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Shawl & Bawal CintaZara | Upcoming Malaysian Scarves to Keep an Eye On!

Introducing to you CintaZara Shawl & Bawal
Now being the month of the holy festive season, I managed to stumble upon CintaZara while I was browsing through the Cashless Raya Bazaar at Quill City Mall KL which is happening from the 16th of May 2019 till the 20th of May 2019. So, being married now to an amazing husband, I soon to believe that one day I will wear a veil over my head to present my religious belief to be a better wife and a better Muslim (Insyallah..). And with that in mind, I found CintaZara scarves rather attractive as they use Matte Satin Silk which is super soft and lightweight.

Currently available in 10 shades in stores
A little background on CintaZara Scarves, its actually named after the daughters of two best friends, Cinta and Zara. Being able to converse with the founders myself, I can sense that its a very sentimental project for them to prove their love over their friendship as they come up with something that they both love, scarves that are easy to style and which are very comfortable. Upon passing by their booth at the PrestoPay event, I can see that it's very well planned and organized to make this branding a reality.

Shade: Blush Blossom
So currently being a new scarves brand coming up in the Malaysian industry, they have two types of scarves to choose from, the Shawl and the Bawal. I personally prefer the Shawl more as a beginner, I find it easier to style especially when I have a chubby face, to begin with. Hehe. But since they were having a promotion on site, I just had to grab a few pieces back home without any regrets! Each shawl/bawal starts at RM79 per piece, but in conjunction with the promotion at the event I attended, I only got it at RM49 per piece. Such a good deal!

Available in 2 types, the Shawl (on left) and Bawal (on right)
With every purchase of CintaZara Scarves, you'll be getting your scarves in an individually packed box. In conjunction with Raya coming up, this makes it a great gift for your in-laws or your loved ones since its already nicely packed in a box. As of now, there are currently 10 different shades that are available for both types of scarves, and each scarf has a special embossed of the CintaZara logo. Not to forget, all their current scarves have the iconic eyelash hemming which makes it look really classy on anyone who wears it.

Shade: Navy Peony
Shade: Sparkling Violet
Well, im going to end my post here cause I'll be figuring out some styles to work with CintaZara scarves for this upcoming Raya. I personally brought home 3 different shades, namely Sexy Nude, Midnight Black and Navy Peony which I believe are the most versatile shades to work with. Hehe. So, wish me luck! And for those who are interested to check them out, you can always visit their social sites which I will include the link below. (youre welcome!)

CintaZara Scarves

Repair Your Leather Bags with Leather Love Spa in Publika

Turn your pre-loved to re-loved!
Hey guys! With Raya just around the corner, im pretty sure you would wish you could save as much as you spend correctly? If youre not, then im definitely am! Since I pretty much broke to buy myself a new bag, I've decided to find other solutions on how to turn my old leather bags to look brand new, which lead me to discover a steal deal by Leather Love Spa! 

The products they use to shower your old bags with love

So, if you have any leather bags that may look a little worn down, maybe you can consider sending your leather bags to Leather Love Spa which is located in Publika. Rather than having yourself spending a big amount of money to just get a new bag (don't forget the amount of time spent just to finalize your decisions), you can just drop your bag off and let them love your leather bags till it looks good as new. 

Current promotion from Leather Love Publika
What's even better? Now they're having a promotional offer where you only need to pay RM99 for 1 bag to be cleansed! Honestly, I've been browsing a lot of places, and I've never seen prices go this low. If you've ever wanted to try to get your bags re-loved instead of it collecting dust around the corner, this is your chance to really get a feel of old bags to look just as new with a small fee. 

Hold up, adding into their quality services, if youre too busy to send it over to Leather Love Spa in Publika, they also provide pick up and delivery services too! So, be it if you're too busy for work, or busy cleaning the house to prep for Raya, fret not as they can do all the traveling for you. All you need to do is Whatsapp or Text 012-2217094 or 016-6223138 the type of bag that you want to provide with a spa treatment, and they will confirm to you on the availability and whether if it's possible to get it to be good as new. I hope this post is informative enough, and do spread the love to your loved ones as well on this amazing offer. After all, good things are meant to be shared. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Wan & Mary X PrestoPay | Malaysian Designers for Raya

Mandatory photo with the designers, Hazzerwan and Mary
If you have been keeping up with the local industry, you might be aware of the Duo Designers under the label Wan & Mary who was crowned champion of the local fashion designer Gen F in the first season in 2018. The designers of Wan & Mary are a duo by Hazzerwan Lee 29, and Mariam Musa, 29, who managed to beat nine other fashion brands winning themselves RM100,000 to start their own empire. And to welcome 2019, its good to see them in action being involved in Raya Bazaars which I was lucky enough to come across with.

