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Unboxing CubeCrate ; April 2017 Box

Unboxing my CubeCrate April 2017 box
Its mid-may and just in time, my April 2017 CubeCrate box just arrived in front of my doorstep! There are so many reasons why I love subscribing to CubeCrate. One, the fact that you get super random things every month. Two, getting what you need every month without you realizing that CubeCrate actually did you a favor! hehe. From the looks of it, I think this box features a medical theme box.

Here are some sneak peeks!
From the pamphlet, the featured brands for this box would be Whoosh eyewear, GetDoc+, the ps|love company and Yu Yee Oil. I'm familiar with whoosh eyewear and Yu Yee Oil but the other two I'm actually looking forward to going in-depth to find out what they have and the services they provide. I think on normal days, even when we're sick, truth be told that we never want to admit that we're actually not ok right? So with the April 2017 box, I think its time to step up our game by being aware of how we can take care ourselves.

GetDoc+ (clickable)

GetDoc+, your online appointment system
I've visited GetDoc+ a few times before, and I must say that some of the articles written online are a good read for people like you and me who knows nothing about the diseases and body pains that we get but sadly ignore. With over 2000+ healthcare professionals being online, GetDoc helps to reduce your waiting time by making it easy for you to make appointments with the doctors you prefer. With a few clicks, you get to choose your preferred date and on top of that save time! Psst, did you know that you can GetRewarded for your doctor visits via GetDoc+?

the ps|love company (clickable)

One of my favorite items in the box! RM7.64/pack
Some ways to use it.
Our next featured brand would be the ps|love company. For a second there I thought it has something to do with love, but surprisingly it's actually something for the ladies who are suffering from menstrual cramps. COOLIO! The brand innovated a 100% natural and portable heating patch a.k.a the MenstruHeat, that heats up almost like magic, to provide relief to ladies who fell abdominal pain during that 'special' time of the month. Will be doing a separate blog post on this cause it sounds super exciting to talk about it. Hehe. Will link it below this paragraph once the blog post is out.

Yu Yee Oil

The nostalgic Yu Yee oil.
Dont worry if you dont know how to use this as it comes with instructions
The Yu Yee Oil is usually known as most Asian baby oil, I guess. Hehe. I'm aware of the existence of Yu Yee Oil because I practically grew up with it. But if you haven't heard about it, well, its a herbal medicated ointment with sweet peppermint smell and it's used traditionally to relief winds and bloated problems that are gentle enough for babies as well. Hehe. Honestly speaking, this is one of a must-have when im at home as it does relief a lot of pain especially when you're feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

Whoosh Eyewear (clickable)

Does this give me a valid reason to shop?
And last but not least would be something from Whoosh Eyewear! I dont know about you, but I recently went to their launch in Sunway Pyramid earlier this year and I swear their collections are urban chic! In conjunction with the box being a medical theme, I'm assuming the whoosh eyewear encourages you to take care of your eyesight. In my case, I'm thinking about getting new sunnies from Whoosh Eyewear to prevent harsh UV rays from attacking directly to my eyes. hehe. WOOTS! And since I got myself an RM30 cash voucher, I guess it's time to drop by my nearest Whoosh Eyewear store to get myself a pair of proper sunnies.

Got myself some Pronspan F for emergencies from cubecrate. Thanks!
Just look at all the stock that i'll have at home #lessworries
So there you have it! As a conclusion, I would say that I actually like the idea of getting theme boxes each month from CubeCrate. Despite not being a fan in the field of medical stuff, just getting a box of it really helps me in understanding the importance of taking care of myself. Hehe. Who really knew that a subscription box could teach you a thing or two in life? If you happen to want to subscribe to CubeCrate's subscription plan, be sure to head on over to Cube Crate Malaysia's website to see what plan they offer. FYI each CubeCrate box is priced at RM35. xx

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What to eat at Citta Mall?

