just launched their 1+1 Be Simplify Beauty.  Designed by doctors with more than 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, they have developed a professional series of skincare products through this 1+1 concept. The 1+1 method will allow users with different needs to find a unique face and body care series.

Can you spot the featured products by Glamogenic?
Dr. Glamogenic Hyaluronic Booster Serum
Dr. Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream
I was actually surprised that from providing personal facial skin problems, they are now also providing beauty and care for consumers overall body contours as well. I recalled that when i was first introduced to the brand, Glamogenic promises that the products are bright and radiant at all times to provide every individual with their own beauty. As a consumer myself, Glamogenic seems to understand my needs by using the best raw materials, at the same time that would protect and prevent any damages on the skin. With broccoli extract as one of its main ingredients, the product is versatile and suitable for all skin types.

Nicholas Teo sharing his thoughts on Glamogenic products
Officially launching the 1 + 1 Simplied beauty
With Nicholas Teo as their brand ambassador, he shared that he is a fan of the Glamogenic's Vitalize Soothing Mask as it effectively soothes his sensitive skin and fatigue while providing his skin with sufficient moisture to keep him looking fresh. He also highlighted that the Brassica Peeling Gel, on the other hand, is a gentle exfoliating gel that is suitable for his sensitive skin too! With the 1 + 1 method being added to their skincare range, it would surely provide your skin with the care your skin needs as you feel more confident with your own beauty.


Glamogenic Dynamic Brightening Mask
Glamogenic Vitalize Soothing Mask
Just to brief you through the 1+1 method, it basically claims that you need minimal skincare to cater to your skin needs. Since Glamogenic started off with a sheet mask, these are the current 2 sheet mask that is available by Glamogenic. The Vitalized Soothing Mask is loaded with antioxidants, has soothing effects while it provides hydration and nourishment which makes it perfect for skin that are suffering from irritation and redness. The Dynamic Brightening Mask, on the other hand, caters to those with main concerns of dull skin. If you face dark spots and in need of regaining your natural glow, then this mask is what you need. Designed to be safe, to gradually fade pigmentations, unclogs pores and hydrates dry skin.


Dr Glamogenic Brassica Peeling Gel
For quick exfoliation that prevents breakouts and peels away impurities
The Brassica Peeling Gel is another product to keep an eye on as if you lost your former glow, the most common reason would be the lack of proper exfoliation. This peeling gel is beneficial because it's designed to be gentle, convenient for a quick exfoliation, prevent breakouts as it peels away impurities from the skin to assist you in achieving healthier skin. It also claims that you will notice the difference immediately as it leaves your skin feeling smooth and glowy. Sounds like a worthy peeling gel to review don't you think?  (Review post coming right up!)

Honestly cant wait to try out the peeling gel for myself. This calls for a review!
My overall impression on the 1+1 Simplified Beauty, I must say that this has one of the most simplified skincare routines for those who want a minimal routine and since it's designed by doctors, it gives me a sense of relief that the products are well thought of to cater to different skin needs. Dr. Glamogenic believes that there a no two skin types that are created the same thus the products are designed to suit different skin types and consumers should have the opportunity to choose what they can add to their skincare routine.

Glamogenic Skincare
Glamogenic Kiosk (Sunway Giza)
10am-10pm // 012-691 6128

Sunday, July 14, 2019

[REVIEW] Probiotics Lotion | Japan Premium

The Suzuki Herb Probitotics Lotion from Japan Premium
Lotions or more known as toners, are something pretty crucial if youre dealing with pore concerns. I have pore concerns cause one, i like being outdoors, and two, i like hot baths, which both triggers to open pores, so closing them back up would be crucial and good toners usually does the trick to prevent them from getting clogged. As of February 2019, there has been over 8 million bottles sold of these probiotic lotion from Japan Premium and that got me triggered to get it for myself too. Thus, leading to todays topic, i'll be sharing with you my thoughts on the Probiotics lotion through this review.

