Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Wheel-Yoo-Win RM2 Million worth from Yoodo?

Time to take out your lucky star, because there will be a spin for A Guaranteed Win of Great Prizes and A Chance to Win an iPhone 14 Plus with Yoodo’s Year End Campaign.

If youre a user of Yoodo, you’ll know that its Malaysia’s first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile service that i truly enjoy using. This time around, Yoodoo has announced their ‘Wheel-Yoo-Win’ campaign, designed to reward loyal Yoodoers with some cool prizes just in time for the end-of-year celebrations.

Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo, shared “Wheel-Yoo-Win is a token of appreciation from us to our Yoodoers, who have constantly supported us throughout the years. With more than RM2 million worth of prizes up for grabs, we hope to be able to spread cheer and help our users end the year on a fantastic high note!”

In collaboration with SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM), the campaign will run until 21 December and it offers eligible users to spin the wheel of prizes valued from RM5 to RM200 which includes PUBG MOBILE in-game items and UC Codes, a 1-year subscription to Majoriti with a 2D1N Staycation, Grab e-vouchers, Starbucks e-gift cards, Petronas e-vouchers, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang diamonds, Lazada shopping e-vouchers and many more. On top of that, participants will also have a shot at winning cool grand prizes such as the brand-new iPhone 14 Plus (worth RM5,000), Samsung gadgets (worth RM800), and gaming gears (worth RM600), through a special virtual monthly lucky draw.

So what are you waiting for? If youre looking to participate in the campaign, all you have to do is spend a minimum of RM32 when renewing or customising their Yoodo plan, and you’ll be guaranteed to take home a prize! Each eligible participant will be sent a unique code to spin the Wheel-Yoo-Win and instantly receive their prize. On top of the guaranteed win from the wheel, to customers who share their win via social media [Facebook and Twitter], they will be qualifed for the monthly lucky draw as well. Does this gets you excited? Well, be sure to stay tuned for the grand prize lucky draw happening on the 31 October, 23 November, and 22 December.

Tommy Chieng, SEAGM CEO and Co-Founder, said, "We are delighted to once again partner with Yoodo, and this time for such a fun and exciting campaign. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are always top of mind for us and being able to reward Malaysians with some incredible prizes truly brings us happiness." SEAGM customers can also participate by making an eligible transaction on the SEAGM website, and the first 150 eligible customers daily will receive a unique code to spin the Wheel-Yoo-Win.

For more information about the Wheel-Yoo-Win campaign, please visit https://www.yoodo.com.my/wheelyoowin

Brick-or-Treat presents Monster Party X Legoland Halloween 2022

Having a three-year-old daughter, I noticed that one of her favorite holidays seems to be Halloween. I always thought it would be any other season but Halloween but she totally proved me wrong, and I guess it has a point. Who wouldn't love Halloween? It's all about mysteries, being brave, and exploring the unknown. With that being said, I and the hubs decided to take her to LEGOLAND in Johor! We can't deny that LEGOLAND is a toddler's dream to explore, especially when the theme park caters to rides that are suitable for the little ones. 

This happens to be my first time being in LEGOLAND with a child in hand, and i must tell you that the experience as a parent is totally different. The ambiance was huge, and since we went on a weekday the crowd was decent with no extremely long lines. At the most, we only waited 10 minutes to get on a ride, which makes it perfect for the kids since we all know that kids don't like waiting. So, if you're thinking of bringing the family to LEGOLAND, go on a weekday for a stress-free environment of lesser crowds! 

As we entered LEGOLAND, the first thing we noticed would be the entrance to a Monster Party. Monster Party begins the moment guests dressed as little monsters enter LEGOLAND, as they feel like they are on “Monster Street” with themed décor, roaming entertainment - such as stilt walkers and members of the Monster Crew – costume contests, and a scavenger hunt at The Beginning. We arrived at 10am, and it's actually the perfect time to arrive because there's like a welcome show to get the kids excited about the theme park. I was into it because it would let the kids move their bodies and be free. Also in conjunction to Halloween, there's a monster hunt happening where you have to find 5 monsters hidden within the theme park where you'll get a prize if you spot all 5 of them! Mikayla had a lot of fun hunting for the monsters and joining in the games at every checkpoint, and instantly once we finished all 5 locations, we got to redeem a cute gift (which was a button badge) as a souvenir to bring home. hehe. The stage also had this V.I.M. Dance Party Hosted by Lord Vampyre, where only monsters are allowed into this Very Important Monster party where everyone can dance until their skeletons shake, busting out monstrous moves and ghoulish grooves!

