Thursday, June 29, 2023

Ferria KL | Hidden Luxe Rainforest RestoGrill in the Heart of KL

When it comes to the end of the week, i decided to catch up with my bestie Miriam to this luxe rainforest restogrill. I heard that their chefs specialise in charcoal grilling and modern methods that would you leave with an impression of casual but luxe dining. Ferria at Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur (Opposite Pavilion) aims to offer fellow KL-ites the greatest grill bar that they have to offer. So today, let me take you on a virtual food review on my thoughts of what we had while we were at Ferria - Kuala Lumpur's brand-new grill and bar restaurant, that has just opened its doors in the centre of the city.

The restaurant's opulent jungle theme improves the gastronomic and sensory experience. In addition to enjoying premium cocktails at the outdoor bar, you can also choose to dine in and explore their extensive menu to indulge into. If you're not in the mood to drink alcohol, don’t worry as they also have interesting mocktail options as well. I had the Copenhagen Sparkling Tea which was an interesting blend of Jasmin, White Tea and Darjeeling while my date had their in-house champagne.

Now, let’s get into the mains that you'll have to try when you visit. Just a little reminder for those planning to visit, Ferria offers KL-ites with the best grill bar, Ferria chefs specialise in charcoal grilling and use cutting-edge methods. With that being said, it's definitely a must to explore their gastronomic menu to get a taste of the real Ferria dining experience. While I was there, we had a decent spread of appetizers, mains and some to-share bites. 

Starting off with the appetizers, we had the Watermelon Poppers and the Lambazon Skewers which was one of the best combination to tease our taste buds. I started off with the Watermelon Poppers and my comments on it was that it was really refreshing. With citrus tinge and herbs, it’s definitely a great conversation starter if you’re on a date. The Lamazon Skewer actually looks like satay, but what surprised me was that it was really tender. The lamb literally just melts in your mouth and the spices that it’s marinated in gave just the right kick to enjoy it’s savoury flavour. 

As our mains for the day, I had the XL Freshwater Prawn roll which came with a big freshwater prawn, crispy French beans, and a soft homemade milk brioche, was a delectable main dish. Not going to lie, what I enjoyed the most about this dish was that it had flavours of fresh prawn! It's like you can still taste the flavour of the sea, combined with its homemade milk brioche, for the crispy French beans it was ultimate perfection of flavours in your mouth when paired with Wasabi Mayo.

My date on the other hand had the Tarzan Arrabiata just to explore the flavours of the wild side (pun intended). This dish would be enjoyed by those who adore spices! The dish is served with tiger prawns, soft shell crab and chilean mussels which tasted really fresh. I’m very particular on seafood, so when I say its fresh, it is served out from the freshest that they have to offer. If you enjoy your seafood to be accompanied by pasta, this dish is definitely worth ordering.

And going into some to-share dishes, we had the Tripple Cooked Hand Cut Fries which was a nice touch in sea salt flavours. At first I found it slightly salty, but after all, its sea salt. It’s a great to share that you and your company can savour on over conversations. The fries had a unique twist in each bite especially when paired with their wasabi mayo that came with it. Overall, I would say it was flavourful and fries were really different than your regular fast-food joint. 

All in all, I would say that it’s a great location to dine & chill while catching up with friends over a nice cup of cocktails and mocktails in an amazon ambiance that lets you sit back and relax in the heart of the city. I honestly can’t wait to catch up with friends and come back to try out other dishes that they have on the menu. If you asked for a verdict, I would say that it’s a great location to de-stress in a jungle themed environment to let yourself loose from any tension from a hard day of work. Will I be going back again? It's definitely a yes. Can’t wait for my next visit! I hope you found this post informative and feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box below. Till my next post xx

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Bella Jamal | Malaysian lifestyle blogger

Bella Jamal is a well-known Malaysian blogger who focuses on culinary and modern lifestyles. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the National University of Malaysia. Bella Jamal, a part-time blogger, has had a professional corporate career in the social media department of the country's top telco. She has also written many articles about her passion for culinary and contemporary lifestyle. Selain itu, she is a cat whisperer, and she enjoys writing about these chubby angels.

In 2016, she discovered her love for blogging. She competed in essay and writing contests when she was in school, and this stoked her desire to write and share her thoughts on her blog, "Ini Adalah Bellarina Natasya." She once received encouragement from her teacher that she would succeed in journalism or writing in general. She chose to disregard it and go after her dreams in science. After 5 years in the business, she came to the conclusion that writing is her true passion, especially after receiving positive feedback on her articles about cooking and pets, which at the time had a 13 million viewer audience. The aforementioned articles are accessible at

Writing requires a lot of focus and effort, but for Bella, getting recognised as a writer is even more difficult.  Almost always, she had to juggle her time between her job and her love of writing. She repeatedly demonstrates to herself that she can handle pressure. When she first started blogging, it was a little discouraging for her to be surrounded by people who were unsupportive rather than encouraging, but persistence is the key to success. Being surrounded by people these days who support her in continuing to move forward greatly aids her work. 

