Thursday, January 16, 2020

SSKlinic Transforms Dina Nadzir | SSSlim Lose Weight Treatment

Introducinv SSKlinic
Earlier this week, i was honored to be one of the lucky few guest to witness a sharing session with Dina Nadzir, former Malaysian Idol runner up winner and currently a radio DJ for ERA FM, who has lost a few kg’s on a programme by SSKlinik. Dont be surprised if you dont recognize her as she has lost 6 kilograms within 4 weeks after going through SSKlinik’ssignature slimming treatment, SSSlim.

Dina Nadzir feeling like a new perosn
During the sharing session, Dina Nadzir was present to unveil her slimmer figure at SSSklinik in Damansara 3, in Petaling Jaya. Commenting on her weight loss, Dina said, “I feel like a new person after losing about six kilograms in about four weeks. Now, I can fit into my party dress again! Alhamdulillah. SSSlim has shown me that it is not just about eating healthy food, you must have it in the right portion as well.” 

Dina Nadzir sharing her slimming experience with SSKlinic
If you were not aware, Dina Nadzir was appointed as the SSKlinic ambassador in Malaysia last November in 2019, which also i believed Dina Nadzir has achieved in becoming a slimmer figure within just less than 3 months! During the sharing session, Dina Nadzir was shocked that she actually lost weight and feels good about her body despite the short duration. Another cute note she added during the sharing session was that she can now cross her lega when standing which she finds it to be a HUGE achievement. 

Maximum Results with Minimum Time

Consultation room
For your information, SSKlinic offers an extensive range of aesthetics and slimming treatments for those who are seeking to improve health-wellness and overall appearance. Their clinic is located in Klang Valley, and happens to be one of the leaders in the aesthetic and slimming industry which provides a whole-range of medical-focused skin and slim treatments that uses medical grade devices that meets everyone’s needs. Consider it as like your one stop beauty centre from skin to slimming needs and skip the multiple stops on getting the job done.

Slimming treatment equipments

Skincare treatment room and machineries
What impressed me the most during my visit at SSSklinic was that i found out that each treatment is carried out by a team not only by a therapists and beauticians, but also by highly skilled doctors too! All tretments offered here are developed by certified aesthetic doctors and are supported hybthe industrys leading technologies. Making a few stops at the treatment rooms, it does give you that minimal clinical feel that gurantees that hygiene is very well controlled as well. 


Some of the MediGlow Skincare Range
Unique sunblock in form of Jelly
And before i forget, SSKlinic also carries their own skincare range too! MediGlow skincare range is used exclusively at the SSKlinic which are proven safe dermatogivally and clinically. Founded in 2009 and formulated by certified doctors, the professional medical grade products has been formulated to be suitable for all skin types from all age groups. Even the best ingredients are uniquely sourced from reputable sources from Switzerland, France, Japan, Korea, US and Taiwan to ensure superior quality for the clients.


Current CNY Promotion
If you may be interested to enquire for treatments according to your budget, SSKlinic offers a pay as you wish option to be in line with everyone’s goal in renewing self-confidence for the new year.  Launching a new campaign where first-time customers are eligible to enjoy one-time first trial treatment worth up to RM 470** at any amount which one wishes to pay. Amazing right?! This promotion is exclusively for credit card holders only.

*Terms and conditions apply.
**Eligible for one single treatment.

For more information on SSKlinic services offered in Malaysia, please visit the website at Keep yourself updated on the latest updates on SSKlinic on Facebook ( and Instagram ( You can also follow Dina’s journey by searching through these hashtags #nakkurusnakcantik #dinasjourney

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

realme Buds Air | Wireless Music on the Go + realme 5i Launched!

Presenting the newly launched realme Buds Air and realme 5i 
Music lovers, good news for you cause realme just recently launched its True Wireless Smart Assistant realme Buds Air together with their newest addition to the realme 5 series, the realmi 5i. Taking a huge leap forward, realme has proven to be among the tech lifestyle brand that delivers a leap forward performance that enhances the life of the Malaysian youth and Millenials. Being in my mid 20's at the moment, I must say that realme does give a hip vibe to their tech gadgets.