Clean detailing in Label and stitching
In case you haven't heard, there is an on-going Cashless Raya Bazaar under PrestoPay happening at Quill City Mall, and if you love deals, especially by exclusive local designers such as Wan & Mary (hint hint), then you should make your way to  the Raya Bazaar which will be happening from 16th May 2019 till 20th May 2019. What really caught my attention was their exclusive versatile printed jackets that would usually cost RM150 in stores, but exclusively for this occasion, you can get their trendy jackets at only RM50. Such a steal!

Providing exclusive prints of designer pieces (Limited)
Wan & Mary is a fashion house that provides custom-made services and ready-to-wear collection which embraces the vibes of young and vibrant styles that is currently trending in today's generation. The brand focuses on digital printing, graphics and experimental on details to add a personal touch of designer based designs. With the main concept being Avant-Garde, Wan & Mary aims to create fashion that meets sporty luxury street style so that you can feel comfortable wherever you go while creating a statement to make heads turn as you walk by the street.

Each representing bold pieces and unique colors
I personally managed to bring one piece home during the Raya Bazaar and trust me when I say that the quality of material and stitching has been well thought of and the material and cutting has a really nice feel to it too! It comes in bold designs that would surely bring out as a statement wherever you go, and since these are not mass produced, they are only limited pieces available in the whole world making it super exclusive.

Mandatory OOTD with Wan & Mary's Collection. Told you its versatlie!
Because jackets are a statement piece of its own, despite being currently 5 months pregnant, don't you think this jacket by Wan & Mary really brings out the glow in me? Hehe. Well, being a fashion enthusiast, I'd like to say that this is one of my all-time favorite pieces that are versatile, easy to style and one of my most important features in any clothing line, it's extremely comfortable. Pair this piece with a pair of jeans, or simply wear it over a dress, it will surely make you stand out in any crowd effortlessly.

What I notice about Wan & Mary would be that their designs have unique cuttings and choice of materials being used in creating their pieces. Its no wonder that they have gain trust of VVIPs and even Celebrities to style as they have a good sense of fashion that is up-to-date and definitely trendy. For the record, they have even participated in a few international fashion show namely London, Milan, Dubai, Bahrain, and soon many other places as well.

Source: Wan & Mary
So what are you waiting for? Be sure to check them out at the Cashless Raya Bazaar organized by PrestoPay at Quill City Mall KL from the 16th of May 2019 till the 20th of May 2019 to get your hands on these exclusive pieces. But if you would like to get up and personal without rushing, fret not as you can also visit their boutique at Kota Damansara in which I will list down the address below. Also not to forget, feel free to check out their Instagram page for more design options that you may fancy. Hehe. Well, that's all for now! Do leave a comment below to share me your thoughts as I would love to know what you think. xx

Wan & Mary
42-1, The Strand, Jalan PJU 5/21, 
Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Newest Release by realme | realme 3 Pro & realme C2

Tiffany Teh sharing her insights on the newly launched realme 3 Pro and realme C2
So again, realme has worked really fast in launching new phone model within less than 2 months from the previous launch. Cause honey, they work fast! This time around, realme has just launched their latest smartphones, the realme 3 Pro and realme C2 which will also be in collaboration and available on Lazada Malaysia and Shopee Malaysia.

The audiance and re-sellers who attended the launch
I must highlight that despite realme being a young brand, they have really raised the bar through their aggressive and agile nature which has propelled them forward as a strong contender in the industry, especially when it comes to making affordable smartphones being available in the market. The realme C2 is designed to be an entry-level value king while the realme 3 Pro is the speed king of all realme mobiles.

realme 3 Pro | Speed Up

Now, the realme's latest realme 3 Pro offers exceptional performance in terms of battery life, screen clarity, imaging, and design. Not to forget that this mobile is also exclusively available on Lazada Malaysia, providing users with a flagship level of experience all thanks to its innovative and leading-edge technology and quality in design.

