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Presenting to you the NION BEAUTY OPUS Express
SCREAMS! I didn't know why, but I've been raving over silicon facial brushes lately, and today I'll be sharing with you the newest addition to my collection, the Nion Beauty OPUS Express Exfoliating Facial Brush. For your information, facial brushes are one of the ways ensuring that your face and pores are properly cleansed, being one of the ways to reduce acne and breakouts. I suffer from combination skin, and breakouts are my worst nightmare! But with this baby in hand, I have no worries on each cleansing session to be the cleanest it can get.


The Nion Beauty Opus Express
A little introduction on OPUS Nion Beauty Express, the facial brush offers not only cleansing features but also an addition to an innovative way of cleansing. Its super-charged with negative ions and packed with pioneering features making it a product that you'll definitely can't live without once you know how well it cleanses and improves your skin condition. What makes this facial brush different than any other silicon facial brush is that it explores into S-ion Technology to cleansed and encourage better absorption of products into the skin.


What's in the box: a protective bag, warranty documents
Now that you know what it is, let's get into details! Firstly, it operates on 2 AA batteries (Which is at your own cost), thus you may need to get yourself some batteries before getting to use this at its maximum potential. It is also safe to use in the shower, and undeniably easy to clean. As mentioned earlier, it also has S-ion Technology silicon tip and vibrates up to 3 speeds of Kinetic Skin Cleansing to cleanse deep into your pores making it the perfect cleansing assistant that you'll ever need. Each pack of this contains the OPUS NION BEAUTY EXPRESS, a silk bag to keep your facial brush and the warranty claim documents in case your OPUS NION BEAUTY EXPRESS doesn't work. So rest assured, you'll definitely get a good set in hand.


A close up on the Nion Beauty OPUS Express facial brush
One thing about coming home from work after a long exhausting day, one step that I hate the most would be washing off makeup when its all mixed up with the sebum from your skin. I used to wash my face with my bare hands, and ocassionally when I get a little too lazy to double cleanse, eventually it'll lead me into getting breakouts. But now with the OPUS NION BEAUTY EXPRESS, I noticed that cleansing has never been so easy! In fact, I've never been so excited to get back-home to cleanse my face.

Full makeup (For this review purpose, i purposely skipped the makeup remover)
Apply Cleanser on face
Gently scrub face with cleanser
To use, I would usually apply the cleanser on my face, then I'll gently glide the facial brush over, gently spreading the cleanser all over my face. Since there are 3 speeds to choose from, I usually go for the highest level first, to really wash-off the layers of makeup from my skin, then I'll move down to a slower speed to gently cleanse my face. It has been roughly 3 weeks now since I've been using the facial brush, and trust me when I say that my Skin is glowing! I believe that since it vibrates, it naturally encourages blood circulation and cell restoration making it a-plus point of using the OPUS NION BEAUTY EXPRESS.

Use the Nion Beauty Opus to enhance your cleansing experience
All the dirt removed by the Nion Beauty Opus
Before and After comparison. (Convincingly clean)
So, just to explain to you on how this cleansing device works, it cleanses using kinetic skin cleansing. The Kinetic Skin Cleansing system uses gentle vibrations to remove dirt and break up impurities. As much as it looks pretty solid in images, it actually feels very gentle and soft as it glides through my skin. Did you know that having squeaky clean skin isn't all exactly a good thing? Another feature of Kinetic Skin Cleansing, it purifies the skin without stripping the skin's protective layer that protects your skin against aging, dryness, and infection.


Time to cleanse the rest of my face
Testing out the level of cleanliness using a wet tissue.  
The results are pretty impressive, unnoticeable dirt detected
As a verdict, I would have to say that it really improved my skin condition making it naturally look like its glowing and I have way better skin texture too! Another thing that I noticed, it's honestly unbelievable that my skin is less oily ever since I started using this. Overall, I would highly recommend the OPUS NION BEAUTY EXPRESS for anyone who is seeking better ways of cleansing the skin. Cleansing with Negative Ions, it not only cleanses but it also encourages circulation, cell restoration, prevents signs of aging, detox the skin naturally and improves the immunity of the skin. With all these benefits coming out from 1 product, it's really hard to resist but to get this for my own. Hehe. Well, thats all on my thoughts on the NION BEAUTY OPUS EXPRESS. For more details on OPUS, you may checkout the links below to see what else they have to offer.


