Friday, July 5, 2024

Clicks Introduces Physical Keyboard for iPhone Users in Malaysia

The official regional distributor, Swap Asia, has launched Clicks in the region, introducing an innovative keyboard accessory for iPhones. This first-of-its-kind accessory aims to free up screen real estate previously consumed by a virtual keyboard, providing iPhone users with more space for apps and content.

The launch event featured Clicks Technology's founding team, including CEO Adrian Li Mow Ching, CCO Johnathan Young, CMO Jeff Gadway, and Swap Asia's Managing Director Andy Tan. Clicks offers a full keyboard with real buttons, providing a tactile typing experience that enhances mobile creation with speed and precision. The accessory also offers keyboard shortcuts and dedicated keys that unlock the full power of iOS.

Clicks will be available exclusively to Malaysian iPhone users through Swap Asia. According to Mr. Mobile, co-founder of Clicks Technology, Clicks aims to bring the tactility and precision of physical keyboards to iPhones. Co-founder Kevin Michaluk emphasized that the design and functionality of the keyboard were meticulously planned to ensure an intuitive experience for iPhone users.

Andy Tan expressed excitement about partnering with Clicks Technology to bring this innovative product to Malaysia. Clicks combines touch and typing for a seamless experience, nearly doubling the screen available for content by moving the keyboard off the display when typing. It offers precision typing for on-the-go creation, powerful iOS keyboard shortcuts, and 36 customizable Action Buttons for launching Apple Shortcuts and controlling apps.

The Clicks keyboard also features a backlight for typing in low-light conditions and connects directly to the iPhone through Lightning or USB-C, eliminating the need for charging or Bluetooth connections. The Clicks Keyboard App allows users to customize their iPhone experience with various settings.

Pre-orders for the Clicks Keyboard begin today and run until July 19th, 2024. Customers can pre-order through Swap Asia and DirectD. The keyboard will be available in-store at authorized Swap Asia retailers starting in August.

Features and Benefits

Clicks offers users a tactile typing experience with a full keyboard of real buttons, enabling new possibilities for creating on the go with speed and precision. Additionally, it gives iPhone users more control over their devices with keyboard shortcuts and new dedicated keys that unlock the full power of iOS.

Content-First Experience: By moving the keyboard off the display, Clicks nearly doubles the screen space available for apps and content.

Precision Typing: With real keys, typing feels natural, allowing for mobile creation such as writing long notes, editing documents, or taking action on ideas.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Clicks introduces powerful iOS keyboard shortcuts, enhancing productivity.
  • CMD + H to navigate to the home screen
  • CMD + Space to launch Search
  • Space bar to scroll through web pages
36 Customizable Action Buttons: These can be used to launch Apple Shortcuts or control apps and tasks.
Backlight for Typing at Night: The keyboard backlight allows for comfortable typing in low-light conditions.

No Charging Needed: Clicks connects directly to the iPhone through Lightning or USB-C, eliminating the need for a separate battery or Bluetooth connection.

Clicks Keyboard App: Users can customize brightness levels, dim timeouts, battery optimization options, alt lock, and caps lock.

Pricing Breakdown

The Clicks Keyboard for iPhone 15 Pro is priced at RM669, while the model for iPhone 15 Pro Max is available for RM769. Both versions come in a variety of colors, including the popular London Sky.

Experience the innovative Clicks Keyboard and discover how it can transform your iPhone use with precision and convenience. With various options available, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your productivity or simply enjoy a more tactile typing experience, the Clicks Keyboard offers something for everyone. For more details and to explore the range of colors, visit Swap Asia.

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Cetaphil® Deepens Bonds with Malaysian Community in Partnership with Mira Filzah as Brand Ambassador for 2024

Exciting news from Cetaphil® – Malaysia's No.1 dermatological skincare brand – as they proudly unveiled their latest collaboration! I’m so thrilled to introduce you the newest face of Cetaphil® for 2024, none other than the Malaysian actress and entrepreneur, Mira Filzah, who has been appointed as Cetaphil's Brand Ambassador. And with that, in today’s post, I’d like to share with you my Cetaphil Skincare Regime. I know I use a lot of make up on a daily basis, but on times when my skin has a break, I would actually choose to reset my skin with this skincare routine.

