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Start Strong with Dutch Lady PureFarm

The range of Dutch Lady PureFarm 
Being a lifestyle blogger, i believe that its really important to make sure that i get sufficient nutrients daily, and i would highly recommend that everyone should be aware about your daily consumtion of nutrients. I understand that when having a busy lifestyle, it gets a little tricky when it comes to keeping a healthy balance diet, thus with Dutch Lady PureFarm im happy to say that with Ducth Lady PureFarm, it helps me keep my body going in terms of providing the right nutrients and at the same time keeps my body strong. 

Ms Ashlee Ng giving a few insights on Dutch Lady PureFarm
Recently, Ducth lady PureFarm has a breakfast campaign where we had, Ashlee Ng, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia highlighted the importance for Malaysian families to get sufficient essential nutrients from daily breakfast to help them start the day strong.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it is the first meal we eat after 8 to 12 hours from our last meal. Depriving our bodies of nutrients for as long as 12 hours means our brain lacks energy when we wake up. Our metabolism also needs food to kick-start itself into action,” said Ng.

Present at the event, we also had Professor Dr. Poh Bee Koon of Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, who led the SEANUTS Malaysia survey also reported that a third of Malaysian children do not consume breakfast on a daily basis, which makes it all the more important that breakfast foods are selected wisely. Her team analysed seven popular breakfasts to see if they provide sufficient amounts of energy, protein, vitamins A, B2 and D, and calcium to meet 20 to 25% of recommended energy and nutrient intake for both adults and children.

We also had a very interesting chat on how Dutch Lady PureFarm helps to start our day!
According to Professor Poh, the study took cues from MyBreakfast Study of School Children to identify the most commonly consumed foods in the morning amongst Malaysian children, and the ingredients and portions of the breakfasts analysed were according to the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines. The seven commonly consumed Malaysian breakfasts analysed were nasi lemak, mee goreng, nasi goreng, roti canai, roti telur or French toast, sardines sandwich, and a combination of curry puff and two kuih.

I admit that the 7 commonly consumed Malaysian breakfast are commonly consumed by me (charged guilty!) However, when these breakfasts were consumed together with a 250ml serving of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk, the ideal 20 – 25% of daily nutrition intake could easily be met. Energy and all vitamins and mineral measured (vitamins A, B2, D and calcium) met the 20 – 25% daily RNI for adults and children. Who knew? 

Dutch Lady PureFarm provides the essential nutrients you need
Did you know that Dutch Lady PureFarm milk contains the following essential nutrients to help give Malaysian families a strong start every morning? Listed below are some of the benefits of consuming Dutch Lady PureFarm:
  • Protein helps to build and repair tissue so that our muscles work in good condition;
  • Vitamin A allows our eyes to function properly and helps us stay focused and alert, both at school and at work;
  • Vitamin B2 supports the release of energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins;
  • Vitamin D aids the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus; and
  • Calcium is the key for the growth and development of strong bones and teeth for children, and helps adults maintain a healthy bone mass for an active lifestyle.

Have you gotten your cup of milk this morning? 
Parents, friends, and families, be sure to add a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk to your family’s breakfast and they will be ready to take on the day. Like they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and one glass in the morning every day gives you a stronger start! For more information about how a glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk can help you meet your required nutrient intake, go to Dutch Lady Malaysia Facebook at or xx

Thursday, August 24, 2017

[REVIEW] Althea Petal Velvet Powder | Althea Korea

Reviewing the Althea Petal Velvet Powder
Being a K-beauty fan myself, I am A HUGE FAN of Althea Korea, not because I'm being biased, but thanks to Althea Korea, I am not required to travel to Korea in order to restock my K beauty products at home. Other than K-beauty, Althea also is a platform to me to discover new Korean products that are less known to the country, with equivalent quality to bigger brands. If you have been following me on Instagram, you might realize that I recently announced a secret product launched by Althea Korea (LIKE OMG FINALLY THEIR OWN BRAND!) Thus, in today's review, I'll be talking to you about the Althea Petal Velvet Powder.

