Friday, July 31, 2009


to the few people on facebook who wished me,

thankyou ;)

Jason Austin Yeoh 12:00 am :thankyou for wishing on time.
Klothilda Lim Khar Yie 12:07 am
*Sean Wentz 12:12 am
Hanny Stephanie 2:25 am
Julia Lee 3:04 am
Amelia Ilyas 9:44 am
Faizudin Ramly 10:49 am
Diana Buxton 12:55 pm
Suresh Singh Dhillon 2:04 pm
Michelle Khoo 2:06 pm
Alypp Lee 2:06 pm
Reen Khan 2:22 pm
Lisa Sharmila Lucas 3:48 pm
Muhammad Syafiq 3:54 pm
Amira Masri 4:34 pm
Ashwin Lall 4:43 pm
Japram Kyle 5:09 pm
Selene Tam 5:39 pm
Phoon Chi Kit 7:49 pm
Rajah Kanagarajah 8:17 pm
Trishna Ann 8:29 pm
Leonard Tan 8:32 pm
Dhevgan Sivanathan 9:56pm
Prab Kirat 10:07 pm
Chandraysh Agisparan 11:15 pm
Muhammad Hazim 11:29 pm
Seth Chiu Sheng Yang 11:30 pm
Fahimah Fox 11:34 pm


Nazrin Zaid 12:03am 31st July
Andrea Shivani 10:08 am 31st July
Laurene Seri James 10:57 pm 31st July

ps: happy seanie? XD


Hello friends,

i just thought tht you guys ARE my friends,

who would actually remember my birthday.
idk, maybe you're too busy.
but at least spend two minutes to text me.
TWO minutes je!
then you can do whatever you want to do after that.
at least show that you care :(

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Me!


yes yes, today is my seventeenth birthday, how awesome is that? awesome nak mati :D now, lets see, the first person who wished me, sapa ah? ok la, lets talk about the people who wished me 1 day earlier. rizal just popped out of no where and wished me happy birthday during recess. haha. how sweet. then followed by chi kent and lynn :) aww, i love you guys :D


29th july ; 11pm onwards ;

sin yee 11:56:50pm Happy birthday aliza :)

30th july ;12am onwards ;
Diyanna 12:00:40am
Happy Birthday Sara Syg C: may Allah bless u on your special day
Ximmy 12:01:08am
Happy birthday aliza sara bt elias! U dah tua haha :p
Nazrain 12:03:41am
Finally the clock strikes 12! HAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYY! *this was long ok?*
Jason A. 12:46.44pm Dunno if you will read this but happy birthday, dear :)
Nini 06:14:41am And i pun nk wish kt u happy birthday..
Afiq 07:02:45am Its finaly here, Happy b'day!!! Your 17!!!
Aunty Lenja 07:23:55am A year wiser with special LOVE, beauty and joy.
Taylors 09:00:45am A year older, a year wiser. Happy 17th birthday aliza sara.
Faiz 02:42:03pm U..buhsan nye~ epy bufday 4 2nd times! =)
Nazrain 02:45:28pm idk why bt felt like wishing u again.... happy birthday ;)
Chi Kent 03:19:11pm haha. Happy happy happy birthday. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Haha.
Dbah 07:16:16pm Sara! hepi b'day darling! stay as sweet as you are okay, imy badly!
Yazmin 09:05:40pm Hey! Happy Birthday! Hope u had fun today despite having 'tests' on ur bday.. wish hanis for me :)
Afiq 09:06:11pm Happy b'day
Zakiah 09:11:34pm Babe!! epi birthday!! Sweet 17teen ehh! wish u healthy all da way.