We started our journey exploring Lego City where there were a lot of mini lego cars, and this is where the driving school and boating school are located. We started off with the Boating School because it was a ride on water where the kids get to maneuver the boat on their own accompanied by an adult sitting in the passenger seat. It was so cute to see kids trying to steer the boat around in the water, and since Mikayla is only 3, i'd say that she did a good job on the first try. Then she went to the Driving school which allowed only 3 kids at a time to ensure safety as they're supposed to do one lap on their own driving the lego car. 

Considering we had Zayden with us, who is currently 1, he got a little cranky wondering what he could ride, so we jumped into a family-friendly ride which was the Legoland Express train. The train is roughly about a 5-minute ride that takes you around Lego City for kids to explore and see what attractions they have to offer. Zayden enjoyed this a lot considering he was so quiet throughout the ride while enjoying the scenery. The ride also passed through miniland, so you'd see mini buildings made out of lego! 

By the time we were done with the rides, it was roughly lunchtime for the kids. We opted for early lunch to beat the lunch crowd and also because the kids skipped breakfast entirely. They had a few restaurants in the theme park, but we went to the restaurant in Lego City since it was the most convenient at the time. They had decent options, and i can say that you wont have to worry about the kids. They had chicken rice, spaghetti, nuggets, fish and chips, and more! I wish I took photos of the food, but since we were hungry as well, we kind of ate in a rush. Price-wise, I would say it's pretty reasonable. At RM25, you can get a drink, a dish, and desserts as a set meal, which I personally think is ok. My priority was to ensure they had kid-friendly food, and im happy as a parent. 

Right after lunch, Mikayla was quick to see an airplane ride and we immediately went in line. She liked that the plane looked like lego, and the fact that she could ride it. The ride was simple with up and down movements, but for kids, I would say it's pretty safe and fun! Later we went to the Land of Adventure which had an Egypt vibe and the first thing we saw was the Lost Kingdom Adventure. I would say this is similar to a scary ride with mysteries of lego skeletons and snakes appearing throughout the ride, but it was fun considering that we were given toy guns to shoot while we were on the ride and basically in search of the hidden treasure! Surprised enough that Mikayla was brave throughout the ride, but if I were a kid, i like the trill and excitement of the ride. 

Then theres another ride called the Ninjago which was pretty interactive, and I would assume the little boys would like this the most as they had a mini wall climbing feature that makes sounds when the kids reach a point. Zayden was too small to ride this ride, but Mikayla liked it till we rode it two times! Its pretty fun considering its like a 4D feature where heat, splashes and wind were featured throughout the ride. Then we proceeded to the Imagination Theme Park which is more kiddy friendly. They had a mini playground with a HUGE space and i personally think my 1yo loved this the most. It had small slides, big slides, a mini maze, and also a mini train. We spent a good 30 minutes here because they enjoyed it a lot. 

Then we proceeded to the viewing tower which was air-conditioned (a great stop to cool off with a view btw), to basically see an overall view of the theme park. The kids got pretty excited being high up in the sky and im surprised that my toddler wasn't afraid of heights. By this time, the kids practically had their day and decided to take a nap. Luckily we brought our wagon with us so the kids can sleep peacefully while we wagon them around. With this time, I took the opportunity to go for a roller coaster ride which was the highlight 'the dragon' and I gotta say that the ride is pretty exciting. After being a mom, I forget what the adrenaline of a fast ride felt like. Good times! 

Now it was already 3pm and we decided to jump to explore SEA LIFE aquarium. Honestly by 3pm, the air conditioned aquarium was a great way to end our day. We managed to explore to see some stingrays, and there were up to 13000 sea creatures to see. I personally enjoyed the starfish area where there was an educator who allowed taught us how to touch a starfish while we learn a few fun facts on the sea creature. It's nice that they even had sinks to wash your hands too. To me, the whole aquarium interior was pretty modern and they had lego figurines in the aquarium and around the layout as well which made it attractive for the kids to hunt for their favourite lego. 

Btw, since it was halloween, theres halloween decorations everywhere! With Halloween being the in-season at the moment, there will be a Marshmallow Monster Hunt at SEA LIFE Malaysia. If you lurk and observe properly during your visit, the marshmallow monster is on the loose and roaming around SEA LIFE Malaysia. The game is optional, but if you manage to spot and collect the hidden letters of his name, you'll stand a chance to win a gift!

