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Get Ramadhan Ready Skin with Mamonde | Certified Halal and Wudhu Friendly Skincare

It's that holy time of the year again, the month of Ramadhan. Ramadhan, marking a month of fasting filled with prayers and reflection, it's always nice to be aware of the type of skincare that we use especially when Ramadan is all about self-cleansing. Before performing prayers, we usually go through a ritual of ablution or wudhu (the process of washing before prayers), and what better way than to cleanse with halal-certified beauty products from Korea?

Mamonde being one of my all-time favorite products has thought of ways to cater to their users, including the Muslims by going the extra mile to come up with products that are formulated without alcohol or animal substance. And for this Ramadhan, I would recommend you to check out their Ceramide and Rose Water ranges that are certified halal and wudhu-friendly, which also means you can freely use without the need to remove it before prayers. With moisturizing properties, it's definitely ideal for the skin especially during the fasting month when water consumption is restricted throughout the day. 

Mamonde Ceramide Range

For the Ceramide range, I would personally recommend you Mamonde's Hibiscus Flower as its research has uncovered the flower’s moisturizing properties that can offer hydration benefits to the skin. The popular Ceramide range is formulated with moisturizing Hibiscus extract along with ceramide, its key ingredient. With that information, the ideal combination of the Hibiscus extract and Ceramide helps to strengthen the skin’s outer barrier by keeping moisture close to the skin. This range is especially suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. Upon application, the skin will instantly feel fresh and moisturized without having any sticky residue.

For your information, the products under the Ceramide range that have been given halal certification are Ceramide Skin Softener, Ceramide Emulsion, Ceramide Light Cream, and The Ceramide Intense Cream.

Ceramide Skin Softener (200 ml, RM70)

This intensive moisturizing toner helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier that has been damaged by external environment factors and provides a boost of hydration to the skin without leaving any sticky residue. It also contains the moisturizing agent Betaine extracted from the beet to further moisturize the skin. Suitable for those experiencing flaky/sensitive/rough skin.

Ceramide Emulsion (150 ml, RM80)

It helps in strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and provides moisture to the skin. Its lightweight creamy texture is absorbed quickly into the skin.

Ceramide Light Cream (50 ml, RM131) 

This has double the moisturizing ingredient made up of mainly hibiscus extract to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, leaving the skin feeling moisturized and looking healthy. A lighter alternative for those with combination skin.

Ceramide Intense Cream (50 ml, RM131)

Works like the Light Cream to provide a boost of moisture to the skin. Ceramide is quickly absorbed and the double content of moisturizing ingredients extracted from the Hibiscus helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier to create a moist and healthy-looking skin. Suitable for those with flaky, sensitive, and rough skin.

Rose Water Range

Another favorite product of mine that is a must-have at home would be the Mamonde’s Rose Water Range that uses 100% Organic Damask Rose as its main ingredient for its Rose Water range. Picked by trained experts when the morning dew is at its peak, the Damask Rose is highly-prized for its top quality. Rose extracts from the Mamonde Rose Water Range is grown in the Rose Valley in Turia village, Bulgaria. Some of the key benefits of this range include instant soothing and moisturizing while the lovely scent helps to soothe the senses.  Products in the Rose Water range included in the halal list are the Rose Water Toner, Rose Water Gel Cream, and the Rose Water Soothing Gel.

Rose Water Toner (250 ml, RM85)

Infused with 90.97% rose water, Mamonde Rose Water Toner helps provide excellent soothing and moisturizing care for the skin. When applied, it absorbs into the skin and immediately softens rough, flaky skin to reveal a clear and vibrant complexion.

Rose Water Toner Pad (40 sheets, RM70) 

This is a rosy pad soaked in Rose Water Toner that can be used as a toner or a sheet mask. Functions are similar to the Rose Water Toner, it provides excellent soothing and moisturizing care for the skin. The Rose Water Toner Pad is ultra-lightweight and mesh. Upon application, the rose pad fits closely to the skin to remove dead skin cells and aid in delivering the rose water deeper into the skin.

