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Im Induced For Labour | Foley Bulb Induction or Oxytocin Injection?

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So, on the 21st of August, I had my usual medical check-up at UMSC thinking that I'll be having more frequent weekly check up's since im already at my 37th week of pregnancy. As usual, we followed the standard procedure of checking urine, blood pressure which all were fine, but when we went for the ultrasound, the sonographer noticed something a little odd which was my Amniotic Fluid Index. The average normal measurement of it should be around 8cm, but mine was going below 5cm which was a concern. Thinking that this was the only time I had a downside to my check-up, we were then brought to the doctor for a follow-up check-up.

After an hour of waiting, finally, it was my turn to meet my doctor who was Dr. Shuhaina Binti Shuib to have a look at the baby. Again, as usual, she asked about my condition and I told her I felt pretty fine other than the Brixton hicks (practice contractions) that were ocassionally on and off. She saw my ultrasound report and noticed that my Amniotic Fluid was on a lower side and asked if my water broke. Being the awkward person I am, I said no, I don't think my water broke in my case cause I wasn't experiencing any leaking. So, she went to see a specialist for some consultation while we waited in the room for what to expect next.

Dr. Shuhaina then came back to the room and told us that she has discussed with the specialist and I was advised to be induced immediately. Legit, I and my husband's jaws were dropping since we were only expecting the baby in the next 3 weeks. Since the Amniotic Fluid was low, and baby is already at 37 weeks, this means baby is already at a full-term age with a 2.8kg weight and practically having no reason to stay in any longer as she advised that its always better to get the baby out before the baby starts to choke on the inside of my belly.

Being mentally shocked, we kinda had to suck it up and take the Doctors advise for whats best for the baby. Lucky enough she was nice to give us some time by asking us if we want to be induced tomorrow (22nd of August 2019) or the day after (23rd of August 2019), and we decided to go for 23rd of August since we needed just a little more time to prep for the baby at home. OMG, THE FEELING IS REALLY SO SURREAL THAT WE WERE FREAKING OUT THROUGHOUT THE DAY. But gotta keep cool either way cause the baby is coming sooner than ever.

Foley Bulb or Oxytocin Injection? 

The part of being induced is basically not waiting for the natural signs of giving birth and going for medical options to speed up the giving birth progress to prevent any complications with the baby through either Foley Bulb or Syntocinon Injection which questioned me on which option is better?

The Foley Bulb (Photo credits: FirstCry Parenting)
The Foley Bulb induction is basically something the doctor insets through the cervix and the end of the catheter has a deflated like balloon. Once it's in, the doctor then inflates the balloon with saline solution to put pressure on your cervix to eencouragedilation. Once your cervix deliates to 3cm, it will naturally fall out and starts to stimulate labor without medication. From what i was told, the insertion of the Foley may be a bit uncomfortable, but the pain subsides once the catheter is in place. When induction takes place, the contraction then takes place naturally.

Oxytocin Injection (Photo Credits:
Syntocinon injection on the other hand is like giving oxytocin hormones to stimulate contrations. They will usually give it in small doses and increase it until the labor is progressing well. Once its administered, both the baby and uterus will be closely monitored. The oxytocin basically causes the muscle of the uterus to contract during labour so that the baby can be pushed out. So consider it as an option to force your body to start contractions when your body isnt experiencing it when it should.

The Decision

How the Foley Bulb works (Basically encouraging opening)
After doing of research and thinking through these two options, im having my gut set on the Foley bulb induction because its more natural in triggering the contractions. From my other friends who has gone through the process, they claim that the injection is more painful as its like boosting you with hormones that your body isnt naturally ready for and that scares me when you can expect it to hurt the minute the hormones are injected. The foley bulb on the other hand may be a little uncomfortable since its slightly invasive, but either ways, the baby goes out one way if youre going for natural birth. In and out, same thing. Might as well if you know what i mean. Well, i hope this helps other moms in making decision about the two options. But thats what it is and i'll be induced tomorrow. So, wish me luck!