Top 10 things to do in Busan, Korea | + Accommodation Recommendations

Out of the blue, I was listening to some Korean music in my bedroom and realized that I missed visiting Korea very much! One place I miss is definitely Busan, and since that was about a year ago since I last visited Busan, I decided to list down a few places that I truly missed and enjoyed during my stay there. With all hopes that this post would benefit anyone reading this, please enjoy my list of things to do while in Busan!

1 | Haedong Yonggungsa

Taking a picture at Haedong Yonggungsa with Golden Buddha at the back
Make a wish and throw a coin
Had to take a photo with the monkey statue since both of us were born in the year of the monkey.
A little history check on the Haedong Yonggung Temple, it is actually a Buddhist temple which was built in 1378 by a teacher known as Naong during the Goryeo Dynasty. Sadly during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592-98, it was partially destroyed but eventually rebuilt in the 1930s. The unique feature of this temple is that it built of one of the beautiful seasides in Korea thus making it a trademark of its own. Particularly famous for its Golden Buddha, you will enjoy walking around hills of rocks, filled with wishing stones. While you're there, feel free to make a wish!

2 | Jagalchi Market - Fresh fish and seafood market

If you're looking for seafood heaven, this is the place to be! Jagalchi Market is located on the shoreside road in Busan's Jung-gu and its well known to be Korea's largest seafood market selling both live and dried fish. This place represents Busan pretty well thanks to its history. It would be best to visit in October as there will be a Jagalchi Cultural Tourism Festival held. There are tons of restaurants along the market if you want to enjoy fresh seafood from the sea.

Train Station: Jung-gu
Opening Hours: 5am-10pm
Closed on First and Third Tuesday of every month

3 | Busan Tower

Busan Tower is another trademark not to be missed! Too bad I didn't get to visit the top cause we were running out of daytime. It opens at night, but I was expecting to go during daylight. Like any other tower in any country, this is one of the observatory decks if you would like to see a clearer view of Busan. The Busan Tower stands proudly 69m above sea level at the height of 120m. A unique feature that this tower has would be that the top of the tower is modeled after the baldaquin of Dabotap Pagoda in Bulguksa Temple.

Nampo Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 7.
Upon exiting the station, turn left onto Gwangbok-o Street.
Walk approx. 160 m to arrive at Yongdusan Park (escalator on the right).

※ Take Bus 8, 15, 126, Airport Bus 161 or Airport Bus 61.
Operating Hours: 10am-11pm

4 | Gwangandaegyo from Haeundae Beach

Next would be the Gwangandaegyo Bridge, stretching over 7.4km from Namcheon-dong to Centum City. You can opt to view it from afar or make a trip to actually cross the bridge to be able to tell people that you've been on the longest bi-level bridge over the ocean in Korea. I decided to take a look at it at night from Haeundae Beach, and its a really nice sight to see. I only managed to check it out at night, but if you're here during the daytime, you'll get a clear view of Oryukdo Island, Hwangyeongsan Mountain, Gwangalli Beach, Dongbaekseom I, land and Dalmaji Hill.

Without a doubt, Haeundae Beach is the most famous beach in Busan. With white sandy beach stretching up to 1.5km long, it has a beautiful coastline making Haeundae Beach perfect for swimming. Popular during summer, Haeundae Beach is famous for various cultural events. While you're there, you can opt to visit Dongbaek Island, Busan Aquarium, and more! Perfect for those who love the beach, be sure to make time to spend your evening here.

 Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 5, 7.
- Walk straight for about 500m.

5 | Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa Temple is the representative relic of Gyeongju and was designed as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in 1995. Built-in 528 during the Silla Kingdom, the temple underwent numerous renovations from different dynasty and was burned down during the Japanese Invasion war. It was renovated about 40 times, the Bulguksa Temple now is home to many important cultural relics such as Dabotap Pagoda, Saritap Pagoda and other national treasures. Making a visit here is a must when you're in Busan.