Rose Water Gel Cream (80 ml, RM99) 

A refreshing moisturizing cream effective for soothing and intensive skin moisturizing care. The Rose Water Gel Cream is light-weight and has a non-sticky texture. When applied, it forms a moisture barrier on the skin and keeps the skin hydrated for an extended time. To achieve the optimum result, use the Rose Water Toner/Rose Water Toner Pad followed by the Rose Water Gel Cream for a double-layered moisturizing effect that will result in a smooth and dewy skin inside out.

Rose Water Soothing Gel (300 ml, RM55) 

The Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel is a multi-purpose soothing gel infused with 90.81% of rose water that penetrates quickly onto the skin and provides the skin with rich moisture. It comes with rose fragrance and a cooling formula to help soothe dry and tired skin on the face, hair, and body. The Rose Water Soothing Gel can be used as: -

· A cold pack or an overnight mask pack

· A rose-scented hair essence on hair roughened by a hot shower or UV rays

· A fragrant and cooling body lotion in the summer

So, with that, I hope you have found this post informative in ensuring that your skin stays well hydrated during this fasting month. I have gotten myself the Rose Water Range at home to pamper my skin throughout the day time and it has really helped my skin to maintain its moisture level. In case youre wondering where you can get this for yourself too, both the Moisture Ceramide and Rose Water range of products are available at Watsons stores nationwide. Get it today and show your skin some love this Ramadhan.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

[REVIEW] Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream

Reviewing Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream
Having combination skin, i tend to struggle to find the right moisturizing cream to keep my skin moisturized without it ending up being too oily. The struggle has been pretty real, but after years of trying to find the right moisturizer for my skin, i finally found one that suits combination skin types really well! Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream is derived from our Malaysian National flower, the Hibiscus and the purpose for this cream is to creat a moisture barrier to protect the skin while providing moisture.

The packaging goes beyond classy
But description is all in Korean on the packaging
As much as oily skin makes your skin look like your sweating, the type of cream that you use actually plays an important factor to how your skin reacts. When proper moisturizing cream is applied, your skin will indicate that theres no need of oil production. The Ceramide Light Cream fuctions to provide the skin with a barrier to protect and improve the skins moisture level. Mamonde believes that in order to improve the skin's condition, it is also important to protect the skin from the outer most layer too.


I personally like to use a spatula to scoop out the cream
Smooth application everytime with this creamy gel texture
I have continuously used this cream up till my 2nd tub now and i cannot describe to you on how much i would recommend this! Despite having oily combination skin, other than its moisturizing benefits, i absolutely love the fact that it's very lightweight on the skin. Initially i was expecting the texture to be rather heavy, but surprisingly, the texture was rather a mix of gel and cream, which in result gave a really lightweight feel after every application.


Loving the benefits of this cream, i approve
I have been travelling a lot before the RMO started and one thing that usually disturbs me would be my skin condition after coming back from my sunny travels. Having oily skin + flakes due to sun burn is usually scary and hard to care especially when applying cream stings. So, with flaky skin being an issue, the next resolution would be to provide my skin with intense moisture right? And thats basically how i decided to try out the Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream. Initially i was worried  if it would burn my skin, but surprisingly it was very cooling and healing and after just 7 days of constant application during the day and night, my flaky skin was gone and i had soft bouncy skin again!

Love how it feels on my skin, and how it keep moisturized throughout the day
With the results i got on my skin, i got a little curious on how did this product managed to give my skin such good results. Here's what i found out! The cream offers double moisture barrier, and has been formulated with a techonology to keep the texture light and non sticky which in result leaving the benefits of this cream to be easily absorbed by the skin. With the double moisture barrier feature, this also means that it keeps your skin moiturized from a deeper surface too.


Not sure if its visable, but one side of this looks more moisturized than the other
Knowing that this product works, i would also like to highlight that it's also great to be used with make up too! Usually i'll end my skin regime with this cream and immediately apply makeup on top which actually made me feel that it made my makeup last longer than usual. Other than that, since this cream is derived from the hibiscus, it smells amazing which makes every application enjoyable. Dont worry if youre not a fan of fragrance, cause the scent is really very light and relaxing.

