Sunday, January 24, 2010


gosh, when was the last time i updated my blog? sorry peeps, been very busy. so, im in Taylors College, its been two weeks now, and im currently enjoying myself. meeting new people, new types of people, and knowing being energetic is a good thing for once. haha. so far, im loving creative thinking classes, you dont really need to think about facts, but its more focused on based what you think of art and being creative (: others, 10 weeks of malaysian studies and islamic studies. way unlike school, but yeah. its ok. i wont die in class. hehe. here are some pictures to keep yourself updated about me

within the first week:

from left, atris and zoey

from left, carrine, wen yee, adele and mua (:
they're AWESOME!

group photo

second week:
assignment, skecth something that reflects your personality

the gang :)

playing 'the ugly truth'

at the lake side orientation last wednesday

more to come, i need to finish up my assignments, so i'll update more when i have time (;

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunwayy Pyramid

was with aisha, rizal, azhary, & faiz. arcades, ice skating. hazim appeared out of no where. and yeah. the most spontaneous outing ever! literally, chasing each other. cool! hahaha (:

loveyouguysla <3

Friday, January 8, 2010

looking for a lil' fun

another day, another story. today, as in now, im currently at my mom's office. doing, well, basically NOTHING. college in another 2 days. freaking out & stressing myself out for no reason. *HUGE sigh* narain's in penang, faiz's in klang. they have no idea how jealous i am. like yeah. im having a hell of a time, here, being LIFELESS. wanted to work but both my parents thinks its dangerous. so no working. driving licence? they were like ''we'll consider when you reach the age of 'maturity.' '' well, okay, i'll go with that :/ i feel like a baby. being all spoon fed. example, college, my dad planned EVERYTHING. he was doing all the thinking FOR me. see, im so lucky to have someone doing all the things for me -____-" its not that i dont appreciate them doing all the things for me, but, at least make an effort to let me 'try' doing things on my own. how am i suppose to grow up without any experience? they never really let me follow my own way. so what if i screw up? at least im lerning from my mistakes. even if they do ask what i wanna do, i'll end up going their way of things. i keep telling myself 'they love me TOO much till they're not willing to let go.' so okay, now i have a reason to be a goody two shoes. i guess i have to accept how things are JUST to prove to them that im really growing up. so, all the best to me.

over & out. *beep*

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

My New Year Resolution

haha hmm. lets see?

One. survive college,
Two. improve on my cooking skills,
Three.hang out with friends more,
Four. driving licence,
Five. first date with someone special,
Six. contact my Primary school friends again,
Seven. organize a reunion,
Eight. transform myself into a proper young lady,
Nine. continue dancing, including ballet,
Ten. getting a six pack :O

wish me luckk (;

Sunday, January 3, 2010

what else do you want from me?





다만 저를 내버려두십시오!

please, just leave )':

its 2010

my first post in 2010. hey man, i hope youre happy. i give up. i had enough of you and your immature behavior. you think feelings are just feelings? huh, they're important to me okay? i am too a person with a heart and soul. so what if im a b**** to you? i dont care anymore. theres absolutely no reason for you to love someone like me. never, will i ever talk to you, meanie. the only person who's EVER made me feel this way. ): i would cry, but i wont. go ahead and test how i would react? thats not gonna get you anywhere. its just another game to you. please dont bug me anymore, would appreciate that a lot.


Friday, January 1, 2010


people dont say two thousand and nine anymore, its twenty ten baby. my new years eve was simple. instead of wasting my time at sunway, one utama, or the curve, i spent new years with the people i love. i dont need to go anywhere really. everythings already here, people who care for me, here. a room away. never really appreciated them that much, but, when the fireworks came out, just watching that with them was one of the moments i cherish the most. so people,

happy new year!

with love, alizasara (: