Friday, November 8, 2019

International Babywearing Week 2019 @ Jaya One

Today i would like to share with you an exciting event i attended last weekend which was the International Babywearing Week 2019. Never did i knew that a Babywearing community existed and it was so nice to see all the babywearers being present on that day to embrace the beauty of baby wearing. It was held at Jaya One, and the venue was perfect for me to get out of the house and babywear with baby.

Upon arriving to the venue, i was surprised to find myself at 'the AsianParent' booth where they were having a spin a wheel opportunity for anyone who downloads the app and answers at least 3 polls. Since i already had the app installed, i managed to spin the wheel and got myself a sample of diapers from 'the Manja Co' diapers. This is my first time hearing about it, and to my surprise, i found out that its a locally made diaper! I got my hands on it, and it does feel very soft to the touch. Have yet to try it out for my baby, so lets find out how good the absorption is.

Exploring the event, i found myself in a mini bazaar selling all things for babies! From baby carriers, baby food to baby clothes, it was so exciting to see many stuff on sale specifically for babies. (Sorry, i havent really gotten t explore any baby shops yet at this rate after giving birth). So, this was an eye opener for me to see what the baby industry offers. I didnt really spent much since most of the sellers were selling SSC baby carriers. so i had a good chat with some of the sellers on the benefits of carrying a baby is an SSC baby carrier.

While i was there, i also managed to witness a talk on 'Lets have a calm and comfortable birth'. Honestly, because i was babywearing alone, i kindda needed a break from all the walking. Haha. Thank god they had chairs at the event. I didnt manage to catch the speakers name, but boy she knows what she's talking about, especially when it comes to having a calm birth. Some of the audiances were pregnant, and i can pretty much say that the speaker was knowlegable enough to guide them towards giving birth. I learned a thing or two from her too!

I also stumbled upon an interesting stall selling organic noodles and other organic products, ...... I couldnt resist but to get a few packs for myself to try. Cause one, i LOVE noodles, and two, whats better than noodles that are made out of organic vegetables?! Me being a fan of it, its also great for the kids to enjoy thier veggies! Good stuff, and im glad that the organizer brought them in for the bazaar too! I always love discovering new things such as these.

Well, to keep my post short and sweet, i would have to say that i was pretty glad that i made time to attend the International Babywearing Week 2019. I believe its a yearly thing, and i can wait to be a part of it next year! Since im a newbie, i didnt know that they have competitions and contests on baby wearing where this year they had like a fun dressup challenge with your baby in a carrier. SO COOL! Will definitely think of something next year, and if youre a parent who wants to learn more about baby wearing, then please do attend the event next year and who knows, you might just bring yourself back a baby carrier at a special price. hehe.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

PIGEON | GoMini - Quick Compact Breast Pump

Presenting to you, the GoMini Breast Pump
It's finally good to be attending events again, but its even better when i get to bring my bundle of joy with me. YAY! This has officially been the first event i attended with little Mikayla, and boy it was smooth. I was surprised that she was alseep throughout the event, but really i assume its because i've been attending events while i was pregnant, and the sounds might not be unusual for her. Hehe. Back to the main topic, i was honoured to be one of the few attendee's who got to witness Pigeon's latest launch, the GoMini Double Breast Pump! I swear if i found out about this earlier, i would have totally gotten this for myself as its the smallest and lightest breast pump i've seen!

Officially Launched in Malaysia
The official Launching Ceremony
Being a new mom, i definitely believe that breast milk is one of the best gift a mother can give to her newborn. Pigeon believes in the benefits of breastfeeding, and its no wonder that the brand offers a wide range of products for every nursing mom, be it from expressing milk, to storage, to feeding and even provides you with the whole full experience of enhancing your motherhood journey with your little one. I personally have been using Pigeon's milk storage bags, and it has done justice to safely store my 'gold liquid' for the little one without a doubt.

Loving the minimalistic desing
Can be both a single and double breast pump depending on individual needs
What i find the Pigeon's GoMini Breast Pump facinating is the weight of it. I managed to get my hands on it, and i was surprised that it was just as light as my handphone (currently using an iPhone XR). Weighing at only 145g, i can see why nursing mom's would go crazy over this breast pump as it doesnt add any extra weight when youre on the go with a busy hectic lifestyle. Imagine juggling between career and motherhood, it also offers double pumping, making it more convenient for you to pump wherever you are, within a shorter period of time.