As a conclusion, i would actually say that the Mamonde Ceramide Light Cream is on my approved skincare list. It improves the skin condition, its comfortable on the skin and most improtantly, it works! With Ceramide being one of the contents within the ingredients, it defintely gives your skin double the benefit other than just providing moisture. It's long lasting, and it keeps your skin well moisturized throughout the day. So be it if youre always working in an airconditioned environment, or usually out in the sun, this cream is versatile and would protect your skin impressively.

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆
Repurchased: YES!
Suitable for: Oily and Combination skin

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Unlabel Moist Botanical Skincare | Japanese Skincare

Presenting Unlabel Moist Botanical Skincare
I would have to say that despite being 28 this year, i get a fair amount of compliments saying that i look younger than my age. Did you know the secret behind keeping your skin looking young is to moisturise? Well, in relevance to that, i'll be sharing with you one unique skincare label, called 'unlabel' that is currently the top selling skincare in France! Now, im pretty sure that with this being a bold statement, you must be wondering WHY is this brand worthy to be within the top selling skincare category? Here's why:

The Unlabel Moist Botanical Skin Care Series claims to carry high moisture retention to provide skin with long lasting suppleness, and the secret that has made this possible would be because it has a unique formula, made out of au-natural botanical, fruit and herb extracts. Honestly, i would like to emphasize that i LOVE plant derived moisturzing extracts and its even better when i found out that this skincare extracts from floral flowers such as althea, chamomile and sage to provide the skin with moisture and encorage collagen production. It also contains hyaluronic acide which is a bonus!

I had first dips on browsing through the collection, and definitely loving what i see
Moreover, this skincare has also been designed to treat rough skin and enhances skin protective barriers, while ensuring moisture is properly distributed to retain moisture for long hours. That being said, i can confidently conclude that it not only moisturise your skin, but also treat your skin to be soft and supple that would last in the long run. Living in Malaysia, i find this skincare really suitable when it comes to treating dry rough skin. I have been facing that lately and found this to be a great solution to provide moisture that my skin needs.

The Skincare Range

The range offers 5 products in big sized bottles
Unlabel comes in 5 products to complete your minimalist regime namely, the Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing Water, Moist Botanical Cleansing Face Wash Foam,  Moist Botanical Gel Cleansing, Moist Botanical Lotion Toner and Moist Botanical Hydra Gel. All these products are alcohol free, paraben free, colorant free, fragrance free, silicone free, talc free, non animal derived, mineral oil free, and has not been tested on animals, making it cruelty free! Im aware that not many would really look into the additives, but i find this pretty much complete when it comes to choosing a safe skincare that is also cruelty free, giving you less worries about the products that you apply on your skin.

Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing Water

Unlable Micellar Cleansing Water - RM65.90
I tried as tested this and OMG its like beauty heaven sent! With plant derived cleansing techonology, this cleansing water has been designed to remove makeup and old keratin while absorbing dirt from the pores. This gurantees assurance in cleansing and it also shortens your makeup removal process with no rinsing needed! Another unique feature about this product would be that it has a single handed push action bottle too giving you a cleansing with ease experience.

Moist Botanical Cleansing Face Wash Foam

Unlabel Cleansing Face Wash Foam - RM29.90
Unlabel's Foaming Face Wash is formulated to penetrate thorugh pores and provide deep cleansing to ensure that your face is cleansed properly. When lathering the foam, it will create a super rich lather that contains small molecules that makes it possible for it to cleanse through the surface of the skin while cleansing deep through the pores as well.

Moist Botanical Gel Cleansing

Unlabel Gel Cleansing - RM55.90
For extra double cleansing needs, this Gel Cleanser is super ideal to dissolve make up residue efforlessly. Say youre wearing waterproof make up which we all know takes a while to remove, this gel cleanser will dissolve it efforlessly! Its even more surprising to know that it only uses plant-based oil that not only efficiently removes make up and dirt, but also  retains skin moiture too!

Moist Botanical Lotion Toner

Unlabel Lotion Toner - RM59.90
Toners are like a must in every cleansing routine, and you can never get enough of it! Unlabel offers a large capacity of 500ml of high moisture lotion that has been designed to suit all skin types (and yes, that is inclusive for those with sensitive skin as well). Other than using this as a toner, you can also use this as a daily hydration face mask too which makes it s great for those looking for skincare that is multipurpose as well.

