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In a symbolic gesture leading up to the opening of Southeast Asia’s most anticipated theme park this year, Resorts World Genting just recently officially unveiled the logo of Genting SkyWorlds. The live virtual event was witnessed by specially invited guests and members of the media, who participated in the event via the Zoom video conferencing platform.

For your information, Genting SkyWorlds will be an exciting, immersive outdoor theme park at an elevation of six thousand feet above sea level. This is set to make Genting SkyWorlds one of the most unique theme parks in the region, if not globally!

Slated for opening in Q2 of 2021, you can expect Genting SkyWorlds to take visitors on a sky-high adventure through nine movie and adventure inspired ‘worlds’ – Eagle Mountain, Central Park, Liberty Lane, Robots Rivet Town, Andromeda Base, Ice Age, Studio Plaza, Epic and Rio. Each world will feature a host of exciting rides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. These attractions are specially curated and designed to send imaginations soaring through an immersive experience, as if taken straight out of a movie scene. This will be complemented by a unique array of themed retail, dining, and entertainment experiences, providing a truly holistic experience for the entire family.

Mr. Lee Thiam Kit, Head of Business Operations and Strategies, 

Resorts World Genting placing the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle mirroring Genting SkyWorlds’ map.

“Genting SkyWorlds is the result of many years of hard work by our dedicated team members and our partners from all over the world. We are almost ready. We are putting the finishing touches to this amazing theme park, which we believe to be Southeast Asia’s most anticipated theme park. We believe we will deliver the very best experience to our guests throughout this journey,” said Mr. Lee Thiam Kit, Head of Business Operations and Strategies, Resorts World Genting.

Eagle Mountain hosts the Mad Ramp Peak ride - world’s first dual-powered rollercoaster offering a unique high-speed motorcycle race.

A photo for the album - Genting SkyWorlds’ aerial view overlooking Eagle Mountain and the Mad Ramp Peak ride

A photo for the album - Genting SkyWorlds’ aerial view overlooking the Lake of Dreams.

The newly-revealed Genting SkyWorlds logo features an amalgamation of clouds, five stars, and the façade of Genting SkyWorlds. Like a jewel on a pillowy crown, the clouds in the logo are symbolic of the theme park’s surroundings and its ‘elevated’ offering to visitors. The five stars represent the premium experience offered by Genting SkyWorlds and the brand’s five core values of hard work, honesty, harmony, loyalty and compassion. Meanwhile, the colours and façade of Genting SkyWorlds in the logo are bright and inspiring, complementing the journey into a world of fantasy.

World-Class Collaboration

In addition to its own original and exciting Intellectual Properties (IPs), Genting SkyWorlds will also incorporate 20th Century Studios brands and IPs across its world-class rides and attractions, made possible through a strategic collaboration between Genting Malaysia and 20th Century Studios. These IPs include Ice Age, Night at the Museum and Planet of the Apes, among others.

For further information or any queries, please visit or call 03-6101 1118.

It’s a bubble tea frenzy with ShopeePay

Chatime, Gong Cha, Tiger Sugar and Bawangchaji are having a special cashback deal if you purchase any of their delicious drinks with mobile wallet ShopeePay.
Photo credit: Chatime

Receive RM4 cashback when you spend at least RM10 on your daily or weekly boba tea supply at any of the above outlets. And if you are a lover of all things Bubble Tea, ShopeePay is also accepted at many other franchises for similar bubblelicious cashbacks, enough to host your very own mixed boba fest.

Photo credit: Shopee

Just spend RM15 to get RM3 cashback at any Black Whale, The Alley, Chawanjia, Chatto, Chizu, Daboba, I’Milky and many more outlets.  Check out a treasure trove of cashbacks and ShopeePay merchants at

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Is Kitsui really Dangerous? | Review Kitsui Korean White Plus Tomato & Kitsui Belloss Fibre

Being a fitness-oriented person myself, Kitsui has not been a stranger to me since I started recognizing the brand back in 2015. Being a consumer myself, I would have to question if Kitsui Dangerous for my health? Considering that Kitsui is a local brand that has been established in the local market for over 20 years, I would believe that they have done their research to ensure that the products that they offer have passed a safety and laboratory test. On top of that, did you know that they even got a halal certificate from GMP before expanding their brand to be available in leading stores such as Watsons & Guardian Pharmacy? 