Bella dabbles in music as well as writing and cooking. She loved Taylor Swift, one of her favourite musicians, and listened to a variety of music. Almost all of her songs could be played in her head because she could relate to them all. Every song has a special meaning for her.  She was inspired by Taylor's song to always stay true to herself in difficult situations.  Bella finds Miss Swift's adage that "you have to work for everything you get and you have to appreciate every bit of success the world gives you" to be one of her most motivating quotes. 

From a humble beginning in culinary, the journey has brought her almost to the top. Bella Jamal is now followed by many, looking for inspiration. It has always brought the best in each of her followers. Last year, she began a small step further by introducing her first cooking book titled "20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes". The book is a conversion from her blog-based content.

Her desire to use her culinary creativity to inspire others is what fuels her passion the most. a talent she possesses and imparts to her followers. The majority of the shared recipes only employ the most basic techniques and ingredients, which are typical of Malaysian cuisine. Despite the fact that the preparation is fairly easy and quick, the meals still differ in taste and presentation. Given that it requires less time to prepare, this attracted the attention of many working groups and harried housewives. On Facebook and other social media sites, her recipes are frequently shared.

The topmost viewed articles on her page namely Resepi Ayam Masak Sambal Hijau which stressed on spiciness on Malaysian cooking, Cara Memasak Maggi Kari Sedap being the typical 5 minutes instant noodles with a twist of home cooking, and Resepi Masak Lodeh as one of the main dishes during festivals are now attracting more followers to her site. Do check out the recipes in her premier book titled "20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes". In addition to that, for cat owners, the  Tip Cara Bagi Kucing Makan Ubat articles talk about the easiest way to trick your cats into eating their medicine. 

Bella also kept up with the trend of current events that are unfolding quickly. She attended the majority of the events thanks to invitations that kept coming in waves.  She frequently received requests to provide a food review for recently opened eateries in the Klang Valley. She has gone to beauty and lifestyle events hosted by some of the nation's top brands. Not to mention, she received invitations to glitzy entertainment events broadcast on national television, giving her the opportunity to interact with some of her nation's well-known performers. Bella is delighted because this is a dream come true for her because she loves Malaysian entertainment so much.

Her first book, "20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes," received recognition in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards shortly after its publication.  Additionally, it is a nominee for the upcoming Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (2021) in the categories of Autumn Harvest Food Culture 2020 and Winter Harvest Food Culture 2020. Bella is proud of the accomplishment of being listed for the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards nominees and representing Malaysia even though the book was not chosen for the Best in The World Shortlist FOOD CULTURE 2021, Gourmand Awards 2021. It surpasses her expectations from the outset of her journey. She already has a lot of ideas for how to break into the business more.

Bella Jamal has always aimed to inspire others and bring out the best in people through her culinary ideas. She is eager to impart fresh concepts that could help her succeed in the culinary industry. Bella believes that without the hues of food, life is lacking. 

"I encourage anyone, a young writer who feels at all compelled to write to do so. Your intuition knows what to write". 

- Bella Jamal

Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Power of 7 | Concourse Roadshow

CETAPHIL®, Malaysia's No.1 dermatological skincare brand*, proudly introduces two new Bright Healthy Radiance products: the Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Perfecting Serum with 7x Power Benefit and the Bright Healthy Radiance Gentle Renewing Cleanser, Cetaphil's first and only 3-in-1 facial cleanser. GentleBright Technology is used in these innovative products, ushering in a new era in skincare. This technology goes beyond brightening and establishes superiority with the NEW Power Duo and its multi-action benefits, with clinically proven results in just 14 days. Cetaphil prioritises comprehensive skin care for every skin story, and the company is dedicated to maintaining a tolerability profile.

Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance, powered by the new generation of GentleBright Technology, combines a unique blend of brightening and soothing ingredients - Niacinamide and White Sea Daffodil, which have anti-inflammatory brightening properties and act as neuroactive agents. GentleBright Technology's new generation, formulated with Advanced Peptide and Antioxidant C, addresses dark spots with targeted five levels of brightening mechanism and acts as a powerful antioxidant to reduce signs of fatigue by boosting hyaluronic acid synthesis.

The NEW Bright Healthy Radiance Perfecting Serum provides 7x the power benefit for bright, radiant skin and has been clinically proven to reduce dark spots caused by the sun, ageing, acne, scarring, and hormonal changes. After 12 weeks, it also improves skin radiance and luminosity by at least 42%, reduces fine lines by 29%, and evens skin tone by up to 20%. Meanwhile, the Bright Healthy Radiance Gentle Renewing Cleanser, enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba Beads, is Cetaphil's first 3-in-1 facial cleanser that gently exfoliates, removes pollution, and brightens the face for radiant and healthy-looking skin. Additionally, it removes up to 79% of pollutant particles. This cleanser has been clinically proven to refine skin texture for clear, radiant skin while being gentle on sensitive skin.