Operating Hours 
Mar-Sep 07:00-18:00 / Oct 07:00-17:30 
Nov-Jan 07:30-17:00 / Feb 07:30-17:30

From Gyeongju Train Station, follow Hwarang-ro Street and take Bus No. 10 or 11 (located in front of the post office).
- Get off at Bulguksa Temple (불국사) Bus Stop.
- Travel time: approx. 1 hr

While you're there, don't forget to visit one of their restaurants available as the prices are pretty reasonable and definitely something that is not easy to find in the main city. We managed to visit one of the stalls to try out this beef bulgogi freshly cooked right before your eyes. It was really yummy but it's a shame that I don't remember the name of the exact shop. Nevertheless, most of the food there is pretty similar, so don't be shy to walk into a shop and say hi! 

6 | Gwangalli Beach

Because I consider myself a beach babe (*coughs*), I just had to see Gwangalli Beach with my own eyes. The beach is a 1.4km long beach that is famous for its fine sand. This beach has undergone a water cleaning program and as a result, the water of the beach here is pristine. A famous spot for the younger generation (such as mua), this place is filled with romantic restaurants and cafes, and stores selling fashion brands. Usually, some locals would come here to enjoy the bright lights fo Gwangadaegyo Bridge.

Geumryeon Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 1 or 3.
Make a U-turn and turn on the first street toward the beach.

7 | Beomeosa - 1300-year-old Buddhist temple founded in 678 AD

Beomeosa Temple is located at the eastern edge of Geumjeongsan Mountain and was constructed by monk Ui Sang in the 678 during the 18th year of King Munmu. Being one of the three most famous temples in the Yeongnam region, it was lost during the war and was restored in 1613 and has remained until now. Since I was an architecture student at the time, I enjoyed every detail of the pagoda with pillars, pavilions, gates, and eleven hermitages. Its pretty insane to imagine that most of the construction is made out of natural wood. There is also a temple stay program for visitors to learn more about the Buddhist culture and possibly discover oneself.

[Subway + Bus]
Beomeosa Station (Busan Subway Line No.1), Exit 5 or 7.
- Walk along the main road for about 5-min to arrive at Samsin Transportation Bus Stop.
- Take Bus No. 90 and get off at Beomeosa Ticket Office Bus Stop. 

Approx. 5 min from Beomeosa Station

8 | Gamcheon Culture Village

Gamcheon Culture Village is one of my favorites MUST GO places when in Busan. If you haven't been to Gamcheon, you haven't been to Busan. Hehe. The Gamcheon Culture Village is formed by houses built in staircase fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain, earning its nickname of "Machu Picchu of Busan". If you love taking images, this is one of the places that you must visit to get the perfect shot of an unbelievably colorful village. It's an exciting resident area, thus be sure to respect their privacy while you're here.

Goejeong Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 6. 
- Take local bus Sakha 1 or Sakha 1-1 to Gamcheon Elementary School Bus Stop. 

Toseong Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 6.
- Take local bus Saha 1-1, Seogu 2 or Seogu 2-2 to Gamcheon Elementary School Bus Stop.

9 | BokcheonMuseum

If you love history, or you just want to understand more on the history of Busan, you can always make a quick stop at Bokcheon Museum. The museum is very informative and has an intriguing way of showing the history of Busan. It has a fairly good overview of the history of Busan. Worth the visit for newbies who have not been to Busan before. You'll spend a good 1-2 hours enjoying the exhibits explaining major events in Busan History. What I enjoyed the most was that they explained the array of relics and tombs discovered in the Bokcheon-dong ancient burial ground giving you some insights before visiting the actual site.

Admission: Free

Dongnae Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 4.
Take Bus 6 and get off at Bokcheon Museum.

10 | Cheonmachong - Tomb of King Michu

The Cheonmachong Tomb is one of the many tombs that I have yet to visit! Excavated in 1973, the tomb consists of wooden coffin places inside an underground chamber mounded with boulders and earth, a typical upper-class tomb of the Silla period. I learned a lot about the Silla period while visiting the Cheonmachong Tomb as it explained on how tough it was to live in history. During the Silla period, they believed that the properties of the upper-class individual would be buried together with the body, which also includes human individuals too! It was a cruel period to live in, but honestly, exciting to know that there were a total of 11,526 artifacts were discovered within the tomb, and this is only one out of the many.

Operating hours: 9am -10pm

From Seoul Station, take a train to Singyeongju station. 
(Express KTX Line: operates 20 times a day / Travel Time: 2 hours) 
* Operating hours changes on week and weekend.