Being a consumer who is familiar with the contents, Kitsui products contains high-quality ingredients and are rich in vitamins & minerals that are suitable for both men and women. Most people who are not familiar with Kitsui, let me clarify to you that they are not medicines, but are health supplements to improve an individual's health being. It works to provide nutrition with main ingredients that consist of fruits and vegetables. YUMS! So, leaving you rest assured before im jump into writing a review on Kitsui, all Kitsuit products are free of preservatives, gluten, GMOs, allergens, antibiotics, and any prohibited substance that can interfere with hormones and body health overall.

Kitsuit Korean Whitie + Plus Tomato

I would have to emphasize that Whitie + Plus Tomato has been a very popular natural sourced supplement that provides whitening effects that don't harm the body. So this being my first time trying from Kitsui, I would have to say that im excited! The Kitsui Korean Whitie + Plus Tomato is a supplement that is enriched with Vitamin A, C, and Iron that improves dull and oily skin to appear fresher and cleaner. The secret ingredient that does wonders to the skin would be a as simple as a tomato, which has been known to be the kind of antioxidants and has been well researched over to be labeled as a Superfood by Times Magazine. It also contains Camu-camu which is also rich in anti-oxide and has been able to increase collagen, as a result of giving the skin a radiant glow in just 7 days! 

It comes in a box and despite having Tomato as their main ingredient, to make it more consumable, it actually offers a peach flavor! Each Box contains 15 sachets, which I would say is sufficient to last for 2 weeks. The idea of consuming it would be to start consuming it for at least a month, followed by a maintenance of alternate days after completing one month. Trust me, you'll see the difference! To consume, all you need to do it add 1 sachet to 150ml of lukewarm water, shake and drink immediately. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day as the supplement works well with water! 

Other than being super easy to prepare, it is advisable to take the supplement before having breakfast or before bedtime, but a personal preference, I like to take it before I start my day. Other than noticing that my skin looks better, it's also a really good supplement to add to your routine as it offers your body the nutrients that it needs. In case youre wondering about the taste of it, I would have to say that it does taste like peach with a hint of some botanicals, but still very much consumable because it just tastes like a sweet fruity drink. The Korean Whitie + Plus Tomato is free of preservatives, gluten, GMO, allergens, antibiotics, and substances that can interfere with hormones.

Kitsui Bellos Fiber

Another favorite of mine would be the Kitsui Bellos Fiber. Since I do ocassionally feel bloated, this product helps me a lot in maintaining my body fitness and easing discomfort from my tummy. On top of that, it also improves the digestive system by easing the bowel movements which usually is the cause of digestive problems. The contents of this consist of apple, kiwi, orange, avocado, tomato, lemon, pineapple, and sena, which makes the perfect combination of a tropical sensation cup of water. With the Bellos fiber, I realized that my body feels so much lighter and doesn't get me started on the weight that I manage to lose throughout my month of consuming this since it helps to detox my body as well. 

Bellos Fiber is not only effective, but it does not contain preservatives, pigments, added sugars and contains substances that can disrupt the hormonal system. With the main ingredients being Acacia Gum, it contains prebiotic fiber that maintains the intestinal system as well as launching the digestive system. The apple extract contains Catechin, which helps increase rates of body metabolism. Senna contains Sennosides which help stimulate movement intestines and with the combination of Apples, Kiwis, Orange, Avocado, Tomato, Lemon, Pineapple, these are superfruit ingredients which that has high fiber content and is rich in various vitamins that maintain hydration levels in the body.

Effortlessly its so easy to prepare it as all you need to do it take it before dinner or at bedtime, in which i will warn you that you might wake up feeling like you need to do a number two the next morning. I love starting my day with an empty bowel, and trust me when i say that you'll feel amazing starting your day with nothing like bowel discomfort to stop you. Each Box contains 15 sachets, which i would say is sufficient to last for 2 weeks, but personally, i take this about 3 times in a week just to maintain my digestive problems at ease. 


