Sunday, November 29, 2015

[REVIEW] Signature Snacks

Healthy Snack anyone?
I present to you your alternative decision on snacking. Instead of having chocolate chip cookies, sweets, candies, which are usually filled with artificial flavouring, why not snack on the real deal? I present to you Signature Snack, making sure you snack and gain from their benefits for your body. I admit that i do eat junk food when im bored, or when i have nothing to do, so i pledge myself guilty for not eating clean. But thanks to my new discovery, i found a new way of snacking!

The Parcel is here!
Loving the details ont this parcel
I decided to order myself a pack of these yummy treats to just get a feel of whats it like to snack healthily. hehe. And to my surprise, the parcel was HUGE! I truly appreciate the efforts by Signature Snacks to make sure that you receive your parcel in excellent condition in a custom box. Just so that you know what youre receiving. LOVE!


Some information on their products
Tadda, all lined nicely in a row.
And when i was unboxing my parcel, i found some flyers and my order receipt in the box too! Its great to know that my snacks are freshly baked, 100% natural, healthy and also an alternative to cut down on your weight. Did you know that nuts and seeds can satisfy your hunger between meals, which improves your diet? Thats reduction on fat content! hehe. Now that we know how good it looks, now to find out how they taste.


Each pack will state the type of the mix
Expiry date and other details available too!
Easy tear + Zip-lock
I have to admit that their individual packs are pretty eye catching. hehe. And also the fact that it saves you on the hassle on thinking of where to put your 'nuts and fruits' when the pack is open. Its easy to tear, and i love the ziplock on it as it makes sure your snacks stays crunchy and fresh.

Easy Zip-Lock
Theres a Silica Gel in each pack
Other than keeping your snacks fresh and away from being exposed to air, they also include a silica gel in your pack too! I dont think many snacks would include this, unless theyre like 'brand' level 10. The function of these gels are usually to absorb moisture and keep things dry, just in case youre wondering.


Loving the colours of the mix
Dont they look good together? 
Here i have their 'Go Take A Hike Trail' mix which has a combination of nuts and berries! And if youre wondering what it is, its actually a pack filled with Dark Chocolate, Yellow Raisins, Wolf berries, Cherries, Pistachio, and Cashew Nuts. Great for those who love a bitter sweet nutty taste. I personally like the variety that they have in each pack, thus i ordered most of the mixed packs. YUM! I ordered myself a few mix packs which i will state them below:

Berry Treasure // Contains Blueberry, Cranberry and Blackcurrant
Antioxidant Boost // Contains, Apricot, Wolfberry, Cranberry and Blackcurrant.
Low Carb Mix // Contains Walnut, Almond, Cashew Nut, Pumpkin Seed and Sunflower Seed
Chocolate Chip Almond Crumble // Freshly baked Almost + Chocolate Chip Cookie


Their online website!

Subscription package options.
If youre tempted to get a few packs for yourself, all you have to do is visit and figure out what you want. You would have to select a subscription package with an option of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. And of course, the longer subscription has better discounts and savings.


The options and varieties!
Since you took so much effort and time in reading this blog post, you are entitled to get RM20 OFF on your 1st box! Thanks to Signature Snacks of course for giving me this rebate for my readers. So instead of RM59.90 for 5 packs, you can get it at RM39.90. Not a bad deal ey? ;) All you need to do is to click here, which the link will direct you to a special web to get an RM20 OFF instantly!

Here's my sister loving every single bite of it.

Stay Healthy with Signature Snacks.
Or if you rather go old school, you can also enter this promo code when you check out to get an instant RM20 Off.

Promo Code: alizasara
Direct URL:

Thank you so much for your time in reading this. Do not hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any questions about the product. Alternatively, you can also visit their official sites which i will link them below:

Signature Snack


Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Body Shop ; Christmas Collection 2015

Annually, The Body Shop would never fail in filling the Christmas season with more joy. From having their seasonal products available as limited editions, they save us the time to decide on what to buy for either yourself or someone else. I know I managed to bring back a few stuff for myself too since I couldn’t resist! Hehe.

Frosted Plum Fell Good Tin.
Frosted Cranberry Tin of Delights.
Glazed Apple Treat Box
And this year, The Body Shop presents their Christmas Signature range, the Frosted Plum range, followed by their previous range, Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry. Now the real question is, which Christmas signature range would be the favorite choice? In order to do this, I decided to give myself a go by gifting myself with these lovely products from The Body Shop.

Meet Yana! 
This particular outlet was the one in One Utama, where I had Yana, a staff at The Body Shop One Utama, who was kind enough to assist me in choosing and picking out their products. She was really kind to share with me on the best sellers and the functions of each product that they had. So if you’re unsure on what to get from The Body Shop, she would gladly assist you to find what you need. I know that she did justice for helping me pick out the products.