Sealed Packaging with Expiry date
The compact minimalist casing
Althea being filled with a team of K-beauty experts, I have no doubt that the product would be as good as the products that they sell in stores. Being its first product being available online, I think it's a great start that they came up with the Petal Velvet Powder. This is actually a translucent powder that sets makeup and leaves behind a silky finish to the touch. I've tested it myself and I can't deny that I'm in love. I'm very particular about fine details, and I admire the exclusiveness of the packaging that comes sealed with an expiry date. YAS!

It's even sealed on the inside with a cute note on it!
Testing around with the product
I'm a regular translucent powder user and let me get the facts straight on what makes this Petal Velvet Powder different from the rest. Other than it comes in a super cute compact packaging, it's actually infused with oil from Althea seeds (Actual Althea flower gais), and it works to minimize sebum production without leaving your skin looking too dry. In case you're wondering, the texture of the powder is extremely light and the results are really satisfying! Each pack comes in a 3g compact packaging at an affordable price of RM16 only! #jawsdropped

Apying a few puffs after I'm done with my make up
As you can see, I've already applied make up in my review and since this sets makeup, to use this is as easy as one, two, three!  With this Althea baby, it really enhances your makeup and it's the perfect final touch to complete your look. Upon applying this, there is no doubt that the therapeutic scent would surprise you making you wish that the scent stays with you forever. I don't know about you, but this actually made my mornings even better, especially before going to work.

The final look after application!
Up close, I noticed that after applying the Althea Petal Velvet Powder, it actually made my pores less visible, makes my make up last longer, and it gives my skin a silky fresh look! This little compact is currently in my must have things in my bag and with a few puffs, I'm shine-free! As a verdict, I really adore this product as I have oily combination skin, and this suited my skin perfectly without making my skin looking too dry. YAY! Since it only comes in translucent, I believe that it has been made to suit almost any skin tone so it should be a problem for anyone, or any skin shade to use this. MAJOR LOVE!

And there you have it!
I still can't believe that at only RM16, you can say bye bye to shiny skin! Get yours today from Althea Korea or by hovering over the link below for your convenience. Trust me, there is no regret if you ever own this and it would also be a great friendship gift too (hints friends) ! I can't wait to see more product launches from Althea Korea and be sure to be on a look out before they're sold out. Feel free to leave me comments if you would want to share your thoughts or if you have any other inquiries on the product mentioned. Thanks for dropping by xx

Shop on Althea Korea: Get Althea Petal Velvet Powder (click here) 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

[REVIEW] Unboxing CubeCrate ; July 2017 Box

Unboxing my July Cubecrate box
Hey guys, i present to you CubeCrate's July 2017 Box and this time around the box seems a little heavy. Hehe. Im a little excited this for July's mystery subscription box because i would like to consider it as my birthday box from CubeCrate since im getting it during my birthday month. Hehe. I cant believe that CubeCrate has really gone a long way from the beginning, but i see them actually going strong with orders still being as active as ever! YAY!

Here's a little sneak peak on whats inside
Now as usual, i would like to spill the details on whats the featured items in this months mystery subscription box! This month surprisingly has a really cue picnic theme box as mentioned in the pamplet and it features 4 brands namely Oishi Green Tea, Tinkerberry Natural Body Treat, Kon'nichiwa and amoura Scarlett. Looks like im ready for a picnic getaway this weekend. Hehe.


Oishi Green Tea anyone?
I dont think i need an introduction to Oishi as they've been very much well known for providing really good green tea especially when you're on the go. I would usually grab a bottle from convenient stores when im craving for one, and i appreciate that CubeCrate included a bottle of Oishi Green Tea in this months box. Since one bottle wont be enough, I'm thankful that CubeCrate actually gave me the idea of what would be the perfect drink to surprise my guest during my picnic soon to plan reunion. hehe.

TINKERBERRY Natural Body Treat

Tinkerberry Shea + Rose Lip Balm
Next would be a little something from Tinkerberry Natural Bath & Body Treats. It has been described to produce dessert inspired range of bath and body products which has been carefully crafted with the finest organic ingredients without any preservatives or chemicals. I believe that in todays era, it is indeed a trend to introduce non harmful products which im all in to support.  TINKERBERRY is a new brand to me, and i managed to check out what other items they have on their site. Psst: Price is really reasonable!