To conclude to my post and being a consumer myself, i can reassure you that Kitsui is not at all dangerous considering that they have done safety test and laboratory researches to ensure that their product is safe for consumption. I guess there is a misunderstanding when it comes to how your body reacts to the product, but i hope with this review i've written, it would help you understand on the purpose of the product and on how your body reacts to it accordingly. Do check them out for more products, but if youre just starting to explore supplements, i would highly recommend you to consider this as it fits my lifestyle perfectly. 


Kitsui Malaysia

Website | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

Shop Now: Kitsui on Shopee 

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Tetangga Kita Launches “Makasih Ya” Campaign | Martabak Manis & Martabak Telor

Featuring the 'Makasih Ya' packaging by Tetangga Kita

Since covid-19 has been taking the economy down like a dark cloud, im here to share with you on what makes me happy! When covid is stressing everyone out, I always opt for desserts to be one of the best medicine. The thing is, with technology being so innovative and possibly making everything possible, you can now get your orders delivered to your house almost instantly without stepping out of the house. In my case, I was craving for a taste of Indonesia, and I didn't even need to hop onto a plane to get a bite of Indonesia's popular snack, the martabak manis and martabak telor. 

Martabak Telor Sapi

Martabak Tipis Red Velvet Oreo

If this is your first time hearing about Indonesian's street food by Tetangga Kita, they're mainly well known for their martabak-focused eatery that uses authentic ingredients and recipes imported all the way from Indonesia. With two options to choose from, the Martabak Manis and Martabak Telor, it will definitely give you an option to enjoy the thicker classic version that is rich in flavor or a perfectly rationed thin version to savor crisp and crunch. To show appreciation towards the frontliners, Tetangga Kita has partnered with Hope Branch, an NGO founded by Harith Iskander and Dr. Jezamine, in which a part of the proceeding would be donated to the NGO. So consider this as a two-in-one benefit when you purchase anything from Tetangga Kita that features its new packaging, showing appreciation towards the frontliners of today.

Enjoying it with the family and the little one is too busy to pose for the camera

To feature some specialties on Tetangga Kita’s menu, they include the Jagung Keju (Tebal), Lotus Biscoff (Tebal), and Sapi, which is the crispy egg martabak with beef tenderloin, onions, and leek. As appealing as it sounds, cold beverages such as the bottled Cold Brew Latte, made from single-origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans cold-brewed with milk and a hint of gula Melaka, is another offering perfectly paired with the choice of martabaks available. Tetangga Kita has two outlets, one is located in Hartamas Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, and another outlet in Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya.

The contents of the Tipis Martabak Red Velvet Oreo

The thick flavourful Martabak Telor Sapi

I had my order delivered to me in which I've ordered the Red Velvet Orea (Tipis) and the Martabak Telor Sapi which was a great combination as a quick brunch. If you ask me, the martabak telor sapi was very filling and it's big enough to be shared for two people, while the Red Velvet Oreo (Tipis) is my favorite since it's crispy and savory. LOVE IT! It tasted really authentic like the one I tried in Indonesia, so if youre looking to donate and enjoy flavors of Indonesia, consider Tetangga Kita cause I can guarantee that you won't regret it! 

The little one being curious about whats this delicious treat it

I love it and i approve that it taste really good!

Tetangga Kita, a brand that chooses to give back to the community, recognizes the impact COVID-19 has brought to the livelihood of many communities. Tetangga Kita aims to be of help in areas that are needed, to support the frontliners. With the launch of the new packaging, Tetangga Kita jumps on the bandwagon to cherish the frontliners, hospitals, police, and armed forces.

Partnership with The Hope Branch

Tetangga Kita will be donating to The Hope Branch, an NGO officially launched to assist vulnerable families, single parents, Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU), marginalized community and B40 to sustain during this pandemic. To date, The Hope Branch has contributed 25,000 meals and has distributed grocery hampers benefitting 200,000 families. The Hope Branch is also working together with KitaJagaKita, a "one-stop-shop" for Malaysian civil society COVID-19 efforts, to execute speedy aid delivery and to stay connected with medical frontliners.

This entire campaign is set to run for three months, starting from December to February 2021. Throughout the campaign, customers of Tetangga Kita will be receiving the new packaging of “To all our front liners, Makasih Ya”. At the end of the campaign, Tetangga Kita will contribute part of the three-month-long proceeds to The Hope Branch.

