Thursday, January 31, 2019

Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist Review

Presenting to you the Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist
Heyya guys, im back! This time im featuring another product that came into the Althea family called the Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist. What's even better? Its a collaboration of Althea and Titi Kamal, who is an Indonesian star, popular for her acting, fashion senses and beauty. *SCREAMS* The scent of this Body Sparkling Mist has been inspired by her stylish yet comfortable style, Althea introduces this elegant, fresh and sweet daily Body Mist in collaboration with Titi Kamal!


Check it out! It comes in a sealed packaging!

Oops, instructions and ingredients are in Korean only
Starting off with the overall looks of the packaging first, it comes in a plastic spray bottle that may not look as fancy as a perfume bottle. But on a good side of it, the most important is on what's on the inside. So don't be too quick on judging a book by its cover. Hehe. It has pinky vibes to it and I must say my first impression on the packaging looks pretty feminine. Not to forget the instructions and information on the back, being it a Korean product, you may not have luck finding any English words that may explain to you on the content.


Comes in a spray bottle with a cap
Now, for the most important part of the product, the scent! When talking about the scent, it has a very unique floral and citrusy scent that smells very soft and gentle making it suitable for almost anyone to use as the scent is refreshing and versatile as the scent is not too overpowering. Featuring a floral fruity scent, it has a combination of sweet orange, peach and rosy floral notes in the scent leaving anyone who smells this to linger around.


Smells like a combination of Citrus, peach and rose (Floral Fruity)
Now, going into a little review on this, personally, I would say that you should not take this body mist for granted. It may not be your whole day perfume material kind of scent, but if you ever need a quick refreshing scent to reduce your body odor halfway throughout the day, this is the perfect scent for a classy romantic vibe. Each time I spray it directly on my skin, it is not at all sticky and surprisingly pretty long lasting for a body mist. It may not last you 8 hours, but as a body mist, i can say that it lasted for about 4-5 hours as the scent lingers and slowly fades.


Each product is sealed with an Althea Sticker before usage
It also has an expiry date to guarantee its freshness!
I believe the reason that the packaging is plastic is that it's so that it's easy to bring around during travels, and most importantly it doesn't break. Since the packaging is out of plastic, its pretty much lightweight making it portable to fit in your bag, or in my case my gym bag! hehe. It retails at RM35 for 100ml, which I find really reasonable for something that smells so refreshing. Definitely worth it if you're looking for a quick alternative without spending a bomb! I'll keep this post short by ending my little humble review here. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope I gave you the confidence of getting this for yourself as well.xx

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser Review

Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser, RM33
Happy New Year everyone! And what better way to welcome the new years with new products! Today I'll be sharing with you one of Althea's addition to the family for 2019, namely the Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser. HOLD UP! Is it a serum or is it a cleanser?! The exact same questions which ran through my head. So just to clear the air out, its actually a cleanser with a serum-like formula. How does it work? Well, i didn't put effort in doing this write up for nothing, so scroll away!

Has an expiry date
And bottle is well sealed
The Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser is a combination of a cleanser and a serum which would whisk away makeup, dirt, and oil. Made out of mint extracts (the little secret ingredients), it ensures that after removal of makeup, the skin stays cool and hydrated throughout the day all thanks to the dual moisture cell system that envelopes the skin into a serum-like formula. Considering that I have oily skin, oil cleansers don't work too well on me, but after using this to remove my heavy makeup, im impressed! Other than preventing your skin from drying out, it also helps to balance the pH levels of the skin.


Instructions are in Korean
Being it a Korean product, it's pretty obvious that you won't be able to find many English instructions on the bottle, so thank god for the website for having English translations. But since its a serum cleanser, there's not much instruction need on how to use this, but just in case you may get a little confused on the 'how-to's', all you need to do is dampen the skin and apply a small amount onto it. gently massage in circular motions for 5-10 seconds, then rinse.