Instructions are mainly in Japanese in the bottle, but the website clearly explains the ingredients and on usage
One thing for sure, I love the idea that its Japanese based and its also formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin, oily skin and is suitable for all ages! Apparently, other than just being a popular toner, its known to be the bestsellin moisturising toner in Japan and now its available in Malaysia too! And now since i finally got my hands on it, lets find out on what makes this different than your average toner you have at home.


Comes in a plastic bottle
First things first, you must be wondering what is this probitoc content within the toner. After doing some reading (youre welcome), the probiotic content is actually similar to rice-rinsed water which is popular in Japan from history up till today. The actual benefit of this rice rinsed water would be the bacteria natually growing from the water which then makes something called 'Skin Staphylococcus'. This ingredient helps retain moisture and maintain protection barrier of our skin which is also believed to also maitain moist and youthful skin.

Texture is a little slimy
The benefits of having high amount of Skin Staphlococcus within the toner would be that it helps the skin to break down clogged oil within pores and then converts them into a skin moisturizing component. It also supports the synthetis of antibacterial peptides and has an anti-inflammatory effect too! And with that you can consider that this toner not only minimise pores, but also provides skin protection by balancing the amount of good bacteria and moisture level on the skin.


After cleansing, i will pat my face lightly after applying the lotion on my palm
How is use it is pretty simple actually. I use this once during the day and once during the night after clenasing. Its really up to you if you prefer to use a cotton pad, but since i dont want to waste the toner, i usually like to dap a few drops on my palm then gently spread it around my face follwed by light taps till the lotion is fully absorbed by the skin. I love that it feels really cooling after each application and after a week plus of using this, i noticed that my pores has been minimised too! (True fact)

The texture once spreaded out
Texture wise, i would have to say that its not entirely like a toner, but it has a slightly thicker texture to it assuming that it contains slight fermented ingredients that may thicken the texture. The colour of it is like a milky lotion colour, but once in contact with skin, it actually leaves a very moisturized feeling, rest assured giving your skin an extra layer of comfortable probitoc protection. A little sticky to my liking, and it may take a while for it to be fully absorbed by the skin.

Did a little sticky test | A little sticky at first, but it is eventually absorbed by the skin
For a toner, i would have to say that its priced a little on the pricey side, but if you are looking for a toner that repairs and balances out your skin needs, then its worth the amount paying for considering that it works like a charm. The Suzuki Herb Probiotics Lotion is priced at RM135/ each and it comes in a plastic bottle containing 150ml.


Been using this for about 10 days now, and im like how my skin feels well moisturized
As a verdict of after using this for more than 10 days now, i must say that it really vitalizes the skin. After a week, i noticed that my skin was more supple and smoother, not to also forget that it was well hydrated too. My skin looked brighter and i noticed that some parts of my skin that was initially dry looks like it has recovered too. I find it hard to believe that i can see the difference within a week, but nevertheless, i do agree that the pH balance is adjusted after using this. Its slightly sticky but i'll be honest that i ocassionally skip applying moisturizer since my skin already feels moisturized. I hope this review was helpful and if you may have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

[REVIEW] NULL Acne Block Face Wash | Japan Premium

NULL Acne Block Face Wash from Japan Premium
Don't you just hate acne? Well, since I've been exploring into skincare from Japan, I happen to stumble upon Japan Premium which has a full list of beauty products that I can access from Malaysia. YAY! So, since no one likes acne, I was actually just browsing through their list and found the NULL Acne Block Face Wash rather interesting, especially when its a skincare from Japan. So after going in-dept on the description, I just had to get it and try it out myself.


Some detials ont he packaging
What triggered me into getting this would be that usually, normal acne skincare would really leave your skin to feel dry, but the NULL Acne Block Face Wash was actually that it's an acne cleanser that has excellent moisturizing for the skin. Who knew it existed! Being originated from Japan, I have no doubt that the product is at its utmost quality. The cleanser claims to prevent acne and breakouts by using 3 of their main ingredients namely, artichoke, jobs tears, and aloe vera.