Signing off, Mommy to be

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[REVIEW] Miniel Skinlab Boost Serum & Gel Mask

Hey guys! We all love holidays done we? And in my case, I love being on the beach. But I'll be honest that with all the skincare, sunblock and beach hair after your dip in the sea, coming home from a holiday takes some serious damage repairs that need to be taken into consideration. So in today's post, I'll be sharing about a new skincare range I discovered called Miniel which has been carefully formulated with skin-loving ingredients to create the best skincare recipe that affordable for everyone. My main interest over Miniel is because it claims to be effective, affordable, and gentle making it suitable for even sensitive skin to use.

Currently, Miniel Skinlab features 2 products namely the Hydraque Boost Serum and the Hydraque Gel Mask. Both these products are suitable for all skin types and its suitable to be used for day and night usage. After browsing through the site for some research, I would have to say that these products are exclusively formulated to hydrate even the dryest skin making it an ultimate must-have for me cause I love skincare that hydrates the skin. Did you know if you hydrate your skin well enough, you'll naturally gain naturally glowy skin too? YES! Let's jump into the review.

Hydraque Boost Serum

The Miniel Skinlab Hydraque Boost Serum has been designed to be the ultimate hydration booster. On a first impression of the packaging, it comes in a box that has been wrapped in double layer plastic and when you take the product out, it comes in a frosted pump bottle that contains 30ml of serum goodness! The function of this serum is to provide your skin with supple and hydrated skin. With key ingredients such as yeast extract and hyaluronic acid, there's no doubt that it would hydrate and promote skin regeneration.

To use this serum, I would usually apply this after cleansing and toner. It comes in a transparent gel-like form and I was really impressed with the texture! Its like waterbased gel which eventually absorbs really well on the skin and not to forget that it feels super duper lightweight too! I also noticed that it leaves a cooling effect on the skin and it's really soothing and calming. All you need is one pump and I personally would suggest to lock the serum in with a good moisturizer of your choice.

With yeast extract and hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient, this makes the product antioxidant, helps to reduce redness, its calming on the skin, hydrating, moisturizing, it retains moisture, reduces fine lines and promotes anti-aging too. What more can you really ask for from a serum? I just love the fact that it feels very natural on the skin and my skin does look brighter and supple after application too. Priced at RM97 a bottle, I would say that the quality of the product is really impressive!

Hydraque Gel Mask

Next would be the Hydraque Gel Mask which I believe has a higher concentration of hydration for the skin. Like if your skin is extremely thirsty for hydration, this would be what you need. The purpose of this gel mask is to provide hydration and promote skin healing which contains key ingredients such as kudzu root extract and fruits extract. It's suitable for all skin types and its especially beneficial for dry and dull skin. It comes in a frosted jar of 50ml and I truly appreciate the fact that the box also had a spatula in it to retain its freshness instead of the chances of contamination when using your fingers to scoop the gel out.

Since the hydration concentration of this product is higher, it's advisable to use this twice a week. In my case, since I don't have serious dryness on my skin, I use this once a week and its good enough to give my skin an extra boost of hydration. In terms of texture, it is very similar to the serum where its transparent in color, but I do feel that the thickness of it is thicker and when you leave it on the skin, the gel really stays on like a gel mask. I usually apply this over the weekend after cleansing and leave it on for about 15 minutes then rinse it off. You'd be amazed at how cooling it is for the skin too! Perfect for those who have concerns such as open pores.

After about a week of using this, I would have to say that it does soothe and calm inflammation skin, brightens the skin, promotes cell regeneration and also increases skin elasticity too! Formulated with Kudzu Extract, Watermelon Extract, Apple Extract, Lentil Extract, and Sodial Hyaluronate, it calms and reduces the skin from redness, it cleanses and gently exfoliates, moisturizes, improves oily skin, deeply hydrates, reduces fine lines, provides anti-aging benefits and retains moisture as well. Enough said I am hooked onto this as my weekly mask on a hot sunny day. Priced at RM67.00, I would have to say that its a pretty sweet deal.

As a verdict on both these products, I would say that the range focuses a lot on hydration as an overall. In terms of quality, I am in love! It's both waterbased, making it feel really comfortable and cooling on the skin while providing skin benefits to keep your skin looking supple and refreshed. Each time I apply the mask or serum, it really never fails to leave my skin feeling cool. In terms of the price, serums may be on the higher side, but since it contains hyaluronic acid, the price suits the benefits that you'll get. On the other hand, the gel mask seems to be a pretty good deal if you ask me and its good enough to last you for about 3 months if youre using it weekly.

