Thursday, July 23, 2015

[REVIEW] Mary Sharon's Miracle Spa Deep Cleansing Mask

The packaging of MarySharon's Miracle Spa Deep Cleansing Mask.
Hello fellow readers,

I was truly excited when I heard about the latest brand of Mary Sharon, which is currently being introduced to the Malaysian market, flown all the way from Hong Kong. And let me tell you a thing or two, that I’ve never heard of a sleeping mask before.

What is this sleeping mask exactly? Well, its as obvious as it is, a mask which you can sleep with! Personally I find it a hassle to time myself on how long the mask has been on my face. But ever since I found out that Mary Sharon’s Sleeping mask, can be worn when youre sleeping, which sums up to pampering time has never been so convenient!

If its your first time hearing about Mary Sharon, well, Mary Sharon is a brand which has recently gained a high popularity recently and it has been raved that the Mary Sharon Sleeping Mask sells about 10 bottles per minute worldwide! That is insane! And after reading a few reviews online, I decided to give it a go myself.

Every packaging come with a lid for hygiene reasons.
After thoroughly going through some background research on Mary Sharon, I found out that Mary Sharon emphasizes on the importance of water as the life force of nature, and at the same time maintains the balance of the skin to be soft, with radiant main elements. The secret ingredient to this sleeping mask would be its exclusive golden seaweed essence moisturizing ingredient, which effectively gives you a moisturizing boost and locks water deep into the skin.

Some details on the ingredients and the product by Mary Sharon.
Being an outdoor person myself, these would be the exact nutrients that my skin needs! Its definitely great for dry skin, but if you have between a normal or combination skin, then this works great because it helps to balance oily skin and improve dull complexion while restoring skin vitality. So much benefits in one bottle.

Packaging wise, well, I’d say they did a great job into making the package look good. Very classy when placed in my bathroom shelf. Haha. But with such an expensive appearance, its actually not that bad. The product cost is only RM129 for 110g, which is actually a fair price! But this does not come with a spatula sadly, therefore you might need to get your own spatula to maintain clean content of your Mary Sharon Sleeping Mask.

Trying out the texture of the cream.
The texture is pretty thick, smooth and creamy all in one go. And initially I was very much worried if it might be too heavy on the skin as Im not a fan of feeling like theres a layer of glue on my face. To my surprise, it wasn’t heavy at all! Very lightweight and it doesn’t leave a greasy feel to my skin, despite how heavy it looks. Amazed

Some directions on application.
I was also observing on the methods on application since it was stated on the box, and it stated that there are 3 recommended methods of using this mask. Versatile much don’t you think so? For your convenience, so that you don’t have to squint your eyes, I’ll just retype what the box says by listing it down here:

Method 1:
After cleansing, apply a thick layer for 15 minutes and rinse off.

Method 2:
Leave a thin layer overnight and wash off in the morning

Method 3:
Apply a thin layer and wash off after 5 minutes before make up.

Among the 3 methods, my personal favorite method of applying it would be method 2 as I love the supple feeling of waking up to a more radiant skin after washing the layer off. Very refreshing and it does secretly make me feel more confident to start my day with such a dewy glow in the morning. But of course, if you’re a fan of make up, then method 3 might do wonders to you as it preps the skin a layer of moisture, which would hold the make up better to last you the entire day!

Applying it before sleeping.
After applying the thin layer to leave on overnight.
An overall of what I think about the mask, it really does wonders compared to American brands I’ve previously used on my face. Im assuming since its Asian, its more suited for Asian skin to ensure you achieve a softer, plumper, firmer, glowing skin. What do you think? Does my skin glows brighter with a more even complexion?

Next morning, you can see that the thickness of the mask is thinner.
After washing off the mask, it definitely makes your face glow in the morning.
Im currently using this twice a week in hopes of further improvements on my skin to ensure it gets enough nutrients to further moisture and even my skin complexion. Here’s a verdict of the product:

It moisturises, whitens, brightens and calms the skin. Regular use is necessary for better results. Skin absorbs the nutrients from the mask very well, and doesn’t leave any greasy texture on face. Very classy packaging, with different ways of application.

