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[REVIEW] Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Nursing Bra | Breastfeeding Journey

Reviewing the Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Nursing Bra

Being a breastfeeding mom for almost a year now, I finally realize why some people find it hard to breastfeed. It takes up so much of your time, energy and it drains you in unimaginable ways. According to experts, it's recommended to breastfeed for a minimum of 2 years to ensure that the baby gets the right amount of nutrients until their own antibodies are strong enough. Since I managed to survive throughout a year, let me share with you some tips on how to make your breastfeeding journey more pleasant. 

Official Mamaway Nursing Bra

Loving the fact that its also designed to be Antibacterial

Honestly, you nay have figure what I'll be sharing with you about today in this post since the title of the post was already a total giveaway. Haha. But yes, I believe that one of the biggest factors in ensuring that you successfully survive your breastfeeding journey would be to invest in a good nursing bra. Are nursing bra's necessary? I would say YES, especially when you're a breastfeeding mom! I've been using the Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Nursing Bra for about a month now and im regretting that I didn't get it sooner. Here are some reasons why I think this nursing bra is a must-have:


Really soft and comfortable material

I think most breastfeeding moms would relate to this when they are breastfeeding. I would have to say that leaks can be the most annoying thing in the world cause nobody likes to see nor smell like milk when they're out and active. But also, these leaks are one of the most beautiful ways to show that the mother is thinking about the baby, and it works as a great reminder that the baby needs to feed. With the Mamaway nursing bra, instead of having soft removable pads to prevent these leaks, the pads are sewn in the bra which makes it a perfect fit without you needing to worry that the pads would be out of place. That's one worry out of the list if youre an active mom like me. 


Breathable and expandable according to body changes

I believe that material plays a huge role in providing comfort. So my first impression when I got a hold onto this nursing bra was that its extremely lightweight, soft, and breathable. By breathable, I mean when you get a hold of this nursing bra, you will notice that there are perforated bra cups to help circulate air while keeping you feeling cool. The material is also stretchable making it really comfortable for times when we feel 'engorged' too. Since it's made out of cooling mesh, I would like to emphasize that it absorbs and dries out sweat pretty efficiently too. Gotta love the cool dry comfort when youre carrying a 10kg baby around the house when they are in demand to be carried. 


Easy clip on to for quick feedings

Its also called Nursing Bra's for a reason. Since we need to feed pretty constant, having a bra that can unclip easily pretty much helps with a smooth transaction to feeding. This is a crucial factor to breastfeeding as I find that the easier it is to feed, the fewer complaints a mother would have when we need to breastfeed. With the right nursing bra, I find that breastfeeding can be more enjoyable rather than a burden. 

Usually, nursing bra's are mostly unflattering, but after using multiples types, I noticed that there is a difference when it comes to quality nursing bra's. Other than accommodating the different sizes of the breast during pregnancy and after delivery, good nursing bra's would also consider lift and gather, especially at the sides of the bust. Not many nursing bra's that I know offers this feature, and I must say that it does shape the bust-line nicely.


And I think this feature just sums it all as if youre directly feeding your baby, using antibacterial material is necessary to prevent the baby from being exposed from unwanted bacteria. After all, a happy baby equals a happy mommy. Its suitable for both direct feeding and for pumping moms as bacteria would be one worry out of the list when ensuring that baby gets enough nutrients from breastfeeding. With permanent antimicrobial properties, the material also helps to maintain a natural balance on the skin. 


As a verdict, I would have to say that the Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Nursing Bra is a great addition to your undergarment collection, while also giving mom's a smooth breastfeeding journey. It usually retails at RM280, but if you head on over to Mamaway's online retail platform, you may notice that this is currently going on sale for only RM179.90! That's RM100 worth of savings! The price may be a little high, but if youre talking about quality, I would say that this is long-lasting and again, I would emphasize that comfort is everything and guaranteed with this bra. Size ranges from S to XXL, and they come in either Purple, Navy, or Orange. Since im a girly girl at heart, I went for the lovely pinkish purple color. Well, I guess, all in all, I would conclude that this bra is a must-have to follow you through your pregnancy to breastfeeding journey. Hope you found this post worthwhile, and do check out their social sites to see other products they have to offer in the links below. 