Would I repurchase? I honestly say that I would! If I had to choose either to purchase the Miniel Skinlab Boost Serum or the Miniel Skinlab Gel Mask, I'd go for the Miniel Skinlab Gel Mask cause I love the fact that it really gives your skin an instant boost in hydration effortlessly. The price for both products are reasonable and to be honest, I really hope they come up with more products soon cause I am genuinely impressed by the range. Well, that's all for now and I hope this review gave you the insights that you may need. Please feel free to leave me a comment below if you may have any questions unanswered. Also, thanks to the butterfly project community for introducing Miniel Skinlab to me. Now I officially have a favorite gel mask to use every now and then.

Miniel Skinlab

Expires: 30th August 2019

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TENA Home Improvements Campaign to suit Elderly Parents

Media Launch of Sentiasa Denganmu Mak Abah di Mana Jua Campaign
TENA, The Understanding Specialist and Continence Foundation of Malaysia recently launched the ‘Sentiasa Denganmu Mak Abah di Mana Jua: Idea Mudah Untuk Rumah, Ibu Bapa Kita Lebih Selesa’ Campaign to empower adult children (thats us!) to be more aware of the little things that we can do and how we can play an active role in understanding the many challenges of what our parents face, including the onset of incontinence which occurs in 1 out of 2 older persons.

TENA's Caring 101 Handbook
TENA is no stranger to me as my grandmother uses it as well since she faces incontinence in her 80's and i do see my mother purchasing it for her on a monthly basis as restocks too! Taking about incontinence, it can affect one’s parents’ mobility and quality of life, and this is where the campaign offers practical suggestions from experts on proper care, management and simple improvements in their homes to help elderly parents feel more comfortable while reducing the risk of falls. For your information, incontinence affects 1.4 million Malaysians and is estimated to increase by 4.5% annually. Despite this, studies have shown that 69% do not seek help largely due to embarrassment and social stigma.

Dr Eric Leong sharing some tips of Home Improvements
Thus to spread the awareness, lets us spread the awareness by educating our age groups to understand and care for our parents as they age and understand the need of attention that needs to be given when they need it. While i was at the launch of the campaign, i was attracted by one of the topics which is explained by Dr Eric Leong, a Malaysian designer, in support of the ‘Sentiasa Denganmu Mak Abah di Mana Jua: Idea Mudah Untuk Rumah, Ibu Bapa Kita Lebih Selesa’ Campaign where he shared some tips on Home Improvements that would still make a home a home while making it safe for your Elderly Parents. There are 3 categories that were shared today and it covers the Bathroom, the Living Room and the Bed Room. 


According to Dr Eric, its always best to add in a handle in your bathroom that is attached to the wall for your elderly parents to grab on to in case they need the extra support to balance when they're standing. Another good consideration is to avoid slippery tiles being used in the bathroom. It would be recomended to get yourself the rubber mats to add friction to the floor to prevent falls too. After listening to this, im considering to get myself a rubber mat so that i dont slip in the bathroom cause we all know how slippery the bathrooms can be sometimes. 


Add higher cushion for comfort
Cut Pandan and Serai and place it at corners of the house for aroma
As of the living room, its always best to keep it minimal to prevent any accidents within the space. So think of it to be less loose items and avoid glass vases, or a pile of junk being stacked as this may usually cause accidents and falls in a household. Some ways to improve the Living room to make it livable for the elderly is to possibly get higher cushions for your sofa's as usually they will have weaker backs which makes it hard for them to get up. Adding fresh flowers within the living room is also a good idea to freshen up the space. But my favourite tip of all is to cut out pandan leaves and lemon grass into small bits and put it  around the house providing a natural relaxing aroma and since theres lemon grass, it acts as an insect repellant as well. 


Big light switch and a basket by the bed would come in handy too
And last but not least would be some bedroom improvements! When the elderly is in bed, they tend to feel the urge to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and this is usually the time that falls happens. So to prevent falls for our parents, first you can consider getting a big light switch so that they dont walk in the dark when they need to get themselves to the toilet. Another good addition that you may add to the side table would be to add a basket for them to put anything they want in a basket to prevent it from falling on the floor. Dr Eric also suggested to include a vacuum flask in case they get thirsty in the middle of the night. I mean, after all, less movement, lowers the possiblities of falling incidents.