If you think you skin needs some pampering, (which of course it does) better get your pack of Mary Sharon Spa Sleeping Mask! Do share with me your throughts or enquiries by leaving some comments below.

For more information, kindly call 03-80622743/6 or visit Mary Sharon’s official Facebook page at:

Mary Sharon in Watsons One Utama.
*Note that MarySharon products are available at Watsons, SaSa and SHILLS Beauty Houses nationwide.

With love,
Sara xx

Ramandan Al-Mubarak with SAFI // alongside with Nora Danish and Hanis Zalikha

If youre not familiar with SAFI, well, SAFI is the number one ‘halal’ brand in Malaysia. And in occasion with Raya just around the corner, on the 2nd of July, Safi held a Ramadan Al-Mubarak occasion to celebrate with special guest from ‘Pusat Nur Fattah’ and partners of the media to celebrate the joy of Raya, followed by a ‘solat tarawih’ session which will be held in the Royale Ballroom, at Royale Chulan.

At the event, we had Cik Nor Aziani Azizan, the brand manager of SAFI who mentioned that for the past 20 years, SAFI has been the number one halal brand which understand the needs of every muslim women. She also mentioned that the product has an innovative formula combined with the latest technology to ensure the best beauty formula which has been continuous researched and with supervision by the ‘Pembangunan Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd’ to ensure that they provide the best for their loyal users.

The reason that the event was held was to symbolize the integration between a modern lifestyle, without forgetting the needs of including ‘syariat’. With guest from different races who attended the event, and some lovely children from ‘Pusat Nur Fattah’, it was an honor for me to be a part of such a meaningful event to celebrate with. The event then had a talk by Imam Muda Asyraf who shared meaningful information tittled ‘Halal Tayyiban’ which highlights the principles of ‘give and take’ just before everyone broke their fast.

Not to forget, of course the highlight of the event were the ambassadors of SAFI who continue to inspire women from all around the world, Nora Danish (ambassador for SAFI RANIA GOLD) and Hanis Zalikha (ambassador for SAFI BALQIS) were present at the event to share the importance of presentation, confidence and the beauty of the month of Ramadan. It definitely inspired me to hear them sharing the challenges of the month of Ramadan this year where Nora is facing challenges to teach her son to fast and Hanis Zalikha who is taking responsibilities as a wife for the first time this year.

Hanis Zalikha sharing some tips to the media.
Hanis Zalikha shared some valuable tips on the importance of how to ensure that you look fresh and confident during the fasting season where she emphasized on ensuring that a healthy diet is maintained and by using SAFI BALQIS WHITE TRILOGY is her secret to her flawless confidence in her smile. As the ambassador, she also mentioned that Safi has provided special moisturizes for different skin types, where if you have normal skin type, so use the day moisturizer SPF20A+++ SAFI BALQIS WHITE TRILOGY or for oily skin type, do use the Hyragel moisturizer SAFI BALQIS WHITE TRILOGY as it is important to use the right products to ensure that your face gets the right nutrients.

Nora Danish sharing her secret to her youthful skin complexion. 
Where as Nora Danish said that ‘everyday is a new day to improve on your personality and gain confidence’, then shared 2 products from SAFI RANIS GOLD was the key to her youthful skin, by using Concentrated Serum SAFI RANIA GOLD, which has more than 50x of Gold Bio Nano and the SAFI RANIA GOLD Facial Lotion, which helps moisture and pamper the skin.

Products which were placed in the female wash room.
Attendees were also given the chance to try out the products by SAFI as they have placed a whole set of SAFI products in the toilets at Royale Chulan to freshen up after breaking fast. First time ever for me to experience a self-pampered session to get my faced washed after having dinner. Thumbs up to creativity SAFI!

The variety of food served at Royale Chulan.
Attendees from Pusat Nur Fattah enjoying their dinner
The variety of food served at Royale Chulan
The variety of food served at Royale Chulan.
The variety of food served at Royale Chulan.
As everyone at the event enjoyed the lovely buffet at Royale Chulan, I personally felt that it was really nice to have a small gathering event by giving back to society to have a lovely experience to dine in a hotel as the children’s were very adorable at their up-most well-mannered etiquette. So good job to SAFI for a successful event which im sure was well thoroughly planned by the team. I would like to thank SAFI for having me to do a media coverage to experience the lovely occasion as it meant a lot to me. 