You can purchase this through this link for your convenience: 


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REALME 7 SERIES HAS OFFICIALLY LANDED IN MALAYSIA giving users a Dare to Leap lifestyle and experience

PETALING JAYA, 24th September 2020 - 
realme Malaysia today has launched two of its latest smartphones in their Number Series, realme 7 Pro and realme 7. realme’s Number Series is well-known for its charging technology, camera features as well as trendy design. Malaysians can now capture sharper and charge faster with the functions equipped in the new realme 7 Series. 


“Here at realme Malaysia, we believe in continuously improving and innovating products to take users' experience to the next level. We’ve decided to ramp up the specs with a stronger camera and boost its performance for realme 7 Series users to experience the leap forward technology. We would also like to thank Malaysians for being patient while waiting for the arrival of realme 7 Series to the market,” said Tiffany Teh, Brand Manager of realme Malaysia.


realme 7 Pro


The device comes with a huge upgrade of 65W SuperDartCharge for an unparalleled charging experience. It can power up to 100% within 34 mins for its 4500mAh massive battery while keeping the phone cool below 40 degree celsius of charging temperature. Even while heavy gaming, the 65W SuperDart Charge can charge up to 43% in just 30 minutes. 



Both realme 7 Pro and realme 7 feature the 2nd generation of 64MP quad-camera system with a new Sony IMX682 sensor to enhance users’ satisfaction in capturing sharper images. The realme 7 Pro focuses on its Ultra Nightscape Video as well as Pro Nightscape mode that enables users to freely adjust the shutter, ISO, white balance, and other parameters. On the front of realme 7 Pro, there is a 32MP high-resolution selfie camera which is the highest pixel for the front camera right now. 


Apart from that, both realme 7 Pro and realme 7 are equipped with mind-blowing features such as Starry Mode, Ultra-Nightscape Video, Night Filters, AI Colour Portrait Video, UIS on primary camera and UIS Max on wide angle lens. Users who are interested in night photography could explore more possibilities in their night filters for better clarity and artistic inspiration. 


Display & Performance

realme 7 Pro is built with a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED Display and 98% NTSC colour gamut for a better immersive visual experience, better image quality and brighter colours. On the back, the unique aesthetic of AG Split Design presents the asymmetry perfectly in a visually harmonious and balanced way. realme 7 Pro is available in two beautiful colours of Mirror Silver and Mirror Blue that are inspired by the mirror space.


In terms of processors, the realme 7 Pro is driven by the powerful Snapdragon 720G. It applies an advanced 8nm production processor that clocks up to 2.3GHz high-frequency Kryo 465 CPU which 

comes with a powerful Adreno 618 GPU. This enables the device to stand out in performance and efficiency by delivering a seamless gaming experience with high image quality. 


Audio & Fingerprint

realme collaborated with Dolby Atmos and adopted a dual-speakers Dolby Atmos Sound Effect as well as Hi-Res Sound Quality for users to immerse in awesome listening experiences on realme 7 Pro. realme 7 Pro is also equipped with Goodix's new generation of light sensor in-display fingerprint modules that greatly improve the monitoring and identification speed, accuracy as well as safety performance.


Both realme 7 Pro and realme 7 features three card slots, a dual SIM slot, and a dedicated SD card slot which is expandable up to 256GB,  hence users will never have to worry about running out of space while storing images, videos or files.


realme 7

Battery & Performance

realme 7 is equipped with a 5000 mAh large battery capacity and the latest 30W Dart Charge. In terms of charging speed, it can be charged to 50% in just 26 minutes, and fully-charged in 65 minutes. 


