Sunday, August 21, 2022

Children to explore Health Awareness with Kidzania | Play at KidZ's Health Variable Programme

A rare occasion of attending a launch with the kids!

As a mother of two now, nothing matters more than the health and well-being of my kids. I was honored to be invited to Kidzania's recent launch of a KidZ Health Variable Programme and trust me when I say that im excited about the news. As a mother now, Kidzania is a safe zone for my kids where there can learn and explore, and now with this program, they would be touching base on health and to me, small actions like this would really go a long way for the little ones. 

Only until 28th of August 2022, KidZania Kuala Lumpur's "KidZ & Health" initiative aims to raise awareness on health topics to show how good physiological health and wellbeing can indeed be a cornerstone to a wonderful and fulfilling life. With that being said, I believe in starting them young and I do hope that Kidzania would sustain interesting programs such as these to further let the kids be curious as they grow. 

As simple as talking about healthy habits, even to adults, it can be a seemingly an uninteresting topic. But have you ever thought about how this topic can actually be more interesting? I started being very cautious about what i eat considering that my family has a record of health issues, so to live a better life, it's always good to be aware of the lifestyle we choose to practice. For the kids, on the other hand, this topic can actually be more relatable and exciting with KidZania! The programme presents a line-up of activities set to educate little participants in fun and engaging ways through play. These activities are broken down into three segments – Nutrition, Health, and Fitness, where kids will partake in activities specially designed to arouse and engage the curiosity and interest of young, inquisitive minds. 

Little Mikayla here who is just turning 3 in a week found these programs really exciting actually as she explores the importance of hygiene through role play. Though the center would be more suitable for bigger kids, I was actually surprised by how intrigued a 3-year-old can be when it comes to being hands-on to understand simple things such as how sanitizer keeps germs away. As an adult, I would say that we should not underestimate the minds of the little ones we're raising, and my daughter here keeps surprising me every day because I let her. 

Leah Choy, 13yo baker Chef

By the way, present at the launch event was 13-year-old baker Chef Leah Choy - who realized the importance of championing good health from an early age. The young baker with a big heart made headlines with her inspiring story after she started baking and selling cupcakes at the tender age of age four to raise funds for her sister’s medical treatment. At the launch, Leah conducted a live demonstration of her very own nutritional recipe that can easily be replicated by any child or parent at home. She was joined by the newly appointed mayor of KidZania Kuala Lumpur, Mara Whittaker.

“Through this exciting and captivating program, kids will be able to better understand for themselves how to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is the perfect platform to bring to life a topic that can be often overlooked in fun and relatable ways. It is our hope that kids will be able to grasp the importance of healthy habits and practice it in their everyday lives. Rather than just listening to parents preaching it every day, children will now be able to experience it hands-on here,” said Mara.

Staying true to KidZania’s ‘Learn Life Today’ philosophy which champions early ‘real-life experiences through hands-on role-play engagements and opportunities, the KidZ & Health variable program will incorporate the involvement of KidZania Kuala Lumpur’s partners to feature a slew of engaging activities centered around the facets of nutrition, fitness, and health, which directly engages children to drive home the key building blocks of leading happy and healthy lives - which they will be able to inculcate for life! These include Avisena, Cuckoo, Danolyte, Kodomo, Optimax, Mission Foods, ESCAPE, and Subway.

One of the cooking demonstrations over the weekend

Through the programme, kids will be able to partake in activities that include, among others, the preparation of grocery lists and picking good food sources, learning about nutrition labels, engaging in cooking demonstrations, heart-pumping Zumba dances, learning proper brushing techniques, as well as getting an eye and general health screening. The programme will also feature SeminarZ, which will take the form of weekend workshops at the KidZania theatre featuring health, nutrition and fitness experts. These workshops will also be broadcasted online via KidZania Kuala Lumpur’s social media platforms.

Children and their parents also stand the chance to win tickets and cash prizes by carrying out two simple home experiments focusing on dental health and nutrition. Among the prizes include cash prizes of up to RM3,000 and a SimPass – an annual pass to KidZania Kuala Lumpur, ESCAPE Penang, and ESCAPE Petaling Jaya. Be sure to create some interesting content and who knows, you might win a special pass for the kids!

Exclusive PROMO CODE to KidZania

To enable more people to experience the fun, merriment, and learning, all visitors are entitled to 5% off on tickets to KidZania Kuala Lumpur with the promo code 'KidZ&Health'. Those using the promo code will also be entitled to enter a lucky draw to win SimPasses! More information about the programme and further details about activities can be found at .

Friday, August 19, 2022

Wonder Suit by Jovian | Bengkung sesuai untuk semua

Sebagai jenama yang sentiasa berkembang, Jovian kali ini meraikan keajaiban kewanitaan dengan pelancaran baharu yang memfokuskan pada pakaian dalam dan menjalani kehidupan yang lebih sihat, dikenali sebagai Wonder Suit.

Sebagai perintis dalam industri fesyen RTW di Malaysia, salah satu perkara yang paling biasa kami dengar daripada Jovianista kami ialah bagaimana mereka menghadapi masalah dengan figura mereka. Dengan Wonder Suit, kami memperkenalkan kepada anda produk pertama kami dalam korset yang direka untuk meningkatkan bentuk badan anda yang bukan sahaja mengempiskan perut dan mencipta siluet, tetapi juga menawarkan keselesaan dan sokongan untuk pemakaian sepanjang hari!