Kids from Pusat Nur Fattah posing for the camera.
For more information on SAFI, please head on over to, or,or by following their instagram at @safimalaysia to keep yourself updated.

Till then,

Sara xx.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Presenting the First KL City Grand Prix

Attention car lovers, if youre hungry for the excitement of the fast and furious, this would be something you wouldn’t want to miss out on! This wont be your usual F1 race which usually happens every year at Sepang because the action happens in the streets of Kuala Lumpur! Presenting KL’s First Street Race happening in the city! From the poster above, you can see that the dates for the big event would be between the 7th until the 9th of August 2015, which is in less than 3 weeks! 

This, as mentioned, would be the first KL City Grand Prix, where you will have the chance to see drivers zip through a 3.2km temporary circuit with 11 turns, along well-known streets which includes Jalan P. Ramlee, Jalan Ampang,, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Pinang. Flagging off point would be from KLCC Suria, and its an exciting sight to even miss out on this!

Managed to get a shot with Alex Yoong
The one and only Alex Yoong posing with his sexy Audi A7
Managed to meet the organizers of the G City Grand Prix and also, the ambassador for the KL City Grand Prix, Alex Yoong who recently brought some media partners around KL to check out the route for the race during the event. And after checking out the routes, its definitely a dream to have the chance to race in such a track in the city. Couldn’t believe that I met Alex Yoong in person, and if you have no idea who Alex Yoong is, then you might not be a car enthusiast. Here's a video if you want to experience the track with Alex Yoong and you'll see how exciting the race is going to be :

Just a short introduction on ‘The’ Alex Yoong, who has an impressive pedigree in Asia’s motor racing annals, he was Southeast Asia’s first ever and to date the only, Formula One driver. Besides that, Alex has participated in almost all forms of popular motor racing events around the world including Champ Cars, V8 Supercars and LeMans Prototypes – just to name a few.

There will be a few race events held during the period, which involves the KL GT City Cup, The Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Formula Masters and V8 Supercars. So be prepared to see sexy sport cars at the event, and be there to witness weather if your dream sport car would be in the Top 3 at least. Im already hoping to see my car on the road during the race, so im keeping my fingers crossed on making sure that my car would be leading all the way.

Grand Stand tickets.
For your convenience, the ticket price to attend the G City Grand Prix is listed in the image above and be sure to keep an eye on the Ampang, Sultan Ismail and Perak Grandstand which is priced at RM350 which might be the first few to be sold out if you don’t hurry. All ticket admission will have access to the activity zones during the event. Do check out for more information on the terms and conditions of sale.

The race track
From the circuit map, you can see that the track has 16 corners, 10 left and 6 right turnings, and it aims to provide challenging drive for competitors. So do ecpect to see drivers battle it out on the streets of Kuala Lumpur at an estimated speed over 200 kph to be crowned champion of the city.


The KL City Grand Prix is also giving chance car racer fans to join the inaugural KL GT City Cup Race since they were receiving requests from GT race teams from all around the world to race in the KL streets! The race would be an 80km street race and the reward to the fasters drivers would be to be a part of the challenging 3.2km race! So this is your chance to take part in the worlds newest and exciting trill to be involved in the GT street race event. For race requirements and format, do check out by heading over to this link .

Hurry and get your tickets to witness this ‘fast and furious’ event or be sure to submit your entry form if your up to be racing in the GT street race! For more information do check out or for more information on the event. Let me know if you’ll be there by leaving a comment below. See you guys there!

*KL City Grand Prix is supported by the KL City Hall, Sepang Circuit, AAM insurance and Tourism Malaysia.

Much love,
Aliza Sara xx

Friday, July 17, 2015

Otterbox: Commuter Series Case [REVIEW + GIVEAWAY]

The Commuter (np:$34.95) and Symmetry Series (np:$39.95)
Hey readers and Otterbox lovers,

Im pretty sure I know why youre here, and you got that right! There will be a giveaway to ONE lucky reader at the end of this post, I will tell you ways on how to win yourself, or for someone special, an exclusive Otterbox Casing exclusively for S6 users! But if this is your first time hearing about Otter Box, here’s a review on what I personally think of it.

