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Kitsui Review | Kitsui Whitenin BB and Kitsuit Vitamin C+ Shine


Kitsui Review | Perbezaan antara product Whitenin BB & Vitamin C + Shine

Hi everyone, today I'll be sharing my recent consumption featuring a Kitsui Whitenin B.B. and Kitsui Vita C+ Shine.  With the pandemic putting all of us on lock down, i decided to stock up on Kitsui supplements to keep me company for the next two weeks. Might as well get extra benefit of staying home while improving appearance and immunity with Kitsui am i right? Just a heads up, the reason why Kitsui has gained my trust would be that i can guarantee to you that it does not contain any dangerous ingredients making it safe to be consumed without any worries. 

Im currently consuming both of these at the same time and since i only need one sachet a day, i take the Kitsui Vita C+ Shine for a boost in immunity in the morning, and the Kitsui Whitenin B.B. at night before heading to bed to achieve brighter skin. It's been roughly a week now, and i do notice that my skin and health has improved a lot! I get less tired on a daily basis with an extra boost on immunity and my skin somehow has a natural glow which i love waking up to. Now, let's go into a little review. 

Kitsui Whitenin BB

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So, starting off with the Kitsuit Whitenin BB, if youre wondering what it is for, its basically a supplement that is exclusive for you to achieve brighter skin without being invasive. Not only that it whitens, but it also helps to reduce oily skin, minimizes pores, and even's out skin tone. I know skincare plays a huge role as well, but supplements play a key role in ensuring that the nutrients are provided for the skin internally, which is why i decided to give this a go. 

Each box of the Kitsui Whitenin BB comes in 15 individually packed sachets that is suitable for 2 weeks consumption. Containing Orange Powder, Acerola, Grape Seed and Berries, these ingredients would help to improve your skin naturally and trust me, a week is really all it takes to actually see results. It's no wonder that a lot of people put their trust in Kitsui. It has a powdery texture, and all you need to do is to mix it with 150ml of water in a shaker and its ready to be consumed. Personally speaking, I love the taste of this as its not too overwhelming and it has a berry taste that is pleasant to consume. 

Kitsui Vita C+ Shine

(More on Kitsui Vita C+ Shine | Shopee Mall

Next in my review today would be the Kitsui Vita C+ Shine which is great for immunity. If youre looking to improve your immunity, this would be the ideal supplement drink to take! Especially when its the pandemic right now, i find that this really helps in improving my immunity system where I do feel that my body and energy is stronger than before I decided to take this. Significantly, it's like having more energy to go through the day, especially when im a mother, I need that extra boost to juggle work with a toddler. 

Each box of the Kitsui Vita C+ Shine contains 15 individually packed sachets making it easy to be consumed. All i need to do is put it in my shaker, add 150ml of water, shake it, and wallah! It's ready to be consumed. It contains Pomegranate, Kiwi, Orange, Pineapple, Mango, and Lemon which equates to 1009ng of naturally sourced vitamin C! In terms of taste, it tastes pretty good too! I was expecting a strong orange taste, but surprisingly it tasted rather fruity with a good balance of sweet and sour. 


As a verdict, i would have to say that these two is a great combo if youre looking for supplements that contain NO HARMFUL ingredients. The Kitusi Whitenin BB definitely helped me with improving my skin condition where i noticed that my skin is less acne prone, and i love the whitening effect which brings out the natural inner glow. On top of that, the Kitsui Vita C+ Shine gave me just the right amount of vitamin c daily, and i love that provides my body with more energy than on regular days in which I usually feel tired earlier. It's guranteed to be halal, so rest assured there's a lot of benefits in consuming Kitsui. Believe it or not, there a lot of positive feedback and it has gained trust even in Watson's and Guardian stores nationwide.

Kitsui Malaysia

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Friday, May 28, 2021

[REVIEW] Possession Skincare | Hydrabright+ and Rejuvebright+ (Skincare + Supplement duo)

Reviewing the Hydrabright+ and Rejuvebright+ by Possession Skincare

Today I'll be sharing a review about a local brand called Possession Skincare which comes in two ranges, namely Hydrabright+ and Rejuvebright+. I found this product interesting to talk about because since im moving towards my 30's, I noticed that my skin seems a little tired and dull. On top of that, I started to explore collagen benefits to ensure that my skin stays young as long as possible, cause honestly, don't we all want younger-looking skin to last longer? With that being said, I decided to do a 14 days challenge to see how well this combination by Possession would help with my skin condition for the benefit of my readers. And yes, it's a commitment to provide you with actual honest results from using and consuming this for two weeks. 

