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Marrybrown Brings Yam-my flavours of Thailand to Malaysia!

Hi guys! Being a fan of spicy cuisine's, im excited to share with you a 'yam-my' dish that you would definitely want to get your hands on. Marrybrown is happy to take you around the world with flavours from different countries, and this time around, they've just recently release a new mouth-watering flavour that features a spicy, sour and yam-my menu, Marrybrown Tom Yam Chicken. YUMS! While waiting for the internation borders to be open to visitors, Marrybrown is already to tease you with a little adventure that would give your mouth a taste of Thailand. 

Throughout 40 years of establishment, Marrybrown has been on a mission to offer 'something different' to their customers, and in conjunction to their 40th Anniversary, the largest homegorwn Halal fast-food chain has been taking their customers around the world, starting with Korean and Italy earlier in the year, and now, taking you to another popular country, Thailand as the third destination. This October is definitely exciting, as you can expect a scrumptious trip to Thailand with Tom Yam meals that would not disappoint.

I managed to get my hands on their latest menu, and i must say that it's REALLY sour and spicy. Any Tom Yum lover would definitely enjoy this unique combination of tom yum with Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken. Some of the items to look out for in the menu would be Tom Yam Chicken, the Tom Yam Burger, Tom Yam porridge, Tom Yam Nuggets and Tom Yam Fries. It's definitely a Tom Yam seasonal fiesta, so let me get into details on what you can expect. 

Tom Yam Big Box

If you'd like to try everything that the seasonal menu has to offer, i would highly recommend you to get yourself the Tom Yam Big Box which consist of 1 piece of Tom Yam Marrybrown crispy chicken,  6 pieces of Tom Yam Nuggets, Tom Yam Chicken Burger, Tom Yam Fries and a cup of Nestle Pink Lemonande. Yums! Trust me when i say that this would definitely give you the full on Marrybrown Tom Yum Experience. Great for sharing light bites, or just have it all to yourself. The price for this big box would be priced at RM25.80.

Tom Yam Chicken Bucket (5pcs) 

Ultimately, if you enjoy Tom Yum and Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken, you can always get yourself a whole bucket of chicken while you catch up with friends, or simply to 'tapau' back home to watch netflix which you enjoy some delicious Tom Yum Fried Chicken. For a la carte, you can choose to order Tom Yam Chicken 2 pieces from RM12.70, Tom Yam Chicken 5 pieces from RM31.50 and Tom Yam Chicken 9 pieces from RM55.80. 

Tom Yam Chicken Burger

The single price of this Tom Yam Chicken Burger is priced from RM7.90, whereas if youre looking to get yourself the combo, it would be priced form RM14.90. Honestly, i have to admit that i enjoyed this Tom Yam Chicken Burger. It's really different to enjoy Tom Yam in a form of a burger, but the sensation of every bite where the burger had that tangy sour and spicy flavour with hints of mayo, it just hits the right spot when it comes to my typical Malaysian tastebud. MUST TRY! 

Tom Yam Porridge

The Tom Yam Porridge is also pretty good if youre looking for something easy to swallow. The porridge basically consist of their signature porridge recipe, but with hints of chicken bits coated with Tom Yam flavour. It's pretty unique to have spicy and sour flavours in porridge, but i truly enjoyed this till the last bite. You can get it via ala-carte from RM7.80 or make it a combo from RM16.50. 

Tom Yum Nuggets & French Fries

The Tom Yum Nuggets is a nice light bite to munch on when youre on-the-go. You can get the 6pcs from RM9.50 or get yourself the 12pcs from RM17.00. Where as for the fries, you can upgrade any combo you order from Marrybrown for only RM1, or get it as an add on for RM5. Personally, i would say its best you get the Big Box combo which includes the Tom Yum Nuggets and the Tom Yum Fries together. Might as well get the whole bundle of Tom Yum goodness, cause really, why hesitate? hehe.

All in all, i would have to say i really enjoyed this seasons menu. Even my husband enjoyed the spicy kick the Tom Yum flavour had. Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for the perfect dining experience. Just writing about it makes me want to order it again. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Marrybrown before the season ends! Menu is available from 28th October onwards. For more information on Marrybrown, it’s Around the World meals, promotions and delivery services, please visit:

Facebook: MarrybrownMalaysia | Instagram: Marrybrownmy  |YouTube: MarrybrownTV | Delivery:

Saturday, October 9, 2021

10 mouth-watering ShopeePay deals at this 10.10 Brands Festival!

The Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival that culminates on 10 October not only brings shoppers a wide selection of products but also mouth-watering ShopeePay deals from participating brands and partners. Here are 10 irresistible deals that you can enjoy via ShopeePay Vouchers. Hurry! Better grab them before they run out.

1. Mydin

Get your daily necessities and groceries at Malaysia’s largest homegrown Halal-certified hypermarket! Accessible nationwide, Malaysians can shop for fresh food such as chicken, beef, fruits & vegetables as well as other daily necessities such as toiletries, clothes and many more at MYDIN. Get the MYDIN ShopeePay Voucher to enjoy a RM5 discount with a minimum spend of RM50.

2. Gong cha

Photo credit: Gong cha website

Gong cha is celebrating their 10th Anniversary by introducing a new flavour to their mango series drinks - Gong cha Hong Kong Style Mango Pomelo. Inspired by the classic Hong Kong Style Mango drinks, the creamy drink is infused with smooth coconut milk, mango chunks and pieces of pomelo which makes this delightful drink a luxurious experience at every sip. Get this drink at only RM5 (Original Price: RM11) when you purchase the Gong cha ShopeePay Voucher on 10.10.

Photo credit: myNEWS website

Be it coffee or a quick fix for lunch, myNEWS is bound to surprise you with all the things they have to offer across its more than 530 outlets nationwide. Head over to myNEWS and enjoy RM4 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15 with ShopeePay Voucher.

4. Secret Recipe
Photo credit: Secret Recipe website

Founded in 1997 in Kuala Lumpur, we all recall growing up with birthday cakes from Secret Recipe. Be it a savoury meal, a dessert stop or a whole cake for a special celebration, you can find it all at one of Malaysia’s most-loved cafes. Get cakes and meals at any Secret Recipe and enjoy a discount of RM10 with a min spend of RM50when you use ShopeePay Voucher at the outlet.

5. Nando’s
Photo credit: Nando’s website

Nothing beats having a dessert right after a hearty meal. Head over to Nando’s and try the Nando’s Choc-A-Lot Muffin, a double chocolate muffin infused with rich melted chocolate for only RM1.90 (Original Price: RM7.90)with ShopeePay Voucher.

6. Häagen-Dazs
Photo credit: Google image

According to Häagen-Dazs, their most popular flavours of 2020 were Vanilla, Coffee, Strawberry, Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Bar and Butter Pecan. (Can’t believe Cookies & Cream did not make it into the list!) Nevertheless, nothing can stop us from having a creamy scoop of Cookies & Cream on a hot sunny day. Enjoy a RM5 discount with a min spend of RM20 by redeeming the Häagen-Dazs ShopeePay Voucher at participating stores.

7. Marrybrown
Photo credit: Marrybrown website

Did you know that Marrybrown originates from Johor Bahru? Famous for their fried chicken and burgers, the chain now has outlets nationwide. One of their popular menu items includes Cheesy Chicken. Cheese lovers should try it out if you haven't because the oozing cheese sauce and fried chicken make just the perfect combination! Head over to Marrybrown to enjoy a sumptuous chicken meal! Enjoy RM5 cashback with a min spend of RM15 when you redeem the ShopeePay Voucher at any Marrybrown stores.

8. Rotiboy
Photo credit: Rotiboy website

Rotiboy, a Malaysian bakery chain which started off in Bukit Mertajam, Penang did us proud as they now have more than 100 outlets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. If you start getting a whiff of that delicious coffee bun scent, you know Rotiboy is not far from you. Enjoy any 2 Signature Buns (Rotiboy Original, Mocha Boy, Buttermilk Boy or Kari Boy) of your choice at RM3.00 - RM3.30 with ShopeePay Voucher.

9. BHPetrol
Photo credit: Google image

If you’re going out, don’t forget to check your car’s fuel tank. BHPetrol is offering exclusive ShopeePay Vouchers only on 10 October, where you can enjoy 10% off (capped at RM4) when you visit the BHPetrol station to fuel up!

10. Family Mart
Photo credit: FamilyMart Facebook page

If you’re drooling over Korean delicacies that you’ve seen on K-dramas, try ’em out at FamilyMart! If you haven’t tried the Korean Cheese Ramen, you’re definitely missing out. Get 50% off (capped at RM4) the Korean Cheese Ramen series at FamilyMart when you use the ShopeePay Voucher at the store. The voucher is applicable for Odeng Korean Cheese Ramen, Korean Cheese Ramen and Dry Cheesy Korean Ramen with/without Cocktail Sausage.