The best thing about the fasting season would be that the food always taste better! And what’s even better would be an ideal location that you, your family or your friends can gather to break your fast while having a great time all in one spot. I’ll be sharing a thing or two about my gathering experience with a few blogger friends while I was at Citta Mall recently.  Citta Mall is located within Klang Valley, and I would like to call it your friendly neighborhood mall for not being too large in scale, but with just enough shops and stores to keep the place sufficient.


Who doesn't love penyet?
And if you're here, you got to try their sambal
Now the first location that I would like to share with you would be the Waroeng Penyet, serving you Indonesian delicacies without the need for you to fly all the way to Indonesia. I’ve personally been a fan of ‘Ayam Penyet’ in particular, only because I love how crispy it is on the outside, but super juicy and tender on the inside. And not to forget their sambal which is a side condiment to complement your crushed chicken dish.

What's your level of heat
So much food to eat, and if you're a fan of spice, you HAVE to try the Terung Sambal cause its so good!
What's you're favorite drink from Waroeng Penyet
We tried really interesting range of drinks, but my personal favorite would be the classic Teh Botol aka Indonesian Jasmine Tea. And as for the dishes, it would be able to cater to those who are fans of fish (the pecel lele) or beef making it one of the most suitable location where each person gets to eat the kind of meat they want. Just talking about makes me crave for it. Hehe. But if you are a fan of some spicy dishes, I would really suggest you to order the Terung Sambal cause it's SO GOOD!


Beans N Beans next!
Here me and blogger Syafiera enjoying the interior setting
Once you're  done with the main course, we can move on to desserts!  Your day wouldn’t be complete without desserts! Hehe. The next location we stopped by would be Beans and Beans, which is a Korean coffee shop that simply serves icy desserts, toast and coffee. One thing that I need to emphasize is that it’s a really nice location just catch up, and to take photos cause the interior is definitely well made up taking you away from the Malaysian ambiance.

Yuzu Tea
From left: Sparking Grapefruit, Kongi Bingsu and Banana Apple Vinegar
From top left clockwise: Korean Omelette, combination pizza, sparkling grapefruit, kongi bingsu, hazelnut latte, green tea latte and chicken bulgogi.
Here we ordered a few drinks, a bowl of bingsu and some sandwiches cause why not? The personal favourite I had here was the Kongi Bingsu as the one we ordered isn’t your ordinary bingsu as its made out of shaved soya ice. YEP! Soya ice was something new that I’ve never tried before, and surprisingly, I liked the taste! It's not too sweet and since it comes in a big bowl, its great for sharing.


Let's have some fun at Fire Zone!
One of the most happening sites after 10 pm

If you're looking for more things to do since its so hard to say good bye to the company you invited, why not stay up the late night by heading over to the Fire Zone, a family karaoke center where you can sing your heart out loud. It was indeed a fun night out with my friends, and what I love most about the karaoke center would be that it had the tracks in their list making it super fun and exciting to pick out our new songs to sing along to.

Just because i had to take a shot with my Kongi Bingsu. hehe
And there you have it guys! If you're looking for a cozy place to just enjoy the evening, why not consider heading over to Citta Mall during this festive season? But if you're not fond of the places that I went, there are still other options that you can try to visit. Thank you for reading my humble blog post, and if you have any thoughts on my post, please to leave a comment below. xx

All photo's in this post credits to Syafiera Yamin from

Monday, May 29, 2017

[REVIEW] Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage

Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage
In our modern busy lifestyle, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I barely have time to practice good nutrition and to head to the gym to exercise, and that's why when I do have the time, I go all out. Each day passes by, with not a minute to spare, life has become a fast-paced world to keep up with as we try to survive in this world. Thus, after discovering about Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage, I would have to say that it helped me in so many ways when it comes to maintaining my body weight and by also providing me the daily nutrients that I need daily.