With a new ambassador in role, Mira Filzah embodies more than just a celebrated actress; she represents the spirit of today's modern working urban moms. Her multifaceted roles as a professional and dedicated mother resonate with the diverse and dynamic women of our time. Despite her busy schedule, Mira prioritizes skin health, reflecting the essence of contemporary women who value self-care. As our Brand Ambassador, Mira not only symbolizes inspiration but also embodies Cetaphil's ethos of "We Do Skin, You Do You."

Beyond surface beauty, Mira,together with Cetaphil®,extends to a mission to promoting holistic skincare as a vital aspect of a healthy lifestyle. She will not only represent the brand but also serve as an inspirational figure, encouraging women of all ages to embrace skincare routines that reflect Cetaphil's commitment to addressing skin concerns and achieving healthy skin. Between us, we understand the importance of skincare in today's era, especially when the pollution around us continues to escalate day by day.

Expressing her excitement about the partnership, Mira Filzah shares, “Teaming up with Cetaphil® is more than just collaboration – it's about celebrating self-love. As a working mom, I understand the balancing act, but skincare remains an essential daily ritual for maintaining skin health. I'm honored to join Cetaphil®, inspiring others to prioritize self-care.”

My Skincare Routine!

During Ramadan 2024, Cetaphil had an array of engaging initiatives and with that being said, I actually took some products home because they were having such a good deal that was too hard to resist. With extra savings, im giving my skin more than just savings, but basically replenishing my skins needs with healthier skin thanks to Cetaphil’s formulation that’s gentle enough even on sensitive skin.

During the Raya period earlier this year, Cetaphil has this 30. Days kulit sihat challenge which im actually taking on the challenge post raya because why not? Im very much aware that sometimes the skin taken for granted, so im highlighting that theres no harm in giving your skin some TLC with a whole 30 days commitment as it seemed to be a challenge that you should be taking at any time of the year too! That being said, I’m proud to share that I took up that 30 day challenge because I wanted healthy, glowy skin

While I managed to visit one of their roadshows at IOI City Mall Putrajaya, I managed to purchase some Cetaphil products, the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, and the Cetaphil Moisturiser, together with their ultra lightweight sunscreen for myself and really, this is more that enough to give your skin a good reset. Now let me elaborate more on my skincare routine that you can choose to follow if youre looking to reset your skin.

Step 1: Cleanser

One of the OG’s that you should really consider getting is the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I’ve been using this using my teenage years, and each time when my skin is acting up, it does the trick to give my skin a good reset by removing any impurities without stripping the skin’s layers. It has a gel-like texture, so don’t expect it to foam as much, but really, what I love about this cleanser is that after each cleanse, your skin still feels really moist and hydrated. Did I mention that it provides up to 48 hours hydration in first wash, doesn't strip off skin's natural oil as well.

STEP 2: Serum

After cleansing the skin, I would apply this Bright Healthy Radiance Serum by Cetaphil just to lighten my pigmentation concerns . Its super lightweight when spreading over the skin, and most importantly, I do notice that after 14 days of using this, it allowed me to have this naturally glowing skin. I’ve been facing pigmentation issues, and this really helped me lighten my pigmentation in result giving me glowing skin.

STEP 3 :Moisturize

I never loved moisturizers, but this was an exception because it can be used for both face and body without leaving any sticky residue! It has this very light texture that is well absorbed by the skin, and I just love that it provides this protective layer over the skin keeping the skin hydrated for hours thus preventing any dryness when you’re out and about. After applying this over my face, I would actually apply this around my elbow areas as well cause I’ve been getting cracked dried elbows lately, and this did the trick to giving my elbow that healthy appearance. With 48 hours of hydration, it helps with skin barrier by repairing it in just 1 week.
STEP 4: Sunscreen

And before starting my day, I cant leave the house without using the ⁠Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Light Gel. Why? Because im in my 30s and sunscreen has got to be one of the most important skincare when it comes to protecting the skin from harsh UV rays. With that being said, always remember to apply sunscreen and use the two finger rule when applying it over the skin. Always remember to protect the skin win sunscreen to prevent aging skin.

Also managed to get my skin analysed previously, apparently my skin is not a fan of the sun

After completing the “30 Hari Kulit Sihat Raya Berseri”challenge, and I must say, my skin has been well-behaved despite the fasting. I love how each day has a difference challenge set by Cetaphil. The campaign itself, reminds you to give your skin some love too. I just love that the skincare steps with Cetaphil have always been minimal, yet still providing my skin and body with all the essential care it needs. 

