Wednesday, November 27, 2019

IPC Shopping Centre's Wondrous Winterland!

Staying merely 5 minutes away from IPC Shopping Centre, i have learn that IPC Shopping Centre has been one of my favourite places to shop and explore, especially when they have really nice baby rooms. With Christmas being just around the corner, im happy to share with you their Wondrous Winterland which features a snowy wonderland, filled with celebrations, shopping delights, activites and exclusive deals from now until 1st January 2020. Not to forget, with this celebration, it also marks IPC's 16th birthday! Can you believe it guys? It has been 16 years already!

To celebrate this festive season being just around the corner, IPC Shopping Centre has collaborated with Toblerone to enhance the christmas spirit in the mall. Shoppers and Visitors will be able to explore the enchanted festive journey, filled with sweet and joy at the main concourse area. The highlight of the decoration would be the giant lighted crystal globe that has a 15 feet Christmas tree inside while kids get to tour around and hunt for 3D Tomtos in a magical train ride!

There will also be activities and workshops during the weekend throughout this festive period, and has been crafted to suit diffent interests making it great for every member of the family. There will be Christmas ornament and decoration workshop, special Tomte and Swedish maiden who will meet and greet, Festive dance performances to enjoy and fun art and craft workshops for the kid to enjoy.

Since IPC Shopping Centre has recently turned 16, IPC is introducing a new loyalty programme called the IPC Tack Club, giving shoppers more rewards and perks from the shopping centre. Being a fan of IPC Shopping Centre after their renovation, i must say that they have given me more reasons to love shopping there. In case youre wondering why the loyalthy programme is called Tack Club, its only becuase it means Thank you in Swedish.

The mobile app will officially be launched on the 2nd of December 2019, where all it takes to get an account is to go through a one-time registration via mobile app. Other than its friendly digital membership app, by having this app on your phone, you'll be able to enjoy gift with purchase at a lower spend. This app will also be intergrated with IPC Små Club for kinds and existing membes can renew their membership for free.

(Before 1st January 2020)

So, if youre reading this in 2019, good news! Register before 1st January 2020 and as a welcome gift, IPC Tack Club members will enjoy free one ice-cream from IKEA, while for new and existing IPC Små Club members will receiving a freebie upon signing up and renewing their membership. With a minimum spend of RM50, you are eligable to redeem one set of 2020 IPC Calendar and a Toblerone Milk 100g. And when you spend a minimum of RM400, you'll be able to redeem an additional cooler bag!


In conjuction with their 16th Anniversary, IPC Shopping Centre will be treating 16 lucky shoppers to a mission that would score them a chance to win RM16,000 worth of prizes from participating tenants such as All IT Hypermarket, Ben's Independent Grocer,  Happi Kiddo, Harvey Norman, IKEA, Popular Bookstore, and Spotlight on 15th December 2019 at 3pm. For more information on this, you may check their social sites to not miss out on this exciting event.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Creme De La Creme X Hello Kitty | Hello Kitty Ice Cream

I just had to check out the collaboration between CDLC and Hello Kitty
If you know me well enough, i am a huge fan on Creme De La Creme and i find that they offer THE BEST ice cream in Klang Valley ( and perhaps in the whole of Malaysia!) They’ve recently launched their Beauty Elixir being the worlds first beauty ice cream and now is proud to annouce that Sanrio has specially handpicked CDLC to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 45th birthday with their Malaysian fans.

And of course, god bless free testers!
With this exciting collaboration, CDLC has transformed their interior into a never before seen Hello Kitty Land! Other than the instagramable vibe, CDLC has crafted an exclusive tantalisingnset of Hello Kitty themed ice-cream, petits gateaux and Bloop! Bloop! Bloop! I cannot emphasize to you on how exciting this collaboration is to me, especially when CDLC is creating flavours that has been inspired by Hello Kitty. Yums!

Featuring the two exclusive flavours
I would highly recommend you to try both, it taste Ah-mazing together!
To start off the teaser for you, there are 2 exclusive artisanal ice creams namely Apple Crumble Pie and Starwberry Fantasy. Apple Crumble Pie is inspired by Hello Kitty, since her favourite food is apple pie. CDLC twisted some of the ingredients featuring Madagascar Vanilla with Homemade Apple compote, cinnamon and crumble to create one of the most amazing Apple pie in a form of ice cream. YUMS! Strawberry Fantasy is inspired by Hello Kitty’s pet since strawberry is her favourite food. The Strawberry Fantasy offers an explosion of strawberry flavours with bits of starberry as an element of surprise. 

Any fans of the Petit Gateaux?
Friendship Ring Petit Gateaux
creme-cheese ice cream, strawberry ice cream, strawberry jam, citrus crunble and chocolate
Kitty White Petit Gateaux
Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry Passion sorbet, passion fruit creme, crumble and chocolate
Moving on to their Petit Gateaux, there are two variants CDLC has to offer in collaboration with Hello Kitty, namely Kitty White and Friendship Ring. Kitty White offers an indulging combination of Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry Passion sorbet, passion fruit creme, crumble and chocolate. The friendship ring offers a unique combination of creme-cheese ice cream, strawberry ice cream, strawberry jam, citrus crunble and chocolate. I managed to try both Petit Gateaux and both tasted amazing! But if you have to ask on which is my favourite, i would definitely say Friendship Ring cause i love the gastromic combination of sweet and sour in every bite i take.

Sugar Bloop! Bloop! Bloop!
And for their Bloop! Bloop! Bloop! beverages, theres Sugar and Charmmy Kitty. Sugar is actually Hello Kitty’s pet hamster and it offers a concoction of fresh strawberries, fresh sweet basil leaves, lemonade and rasberry sorbet making it the perfect combination for any berry lover! Charmmy Kitty on the other hand is inspired by Hello Kitty’s pet cat, serving you fresh milk blended with strawberries, topped with strawberry cream and peach chunks. 

The interior is uber cute too! So be sure to get a good spot for photos
Honestly the collaboration of CDLC and Sanrio is unbelievably delicious but if i had to pick one dessert out of all of these, i would highly recommend you to get a bite of the Apple Pie Crumble Artisanal Ice Cream. Im aware that most apple pies are enjoyable when its freshly hot from the oven, but trust me when i say that it taste even better when its cold! Just talking about it makes me want more. Mmmhmm. Now, this isonly  for a limited period of time, so be sure to head on over to Creme De La Creme if you want wonder what Hello Kitty would taste like in forms of ice cream. Trust me, you wont regret it! 

Creme De La Creme
35G, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama
Sunday to Friday : 12pm-11pm
Friday and Saturday : 12pm-12am

Friday, November 22, 2019

Star Wars Intergalactic invasion in Pavilion KL

The Star Wars layout in Pavilion KL
Taking a moment to spazz over the Star Wars sequel movie coming out real soon, i was amazed that Pavilion KL has decided to dazzle the fetive season with an enchanting Chrsitmas with a theme called 'A Starry Christmas'. For the first time ever, Pavilion KL collaborates with The Walt Disney Company Malaysia to capture the magic of Christmas in conjuction with the highly anticipated movie, Star War, The Rise of Sky Walker! The minute i heard that its going to be a collaboration with Star Wars, i just had to make my way there to witness everything myself.

Checkout the large sized light sabers!
Not to forget the galactical invasion
For any Star Wars fan, this set up is definitely like a dream come true to witness, and the force is strong in KL this time of the year. With this intergalactic adventure at Pavilion KL Centre Court, you will be greeted with towering red and blue lit lightsabers (and let me warn you, they are HUGE!). Going down the famous steps in Pavilion, you wullk be greeted with the Sith Troopers (Red Stormtroppers) to welcome you to this festive dream land that features the Largest Millennium Falcon Replica!

The Millennium Falcon as the center piece
Toys R Us making a galactical appearance
Personally speaking, the minute i arrived around the Centre Court, i must say that the Millennium Falcon Replica is impressive! Awarded by the Malaysia Book of Records, this Millennium Falcon measures a massive 30 feet by 40 feet. And believe it or not, thie Millennium Falcon also has the power to rise majestically above the Centre Court to excite visitors with a lightshow at 8pm every night. Trust me, its a jaw dropper moment if you happen to be there.

Cockpit Access anyone?
Royal Selangor X Star Wars Chess Set 
Royal Selangor X Star Wars
There are also other exciting activities to do there as well, where you can drop by for an interactive experience of the Hyper Drive and Cockpit Access stations for photo opportunities. Im usually not a fan of photo booth opportunities, but this wasan opportunity that i wouldnt want to miss! Im already planning to get my star wats outfit ready for a visit to Pavilion. You can also do some christmas shopping for the kids (and adults) and grab some special Star Wars merchandises on sale at Centre Court.

One mandatory photo with the cast
If you look closely at the snowflakes it has the logo of the troopers
Exclusive for Maybank Cardmembers with minimum purchase
Its actually a great time to shop in Pavilion durinf this festive season as YSL offers YSL Beauté’s Holiday Look 2019 High on Stars Collection at the Main Entrance. And if you like freebies, Spritzers is having an activation to give your a Sparkling Holiday where you get to redeem free samples of Spritzer Sparkling 325ml from 1st to 29th December 2019. And did i mention that you can be rewarded for the purchases you make at Pavilion KL during this period? Here's an idea! You can get your christmas shopping done, and wheel home a complimentary Limited Edition Star Wars cabin size luggage bag with a spend minimum RM5,000 in a single receipt (RM3,000 with Maybank credit card). Alternatively, you may also redeem a complimentary Limited Edition Star Wars vacuum flask with a spend minimum of RM1,500 in a single receipt (RM1,000 with Maybank credit card). Its starting to feel like christmas already! 

Pavillion KL

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Millennials Guide to Parenthood Workshop | By Parenthood X Nippon Paint

Attending the Millennials Guide to Parenthood Workshop
Hello everyone, since the baby is asleep now, i managed to steal some time to write out this blogpost on a workshop that i’ve attended today covering topics on ‘Millennials Guide to Parenting’ organized by Parenthood Magazine. Without hessitation, i just had to make myself available to attend this, and to also gain some insights on what i should be expecting when the baby gets a little bigger. Being a first time mom, i would have to say that it feels scary when you feel entirely clueless on what to do, but my style is always be prepared before the day comes.

In collaboration with Nippon Paint, i learned a thing or two about paint too while i was there
So, the workshop is from 10am to 2pm where we started off the workshop with a few words from Darin Wong Meng, who is the assistant general marketing  manager of Nippon Paint (M), where she gave some explanations on how Nippon Paint can help you by reducing your worries on your child. Did you know that Nippon Paint has a special paint designed to not release harsh chemicals which is safe to touch for the kids and is also anti staining making it a good precaution to ensure that the walls are washable after having the little ones being creative with the walls. I would actually consider this for the kids room once me and my husband decides to get a house of our own. Hehe.

Started off with a talk on Prevention is better than cure.
So the event started off with a talk by Dr Cham sharing about a topic on how to manage 5 most common childrens illness. During this talk, i was suprised on how easy it is for a child to catch a disease through just touching the wrong items or by being exposed to harmful viruses. Im more concern on HFMD cause it sounds really scary to the extent that a baby might suffer from even just drinking water due to the pain. Gotta keep a lookout on preventing kids from experiencing diarrhea, catching influenza, denggi and HFMD as prevention is always better than finding a cure.

Then proceeded to understand on how to handle picky eaters (fav topic of all!)
Another interesting topic would be a talk by Celeste who shared about how to handle picky eaters! My baby doesnt consume solids yet, but its always be ahead of the game no? I found this talk one of the most interesting ones as she shared about how to start early to ensure that your kids dont end up picky. Those were some good tips and she actually got me excited to start thinking of what to prepare for the little one once she starts eating real food. I think overall, the idea is to ensure that your food and colours are transparent so they know that colour should not affect perception. Also, never use sweet treats as a rewarding system as psychologically they would think sugarry food is better than nutritional foods.

Then we had some highlights on how indoor air is important for a childs growth
Then ended with a topic on how to bring out the best potential in your child
Once both talks were over, we then proceeded to a lunch where food was prepared and it was pretty good too! Very considerate of them prepare something that is consumable for the kids as well. Moving on to the next speaker, we had a talk on ‘why is indoor air wellness important’ and ‘how to bring out the best potential in your child’. Who would have thought that topics as simple as indoor air quality is important to your childs growth? Partially this topic gave me a sense of relief that its good to have an air purifier at home when my baby is growing. Keeping this blogpost minimal, basically clean air is important for a healthy growth and in terms of bringing out the best potential in your child is mainly guiding and supporting your childs interest as they grow. From this topic, i understand that different parents have different ways in educating their child, and its always best to go for what makes you and your child feel comdortable. A long way to go for me to touch into this topic, but its good to know that there are a few was to tackle on bringing the best potential in your child.

Pretty happy that i brought my sister a long with me too since the hubs was working on that day. We both learned a thing or two about bringing up a baby. 

Overall, i would say that the talk was very informative and im glad that it was within a span of only 4 hours, cause really, my brain was a little exhausted on paying attention since i had a baby on me to also entertain on the other hand. But thankfully that my baby survived through the event with me. The organizers were even nice enough to prepare a breastfeeding room for mom's who attended the event with kids which i think is a great initiative. Personally, i feel that more talks such as these should be conducted more often to guide new moms like myself. I find that it was very helpful in educating new parents and current parents on understanding the millennial trend. Well, thats all for now. I've asked the organizers, and they told me that they will be having more events like this in the near future, so be should to keep yourself updated by following Parenthood via social media. 

HURR X Rizmanl RuzainiYear End Sale | Up to 70% Off

hurr tv X Rizman Ruzaini
Berita baik bagi peminat fesyen Rizman Ruzaini, dapatkan koleksi eksklusif mereka telah mengadakan promosi jualan hujung tahun di laman web Beli@hurr Jangan cakap sis tak kongsi, sebab selarang adalah peluang terbaik untuk mendapakan pakaian designer dengan harga serendah antaranya RM149. Terdapat 24 gaya menarik dari Rizman Ruzaini untuk dimiliki dengan diskaun menarik antara 50% hingga 70%! Kalau shopping sekarang, kos penghantaran adalah percuma! Haaa, memang rugi kalau tak beli! 

Sis pun ada beberapa koleksi dari Rizman Ruzaini, dan serious sis cakap yang kualiti tidak mengecewakan. Kualiti rekaan Rizman Ruzaini boleh dijaminkan dengan kualiti yang bermutu tinggi dan boleh didapatkan dengan tawaran diskaun yang sangat hebat! Kena cepat tau kalau tak nak lepaskan peluang hebat ini sebab promosi ni hanya sehingga 31 Disember 2019. Kalau korang ingat promosi ini terhad untuk wanita, korang salah! Untuk si jejaka jangan ketinggalan mendapatkan kombo jaket biker metalik bersama t-shirt monogram Rizman Ruzaini dijual pada harga RM199. Manakala buat si gadis, serlahkan gaya chic anda dengan kombo top dan skirt berpetak pada harga serendah RM149. Pelbagai lagi fesyen menarik boleh dilihat di laman web

Pengarah Saluran, Datin Elaine Daly berkata, “Ini merupakan kolaborasi pertama Beli@hurr bersama pereka fesyen tempatan. Kami amat berbesar hati untuk menjadi medium kepada jenama Rizman Ruzaini bagi mengetengahkan koleksi mereka yang sentiasa menjadi buruan peminat. Kualiti rekaan mereka tidak perlu dipertikaikan. Malah dengan harga menarik yang ditawarkan, promosi ini seharusnya diambil oleh peminat fesyen untuk mendapatkan koleksi eksklusif Rizman Ruzaini.”

Bagi mendapatkan inspirasi penataan, korang juga boleh ke laman web, YouTube atau aplikasi untuk melihat episod khas Nak Beli. Salah seorang pengasas jenama fesyen itu, Rizman Nordin juga berkongsi lebih lanjut mengenai konsep dan material bagi setiap koleksi berkenaan. Jangat cakap sis tak pancing sebab sis dah cuci mata tengok koleksi lawa lawa semua. Dah la harga pun berbaloi sangat! Cepat singgah websit sekarang kalau tak nak tertinggal dengan promosi terhad ini.

Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai

[REVIEW| MYLARA Skincare | Super Brightening & Glowing 5 in 1

Reviewing the MyLara Skincare
Hi guys, if you have been following me on my social media, it has been roughly 3 months that i've gotten myself comfortable with motherhood and honestly, i've been frequently asked on why do i now have that tired mom look? Well, a possible secret to that would be because i've been using MYLARA Skincare's Super Brightening & Glowing 5 in 1 set. I was introduced to this about a month ago, and i am so glad that i decided to give this a go!

Basic Set + Glowing Spray + Serum
I am pretty happy that MYLARA Skincare is Malaysian made, and i must say that the quality of the formulation is pretty impressive! The set that I've gotten includes a Glowing Cleanser, a CC Cream, a Night Cream, a glowing spray, and a serum, summing up to a complete skincare range for you to achieve actual results. My biggest skin concern has always been pigmentations, and im glad that this range has proven to be worthy to give my face that natural glow even when im bare-faced. Going into details, let me share with you about each of the products.

Skin Perfecting Basic Set

Glowing Cleanser 
Texture is in gel form and when it contact with water, its non foaming
First up would be the skin-perfecting basic set which is inclusive of the Glowing Cleanser, the Miracle matte CC Cream and the Instabright Night Cream. The glowing cleanser comes in a pump bottle that functions as a cleanser and exfoliator that firms and brightens the skin with papaya fruit extract. If youre a beauty enthusiast, you would know that papaya has tons of benefits on brightening the skin. On a first impression, i must say that the scent of this is AH-Mazing, making cleansing my skin much more enjoyable. The texture of it is like gel form, but once in contact with water, it foams up and gently exfoliates the skin. I was pretty surprised that this cleanser did not make my skin feel dry, and i must say that my skin still felt moisturized after cleansing. Major love!

Mylara Day CC Cream
Nude colour and texture is heavy cream
Here i've applied on half my face and you can see that it really makes my skin look brighter
Next would be the CC Cream, which is an all in one multi-tasking cream that protects your skin from UV with SPF 30. The CC Cream is basically a cream that you apply during the day time, and it has this foundation like color. The texture is slightly thick to my liking, but it works great as a primer before actually applying makeup on your face. It definitely did improve my skin texture while giving my skin a matte finish, which I believe could be the reason why my make up lasted longer than usual. hehe. Alternatively, on days that I don't feel like wearing makeup, this worked as a great lightweight foundation too.

MyLara Night Cream 
Waterbased cream texture
Im surprised to find this to be very lightweight and non sticky
Another thing that was included in the Skin Perfecting basic set would be the Instabright Night Cream. The night moisturizer is basically thicker in texture and has a very luxurious creamy vibe to it. On a personal comment, i actually enjoy using this at night cause my skin felt each time i wake up in the morning. It really nourishes and moisturizes the skin throughout the night, It claims that it whitens the skin as early as 14 days, but i feel that makes my skin glow rather than it whitens. If you sleep in an air-conditioned room, trust me when i say that this cream would be your best friend!

Fix | Glo Glowing Spray

Fix Glow Glowing Spray
Has a floral scent and its water based
3 sprits is all it takes and my skin feels instantly refreshed
The next this that is included in the set was the Fix | Glo Multitalent Glowing Spray. It acts as a liquid primer that gives your skin a good balance of hydration while acting as a setting spray, leaving your skin with a natural glowing effect. I personally use this as my setting spray more frequent, but truly, I actually think that this is one of the reasons why my make up stays throughout the day. I actually bring this around in my handbag with me and ocassionally spray my face to refreshen my tired look. Works great as a quick solution to refresh your face while keeping your make up intact. I Approve.

Perfect Glow Serum

MyLara Perfect Glow Serum
One of my favourite products from MyLara Skincare!
And last but not least would be the Perfect Glow Serum. This serum is formulated to brighten skin tones, scars, and sunburns, making it my favorite product from the collection. Trust me when I say that it did a great job in minimizing my pores while lightening the acne scars that I have around my forehead. Other than that, it also gives my skin that extra glow. The texture is somewhere in between watery and gel-like, but once you have applied it on your skin, I find that it can be well absorbed by my skin, leaving a very lightweight finish.

Daily Routine

And thats basically my secret to glowy skin!
As a daily routine, during the day time, I would cleanse, apply their CC Cream and apply the fix and glow glowing spray, then apply makeup and spray my face again to ensure that my makeup will last throughout the day. As for my night routine, I would cleanse, apply their Instabright night cream, followed by the perfect glow serum. Just to lock the serum in, i would sometimes apply more moisturizing cream just to lock in the benefits of the serum.

To conclude my review, i would say that despite it being a local brand, i actually like the formulation of their products cause other than solving my pigmentation issues and wide pores. After using this for roughly a month, i honestly did not experience serious breakouts (just hormonal ones), and it did give my skin that natural glow. I love that it works well with my oily combination skin and that it's very gentle too. All in all, i would recommend you to try MYLARA Skincare if youre looking for a skincare range that makes your skin glow. Do checkout their official sites linked below for more information. Thank you for reading my humble review and i hope this post helped in making your decision.

MyLara Skincare