Chcekout the realme Buds Air and listen to Ha-tepuk for a realme win!
Without any doubt, im pretty sure that realme has generated organic fans as they offer affordable devices that offer a leap forward into a tech lifestyle without burning a hole in your wallet. Kicking off 2020, believe it or not, they have finally brought in the wireless realme Buds Air, which has been raving throughout the news this month. Im not even kidding, you can literally google 'realme Buds Air' and you'll see all the tech sites raving about the price and the features that it offers.

realme Buds Air - True Wireless Smart Assistant

realme Buds Air priced at RM299
Adding into their lates accessories portfolio, the realme Buds Air, this device offers a wireless experience that has no cables, and ensuring you get to enjoy true music freedom! Elevating the true wireless experience, the accessory uses a custom R1 chip with Bluetooth 5.0 that enables an instant and stable connection between the earbuds and the phone. Not to forget, the accessory also offers better battery performance and accessible smart controls.

The realme Buds Air specifications
Not to forget, it also comes with a casing that is powered by 10W Wireless Charger to charge your earbuds safely. The charger casing comes with LED lights on the front to provide real-time charge indication, so that you won't have to worry about your earbuds accidentally not being charged. The realme Buds Air provides a total of 17 hours of non-stop music playback and you can also check on the battery status through your phone. How cool is that?

Exciting Features

Get it paired with a simple press of a button
Honestly, I was hooked on these Buds air when I found out that it supports intelligent touch operation and provides smart controls to answer or end calls, switch music, launch voice assistant and enter or exit performance mode with a touch. With its built-in Google Assitance, it lets the user experience a new lifestyle without taking out your phone to control music playback, calls, volume adjustment and information services, such as updating you about the weather.

Easy controls for you to control on the go
1 Day sale at only RM199 via Shopee
Design-wise, I would have to say it has been designed to be the perfect universal fit. It's highly fitting and naturally integrates with my ear really well. It adopts full-arc design and each R Angle is made with more than 20 arcs, making it more rounded physically conveying a sense of ease. Not to forget that it weighs less than an A4 size paper, making it feel really comfortable, too good that its almost like nothings there. It currently retails at RM299, but if youre quick for delas, they are having a 1 day sale on Shopee with an exclusive price of RM199 that starts at 12AM, on 21 January 2020. So, act fast!

realme 5i - Quad Camera Battery Hero

realme 5i with Ultra-Wide Quad Camera
To accompany the realme Buds Air launching, the realme 5i was also introduced as the Quad Camera Battery Hero. The phone is powered by an 11nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AIE processor that operates at a clock speed of 2.0GHz along with enhanced gaming performance (perfect for mobile gamers) and 3rd generation Qualcomm AI Engine, providing outstanding performance in their price segments. It is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery providing users the best battery life performance and up to 30-day standby. How insane is that? Its equipped with fireproof protective separation and triple precautions to guarantee battery safety. The device also packs a leading image experience with widely praised quad camera setup – 119° ultra wide-angle lens (8MP), main camera (12MP), portrait lens (2MP) and ultra macro lens (2MP). Its main camera also supports a better EIS effect, so users can take more stabilized videos while moving.

Aesthetically, realme 5i features the latest Sunrise Design with grains on the back cover which is processed by industry-leading German five-axis precision radium carving machine. realme 5i will be available in 2 colors namely Aqua Blue and Forest Green. On a personal note, I would have to say the Forest Green definitely caught my eye for being very eye-catching when it comes to color, and wouldn't you say that the color itself would really create a statement within the mobile tech industry for being so unique?