As for the realme 7, it comes with MediaTek Helio G95 Gaming Processor for Malaysian users to indulge in a smooth experience in both performance and gaming. It is also equipped with cutting-edge superb carbon fiber cooling systems that can cool up to 8.6% while keeping the phone's performance up to speed.


Camera & Display

realme 7 is also built with the 2nd generation 64MP quad-camera system with a new Sony IMX682 sensor where it enhances users’ satisfaction in capturing sharper images. realme 7’s 16MP Ultra-clear front camera satisfies users in taking selfies that show natural and delicate skin.


The device is equipped with a 6.5 inch 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display to provide the smoothest experience in the segment and sampling rate of the display is 120Hz. The back cover of realme 7 Series also features AG Split Design processing with classic CD textures makes the phone look more premium. There are two surreal colours available for realme 7, which are the Mist White and Mist Blue. 

Product Availability



Sales Information






realme 7 Pro


RM 1,499





Mirror Silver 

and Mirror Blue


First Online Sale on realme’s official store at Shopee

29th September 2020
Free Gift: realme Watch


First Offline Sale at all authoriseddealers 

3rd October 2020


Pre-order at realme stores and all authorised dealers

24th September - 2nd October 2020
Free realme Buds Q White Edition (specially designed by Jose Levy)



realme 7


RM 1,299




Mist White 

and Mist Blue

First Offline Sale at all authoriseddealers 

26th September 2020


Pre-order at realme stores and all authorised dealers

24th - 25th September 2020
Free Neck Massager


TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Reliability Verification

realme 7 Pro and realme 7 are among the top smartphones that passed TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Reliability Verification with its new reliability standard making realme smartphones not only better to use, but also more durable for fans to enjoy the pleasure brought by the leap-forward technology and trendsetting design.


To find out more about realme’s events and promotions, do follow our Facebook page as well as Instagram at @realmemalaysia


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Mamonde's Flower Energy Experience | Virtual Reality

With everyone trying to stay safe by staying indoors, we have now moved into the world of technology for safety reasons and a change of lifestyle. Being a blogger who is always out and about, I would have to say that I miss the experience of attending events. Mamonde being hand in hand to keep everyone safe, they have launched a Global Brand Campaign themed Blossoming LIfe: Experience the Flower Energy happening from the 8th of September to 31st of October 2020. That's a good 2 months of worthy time to explore the virtual world while staying indoors. 

With this campaign, Mamonde aims to give Mamonde users a unique virtual experience to customers to keep everyone safe amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. We've all heard about the modern world of virtual reality, and now, here's your chance to have your very own virtual AR experience which will take you to a Mamonde floral journey to discover the efficacies of flowers used in their products, the benefits, secret skincare tips, and tricks, as well as finding the right skincare just for you. Talk about a combination of technology with added knowledge on the sides, this would be the perfect way to gain a thing or two about understanding flowers and skincare. Psst, at the end of the journey, you will be given an option to collect samples or purchase products from Watson's online store! 


You might be wondering what would be so interesting about this virtual AR experience? Well, let me tell you that there's an Instagram filter that displays each products positive effects on the skin to provide customers with an understanding of the products. Consider it like an easy way to educate yourself about choosing the right skincare for your skin. To be a part of this journey, all you need to do is to access through your phone through this link right here:

Experiencing this virtual platform, I would have to say that this journey is one of a kind. Not only that its informative, but its also a fun way to explore the modern possibilities of technology. With this being Mamonde's first virtual brand campaign, Mamonde is offering online and offline promotions that you wouldn't want to miss. For the first time Mamonde users, you can keep an eye on Mamonde bestsellers such as the Mamonde Rosewater Toner, Red Energy Recovery Serum, and the latest Mamonde Blue Chamomile Soothing Repair Cream.

Mamonde In-store Promotions

To celebrate Mamonde's Global Virtual Campaign, customers will receive attractive gifts with purchase when they purchase Mamonde products from Watsons Midvalley Megamall, One Utama Shopping Centre, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, IOI City Mall, Aeon Kinta City Ipoh, Gurney Plaza Penang, and Mid Valley Southkey Johor Bahru.

