Saturday, February 14, 2009

14th February


see the dude in the picture? hot ait he :D
He is Jason Austin Yeoh and i love himm :)
andd andd andd
he's my valentine.

(dont forget about bali okayy) haha


haaha. hell yeah,having school on valentines!


i would like to thank every single person who gave me a valentine gift <3
trying to fatten me up with chocolates eyh? ;D
*with hugs and kisses*

lotssa love,
Aliza Sara <33

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mr Thong

13th February 2009

after performance :)fatinn, shahirahh, mr thong, mua and ainahclass 5C with Mr Thongmua, azie & ainah

goodbye, we'll miss you. you'll forever be our excellent english teacher :)

According to seanie: He wears specs,has a mustache,he sometimes wear drop pants and if you have bad manners infront of him he'll scold you . That's how he is =) .

seanie, i agree. haha. when he was teaching my class, he would call students 'jokers'. haha. its was fun when he taught us. he would push our english level to maximum. so, most students actually improved alot after he taught us including me :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



home and work

bosan nk mati :)

Friday, February 6, 2009


see the dude in the picture? yeah, that's nazrain. haha.

and nazrain, please please please jangan marah :D you do look cute in this pcture ;D
haha. OMG! Nazrain! seventeen already? wait for me lerr, at least. ahhh! tau la looking forward to driving license, and whatever you nak when you're officially seventeen. i freaking hate u and yet i don't. haha. *naz sahaja yang faham*. so yeahh, happy birthday old dude :D yeay! the penting thing is that im still cuter than you. haha :) and and and and and sorry for not getting you a gift yet. i cant find the perfect gift for you. nak beli Ferrari, not enough money, nk beli country for you pun i tak de duit. so, tak pe lahh. haha. at least you dapat _n_in from langkawi and singapore. naz, you fill in the blanks okay? haha.

sekian, terima kasih :)