Moist Botanical Hydra Gel

Unlabel Hydra Gel - RM89.90
The Hydra Gel from Unlabel is designed to be a one of a kind all-in-one moissture retaining gel that is suitable for even sensitive skin. With big volume packaging, this also acts as a beuty essence or emultion that can also be used for your body. A personal note on this would be that i love how it doesnt leave any sticky residue, giving it an extra bonus!


Here with my little blogger here to checkout the range, and the description of it definitely sounds promosing.
As a verdict, i would have to say that i love that the brand offers a large capacity of 500ml instead of buying in smaller amounts. Its something that we use daily and with bigger volumes given as an option to purchase, this also means that its long lasting to last you more than your regular skincare that would usually need to be repurchased after a month of usage. Unlabel being a product from Japan, i have no worries about the quality and combat points in the beauty industry. Unlabel Moist Botanical Skincare is now exclusively available in Guardian Malaysia! Get it

Unlabel Malaysia

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Signs That Shows Your Mattress Cleaning is Due

Do you know the common signs that shows that your mattress cleaning is due? Usually these signs go unnoticed and you most probably are sleeping on a mattress that needs cleaning as soon as possible. But wait! How do you identify and make sure that your mattress needs cleaning exactly now? 

Here are some warning signs you should get it cleaned: 

Stubborn stains 

Photo Credit:
If you notice some stains on your mattress and after numerous attempts to wipe it out, you still fail then it is a stubborn stain that can be only removed with thorough cleaning. Stubborn stains can consist of different elements such as coffee, blood, urine and also fluids.

Bad Odor
Photo Credit:
Does your nose feel congested when you enter your room? Can't find the source that makes nose tingles? If you can smell a strong odor or an unpleasant smell in your room, you might want to go and check your mattress first. It is most probably coming from there! If you want to save your nose, you need to get it cleaned soon before it gets worse.

Allergy Symptoms Triggered
Photo Credit:
If you are often sneezing and having bad flu after waking up in the morning, it may mean that your mattress might be triggering your allergies. Your mattress might have many foreign particles such as dust that is making you feel uncomfortable. Foreign particles can also consist of inhabitants such as bed bugs that can cause your whole body itchy. Obviously, no one wants to be bitten when they are sleeping, get your mattress cleaned now.

Water Damage 
Photo Credit:
What happens next when your mattress has been damaged by water? Before considering buying a new one to replace the old mattress, are you sure it can't be fixed? You are lucky as this problem can be fixed by getting a cleaning service for your mattress. So, you don't need to buy a new one and can save some money.

Have Not Deep Cleaned Your Mattress for More Than a Year 

Your mattress needs a deep cleaning routine at least once a year. If not, your mattress might start showing some of the signs mentioned above and also it might not last long! If you want a good night sleep with a comfortable bed, make sure you have a regular cleaning routine for your mattress. If you just realized you have not done cleaning in the past year, make sure to do it right away! 

Now that you know the common signs that show your mattress cleaning is due, the next question is how will you proceed to get it done? 

Here's a tip, get in touch with Orang Utan Cleaning for experienced mattress cleaning service for your foam or latex mattress at home. 

Why choose Orang Utan Cleaning? Their mobile mattress services are available in various locations in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Perak! Their expert cleaners are one of the most reasonable rates in town, so you do not have to worry about paying too much for the cleaning work. Their team also always put customers satisfaction as their top priority! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with their customer service representative via phone or email for a FREE quote today!

PANGOI Boleh Didapati Secara Online | Koleksi Raya Tetap Raya Bersama PANGOI

Koleksi Raya Tetap Raya Bersama Pangoi
Memburu pakaian yang sempurna boleh menjadi beban terutamanya bila menggunakan terlalu banyak masa ketika korang perlu mencari untuk baju raya dari kedai secara fizikal. Itulah sebabnya, saya menulis posting ini untuk berkongsi dengan korang apa yang ditawarkan dari Pangoi untuk Pembeli Malaysia di seluruh Malaysia! PANGOI baru-baru ini melancarkan kedai online mereka dalam pelbagai Platform E-dagang (Seperti Zalora, Shopee dan Lazada!). Untuk meraikan pelancaran mereka, mereka juga telah melancarkan tema koleksi Raya terbaru iaitu, Raya Tetap Raya Bersama PANGOI. Oleh itu, jika korang mencari pakaian Raya yang sempurna, korang boleh la usha sikit koleksi yang pasti menjadikan pilihan raya korang tahun ini!

