Thursday, October 22, 2020

ZStar Global | Your Marketing Partner providing one stop marketing services

Hey everyone! I hope youre staying safe during this time of world crisis where we all hand in hand try to work together to stop the virus from spreading. With so many changes happening for consumers and business owners, it's safe to say that most of us would prefer to get things done online, be it to purchase groceries, getting errands done to even getting out items delivered without stepping out of the house. To business owners, if you haven't taken this opportunity to explore the world on the internet, it's time that you do because we are definitely living in a world of technology. Have you took the time to invest in your marketing partner? 

If you have always been the old school type of handling business, I must say that there's nothing wrong with that, but what if, there is a service provided that handles the tedious part of business, such as marketing and creating content? Now, this is where ZStar Global Services comes in! Exploring the world of marketing digitally can be time-consuming and challenging when youre not experienced, but with Zstar Global, you can put your business at ease with an All-In-One marketing service solution, as they settle all the marketing services that you need exclusively curated just for you and your business.

Who and what is ZStar Global? To simplify things for you, ZStar Global is a Digital Marketing Specialist in Malaysia that offers an all in one marketing solution for your business. With 5 years of experience working within the industry, the company provides a long-term marketing opportunity for your business by planning, creating, and managing the marketing strategy to ensure that you would get the returns that you need from your investment. With ZStar Global, you can choose to opt for their marketing and branding strategies, to video productions that would suit your business concept and style. 

If youre not looking for static marketing, fret not as ZStar Global also offers influencer Video Marketing and Sales live streaming to add a little more class and personal touch to your products to potential buyers. In today's style of marketing, im aware that most consumers are more engaging when they are exposed to a marketing strategy that is interactive. Why not consider ZStar to handle all the management for you as you sit back and relax while you see your sales getting improvement. 

With this All-in-One Marketing Services provide by ZStar Global, you can now put one task off your checklist and let them provide the services that you need. With ZStar Global, they can guarantee that your brand awareness and sales are proven with guranteed results. They will accept jobs are small as copywriting to handling auto chatbots and digital customer service as well. Feel free to check out their official websites below or simply contact their friendly team to get back to you for a customized experience. 

ZStar Global

Monday, October 19, 2020

[REVIEW] Puras Essential Oils | Dragon's Blood Antioxidant Skincare


Dragon's Blood Antioxidant Skincare by Puras

Hey friends! Today I'll be sharing a little obsession that I've been having lately. Being a mother and all, I tend to lean towards drug-free alternatives, especially when it comes to skincare and mental health. When I found that Puras provided just that, I was instantly hooked on what they have to offer. I had the privilege to meet the founder herself at their store in Bangsar Village, and I was uplift by her story of how Puras started. Started off with the need for a natural remedy for self-treatment, and then it grew into a non-carcinogenic and non-toxic approach in formulating natural healing products. If you have a stressful lifestyle and you would want to skip the pills, be sure to check out what Puras Essential Oils has to offer.

Just some of the different kinds of essential oils offered

Available in different sizes as well

Before you think that Puras offers only Essential Oils, let me clarify to you that it does not mean that they only offer Essential Oils, but also formulations of roll-ons, body care, and skincare as well that revolves around the natural healing benefits of essential oils. I've been an advocate on essential oils myself, and I found that Puras offers more than what I need when it comes to the variety of products that they have. Trust me, you can just walk into the store and tell them if youre emotionally stress, or if your house is infested with ants, they have the thing just for you to make your troubles go away. 

Presenting to you the Dragon's Blood Skincare

Essential oils have been known to be the natural treatment during the traditional days and have been preferred by many when it comes to maintaining good health. But today, essential oils have grown into an innovative industry especially during this time of era, and they can be implemented in your household as an anti-bacterial spray to catering to your skincare needs. Talking about skincare, today im sharing with you an exciting discovery I found about Dragon's Blood. Other than the name being very ancient, this Dragon Blood is actually a miracle healing tree found in Socotra, Yemen, and has been known to be the queen of the forest for its endless healing benefits.