If youre planning to visit LEGOLAND while enjoying the seasonal fun, i'd suggest you plan your weekend ahead as there will be a Special Monster Party Celebration every Friday and Saturday. It's a 2-hour special party from 5pm to 7pm every Friday and Saturday, where you get to explore, play and put on your best party dance moves with your friends and family. Spot and collect candies at the Brick-or-Treat Trail, challenge the Halloween Party Games, jiggy it up at the Monster Rocker Jam show, put on your best disguise, and participate in the children’s costume contest to win cool prizes!


So, in conjunction to this campaign, from 7 October – 6 November, every Friday to Sunday, kids dressed in FULL Halloween costumes will be able to enter the Theme Park for free when accompanied by an adult with a full-priced ticket. So get their monster costumes out and dress them up for a fun time at LEGOLAND during this Halloween Campaign. For more information on LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort's Brick-or-Treat Monster Party, head over to the official website at https://www.legoland.com.my or LEGOLAND social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Forget about ghosts, and goblins – LEGO® Monsters are taking over this Halloween season at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort as Brick-or-Treat presents the all-new Monster Party, the largest children’s Halloween celebration! Throughout the month of October, you can look forward to celebrating Halloween with the new 4D movie: “The Great Monster Chase!”, treat and game stations, not-so-spooky décor, entertainment, and a special 2-hour Halloween Party happening every Friday and Saturday.

All in all, i would say that we had a great time as a family at LEGOLAND Malaysia. Our kids are only 1 and 3, and we were really surprised that the rides and attractions catered enough for both of them. I love how the rides encouraged bravery, skills, attention, and independence for the little ones and it was nice to see my toddler getting into action thinking that she knows what to do. The environment was safe and spacious for the kids to explore and run around. Definitely looking forward to our next visit to LEGOLAND once the little one is bigger. xx

Friday, October 21, 2022

SAH Malaysia! | Most Viral Mi MAGGI Creations

Was honored to be invited to the SAH Malaysia Showcase which was organized in conjunction with Malaysia’s 65th Independence Day as well as the 59th Malaysia Day which we have celebrated recently. Believe it or not, MAGGI has 51 years of history with Malaysia?! I cannot imagine life without MAGGI and all I can think about is the times MAGGI saved me from hunger on days im too tired to head out. Haha. I believe most of you can relate to this situation. 

A little flashback, MAGGI was introduced in Malaysia in 1971 and had since been a Malaysian favourite! Be it a hearty bowl of MAGGI Soup noodles at home or a fusion of whatever you like to get it char fried at a restaurant. The possibilities is endless! Present at this exciting occasion we had important representatives from MAGGI Juan Aranols, CEO of Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad where he shared that the theme being DuniaKu Bersama MAGGI is to celebrate the richness and heritage of how MAGGI came to evolve to be a very colourful form of fabric to represent the Malaysian lifestyle. 

Through this campaign, they created a travelogue hosted by ambassador Sheila Rusly and MAGGI cukup rasa Ambassador, Datin Paduka Eina Azman and Maggi Pedas Giler Ambassador MK K-Clique, they tracked down 12 local warung’s and captured their viral MAGGI recipes. Cant lie, i was amazed that the recipes created are pretty impressive and creative. Just by being here, i never knew that i would benefit myself a list of warungs that i’d want to try, especially when it comes to tasting their viral creation’s with a pack of MAGGI. 

Well deserved plaque’s were given to these viral owned warungs and since i got a bite of a few of them, it’s indeed worth the visit if youre planning to add them on your foodie list. On top of that, Persatuan Pengusaha Restoran Muslim Malaysia (PRISMA) and Persatuan Pengusaha Restoran India, Malaysia (PRIMAS) were also given honorary plaques in recognition of their cotributioms and efforts in regulating and revitalising the food operators businesses in Malaysia. 

There was an online challenge Resipi KreatifKu, where these viral recipes have managed to inspire other food operators, and the outcome of that was that we found 8 finalists today to vie for a total cash prize of RM10,000!  I believe the campaign is celebrated to applause the creativity of consumers through the creations they have created theough the online ResipiKu DuniaKu challenge. Today we got to witness 12 consumer finalist who vie for three Grand Prizes of RM5,000 cash prizes each! Wish i could walk in and join, but i think i’ll keep an eye out on their next online challenge.  

