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Borneo Street KL 2019 in Sunway Velocity KL

Presenting the Largest Borneo Street KL 2019 Festival at Sunway Velocity
Borneo is also known to be the East of Malaysia where its rich with tribes and different cultures, sharing a part of the world's third largest island! It's usually a flight away if youre planning to visit from West Malaysia, but now with the Borneo Street KL taking over Klang Valley, you wont have to pay for your flight ticket to be able to enjoy the culture, the food and even the textiles that they have to offer. The Largest 2019 Borneo Festival in KL was held from 17th July to 21st July at Sunway Velocity Mall over the weekend.

Here is where you'll find Borneo treasures without having to fly all the way to Borneo
Handmade beads are available for sale
They also have textile that are authentic from Borneo as well
What you can expect during this festival would be to expose yourself to Borneo's diverse culture all in one location. The international Borneo Festival usually takes place at multiple locations in a year, and if you missed out on the one which recently happened in Sunway Velocity KL, fret not as there will be another 3 more festivals happening within the next 2 motnhs to come. Be sure to plan ahead to visit, as Borneo has a lot of surprises and culture to share during the festival.

The setting here is legit you guys, it felt like i was in Borneo already
They also had performances to show the ethic cultures of Borneo
And if you crave for Kek Lapis that are homemade, here is the place to be!
Scartch the comercialized ones cause these are the real deal!
Available in different flavours too!
Over the weekend, i visited Sunway Velocity Mall and Borneo Street KL, and i had no regrets taking my sweet time enjoying the environment of the Borneo Festival. The five-day event featured indigenous vendors situated amongst a giant atrium with larger-than-life bird cages, and was filled with colourful weaving artwork, lush greens and wood carvings. The vendors at the festival were all born and bred in Borneo, hailing from tribes such as the Penans to the Kadazans, Dusuns, Bidayuhs, Ibans and more. The highlights were as unique as the name of the event had suggested, and i think what really caught everyones attention was the Sago worms being presented for guest of the festival to enjoy.

Anyoen tempted to try the Sago worms? 
Testers of Kek Lapis is available too!
Not to forget the famous Sarawak peppers that you can also get it from the festival
Present during the festival was Dr Laurence John, who is the founder of Borneo Street KL, also shared on how excited he was to have co-organised the event with Sunway Velocity Mall. The opportunity enabled him to showcase what he has always been passionately doing for years after first marrying his Bornean wife: preaching on the wonders of Borneo and giving us more insight into the Sabah and Sarawak that we all know. 

This was a big hit if you happen to be visiting any Borneo Street KL festival. A MUST TRY!
Bamboo chicken, a popular Borneo fish as well
Skip your typical lunch and maybe get a taste of Borneo during this period!
The main highlights of the Largest 2019 Borneo Festival in KL were the amount of indigenous vendors concentrated in a 5,000 sqft atrium inside the mall, on top of the Sago Worm eating challenge and the Borneo Blowpipe Charity Challenge. There were easily more than 25 booths selling hand-sewn batik clothing and “songket”, handicrafts such as woven baskets, bags, lanyards, beaded accessories, and authentic delicacies such as “bambangan” (a unique fruit in Borneo, similar to mangoes), “hinava” (raw slices of fish marinated in chillies and lime), bamboo chicken, Sarawak kolo mee (springy noodles with a special dry sauce), Sarawak laksa and colourful layer cakes that we skillfully assembled. Not to forget, shoppers were also treated to generous samples of the ever-so-famous “tuak”, also known as rice wine that were harvested from the finest fields in Borneo and fermented up to 3-years. 

Also not to forget, you can also get in touch with the locals of Borneo and maybe make new friends too!
Or if youre daring, theres always a blowpipe charity challenge to join as well
To make things more interesting, the Borneo Blowpipe Charity Challenge was also initiated by Sunway Velocity Mall as part of its corporate social responsibility. During those sessions, participants from the public were given a chance to take aim at a wooden target with their blowpipes. For every target that was hit, Sunway Velocity Mall donated RM100 to the Penan Empowerment Networking Association, also known as PENA. PENA’s main goals are to advocate the Penans’ rights in the matter of citizenship and welfare, empower them in education, health and economy, and lastly, to preserve and and promote the Penans’ heritage which encompasses language, songs, dances, poems, crafts, celebrations and traditional sports. At the end of the festival, Sunway Velocity Mall has donated a total of RM2,5000.00 to PENA, in hopes that the small gesture would help them achieve their goals sooner. 