Its sap is harvested from the Croton Lechleri tree and contains a broad range of naturally-occurring compounds, many of which have been wellstudied. The sap is rich in protective antioxidantsphenols with 2.8mil ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value. Due to these compounds, the Dragon's blood sap helps to protect the cells of the skin and prevents sun damage. The sap also contains a group of compounds called proanthocyanidins,the lattice-like main protein that makes up much of our tissues. Additionally, Dragon's blood contains taspine, a known skin cells healing agent. This is why Dragon's blood is so widely used on problematic skin conditions of all kinds with great success. Puras actually offers Dragons Blood Skincare and I just had to find out myself on how good it is.


Brought this whole set home, and i couldn't wait to review it.

The range of skincare that Puras offers for this would be a face wash, an antioxidant moisturizer, an antioxidant cream, and an antioxidant sleeping mask. Starting off with their face wash, the Dragon's Blood Anti-Aging Face Wash claims that it cleanses impurities while enveloping the skin with silky smoothness. I actually gave this a go, and I am beyond impressed with the after cleansing effect! It may sound a little too good to be true but after washing my face with this cleanser, my skin seemed to be a tone lighter at the very least. The logic behind this? I believe it removed my dead skin pretty well without drying out the skin, but instead, it hydrates the skin, leaving it to be cleansed and freshly hydrated. Period, the best cleanser I've reviewed this year!

Dragon's Blood Face Wash

Gel-like texture and doesn't foam up like usual cleansers do. 

The experience of after cleansing would be that i do sense that my skin looks brighter after cleansing

To complement the cleanser, it's recommended that you apply the Dragon's Blood Moisturizer which is high in antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Infused with Chamomile and Geranium Essential Oil, not only that it smells relaxing, but it also improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, while leaving your skin feeling soft and supple as well. The texture is smooth of the cream is lightweight and smooth, and upon application, it glides smoothly onto the skin without leaving any sticky residue. Just the kind of moisturizer I need. 

Dragon's Blood Moisturizer

Dragon's Blood Cream

Both offer moisturizing results, but the cream has a thicker consistency compared to the moisturizer

Alternatively, if you have dry skin, or in need of some extra hydration, I would recommend you to get the Dragon's Blood Cream instead. The cream has a thicker moisturizing texture in comparison to the Dragon's Blood Moisturizer, and other than providing hydration, this is a great cream to reduce pigmentation and to also diminish signs of aging. Since i have oily-combination skin, i usually apply this when im most of the time indoors, as it does a pretty good job in keeping my skin well hydrated throughout the day. 

Dragon's Blood Sleeping Mask

Has a gooey like texture, to be left on the skin overnight for maximum results

It may feel a little sticky upon application, but it slowly dries up without drying the skin. 

To give your skin more love when the body rest, the Dragon's Blood Sleeping Mask is just the sleeping mask you need. To be applied once a week, it provides intense antioxidants and anti-aging benefits while you sleep throughout the night. Formulated with Dragon's Blood, Sea Cucumber and Apple Stem Cells, these ingredients would help the skin rejuvenate and recover, in result giving the skin a well-rested appearance the next morning. I tried this out, and my oh my, I woke up feeling like my skin just got out of a facial treatment. If your skin is having a bad day, you have my word when i say that this sleeping mask would do just the trick! 

Puras Store in Bangsar Village

The interior of Puras 

Testers are available in stores for you to try before purchasing

As a verdict, I would have to say that despite the hefty price tag, I emphasize that every penny spent is worth it! The formulations to create these products are the real deal without going around the bush, and most importantly, give actual results. I love the idea that with this skincare, it completes my skin needs in hydrating, moisturizing, repairing, age-defying and brightening, making it the one complete skincare that i need. Being a mother now, i tend to lean toward natural choices of skincare that does not use preservatives and chemicals, and the Dragon's Blood Skincare pretty much fits the bill. If you want to get a feel of their products, you can always head on over to their store in Bangsar Village to have first-hand experience, and the rest is history. Trust me, you would not regret. Feel free to also check out other products that Puras has to offer by heading over to their social sites below. 