To complement the speed that the realme 3 Pro offers, the performance has been fully upgraded with its 10nm production process Snapdragon 710 processor and Kryo eight-core architecture, allowing realme 3 Pro to achieve a clock speed of up to 2.2GHz. The Adreno 616 GPU guarantees real visual sense and advances 3D image rendering for a better gaming experience as well. In terms of battery life, the model is also equipped with a high-capacity of 4045 mAh battery to meet the needs of heavy users with a huge advantage in its price range. Also, its CABC (Content Adaptive Backlight Control) and can increase total battery life by 5% to 10%.

In terms of image, realme 3 Pro uses a combination of IMX519 16MP main camera + 5 MP secondary camera with 1.22 um single pixel size, 1/2.6 inch sensor size and f/1.7 large aperture. The Super Nightscape enhances exposure in extreme low light conditions, enhancing phone usability under extreme dark conditions by adjusting highlight and shadows for more detail as well as controlling photo noise to enhance the overall purity of the phone. With the newly-configured Ultra HD mode uses multi-frame synthesis technology allowing multiple pictures of 16 million pixels each to be synthesized into one ultra-HD picture with 64MP.

realme C2 | Mega Display with Mega Battery

Introducing to you the next entry-level value king, the realme C2 which is available exclusively on Shopee Malaysia now combined the best of designs and performance in its price segment. The body shines bright with a classic diamond cutting design for the realme C2 which now features a smudge free design. The realme C2 also adopts an immersive 6.1 inch HD dewdrop screen with an 89.35% screen to body ration. The phone uses curved lines at the dew drop area and instead of straight lines and angles, this makes the screen more exquisite beautiful and elegant.

With a massive 4000 mAh battery, the high capacity battery couples with the Helio P22 processor provides a lasting battery to last you throughout the day. Now, getting into the specs of the camera, it comes with AI-powered dual camera setup with Chroma Boost product perfectly balanced pictures. It comes with a Bokeh Effect to help you take stunning portrait shots and also supports 1080p video recording and slow-mo videos. With its 5 million pixel front camera, it provides better definition and improves HDR range of selfies, even under low light and backlight environments.

It's no wonder that the realme brand is an ideal gadget for the youth, as they create boundless possibilities and has heard the voice of the young people. The brand remains committed to its vision of letting the world see the power of young people and has also announced its partnership with two youth-oriented lifestyle brands, mmmstu6io, and 2D Bubble Tea Cafe. For more information on realme's range of smartphones, feel free to visit

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MAGGI® Spreads Ramadhan Joy to Charitable Home

Maggi takes part in spreading the Joy Of Ramadhan
In the spirit of the fasting month, MAGGI® treated the residents of Rumah Titian Kaseh (RTK), a charitable home for over 130 children, disabled persons and single mothers to a special buka puasa meal and MAGGI® bubur lambuk. I dont usually share charitable stories on my blog, but since i had Maggi for Sahur today, i just had to share the news out! 

Find out how to prepare delicious MAGGI® bubur lambuk at the end of this post!

On a sunny Monday on 13th May 2019, employees from MAGGI® and Nestlé Malaysia volunteered their time for this initiative, which kicked off with the preparation of the famous MAGGI® bubur lambuk by MAGGI® chefs together with caretakers from RTK. Dang, talking about Bubur lambuk, i havent event gotten the chance to get a bit of it yet. I guess tonight's buka would most likely bubur lambuk for me. Hehe. Traditionally during Ramadhan, Bubur Lambuk is commonly distributed and is made with a mixture of fresh ingredients and spices to create a delicious and healthy meal for buka puasa.

Distributing bowls of Bubur Lambuk
To spruce up the home in time to celebrate the Aidilfitri festivities, the Nestlé employees including the MAGGI® team conducted a gotong royong session, which saw the volunteers help brighten up the walls with a fresh coat of paint too.

Ms Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer, MAGGI®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad added, “Cooking and distributing bowls of nutritious MAGGI® bubur lambuk reinforces MAGGI®’s ‘Cook the Difference’ vision to make a positive difference through wholesome home-made cooking. This has become an annual Ramadhan event for us and we are honoured to share the joy with Rumah Titian Kaseh this year.”

Mr. Juan Aranols distributing bowls of MAGGI® bubur lambuk to the children of RTK, flanked by Ms. Geetha [left] and Hajah Sharifah [right].
Commenting on MAGGI®’s Ramadhan event, Mr Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, said, “It means a great deal to us to celebrate ‘buka puasa’ with the residents from Rumah Titian Kaseh, especially during this auspicious month. Today’s event is a great opportunity for us to embrace the spirit of giving, bring some cheer to the home and also to spend time with the residents.”