Diperbuat daripada bahan berkualiti premium yang menyejukkan, ia mempunyai 3 baris cangkuk boleh laras untuk muat ultra yang selamat dan 6 panel tulang fleksibel dalam ikat pinggang yang membantu untuk mencapai postur yang lebih baik dengan lebih mudah yang membolehkan anda mempunyai kebebasan maksimum untuk bergerak .

Untuk bentuk badan yang lebih diingini, korset wanita kami juga dilengkapi dengan tali pinggang boleh tanggal yang mencengkam bahagian pinggang yang membantu menghasilkan bentuk badan yang ideal dan dengan keluaran pertama, tersedia dalam warna "Beige".

Semasa kami memperkenalkan koleksi baharu ini, kami bekerjasama dengan lima bintang terkenal Malaysia untuk menjadi wajah kepada Wonder Suit dan mereka ialah Ifa Raziah, Ning Baizura, Rozita Che Wan, Sherry Al Hadad dan Dolla.

Berharga RM149, Wonder Suit by Jovian kini boleh dibeli melalui:

- Platform Instagram Selebrity  (Di Bio)

- Ejen dan stokis selebriti

dan boleh didapati di semua JStores, Jovian Pop Up Booth, dan Shopee menjelang 1 September 2022 dalam saiz inklusif dari S hingga 3XL.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Ombak Kitchen's Lunch Value Meals | 12pm-3pm

I recently went to Ombak Kitchen, which offers The Best Seafood Restaurant in Bangsar and KL, to find out that they've finally have an exclusive lunch value meal on the menu! Being a seafood lover myself, I would have to say that I got really excited to check out the menu, and trust me when I say that i had no regrets about my meal that day. If you love seafood or if you're looking for the best seafood, then this blog post is for you! Skip the hassle of driving far, and enjoy the best seafood within the city center. FYI, they also recently opened a store in Putrajaya too!

Don't forget to try their Oysters while you're there!

When it comes to The Best Halal Seafood in KL and genuinely affordable seafood, fresh from the sea, you can definitely count on Ombak Kitchen to stir up the finest of the finest! Ombak Kitchen is a fun-filled family restaurant with the famous seafood boil concept originating from the state of Louisiana, USA. This concept is used to maintain the freshness and juiciness of the seafood. To introduce you to the lunch menu that they have to offer, they call it the lunch pots which basically offer 3 options for a good portion to share for two. 

Lunch Pot Crab

First up would be the Lunch Pot Crab which includes 1-2 XL Crabs, XL Fresh Prawns, Squid, Broccoli, Corn, and Rice for a price of RM99.90. I would have to highlight that if you're a crab lover, then you would enjoy this pot of seafood. For the price, I would say it's really worth every cent considering it has a good variety of seafood all in one pot. 

Lunch Pot Slipper Lobster

If you're looking for a non-crab option, then consider ordering the lunch pot slipper lobster. This options include slipper lobster, XL Fresh Prawns, Clam Hamaguri, Broccoli, Corn, and Rice, giving you just the right balance of seafood. I tried this is their Cheesy Zesty Lemon Sauce and i love it! This goes for RM89.90 a set and it's good to feed two pax. 

Lunch Pot Prawn XL

Prawn in Butter Milk Sauce

Prawn in Heritage Laksa Sauce

Squid in Spicy Coconut Curry

I would predict that this would be a crowd favorite because it has all the basic seafood variety in a decent portion in a pot. When im not into crabs, then this is the perfect combination for a quick lunch with all the freshest seafood the sea can offer. It contains Fresh Prawns, Squid, Blue mussels, Clam Hamaguri, Broccoli, Corn, and Rice at a price of RM79.90! 

Sauce Options

For all the lunch pots that they have to offer, they have in it 10 different sauces to choose from, but to be more specific with the top 3 choices, I would highly recommend you to either get it in SIngature Crazy Cajun Sauce, Buttermilk Indulgence, or Cheesy Zesty Lemon. The Signature Crazy Cajun Sauce is an authentically soulful cajun sauce made from a blend of cajun spices, paprika, garlic, herbs, and Ombak Kitchens's very own secret recipe mix. So, if it's your first time heading over to Ombak Kitchen, you can really never go wrong with the Signature Sauce. The other sauce they have to offer on the menu as well would include chili crab, garlic butter, spicy coconut curry, tomato basil, butter lemon sauce, heritage laksa, and salted egg cream. 

Ombak Kitchen has been received very well by all especially the seafood lovers and results of that, they have opened 3 branch outlets in Bukit Jelutong, Bangsar and the latest one is in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. Ombak Kitchen Putrajaya is situated outdoor at The Symphony Walk and you can choose to enjoy your seafood spread by the dancing fountain with a great view.

Besides the seafood spread, they also have an upgraded menu to an Ala carte Concept where you can choose your favorite seafood with their preferred style of cooking, and they are served in colorful pots and bowls. Just dine in to pick and choose without having to depend solely on the usual premium combo menu. As a verdict, I would say that if you would like to dig into good seafood, this is the place to be that would not disappoint. What are you waiting for? Make some time during lunch and just get yourself one of those hot lunch pots by Kitchen Ombak while you can!