My skin appearance after my 30 days challenge

And with that, I shall conclude my skincare with these 4 simple steps to practice. ⁠I have no doubts when it comes to Cetaphil as its known to be the No. 1 dermatological skincare brand in Malaysia. And thanks to its Pioneer in researching sensitive skin for over 75 years the brand offers a Core blend of ingredients strengthens the skin barrier, boosting ALL (15) ceramide classes in the skin. Be sure to check out Cetaphil on Instagram and Facebook. You can also check out this site to explore on Cetaphil’s skincare range to check out. 

Friday, May 31, 2024

Dododots Announces Partnerships with Quby and Guardian, Giveaway Event at Mid Valley Megamall on June 1, 2024

Dododots, the brand known for its colorful and effective pimple patches, has unveiled two major milestones. The first is a collaboration with the popular chat sticker character Quby, and the second is the expansion of its presence through the pharmacy brand Guardian.

Recently, Dododots introduced a limited edition Dododots x Quby mystery pack, featuring a blind box concept where the contents are unknown until opened. Each pack contains a random sheet of Quby pimple patches from a series of four designs. Quby, a beloved chat sticker in messaging apps, is recognized for its distinctive large head, rosy cheeks, and stick-like limbs. These patches, featuring Quby in various poses and outfits, will be available exclusively at all Guardian outlets in West Malaysia and Singapore from June 1, 2024. Each design will be sold in individual packs at RM18.00 per pack, with themes including:

- **I’m Just Quby**: Quby expressing different moods.

- **Work Quby**: Quby in career mode.

- **Baby Quby**: Younger versions of Quby.

- **Dream Quby**: Whimsical Quby designs.

To celebrate the new product launch, Dododots will give away 500 packs of Dododots x Quby pimple patches in front of the Guardian outlet at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, starting at 2:00 PM this weekend while supplies last.

Esther Wong, CEO of Dodo Ventures Sdn Bhd and co-founder of Dododots, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Quby and the brand’s expansion through Guardian, which will also see Dododots products available in Guardian stores in Vietnam and Brunei soon. She emphasized the brand's mission to help individuals with acne feel confident, with fun yet functional pimple patches designed to cover, protect, and speed up healing while uplifting the user’s mood.

Dododots, created by Malaysian founders Esther Wong and Ethan Wong, combines their backgrounds in medical biotechnology, environmental biology, and microbiology. Launched in 2021 during the pandemic, Dododots offers FDA-approved, ISO- and CE-certified pimple patches made from 100% hydrocolloid material, available in various shapes and designs. These patches are suitable for all skin types and can also be used for small cuts, wounds, and mosquito bites.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL is now Available in Malaysia | New Skincare Range 2024

It's undeniable that women and beauty are inseparable. Healthy, radiant skin is a key to self-confidence, but as we age, maintaining youthful skin becomes increasingly challenging. Am I right?

Every woman experiences skin aging differently. The busy lifestyles and environmental factors faced by modern women, whether they are career-oriented or homemakers, drive them to seek effective, quick, and safe solutions for their skin aging issues.


SAFI, Malaysia’s number one Halal skincare brand, is revolutionizing skincare with the launch of SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL. This new skincare range addresses aging concerns with a powerful combination of premium ingredients. The formula includes 3x Retinol Power, 98% Gold Peptides, and Squalane, which are clinically proven to renew, restore elasticity, and reduce signs of aging within 14 days. 

The benefits of SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL’s Premium Ingredients

3x Retinol Power: Rapidly renews skin cells, brightens skin, and reduces pigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines.
Squalane: Moisturizes and naturally hydrates the skin, improving and refining its texture.
98% Gold Peptides: Enhances skin elasticity, improves texture, strengthens the skin barrier, and boosts collagen production.


1| SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL Skin Renewing Radiance Cleanser (100g / RM 19.90) for deep cleansing.
2| SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL Skin Refining Light Miracle Essence (100ml / RM49.90) for boosting skin radiance.
3| SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL Skin Regenerate Serum Ampoule (15ml / RM30.90) for skin renewal.
4| SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL Skin Repairing Moisturizer Serum (40g / RM39.90).
5| SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL 3x Sun Protection SPF50+ PA++++ (25g, RM25.90) for UV protection.