More textile that you can purchase and maybe turn it into a skirt/dress?
Rattan bags are popular in Borneo as well (They last long too!)
You can also get rice wine if you havent tried it already (Alcoholic)

And for honey lovers, you may also try honey from stingless bee's from Borneo
Throughout those five days, many interesting activities such as cultural dances by performers donned in impressive Borneo costumes, sago worm eating, handicraft demonstrations, food tasting sessions and mini educational tours were well received by the public. The festival also successfully drew residents from beyond Kuala Lumpur, reaching as far as towns like Bangsar and Petaling Jaya, prompting Ms Phang to comment that the mall would definitely be keen on revisiting the event again next year. For more updates on Borneo Street KL, feel free to visit their facebook page below. 

Borneo Street KL

Open Office Concept | Klook Now Has An Office in Malaysia!

Managed to pay a visit to Klook's brand new office in Malaysia!
Travel junkies, if you LOVE traveling the world, you'd surely know the existence of Klook by now as the world-leading travel activities and services booking platform. My first time using Klook was during my recent trip to Japan, and it's a great platform to book your tickets in advance as you skip the physical line at the ticket box of the tourist attraction. If you have not heard about Klook on the other hand, Klook provides travelers with seamless ways to discover and book attractions, tours, local transportation, food and unique experiences around the world through its website and award-winning app.

Got my insiders pass to take you with me on a tour of Klook's office
Checkout their Milestones within the past 1 year!
And since it was an office warming session, just look at all the food they had to offer!
Over the past week, I had an opportunity to actually explore Klook's new integrated office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Spanning over 15,000 sqft, Klook's new Malaysia hub is located in KL Eco City and will consolidate major functions such as business development, corporate services, marketing, and service operations under one roof. Since 2017 when Klook first explored the Malaysian market, they have grown pretty fast with its mobile-first approach to assist travelers, as they partner with local businesses such as Aquaria KLCC, KLIA Ekspres, guided tours in Penang and island hopping in Sabah. And now, Klook has on-boarded more than 500 local attractions and activities and im pretty sure that its still growing.

One of their biggest office rooms, enough for about 20 pax
They even have this cute phone booth in their office
More office rooms for smaller meetings and discussions
The overall office space layout/concept
The rejuvenating room for employees to take a break
Exploring the new space that also houses one fo the company's largest regional customer experience teams, the multilingual team is comprised of more than 100 people who speak a total of 8 languages and provide around the clock to support for Klook's customers across a variety of channels. By having a physical office in Malaysia, the team now has an added advantage to be closer to the ground to work with merchants, suppliers, and partners to better serve the needs of customers.
Thank you Klook for the delicious brownies presenting during our visit
The open concept pantry area
With the tourism industry growing rapidly with free and independent travelers (FIT), Klook notices that travelers are looking for alternatives to planning their own itineraries instead of going for the traditional tour packages. With Klook now, Malaysians now have the choice to create their own experiences. The app being easy to navigate, they have also had evidence that over 70% of Klook's booking is made from mobile with an increase of 25% increase in same-day bookings over the last year.

Did you know that Klook stands for Keep Looking? 

In terms of future plans, Klook will continue to help grow the local tourism community with the Klook Travel Fest happening in 2019. Currently set to be held from the 28th to 29th of September at MiTEC. This will be a massive one-weekend only event to connect Malaysians to great travel deals as well. The event will also involve strategic partnerships with local travel industries, lifestyle, and retail merchants. Attendees will be able to look forward to exciting performances, games, travel workshops and more!