Puras Malaysia

Stay Natural with Melvita

Melvita, France's largest certified organic beauty brand, is now on Shopee! After having 6 outlets in Malaysia and its own webstore, Melvita opens its official store on the e-commerce platform to further extend the reach of its organic and healthy beauty products to Malaysians across the country. With over 70 products now available on Shopee, Melvita has a wide variety of organic beauty products ranging from face care to body and hair care as well as personal hygiene.

Melvita was founded in 1983 in the heart of Ardeche, France. The goal was to bring natural and organic ingredients, together with the essences of life, to beauty consumers. The one same formula of organic plant oils, floral water and honey continues till today, with the brand offering over 180 products to its strong following of users. 


By expanding its presence on Shopee, Melvita hopes to reach the millions of customers on the e-commerce platform as it continues to create awareness of the benefits of organic products that are gentle not only to the skin, but also the environment. Apart from Melvita’s webstore, opening a store on Shopee offers an additional touchpoint for the beauty brand’s online-first customers, giving them more options of getting the products without having to leave home especially in the current situation that the country is in. 


Melvita is best known for its Organic Argan Oil, Rose Extraordinary Water and Organic Rose Floral Water that encourage the balance of oil and water on the skin to cater to the different skin concerns. Melvita's products are certified organic by ECOCERT & COSMEBIO that require at least 95% of organic ingredients in the formula, while most of Melvita’s products contain up to 99% organic ingredients. 


The brand’s face care products provide organic beauty solutions - hydration, purification, brightening and anti-aging qualities, to suit and cater to the different skin types. Melvita’s products also come in eco-friendly packaging as the brand aims to play its part to protect the environment. 

The Melvita Organic Argan Oil (50ml) is most popular among its users as it contains natural antioxidants needed to help nourish and repair skin. The Melvita Organic Argan Oil also contains various organic nutrients that strengthens and moisturizes the skin, making it healthy and supple.

Another popular Melvita product is the Rose Extraordinary Water (100ml) that contains twice the micro-hyaluronic acid compared to the previous formula, resulting in twice the hydration that will help prepare the skin for better absorption for the next skincare application. Its lightweight texture meanwhile leaves the skin feeling refreshed upon application.

Another bestseller is the Melvita Organic Rose Floral Water (200ml) that can help boost the effectiveness of other products during application. Made from 100% natural rose floral water, this gem is equivalent to anamazing 2,000 fresh rose petals in a 200ml bottle. These rose petals are steam-distilled in a unique process to preserve the active ingredients naturally, giving users refreshed, soothed and hydrated skin after use.


On 20 October 2020, Melvita will be treating Shopee users with 5 types of exclusive Grand Launch value sets, irresistible and limited Gift-with-Purchase deals, enticing vouchers and up to 10% off on selected products. Meanwhile, the first 50 customers to spend a minimum of RM100 will be rewarded with an early bird gift. There will also be 5 Shopee exclusive products that will be launched on that day and only available on the Melvita Official Store.


For those who have yet to use a Melvita product, you can get acquainted with the French brand through the Melvita Exclusive Best Seller Trio Mini Kit Set. Consisting of the Melvita Organic Argan Oil, Rose Extraordinary Water and the Melvita Organic Rose Floral Water, the mini kit set will be sold at RM99 during the launch instead of the original price of RM107. 


Melvita will also be treating users to some very special discounts during the upcoming Shopee 11.11 Big Sale. Visit the Melvita Official Store for your beauty needs at

Friday, October 16, 2020

[REVIEW] Eat Sushi | Affordable Fresh Sushi In Kota Damansara

Hi everyone! Im back with another food review and this time, I'll be sharing with you about Eat Sushi that is located at Sunway Giza Kota Damansara. Been craving for sushi for a while now, then I stumbled upon Eat Sushi and I was so happy to find that their prices are affordable and the place looks really cozy too! I did some research, and if youre wondering where Eat Sushi came from, they actually started in Australia in 2009. With 6 branches in Australia, the outlet located at Sunway Giza Mall would be their first outlet in Malaysia! 

Eat Sushi offers a variety of different traditional Japanese dishes and has incorporated elements of Australia and Japan flavors into their recipe to create a unique gastronomic experience to each bite you take. Being a regular sushi eater and for someone who takes sushi seriously, i found eat sushi to be different than any sushi i've eaten. They may not be entirely Japanese, but the twist of Australian taste buds does ass a twist to your regular sushi. Yums! 