Cystal White Beverage suits my weekly routine really well too!
Benefits of consuming Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage
Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage is a nutritious health drink that claims to be an all in one drink that provides skin whitening, eyesight protection and also acts as a weight loss replacement meal. The brand is formulated in Dubai, and the highlight of this health drink would be that its because it's made out of 100% natural ingredients that contain high Omega 3 and also Prebiotics FOS which helps promote good intestinal digestion for effective absorption of nutrients in every glass. I have days when I feel constipated, and I must say that the Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage did the trick!

Air tight tin casing
The health drink has been awarded with the SuperHealth Brand Asia Success Awards for being the best brown rice products in the health food sector. And on top of that, they have met national food safety and quality standards with certifications from HACCP, ISO, and MESTI leaving you without any worries. To fellow Malaysians, it has also been Halal certified and can be consumed by vegetarians too. What more can you really ask for? hehe

Loving how it gives me energy while providing me the nutrients i need
Some benefits of consuming Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage would be that it helps in skin whitening, eye protection, weight loss, contains antioxidants, give you strong bones,  boost energy & metabolism, muscle building and helps replenish nutrients in the body. Other than that, it also slows sugar absorption in your body which helps treat diabetes and prevents breast and cervical cancer.


Some nutrition facts
In case you're wondering about the contents, this beverage has been specially formulated to be nutritious as it contains 13 nutritional ingredients featuring barley, flaxseed, black wild rice, millet, quinoa, mountain red rice, sorghum, buckwheat, oat groats, brown rice, soy powder, chia seeds and natural source of lutein from fruits and vegetables making it the perfect high fibre meal replacer.


1 scoop for each cup prepared
And tadaa, youre good to go!
With just 3 simple steps, you are able to achieve so many benefits just by consuming the Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage. All you need to do is to add 1 scoop (equivalent to 2 spoons) of Crystal White Beverage into your cup, then pour about 100ml of room temperature water and stir well. Then add another 150ml of hot/cold water and wallah! Its ready to be served. I personally have to say that I prefer it cold cause I'm more fond of cold drinks. Teehee.

*For best results, consume daily before breakfast and before bed. 


Tasted like Barley + Soya
Loving how my muscles feel stronger with Crystal White Beverage
As a verdict, I would have to say that this has to be one of the bearable nutritious drink that I've had in my life. I'm a little bothered with its thick texture, but thankfully when it's cold, it just tastes like a malted version of barley with a hint of soy. So I would have to say that it doesn't taste that bad despite it being a nutritious beverage. For about two weeks, I've been consuming the Mont Dios Crystal White Beverage, and to my surprise, it reduced my appetite a lot while providing me the energy I need when I'm working out outdoors in the evening. I'm keeping my hopes up that this would help me by providing me clearer eyesight since I'm always looking at my laptop screen every day and night. And good news, its also suitable for all ages, making it something friendly for the whole family. So there you have it! For more information on Mont Dios's Beuty Secret Crystal White Beverage, head on over to

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[REVIEW] Buffet Ramadhan 2017 at Bangi Gold Resort

Buffet Ramadhan at Bangi Gold Resort
Hello, everyone! With Ramadhan just around the corner, today I'll be sharing with you the Iftar menu which will be served during the Ramadhan at Bangi Gold Resort. To celebrate this year Ramadhan, Bangi Gold Resort (BGR) Restaurant is set to charm guests with yet another round of their signature Buffet Ramadhan. What's even better is that BGR Restaurant is Halal certified by JAKIM giving most Muslims a sense of relief when it comes to food. Being it my first time dining at BGR Restaurant, I was surprised by the variety of gastronomic dishes ranging from local, oriental and western cuisines. Price starts from RM58 for adults and RM28 for children.  And if you're looking forward to finding out more, well you have come to the right place! Scroll away!