Well, I guess that's all for now and be sure to checkout realme's official sites to keep yourself updated with the latest realme trend. To find out more about our events and promotions, do follow realme on their Facebook page and as well as their Instagram at @realmemalaysia.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Olathee Luslimlabeb Slimming Tea's safe for Mommies X Madam Ell's Birthday Bash

Attending Madam Ell's Birthday Bash X Luslimlabeb Launch
Being a breastfeeding mom, the struggle of consuming what is safe for the baby can be challenging at times. And to some mom’s out there, you would understand the amount of food we have to eat in order to keep the supply available for the baby constantly. And with that, its actually very challengknf for a breastfeeding mom to maintain an ideal body weight since we tend to overconsume at times. (Inserts sad face here)

With the birthday girl / entreprenuer
Presenting tea that is safe for breastfeeding mommies
So, when i found out about Olathee Luslimlabeb, i was amazed to encounter that they offer a slimming tea that is safe for breastfeeding moms. Like, you heard me right huney, its slimming tea designed to be safe for breastfeeding mommies. As a mum, I understand the struggle of juggling with a baby at hand which usually takes up most of your time where you can say bye bye to you evening exercises as the baby starts crying the moment you try to leave the house. But with Olathee Luslimlabeb, now its possible to lose weight without the need to go on a crazy intensive diet, not require to keep up with an exercise routine.

Before i go into the breastfeeding friendly variant, they started off with 2 variants offered by Olathee Luslimlabeb Slimming Tea, one to be consumed in the morning and the other to be consumed just before you head off to bed. The Morning Boost Tea has been designed to give you a boost of energy in the morning, while the Evening Doze Off relaxes the mind and body while giving the body natural slimming benefits. The secret behind these tea's would be that Luslimlabeb uses a secret herb that is usually expensive when bought in stores individually and can be hard to find due to its availability.

Based on Madam Ell's first hadn experience
Luslimlabeb has made it more convinient for consumers to consume slimming tea while reducing the time of preparation that usually takes up a lot of time, especially when preparing the ingredients is not conveniently pre-packed in a tea bag. Luslimlabeb has proven to have assisted women who are obese and overweight concerns to achieve their ideal BMI, giving them more confidence in appearance and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Got my eyes on the Luslimlabeb Rooibose & Roselle Tea Mix
Ready packed in tea bags for easy preparation
Now with the product being proven to work, Luslimlabeb now has a team of Ultimate babes with Ultimate results who has lost at least 10kg's to be non-categorized within the obese department, and that is impressive! This beats your regular slimming tea as its also designed to be safe to consume for mommies too. Being a fully breastfeeding mom, i was surprised to find that they have another variant specially designed for mommies too! With a year of R&D, Luslimlabeb has managed to design a slimming tea that is natural and safe for breastfeeding.

Dip the teabag in hot water for at least 3 minutes and its ready to be consumed
Now i dont have to worry about enjoying tea while breastfeeding! Thank you Madam Ell!
The Luslimlabeb for mommies uses 7 types of herbs that functions to help in losing weight but yet still safe for mommies to consume when they are breastfeeding. Im surprised to see Luslimlabeb taking consideration for mommies who want to lose weight after delivery too. I had a taste of it and i would have to say that the flavour is pretty decent. I was expecting it to taste bitter, but surprisingly i love the slight sour taste it has and i actually enjoyed it without sugar. Yums!

Thank you for creating 
All in all, i would have to say that Olathee Luslimlabeb is worth trying and it may help you with losing weight without putting too much effort in commitment. I still believe that if you consume slimming tea while also making some time to exercise at least once a week, that would help speed up the process of losing weight. Honestly im enjoying the fact that i can enjoy drinking tea without the need to worry about breastfeeding my baby. Do check out their official sites below for more info on what Olathee Luslimlabeb has to offer.

Olathee Luslimlabeb

Sunday, December 29, 2019

[FOOD REVIEW] Barnana Leaf Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur by Masala Wheels

Check out this delicious plate of Briyani Banana Leaf
Being in food heaven a.k.a Malaysia, one of the most popular dishes that we have here would be Banana Leaf. It may be a struggle to find the best Banana Leaf that Kuala Lumpur has to offer, but I've stumbled upon a very unique place within the heart of Kuala Lumpur called Banana Leaf Restaurant by Masala Wheels located just next to Red Sirocco Hotel. Skipping all the hassle, let me share with you a review of what this store has to offer. Scroll away!