Unagi Rainbow Maki

Tempura Sushi

Egg Rainbow Maki

For starters, if youre planning your first visit to Eat Sushi, here are some signature dishes that you can't miss out on when you visit. Their top 3 sushi rolls would be the Unagi Rainbow Maki that contains cream cheese that adds a twist to the regular traditional unagi maki, the Grill Salmon Rainbow Maki that contains a special sauce to make it taste a little sour, and the Tempura Sushi that offers entirely fried maki. Alternatively, if these don't tempt your tastebuds yet, you may also consider ordering the Avocado Rainbow Maki, Grill Hotate Rainbow that contains grilled scallop, or the Egg Rainbow Maki that offers an egg layering that adds flavor to the maki. 

Other than their signature dishes, there are also other sushi plates that you can select from the sushi belt that ranges between RM2.80, RM3.80, and RM4.80. I found that the sushi that they offer were really affordable without substituting the quality. The options had some pretty good selections too, offering something for anyone who visits. I exceptionally loved the Lobster salad sushi and their classic sashimi the most. But of course, that doesn't mean thats all that they have to offer. 

As a verdict, I must say that Eat Sushi uses fresh and high-quality ingredients to serve to their customers. The location offers an event space as well for group gatherings, making it a great location to dine in and enjoy sushi with friends, colleagues, and family members as well. I would have to say that Eat Sushi offers a really good selection and you have to try it out at least once to know how unique their sushi's are. To my muslim friends, they are Muslim friendly and not offering any alcohol in-store, so you can dine with ease as you enjoy a good plate of sushi. Passing by Kota Damansara anytime soon? Be sure to drop by Eat Sushi today!

Eat Sushi

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Vit's Weekly Lucky Draw Campaign is Back AGAIN! | until 26th November 2020

Hey guys, im back, and this time around im sharing with you an exciting lucky draw that is happening as we speak. Vit's, offers instant noodle-based products which are based in Malaysia since 1975, has recently launched a Lucky Draw program that is in collaboration with one  LARGEST supermarket in Malaysia, AEON. They had a similar contest earlier, between the 13th of August to 16th of September 2020, which was a massive hit and there were 54 winners in total. And now, with high demands, Vits had decided to make a comeback to repeat the campaign for those who have missed out. 

If youre wondering how to join the Lucky Draw, all you have to do is just purchase a pack of any VIT'S products from AEON Supermarkets and scan the code that can be found on the package. You may then be required to fill in a form in which the lucky numbers will be drawn live on Facebook Vits every Thursday at 12pm in the afternoon. Its as simple as that, and you may need to bring your lucky star out of your pocket for a chance to be lucky to win at this lucky draw.

If you didn't managed to join the earlier lucky draw, well, now is your chance once again as Vit's has decided to throw another lucky draw campaign, JUST FOR YOU,  for the second time this year. The Vit's Exclusive Lucky Draw will be broadcast live at the same time, which will be at 12pm in the afternoon, weekly on a Thursday throughout the campaign on the official Vit's Facebook Page. There will be exciting prizes for you to win every week!


1) Get 2 packs of Vit's Italian Noodles Fried Bolognese and Aglio Olio products at your nearest supermarket or online 
2) Scan the QR code to participate in this lucky draw.
 3) Fill in the information in the form 
4) State your 5 lucky numbers 
5) Include the receipt for the purchase of 2 VITS ITALIAN MI GORENG products 
6) Stay tuned every Thursday on Vit's Facebook live

Grand Prize: Vespa Sprint 150 
1st Prize: iPhone 11 Pro Max / Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 
2nd Prize: Nintendo Switch / Realme 6 Pro 
3rd Prize: Buffalo Pro Chef Plus Air Fryer / Toros 6L Pressure Cooker 
Consolation Prize: MiGor Facemask + Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Series 

So what are you waiting for? Join while you still can as this lucky draw contest will be held starting from now until November 26, 2020. Now everyone will have the chance to win an attractive lucky draw prize worth up to RM 20,000.00. It's like they say, the early bird catches the worm.