Kambing bakar // Roast Lamb anyone?
I would say that guest who dines at BGR Restaurant can look forward to cooking showcases which feature the Kambing Bakar and the Sup Kambing Mamak to get you and your guest to keep coming back for more. Guest of BGR would also be able to enjoy freshly carved roast lamb and piping bowls of mutton stew, which would not disappoint. There are also stalls that serve freshly grilled beef and chicken satays and as well as fried kway teow fried live before your eyes.

Freshly sliced Lamb
Some italian flavours available
But if you're feeling like you're craving for western food, BGR Restaurant has got that covered. Western dishes by BGT Restaurant features dishes with gastronomic touches such as Sous Vide Eggs with Mushroom Espyma, Chicken lasagna and Golden Sand Spaghetti Carbonara that would satisfy your western cuisine cravings. Also, don't miss out on their new addition this year, the peri-peri chicken drummettes which promises to tantalize your taste buds. Mmhmm.

Some traditional style Nasi Kerabu
People lining up for their freshly grilled satay
Beef Rendang Taik Minyak
Ayam Bercili Masak Ketumbar
For Malay cuisines, the kitchen team is proud to present Nasi Lemak Istimewa as one of the main attractions to the buffet spread this year. This humble Malay national rice dish is accompanied with a sumptuous selection which includes Rendang Danging Taik Minyak, Sambal Sotong Kembang, Ayam Bercili Masak Ketumbar, Ikan Masak Asam Kari and Telur Rebus Goreng Masak Sambal Tomato.

Steam Chicken (to be eaten with chicken rice)
Chicken in soy sauce
And not to forget for those who are seeking for some oriental flavors, why not get a bite of their Hainanese Chicken Rice. Each piece of chicken is cooked to be juicy and succulent to compliment their fluffy grains of rice that have been enriched with rendered chicken fat, leaving them tasting glistening and flavourful. It also comes with the fresh garlic and ginger chili sauce which is bound to lure you back for more.

Psst, if youre lucky, Durians might be in season!
A wide selection of desserts that would not dissapoint
And this is by far the first buffet that actually serves churros too!
What's a meal without desserts right? Can't miss out the most important part of any meal! Other than serving homemade Malay Kuih, a variety of puddings, agar-agar and tropical fruits, I would have to emphasize that the dessert that topped it all would be the Spanish churros served with thick chocolate sauce. I was told that this would be the new range of desserts which has been added in 2017 to guarantee that you end your buffet with a sweet note.  Psst, be sure to look out for the "Durian Runtuh" section where they will serve you freshly harvested durians from Raub, Pahang. There will also be freshly churned gelato which will surprise you with its musang king gelato and its unique passion fruit, guava, asam boi flavors. Please take note that these are available for both takeaway and diners are entitled to exclusive discounts. If I were you, I wouldn't miss out on this opportunity. Teehee.

And my accompany for the night at Bangi Gold Resort 
So what are you waiting for? Be sure to book your slots early to avoid disappointments. At only RM58 for adults and RM28 for a child, I would have to say that it's really reasonably priced. But of course, if you're looking for group bookings, be sure to plan your event ahead as there will also be special rates for those who are interested in group bookings. Call 1-700-7107-7558 now or visit to make your reservations now! I've already set my dates to re-visit. When are you going to plan your visit? *wink

Saturday, May 27, 2017

[RAMADHAN PREVIEW] Berbuka Puasa with Bowery

Berbuka at a hidden gem in the heart of Kuala Lumpur
Welcoming the fasting season, i cant find any other perfect timing to talk about places to eat during the fasting month! So, I'll be sharing with you some previews on what to expect if youre going to break your fast at Bowery. Its actually really exciting to me to find out that The Bowery Group will be joining the celebration by blending tastes of New York City with Malaysia's melting pot of cultures and traditions which lead to an interesting spread to feast on! Find out more by scrolling more below.