Tried and tested for about a week now
And pretty satisfied with how it keeps my skin well cleansed
It claims to suppress inflammation by unclogging your pores while preventing further damages by also containing Hamamelis, Gingko Biloba, and Chamomile which is usually anti-inflammatory ingredients. Other than that, it also brightens pigmentations and moisturizes by using aloe vera, collagen and hyaluronic acid within the cleanser. And the best part of all would be that its free from any petroleum agent, coloring, alcohol, artificial flavor, paraben and mineral oils too.


Comes in an aluminium tube bottle, squeeze a pea size for each cleanse
I personally like using a foamer instead of directly applying on my face
Upon the first impression of using the cleanser, I noticed that it had this light refreshing lime smell which I find pretty relaxing each time I wash my face. Since my acne is not too bad, I use this on alternate days just give my skin a good cleanse. I have been using it for roughly a week now, and I must say that Im impressed with the silky feel it leaves on my skin. So don't expect any tightening feeling after you cleanse cause to me it felt like it moisturized my skin even more apparently.

Once foams has been formed, proceed t use foam to cleanse
Loving the foam texture
It has a creamy texture as you squeeze the tube out, and i usually like to foam it up first. Since I love playing with foam, here's a little secret. I got myself a bathing net which usually cost about RM3 each in stores, then put a pea-sized amount on the net and start making foam with your hands by adding in friction. Once the foam is developed, use the foam to then cleanse your face gently, then rinse with water.


Overall thoughts? Read my verdict below!
As a verdict, I would have to say that for a cleanser that is priced at RM85.90 in a 120g tube, its actually pretty good. It's no wonder that it's popular in Japan. Usually, I would go for facial centers to help me solve my acne problems, but with this cleanser, it feels as if I can have my own facial at home targeting my acne concerns. In case you haven't noticed, it also came in this aluminum tube, which usually is for hygenic reasons to keep it away from micro-organisms while keeping the content fresh for every use. Would I repurchase? I'd say yes! It's considered a lot when it comes to content since you don't need to use so much for every wash, so, if youre looking for a good cleanser that targets acne, you may consider trying out this! I hope it works as well on you as it did on me! I had no pimples surprising me throughout the whole week.

Friday, July 12, 2019

[REVIEW] Ibiza Cream | Japan Premium

Ibiza Whitening Medicated Cream from Japan Premium
Hi guys, i stumbled upon Japan Premium for some serious Japanese beauty products and found myself checking out the Ibiza Cream. What is this Ibiza cream you may ask? Well, lets just say that its a cream that whitens your *coughs* private parts (Underarm or V line). After checking out the site and testimonials, there is a rate of 96.7% of satisfaction guranteed by those who have used this, which is why it got me a little curious on how good it works. Althought, for the best results, it would be advised to use this for at least 2 months, thus in todays blog post, i'll be sharing you some insights on how i find the product based on first glance.

Made in Japan, thus Japanese descriptions all over the tube
I believe we all have concerns especially when you need your bikini body to be ready for the beach and not be ashamed when youre lifting up your whole arm to call your friends across the beach right? Well, usually my underarm concerns would usually cover two things, the dark colour and hair growth that would totally be embarassing. Hair growth can be solved by going to a waxing centre, but usually when it comes to dark underarms, you'd usually need to go for one of those expensive underarm whitening session that usually takes more than 1 sessions to see results.


Has a small tip to control precise application
Now, with the Ibiza Cream, you can whiten your underarm without going for expensive whitening centers. Formulated with nano-capsules, it contains 2 active ingredients namely Tranexamate and Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate which is permitted under the Ministry of Health. For your information, this cream has been designed to be used to whiten dark delicate areas of the body, such as your underarm and V line. Yes, i said it whitens the V line as well. *inserts shock face here*

Tranexamic Acid is usually used for whitening for hyperpigmentation which reversibly binds to plasminogen and prevents its interaction with fibrin, thus inhibiting the dissolution of fibrin clots. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate on the other hand acts as a skin conditioning agent that improves the apperance of damaged skin by restoring the suppleness while also calming inflammation.