Hotel Cont, Yongdunsan-Gil
In case you're planning on your accommodation during your visit to Busan, I would highly advise you to check out Expedia to make your bookings! For less than RM300 a night, you can get a room located near the Busan Tower, specifically around Yongdunsan-gil area. I would suggest you stay in Hotel Cont here as it located in a convenient area with easy public transportation AND its located near Lotte Mall in case you want to do some shopping. hehe. Even though its marked as 2 and a half stars on Expedia, rest assured you will have a comfortable sleep with no worries. Wifi is free and breakfast can be included in your package if requested.

BOOK WITH EXPEDIA NOW <----- Click here

Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading about my visit to Busan and if you may have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me if you need anything urgent. Well, that's all for now. Signing out.

Sara xx

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[REVIEW] Swatches of the MARY KAY PLAY AT

Hey guys! I have always wanted to find myself the perfect matte liquid, and I finally I think i found one that doesnt dry out my lips! I usually have a love and hate relationship with matte liquids cause its easy to control during application, but most lip liquids can be very drying for the lips, and in my case, its gets flaky by the end of the day. The MARY KAY Play At was a show stealer for me since they claim that its non caking/craking which thus leads me to get the whole set of six shades!


Getting into details, each tube of Mary Kay At Play consist of 6.5g liquid and comes in a trendy arcylic tube. It comes with the lip applicator which easily glides onto the lips, and I actually notice that the lip applicator has been uniquely created to avoid the caking effect. (Generally speaking, it glides evenly). It claims to control up to 8 hours of oil and shine while leaving your lips feeling comfortable without hints of grease. With 6 trendy shades to suit different moods, let's find out which shade suits me most! Checkout my video featuring shade of Pink It Over, Taupe That, Neon Nectarine, True Red, Bold Pink, and Vivid Violet.


So I've been wearing all different shades for the past week and I have to agree that it feels extremely lightweight on the lips AND the best part, it doesn't make my lips crack by the end of the day! If you think the shades are too intense, you can always apply the liquid starting from the middle of your lips, and gently dab with your fingers for that natural Korean lip tint effect! This also means the formulation is flexible giving you the choice to create buildable coverages too. I gotta admit that im surprised that all the 6 shades suit my skin tone pretty well, won't you agree? Hehe


Also, if you're wondering on how well it last, here is proof! I decided to test it out by wearing one shade from 8am all the way to 8pm, and surprisingly, my lips still look great! The reason for this is because its transfer-resistant, meaning it won't stick to your cup of coffee in the morning when you're enjoying it. hehe. During application, it dries pretty quickly, making it a plus point cause im an impatient person. hehe. Also, it claims to not rub off, but if pressure is applied, it obviously rubs off very slightly.


As a verdict, I would say that its amazing as a matte lip liquid. I haven't exactly found one that would make my lips look moist without the need of moisturizing a night before, but this seems to be my answer! At only RM39 each, I would conclude that it's really reasonable for the quality that im getting. Would I repurchase? It's a definite YES! Loving the formulation and this is currently my everyday matte lip liquid at the moment. Most of my friends are saying that Vivid Violet suits me the most. What do you think? Hehe

Mary Kay Malaysia

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Flower based Toner that suits your Skin Type | Mamonde Flower Toner Series

 Every person has their favourite flower, and now Mamonde lets you bloom like a flower too!
Holla at cho gurl if you love flowers too! I grew up having a garden filled flowers to run around in, and someone thats how i learned how to love flowers. Being in my mid-twenties, just looking at flowers brings me memories of when i was younger living my carefree days. As a little girl, i love to smell every flower i see, and i always had a thing going on with flowers. And now, just to keep my interest up and alive, i found flowers that would last longer than your typical fresh flowers since Mamonde recently launched their latest addition presenting the Mamonde Flower Toner Series!

Every individual has their own preferences when it comes to flowers, and now, every skin type has its own preferences to Floral toners by Mamonde. Mamonde has been my all time go to skincare ever since they launched in Malaysia, and i have no doubt that the upgraded Flower toner will impress. Having skincare that are made out of flowers are a way of being connected to mother nature, and not only that it intrigues beauty, but also invigorates the skin and heals with natural therapeutic benefits. In the Toner Series collection, there are FIVE selected flowers to keep you blooming all year round. Enough Chit-Chat, lets move on to the FIVE types of toners according to skin types.