Kalau ada berkenan dengan warna glamour
Ataupun kalau nk vibe ceria sikit boleh usha design ni
Sedikit pengenalan mengenai PANGOI, jenama ini bertujuan memenuhi kehendak wanita untuk memiliki koleksi batik buatan tangan yang berkualiti tinggi dengan harga yang berpatutan. Sebagai peminat batik, serious i sangat kagum dengan koleksi mereka kerana design mereka menampilkan keindahan kepingan malaysia dengan sentuhan moden. Kini produk PANGOI boleh didapati di lima gerai di Malaysia hari ini, dan kini membuat penambahan baru untuk penampilan mereka melalui kedai online juga. YAY!

Shope for Pangoi on Lazada: Shop Now
Shope for Panfoi on Zalora: Shop Now
Korang mesti berminat untuk melihat apa yang ditawarkan daripada PANGOI kan? Kalau korang nak tau, PANGOI kini boleh didapati di laman website Zalora, Lazada, Shopee, PANGOI Facebook dan Pangoiinternational Instagram. Dengan kolaborasi ini, ia memberikan pembeli cara yang lebih mudah untuk membeli koleksi PANGOI. Kedai online berikut akan menawarkan koleksi yang sama seperti di kedai, dan akan ada juga item 'khas online' yang eksklusif yang tersedia sepanjang tahun!

Shop for Pangoi on Shopee : Shop Now
Ataupun kalau suka warna awan laut gitu, ada je pelbagai warna dari koleksi  Raya Pangoi 
Kalau ada yang tertanya kenapa temanya tahun ini Raya Tetap Raya Bersama PANGOI , mereka ingin melibatkan diri dalam memastikan bahawa setiap orang mempunyai baju Raya sambil memberi pembeli peluang untuk duduk di rumah dan jaga diri pada waktu yang sukar ini. Apabila korang membeli-belah secara online, mereka akan menghantar barang sehingga depan pintu rumah korang tanpa memerlukan korang melangkah keluar dari rumah. Mudah sangat kan? Pembeli kini boleh mempunyai akses 24 jam untuk berbelanja melalui komputer, telefon pintar dan tablet dari mana saja di seluruh Malaysia.

Juga, untuk meraikan kedatangan penampilan online PANGOI, mereka akan menyumbangkan RM10 untuk setiap belian Raya Batik Collections 2020 set kepada Covid-19 Fund untuk membantu mereka yang terkena wabak Coronavirus di Malaysia. Tunggu apa lagi? Mula melayari beberapa koleksi batik eksklusif oleh PANGOI secara online sekarang. Sebagai alternatif jika anda ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai Pangoi, sila layari laman rasmi mereka di bawah.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Whatsapp: +60169014283


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YOODO keeps you connected and entertained with MORE features!

Are you looking to find a good telco line to switch to? Since we are living in the future, i would have to say the best telco that i would recommend to you currently would be Yoodo, which lets you do what you do best! With the MCO leaving us all locked up at home, it can be hard to stay connected with this distance that we have to keep. Today i decided to join a video call hosted by Yoodo and im honestly impressed with the NEW features that they are offering to keep us all connected and entertained. If you're looking for the best telco deal that there is to offer in Malaysia, Yoodo is definitely the way to go, and here's why!

I personally started changing to Yoodo about a year ago when i found out that they offer customisable digital mobile service and i decided to give it a go since i was tired of the low data of my current telco package at the time. And honestly, once i transfered to Yoodo, all else is history because Yoodo is the future of all telco's! During this lengthy Movement Control Order period, its nice to know that Yoodo has been getting creative to find ways to support Yoodo users with more activities! Being an individual who LOVES to Netflix and chill, while browsing through the net for the latest trends, they have made it possible for me to still stay connected while i sit back at home.