The shop is located right nextto Red Sirocco Hotel
The humble menu of what they have to offer
Now, you may see and heard of the basic Banana Leaf, but what if I told you that you can enjoy Briyani and Banana Leaf at the same time? Well, surprise! Instead of the usual banana leaf, this restaurant offer Briyani served in Banana Leaf. YUMMY! There are 3 varieties to try namely, the Vegetable Briyani, Chicken Briyani, and Mutton Briyani. Also, let me just highlight this to you that the Briyani exlusive is available every Sunday ONLY.

Vegetable Briyani - RM12

Vegetable Briyani 
Starting off with the Vegetable Briyani, I must say that this was surprisingly one of my favorite Briyani that they had to offer. Despite it being vegetarian, it's very rich in flavor and very much enjoyable with curry and dhal that is also served with the dish. Not to forget, it's only priced at RM12 per serving and the best part, it's always served hot! So when the Briyani touches the banana leaf (that serves as a plate), the aroma just fills in the air to give you a little teaser of what is going to fill your stomach.

Chicken Briyani - RM18

Chicken Briyani
Especially for chicken lovers, the Briyani rice is actually cooked with chicken leaving the rice grains to be packed with the essence of chicken. Personally speaking, I was surprised to find the dish being very generous with the amount of chicken. The spices of the chicken actually went really well with the biryani dish and I would have to highlight that the chicken was really tender thus really enjoyable to indulge into. The flavour was not at all too strong, and it had just the right amount of flavour within the dish.

Mutton Briyani - RM24

Mutton Briyani
And last but not least would be the Mutton Briyani. I was expecting the spices within this dish to be pretty similar to the chicken biryani, but I guess I was wrong. When I had a bite on the Mutton Briyani dish, im surprised to find that the taste of mutton was all over each grain of rice. The portion of the mutton wasn't as much as the chicken, but I guess it does fills the tummy pretty well when youre hungry considering mutton is a little more on the heavier side when it comes to digestion. If you love mutton, then this is a must-try!

Always served with a clay pot where the Briyani is prepared and served on banana leaf
Nothing beats enjoying Briyani with a glass of Teh Tarik Ice
I guess to conclude my visit here, I would have to say that I love the presentation and the taste of the food! The biryani is served in a clay pot being poured onto your banana leaf plate, accompanied with a whole egg, fermented onions, curry and dhal for you to enjoy. Im usually not a fan of curry from the typical 'Mamak stalls', but their curry is definitely one of a kind. It's very rich in flavor and trust me, you'd have no regrets dining here! it's reasonably priced and won't burn a hole in your pocket. The menu is pretty straight forward and what they offer is what they take pride in. So, if youre looking for some good Briyani Banana Leaf in Kuala Lumpur, I recommend you try this!

Barnana Leaf by Masala Wheels

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

ORGGA | Malaysian Organic Skincare

Reviewing ORGGA, Natural Skincare that works!
I cant be more proud to share with you a Malaysian Skincare, ORGGA, offering the Natural Skincare that works! ORGGA has a mission to be the first Malaysian skincare brand that offers the best quality of all natural and organic ingredients that gives the skin positive results. And personally, i was won over the brand when i found out that they are natural, organic, cruelty free, safe and effective to be used on the skin. If other skincare goes wrong, this may be your safest bet being available right here in Malaysia.

The 4 products to be reviewed today
As you would know, i have combination skin and it pretty much sucks that 1 skincare range is never good enough because of all the types of concerns that i have for mny skin. Well yes, i had natural glowy skin when i was pregnant, but after giving birth, i was surprised with acne popping up here and there, and dont get me started on the oil production my skin is producing (yucks!). Stumbling upon ORGGA, i found their values very trustworthy and i decided to give this skincare a go. And since the results were rather impressive, it definitely deserves a blogpost on what i think about it.

In today's post i'll be sharing with you 4 products from ORGGA that caught my attention, and plus, its very versatile for any skin-type. Skipping the typical skincare set, i decided to go for the Bacca Bliss 3 in 1 Daily Cleansing Powder, the Rose Otto Nourishing Face Mist, the Libra Luxe Beauty Oil and the Rose Quartz Face Roller. Now lets get into details!