31st july ;12am onwards ;
Ina 12:00:53am ma love liza epy besday sygs shwit seventing smgepnjng umur n dmrhkn rzeki.
Ashman 02:51:50am Happy bday woi.

all the above are the exact text msg they've sent to me :D

the ones who bothered to call :)

Nazrain, sorry i cant stay up late D:
Rusyuddin, aww, thankyou for the present, its from johor doh :D
Hazim, youre super sweet :)
Alvin, sorry
Hanis, call lambat!
Inik ; grand ma, love you inik :)
Daddy, we stay under one roof -.-
Alexandrea, my phone died :p

In school,
it was scary ok. eggs and tepung. i dont think i wanna smell like eggs and tepung? haha. lucky i didnt get hit by anyone. hanis hampir kena bonggol. haha. padan muka! :D

the class mates who wished me,
sin yee,
Keh hann,
sze yang,
yik loong,
chi cheng,
Soung Jing,
Chong Giap,
ahh, almost everyone of them lahh. i love you people :)

the form fives,
ariff fikri,
yen peng,
wye hong,
nurul nur zakiah,
chi kent,
and whoever lahh, nooo! i have short term memory! d:

form juniors,
jiunn jie,
choo hong a.k.a the monster,
yazmin, she was sweet on her blog :) <3 ____________________________________________________________________

The presents,
fatin, a cute photo frame and a birthday card which i had to share with hanis
chong giap, a customized rock.
hanis, a tinny winny guitar.
chery and karis, this cute phone strap :)
yik loong, he gave me a birthday cake as my present.
sayang, necklace, i tau you beli on the day itself. haha. wild guess
zakiah, a teddy bear and Ralph perfume, aww
mummy and daddy, a new hand phone. the latest express music model!<3

syahirah and the penyeduk (haha betul kan the spelling?)
ashwin's dead meat :p

the ponteng group.

first time ever being caught for skipping classes, on MY BIRTDHAY. haha. how cool is that? haha, lame! i dah tau sangat, SHUT UP :)

nahh, basically, we were suppose to go for some ceramah in dewan kuliah, but we preferred to study sejarah in class. so macam suka hati :D puan maha was furious doh, lucky she was nice enough to let us off the hook. nahh, im too nice to be doing bad things XD so, ponteng tak da niat jahat. in a way, tak ponteng. i would like it to be refered as studying when teachers aren't teaching. haha. idc! its my birthday, my rules :p

makan makan makan with my 'aunty' haha. actually, alvin was suppose to belanja me starbucks. but tahh. i would rather hangout with my aunty first :D haha iloveyouaunty! :p aww, you know who you are? shut up :) so, we ate kopitiam then sushi. ya allah. we ate only like 6 plates of sushi but duduk sana macam rumah sendiri. hhaha *remember, its my birthday, i can do whatever i want* :p the workers there were like staring at us like, like, well, i dont know. its just that particular stare. whatever laa :D but overall it was fun. naik teksi alone, first time EVER. gila macam jakun. haha. pluss, the teksi driver was like practically flirting with me. eww! reached home around 6.45pm? same time as daniel. then my parents suprized me by singing happy birthday when i opened the main house door. aww, how sweet. then opened the presents, dapat lah new hand phone :) i feel like screaming! ahhhhhhh! ahah. still the lovey dovey moment was awesome ;D i love youu.

at night my parents brought me out to bubba gump, shrimp & co. it was fun too. my mum told the workers there that it was my birthday, and yeah, their tradition was that I had to Stand on the chair and do stuff they want me to do. i was like OMG OMG OMG! haha. gedik moment sekejap. so yeah, after the meal, i was freking full as if my stomach was going to explode. they came to our table and sang happy birthday. they were like 'its your birthday birthday, its your bithday birthday, here is your birthday cake, but if if you want your birthday cake, let us see your booty shake, shake shake that booty shake shake, shake that booty shake shake'. haha. people were staring ok? *blushing* haha. so yeah, was kinda being a diva standing on the chair :)
then we masuk the curve for a while and there we saw nicole david playing squash :D went back around 11am and now im sleepy. good night world :D

BTW, Happy birthday to
Amira Masri,
Julie Lee,
and Muhammad Hanis too.
we share the same birthday people :)

mood: happy happy happy!