*Remember to read the terms and conditions of the vouchers! 

To get these special deals and more, just follow three simple steps:
1. On 10 October, open your Shopee App, click on the ‘Deals Near Me’ icon
2. Check out the ShopeePay Vouchers available near you
3. Purchase them for as low as 1 sen and head over to the outlet to redeem the voucher and pay with ShopeePay

While you’re savouring all these, remember to also check out other deals from brands this 10.10 Brands Festival at

Sustainable Living Through 'Waste is Amazing' Fashion Design Competition

Alam Flora Sdn. Bhd (Alam Flora) has taken a proactive stance in continuing its efforts in cultivating the 3R practices (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) with the community through its iconic annual event, WASTE IS AMAZING, a fashion design competition using recyclable materials.

Entering its 9th year, with the theme PAPER COUTURE, this unique fashion competition saw 20 amateur designers from various backgrounds, pitting their unconventional creative designs on recycling virtually, due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) requirements, for the second year around.

“This year’s competition, amidst the various restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, still received favourable responses with more than 100 entries from all over Malaysia. This clearly shows creativity knows no boundaries and acceptance towards the recycling culture is growing stronger especially with the younger generation,” said Dato Mohd Zain Hassan.

“The selection of paper as the main material in this year's fashion design is indeed appropriate, as study done by National Solid Waste Management Department (JPSPN) had shown that paper is the third largest contributor of waste in the country, after food waste and plastic.”

“It also augurs well with the government's aspiration to reduce 40% of the recyclable waste from being sent to landfills by 2025. To help achieve this, Alam Flora has intensified its efforts of going beyond waste management by helping to cultivate a recycling culture among Malaysians, and ‘Waste is Amazing' is one of our initiatives. So, we can now look at waste from a positive perspective,” said Dato Mohd Zain.

The hour-long colourful and exciting virtual event, saw the judges, which include renowned designer Hatta Dolmat and singer, Sissy Iman, having a great yet tough time in selecting the winners based on the criteria set by Alam Flora. The competition was broadcast live on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram Alam Flora, and was seen by netizens across Malaysia and around the world where the issue of distance and border- crossing, are no longer an obstacle.

The first winner of the WASTE IS AMAZING 2021 FASHION DESIGN COMPETITION: PAPER COUTURE took home RM1,000.00 cash, 10 thousand Petronas Mesra reward points, a special edition Alam Flora tiffin and an e-certificate of participation. While the second winner will receive RM800.00 cash, 5 thousand Petronas Mesra reward points, Alam Flora special edition tiffin and e-certificate. The third place RM500.00 cash, 3 thousand Petronas Mesra reward points, special edition Alam Flora tiffin and e-certificate of participation.

The following is a list of the winners of this year's competition:




Designer’s Name



Nor Farizan Jawahir from Institue Kemahiran Belia Negara, Pertak

Miezan Creation’s


Second Place

Muhammad Danish Saiful Rizal from Management Science Universiti (MSU)

T.G.I.F Thank God is Fashion


Third Place


Wan Rahman Muhammad Izzuan Abdul Rahman from Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan, Pasir Gudang, Johor

Inspired by Cruella

Best Social Media

Tieya Tailerra from UiTM Shah Alam

1.8k likes, 280 shares, 10.3k view

Flamed Diva

Friday, October 8, 2021

Tic Tac Malaysia X Mobile Legends | Refresh, Recharge and Celebrate

Staying true to its fun and creative spirit, Tic Tac is partnering with one of the most popular mobile games in Malaysia – Mobile Legends. With the evolution of Malaysians’ entertainment habits, gaming is a great forum for young adults to have little escapes from a busy day and form a sense of community. Given Tic Tac’s role in offering little escapes of its own and bringing people together with its iconic sharing packs, Mobile Legends is an ideal partner for the brand.

Tic Tac Malaysia is launching the ‘Refresh and Recharge’ campaign to inspire gamers to refresh and celebrate 'little wins' in the game, thus escaping online negativity and reconnecting with their gentle side.

Today, a virtual Refresh & Recharge (R&R) Night was streamed live on Tic Tac Malaysia's Facebook page, with two of Malaysia's top Mobile Legends players, Thanuk Pri Cha (Nukk) and Syafiq Faizin (Zynn), as well as lifestyle influencer Muhammad Syah Fitri, (Syahfit). The trio exchanged exclusive Mobile Legends tips and tricks, as well as spent time viewing and commenting on Zynn's hilarious Mobile Legends game session collection.

The one-hour event also included a Tic Tac Legend friendly match between the three. They had to use chopsticks to restore the Tic Tac candies to their container in the first game, 'Marksman Supreme.' They also had to build the tallest Tic Tac towers out of empty containers in the 'Support Tower' game - in both sessions where they celebrated their 'little wins' with Tic Tac.

As part of the ‘Refresh and Recharge’ campaign, Malaysians stand a chance to win over 1,500 Mobile Legends assets like Diamonds (50 to 1,000 Diamonds), Skins and Heroes every week. All they have to do is purchase a Tic Tac in any flavour (Mint, Orange, Spearmint, and Strawberry) and upload the purchase receipt at to be eligible.

Tic Tac will also be awarding 40 grand prizes every week, including Limited Edition and Special Skins, Heroes, and 1,000 Diamonds. To qualify for this Bonus giveaway, use the hashtag #TicTacRecharge and share a public post on your Facebook/ Instagram describing why you love Tic Tac. After you've done the steps outlined above, simply upload a screenshot of your post and you will be a part of the weekly Bonus contest!

Refresh & Recharge with Tic Tac campaign is running from 4th October to 28 November 2021.

More information about the campaign and promotion may be found at the links below:

Tic Tac Malaysia

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Gain Shoppers Confidence with Kaijoo | Validates Authentic Sellers to Trust

E-commerce online businesses started blooming in Malaysia in early 2004, and it has grown rapidly ever since. And recently, with the pandemic changing the way business works, the online business growth has gained more than an average of 50 million website visits monthly, and as we speak, it's still increasing more and more. With this growth, result has put Malaysia as one of the largest e-commerce players in Southeast Asia! 

Getting into numbers, according to the market overview for the year 2020, Malayia's e-Commerce market is currently worth US $4.3billion, (~RM18 billion) and according to experts, it is believed that the value will double to US $8.1billion (~RM34.1 billion) by the year 2024, whereas the estimate for 2021 is projected to be at US $6.2billion by the end of the year. A little fun fact, the recent research claims that Malaysia's current online basket size has grown by 24% comparing 2019 vs 2020, which there's no doubt that consumers have opted for an online solution when getting their groceries, daily necessities, and personal items off their checklist. 

With that being said, have you ever encountered bad experiences with your online purchases? With the numbers of online shoppers increasing, cyber-crime is also on the rise according to police authority, totalling up to 23,011 cases of e-commerce scams that have been reported between 2017 till mid-year 2021. A recent case in April 2020, it has been reported a total of 556 cases of face mask scams which is equivalent loss of RM4.2 million. 

KAIJOO | Building trust among customers online

Now, the real question would be 'Is there a way to prevent being scammed?' YES! This is where Kaijoo plays an important role in today's era, offering a solution to prevent these cyber-crime's from happening. Kaijoo is an independent user review & sellers audit platform, built with a sole purpose to secure the e-commerce environment, prevent fraud through fraud detection, access to finance and technology with the mission to ensure that Malaysia offers a safe online environment.

Through its independent review platform, authentic users can contribute reviews on sellers, products, and services that are available online across a variety of most popular e-commerce marketplaces. Vice Versa, concerned shoppers can also browse through the store details which Kaijoo offers a calculator Kaijoo score based on their internal algorithms and user reviews. The ranking system is open and border-less as the data available is coming from universal resources giving consumers access to verify their shopping choice before checking out their cart. 

Kaijoo also is an independent platform that performs auditing on online sellers to ensure that they are genuine and reliable. The verification process goes through a background check which filters through the company's registration and owners while also checking on the products and corresponding SKU verifications as well. Each store verified by Kaijoo will have a verified by Kaijoo icon next to the store name. This would open up the opportunity for both sellers and customers by gaining trust while boosting their online sales with confidence. 

Kaijoo provides digital certifications for each store in the from of URL on Kaijoo site, and all the stores URL will have uniquely generated links and acts as a digital certificate for online sellers. Sellers who are interested may register their interest at Kaijoo's Seller Sign Up Page and the team will reach out to you.