Super lightweight and definitely easy to bring it around with you
In terms of charging, its compatible with power banks, making it east for you to charge when you cant find a power supply when you have that one day you forget to charge it before you head out. The GoMini also easily switches between stimulation and expression modes, and since the buttons are designed to be very close to each other, you can switch discreetly by using just one hand. Its no wonder that the GoMini has been recognised for its innovation by winning 3 prestigious awards to be the most Prestigious Awards (by Red Dot Designs), the Good Design Award (from Japan) and the Singapore Good Design Award.

Pigeon also offers Nipple Care Cream 
Priced at RM429, im already tempted to get one!
Priced at only RM429, the GoMini provides mums the flexibility of switching between single and double pumps to accomodate individual pumping needs. So if you would want to get one for yourself, it is available at all Happikiddo outlets at selected department stores, baby stores and pharmacies. Dont forget to check out other products that Pigeon has to offer, such as the Nipple Shield, the Nipper Puller and the Nipple Care Cream which is made from 100% pure lanolin to soothe cracked skin.

Pigeon Malaysia

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Jae Ko Designs | Stylist Diaper Bag

Ever since i had a baby, i must say that my choice of clothings has changed to suit to something a little easier and comfortable when im outdoors with my baby, which practically means, no high collar shirts, no sequins, no fancy play of material, and always sticking to plain cotton to ensure that my baby is comfortable when i hold her. And with this, im pretty glad that i discovered Jae Ko Designs which offers a stylist diaper bag to keep you in trend and organised as a mom instead of looking like a mess.

Living in this modern era, i believe that we can change the typical apperance of a tired mom into a trendy mom, since the industry offers tons of variety in keeping a young modern mom looking fresh and fashionable despite the sleepless nights. Hehe. Jae Ko Designs offers one of the most trendiest diaper bags that i've seen in the market, and whats even better? You can customise the bag with your initials to make it look more exclusive. Since im a sucker for customise goods, i just had to get one for myself, and honey, i have no regrets!

Each order of the Jae Ko Designs, it will be posted to you in a Jae Ko box giving you an exclusive feel to it even before you open the box. Its nicely wrapped and each order comes with a stroller strap, sling strap and a binky pod. Also, not to forget that they also offer a good cause as with every purchase, a portion of profit goes to 'Pusat Jagaan NURI' which means that you'll be also supporting them for a good cause too!

Other than looking trendy, this bag is so ideal and i love the fact that it comes with minimal zips making it convenient and struggle free. After using this bag for about a week now during my outings, i find that this bag has done justice as even the tiniest details, such as the zipping quality is superb! I had no problems getting stuff in and out from the bag quickly, especially when i need to be quick when the baby surprises me with sudden spit ups.

The main focus of the diaper bag would be the main compartment, whcih i find it to be the highlight! I was so surprised to find the compartments of the bag to be very spacious and handy. There are overall 6 pocket compartments and 1 zip compartment in the bag, and this works really great for me to store my wipes, extra baby clothes, Diapers, bottle's and other necessaties, to keep everything organized. This reduces my stressfull time of looking for a specific item in the bag, and i am obssesed with the idea of the bag allowing me to keep everything looking neat.

Other than that, it also looks great when im out, which means i wont need to bring 2 bags at once since its multipurpose and it works as both a diaper bag and a handbag where i can keep my personal items such as my cards, phones and purse. Yep, it has enough compartments to even store my personal stuff too! Since i like to go out independantly, i must say that this is my go to bag on any day cause i can be really quick and pack everything within less than 2 minutes thanks to its spacious compartments. (Bye bye to squeezing things in!)

Another benefit that this bag has, would be that it can be carried in 3 different ways! You can carry it as a backpack, sling it over your shoulder or even as hand carry making it an ideal travelling bag too. Trust me, this is all you need to cope with your daily explorations with a baby in hand while keeping yourself looking trendy and fashionable. Being made out of spill proof fabric, its wipable making it easy if you have clumsy accidents when youre out.

Each Jae Ko Designs diaper bag is priced at RM299 which includes all the accessories any mom would need. Designed to understand a mother's need and also provide you multiples bag space for you to bring your baby's stuff too. With Jae Ko's diaper bag, i would have to say that motherhood never looked so good. It may be on a slight pricier side, but i would have to say that the quality matches the pricing. Great quality, functional, spacious, trendy and water resistant. What more would you ask for from a diaper bag?