The product is double sealed.
Texture is is in between like serum with hints of oil
In my earlier images, you may notice that the  Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser comes in a sealed plastic in which you may need to unseal before using. Not to forget that you may also need to remove the inner seal from the bottle tube which i appreciate as it guarantees hygiene of the product. Other than that, it also prevents leakage during shipping too! In terms of texture, its not exactly liquidy, its more of a combination of thicker liquid that has a hint of oil. Not too oily, but definitely moisturising. It may sound weird as im explainig it, but thats what it is. So get it to get a feel of it yourself.

Time to test out how well it removes my daily makeup
I've decided to give it a test on my daily makeup products by swatching all the products that I use on my hand, to find out how well this cleanser removes makeup. As you can see in the image, I've featured my daily makeup items (that some are waterproof and long-lasting) and trust me, ocassionally I have a hard time removing most of its residue by the end of the day. Without the cleanser, I would usually triple cleanse my skin just to ensure no residue of makeup is left.


Both applied in minimal pressure
The Before and After results!
And if you're curious about how well it works, well here are the results! With minimal pressure tested on the first and second wipe, I think it did a pretty good job! From the image, you may notice that it didn't entirely clearout the long-lasting makeup products, but after another wipe, my skin is clean and makeup free! You'd wish that it would only take 1 swipe to remove it all, but let's face it, we would really wipe more than twice to make sure that all the residue is out to correct? Im convinced that it can make my cleansing routine quicker and cleaner.


My thoughts on this?
As a verdict, I would say that it does a pretty good job! I notice that my skin is still supple after removing makeup, and im convince that it hydrates while gently removing the makeup from the skin. All in all, my logic to this is that it does not harm the layers of the skin as you remove the makeup as I believe that some makeup removers can be pretty harmful to the skin. Not too sure how the serum works part of this works, but I believe its to help maintain the pH balance of the skin even when you're removing makeup to provide the skin with full protection. Well, I'll keep it short and say that it's affordable and worth it at RM33 from Althea Korea.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dutch Lady + Coffee = The Perfect Serve

Coffee lovers, this post goes to you! Have you ever wondered how your favorite latte or cappuccino is made? Well, since I went to the Cafe Malaysia 2019 exhibition over the weekend, it has come to my attention that other than coffee and the amount of sugar you put, its the type of milk that plays a huge role in making the perfect serve. While I was at the Cafe Malaysia 2019, I was pretty impressed many stalls showing off their coffee art skills, but somehow Dutch Lady caught my attention. Find out why by reading through my blog post.

A barista sharing about how the coffee machine works
So, at the Cafe Malaysia 2019, I found myself looking at different type of coffee machines, coffee beans, different variations of syrup and fruit syrup, and even pastries too! But since I was at the Dutch Lady booth, I was attracted by the barista's showing off their skills on how they create coffee art with freshly brewed coffee and steamed Dutch Lady Milk. Not forgetting the fact that they were giving passerby's a chance to get hands-on + a free cup of coffee on your attempt to create art. Hehe.


With a representative from Dutch Lady who shared information on Dutch Lady Fresh Milk
Sharing with you on the perfect serve, I took a good moment to really listen to what the booth had to share and offer. So, with all those knowledge in my head, I decided to write it down here so that I won't let good information on coffee go to waste. There are basically 4'S's to make the perfect serve which features stretch, swirl, serve and save. But of course, with all these words in mind, it always starts with a great barista to perfect the perfect serve.

By famers, as a family business
By mastering the stretch, its all about the angle of the half-filled jug where the steam wand is 2mm under the milk's surface. Featuring Dutch Lady milk, the milk offers pasteurized fresh milk that is made right to produce a silky smooth froth that is stable and consistent creating a rich and creamy taste for every cup of coffee. Next is to swirl the milk and listen out as the milk will begin to hiss as it reaches 60 celsius -65 celsius.

Showing how to swirl milk into coffee
Mastering 10 years of experience to get it to be perfect
Once you have swirled the milk, next is to serve the coffee by giving close attention to perfectly frothed and textured milk by creating 'coffee art' to serve the perfect coffee. And last but not least is to save, where when good milk is used, you will prevent wastage of each cup of coffee being served at home or in stores. At the booth, I also learned that Dutch Lady has a certified quality control that follows the stringent internal and external quality standards which ensure the safety and quality of the entire claim.

Here's a little attempt by me
While I was there, I got to get a little hands-on with the coffee machine where I made my first ever cup of coffee with a little help from the baristas on the coffee art part. Hehe. Present with us, we had Jason who was crowed to be the champion of coffee art who shared a few artworks with us that he has specialized when it comes to making coffee art, and boy I am impressed on his skills. I tried, and coffee art is not as easy as it looks. Getting personal with Jason, he also mentioned that Dutch Lady Milk is one of his favorite milk to work with since the texture of the milk when frothed comes out nicely, making it easy to work with too.

Very particular with my coffee, but with this latte in my handI i approve on the quality.
And to end my post for today, I would have to say that im pretty glad that I attended the Cafe Malaysia 2019 exhibition held in MITEC where they shared the beauty of coffee. I never really knew that milk plays a huge role in making coffee, and I finally know why when I got a taste of it. When good coffee is served, its always best with good milk. I'm pretty sure that im not a huge fan of coffee, but I have finally found my true love for coffee when its made fresh before your eyes.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

[REVIEW] Get milked with Althea's Milk Peel Cream Mask

The Milk Peel Cream Mask
I know what you're thinking cause I had the same thought! Have you ever thought of milk as your face mask? Althea has taken masking to a whole new level by launching the Milk Peel Cream Mask. If you check out the site, it claims that this mask would hydrate your skin almost effortlessly. It contains AHA and BHA extracts making it gentle enough for the skin while exfoliating effectively from clay to whipped cream lather. I was immediately SOLD when I found out that the Milk Peel Cream Mask would foam up when in contact with skin. Skincare is so high tech now man! Enough chit chat lets get into details of my review on the Milk Peel Cream Mask.

Minimalist packaging
So when I got this from a box, I realized that it came in a very cute minimalist packaging which clearly states what you need to know about the product. The highlight of it to me was that it's a soft peeling mask which I don't commonly see in stores promoting. It comes in a pump bottle which looks super cute on your toilet shelf, and it comes with a cover so that you can keep your content clean and hygienic. Each bottle contains 50ml, which I believe would be good enough to last you roughly a month or two depending on how frequent your usage is.

Milk Peel Cream Mask

Comes in a pump bottle
Has a creamy texture when applied
After 20 seconds, bubbles start to foam
The texture is pretty interesting I would have to say. When pumping out the content, it has like this clay-like texture, but after about 10-15 seconds, the clay texture would turn into bubbly foams when in contact with skin. This is by far the coolest mask I've ever tried, and it honestly gets me really excited each time I need to get myself a masking session. Once it foams up, it's very easy to wash it off with water which gives it an extra bonus point since normal clay mask can be a little tedious to remove.

How to use

Just apply it on skin and leave it on for 30-60 seconds
To use this is super simple. First dampen your skin evenly and apply an even layer onto the skin, massaging the mask all over your face till rich lather forms. Leave it on for 30-60 seconds before rinsing away with warm water, and you're done! Giving your skin a deeper cleansing experience has never been easier. I love how my skin feels moisturized after cleansing, and I do also not
ice that my pores were less obvious after washing off the residue of the mask.

The experience 

It will then foam up with bubbles
Give your face a good massage (as if cleansing your face)
Then wash it off and pat face dry
I have combination oily skin, so scrubs with beads are a big no-no cause I would eventually breakout like mad! I tried this and I find this very gentle on the skin. After cleansing of the cream, you'd be surprised that your skin is as soft as a baby's bottom. No kidding! I personally use this twice a week, and I realized that my skin looked so much healthier and cleaner. Some mask can be too strong for my skin, but the Milk Peel Cream Mask, on the other hand, cleanses while moisturizing and revitalizing the skin effortlessly.


First time experiencing a different masking sensation, and i LOVE it!

