Friday, March 30, 2012

Titanic in 3D; Review

Before i start talking about the movie, i would like to thank Yuberactive for giving me the chance to watch Titanic in 3D even before the movie was out. Watched it at GSC, One Utama on the 29th of March 2012 at 7pm.

My first impression of the movie was rather amazed. Subtitles were in 3D, and every angle of the screening was perfectly layered in 3D, better than the typical 3D movies, where they try to get things to come right to you. Story line was like the usuals, and I'm sure most of the people out there have seen this movie before. But i would highly suggest to those who actually loved this movie, to watch in 3D to get a different feel of it. If you've watched the Titanic before, you will definitely realize that the depth of the hall ways and decks looks realistic when its in 3D. I absolutely loved every moment of it. And when the ship sank, water came rushing in through the halls right? and that was something worth experiencing.

If i were to give a rating for the movie, i would give a 5/5. story line was perfecto and the 3D effects were superb. nothing was left out of the scene. I especially loved the part when the ship sank in 3D, it looked so real i tell you, no regrets.

Overall, i would say that the movie was actually worth watching if you love these kinds of movie. The 3D actually helped make you feel like a part of it, as if you're among the crowd on the titanic. I teared at the end because it was really touching. Never fails. advice to the men, if you're planning to bring your girlfriend to watch Titanic with you, bring a box of tissue. and to the women, try not to wear too much make up to avoid smudging.

till then, xoxo's darlings.

If i had the chance to watch again, i would love to go for another round (;

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tribal addiction

A thing for Tribal art.



So, I pretty think that the Claw Cuff by ASOS is amazingly fierce. I love how the claw just grabs hold to your hand and makes you look like some animal Goddess. and as malaysians, we don't have ASOS is Malaysia. It'll definitely be on my wish list.

Till then, xoxo's.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

2 Years

For my 2 years anniversary with my boyfie. Freaking 2 years <3

love your girlfriend, sara.