Monday, July 27, 2009


today, school was fun, assembly, Biology test, Bahasa test, then recess. rizal and azhary, teasing me. tsk tsk. tak habis habis. chemistry, helped Mr. Thanabalan with Peka files. secretary work lagi -.- cried in class after chemistry. bodoh betul. a lot of ppl actually cared for me ok? chon giap, jane, chi cheng, sin yee, pravina, yik loong, nazrain, nicky and etc. you know who you guys are. i love you people lah :) and as for you pulak, small words have very strong meanings. i have feelings too ok? so, please shut up bila i suruh. i have my limitations. then had agama. ended school with addmaths. bla bla bla. nicky walked me to the front gate, sweet of him to. he was like , 'marry me aliza you'll never have to be alone, i love you and thats all i really know, i talked to... Elias? eh, Fatin la. eheh' haha. nicky nicky. pravina was there too. she was calming me down.

pravina: alizaa, why were you crying?
aliza: nothing la.
nicky: dont cry aliza, im here for you *with his cheeky face*
pravina: im here too la. nicky no need.
nicky: ah, you la no need
pravina: haha, aliza, just dont cry ok, i love you *hugged me*
aliza: haha, aww, i love you too.

so yeah, thats that. wahh, first time ever crying in school this year.

ps: nazrain, thanks for the chocolate muffins and cadbury :) i'll ask daniel to eat one for me first, just to be sure there's no love potion inside. i dont want to end up like harry potters best friend. haha. jkjk.

thas all for now. till then.....

mood: emotional sikit

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yazmin's Party

so, went to one utama today. arrived around 2pm? saw nazrain. tagged along dengan azhary, rizal and hanis. then ate lunch, main arcade while waiting for birthday girl to arrive.

see ze picture. thats the birthday girl. comel kann? :)

naz, thanks for the birthday treat :)

them, being gedik'ish :D

the waffle nazrain belanja.
rizal, you owe me big time for stealing half of it

i look weird tapi cun. haha *prasan moment*

hanis fat fat
*hanis, jngn marah, at least i jujur :p

credit to hanis, walaupun buruk XD

from left, yaz, naz, rizal, ary, daniel and me (:

photo taken by; nazrain

it was freakishly high, adrenaline naik.

going up

up lagi, me and iis :)

we're on top of the world bbyh :D


rizal the mamat gila, lynn the china doll, aliza the monkey :D

happy moment :)

oh yeah, while wondering one utama, we bumped into rahman and dee.
you both sama je kan? never bothered to tell me.
the moment i saw you two, i was like OMG!

i loike this picture :)

the happy couple. so comel
dinner was at italianese.

i had to go back early, it was already 9pm.
i missed the birthday cake. Noooooooooo!

best outing ever lah! thanks to Yazmin. Yaz, you so rock lah. schools so going to be different without you around. i miss you already D: i dont care, one day we must see each other again, worst to the worst pun, i'll sibuk sibuk when you keluar with azhary. hhaha :)

to yazmin: your birthday present is still with me. i'll pass it to you nnti :) and thankyou for everything. anyone would be so lucky to have a mother like yours. generous gila ok? i love your mum. haha. i love you too yaz. and for the berapa kali time dah,

i love you min min XD


Friday, July 24, 2009


another 6 days to go! haha. cant wait!

you better remember

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sports Carnival

so, today was sports carnival, awesome lah.i was in the net ball team representing rumah laksamana. hahaha :D

before everything started, the tarian group together with our special guess, abg k-own, we macam rasmikan the event with aerobics. haha. not any ordinary one, its a combination of traditional malay, chinese, indian, sabah and sarawak dance steps. so its more to traditional aerobics. the way other people that followed did, funny lah. i saw andrew doing the sewang step, aww, cute :D

ok, now the curriculum part. can you imagine? our team only had five ppl in it. and each team kena ada at least seven actually. lagi-lagi kan, im holding center. first ever time, CENTER. haha. 1st round lawan green house, and they had 7 ppl kot, scared me *almost to death* :) so, we tried our best dengan bak kata diyana, we are the lima burung perkasa. whatever that means. all i know its something that i had to believe in. since im holding as center,i had to block atiqah. center and atiqah was scary, she's good for a small sized. running here and there. so, we played our game and actually won. 4-2. it was a tough match. we were lucky. 2nd round was against yellow house. yellow house had the same problem. five people je in their team. so it was a fair match. we won this too. 12-0. haha. nadhirah, sorry if i was too rough. just missed playing net ball. the last time i played like this was when i was in standart 5? gila ganas nak mati. haha. oh well,