My overall thoughts on the Althea Milk Peel Cream is that it's really impressive on what they have come up. At only RM36 per bottle, I would say that the price is really affordable considering that it helped my skin maintain its hydration level. If you don't like harsh particles in your skincare, this would be your alternative to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells. If your main concern would be blocked pores, well, this is what you need to complete your skin regime as it detoxifies and pulls out impurities from the pores.

Friday, January 11, 2019

[REVIEW] DR GLAMOGENIC | Dynamic Brightening Mask

Introducing the Dr. Glamogenic Dynamic Brightening Mask
I believe that all of the beauty enthusiasts out there has a go-to mask when your skin needs a little more extra lovin. And today, I someone got hold of the Dr. Glamogenic Dynamic Brightening Mask to give a go, and since I have some spare time to share with you on my masking experience, here's my review on the Dr. Galmogenic Dynamic Brightening Mask. But before I get into details let me share with you some deets on Dr. Glamogenic. The brand originally marketed in Australia and has a vision of offering skin care products that give results. Since its now available in Malaysia, I can't wait to give this a go, so let's skip to the review

Dr. Glamogenic | Dynamic Brightening Mask

There are 5 pieces of individually wrapped sheets in each box
The Dynamic Brightening Mask claims to contain hydrating ingredients which would plump the skin while improving skin radiance appearance. It also claims to contain moisture that will keep your skin moisture level well balanced to give your skin a younger look.  Each box of the Dr. Glamogenic Dynamic Brightening Mask contains 5 individual sheets soaked in 22g of brightening essence. The reason behind dull skin is usually due to building up of dead skin cells on our skin surface, which clogs the pores and prevent them from breathing. So be sure to cleanse well and mask ocassionally to ensure that your skin looks well taken care of.


Here's my little review on the Dynamic Brightening Mask by Dr. Glamogenic
The sheet is super moisturized in creamy essence
The sheet has a very strong non-stretchy texture
Since this is my first time trying this mask on, I love how they include special features on the mask on each pack. Going into more details of the product, it had a really creamy texture which is also very moisturizing at the same time. I unfolded the mask and placed it on my face and realized that its a perfect fit for Asian sized faces. Sometimes mask can be pretty annoying when it's too large, but there's something about the texture of the mask that makes the mask pretty sturdy and doesn't stretch out when applied to the face.

Fits nicely on Asian sized faces
Leave on for 15-20 minutes
According to the directions on usage, it would be recommended to use this after cleansing and application of toner, then followed by a piece of the mask on the face avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes then spread the remaining essence all over the face while dabbing the skin lightly until the essence is fully absorbed. To enhance the experience, you may also leave the mask in the fridge for a more cooling experience to close up pores after cleansing.


After 20 minutes, the skin looks instantly brighter
In case you're wondering the benefits of this mask other than just brightening, it also contains exfoliating ingredients to unveil softer skin. It is also totally safe as its made with natural ingredients and essential oils, thus brightening the skin internally while restoring your natural radiance. After removing the mask, I did notice that my skin was more bouncy and moisturized too!


Not only that it's brighter, but it's also moisturizing and calming too!
As a verdict, despite being my first time hearing about the brand coming into Malaysia, im pretty impressed that it beats your average drugstore mask. Im not sure if its cause it contains natural ingredients, or cause the essence is creamy, but it works for my skin, so I have nothing bad to say about the mask I tried. Usually, im not a fan of brightening mask cause the common ones can be a little too drying for my skin, but this had like a 3-in-1 benefit for me as it brightens, exfoliates and moisturizes my skin. What more can you really ask for from a mask? Im pretty happy that it does justice, and I hope it would be more available in our local pharmacies or drugstore.

Comfortable texture and does not agitate the skin. 
Before and After results where skin looks more enhanced and moisturised
Since they are very new, these are only available at their office in the Pavillion Tower where you may get yourself the product from their office, or get yourself a meeting with their experts for more advice on what products that would suit your skin. I can actually see potential in the brand, and trust me I am saying this as a non-bias writer. Its made in Korea, Licensed in Australia and now available in Malaysia! Feel free to leave me a comment if you may have any other inquiries.

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