Ms. Cindy Tiu, Country Manager at Galderma Malaysia, emphasises the importance of scientific research in addressing the challenges that people with sensitive skin face. "Many people with sensitive skin have a difficult time finding products that can brighten and even out their skin tone without causing irritation." We understand that sensitive skin is unique and requires extra care when treating dark spots. As a result, we provide a comprehensive skincare solution to address this by collaborating with renowned experts and healthcare professionals to create effective formulations for our skincare users," she explained.

"Galderma's reputation is built on a diverse, innovative, and science-based portfolio of premium and flagship brands and services. Understanding that our skin can affect our quality of life, it is a core business strategy to continue advancing dermatology for every individual's unique skin story. As Cetaphil, the leading brand for sensitive skin care with over 75 years of heritage, we take immense pride in being at the forefront of dermatological innovation. The launch of these two new products under Cetaphil's brightening range reflects our ongoing dedication to providing cutting-edge skin technology for people from all walks of life," she added.

The Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Power of 7 Concourse Roadshow, in collaboration with Watsons, will take place from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Orange Atrium, Sunway Pyramid. From now until June 18, shoppers can get FREE Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance samples, exclusive Watsons discounts and promotions, and immerse themselves in the 7 uniquely immersive skin stations.

Visit to learn more about Cetaphil's Bright Healthy Radiance line and to request a free sample.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Filem Seram Terbaharu Indonesia, Iblis Dalam Darah, Menghantui Pawagam Seluruh Malaysia Sekarang

"Iblis Dalam Darah," filem genre seram terbaru Indonesia, telah menghantui pawagam seluruh negara Malaysia. Apa lagi gang, jom kita bagi teaser sikit tentang filem ini. Filem ini merupakan filem pertama arahan pengarah Yannie Sukarya ini menceritakan tentang iblis yang boleh merasuk manusia melalui saluran darah dan menyesatkan mereka untuk melakukan perkara yang tidak munasabah. Ye korang, iblis merasuk manusia melalui saluran darah dan korang juga boleh expect benda the unthinkable terjadi.

Filem seram Iblis Dalam Darah, yang telah menjadi antara genre yang paling diminati ramai dan sering mendapat sambutan hangat penonton Malaysia, akan memberikan penonton babak lonjakan ketakutan yang mendebarkan. "Saya ingin menghasilkan sebuah filem yang boleh dikaitkan dengan kehidupan seharian. Tanpa kita sedari, syaitan dan iblis boleh merasuk tubuh manusia melalui darah, dan mempengaruhi perlakuan kita. Jadi saya terpanggil untuk mengutarakan kisah ini dalam bentuk sebuah filem," kata Yannie Sukarya, pengarah filem. 

Iblis Dalam Darah diterbitkan oleh nama yang tidak asing lagi dalam arena filem seram Indonesia, Penerbit Helroad Production Helfi Kardit. Menurut beliau, filem tersebut menjalani penggambaran di Gunung Salak, di sebuah rumah yang terletak dalam kawasan hutan yang sunyi.

“Lokasi ini dipilih kerana kami ingin menggambarkan kehidupan golongan berpendapatan rendah yang sering dipinggirkan dalam menghadapi masalah. Selain adegan di sekitar kawasan kampung dan hutan Gunung Salak, kami juga membuat penggambaran di kawasan sungai dan gua,” tambah Helfi.

Gambar: Pasukan produksi dan pelakon Iblis Dalam Darah.

Filem seram berunsurkan agama ini dibintangi oleh barisan pelakon Indonesia, seperti Ryass Randa, Michelle Joan, Cut Ashifa Al’ar, dan Soraya Rasyid. Mengulas mengenai pemilihan pelakon, Yannie berkata bintang utama Ryaas Randa dipilih kerana kemerduan suara beliau ketika membaca al-Quran.

“Pada awalnya, kami sebenarnya sudah mempunyai pilihan untuk watak utama filem ini, namun kami masih tercari-cari pelakon yang mempunyai suara merdu serta boleh mengaji, bersesuaian dengan watak yang dibawa. Akhirnya, kami memilih Ryaas Randa. Barisan pelakon hebat yang ada dalam filem ini memberikan lakonan berkualiti dan kami harap ianya akan menarik penonton untuk menonton filem ini,” kata Yannie.

Berpeluang untuk membintangi filem Iblis Dalam Darah, Ryaas Randa meluahkan rasa bangga. Pelakon lulusan D’Academy ini turut mengaku pernah berasa runsing dengan kemampuan dirinya untuk melakonkan watak yang dibawa.