Hydrabright+ Range

The Possession skincare range, Serum and Gel Cream

Starting off with the Hydrabright+ range, this is actually more of a topical application where it comes in 2 products, the serum, and the gel-cream The range features a formulation that encourages the skin to have a radiant and healthy glow, promising a two in one function which would be to boost skin hydration and brightness in minimal steps. It also has a strong claim to illuminate the skin within 2 weeks, which naturally triggered me to give this a go. 

Possession Hydrabright Serum comes in a dropper bottle | RM189 (30ml)

Liquid like texture

When applied, feels very lightweight on skin. 

The Hydrabright Serum has a very light liquid texture, but don't underestimate the formulation. It comes in a dropper bottle which I appreciate as it's easy to apply over the skin. Just 3 drops is all it takes, where I like to drop on my cheeks and my forehead, then I'd gently glide it over my whole face. The texture feels really light and airy, making it really enjoyable to actually apply this daily. 

Possession Hydrabright Gel Cream | RM179 (50ml)

The texture of Serum vs Gel Cream

The Hydrabright Gel Cream on the other hand surprisingly is my favorite. When it comes to gel cream, there's one thing I like about it the most, where it's lightweight and not sticky on the skin. Upon applying it over my face, it does have this clear smooth creamy gel-like feel, which is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin feeling non-sticky and well hydrated. 

Rejuvebright+ Range

Possession RejuveBright + | RM140 (14 sachets)

Individually packed

The Rejuvebright+ range seems to be an additional supplement to boost the result of the skin from an internal perspective through consumption. This is by first the combination of skincare and supplement that I've come across, and it has definitely caught my attention. The Nutri cosmetic supplement offers a non-invasive, safe, and natural way to rejuvenate and brighten the skin from the inside. With two functions to offer, it regenerates collagen and rebuilds the skin structure while providing powerful anti-oxidants defense to help brighten the skin by reducing the formation of dark pigments. 

Hygiene guranteed as every consumption = 1 sachet

Mix with any fruit juice you like, and I can confirm that it doesn't affect the taste at all!

Easy to consume, and easy to add into your favourite drinks

Really, to those who know me, they would be aware that im not a fan of supplements, but what caught my attention on the Rejuvebright+ is that it comes in powder form, and you can just mix it in any drink that you enjoy and consume it. I tried it out and honestly if you just mix it with water it's pretty tasteless despite the list of benefits that it offers. A tip to enjoy this effortlessly would be to drink this with your favorite juice, in my case, I enjoy this a lot with apple juice. Yum! 

Day 1 Skin Condition

Date of picture: 12.5.2021 (Before)

Well, to explain my skin condition before I started using this, it's pretty dull and tired. I have oily-combination skin and I do notice that with lack of sleep, it's a nightmare to evaluate my skin at the moment. Hoping that the Possession Hydrabright and Rejuvebright would help improve the situation. 

Day 7 Skin Condition

It's been a week since I've been committed to Possession's skincare and supplement, and I must say that my skin looks refreshed. I do see some slight improvements where my pigmentations are slightly lighter than usual, and im not so prone to acne popping out of nowhere while im using the skincare. Also, since the gel-cream hydrates the skin really well, I do feel that it makes my skin softer. 

Day 14 Skin Condition

Date of picture: 26.5.2021 (After 2 weeks)

After 14 days of applying the Hydrabright and consuming the Rejuvebright, I would have to say that I do see a significant difference in terms of my skin condition and brightness. The results are based on applying the serum and gel cream twice a day, one time in the morning and one time at night, and really I do see and feel that my skin’s appearance seems to be more glowy and smoother than before. Talking about the skin condition, usually, I’ll wake up with oily skin, but after constant usage of Hydrabrigh, my oily skin somehow appears less oily, which I find it a bonus! 

The verdict

To conclude my review, is the Possession Malaysia Skincare and Supplement combo worth it? Personally, i would have to say 2 weeks is not enough for me to judge, but I would verify that it does what it's supposed to do and I do notice that my skin has a natural glowy appearance! I just really hope that continuous usage, it would improve my skin condition and appearance in time with extra results. Also, take note that during my two weeks, I've used my regular cleanser and toner, followed by the serum and gel cream to complete my skincare regime within the two weeks + the supplement that I've been consuming once a day. Would I repurchase? I would say for a quick brightening solution that isn't invasive, it's a yes for me! Thank you for reading my review and I hope you found this beneficial :)


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Calling all 18 - 20-year olds: Activate your ShopeePay Premium and get RM5 free credit today

ShopeePay is currently running its Activate ShopeePayPremium campaign till 31 May where youths aged 18 to 20 will receive a bonus of RM5 when they verify their ShopeePayaccounts with their national registration identity cards (NRICs). 