Apart from this, to impart good nutrition habits, an interactive nutrition session was organised for the children. Led by Nurul Iliani Ahmad, Category Nutrition Manager, Nestlé Malaysia, the kids were educated on food groups and the food pyramid through fun games during the session.

Children participating in the interactive nutrition session led by Nurul Iliani Ahmad, Category Nutrition Manager, Nestlé Malaysia.
To protect the environment, Nestlé also took the opportunity during the visit to conduct a session to educate the children of RTK on the importance of recycling. In that session, Nestlé’s employees worked with the kids to make creative decorations for the residence using recycled materials, including promotional materials, cardboard boxes and plastic bottles.

MAGGI® will also be partnering with RTK to sell arts and crafts made from recycled items by the home. These items will be sold and the funds provided to RTK. The home will also be selling baked goodsness in light of the festive season.

Joyful Smiles: MAGGI® team and the children from RTK showcasing their decorative items and toys made out of recycled materials! 
According to Hajah Sharifah Binti Haji Adlan - founder of RTK, “We were thrilled to have the team from MAGGI® and Nestlé join us here today for this activity and to spend time with the children and other residents. This was a wonderful occasion to bring people together during the fasting month and we will definitely cherish this special event.”

To learn how to prepare delicious MAGGI® bubur lambuk, clink at the link below:

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Johnson's Bath & Shampoo | Gentle for Newborn

Checking out the new packaging of Johnsons Bath & Shampoo
Heyya guys! Being a little new in this topic, but since i have a new born being on the way, i couldnt resist but to really get my facts right on preparing myself to welcome the baby to the world. Its unbelievable to think that i'll end my year with a little one coming and it scares me to think about whether if i am capable to keep it  safe from all the bacteria in the world. Not to forget the amount of chemicals that contains in our everyday products that might affect the babys natural growth. Yikes! But i guess, starting off with using the right hygiene plays a huge roll, so lets start with a brand that i've grown with, Johnson's!

How cute are these shampoo bottles?!
I still remember being in my earlier days where i would recognize my favourite shampoo from Johson's which had a special feature that no other shampoo had, which was the no tears formula. Other than that, i always found the scent of Johnson's bath & shampoo so mesmarizing cause it really smells baby fresh! Going more into detail now, its no wonder tha Johnson's bath and shampoo has always been a mothers choice as its ultra gentle and contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes.

Not to forget our classic Milk and Rice Bath range
& the Milk and Oats Bath range
Presenting the new Johnson's, its now more than just a reformulation exercise but also represents a reinvention of the total Johnson's baby care range. With 125 years of experience, im pretty sure they have put a lot of thought into their products to maintain  their concept of ensuring that their products are irritation free for baby's and toddlers delicate developing skin.

To celebrate this reinvention, Johnsons has set new standards for gentle through the selection of purposeful ingredients with transparency. Also, with its whole new packaging design that is parent friendly, its now easier to understand labels for parents to recognize products for children of different ages. Its a relief to know that their products have undergone a regorous safety-assurance process, promising parents a greater peace of mind. Not to forget their fragrances of their soap to be designed with mom and baby in mind too.

Presenting the NEW Johnsons CottonTouch range
Also, other than the new packaging being out in the market, Johnson's has also launched the all-new Johnson's CottonTouch Top-to-Toe Bath and 'Face & Body' Lotion for newborns which sounds perfect for the little one being on the way. I have to give credit that i love how the new addition has been designed specifically to cater to newborn skin. Newborn skin loses moisture 2 times faster than adults, and it is important to have the gentleset cleanser and moisturizer to protect their skin barrier.

The lotion is not at all sticky and leaves a very soft touch
The Johnson's CottonTouch also emphasizes on touch as the newborn's sensory development by unlocking parents gentlest touch with the latest newborn care innovation CottonTouch. I did manage to get my hands on the lotion, and i was suprised to find that its not at all sticky nor it leaves any residue on the skin. The range is hypoallergenic ultra-light and has been clinicaly proven to be mild and safe.

Cant wait to shower my baby with Johnsons Shampoo
I really cant wait to start making memories with Johnson's and the little one when it arrives in the world. Other than the CottonTouch range, the classics such as Johnsons 'Milk and Rice' and Johsons 'Milk and Oats' body bath and lotion is still avaialble in stors wiht a whole new look. Whilte the shampoo range on the other hand now has 3 varieties namely Shiny Drops which contains Argan Oil & Protein for soft and shiny hair, Clean & Fresh for long time freshness, and Soft & Smooth which contains honey and wheat extract to brigh out the hairs natural smoothness and shine.