“Dalam filem ini, ada adegan yang memerlukan saya untuk membaca ayat suci Ruqyah dengan lantang. Pada mulanya, saya risau tidak dapat melakukannya dengan baik. Namun, Alhamdulillah, saya berjaya melakonkan babak ini dan saya amat berpuas hati,” kata Ryaas.

I dah tengok cerita ni masa dia baru keluar dan i boleh cakap yang jalan cerita dia dari awal dah mengejutkan. So stand by je la ye kalau dah beli popcorn untuk makan, sebab confrim takut tertumpah sebab terkejut nanti. Jalan cerita intense dan juga seram yang boleh naikkan bulu roma. Balik malam tu tak dapat tidur sebab takut terbawa mimpi. haha.  Iblis Dalam Darah akan mula ditayangkan di pawagam pada 18 Mei 2023. Ikuti akaun Facebook dan Instagram mm2 Entertainment Malaysia untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai filem-filem terbaharu.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Daia Hijab All Day Freshness | Innovative Solution with Sweat Odour Control

Hijabs are worn by most Muslim women in Malaysia. With the arrival of fresh hijab fashion trends, hijabs have also improved in terms of functionality and style. Men, women, and children all perspire a lot in Malaysia due to the country's hot and humid climate as well as the current heatwave that is felt throughout the entire nation. It can be very difficult to wear a hijab in Malaysia, where temperatures can get up to 35°C. With that being said, hijabs become stained with sweat residue because they are worn for extended periods of time, which increases hair humidity and makes the hair more humid. In addition, since sweat has a bad odour, it makes hijab wearers uneasy and it rather undermines their confidence.

Leading laundry and homecare brand Daia introduces Daia Hijab All Day Freshness, an innovative solution that completely eliminates all odours during wash and neutralises odours while being worn, ensuring all-day freshness. This product serves as a testament to Daia's commitment to innovation and to meeting the changing needs of Malaysian consumers.

According to Eliza Yanti, spokesperson for Gentle Supreme Sdn Bhd, "Malaysia's hot climate makes wearing a hijab difficult. People perspire, which causes bacteria from the perspiration to become trapped in their clothing and produce an odour. I'm happy to report that the Daia Hijab All Day Freshness, created with cutting-edge formulation, provides high-performance sweat odour control by neutralising sweat odour while being worn, keeping clothes clean and smelling fresh all day. Its fresh and long-lasting scent helps to keep unpleasant odours away, so you can stay active and remain fresh throughout the day".

"As the leading brand within the premium tier powder detergent brands, we are committed to constantly providing innovative solutions to cater to our consumers' needs. Expanding our detergent portfolio, we tapped into the hijab detergent category as we noticed the growing demand for a specially formulated detergent that can provide all-day freshness for hijab users and their families," she added.

With its advanced formula, Smart Ion Technology, and Sweat Odour Control, the Daia Hijab All Day Freshness offers high-performance cleaning by eradicating 99.9% of bacteria, removing tough stains, eliminating all odours during washing, and neutralising odour while being worn, leaving clothing clean and smelling fresh all day. Both the liquid and powder forms are suitable for drying indoors and are gentle on the hands.

Being a huge fan of Daia, im excited to share with you that Malaysian native artist Lisa Surihani, is appointed as the Brand Ambassador of the Daia line and in conjunction to this exciting collaboration, Daia has also unveiled the new Daia Hijab All Day Freshness. Daia has been one of my go to detergent when it comes to removing any body odour from clothings and for Daia users, im pretty sure you can relate to this when i say im excited that now with the innovative technology, the Daia Hijab All Day Freshness include their Smart Ion Technology & Swear Odour Control. 

"Finding a laundry detergent that works well for you and your family's needs can certainly make laundry an easy task. This is exactly what the Daia Hijab All Day Freshness offers. It offers you the convenience of using a single product for both your hijabs and your family's laundry, making it a versatile and practical choice. By using Daia Hijab All Day Freshness, I can ensure that not my hijabs but also my family's clothes receive the same high-quality cleaning and freshness. This eliminates the need for separate detergents or concerns about compromising the cleanliness or fragrance of different laundry items. To all the consumers considering Daia as their choice for detergents, my suggestion to them is to look no further. Trust the brand's reputation and track record," said Lisa Surihani, Brand Ambassador of Daia range of products.

For those interesting in getting their hands on the all new Daia Smart Hijab All Day Freshness Liquid Detergent, the price range would be from RM 11.90 for a 1.7kg soft pack to RM 26.90 for a bottle of 3.8kg. For its 750g, 2.3kg, and 3.8kg weights, the Daia Hijab All Day Freshness Powder Detergent retails for RM 5.95, RM 15.90, and RM 25.50, respectively. You may buy these products at any of the top supermarkets nationwide.