Among them include: -

o 6-sachet trial kit containing 3 sachets of Red Energy Recovery Serum and 3 sachets of Blue Chamomile Soothing Repair Cream with minimum spending of RM50 of Mamonde products.

o Rosewater Toner (25ml), Red Energy Recovery Serum (9ml), Blue Chamomile Soothing Repair Cream (5ml), a Mamonde Blossoming Life Hand-held Mirror on top of a 6-sachet trial kit with minimum spending of RM80 of Mamonde products.

o Micro Deep Cleansing Foam (50ml), Chamomile Pure Toner (25ml), Vital Vitamin Essence (10ml), Vital Vitamin Cream (15ml), and a set of Mamonde Blossoming Life Travel Organizer with minimum spending of RM250 of Mamonde products. In addition, customers will also receive freebies from the RM80 minimum spending category.

Apart from the gifts mentioned above, Watson's members will receive an additional 5% discount when they purchase the Mamonde Best-seller Pack containing the Rosewater Toner, Red Energy Recovery Serum, and Blue Chamomile Soothing Repair Cream.

Mamonde Super Brand Day (4-Day Online Promotions):

If you're a sucker for deals, be sure to not miss out on Mamonde Super Brand Day! Its a 4-day exclusive Watsons online promotion, offering you up to 39% discount and vouchers when you shop for Mamonde products from 25th to 28th September. On top of the amazing discount, you will also enjoy gifts with purchases worth RM147 with minimum spending of RM250. For more information about Mamonde’s Global Brand Campaign, kindly visit Mamonde’s online platforms:

Mamonde Malaysia

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[PARENTING REVIEW] Mamamia Diapers| Soft Magic Tape & Active Dry Pants

Reviewing Mamamia Diapers

Hi everyone! Being a mom, i think there are tons of challenges when it comes to having a good balance of saving money and getting necessities for the baby. Honestly, I think there are 2 things that takes up a lot of money on caring for a baby, one formula milk, two, diapers. Diapers are recommended to be changed every 4 hours to ensure that the baby does not experience rashes, and also to prevent the baby from feeling discomfort or from getting infections. Being very careful to ensure that my baby does not experience any of these uncomfortable situations, im very strict in diaper changing. But the down side of diaper changing is the price of a diaper. Because of this, i found Mamamia diapers being in the affordable category on diapers, so i decided to give their trial packs a go. 

Before i elaborate further on my thoughts on Mamaia Diapers, let me provide you with a little introduction on the brand. Mamamia Diapers are 100% made and from Indonesia that offers Diapers that are certified to be halal. So, to mom's out there, if youre unsure how halal relates to diapers, its actually the process of hygiene when preparing these diapers that follows a certain protocol to ensure that its prepared in accordance to the halal criteria. With that in mind, this also means that hygiene has been taken as a serious matter in manufacturing these diapers. Mamaia currently offers two types of diapers, namely the Mamamia Soft-Magic Tape and the Mamamia Active Dry Pants.

Mamamia Soft-Magic Tape

Mamamia Soft Magic Tape

Very soft and natural with no colouring

Starting off with the Mamamia Soft-Magic Tape, this diaper is in a form of the standard typical diapers that come with side tapes, but instead of the old school kinds, these offer soft magic tape. These soft magic tapes actually offer a softer feel, so that when the baby is wearing the diapers, they won't feel the solid hard tapes but instead can move freely without worry. This type of diaper can be introduced ranging from newborns to toddlers above 13kg making it the most versatile option if you're a mom who loves tape typed diapers.