A little nervous on becoming a mom soon
Well, i have no doubt that i'll be purchasing Johnson's Bath and Shampoo as my preffered choice for my baby. Other than it being my childhood shampoo, i would definitely want my baby to have the same memories that i had. Will be starting off with the Johnson's CottonTouch top-to-toe bath with Johnson's face & bath lotion to welcome the baby in the next 4 months. So stay tuned! Hehe. Thank you so much for reading on my thoughts, and i've linked their social media sites below in case you would want to check out the latest updates. Tata!


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Kenny Rogers ROASTERS unveils i-Yam Legend meal

Image result for kenny rogers i-yam meal
Ready for Kenny Rogers i-Yam Legend Meal?
Malaysia is home to some exceptional legends, each with prowess in their respective fields ranging from sports to entertainment, which have put the country on the world map. As a gesture to recognize Malaysian legends such as  Dato' Sudirman, legendary Malaysian singer, Foo Kok Keong, badminton legend, Datuk Santokh Singh, football legend, and Ganesh Asirvatham, the legendary Scrabble player and many more, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) is serving up the new and wholesome i-Yam Legend meal!

(L-R): Uniting Malaysian legends – Foo Kok Keong, badminton legend and Datuk Santokh Singh, football legend enjoying the taste of Kenny Rogers ROASTERS’ i-Yam Legend meals together
This season from 29 April onwards, KRR will be bringing a legendary experience to its guests with the piquant and creamy Tom Yam chicken, a distinct and fragrant boost to KRR’s signature rotisserie-roasted chicken. The ingredients features a blend of fresh herbs and spices with the succulent chicken will definitely perk up taste buds through its spicy and savoury kick! Also, since its the Ramadan festive season, you can also make your pick from a variety of options specially catered for sharing or to have on its own:

Image result for kenny rogers i-yam meal Image result for kenny rogers i-yam meal

1. Makan-Makan for 2 @ RM45.90 – 1 Creamy i-Yam Half Chicken + 2 Side Dishes (a la carte) + 1 Creamy i-Yam Spaghetti Lite + 2 pieces of Kenny’s Home-made Muffin

2. Makan-Makan for 4 @ RM77.90 – 1 Creamy i-Yam Whole Chicken + 3 Side Dishes (a la carte) + 1 Creamy i-Yam Spaghetti Lite + 4 pieces of Kenny’s Home-made Muffin

3. Creamy i-Yam Meal @ RM21.90 – 1 Creamy i-Yam Quarter Chicken + 3 Side Dishes (a la carte) + 1 piece of Kenny’s Home-made Muffin

4. Creamy i-Yam Spaghetti @ RM17.90

5. Creamy i-Yam Spaghetti Lite @ RM 9.90

6. Creamy i-Yam Whole Chicken @ RM 45.90 for dine in & RM 38.90 for take-away.

Enjoying their Kaya Raya Mocktail
Also, not to forget their exclusive seasonal drinks, they will be offering the Kaya Raya Mocktail as a Raya special drink in conjunction to the festive season. Wash down the meal with a refreshing glass of Kaya Raya Mocktail, a sweet fizzy concoction of blue butterfly pea flowers and fresh green apples. Just talking about it makes me want it even more. 

Image result for kenny rogers i-yam meal

And the festive celebration doesnt end there. KRR will also be giving away KRR Sampul Raya (Raya packets) to guests during the i-Yam Legend promotion period in conjunction with the Hari Raya festivities. Get a 4-piece pack of Sampul Raya with any purchase of Creamy i-Yam Meal today!

Kenny Rogers Malaysia
Contact: 03 - 2119 9888

* All prices are subject to 5% service charge and 6% Service Tax where applicable
* Promotion valid while stocks last

Monday, May 6, 2019


Jakel Barulah Raya! 
Jakel has always made an impact when it comes to fashion picks for Raya in Malaysia. There is no doubt that they are expanding quite well and has attracted tons of attention among the societies in Malaysia. From providing exclusive textile materials at an affordable price to selling ready to wear collections, it's no wonder that many people have no regrets shopping for high-quality material of clothing from Jakel. And this year for the first time ever, Jakel has decided to launch a Raya campaign called the #JAKELBARULAHRAYA!