Just look at those bits of rose! I like!
I got myself a Deep Moisture Therapy lip balm that contains shea and rose as the main ingredient. A personal thought on the lip balm is that I have to say that I love the fact that it has raw colors and when applied it not at all feels sticky! #perksofhandmadeproducts. It's actually VERY MOISTURISING without leaving my lips feeling uncomfortable, and truth be told, this is now in my handbag for daily moisturizing. hehe.


Here's a little something from Rackun Kiss
Yummy cookies which dissapeared within seconds!
I also got myself some sweet treats from Rackun.Kiss. I believe that they bake japanese inspired desserts and im assuming that they are very new in the industry. Their cookies were surprisingly really good and im in hopes to order more for ocassions! I hope CubeCrate would collaborate with them once again for some goodness and i really hope theres a special code for first time orders from Rakun.Kiss. They really have potential. AHHH! I actually feel lucky to have a bag of cookies in being available in my CubeCrate mystery subscription box. hehe.


Shades with an Engraved casing with my name on it from Amora Scarlett
Last but not least would be one of the highlighted items found in my July Box from Amora Scarlett! Amoura Scarlett is famous for their array of eyewear collection which ranges from classics to edgy desings to cater to any style preferrences. I managed to scroll through their instagram account, and im already eyeing on another eyepiece from them. LAV! So i warn you, keep your card on standby if youre planning to browse through their online store. hehe

Got myself their Yellow Lens Aviator with Gold Frame worth RM112.90 which comes with a custom leather pouch exclusively by Amora Scarlett! Never really thought this existed anymore as i would consider this design rather rare being it a classic design for aviators. Way to go by bringing back the classics into trend! Im also amazed that it has my name written on their leather pouch! THANK YOU CUBECRATE for making it possible! AHHH! But its also thanks to you, i'd be spending more on shades from Amora Scarlett.


Here's an extra gift from CubeCrate i assume. hehe
And here is what in my July 2017 box 
And thats about it! I personally LOVE July's 2017 mystery subscription box as it features 75% of new brands that i've never heard of, but i have imediate love for once i got a taste of it. This month's box has been really exciting and it has triggered me to plan a picnic with my friends. YAY! Time to start planning and thanks for the idea CubeCrate. I have to say that my favourite item of all in this box would be the Amora Scarlett. Hehe. Cause honey, you can never have enough shades in life. I believe that i also got an Aloe Vera Natural Soothing Gel as a gift from CubeCrate as a bonus item. So tadaa! Thank you CubeCrate and thanks to you for reading my humble unboxing post. Till my next post gais xx

Subscribe to CubeCrate:

1 Month = RM35
3 Months = RM90 (Save RM15)
6 Months = RM197 (Save RM13)

Friday, August 18, 2017

[HEALTH] Preventing the 3 Highs with Anlene

I know that im only 25 as of 2017, but believe me when I say that I believe that taking care of your health is very important. Both my parents being doctors at home, I really have them to thank for guiding me to take care of myself the right way. With high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar is a serious issue which Malaysians take very lightly till it's too late, I would like to emphasize to you on a few facts and ways to prevent yourself from suffering from the 3 Highs.

"Nearly 1 in every 2 Malaysian adults has high blood cholesterol, 1 in every 3 has high blood pressure, 1 in every 6 has type 2 diabetes and 1 in four heart attack patients are below 50 years old" - Dr. Chee Kok Han.

High cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar being known as the 3 Highs, are main risk factors for non-communicable diseases, which accounts for an estimated 73% of total deaths in Malaysia. Its pretty scary when you really think about it, and it can happen to anyone who lacks knowledge on preventing the 3 Highs. Cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks and strokes are the biggest contributor to non-communicable diseases and these diseases usually depends on your dietary and lifestyle habits to achieve better heart health.


Anlene has been the leading adult milk brand and I had a one in a lifetime chance to be present with its ambassador Dato' Sheila Majid who calls out to Malaysians to care for their hearts. Fonterra understanding consumers healthy living needs have driven the company to innovate the latest heart caring formulation and to initiate campaigns that raise awareness of heart health. This year, the new product Anlene HeartPlus features both MoveMax and HeartMax which is a combination of nutrients that cares for the heart while supporting movement of the body.