Mandatory group shot with these peeps + new friends!
How can you resist the temptation?
In case youre wondering, The Bowery Group has a few outlets available in Malaysia which would be BOWERY Publika, Bowery Metro, and Bowery Petit which each and every location has different Ramadhan offers. COOLS! The one that i managed to preview would be the Buffet setting that will be available at Bowery Metro at Menara Hap Seng from 1st June 2017 onwards. Located just next to the KL Tower, i would have to say that the location is ideal for those who are within the heart of Kuala Lumpur.


The appetizer spread
Some New York Style salad?
Only the finest Malay traditional condiments 
They even have Rojak to those who are craving
To city goer's or those seeking for something new to dine into, berbuka with Bowery offers you a unique twist of Malaysian X New York City. So if youre a little confused with the idea, it generally means that you would be having the best of both worlds! As appetizers, you can dig into Malaysian traditional salad, that comes will all sorts of condiments to cater to your likings, not to forget to those who wants to have a taste of something western, Bowery offers you St. Loius Macaroni, Buffalo Mozzarella Salad and Manhattan Pulled Chicken Pasta salad which definitely managed to grab my attention.


Juicy Roasted Lamb anyone?
Cooked to perfection!
Im actually surprised that  Bowery decided to include the Classic Bubur Lambuk which surely brings back the "kampung" feels to those who are fasting. Good job to Bowery for preparing something that taste like home! Hehe. Not to forget their NY X MY highlights which offers a wide range with the Cajun Roasted Leg of Lamb or the Roasted Percik Stuffed Chicken with Quail Eggs as the highlight of the night.

Rempah Ayam Goreng | Fried Chicken with Spices
Irish Lamb Stew (which is to die for)!
Opt to eat it with bread on the sides
Other dishes also featured by a star main fish, the Irish Lamb Stew which just melts in your mouth. GAH, i have to admit that its so hard to be a blogger to write about food that causes your mouth water when you think of the exact flavors in your mouth when you tasted the food. Mmmhmm. The Lamb Stew consist of lamb cubes which has been seared and then stewed patiently in a flavourful lamb broth with vegetables until fork-tender, and when i mean tender, its TENDER.

Salmon Head Curry 
Some lala, Malaysian seafood classics
Another dish that attracted my attention would be the Norwegian Salmon X Fish Head Curry. This has to be by far the most unique dish that i've tasted! Who really knew that salmon would actually taste pretty good when cooked in curry. Hehe.  I have to give credit to The Bowery Groups Executive Chef, Ahmad Farhan Noorzali for creating such perfectly collaborated dishes.


Assorted cakes and pastries (Poppyseed cake available too #RARE)
Some Malaysian delights
Mmmm Creme Brulee anyone?
Desserts are plenty, but I wouldn't say that its a highlight at Bowery. With heavy main dishes being served during the buffet, I wouldn't think you would want something savory as desserts. And a plus note, I think Bowery is encouraging healthier dessert options by providing only the classic desserts that fuse Malaysia X New York recipes. hehe. I like my desserts to be more English, so I'm more than satisfied to know that they serve creme brulee and cakes.


Now, to enjoy the Berbuka with Bowery at Bowery Metro, the dishes can be enjoyed for RM65++ per pax in a buffet style setting where the menu changes each time you visit to keep the array interesting and exciting for customers. So you'll never know what you'll get till you get it. hehe. Psst, there is an early bird BUY 5 GET 1 FREE promotion going on for a limited time, so act quick if youre looking for a place to gather with friends and family.

So many to try, so little time!
Alternatively, BOWERY Publika and Bowery Petit will also be celebrating the festive season by having a family-style sharing menu at RM45++ per pax with a minimum purchase for a party of four. This sharing set menu will be refreshed daily, creating similar flavors inspired by the Ramadan bazaar, minus the hassle. Ala Cart orders will also be available between 7pm-9pm with complimentary dates and classic bubuk lambuk which will be served to customers. To find out more about Bowery Metro, visit

Lot 1-002 First Floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2022 3317