Officially launching the campaign
TENA Sentiasa Denganmu Mak Abah di Mana Jua Campaign
In line with this, TENA has provide holistic solutions including simple home improvement ideas as well as product solutions, such as TENA Pants, an absorbent underwear which enables them retain their dignity and freedom to enjoy their golden years without fear or embarrassment. “Incontinence is very common, affecting approximately 50% of older persons. This impacts their lives in many ways, from remaining homebound out of embarrassment or visiting the toilet frequently throughout the day. As they are staying at home for most of the day, it is of utmost importance to prevent our elderly parents from a fall as it could lead to many other complications such as difficulty recovering, as well as other complications if they are hospitalized,” explained Dr Peter Ng, consultant urologist and president of Continence Foundation of Malaysia.

The products available by TENA
In addition to recommendations from experts, the campaign also provides other educational support through the TENA website, where the Caring 101 e-Handbook can be downloaded and product samples can be requested. Do check out their website, and since i got myself the hardcopy of the Caring 101 e-handbook, i surprisingly found it handy as its filled with details that you can learn about from undestanding inconsistence to solutions & tips for caregivers, emotional well being and TENA product solutions. For more information and resources, visit the TENA's social sites below.

Helpline: 1-800-88-9988 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

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Clinelle celebrates 15 Years of Happy & Healthy Skin!

Happy 15th Anniversary Clinelle! 
Can you believe that Clinelle has been in the skincare industry for 15 years and has successfully launched more than 70 SKUs regionally as of 2019? Over the years, Clinelle has received numerous prestigious beauty awards which put the brand to be among the most established skincare experts in the industry. Fun Fact, the word Clinelle is derived from two words, namely clinical and elle, which means light. With that, it sums the brand's vision to deliver professional quality skincare, made by the finest clinically tested ingredients that promise optimal and radiant skin health.

Present we had the team from Clinelle and Watsons to celebrate their anniversary
Clinelle was launched in 2004 and the brand has ever since been committed to develop products without using an estimate of 1600 known harmful ingredients that may cause skin irritation, premature aging, and deterioration of the health of the skin. Without a doubt, the brand has proven to be determined to share its dermatological heritage by choosing only natural ingredients to protect the skin. The brand also promises to formulate and manufacture products by using the latest technology from reputable manufacturing facilities abroad such as USA, France, Korea, and Switzerland.

Clinelle PureSwiss | For Hydration
Clinelle Whiten Up | For Whitening 
Clinelle Age Revive | For Anti-Aging 
Clinelle Caviar Gold | For Firming
In case youre wondering, Clinelle also follows a strict policy of ensuring that their products do not contain harmful products to achieve happy and healthy skin. With 100% No Harmful ingredients, and using natural key ingredients that are dermatologically tested, the products are pretty much safe to say safe to use even on the most sensitive skin. The 7 main harmful ingredients that Clinelle avoids are artificial fragrances, artificial coloring, comedogenic ingredients, mineral oil, SD Alcohol, Lanolin and Paraben.

Present we had some familiar faces who were ambassadors for Clinelle 
Participants enjoying the fun of trying to snag their luggage bag 
There's just so many reasons to consider Clinelle a reliable brand. With their research and development team always ready to innovate their products, they are consistent with prominent results via Rx3 Actions, which stands for Repair, Refine and Reshield to achieve desired long term results. With the brand constantly sharing about the importance of quality skincare to their consumers, it shows pretty much that Clinelle believes true beauty comes from a happy face and a healthy skin.
With Ms Ella Chen and Shima Anuar being their past brand ambassador, its no wonder that Clinelle has won the hearts of these celebrities as they believe that Clinelle stands for what they stand for, following the brand philosophy of "Happy Skin, Happy Face". Both Ella Chen and Shima Anuar has shared their personal experience after using Clinelle products, and I must say that it's filled with positive results and satisfaction.