The Commuter (np:$34.95) and Symmetry Series (np:$39.95)
With our active lifestyle of using our phones to take selfies, and from multitasking task while talking on the phone, im sure that dropping a brand new phone can unnerve even the steeliest of any individual. So, with an S6 in hand, I was thrilled to know that Otterbox has launched new cases for a Samsung GALAXY S6. If you would say that youre pretty clumsy with phones, then this would be the answer to your prized possession will be in protection.

The packaging

Back Casing, describing details.
Protection proof of drop, dust, scratch and screen!
I was lucky to be sponsored with an OtterBox casing which I would like to thank OtterBox and the team to believe in me to try it out for myself. Since It was based on my choice, I’ve decided to get myself a commuter series in purple, which is a combination of premium protection and a sleep design, which is mentioned on site that it slides in and out easily out of pockets. 

My old Galaxy S6 Phone casing.
Taking out the casing from the case, and it has a manual. YAY
A friendly welcome from planet Otterbox.
With 2 layers of protection, rest assured, my phone is definitely in good hands which would protect it from everyday bumps and drops. It comes in one layer of synthetic rubber and another layer of polycarbonate which can be seen in the image below.

Synthetic Rubber (bottom) and Polycarbonate Layer (top)
Which can be separated which is pretty neat.
Easy and secured protection.
Plug holes to prevent dust or over water from entering.
From the images above, you can see that it comes in 2 individual pieces, where you have all the freedom in the world to actually ‘Build your own’ colour combinations to match any style. Pretty cool huh? Not to forget that it has this plug holes to ensure that dust does not enter your new Galaxy S6.

In the commuter series, every pack will come with an anti scratch screen protector. 
Definitely a great case indeed. I AM SO IN LOVE! 
The adorable easy manual just in case you're unsure on how to slide your phone into the casing.
Its been roughly a month of using a Samsung Galaxy S6, and I think we all know how good it is, equipped with the latest technology. With a feature that has an incredible display, camera and lightning-fast operating system, Otterbox is designed to fit every curve of the Samsung Galaxy S6, which actually keeps your mobile safe by providing protection from unexpected bumps, drops and scratches.

Having buttery fingers myself, and to also consider that im pretty clumsy with my devices, I’ve dropped my Samsung GALAXY S6 for more than 3 times lately from my recent travelling experiences, and its either im lucky or that my S6 is well protected that it has not cracked or dented after the few accidents. Woohoo!

The Symmetry Series ; for Galaxy S6

Some extra details on the Symmetry Series.
With good things in hand, its always better to share the good things in life right? So now, the conditions to my OTTERBOX GIVEAWAY. Its pretty easy really. All you need to do is either: visit my Facebook page, or comment below and tell me why your Galaxy S6 needs protection with your email address and hashtag #otterboxMY at the end of your answer. Just follow instructions below and you'll be in the running to win yourself an S6! 

And thats it! You'll already be in the running to win yourself an Otterbox Galaxy S6 Casing which is worth over RM170. So what are you waiting for? Join now and contest ends on the 31st of July.

For more information on OtterBox case options, and product availability for Samsung GALAXY S6, do check out their official website and

In a month, I've already dropped it by accident twice, and my phone is still perfectly fine. *HAPPY FACE*
About OtterBox :
Starting in 1998, with a line of dry boxes, OtterBox has evolved into the No. 1 selling case for smartphones in the U.S and a global leader in mobile devices protection. Its diverse lineup of protective solution for smartphone and tablet devices is the result precision engineering, diligent testing and continual technological advancement, giving technology users the confidence to make the most of their mobile world. Otterbox is a seven-time honoree on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S and was names one of ‘America’s Most Promising Companies’ by Forbes Magaine. The company I headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo., with offices in San Diego; Boston; Cork, Ireland and Hong Kong

*No 1- selling smartphones case sources; The NPD Group/Retail Tracking services .