Faster Absorbing & Chlorine Free + Breathable Layer

Its cute that they had instructions too for first time parents

Easy opening fro diaper access

On the packaging, it also emphasizes that its designed to be faster absorbing and chlorine-free which really caught my attention when purchasing. Using Chlorine-free pulp, this would reduce the odds of baby experiencing any rashes or allergy reactions to ease any parent's mind. I tested the diaper and I must say that it absorbs pretty fast and the diaper feels dry despite it being a wet diaper. Moreover, it also offers a breathable layer so that there is circulation to provide the baby with comfort. Upon giving a feel on the diapers, i would say that it does provide a soft cotton feel which feels very light and comfortable as a diaper. 

Magic Tape that is not sharp so baby would always be comfortable

Cotton touch padding

Snug fit on my 10kg baby.

I tested this out on Mikayla, and i would say that it does the job in keeping my baby dry and comfortable. In terms of lasting, I wouldn't suggest you to wear this over 6 hours as it feels a little heavy once it goes beyond the 6-hour gap from the next diaper change. I wouldn't entirely recommend using this if youre planning to sleep throughout the night without changing your baby's diaper, but it's great for day use with constant diaper changes (minimum of 3 times) to keep your baby feeling fresh throughout the day.

Mamamia Active Dry Pants

Mamamia Active Dry Pants

Each diaper has different pictures to indicate front side

The other variant that Mamamia offers would be the Mamamia Active Dry Pants. This variant would be more suitable for active babies, but i think its unique that they also offer small sizes for the pant type diapers. Not many brand carry smaller sizes for diaper type, but surprisingly if youre looking for quick changes without constantly adjusting the tape to fit the baby, then you can always consider the Mamamia Active Dry Pants. They offer size S up to XXL which can be used for bigger toddlers up to 25kg who has not been potty trained making it a great alternative to diaper wear till they learn how to go to the toilet on their own.

Chlorine Free diapers Guranteed

Designed to always keep baby dry with an ergonomic design

Other features of the diaper

The packaging highlights that it has been designed to be ergonomic and its manufactured to be extra dry with a magic layer. Designed with a new and improved cotton-like layer, its made out of 100% chlorine free pulp which helps to keep your baby feeling comfortable, active and constantly safe from rashes. I think its cute that these diapers has printed cartoons to indicate that its the front side for easy quick identification.

Soft stretch that would not harm baby

Double layering to prevent leakage

Mikayla approves! 

I used this for Mikayla, and personally, i find that its really time saving when changing her diaper cause all you need to do is to pull it up like pants. I really like bringing this type of diaper out for quick changes, and I would really recommend you to change this diaper after every 4-5 hours as if it gets too full, it may not provide the best comfort for your baby. Not advisable for long wear, but its a great diaper to keep your baby feeling fresh while being active. 


As a verdict, i would have to say that these diapers are pretty good and really affordable. For the trial pack that i use, offers 20 pieces, are only priced at less than RM15 per pack. I actually like the idea that they offer trial packs as its a great way to travel light while keeping the diapers fresh when youre travelling and on the go. They also offer bigger Jumbo packs that cost less than RM30, so i would have to say that the price range is really one of the cheapest in store if youre looking for savings. Its a decent diaper for daily use, with 4-5 hour gap of diaper changes. If youre looking to try out these diapers for yourself, you can always head on over to their shopee acount which i will add in the link below. I hope you found this post useful and do leave me a comment if you may have any enquiries. 


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[FOOD REVIEW] Ombak Kitchen | Best Seafood Restaurant in Bangsar

Hi everyone! I recently had dinner at Ombak Kitchen with some friends for some fresh seafood dinner, and I can't wait to share with your our experience while we were there. Before i share about the delicious food we had, let me share with you why we chose Ombak Kitchen as a gathering location. Ombak Kitchen  has claimed to be the best seafood restaurant in Bangsar, offering halal seafood that is affordable and guranteed to be fresh from the shores. Operating since 2018, they are well known with their signature sauces, chief among them being the glorious Ombak Crazy Cajun Sauce that features a spicy tangy taste.