During the launch for SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL ,we had Dr. Syairah Nadia Mohamad, an Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Specialist, who shared insights on skin aging and debunked myths about retinol who emphasised that if aging skin issues are not addressed early, one might see fine lines, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and deep age spots. Retinol is the solution. Its superior formulation is suitable for all skin types, safe for daily use, both day and night, without causing side effects.

According to researched based results: 

100% agreed their skin appeared brighter and wrinkles were reduced within 14 days.
92% noticed firmer and more elastic skin.
75% saw brighter and more radiant skin quickly.
72% observed fewer fine lines and wrinkles.
71% agreed their skin felt softer and smoother within 7 days.
Skin tone became brighter in just 1 week.
Hyperpigmentation reduced in 3 days.

Siti Nordiana Appointed as SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL Ambassador

Safi Malaysia introduced local celebrity Siti Nordiana as the ambassador for SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL, representing the brand as the quintessential “Safi Woman”. Siti Nordiana, known for her elegance and confidence, inspires women at all stages of life. She expressed her honor in being chosen as SAFI's representative, a trusted skincare brand for many. Her beauty journey led her to this range, and she shared her experiences with aging skin challenges due to her busy career and skincare interests.

Siti Nordiana enthusiastically shared her transformative 14-day journey with SAFI YOUTH GOLD RETINOL. She observed remarkable improvements in her skin’s overall texture, noting that it became significantly softer and smoother to the touch. The fine lines around her eyes and mouth diminished noticeably, while dark spots and hyperpigmentation started to fade, giving her a more even skin tone. Additionally, she experienced a brighter, fresher complexion that radiated health and vitality. The increased hydration from the product made her skin feel plump and well-moisturized, enhancing its natural glow and resilience. This positive change in her skin’s appearance and texture left her more confident and satisfied with her skincare routine.

Now Available in stores

Experience these amazing products exclusively at Watsons nationwide. Don’t miss the chance to achieve younger, more beautiful skin! For more information and the latest promotions, visit SAFI's official website at, follow SAFI on Facebook at, and on Instagram at #SafiYouthGoldRetinol #SafiMalaysia

Thursday, May 9, 2024

KTM DUKE Celebrates 30th Anniversary in Malaysia!

KTM, the renowned Austrian motorcycle brand, recently marked the 30th anniversary of its iconic DUKE series with a vibrant celebration at Subang SkyPark RAC on May 4th, 2024. Themed ‘No Bullshit,’ the event highlighted the essence of authenticity and unveiled four new Naked bike models tailored for the Malaysian market alongside the existing DUKE lineup.

For three decades, KTM DUKE motorcycles have captivated riders with their cutting-edge design, safety features, and empowering performance, enabling riders to conquer roads with confidence. The series has continually pushed boundaries, introducing bold innovations to meet evolving market demands.

Mr. Goi, Marketing Strategy Manager of KTM Malaysia, emphasized that the anniversary celebration was more than just recognizing milestones; it was about fostering community and creating lasting riding memories. The ‘No Bullshit’ theme echoed the series's ethos of raw power and authenticity, reaffirming the DUKE range's commitment to uncompromising performance.

The event showcased the introduction of four new DUKE models — KTM 250 DUKE, KTM 390 DUKE, KTM 990 DUKE, and KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R. Adorned in the exclusive Electronically Dazzling Metallic Orange (ED) color, these models boast enhanced features such as a built-in Quickshifter for KTM 250 DUKE and KTM 390 DUKE, promising exhilarating rides and seamless maneuverability.

Further expanding the lineup, the 2024 KTM 790 DUKE model is set to debut in Q3 2024, manufactured in China to cater to the Asian market. This model promises improved features and an attractive price point, building upon the series's legacy of high-performance motorcycles.

In addition to showcasing the existing DUKE lineup in Malaysia, including models like KTM 200 DUKE, KTM 790 DUKE, KTM 890 DUKE R, and KTM 1290 DUKE, the event featured DUKEHANA, a thrilling biking track where riders demonstrated their skills and tested the capabilities of these motorcycles.

For more information about the new KTM DUKE models, interested individuals are encouraged to contact authorized KTM dealerships across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak. These dealerships, certified by KTM Austria, offer professional services by trained mechanics. Visit to locate an authorized dealer near you. Scan the QR code below for marketing material.