Frosted Plum Collection
Well, first off, when I was browsing through the store, and I couldn’t resist myself to get my hands on their Limited Edition sets. I have to also admit that im a sucker for well-packaged goods. It makes me feel like its my birthday, because its so well presented. I couldn’t resist myself when I saw the Frosted Plum Feel Good Tin! They also had other sets like the Treat Box, The Festive Cracker, The Seasonal Trio and more!

Frosted Plum festive cracker
After some intense shopping at The Body Shop, here are the selected products that I decided to bring back home. I managed to grab hold for myself 2 Body Shower gels, 1 Treat Box and of course the Feel Good Tin because I can already imagine how it would look under a Christmas tree at home! Hehe. Since im also a member of The Body Shop, I decided to try out their free gift wrapping and free shipping services, and sent it to my own home. (DON’T JUDGE ME) haha. Why wait for someone to give you a present, when you can buy yourself a present right?


My parcel is here!
So, I guess youre pretty curious on what I got myself right? Drum rolls hehe. But before I go further, I would like to thank The Body Shop for taking such pre-cautions like having a fragile sticker on my box, to make sure that my products are received in good condition. And even though I knew what was in the box, I really got excited to unbox it. It took me about 3 working days for me to receive this.

Fragile Sticker + Wrapped
Upon unboxing my parcel, its no doubt that my cat ‘Pandora’ can resist herself from the lovely scent of the products. Hehe. Yep, she loves the scent of The Body Shop products without a doubt. Back to my parcel, I love how its so well packaged with the pink creep paper which makes everything look so pretttyyyyy! I approve that its safe if you decide to send over a gift to a friend, a lover, a family member through shipping cause The Body Shop would definitely wrap your item with love. *Proven

How can you not think this is pretty?

Frosted Plum Good Time Tin.
First of, lets start with my Good Time Tin. The Good Time Tin is available in Frosted Plum, Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry. Since the Frosted Plum happens to be their latest range, I decided to get this set so that I get a feel of different products that they had within the range.

Definitely having a good time with all these alright.
In this Good Time Tin, there are 4 products in total, which includes a shower gel (60ml) , shimmer lotion (60ml) , sugar scrub (50ml) and body butter (50ml) in a mini packaging. It’s almost a full set of their best sellers in a smaller form. The Tin was basically the highlight of the set, and each time I open the tin, the smell of frosted plum would impress me to another whole level.

Frosted Plum Shower Gel (60ml)
The scent of Frosted plum happens to be made from the extracts of plum, magnolia and peony which sort of has a fruity floral scent. The notes of these are absolutely yummy, and I can assure you that any woman would LOVE this scent no matter what. Approved as safe option if you don’t know what a girl would like. Hehe

Easy to lather.
Smooth Texture
Can you see that my skin is shimmering? 
The Shower gel and the shimmer lotion smells breathtaking. The shower gel is easy to lather when its mixed with water, and I think the highlight was the shimmer lotion. Usually lotions do not leave shimmering skin, but this leaves your skin looking like it glows, perfect for special occasions. Other than that, it moisturizes your hands and skin making sure that theyre smooth and soft.

Frosted Plum Sugar Scrub (50ml)
Texture is like sugar + gel like
Exfoliating on point.
Yummy scent, with a non-sticky texture
The Sugar Scrub was mentioned as the best seller because they use fine sugar which is also very gentle on the skin. Other than leaving your skin smelling yummy, it exfoliates your dead skin, leaving a smooth softer finish to your skin. The Body Butter is applied after showering, making sure your skin is always well pampered.


Glazed Apple Treat Box
The contents of the treat box.
Next would be the Glazed Apple Treat box which includes a shower gel (60ml), Body Butter (50ml) and a Green mini Crinkle bath lily. This range is not unfamiliar to me as I have been personally tried using this last year, and I love the sweet scent of it! It comes from extracts from sugarcane, honey, beeswax and shea butter leaving your skin smelling sweet as candy!

Constant texture like any of their body butter products.
Well absorbed by skin
The Body Butter is LOVE! And I personally love the mini version of the product because its easy to bring it around in my handbag. I know that to some people, you would not enjoy the sticky feel of lotion, but fret not as The Body Shop has a non-sticky feel when you apply this on your skin. Its great for people who are usually under air-conditioned areas cause it leaves your skin hydrated too.

Glazed Apple Shower Gel (250ml)
I also got myself their full-sized Glazed Apple shower gel cause I absolutely love the scent. I wouldn’t mind smelling like Glazed Apple all day long. Hehe.


This has been in their Christmas Range for a while now, compared to the Glazed Apple and Frosted Plum. I personally gave a few sniffs of this while I was at the store which I find slightly sour to my liking. Its not bad, but its not a favorite. But different products has different scents in this particular range. Their Body Butter smells ‘meh’ but their Frosted Cranberry shower gelSMELLS GOOD!

This exceptionally smells yummy.
Easy lathering, without a doubt
Again, I think most of their shower gels are pretty constant when it comes to lathering. And of course it does make sure you leave the bathroom smelling like you just got back from a holiday. Haha.