During this CMCO, both Tetangga Kita outlets will only be opened for takeaway and deliveries. Customers can place their order at Tetangga Kita’s official website or via their affiliated food delivery applications such as Grab Food , Food Panda, and Oddle .

Order now: 

(Also available on Grabfood & FoodPanda)

Startup Insights to acknowledge challenges | by Ed Mun

Living in the 20th Century, I believe its all about startups coming up with new innovative strategies to offer things to society a broader options of choices when it comes to products and services. Being involved in the startup scene, Ed Mun, founder of Space Utilization Analyst, who has over 30 years of operating design firm has decided to step into the game by assisting the interior design industry by sharing his experience, knowledge and know-how to budding startups. Thus, through his channel Insight Interior with Ed Mun (IIEM), he openly shares his design thinking application, processes and the realities of interior design industry in hope to improve the survival rate of interior design startups into bigger 

Ed Mun, Founder of Space Utilization Analyst

“IIEM is all about bridging the gap between professional industry players with the consumers and budding interior designers. I believe there are many aspects of the real world that are not taught to budding interior designers in universities, that is why many set up and fail quickly,” shares Ed Mun.”

Covid-19 taking the economy and changing the lifestyle of society by storm throughout 2020, Ed Mun found a break through solution in an opportunity to become Smart Selangor Delivery Unit’s (SSDU) office interior design consultant. The requirement for SSDU is to design and create a communal office that focuses on collaboration, open concept, free movement, encourage creativity, and even play! With a working space that creates an ambiance of a combination of work and play, this would focus on breaking the silos amongst agencies and entities within the government. 


With Ed Mun being specialised in this field, accompanied by his years of experience, he has taken this opportunity to apply his trade specialty in assessing the space and pushing his design boundaries by incorporating scientific measurement, psychology of space and zen theory to develop the ideal space that his client needs. With a precedence study of Apple Park and Google Workspace in mind, Ed Mun has incorporated the elements into creating this “wacky office” for SSDU.


The idea behind this concept would be to create an effective, flexible and tech savvy co-working space for people to be more creative as they sit down together to discuss in an open breathable environment. With Ed Mun leading the conceptual project, SSDU’s centre of Excellence (COE) will be transformed into a co-working space that will spearhead their objective to create a smart state by 2025. 


“Youths are the future leaders, they play an important part in building the nation and shaping the country. Given the right skills, I believe in them and the change they can bring. It is only through passing on wisdom and experiences openly, will the young designers learn to practice good business ethics, finances for the long haul in this industry.” – Ed Mun, Founder & Design Director of Space Utilisation Analyst (S.U.A) 

Insight Interior with Ed Mun

Facebook | Space Utilization Analyst | SSDU


Photo credits:

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Neutrogena Bright Boost Now in Malaysia | Honest Review

Got my Neutrogena Bright Boost in as a gift, and i cant wait to try this out!

Honestly, i think being indoors nowadays really gives me time to reflect on self-care, and with that in mind, i would have to have to say that i was so happy to find that Neutrogena's latest range, the Bright Boost is now available in Malaysia. In terms of brightening, i would say that what makes this range different would be that they offer your skin an opportunity to glow from within. From my findings, did you know that as we age, our skin surface turnover slows down, which means that to get new skin that gives us that luminous radiance would take longer than usual to achieve when not given proper care and attention to. Yikes! 

Instant boost by 10x!

The complete Neutrogena Bright Boost Range

Jumping into the bandwagon of Neutrogena's Bright Boost, the range has been formulated to provide the skin with daily radiance. The best part? Its made for all skin types! YAY! The secret behind their formulation would be their star ingredient, Neoglucosamine, which claims to boost skin surface up to 10x for brighter, radiant skin. Sounds too good to be true, I had to give myself a go at it to find out for myself. The range consist of 3 products, the Neutrogena Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish, the Neutrogena Bright Boost Illuminating Serum, and the Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream.

Neutrogena Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish

The Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish

Starting off with the Neutrogena Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish, i guess we can conclude this to be a multi purpose cleanser where it not only cleanses but, also gently scrubs the skin. Formulated with Glycolic and Mandelic AHAs, it claims to gently polish and exfoliates the skin which in result removes dullness while cleansing away dirt, impurities and bacteria from the skin.