HeartMax nutrient bundle includes Plant Sterols to reduce cholesterol, Omega 3 (DHA & EPA) to help reduce triglycerides or fats in the blood and Potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure. On top of that, Anlene HeartPlus formulation is tested to be low in the glycemic index to help manage blood sugars in the body too.

"So I urge Malaysians, young and old to start taking care of their hearts and control the 3 Highs. Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and drink two glasses of Anlene HEART-PLUS daily and you can continue to do what you love." - Dato' Sheila Majid

Anlene Heart-Plus is now available at major retail outlets nationwide. For more information about Anlene Heart-Plus and ways to stay heart healthy, go to Anlene's Malaysia Facebook or Official Website to find out some tips and hints on keeping yourself healthy and active to keep your 3 Highs in check.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

[NEW] All Day Dining Menu | at TEMPTations Renaissance KL Hotel

Lets check out the All Day Dining Menu at TEMPTations Renaissance KL!
Exciting news! TEMPTations have revamped their menu and I'm excited to share with you their exciting menu spread. If you're not too hyped about going for buffets, well fret not as you can try TEMPTations' brand new all day dining menu which has an exciting dining approach that would surprise you. From starters and salads to sandwiches, soups, indigenous Asian and pasta, comfort food, pizzas and desserts, the refreshed menu has it all covered to save you from starvation.

TEMPTations Renaissance KL Hotel All Day dining menu
We have Global Master Chef Helmut Lamberger who brings the flavors of Malaysia to our international guests and the local diners. Serving all time classics such as pizza, pastas, and burgers with a unique twist to start up your appetite. With over 50 items to choose from, diners can savor western, Asian and local dishes prepared with local fresh ingredients.


Renaissance Burger
The light bites would feature popiah goreng, Buffalo style chicken wings, kerabu mangga and rojak for those who seek for light meals to enjoy. But if you're looking for sandwiches and soups with a twist, Renaissance has got it covered by serving Roti John, an all Malaysian sandwich of local baguette filled with minced chicken, egg and tomato/chili sauce served with a side dish of mango salad and vegetable kathi wrap, a tortilla filled with cottage cheese, potatoes, sliced onion, bell peppers and lettuce accompanied with yogurt mint dip. They even have butternut squash served with freshly baked bread, whilst the asam laksa with its spicy and sour paste would get you craving for more.


Rendang Pizza
This would be one of the new additions to the menu, serving the American style 10-inch pizza handmade with a twist. Renaissance presents to you the Rendang Pizza which contains chicken rendang, pepper, pineapple, bean curd with a dash of birds eye chili for an added punch as toppings. One of its kind, and indeed a very rare creation when it comes to pizza. Get a taste of it, and tell the world that you've tried one of the most unique pizza's ever made!


Oxtail Soup
Tagliatelle Turandot
Classic Hainan Chicken Rice
Other than that, you gotta take some time to try their indigenous dishes which features the slow braized Malaysian Oxtail soup infused with traditional spices such as coriander leaf and lime. Go back to basics by considering to the TEMPTations rendition of Nasi Goreng Kampong served with satay, fried chicken, fried eggs, prawn crackers and sambal belacan for the classic Malaysian delicacies or simply order their Hainan chicken rice which has been prepared to be one of the finest chicken rice you'll ever taste.

Holding a plate of Tagliatelle Turandot. mmm! 
Head over to TEMPTations anytime when you're around KL to try out the new all day dining menu with your family and friends. Located in the East Wing Lobby, you can plan ahead by making reservations by calling 03 2771 6692 or by emailing For more details, why not head on over to their social platforms which I will link below for your convenience.

Renaissance KL: Instagram | Facebook
TEMPTations: Instagram | Facebook 

Monday, August 14, 2017

[REVIEW] Gobble your way to TEMPTations Renaissance Kuala Lumpur | Value Buffets

Gobble Gobble at TEMPTations Renaissance
Malaysia has been very much well known to be the ideal place to visit, especially for food lovers! Renaissance Kuala Lumpur is currently having an exciting offer where all you need to do is visit TEMPTations between 1st August until 30th September 2017 to enjoy their value Lunch Buffer or Value Dinner Buffets within the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where you can gobble your way without leaving a hole in your pocket. Yes you heard it right! 5 star dining at an affordable price.