Jae Ko Designs

Friday, November 1, 2019

Bonding with my Newborn | Pittari Wrap

Pittari Wrap | from Unison CA
Its so exciting to be a new mom, especially when all the challenges the baby throws at you as they grow. Not to complaint, but frankly speaking it can be tough to manage and get yourself back to your usual life with a newborn sticking on to you 24/7. For the past 2 months of my life since my little princess was born, i had a hard time getting hoursechores done expecially when she like's to be carried most of the time. I try not to leave her to cry too often as i would understand how afraid she feels to be in this scary world, so putting her down and leaving her in tears was not an option.

Comes in a waist belt form
The belt with extra safety precautions (rubber belt)
In case youre wondering, Pittari wrap is a semi instant innovative baby wrap that comes in a form of a waist belt from Japan. Being a huge fan of all things Japanese, this was on my top list of baby wraps that i wanted since it has been widely known to be one of the best baby wraps to start of with, especially when you're a first time mom like me with a newborn. Manufactured from SUPPORi, i was glad to find that you can find this in Malaysia too under the distribution of Unison CA. So, if you are tempted to get this for yourself as well, i've included the link to Unison CA where you can get this Pittari Wrap for yourself too.

Compact and definitely easy to travel with since its lightweight
I realized that there are not many baby carriers that are suitable to be used for babies which are below 4 months, and since im still recovering from delivery, you can say that i was pretty desperate to get the weight off my arms. Finally, after going through intensive research, i found myself being very fond to the Pittari Wrap which can be used for babies from 0 months to 24 months, making it pretty ideal and practical for a first time mom like me. What really attracted me the most about it was that it has been design to be erganomic, which is suppose to provide good support for the baby and preassure relief and comfort for the babywearer.

To wear this, tighten the belt around waist area
Sling the wrap over shoulders
Create an 'X' at the back, repeat on front side and end it with a dead knot. 
I know what youre thinking, if you were like me thinking that the hip carrier would be much more easier as you can just sling it over your shoulders, do take note that those kind of carriers may not be good egornomic support for your newborn baby up until there are at least 5 months old. So, despite this Pittari Wrap bring a wrap designed carrier, its actually a semi instant wrap that surprisingly is easy to use. You can check out the video that i've included in this post to see what i mean. Never judge a carrier without trying it on first, cause after trying this on with my baby for the first time, i immediately fell in love with it as i felt really close to my baby without the baby's weight straining my back.

Pretty fashionable dont you think?
Even my husband enjoys wearing it cause he feels closer to her
As a mother, wearing this makes me feel like im pregnant again (in a good way of course)
The Pittari Wrap has been the answers to my enquiries on how do i get things done while holding the baby. Ever since i got this, its like, everything that i do for the past 1 month has been really smooth and easy. From grocery shopping to doing the laundry at home, this wrap really saves me a lot of time while keeping my baby close to me. To wear the wrap, it actually has this belt where you'll need to tighten it around your waist and wrap yourself up in it.

Soundly asleep most of the time when she'sin the wrap
Wearing this wrap, it always reminds me of the feeling of when i was pregnant, cause it really feels that way. And in terms of the baby's comfort, i can gurantee that she loves being cuddled just a much! For some reason,when im out walking with the baby in my Pitarri wrap, she will usually fall asleep longer with her head facing out and her ears towards the sound of my heart beat. These kind of moments are really reassuring and as a mother, i really find it one of the best carriers to be able to feel so close to the baby without holding her with my arms.

Grocery shopping with the Pittari Wrap
Cooking has been so much easier
Just to share you some journeys that i had with my baby, we managed to get out of the house doing light furniture shopping, we managed to get some groceries done without any problem, i got to cook at home when the baby doesnt let me put her down, and the best part of all, i get to enjoy hot meals with both hands! Trust me, when youre a mother with a newborn, enjoying a proper meal can be a rare ocassion when your baby likes to be carried. Since confinement period is over for me, i was happy enough that i can walk to a coffee shop nearby without any complaints. Since i had the Pitarri Wrap, i realized that being hands free was so convenient!

A walk in the park is now a breeze
As a verdict, some achievements that i managed to achieve with the Pittari Wrap would be that i can get grocery shopping done, get house chores done such as cooking and cleaning, a walk in the park without a stroller, quick impromptu outings, breast feed while walking and rocking the baby to sleep without straining my back. It was such a relief to get my life back and i have Pittari to thank for. Trust me, it takes a while to adjust to a baby being in your arms all the time. Other than it being comfortable and lightweight, its also way safer than carrying with your two hands. I would definitely recommend this to any mom who is looking for a carrier that is suitable for newborns up till 2 years old.

Pittari Wrap | Unison CA