The concept of Ombak Kitchen was inspired by Louisiana's seafood boil concept, with the purpose to present seafood that is fresh and juicy. It's unique that the dishes that you order from the menu will be poured onto a covered table top, where you can freely dig in and indulge in their fresh seafood. Some of their premium dishes would include the Alaskan King Crab, the Canadian Red Lobster, XL Live Premium USA Oyster, and the XL Live Mud Crab. 

Ombak Kitchen Menu

When dining at Ombak Kitchen, you will be given a bib that says '#pakaitanganjer' which also means that you can just use your hands to eat and dig in. Alternatively, if you're not used to eating with your hands, utensils are also provided. But really, I think I would have to admit that getting your hands dirty would be the best way to enjoy seafood, especially when youre trying to enjoy the fresh prawns and crabs. It's also a popular dining location as the best restaurants for birthday celebrations in Bangsar as they also offer Birthday packages. Mostly, people enjoy celebrating their birthdays here for their 'Ombak Kitchen Signature Art of Dessert' featuring local and international fruits presented in an artistic way. 


Cheese Fresh Baked Oysters

While i was there, we decided to try the Cheese Fresh Baked Oysters as an appetizer. We had no regrets ordering this as it tasted very well seasoned. Under the Oyster, they prepared a special sauced with purple cabbage that complimented the baked oyster topped with baked cheese which surprisingly really builds up an appetite. Despite the sauce and cheesy combination, surprisingly it wasn't at all salty and the oyster still tasted very fresh despite it being baked. Rest assured, you know that your seafood is in good hands when youre at Ombak Kitchen. 

Signature Seafood Spread

Signature Ombak Crazy Cajun Sauce

Cheesy Zesty Lemon Sauce

For the seafood spread, we ordered a combination of prawns, crawfish, squid, clams and mussels in 2 different sauces, namely, the Signature Ombak Crazy Cajun Sauce and the Cheesy Zesty Lemon. Starting off with my thoughts on the Signature Ombak Crazy Cajun Sauce, I would have to say that it's definitely my favorite flavor cause it has just the right amount of spice. It blends in with the seafood really well, without overpowering the fresh juicy taste of the seafood. So, if youre a spicy food lover, be sure to try the Signature Ombak Crazy Cajun Sauce.

For non-spicy lovers, you would love the Cheesy Zesty Lemon sauce. The sauce offers flavors that is creamy but with a hint of cheese and lemon which makes it a great combination to enjoy fresh boiled seafood. Actually, since the flavors contrasts the spicy flavor, the combination of both these flavors actually tasted pretty good. Would I reorder these flavors? I would say its a yes! The Cheesy Zesty had some spices to add some 'zing' into the flavor, so you may need to request it to be less spicy if you have kids with you at the restaurant. 

Other Menu Options

Other than what we ordered, some of their signature dishes that you can also consider would be the Premium Alaskan Giant King Crab, the Live XL Mud Crab, and their Canadian Red Lobsters! I see people ordering their Lobster Thermidor with cheese sauce right next to our table, and that got me drooling. The other sauces that they offer other than the Signature Ombak Crazy Cajun Sauce and the Cheesy Zesty Lemon, you may also consider the Buttermilk Curry, Creamy Tom Yam, Peranakan Seri Nyonya, and Apple Cilantro Sauce.


To conclude on my review on Ombak Kitchen, I would highlight that if youre looking for fresh seafood that is presented in a unique twist, Ombak Kitchen is definitely the place to be. From my visit, the seafood presented tasted fresh and was well done by the chef. The menu offers a wide spread of combinations to choose from with a starting combo price of RM169.90. It may be a little on the high side, but I can assure you that the price youre paying for is actually for fresh quality seafood. All in all, I would have to say that this restaurant is a nice place to gather with friends or to celebrate special occasions that could be a conversation starter when you dine in. So, what are you waiting for? Go plan your week ahead and make your reservations today! 

Ombak Kitchen

12, Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Bangsar, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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