Video Call with Tuck Mun, Carol and Syafierain the same call
During the video call, Yoodo has announced an exciting line-up of new innocative features to celebrate their 2nd anniversary celebration! This being an exciting annoucment, despite the MCO period, they have thought of ways to still keep us all entertained in the comfort of our home. YAY! This current time being a struggle for most of us, lucky enough that they are offering updated features on the app with new products, promotions, and great offers to aid Malaysians through this difficul period.

A closer look of the head of Yoodo with all smiles!
We also had Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo who i found very passionate in ensuring that Malaysians are well connected and entertained through Yoodo. I honestly enjoy the idea that Yoodo has fresher vibes to keep up with the current lifestyle of the younger generation while giving us the best deals with customizable choices. Be it if you just want to keep yourself updated with the latest news or just wanting to enjoy your favourite game, Yoodo empowers their users to stay safe at home, while keeping yourself occupied and connected.

Whats New on Yoodo? 

Checkout the latest Yoodo 2.0 features
In case youre wondering whats new on Yoodo, briefly i'll just share with you that they are converting the monthly renewal to giving users the chance to renew anytime! With this feature, Yoodo has broke the record for being the only telco in Malaysia to allow users to completely customise their choice of data, voice and SMS, anytime, anywhere! Not to forget that they have also introduced the Power Pass, giving users extra boost that offers 100GB of data for 60 minutes at only RM2! This is a good idea for those who would want to do a quick download of your favourite movie or music on spotify when you need to go offline.

With new add-ons from their current add-on, they have added TikTok, Viu and Call of Duty Mobile to their add on deals. Psst, i also got some inside news that they will be adding Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the near future. Thus gamers, this would be a good time to transfer to Yoodo if you havent already!

Yoodo Rewards you for Loyalty

Be rewarded for being loyal
I think you would have to agree that commitment is hard if we are unhappy right? And since Yoodo loves their users, they have decided to reward users for their loyalty with Yoodo Rewards! For customers who purchased a total of 10 add-ons, you will be eligable to get 1 free add on of your choice! For example, if you purchased 10 days of 'Roam Like Home' passes, you will get 1 additional day entirely free!

20GB for RM20 & Free Data?!

You read that right, 20GB for RM20!
I would have to say that im one of their users who is taking advantage of this amazing deal! Only on Yoodo, you can get 20GB for only RM20 and its available for all users (no double standards ok. hehe). With this promo, you can buy 20GB of high-speed data and use it how you want to use it. On top of this amazing deal, Yoodo is providing all their users with free 1 GB of Internet data every day from 30th march and will be on going till 28th of April 2020. How do you enjoy this offer? Its easy! Just have an active Yoodo line and enjoy it!

Thinking of Changing Telco? Get your SIM card within 2 hours!

With a new look, Yoodo powered by celcom
Thats right! If i've tempted you to transfer to Yoodo, then welcome to the Yoodo fam! While Yoodo usually provies free delivery of their SIMs via regular mail, they have also recently annouced a discount on ex[ress SIM card delivery. Which also means that you can get a Yoodo SIM card delivered to your doorstep within 2 houts through express delivery for just RM5 (UP: RM15. With this special MCO-related offer, be sure to take this opportunity before 30th April 2020.

So, if you like to do you, then get yourself on board with Yoodo! Being a Yoodo user, i have had an amazing experience with their services. I love how its easy it is to connect with their team when i have an enquiry and the transition of changing to a new telco while keeping my current phone number was so efforless. Trurst me, this is Sara certified and you would have no regrets! For more information on Yoodo, you can check out on their official sites below. Yoodo is where all the cool kids are at ok? Kapish?! Sign up on Yoodo today!

Yoodo Malaysia

PG MALL | Shop with Benefits on Malaysia's No.1 E-Commerce Platform

Introducing PG Mall, Malaysia's No 1 E-Commerce platform
Hey guys! I am back with a new discovery I recently found, and if you enjoy shopping online, then you would be one of the first to know about PG Mall if youre reading this right now! If this is your first time hearing about this, PG mall happens to be Malaysia's No. 1 E-Commerce platform and is currently the only local e-commerce platform in Malaysia. So being Malaysian myself, I would say that im pretty proud to be Malaysian knowing that we now have an e-commerce platform to call our own. (Malaysia boleh!) With technology taking over our current era, we can now stay home and shop online, with many more promotions to offer in comparison to offline stores.