1st, rumah merah
2nd, rumah kuning
3rd, rumah hijau

btw, i played too ganas sampai my seluar koyak. haha. my knee hurts now.
while playing i was sliding like ala' MJ. haha.

congratulations to everyone :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

this is what 'i' would say

Sorry by Buckcherry

Oh I had a lot to say, was thinking on my time away
I missed you and things weren't the same
'Cause everything inside it never comes out right
And when I see you cry, it makes me want to die

I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue
I'm sorry about all things I said to you
And I know, I cant take it back.
I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds
And baby, the way you make my world go round
And I just wanted to say, I'm sorry

This time I think, I'm to blame
It's harder to get through the days
You get older and blame turns to shame
'Cause everything inside it never comes out right
And when I see you cry, it makes me want to die

I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue
I'm sorry about all things I said to you
And I know, I cant take it back
I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds
And baby, the way you make my world go round
And I just wanted to say, I'm sorry

Every single day, I think about how we came all this way
The sleepless nights and the tears you cried
It's never too late to make it right
Oh yeah

I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue
I'm sorry about all things I said to you
And I know, I cant take it back
I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds
And baby, the way you make my world go round
And I just wanted to say, I'm sorry

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the stupid flu

here i am again, sick. this time im at my mum's office. small room. everything is within reach. and i want my mummy now :( at least its better than yesterday. yesterdays cough was worst. im not coughing that much anymore, but the flu is coming back. ahh. hopefully it wont get worst. now, im studying physics in my mums room, freezing! im missing out so much in studies and im trying to catch up with some at home. hope that i'll get back on the right track when i start school again, i miss going to school. teachers with their garang faces. ahh. and i miss you :(

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

De Ja Vu

im at my dad's office now. he has this gigantic room and far way better than my mums room. includes refrigerator, television, computer, laptop, FOOD, and obviously paper, everywhere you go, ahhh. papers! haha. okay okay. now, the main thing. why am i at my dad's office? am i supposed to be in school. yes, i was in school. i felt sick during the 4th period, so yik loong took care of me and told me to go rest in the PBSM room. so yeah, he brought me to see puan tan for permission, but puan tan was like, oh no no no. u shouldn't be in school. u better call your parents and go home now. ahh! rugi je datang. i called my dad at 9.30am, my dad picked me up at 10.30am , and here i am at my dad's office. i cant explain how huge it is compared to my mum's office. im hungry now and i don't dare to go to the cafeteria cause im sure that i wont find my way back to my dad's room :S haha. since there's nothing to do here, i'll be blogging, alone (: oh well, my dad is having his meeting now, and the meeting will end at around 2.30pm? so, i'll start doing something fun like, i dont know? explore my dad's office? go kenal kenal the workers here? i dont think so. nnti sesat, habiss! (: ohh, theres a phone in my dad's room! haha. PRANK CALLS. haha. im so gonna be in big trouble if my dad finds out. no no no. i'll just sit here, quietly and become an angel for my daddy. he might buy me something nice ;D so people, pray to god that i'll get better soon, like ASAP kalau boleh. cant wait to be back to normal again. oh and, yik loong, thanks for being such a nice friend (:

oh hanis, thankyou for the comel cupcake. u bagi cake salah masa. kan dah kena marah :D