Kaijoo X Youbeli Collaboration

Kaijoo is currently collaborating with Youbeli to certify all their online sellers as level 1 (Seller Trust) Kaijoo Certified. And since its an on-going collaboration, you may also opt to refer to the list of all certified sellers that would be available here at For starters, below would be my top 10 recommended sellers that i have personally listed for you to check out. 

1 | Max App Marketing

Max App Marketing is a seller that specialized in selling various product ranging from Electrical and Electronic appliances, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, and many more! Since the products are all ready-stock and available in warehouse, all purchases made will be shipped on the next day.

Nuttyland Nut Butter sells variety of nut butter spread ranging from creamy to crunchy with sugar & salt free and there is an option for crumble peanut butter or almond flavor. All the products are made from 100% natural artisanal peanut or almond butter. 

Their mission is to create a healthy nut butter than will become everyone's favorite peanut butter which you can enjoy and eat it with guilt-free. The hardwork and perseverance sealed in every jar of Nuttyland Nut Butter is a guaranteed of quality by them.

3 | Uniq Official Store

Uniq Official Store is known for its series of functional stylish gadget accessories and travel essentials to integrate exquisitely with our lifestyle. At Uniq, they explore materials and textures that work in unison for a refreshing contemporary take on your gear with a little ingenuity, inspiration and meticulous attention to details to create intuitively designed masterpiece.

4 | WeCommence Beauty

WeCommerce Beauty is a public listed company from China that supplies and manufacturing beauty products. There are more than 400 products available on this seller platform and their ultimate mission is to keep your skin hydrated.

5 | SkinArma Official Store

SkinArma Official Store is a store that "For The Bold At Heart" and unafraid to stand out in a crowd. The products at SkinArma are inspired by the vibrant spirit of Tokyo youth and the unmistakable aesthetic of Japanese street fashion but make with own's boldness. It will be featuring a range of designs from subtle to striking, and they believe you should embrace your unique individuality by reflecting it in the things you carry.

6 | Barista Coffee Official Store

Barista Coffee Official Store is owned by Barista Coffee Sdn Bhd that is currently celebrating their 21 years of experiences in the trade. They are mad about coffee and the Team Barista Coffee strives to serve the hospitality industry with complete solutions. Besides coffees and teas, Barista Coffee Official Store also sells Convenience Food like Pes Tempoyak, Sambal Hitam Belimbing Bilis Pahang, etc.

7 | Mr. Spicy BP 鄭宗麻辣酱

Mr. Spicy BP 鄭宗麻辣酱 is specialized in making the mala chili powder that going to spice up your taste buds. All the products are self-produced and made from the natural ingredients.

8 | BffStore

BFF Store is a online store for golf accessories that suitable for those who started to play golf as a hobby. All the products displayed are ready-stock that available at Kuala Lumpur.

9 | One Condoms Official Store

One Condoms Official Store is an online seller of high-quality pleasure products with the specialty of making safer sex products as part of their mission and well known for their technologically advanced condoms that is cheeky and comes with artistic round wrappers.
Other than condoms, you can find personal lubricants in their official store too!

10 | Cabani Enterprise

Cabani Enterprise is a multi-products online seller that sells affordable products ranging from Electronics & Electrical Appliances, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Fashion and many more. As all the products are ready-stock, the products will be shipped out the next day after purchases are made.

There are more online official stores that are available on the platform, so be sure to browse through for the sake of your safety if you're looking to prevent any cyber scams. Check out now to look for your favorite online stores today! Cabani Enterprise

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#ShopeeSapotLokal 10.10 Brands Festival

#ShopeeSapotLokal: 10 homegrown brands to show your sapot lokal spirit this 10.10 Brands Festival

Shopee is celebrating its 10.10 Brands Festival, which culminates on 10 October, with a wide selection of brands and products on Shopee Mall for shoppers to shop and enjoy. 

The shopping festival will also see established and creative local brands being part of this celebration, treating shoppers to big savings and rewards at their stores on Shopee. Here are ten local brands with irresistible deals that we can go and sapot as well:  

Aik Cheong Coffee Roaster started in 1955 in old Melaka town in a little wooden shop. Today, it has carved a name for itself not only locally but on the international stage. Did you know that Aik Cheong has sold more than 27,000 units of Cafe Art Chocolate on Shopee since it opened its store 4 years ago? Get a good cuppa from Aik Cheong store and enjoy up to 40% off or vouchers of up to RM5 off with a minimum spend. 