Being here, i would say that the spirit of  ‘You and MAGGI, Cook The Difference’ came to life where we got to get a taste of all these innovative recipes by both  food operators and consumers into making anything possible with just a pack of MAGGI. For guest who attended the ‘party’, they also had an exciting time exploring the booths where they would be able to claim a goodie bag when they complete their visits on all the participating stalls. 

For more information about the MAGGI® SAH Malaysia! campaign, please visit https://www.maggi.my/ms/aktiviti-maggi/maggi-sah-malaysia/ or www.maggi.my or MAGGI® Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MaggiMalaysia.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Say Sarang-K | Marrybrown’s Korean-inspired K-Crunch Menu

It's that time of the year again as Marrybrown presents a whole new menu for you to tickle your tastebuds. If you're ready to embark on another delicious food trip as Malaysia’s most popular and largest homegrown Halal Quick Service Restaurant, Marrybrown is now serving you their latest Around the World journey! This month, they are featuring Korea as their unique destination for your tastebuds. Available nationwide at all Marrybrown outlets where Malaysians can say annyeong to Marrybrown’s K-Crunch menu - a flavourful Korean-inspired meal that will leave your tastebuds with a fiery yet sweet surprise. 

If you noticed, Marrybrown has always dedicated its R&D to being filled with quality food to their Memang Best fans. Marrybrown has continuously upheld its mission of offering “something different” and delicious that cater to the tastebuds of Malaysians. This October, Marrybrown is pleased to present an exciting menu of their famous succulent crispy chicken coated with tantalizingly sweet and spicy Gangjeong sauce. Fans can expect nothing less than top-tier quality meals on top of experiencing the excitement of K-culture when indulging in Marrybrown’s K-Crunch menu!

“Modern Korean culture has steadily gained momentum in Malaysia. From this wave, Malaysians have found their way of creating their own K-pop-related moments. Similar to how Malaysians love integrating Korean culture into their own, at Marrybrown, we’re also embracing the Hallyu wave in our food with our own Malaysian twist to make it extra inviting,” said Dato’ Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown. 

Like Korea’s electrifying pop culture, the K-Crunch offers the finest quality of ingredients that encapsulates the Korean taste. Fans can now be transported to the heart of Seoul with just a bite of the crispy 2-pc K-Crunch Chicken combo accompanied by their well-seasoned french fries, and their special K-Fizz drink infused with refreshing flavors of yuzu and passion fruit, priced from RM20.90. For those looking for that comforting taste of a good burger, sink your teeth into the warm toasty bun of K-Crunch’s Chicken Burger combo served with a side of french fries and a K-Fizz drink priced from RM16.90.

Alternatively, if you’re yearning for something hearty, the Kimchi Rice Bowl combo priced from RM13.10 is the way to go thanks to the addictive K-Crunch sauce. If you can’t decide and are eager to have a bit of everything, the K-Crunch Box Meal is the ideal choice! Priced from RM26.50, Malaysians can indulge in the K-Crunch Chicken Burger, 1-pc K-Crunch Chicken, 2-pc Chicken Dumpling, French Fries and a cup of K-Fizz to quench your thirst. Fans can also add on the K-Crunch Chicken Dumpling and Cheesy Sausage priced from RM7.90 for a more wholesome meal.

Here I ordered the K-Crunch Box Meal and the Kimchi Rice Bowl and I can't lie that it's a pretty good combo. By ordering these two sets, you would get a taste of everything that the menu has to offer. A little personal opinion, I would say that I enjoyed the K-Crunch chicken a lot because it's coated with the special sauce accompanied with white sesame seeds. It gives out a pleasant kick of spiciness followed by sweetness to tone down the heat which makes it great for Malaysian tastebuds.  Easy said, it has this Korean version of our Nasi Lemak Sambal. 

Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness, and value for the perfect dining experience. For more information on Marrybrown's Around the World meals, MB App, promotions and delivery services, please visit the links below. Be sure to grab this opportunity to try their All Around the World Meals today! 

Marrybrown Malaysia

Friday, October 14, 2022

ShopeeFood Day makes a come back!