250ml (RM85)   500ml (RM119)

Starting off with the Rose Water Toner, this is the upgraded version of the popular Rose Water Toner extracting nutrients from the Damask Rose which contains soothing and moisturizing properties that sotens rough, flaky skin to give your skin clearer and vibrant complexion. It is free of animal ingredients, mineral oil, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, silicone oil and synthetic colour. Being ideal for all skin types, did you know that they have 7 different ways of using this other than just a toner? Yep, you heard it right! Its pretty much why this Rose Water toner has created such crazy to beauty addict! Personally this is my all time must have no matter what.

Funfact: It has increase up to 182% of skins moisture capacity when tested on skin through clinical conduct.

If you prefer the basics, its pretty obvious that the main purpose of this is to use it as a daily toner with a hint of rose during each application which i truly find relaxing. The other six ways of using this is you can use it as a face mist, mix it with your foundation for a dewy radiant look, use it as a soothing mask, DIY your own makeup remover by mixing it with facial oil,  mix it with powder (example: green tea) to customise your own face mask, and lastly you can use it seven times for maximum efficacy. With that, i can tell you that this is all you need if youre not a fan of a huge range of skincare.

250ml (RM85)

Moving on to a toner that is suitable for combination skin, the Plum Blossom grows abundantly in sparse forest, stream sides and forested slopes along trails and mountains. Carrying high cultural values, the flower and fruits are naturally used in cosmetic and skincare product. With anti-oxidant properties, it is effective in purifying and tightening the skin. Containig natural ENzymes from Green Tea, it effectively removes dead skin calls and improves complexion by encourgaing skin cell regeneration. AHA, on the other hand, is well known as an exfoliating ingredient which helps lower sebum and break the bond of stratum corneum.

250ml (RM85)

During the launch of the Flower toner series, i have to admit that the Heartland Houttuynia pore clean toner really caught my eye. If you havent heard, one of biggers beauty concern is open pores and since i like being under the sun, that also means double trouble for me thus needed a good skincare combination to help me reduce blocked oily pores. This toner is by far one of the most unique toners that i've seen in stores as its double layered formulated witn Eoseongcho tincture and mud from Korea's West Coast. With this toner, it helps to control excessive sebum and tightens the pores to keep the skin soft and supple.            

250ml (RM85)

For those with sensitive skin, you can opt to go for the Chamomile Toner as its made out of Chamomile extract which helps in soothing and moisturizing the skin. The plant has been widely used in the formulation of beauty and cosmetic products, making it a potential flower to explore into the beauty industry. With Provitamin B5, Purified Water, Glycerin, Propanediol and 1,2- Hexanediol, it would definitely provide you the nutrients and moisture that your skin needs without your skin having any reactions to it.

250ml (RM85)

And last but not least would be the Buckwheat Flower toner, which Mamonde has discovered it to be a flower that contains high level of enzymes and powerful antibacterial features that can protect the skin from external stimuli. Being ideal for those who are facing extreme skin dryness, with signs of early aging, you may consider this as your solution to keep your skin looking healthy and balaced by nourising and firming up the skin. It also streghnthens the skin barrier to improve skin texture and elasticity. Being infused with Propolis, it is also excellent in sterilizing and is anti-inflammatory too.

Since i have combination skin, i personally like using both the Rose Water Toner and the Heartland Houttuynia Pore Clean Toner on alternate days to keep my skin well balanced and at the same time target my main concerns. In case you are not aware, Mamonde toners can be used as a combination depending on what your skin needs. How cool is that? I've used both these toners together on a weekly basis, and i do notice that it helps to keep my skin looking soft and smooth.

Managed to catch the pop up store in Mid Valley! Lets hope they have more of this soon!
The Mamonde Latest Flower Toner Seriescan be purchase through the Mamonde Beauty Counters at Aeon 1 Utama, PJ, Aeon Mid Valley Megamall, KL, Parkson Suria KLCC, KL, Aeon Bukit Indah, JB, Aeon Tebrau City, JB, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang and Sephora stores located at Mid Valley Megamall, KL, 1 Utama, PJ, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Komtar, Johor Bahru, IMAGO Shopping Mall, KK and Nu Sentral, KL. It is also available on and

Mamonde Malaysia