Have you ever wondered what causes Darken skin? 
Now, lets understand a little on how our skin turns dark at certain parts of the body. After doing a little research, its usually due to external damages that activates the melanin to protect the skin from rough friction and strectched skin. And if your skin is always exposed to friction, say for example the thigh area frictioning against each other while walking, this will accumulate melanin production and basically causing the surface of the skin to be darker than other parts of the skin.

Other causes of this can also be due to shaving that encourgaes melanin to generate which causes pigmentation on the skin, laser hair removal that may dry out the skin and lead to pigmentation development if not taken care properly, wearing tight underwear (specifically for Ms V), or it could also be due to hormonal stress that may cause hormonal imbalance. In my case from the image above,  i was exposed by hot steam and well, the scar became a dark mark on my knee.


Cream has a creamy translucent colour
After trying this out for the past 1 weeks, i would have to say that the cream has a benefit by protecting skin againts damage while also getting rid of dark skin. Thus it beautifies while reducing skin darkening with Tranexamate and Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate as their active ingredients. It also has 2 nano capsules which one acts as a whitening support capsule while the other acts as an anti-glycation capsule where both these capsules will be absorbed into the skin and suppress the melanin production.

The texture of it once spreaded out feels very lightweight right after
Containing up to 8 kinds of moiturising ingredients, the cream will also moisturize damaged areas to keep it fresh and smooth. Its no wonder that the creamy texture feels very lightweight, yet at the same time provides long lasting moisturising for the skin. Im not a huge fan of heavy creams, but the consistency of the cream feels very comfortable as you apply it around you V line and also your underarm giving it the protection that it needs.


After the first application, i notice that the darkened colour was very slightly lighten, or is it just me?
To use this is pretty simple actually. It would be recomended to use this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night after showering. Usually i'd apply a pea size or you can also consider applying just enough cream which is equivalent to the pigment size, and massage it in circular motion until cream has been fully absorbed. It can be used around the elbow, face, armpits, breast area, V area and even for your knee.

Here's actually my sisters birth mark, and we tried to apply some cream for trial
Noticed that one part of it becomes lighter? 
As a verdict, i would say that its a little pricey, but since there are not may safe creams to be used for whitening that can be applied on delicate skin, i guess the investment goes to the quality of the cream. It currently retails at RM200 for single purchase, but if you buy the bundle set, you can get it at RM699.00 for 4 units.I would say that the cream would be good to last you for about 2 months, and since the testimonials are pretty convincing, youre literally paying for results. Other benefits of the cream would also be that it does not contain synthetic fragrance, colouring, mineral oil, alcohol and paraben making it safe to use even around the delicate areas of the body. With this in mind, i can say that the cream has been designed to be gentle enough that it doesnt harm the skin in any way.

Good Morning From New Zeland | 100% Pure New Zeland

Related image
Sunrise in NZ | Credit:
Talking about a global gesture of welcome, New Zealanders are opening their hearts and home towns to the world, with locals from across the entire country sharing a ‘Good Morning World’ welcome message from their very own sunrise, every day for the next year. Taking advantage of the fact they’re the first in the world to see the sun, more than 300 New Zealanders will be taking part, embracing the stunning morning landscape and sharing the things and places they love most with the world. 

Related image
100% Pure New Zeland Campaign
The content series is part of Tourism New Zealand’s new brand marketing campaign’–‘100% Pure Welcome–100% Pure New Zealand’ –launched on the 27th of June 2019. Showcasing what makes New Zealand unique as a holiday destination –its warm and welcoming people, stunning landscapes and variety of things to do -the series traverses the top of the North Island, to the bottom of the South Island, and is set in some of the most beautiful spots in the country.

“This new approach to our storytelling brings to life the unique nature of New Zealand,” says Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive, Stephen England-Hall. “We set out to treat our visitors like whānau [family] which is underpinned by the Māori concept of manaakitanga, creating deep connections between people, extending hospitality, care and respect. 