We all love buffets that doesn't burn your wallet, so lets cut to the chase on the details! The lunch buffet spread is priced at only RM60nett per person while the Dinner buffet (Thurs-Sat) spread is at RM80nett per person! In addition to that, diners would also be able to complement their meals with 2 hours free flow of house wine at RM66nett per person or 2 hours free flow of soft drinks at Rm22nett per person and complimentary car park at the hotel basement. woot woots! Perfect for a family gathering buffet, birthday gathering buffet or simply because you want to go for a decent buffet in KL.

This time around, Executive Chef Helmut Lamberger and his team have crafted special menus on rotation basis tailored to cater to suit every palate where diners will also be able to savor a tantalizing selection of dishes spanning from East to West without requiring you to travel the distance. From soups and salads to a variety of seafood on ice to start off your meal!


Oxtail soup, a malaysian traditional cuisine
Briyani Rice
Cheese anyone? 
I honestly really don't know where to start cause there's just so much variety of food to talk about. But I'll leave it simple as Buffets at Renaissance has never been a disappointment. The array has always been overwhelming and i always, i repeat 'always', get excited on which dish to eat and on which dish to save it for last. Mmmhmm. The array features oxtail soup, biryani and different kind of cheese (and thats not even all of it). And i believe by looking at my images, you can already tell how good it is no?

Crab in Gravy
Chicken Picatta with Tomato Puree
Some catches from the live stations
The highlights of the dinner buffet include live stations dishing out chicken shawarma, roasted lamb shoulder with rosemary just, freshly grilled chicken and beef satay and salt crusted baked whole sea bass to name a few. I was actually really fascinated to witness my food being grilled right before my eyes, which also meant that i got my dish extra fresh from the griller. What more can you really ask for?

Dessert presentations are at its finest
Will definitely be getting you coming back for more
More desserts!
And whats a buffet spread without desserts? Be sure to make some room in your tummy for desserts as the pastry chef has lined up a display of colorful and delicious cakes, puddings, Malay savories, ice cream and the all time favorite bread and butter pudding with vanilla, chocolate or mixed berry sauce which would make you wish you could come back for more.

Thats all for now, gobbling my way to everything served at the buffet
So what are you waiting for? Hurry over to TEMPTations to "Gobble Gobble" with your family and friends while the value deal is still on. TEMPTations is located at the East Wing Lobby of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. To discover more or to make reservations, call 03 2771 6692 or email

*Price stated is inclusive of 6% Goods & Services Tax (GST)
*Not valid with other vouchers, promotions, membership card benefits or other discounts
*Terms and conditions apply. 


 SKIP THE BUFFET AND GO ALA-CART: Check out the All Day Dining Menu 

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Hey, guys! As the title says, if you're joining this contest because you love to shop, well here's your chance to get RM100 worth of Shopping Credits to shop at SGShop. In this blog post, I'll be looking for 10 lucky readers to win themselves a shopping experience to remember! Wondering what SGShop is? Well, SGShop is your online platform to shop worldwide at crazy prices! Believe me when I say its super cheap! But if you want a clearer picture of my shopping experience, why not head on over to my SGShop Haul & Shopping Experience blog post which I'll like it below.

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Psst, if you are still unsure, there will be 10 lucky winners which really gives you a higher chance of winning.

Terms and Conditions of Contest:

1. Contest will be run from 14th August 2017 to 30th August 2017 [EXTENDED TO 8th September 2017], 11.59pm.
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3. Participants must be Malaysian, and a member of SGShop Malaysia.
4. SGShop Shopping Credit may not be converted to Cash or applicable for any withdrawal
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So what are you waiting for? With just a few clicks, you're already in the running to win Shopping Credits to shop at one of the CHEAPEST online sites in Malaysia. It's even more exciting when you get to choose your own prize. I don't wanna talk too much so that you can proceed with taking part in this contest.


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