Monday, July 13, 2009

after SPM,






haha, after reading syasya's blog, i felt freaking excited about our planns, ahh! cant wait lah babe. like seriously, we'll go pinjam load or work our a*ses off smpai dapat beli studio :D i love number two too. its like we can lompat lompat and sing the 'lompat si katak lompat' song. haha. lompat ramai-ramai :D ahah, i better stop crapping. OMG! i rasa high gila. syasya, semua salah you :p can u imagine, me, syasya, and the rest of the festari gang working dalam our very own studio. awesome lah! then we'll be like organizing concerts and who knows, one day, our *students* will be performing for events yang besar-besar in malaysia. haha *berangan* Xp oh well, you'll never know, us festarians can do alot you know? kan sya? :D about the parents, i dont think they'll mind lah kot since its like an additional job je. we'll be working or studying or whatever we'll be doing nanti. its just like earning extra pocket money. we need more people to recognize the art of traditional. so, its like a 50% 50% thing. they get to learn traditional, we'll get to have some fun (: haha. so, syasya, im not letting you forget about ths and i'll make sure you wont forget! we'll see who has shorter memory XD ingat tau, this is OUR plan and no one can stop us. still, we have to think of a better name for our studio. haha. these were the names we came up traditari , tarilayu , festari tarian melayu , FTM. sounds funny kan? haha. anyhow, i had fun chatting with syasya, we should do that more often (: haha. i cant imagine if depan2 we bincang together. sure we'll be laughing our a*ses off. nothing will be done :p oh well, till then.....

oh my god!

the flu caught me

was not in school today :(
i so hate being sick

*wish you were here

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Concert 2009

Venue: Civic Centre Auditorium, Petaling Jaya.
Date: Saturday 11th July 2009
Time: 8.00pm - 10.00pm

organized by the Federal Academy of Ballet and it was for a charity cause.

my mum bought like 15 tickets and then had another 11 tickets empty. D: was dying thinking of who to invite. per ticket was like RM80 *according to my mum. but then, on the ticket it was printed out RM10. its either my mum booked early, or the person yang jual lied, or it was printed out wrongly, or maybe my mum just purposely wanted to pay RM80? haha. idk, so dont ask me :) anyhow, thankyou guys for like coming :D i love you guys lahh <3

Oh and, kat sana, i met fifi, then i saw kartika and saidah, and first ever time nampak dian face to face. haha. dian was like, 'hey, you're the one yang baru kenal and said i love you to me" haha :p

During the 15 minutes interval ;D

then, Celine Lee was famous lah kat sana. when she appeared on stage, hazim started screaming her name out loud followed by the sri amanians. he was like the only one screaming like no ones there. at that moment, me and fai were like "if the guard datang and ask who is he, i akan cakap i dont know him". haha.

err, lets see,
azhary, baby, lynn, rizal, comel, hazim, hanis, fai,ainah, fatin, azie. ahha.
thats everyone la kot? :)

the ladies *kening kening* haha

BFFL <3 ; azhary was busy body'ing.

Then we felt hungry, so my mum brought everyone to KFC before they all balik. azie, ainah, fatin and lynn followed me and my mum. and the guys, hanis went with azhary's bike, and rizal on his bike.

was seriously hungry! hungry till azie was like waving to this person in one of the cars lining up to take away kfc, mistaking them as one of my sri amanian friend. ahah, azie azie. LOL

fatin went back early, so here are the leftovers. *hanis missing
it was midnight when everyone habis makan. one word.

after eating, we said our bye byes. since ainahs brother wasnt there to pick her up yet, my mum told her to tag along then she'll send ainah back to kfc when her brother arrives. then my mum would be talking about better safe than sorry thing in the car. my mum sent azie back to her house near pantai dalam and then went back to kfc and waited for ainahs brother to reach.

so yeah, thats that, i reached home around 1am, and i dozed off.