The Christmas Collection 2015
Personally I have to say that I love the latest range, which is the Frosted Plum, because it smells like Christmas. I seriously mean it, cause I really wont mind having my whole bedroom to smell like Frosted Plum. Hehe. It has a very sweet mild scent compared to the other two ranges. Glazed Apple was sweet as candy cane, and Frosted Cranberry was just slightly too sour for my preference.

Other gift sets  from The Body Shop
So there you have it! Scent wise, the frosted plum undoubtedly would be my favorite among the three. If you happen to pass by The Body Shop, do give these ranges a sniff and you will absolutely fall in love instantly!  Psst, I also heard that their e-store are having discounts on their Christmas collections. Be sure to visit to checkout on their offers and if youre planning to pamper your body, go for the Frosted Plum, and I will assure you no regrets! Hehe

Thanks for reading on my honest review. And till my next blog post xx


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[REVIEW] Mojo Nail Cafe ; A new nail dining experience

As you enter, you are greeted with their logo where you can take photos and share it online!
Olla! If you've been seeing me lately, you would realize that i got my nails done in a classic OPI coating which was nicely done by the manicurist, Lusan, at the one and only Mojo Nail Cafe. This would be the ideal Neighbourhood nail salon if you happen to stay around Petaling Jaya. Its located in SS2, and if you need the exact address, i will include this at the end of this blog post for you.

Interion impression // Cafe vs. Salon area
Cozy Interior
Salon Area.
Upon entering, you will be greeted with the smell of coffee, and as you go deeper in the cafe, you will find the meni pedi area which i found rather classy. Personally i found that the place had a little touch of vintage too. Love it! What makes this particular cafe different is that you could actually get yourself a cup of coffee while you get your nails done. Perfect for those who are on the go! Why not have lunch while you get your nails done at the same time. No? ;)

Their all day menu
So here are the options that you may have on their all day menu. Pricing isnt too bad and its seriously affordable too! Your boyfriend wont complain if you drag him here to be there with you *wink. haha. But anyhow, i decided to order their caffee latte which was recommended by one of the staffs at Mojo Nail Cafe. Now, lets get down to real nail business!

Lusan getting my pedicure done.
The session started with getting my feet soaked in warm water, then it was cleaned with a towel before getting my pedicure started. The manicurist i got was Lusan, and i must say that shes REALLY good at this. No accidental pain, and her methods are neatly done.

The colours that i decided to use. (more options available)
A mysterious maroon tone for my manicure.
Next was to decide a colour. I decided to go for a peachy colour for my pedicure and went for maroon with a touch of white on my manicure. Hehe. Again, the same process was repeated where Lusan will  scrub your hands clean first, followed by the filing and application of nail polish. She even cleaned my cuticles too!

Waiting for my nails to dry while i enjoy my cup of coffee
Manicure (45 minutes)
Pedicure (1 hour)
Application for pedi and madi took about 45 minutes, but i guess what i hate the most is the waiting time for your nails to properly dry. What better way to kill time, by enjoying a cup of coffee? Im personally not a fan of coffee, but their caffee latte was an exception! I love how mild the taste of coffee is, leaving a creamy texture instead of a bitter taste at the end of every sip.

If youre wondering how the outcome was, it was a double thumbs up! The entire session was relaxing, and the playlist of the cafe was LOVE! The tunes were a great way to de-stress and the convenience of having food ordered if you happen to be hungry is a major bonus.

Cafe area
Cafe area
And before i forget, do you also know that they are open if youre looking for event spaces? And yes, if you have launches, birthday parties, a private ladies night party, they can get the venue booked for you and you can have the entire space to yourself. Do give them a call to ask about their space rental enquiries and i even heard that they do assist you in looking for catering too!

Mojo Cafe Counter
My verdict:

+ Affordable \\ Nail and Food
+ Cozy Environment
+ Excellent service
+ Boyfriend Friendly
+ Private event space available
+ Food & Drinks available.

Price list of the salon.
I find their pricing fairly reasonable and be sure to ask for their monthly promotional offers. If im not mistaken, Lusan mentioned that instead of paying the full total for the spa// gel polish manicure and pedicure, you can get both spa OR gel polish manicure pedicure done at RM150 instead of RM180.

The outcome
Well, i think thats about it! I hope you enjoy reading my review, and be sure to check this place out if you happen to be around the area. Parking isnt that hard to get too! So you dont really have to worry about not getting parking. hehe. Be sure to visit their official Facebook Page at if you would want to keep yourself updated with their latest promotions. Thanks for reading this, and do let me know whats your personal opinion about the place and services ;)

Opening Hours: 
11am to 9pm (Weekdays)
11am to 6pm (Weekends)

Mojo Nail Cafe
No. 105 (First Floor),
Jalan SS 2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya.


Sara xx