Amazin’ Graze started when co-founders Amy Zheng, Ching Yi Lee and Sabrina How left their corporate jobs to create healthier food alternatives (girl power!). Today, the colourful granola packages can be found in Singapore and Hong Kong. Check their store on Shopee to get 8% off (capped at RM6) with a minimum spend of RM55. If you’re spoilt for choice, we heard that the Hazelnut Blackforest Granola is one of their bestsellers.  

APOM, which stands for A Piece of Malaysia, brings together a collection that showcases things and experiences of everyday Malaysian life. The brand recently collaborated with 14 talented local designers, each representing their home state, on a project called #empatbelas where merchandise were curated to celebrate the country’s 14 states. These merch - t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and phone casings can be found on APOM’s store. While you’re there, get 10% off vouchers (capped at RM5) with a minimum spend of RM50. 

BOH Tea: Here’s a cup of hot, steaming good news! As part of the 10.10 Brands Festival, BOH on Shopee is treating tea lovers to discounts including a 10% off all green tea products; free shipping with minimum spend RM40 and free gift with minimum spend RM29.90. Terms and conditions apply, and while stocks last. 

KHIND started off as a small electrical appliances repair shop in 1961; today, it is a multinational electrical and electronic appliances company with presence in more than 58 countries (power!). Don’t forget to check out the new arrival section on Khind’s Shopee store, or the brand new pink Khind 28L Electric Oven OT2800 that is going for RM174.90 (RRP:RM349) on 10 October from 12AM-2AM. 

Kluang Coffee: Did you know that Kluang Coffee’s logo uses a television set because it is synonymous with bringing people together as they watch news and entertainment on TV, and in this case, over their love for Kluang Coffee? Connect with friends or family by purchasing Kluang Coffee from Shopee and have it delivered to them. You can also enjoy in-store vouchers of up to RM5 off with minimum spend. 

Loka Made features a series of merchandise: postcards, stickers, magnets, keychains and greeting cards that showcases Malaysia and its culture in a fun, creative way. Their best selling items include the Purrfect Stamp Block collection, Malaysia Shaped Postcard and many more that brings to all a sense of home and nostalgia! Check them out at the Loka Made store and enjoy vouchers of up to RM5 off with a minimum spend. 

MYDIN, a household name since 1957, is treating Shopee users up to 60% off on various essentials and household supplies when they visit the store. There are also combo boxes packed with necessities such as Beg Ceria, Box Sihat, Box Selamat and Box Mama Basic that would make great gifts to friends and family afar. For those visiting the outlets, shoppers can also enjoy a RM5 off minimum spend RM50 ShopeePay Voucher when they pay with the mobile wallet. Terms and conditions apply. 

Pestle & Mortar Clothing: Established in 2010, Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) has become a common name in the fashion industry. Using apparel as a canvas for their stories, the PMC team aims to show the world what Southeast Asia is about through their designs and various collaborations with brands such as Petronas, KFC, Honda, and even Shopee! Don’t forget to claim and use the 95% off (capped at RM8) with a minimum spend of RM1 voucher valid till 10 October,when visiting the Pestle & Mortar Clothing store on Shopee. 

Tanamera, established in 1995 by three siblings, is an award-winning brand in the wellness and spa industry that carries a range of products where materials are sourced from tropical rainforest. Treat and pamper yourself with the Tanamera’s Mini Weekend Wellness Kit, packed with spa goodies to create a home spa experience, or the Brown Formulation Body Soap, essential oil and more from Tanamera Official Store. This 10.10, get items up to 20% off whilst enjoying vouchers up to RM50 off with a minimum spend. 

Let’s lend some sapot to these brands, and many other homegrown ones that are celebrating the 10.10 Brands Festival on Shopee. At the same time, shoppers can also enjoy Free Shipping Vouchers with a minimum spend of RM10 along with 50% off Big Brand Discounts. They will also stand a chance to Tap and Win a Toyota Vios.

The excitement doesn't end here! On 9 October at 9PM, shoppers can tune in to Shopee Live and TV3 to watch the Shopee TV Deals - 10.10 Brands Festival Show. Here, they will have 3 extra chances to Tap and Win a Toyota Vios as well as claim 10.10 Only Vouchers of up to 95% off from their favourite brands. Top that off with up to 10,101 Shopee Coins to be received when ShopeePay users reload their mobile wallets from now till 9 October. 

To find out more about the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival, visit