oh oh btw, hazim and fai duduk next to me :) fai was next to me the whole time, hazim went to the toilet then hanis sat next to me. fai survived! congrats :D haahhaha

thank you for reading :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Open Day

today was open day. ahh. i failed 2 subjects, the two subject i hate the most, biology and history. haha. oh well, the teacher was like 'she's very good in class', 'listens to teachers', 'one of the top students', 4th in class! yeay. but, i still need to improve on my weaker subjects. from today onwards, i promise myself that i'll work harder and score for my next monthly test :D oh yeah baby! :p haha. my mum was like the 2nd parent yang masuk and ambil the results. lucky overall i was good. adab pun nothing below 8, kecuali from my Bahasa teacher. she gave me a 6. -.- i was good ok in class. nahh, maybe she hates me. oh well :D so, it was 8.30am, ate breakfast with my mum and went to her office. ahh! i was practically dying there. bosan gila. so i studied biology. 5 pages. -.- at least its better than nothing :)

got bored of studying biology :D

my nightmare

since the teacher said nothing bad about me, my mum bought me a pair of crocs :D haha.

thankyou mummy <3

mood : happy

Thursday, July 9, 2009


love is something that u cant just look for at any corner. love eventually finds you. thats why its called falling in love. you're not even forcing yourself to fall, yet, you just fall ;D

i love you because you make me happy

i love you because you make me feel safe

i love the way you smile

i love the way you sing

i love the way you say my name

i love the way you laugh at me when i do something stupid, when others would just put me down.

I love you is because. u are u!

*im not single okay

Dear, i love you so-so much, that whenever i hear your voice, i'll just feel like screaming your name out loud. but have you noticed what you've done to me?

i miss you <3

mix .rm

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Class Teacher

another day at school. same old same old. boring. haha :D now, 2nd period till like 4pm, i was in the art room, drawing non stop. i was singing the whole time and i think i annoyed some ppl. oh well, aliza kan, sapa tak kenal? haha XD it was fun la. skipping classes. drawing instead of learning add maths, physics, maths and etc. science classes are no fun. alot of facts which i hate so much. memorize memorize memorize till you get a headache. ugh! -.-

okay, so while i was away from class, our class teacher was like, bising2 about the petition our class did. i mean like, we have our rights to complain to the penolong kanan. we just find that he's cheating on us. ahh, carnival, he couldnt be bothered on what we were doing. the coupons? teachers were suppose to sell 20 to other ppl and the pengetua strictly said, 'no asking the students to sell for teachers'. and guess what? he told us that was our class coupons that we need to sell. so yeah, we dont mind selling, but we received only 18 coupons, so we gave him RM180 which he taught wasnt enough. he was accusing us lah weyh! RM20? its alot to some ppl. at least belaja la RM20 je pun. you're not married, you're not supporting anyone other than yourself. and you didnt contribute anything for our class. RM20 je laa. aduhh, we dont mind paying, but the way he says it is as if we are really bad ppl. as if we were the ones who stole it when you only gave us 18 booklets -.- . he got scolded by the penolong kanan, then he was like, 'i find myself not at fault', 'you guys tikam belakang me', 'you all are sinfull, i've never done any sin for my whole life' *yeah right*, 'you all are stupid'. stupid? yeah, okayy, you think you're so smart. we're sooo gonna be sucessfull. and we're not following your philosophy! teachers asked him 'why are'nt you married' he was like 'why should i feed another persons daughter?' okayy, dah la. go live in your big bungalow all alone.

mood: ugh! whats your problem?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

taman aman

It was a sunday morning,

haha, nazrain, muncul out of nowhere :D

after jogging for an hour macam tu, we went to bagsar to makan breakfast.dekat this Restoran Berjaya. it wasnt that bad.
their dishes has that asli kampung taste, yumm :)

next, explored the shops at bangsar. all their small outlets.
my mum spend like more that RM900 from people's
i was like OMG :O

then we had lunch at this indian mamak stall. overflow kot kedai tu.
very nice :D

then, we went back at around 3.30pm.

and now im bored and im hungry all over again. haha. masak maggi :P

i know this was lame, but oh well, thanks for reading :D