Here we have Sunshine Kelly sharing her experience with Clinelle
Because every event has to have a mandatory group photo 
Currently, Clinelle is proud to have the products distributed in Malaysia and also in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, up to a total of more than 2,000 retail stores regionally. The brand has never stopped to develop new and innovative products from the day of its inception until now, offering a wide selection of skincare and even body care range. This makes Clinelle a reputable and trusted brand in the market, differentiating itself from other close competitors.
15th Anniversary Celebration

And in 2019, believe it or not, Clinelle is celebrating their 15th Anniversary Celebration! Clinelle just turned 15 this year, and a little bird told me that they can’t wait to reward customers with irresistible goodies in the limited-edition beauty sets, available in Watsons, Guardian, Aeon Wellness, Caring and other selected pharmacies. Also, with this in mind, all their star product will be paired with a beauty tool to enhance your skincare regimen effortlessly.

The exclusives in conjunction with their 15th Anniversary Celebration 
Just to name a few of the star products that will be paired with a beauty tool, we have the Boost your Moisture (RM75.38) that includes PureSwiss Hydracalm Serum & Ionic Face Massager, the Bloom your Radiance (RM84.81) which includes the Whiten Up Brightening Serum & 3D Facial Roller, the Sparkle your Eyes (RM95.94) which includes the Caviar Gold Eye Serum & Ionic Eye Massager, the Embrace your youth (RM113.11) which includes the Age Revive Lifting Youth Essence & V-Face Contour Bar and Capture your youth (RM113.11) which includes Age Revive Lifting Cream & Lifting Massage Wand. Just looking at all of it makes me want to collect them all!

The Clinelle Combi 
Testers of Clinelle products to try and experience
In addition to that, Clinelle has also kicked start their very own combi van, where their Clinelle Beauty Ranger will travel to 15 locations within Klang Valley, to bring fun to their consumers. Apart from getting free goodies and great discounts on site, Clinelle gives free skin analysis to customers at the roadshows too! Be sure to look out for Clinelle's mini Combivan, The Clinelle Beauty Ranger at the following places and reward yourselves with more surprises! You snooze you lose.

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#KamiCaring Run 2019 | 17 November 2019

Its never to late to keep up with your new years resolution for the year by ending the year with a healthy run with CARiNG Pharmacy. We all know CARiNG Pharmacy to always be there when we need them to be, and this year making its first official running event, CARiNG promotes "Healthy Life. Happy Life" by bringing you #KamiCaring Run 2019 which will be held at Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala Lumpur on 17th November 2019.

CARiNG Pharmacy is dedicated to provide cost-effective solutions to the community and also believes that whatever your age, physique, or body shape is, its never too soon or too late to start living healthily. I couldnt agree more! I may have stopped personally since im pregnant, but im forever ready to get back on track cause i too believe that a healthy lify is a happy life. Other than reducing health problems, practicing a healhy life a natural way to invest in your health and life to the fullest! 

This being their first running event, the #KamiCaring Run 2019 comprises 5KM Fun Run for beginners and 12KM for Competitive Runners. The 5KM Fun Run is open for adults 13 years and above and children between the age of 3 and 12. The 12KM run on the other hand is open for adults 15 years and above, where participants below 18 years old may need to obtain parental/guardian consent to compete.

For some of you who are medal collectors, well good news! All particants will be entitled to a race-shirt, finishers medal and a goody bag. So to ensure that you dont miss out on all the fun, be sure to register before 9th October 2019. There will also be awards being presented to winning particiants for those who compete in the 12KM Competitive Run where there will be cash prizes up fo grabs for the top 10 winners under category ( Mens Open / Veteran/ Womens Open / Veteran) inclusive of consolation prizes.

If youre not here to win it, then you may also get your lucky star out of your pocket and be a prt of their Lucky Draw contest which will be held during the event. Prizes for the lucky draw will be annouced on the day of the run. The #KamiCaring Run 2019 is organised by CARiNG Pharmacy sponsored by Abbott, VitaHealth, Herbs of Gold, Hello March, Fisol, Salonpas, Flexijoint, L'Oreal, Sunsenses, Betadine, Cap Kelapa Laut afrika, Kao, FitNesse, Milo, Oreo and Atria Shopping Gallery.

The official sponsors of the #KamiCaring Run 2019 (Image Credit: CARiNG FB)
Act quick and block your dates if youre planning for a healthy run with #KamiCaring Run 2019. For participants, they will also offer an RM5 discount for participants and attendees to and from the event location making it a plus point for those who would prefer to avoid the hassle of looking for parking. The discount will be limited, so be sure to plan your day ahead for the event day.

#KamiCaring Run 2019