Daily Hot Day Sale at 10am, 4pm and 9pm
Daily Super Shocking Sales
One favorite feature that I would like to highlight about PG Mall would be that they have this daily Hot Day Sale, offering discounts up to 80% for selected products of the day. There are 3 slots daily at 10am, 4pm and 9pm, so be sure to keep your reminders on if you would like to snag some exclusive deals! Also, not to forget since Raya is just around the corner, they are launching their MyRamadhan campaign happening between 17th of April till 3rd of May 2020!

MyRamadhan with PG Mall (17th April -3rd May 2020)

Check out PG Mall's MyRamadhan Campaign : Shop Now!
So, let me break down the exclusive offers that they will be having during this MyRamadhan campaign. If you're a new shopper, there will be RM15 off your total bill with a minimum spend of RM50! (And that pretty much that you'll only be spending RM35 with the additional rebate. If youre looking to benefit from this deal, be sure to act fast as the offer is limited to 1000 redemptions (2 times max per shopper). But of course, if youre an existing shopper, there will be an RM5 off your total bill when you spend a minimum of RM30. This is also limited to the first 1000 redemptions (unlimited times per shopper). If youre fast enough, why not save more by spending a minimum of RM150, where you'll instantly get RM25 off your total bill! This offer, on the other hand, is limited to the first 200 redemptions and is only applicable for one time per shopper within the campaign period.

Maybank QRPay

Pay with Maybank QRPay when you shop on PG Mall
We all know how technology has made our life's easier, and I would have to admit that I love going cashless when I shop! PG Mall being up to date when it comes to technology, other than the typical payment platforms, they also offer Maybank QRPay as an option for payment. The good thing about this option is that you can enjoy up to 10% cashback (capped at RM10) with a minimum spend of RM30 when you pay with Maybank QRPay or MAE. This offer can be used up to 2 times per shopper, per month and is only valid up till 20th April 2020. Be sure to snag this offer and save more ka-chings ($$)!

Boost Users

Get Cashback when you shop on PG Mall with Boost
If youre a boost user, you can enjoy 15% cashback with no minimum spend. The cashback is capped at RM10 when you make any purchase on PG Mall, and to be eligible for the cashback, you may need to pay via boost. This promotion is valid until the 19th of April 2020.

AisAsia Big Loyalty Points

Be sure to snag this opportunity while you still can
Since im a frequent traveler and a member of AirAsia Big, I would always find it a bonus when an online platform offers AirAsia Big Loyalty Points! So, if you haven't signed up as a member of AirAsia yet, you would definitely want to when you hear about this! Do you know that you can get 50% extra Big Point bonus by just shopping on PG Mall as well? It's also even better than you can spend your AirAsia Big loyalty points on the platform as well.


The mechanism of how to win the Love You 3000 Rewards!
Do you consider yourself lucky or just simply enjoy joining lucky draws? Well, before I miss out on sharing to you on this exciting campaign, PG Mall is having this Love You 3000 Campaign whereby purchasing a minimum of RM30, you'll stand a chance to participate the lucky draw to stand a chance to walk away with PG Mall e-wallet that is worth RM3000!

Forever Cashback up to 3.5%

Don't we all love cash backs? And I would have to say that im glad that PG Mall understands shoppers like you and me! After going through their website, I found that PG Mall rewards shoppers up to 3.5% cashback, which also simply gives you more reasons to shop for more things on their platform. So if you want to maximize your spendings, why not refer your friends and family to shop on PG Mall and earn more cash? With the Shop-Share-Earn concept, this allows any shopper on PG Mall to gain forever cashback up to 3.5%. It’s as easy as that!

Shop now by heading over to this link : Shop Now!
Well, since I don't want this post to be too draggy, I shall just end my post here. Thank you for dropping by my blog and I’ll definitely be looking forward to my parcel from PG Mall to arrive. As a conclusion, I would have to say that they have a good variety of items to purchase and rest assured it would be delivered to your doorstep safely. Feel free to check them out as I’ve listed their official sites below. Do leave me a comment, and I’d be more than happy to get back to you soonest! xx

PG Mall