FOOD CARNIVAL @ Lulu Hypermarket & Department Store

Back here at one of my favorite place to get my groceries done
Lulu Hypermarket being one of my favorite places to shop for groceries, especially when they have a wide variety of products that may not be available in other hypermarkets, I decided to visit their latest store at 1 Shamelin Mall, and to my surprise had a “Food Carnival’ campaign happening from 19 until 31 July 2019. This new store which is also Lulu’s 174th globally is strategically located in Cheras district of Kuala Lumpur. 

Just because it's a food carnival, I just had to take a mandatory shot with all the food they have
When there's a campaign, there's definitely promotions!
Present during the campaign launch we had YB Datuk Dr. Shahruddin Bin Md Salleh
Maggi at only RM3.29 per pack
And of course, they also have prego for RM3.25 per can!
From what I've been told, the festival is celebrated in all LULU around the world as part of the marketing effort to introduce various food from all over the world to the Malaysians. It fits the Lulu slogan - Where the World Comes To Shop. Talk about shopping around the world right? Hehe. So, if you happen to be around planning to shop at LULU from the 19th of July till the 31st of July, you will get enjoy great offers from ready-to-eat and food-related items which are a part of the campaign promotion. I'd say that this would be a good time to discover their Hot Food section if you haven't already. There will be many types of food from local cuisines, Arabic, Indian, Oriental as well as delicious dessert, cookies & juices. 

Assorted Arabic sweet at only RM27.99/kg

Buying nuts at the roastery is a must when youre at Lulu's Hypermarket
Honestly speaking, when I found out about the Food Carnival happening at Lulu Hypermarket, my mind was set to invade the baklava section since its one of my favorite desserts that reminds me a lot of my Turkey trip. And for reals tho, their baklava collection at LULU is really tasty! Good news as if youre a fan of the sweet dessert too, in conjunction with the promotion, there are also having it on promotion thus its such a good time to buy and enjoy this delicacy with friends and family.


Since im there, im getting these long beans for dinner at RM4.99/kg
And since the baby in my tummy likes broccoli, im bringing this home too!
And oh, since this week is all about juices and salad, I also got myself south African apples to bring home as well
Also, just to give you a heads up so that you can plan your trip ahead, the staff there was nice enough to inform us that there will be thematic highlights throughout the month to promote different segments of food that everyone can enjoy. And since you took your time to come all the way here, the schedule would be as follows:

9th to 21st July 2019: Juices & Salad
22nd to 24th July 2019: Briyani
25th to 27th July 2019: Shawarma & Pizza
28th & 29th July 2019:  Rice & Noodles
30th to 31st July 2019: Grill & Kebabs

Think you got what it takes? Submit your recipe online and see if you have the cut for it!
While I was there, there were also the kids enjoying their coloring competition. SO CUTE!
Moreover, if you like pizza, there will also be an exclusive closing event where Lulu will be having a Big Pizza cutting ceremony happening on the 31st of July 2019, located at Lulu’s CapSquare. During this campaign period, Lulu will also be having some activities for their customers such as a Briyani Contest, Recipe contest, Cake decoration, coloring for kids and many more. So be sure to join some of these activities as their prizes are surely waiting for you. 


Currently, there are 2 ongoing promotions other than the Food Campaign as well. If you shop at LULU Hypermarket, you might be lucky enough to drive home a brand new Proton X70 as the Grand Prize for the Dream Drive Contest happening from the 1st of May till the 1st of September 2019. There are also many more prizes that are up for grabs otherwise such as an Apply iPhone 7+, UHD LED TV and Lulu Gift Vouchers. All you need to do is spend above RM75 in a single receipt during the promotion period and get your lucky draw coupon. It's that simple! 

Not to forget that they also have electronics on discounts as well
And I was so tempted to get this air fryer! Should I?
I was so happy when I found out that their Dutch Lady milk was on sale too! That goes in the trolley!
Also not to forget, did I mention that July 2019 is a good time to shop at LULU Hypermarket as well? There's currently an on-going sale where they are offering discounts up to 70% off! This sale will be happening from now until the 31st of July 2019 where shoppers will get a chance to enjoy great savings on ALL categories at unbeatable prices. Don't miss out on this great bargain! Be sure to follow Lulu's Social Media accounts to keep yourself updated with the latest offers happening at LuLu Hypermarket. 

Lulu Hypermarket Malaysia