Did the 10.10 sale feel too short? We heard you so it’s time to mark your calendar for another exciting round of food offers and free deliveries from ShopeeFood. Starting from the 12th – 17th October, users from various locations such as Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, and Sabah can order their favourite dishes while earning cool rewards when making payments via ShopeePay. So where do you start? Here’s our top tips for navigating some of the best deals:

1. Free Delivery with Zero Minimum Spend 
[All Day: 12 - 17 Oct] 

Ever wanted to try new types of food or a new restaurant or simply re-order your favourite food from your most loved restaurant? Then ShopeeFood free deliveries with zero minimum spend is the perfect excuse to explore the many cuisine options available on the Shopee App. Here are some of our favourite merchants and top picks:

Neighbourhood Food Court

Cafe Stesen Tiga Puluh

Restoran Mun Hin

King Tom Yam Kitchen

Restoran Fatty Sang 

(Image credit by Cafe Stesen Tiga Puluh) 

2. Discounts up to 50% OFF 
[All Day: 12 - 17 Oct] 

Need we say more….Try these merchants via ShopeeFood and enjoy a limited time discount on the app:

LiHo Tea

Chun Yang Tea

King’s Bakery

Classic Taiwan Braised Pork Rice

(Image credit by LiHo Tea) 

3. 99% OFF Special Vouchers 
[All Day: 14 -15 Oct] 

You heard us right and considering that it’s almost the weekend, there’s no better excuse to round up friends and host a house party with ShopeeFood. Here’s a list of merchants to order your October party meals from:

Bar Wang Rice

Kee Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee


Anmour Cafe

Bean Jr

(Image credit by Bean Jr) 

For more information on ShopeeFood Day, visit https://shopee.com.my/m/shopeefoodday or follow @shopeefood_my on Instagram.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Sembang-sembang Petaling Tunch Buffet | Ames Hotel Melaka Review

When you're looking to enjoy lunch or hi-tea, look no further as the Munch at Ames Hotel offers an all-day dining experience. The restaurant has come up with a new concept called the Tunch Buffet which is a combination of lunch and Hi-Tea making it a perfect bonding session for friends and family as theres something for everyone! The Tunch Buffet is available every Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 4.00pm and ends on 13 November 2022.

The hotel’s Executive Chef Ramu Suppiah and his team of chefs have created a medley of flavours, ranging from lunch signature dishes to tea –time favourites. Expect to have a fair range of variety to cater to a wonderful lunch and hi-tea spread for you to indulge into! Let me share with you on what you can expect. 

Start off at the Salad Bar with a variety of fresh lettuce, cucumber, carrots and tomatoes. While youre there, i would really recommend you to get a bite of their Hawaiian Chicken Salad and Croissant Sandwiches. If youre more of a soupy person as starters, then the spread also offers soups! You can dive into Tom Yum Seafood and Cream of Broccoli accompanied by freshly baked bread and buns.

For the main spreads, you can look forward to tantallizing delights such as Marinated Chicken Wings, Yong Tau Foo, Chicken Mutabak, Pasta Aglio, Egg Foo Yong, Bungkus Nasi Lemak, Kari Kambing, Chicken Mai, Udang Goreng Berlada, Deep fried Wantons and Salted Egg Squid. I have to emphasise that the salted egg squid was my ultimate favourite and was definitely a crowd pleaser while you're there. Don’t miss out the action stations serving Chicken & Beef Satay, Hawaiian and Tom Yum Pizzas and Hot Piping Waffles.

The sweet temptation section is absolutely irresistible. Being a sweet tooth, this particular section wis my favourite section to explore and indulge into. The dessert spread offers local cut fruits, French Pastries, Assorted Malay & Nyonya Kuih, different flavours of Ice-Cream, Ice Kacang, cakes, strawberry custurd tarts and so much more! The photos shown here would only be half of what they offered and i honestly wished i took more photos if it. 

Enjoy a refeshing cup of teh-tarik with Goreng Pisang, Goreng Keledek and Cekodok, or quench your thirst with Cordial drinks, Coffee/Tea and Lemonade. I actually enjoyed the Goreng Pisang as a snack time treat just before i ended my meal. Accompanied with a cup of coffee, it was the perfect fix to catch up with a good friend before we set ourselves apart. 

It is priced at RM70 nett per adult and RM60 nett for children from 6 to 11 years old and senior citizens aged 60 & above. For reservations, call +60126982957 or email: dine@ames-hotel.com. I hope your found this post useful for you to plan your weekend ahead! Looking for good food that serves both tea and lunch? The Munch at Ames Hotel would be your answer! 

For more information on Ames Hotel and reservations, please contact 06-318 3999, or visit http://www.ames-hotel.com / https://www.facebook.com/ameshotel.