Bacca Bliss 3 in 1 Daily Cleansing Powder

Orgga French Rose Daily Cleansing Powder
Comes in powder form, and can be used as a cleanser or mask
Honestly i was intrigued by the idea that its made out of Rasberry, Strawberry, Grape Seed and Licorice Root. Being a berry fan, i was already hooked to the idea of having berries within the list of ingredients. Skip the boring cream cleanser, the texture of this is in a form of a cleansing powder which i find to be very unique. There are 3 functions of this which would be that it cleanses, exfoliates and also can be used as a mask. Woohoo!

Feels like gentle exfoliation
To use this, i would usually remove my make up then rinse my face so that its slightly damp. Pour around 1 tsp of powder on palm, mix it with water till it becomes like paste, then gently massage your face in circular motion. Then rinse and pat, its as easy as that! If you want to use this as a mask, you may also use leave it on as a mask for 2-5 minutes. I've been using this as a cleanser for a week now, and my skin seems to love the formulation of it as i havent experienced any break outs! Yay!

Rose Otto Nourishing Face Mist

Rose Otto Nourishing Face Mist
Next would be the Rose Otto Nourishing Face Mist which can also be a substitute to your toner. I love the idea that it comes in a spray bottle, so i wont need to applying it on a cotton pad but instead apply it directly to my face with just 2 sprays. Its formulated with  hydrosol, fruit extracts, rich essential oils, vegetable glycerin and aloe vera which did a good job in leaving my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised.

All you need is a few spritz to feel refreshed
To use this, i would usually hold it about 15cm away from face and it would be advisable to gently shake the bottle before spraying to face. Spray it lightly over face and neck, then gently pat face till dry or till the skin fully absorbs mist. I love that the mist feels very lightweight on skin, and if you have pore concerns like me, then this works well in closing up your pores after cleansing.

Lindo Luxe Beauty Oil

Libra Luxe Beauty Oil
Next would be the Libra Luxe Beauty Oil which is one of ORGGA products that i was really excited to try. I never thought that oil can actually help the skin condition even if youre facing concerns such as oily skin. ORGGA offers 3 types of oils, but this time around im using Lindo, which has been specially formulated for those having oily and acne concerns, which makes it perfect for my skin type. Formulated with 10 types of botanical oil and 6 high quality essential oils, im surprised that its reasonably priced!

As you can see, the texture look spretty oily
But when applied, surprisingly it feels pretty lightweight
To use this, i would usually apply this after the mist, and just slightly before skin fully dries. If its your first time applying oil to your skin, i would advise you to skip the moisturizer cream cause this moisturizes your skin good enough. Take 2-3 drops of oil then gently massage the skin. In terms of texture, i would have to say that its oily (duh) at first, but after giving the skin a good massage, it becomes lighter and skin just feels moisturized. Not to forget, did you know that after applying this, i find that it works great as a makeup primer as well?

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz Face Roller
To encourage skin with better absorption
The Rose Quartz Face Roller is actually an additional benefit for the skin if youre looking to pamper your skin with a luxurious treat. I've done some research and found that by using a Roze Quartz, it helps to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin. Other benefits of using quartz as a face roller would be that it stimulates collagen production, reduces fine lines, helps reduce pores, increases skin elasticity.


Definitely feeling like i have that natural glow #nomakeup
And with that being said, as a verdict, i would like to say that im pretty impressed with ORGGA for developing a skincare range that has been very well thought off, while using high quality ingredients that would actually benefit the skin by using natural organic ingredients. As you can see, i've used 3 products plus a face roller to maintain my skin, and i am loving the results as i do see my skin condition improving. I can conclude that Orgga uses premium ingredients that is afforadable for everyone. I honestly cant wait to try other products that they have to offer soon! Be sure to check out ORGGA by visiting their social sites to find out more on what they have to offer.


Alcohol, Hydroquinone, Mercury, SLS, Paraben, Synthetic Preservative, Sulfates, 
Synthetic colouring & fragrance and any harmful chemicals.y