Has a very gentle exfoliating feel (like, very gentle)

Just a little close up on the micro beads that you can barely see

I would say that i was a little concerned about the cleanser cause i have to be honest that im not a fan of scrubs, but when i tested  out the texture, when they mentioned it to bea micro polish, they werent kidding. It's really micro, and i must say that its different than the usual scrubs that i've tested. When cleansing my face, it was very gentle in exfoliating, and what amazed me was that it didnt leave my skin feeling dry after washing it off, but instead, my skin felt very supple, clean and soft. Since it exfoliates, i would have to say its not advisable to use this daily. I would recommend to use this once or twice in a week on your skin according to your skin's needs.

Neutrogena Bright Boost Illuminating Serum

The Bright Boost Illuminating Serum

Next would be the Neutrogena Bright Boost Illuminating Serum! Im a huge fan of serums, so i take my serum's pretty seriously. This serum has been formulated with the highest concentration of Neoglucosamine, making this my star product of getting the best out of the range, and its enriched with calming tumeric extract. (And dont forget the good benefits in brightening when it comes to tumeric). The serum claims to even out skin tones and reduces the appearance of dark spots & hyperpigmentation. Since my all time concern has always been dark spots, i was immediately hooked on wanting to give this a go. 

Liquid + creamy like texture

A little thick, but as you glide it over skin, i noticed that it gets absorbed pretty well

It comes in a 30ml bottle and i would have to say that the feel of this serum really has a luxury feel to it considering that it comes in a glass bottle. In terms of texture, i got to highlight that the texture is very lightweight and it was very well absorbed by the skin. I would recommend to apply this twice daily (day & night), and what i like to do is to directly drop the serum over my face (the 5 points), and gently rub it in with my fingers. 

Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream

TheBright Boost Gel Cream

And to close up the routine, we have the Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream. I dont know about you guys, but gel-typed creams are literally my all-time fave! Having oily combination skin, usually, creams can be too thick for my skin, so gel creams has always been my go-to option. The Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream contains Neoglucosamine, AHA, PHA and Mandelic Acid to boost skin surface turnover by 10x. 

Comes with a spatula to prevent contamination

I really love the light weight texture of this gel cream! Cooling too as you apply it on the skin 

It comes in a jar case, so i would really advise you to get a spatula to scoop the gel cream out each time you apply to keep the contents clean and fresh till you finish it up. Since its in gel cream, it has been expected that the texture feels amazing on the skin. Its lightweight, well absorbed by the skin and it leaves this naturally cool feeling of freshness. I would apply this twice daily (day & night) and after about almost a month of using this, i would honestly say that i do notice an improvement in skin tone, texture and even when it comes to fine lines if i must say so. Secret tip, i would wear a thicker layer at night for that EXTRA boost of hydration at least once a week. Trust me, it really does wonders. 


Would i repurchase? No doubt i would! 

To conclude my honest review, i would have to say that Neutrogena's Bright Boost range definitely offers an innovative option to achieve brighter skin. Typical brightening skincare ranges are usually too drying for the skin, but what makes this range different would be that it provides all the necessities that your skin needs, from exfoliating to calming and not to forget hydration. I use my regular basic cleanser daily in a week, followed by the exfoliating at least once a week, and really, I have not experienced any bad reactions which makes me feel confident to say that the range is highly recommended for those who have oily combination skin like me. Although it does claim to be suitable for all skin types, i can only share my experience based on my skin type. 

You can get them from Watsons Malaysia!

Its exclusively available in Watsons, and in terms of pricing, i would have to say that its a little high where, the Resurfacing Micro Polish is priced at RM49.50, while the Illuminating Serum is priced at RM84.60 and the Gel Cream is priced at RM85.50, but for the quality of ingredients that offers results, i would say its definitely worth skipping one session of deep facial at a beauty center. Overall, i do see a difference in radiance and after using this range, i pretty much wear less makeup cause i feel very confident with my skin now. Well, feel free to ask me any questions if you have in the comment below and i'll take extra effort in getting back to you soon! I hope you found this post informative and if you have tried the range yourself prior to reading this post, do holla at your girl on what you love about it! 

Sara, xx