After the verification process is completed, the RM5 will be credited into their ShopeePay account within 5 working days. 


ShopeePay is an integrated mobile wallet that will fulfil your payments needs both online and offline. 


Today, ShopeePay is accepted nationwide and covers a variety of services including shopping malls, grocery stores, F&B and petrol stations, with popular merchants like Black Whale, TealivemyNEWS, Carl’s Jr, Boat Noodle, TGI Fridays, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Caltex, MR DIY and Mydin.


The Activate ShopeePay Premium campaign comes ahead of the Ministry of Finance’s recently announced eBelia programmewhich will provide youths aged between 18 and 20 as well as Malaysians who are studying full-time at a higher education institution the opportunity to claim RM150 in e-wallet credit starting from 1 June 2021. 


Students who choose to claim the RM150 eBelia credit via ShopeePay can expect to receive even more benefits that are not to be missed!


With something big coming your way, be prepared and activate your ShopeePay Premium account today -


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Lulu Hypermarkets Raya Promotion | Mega Raya Sale

Where do I start when Raya is just around the corner? Despite the covid spike, lets all stay safe but still enjoy the benefits of having good festive food and outfits by shopping at Lulu's Mega Raya Sale. This time around, i just visited Lulu Hypermarket, and i must say that the promotion is unbeatable! Literally, rugi tau if you guys don't check it out. FYI, Lulu Hypermarket has 3 outlets, where on is in Kuala Lumpur, one in Shamelin and the newest addition being the one in Setia City One. 

Now, going into detail on the offers that are happening at Lulu Hypermarket, rest assured the promotions are all the same throughout all 3 stores, and there will also be big discount cuts up to 70% on Electronics, Electrical Goods, Groceries, House Appliances and even other gifts that would be perfect for your family and friends in conjunction to Raya. If you are familiar with Lulu's previous sales, you would know that they go pretty low to offer the best deals yet! 

What really caught my attention was the Fashion section where i was hunting for good deals on clothes and attire that would be suitable for Raya. I was impressed with the prices offered as it was affordable and the quality was pretty good too. There's a collection of adult and children attire in which I found exciting when I found a pair of twinning outfits with my daughter. Cuteness overload! So, if youre looking for attire this coming Raya, Lulu Hypermarket will offer something that would get you to buy without spending too much chunk of money. 

Psst, from the 6th-9th May would be the hot dates to get your Raya outfits as there will be a 40% off rebate on Fashion, Shoes, Handbags, Sari's, Churidar's and more. There are a variety of brands being offered, and just in time for Raya, they have tons of colours to choose from that also offers the latest trends. You will have a hard time browsing through as there's just so many to choose from. Even better, they'll also have this 40% rebate exclusive for these 4 days only. So act fast!

And not to forget the ever-popular grocery store, in conjunction to Raya, Lulu Hypermarket is offering the Mega Raya Sale where there will be big discounts for you to get your Raya shopping done. To make things even more convenient, there will also be hamper gift sets that will be on sale which are ready stock, but if you prefer to custom your hamper, thats also provided by Lulu Hypermarket. 

Now, are you planning a small gathering at your home this coming Raya? Well, don't worry about all the money that you'll be spending as Lulu Hypermarket has everything that you'll need when it comes to both wet and dry ingredients. There's chicken, beef, lamb, and more at the best price in the market. Or, if youre looking for a faster solution in preparing your meals, why not consider getting their cooked Beriani Bucket which is already prepared to save you time from cooking at home? 

As for me, since its still the fasting season, i actually took this opportunity to checkout their ready to eat section where Lulu Hypermarket offers tons of food featuring traditional Malay dishes, Arabian dishes and even Indian dishes too! Everything looks really good, and i have to admit that it really saves me so much time especially when i get to get my groceries done, and not worry about preparing dinner after a long day of shopping.

So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to plan your week to not miss out on these exclusive deals, only at Lulu Hypermarket. Trust me, you'll be shocked with the prices that they have to offer, and other than the price being the highlight, the freshness of their ingredients are something i admire the most. Other than the presentation being well presented, i have no worries on the freshness of the ingredients that I'll be purchasing from Lulu Hypermarket.