Image result for mt hikurangi
Mount Hikurangi | Credit:
Often visitors come to New Zealand for the landscapes, arriving as strangers, but leave as whānau, talking about the warm and welcoming nature of our people.”The series launches with a feature film starring 8-year-old Parearau and one of her elders Hinetu, standing together as they witness the beauty of the world’s first sunrise atop their sacred Maunga [mountain] Hikurangi in Gisborne. The mountain is one of the first places in the world to see the sunrise. 

“Did you know New Zealand is pretty much the first place in the world to see the sun? Because we’re first to rise and shine each morning means we’ve got a bit more time up our sleeves. So, we always have time to say ‘kia ora’[hello, good health]. 

We’ve got time for the little things, to show people around the place, not just as guests, but as whānau –our family. Pass on our local knowledge, and you know, do whatever it takes to make everybody feel our welcome,” says Hinetu.

Hikurangi is also the place for a new world-first tourism experience –Greet the Dawn –which allows visitors to experience the sacred maunga [mountain] and see for themselves one of the first sunrises in the world. 
Image result for new zealand hobbit
Hobbiton Village in NZ | Credit:
Among the first welcome messages to be shared with the world is an adventure-seeking Southlander waking up with a canyon swing, a wannabe hobbit, a shoulder-nibbling horse, a group of teenagers in Northland giving lessons for an early morning jetty jump and a very enthusiastic parasailer. 

‘Good Morning World’ 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Fastest Eraser Laser for Asian Skin | One Doc Medical Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

One Doc Celebrates 3 years of Aesthetic Care
Laser treatments being my go-to treatments, I personally find it to be one of the most effective ways to clear out my pigmentation worries. One of my favorite Aesthetic Centre's, One Doc just celebrated their 3rd Anniversary as they unveil a revolutionary PICOCARE laser by WONTECH, South Korea's leader in laser and aesthetic devices. With this partnership, this solidifies that One Doc has the largest number of Pico Laser devices in Malaysia. 

Within this collaboration, the PICOCARE 450 device is placed in every one of One Doc's current 12 outlets and will also be included for the future outlets to come. The PICOCARE devices are considered the worlds most advanced, innovative and US-FDA approved super speed laser treatment for skin imperfections that uses picosecond technology that delivers an ultra-short burst of energy to the skin in picoseconds, giving patients immediate difference in skin quality and appearance. 

With the PICOCARE 450, rest assured there will be lesser treatment sessions, lower costs, minimal discomfort and downtime, faster recovery and it's almost pain-free! For your information, the PICOCARE is currently known as the new gold standard of lasers, and with its latest device having the ability to shoot "450 picoseconds (ps) pulse duration", this gives results in one session that traditional laser would achieve in three. 


The leading solution to Melasma, Skin tone and Aging
I've mentioned that lasers are usually my favorite remedy to solve my pigmentation concerns, but other than that, it also treats acne, pigmentation and aging skin too! Since the One Doc Pico Laser is non-surgical and non-invasive, it makes it the ideal solution for Melasma, Sun Damage, Freckles & Age Spots, Acne & & acne scars, Uneven skin tone & dark patches, Poor Skin texture and also treats fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. 


The PICOCARE 450 being very new in Malaysia, the device offers six different hand pieces for targeted therapies with the most powerful being the HEXA Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB). The intensity shatters target skin pigment particles which the body easily eliminates while triggering the collagen production from the body's natural healing response. After recovery, you will see exceptional improvements in skin elasticity, pigmentation, and enlarged pores. 

I was told that as a patient, you will only feel mild to no discomfort during the treatment as the laser is gentle to the skins outer layer causing no burn or damage. With slight pinpricks may be noticed, this varies depending on pain tolerance. I believe it would have the same result as what any other laser treatment would leave, minimal slight pinkish spots for less than 3 days. 

For best results, One Doc advises getting at least a minimum of 4 treatments about 3-4 weeks apart to get optimized results. This treatment is also highly recommended for those struggling with severe acne and hyperpigmentation. I would also recommend this to those who are always lacking time, as its a fast solution to better skin with low social downtime. With multiple One Doc Pico Lasers being offered to suit different skin conditions, there would definitely be a skin solution for any concern. 

One Doc Medical