Teasers of the new designs available at Jakel
Jakel being a 'One Stop Centre' for textile and outfits, Jakel has also managed to cater for those who are seeking for Raya outfits that are exclusively branded by a variety of top celebrities in Malaysia. And since I've owned one of the collections from Jakel X Ayda Jebat myself, I can see why that they have decided to continue the legacy of giving customers a sense of belonging as a concept by providing collections with a variety of choices to suit different individual styles.

Ayda Jebat X Jakel
Ayda Jebat X Jakel
Scha Al Yahya X Jakel
Ayda Jebat X Jakel
Scha Al Yahya X Jakel
All of the collection that has been produced by Jakel has all the important key elements which include high-quality fabric, trendy color tones, and trendy designs that are neat and elegant. Will all these combinations combined, its no wonder that their collection is never a disappointment year by year. From the 2019 Raya collection, you can see that the designs are definitely fashionable and up -to-date. I also like the idea that they not only focus on the mass community but also focuses on designs that suit both the younger and older generation as well.

This year Jakel features bigger sizes too
Giving out 'duit raya' to OKU guest
Going back to the Jakel Barulah Raya campaign, i was one of the lucky few to have a 'santai' session with the appearance of the brand ambassadors for Jakel in 2019, namely Aaron Aziz, Nabil Ahmad, Scha Al Yahya, Awal Asshari, Lara Alana, Ayda Jebat, Hanis Zalikha, Hairul Azreen and Yusuf Iskandar. We also had some communities from Asnaf from the 'Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Peribadi Mulia' and also OKU attendees as well who attended the meet & greet session on that day. Jakel also took the opportunity to contribute some Raya outfits and 'duit Raya' to those from Asnaf as a CSR project this festive season.

Aaron Aziz sharing his thoughts on his collection
Nabil Ahmad showing off his slim fit cutting
Awal Ashari sharing his neat cutting label
For more casual looks, Hairul Azreen in his Kurta Label
So starting with the options for Baju Melayu, you can expect to find collections by Aaron Aziz, Nabil Ahmad, Awal Ashaari and Hairul Azreen! For full comfort, Aaron Aziz's collection is unique to a variety of fabrics and colors while if youre looking for a modern contemporary collection, you can opt for Nabil Ahmad's Baju Melayu with an exclusive slim fit (with zipping) to emphasize on comfort and neater look. Awal Ashaari's Baju Melayu focuses more on cutting, color and quality of fabric for those who like to be up to date, but if youre looking for a more casual cut, you can consider Hairul Azreen's kurta collection for something a little different. Every purchase of Baju Melayu, customers would be entitled to get a FREE button for the shirt and also samping to complete the Baju Melayu look.

Scha Al Yahya and Hanis Zalikha flauting thier own label
Ayda Jebat showing off the zip sleeve feature.
And for the ladies, we have collections from Scha Alyahya, Ayda Jebat and Hanis Zalikha, all carrying different exclusive taste and design to suit a variety of women from all sorts of background and styles. I gotta say that each piece by the celebrities carries different personalities that still emphasize trendy fashion while also making it look very modest and versatile for the festive season. This year, the collections feature tons of prints and modern colors to suit different looks for a cheerful Raya family photo on the big day!

Lara Alana collections being available at Jakel
Yusuf Iskandar's collection
Checkout Lara and Yusuf looking way too adorable!
Not to forget the kids, you can still find the Upin Ipin collection where their designs are still up-to-date. But if youre seeking for something more exclusive for the little ones, Jakel always has something special up his sleeves. So, again, this year, Jakel still continues to produce collections for kids under the Lara Alana and Yusuf Iskandar label so that the kids won't miss out with being fashionable as well.


Dont forget to catch special deals during their Happy Hour
Not to forget the famous happy hours that Jakel likes to run on special occasions. Here we had the ambassadors to announce the Happy Hour for their own Raya collection where they promote and sell these exclusive pieces at a marked down price for customers of Jakel who were present on the day. Usually limited to the first 15 customers to pay for the pieces, its crazy to see that you can find pieces that are marked down up to more than 50%!

The website is now launched on
To end my post, I'd like to share with you that Jakel (for the first time ever) has finally launched their very own online website! By request of many customers who are loyal to Jakel, Jakel has finally made it possible by having an online platform to make it easy for customers from all over Malaysia to shop for Jakel outfits within a few clicks away! So if youre staying a distance from Jakel, fret not as you can shop for ALL products from Jakel through