Wednesday, November 14, 2018

[REVIEW] G6354T Cardio Tower F2W | BH FITNESS

Presenting to you the G6354T Cardio Tower F2W
Hey guys, I found a new workout toy to play with and good news! Its compact and multifunctional for those who prefer to workout from home. Sometimes, big equipment’s aren’t exactly a preferred choice when it comes to small spaces, but with the G6354T Cardio Tower F2W you’d be spoilt with the variety of workout routines that you can achieve with this equipment. Check out my thoughts on it by scrolling away into this post. 

How it looks like when its folded
My favorite workout has always been cardio workouts, but this time around, I actually feel like I’m in need of something more versatile that can challenge me to more variety of workouts that I can do. Since I came across the G6354T Cardio Tower F2W, I have to say that I’m impressed with the features where you can do cardio workouts, toning workouts and even practice on strength, making it the perfect workout equipment to suit both male and female.

Take it as an all in one machine where it combines multiple exercising equipment’s. From beginners to intense workouts, this equipment offers three disciplines with the same machine and it's been designed to save space in your home. Equipment’s like this are the ones that I usually need since im not much of a commercial gym junkie as I like to workout within the area of my home sweet home. 

So first up would be the cardio feature. For cardio, it can be used as a treadmill which I find pretty amazing. Cardio is my go-to workout when im lazy to do my reps on body weight workouts. Hehe. So the treadmill can be folded and has this digital controller for you to control your speed and time, just like any other treadmill would offer. I find this feature convenient especially when you want to pace yourself with your timing. 

Tone your body by doing knee raises (With back support cushion available on the side)
Next would be the toning workouts. By toning, I mean you can really tone your body by doing knee raises and leg raises by just adding a back support cushion which is included with the equipment. Leg raises is not easy to perform for beginners so you may start by doing knee lifts as a start. Since the tower has thickly padded arm pads, you can comfortably hold your body in the right position during the movement. 

Also, you can simply use the tower when everything is folded into its standard condition as the power tower. I believe this would be highly fascinating for the boys as they can train their pull-ups, dips, body weight squat, hanging knee raises and so much more! I honestly have weak upper body strength, thus this offers a great way to slowly train my upper body strength. 

My all time favorite workout with resistance bands
It'll definitely challenge you and your strength
Not to forget that if you have resistance bands with you, this equipment also provides loops for you to hook your resistance bands onto the equipment. I personally find this as a favorite to me as it really challenges your body strength, especially the core with the slightest support of the resistance bands to keep you going steady. Ladies, you’d know what I’m talking about. hehe


What are my thoughts on the Cardio Tower from BHFitness?
As a verdict, I would have to say that this is a great equipment of beginners and regular fitness junkies as it offers a variety of options for you to break a sweat. As strength takes a process of a variety of workouts to achieve your ideal strength, this equipment is perfect for you to gradually train as you build up your fitness and strength. But if you're going extreme on workouts, you may also use a weight vest or ankle weights to enhance your workouts with extra resistance. I would highly recommend you to get this if you're looking for a multifunctional training equipment for your home as it serves its purpose without needing you to go to a gym. 


Monday, November 12, 2018

NION BEAUTY | Negative Ion Silicone Skin Cleansing Device

Managed to made my way to the launch of Nion Beauty X dUCk Cosmetics
Not sure if you can recall on my post on the NION BEAUTY earlier, but let me tell you on how much I love it right now. Ever since i started cleansing with the NION BEAUTY, i noticed that my skin looks and feels so much better! Why? Well, im assuming its all thanks to the negative ion charged skin silicone cleansing device by NION BEAUTY. With these negative ion particles, it helps you clean up invisible environmental toxins from the skin during each cleansing session you have daily.


The first time i heard about Nion Beauty, i got curious on what makes ion any different when cleansing
In case you're wondering what these negative ions are, they usually occur in abundance of deep forests and near waterfalls. The scientist believes that it's these negative ions that help to purify the air and eventually improve our overall sense of well-being. With that in mind, imagine these negative ions work like tiny magnets that attach to positive charged environmental toxins on the skin, which is now easy to wash off all thanks to the NION BEAUTY.

Previously it was only at 80 *inserts shocked face here
Now you know what these negative ions do, aren't you glad that we have the NION BEAUTY to give our skin an extra boost of cleansing in the comfort of your home? Hehe. Getting into detail on the NION BEAUTY, the silicone bristles are made out of premium grade silicone, and it stands out from many cleansing devices that already exist today. You can also say goodbye to harsh soaps and chemicals, as all you need is a good cleanser to scrub all the harmful toxins from your skin almost instantly with this device.


Cleansing demostration
Other than negative ions, did you know that with the NION BEAUTY, you'll be cleansing your skin through a kinetic cleansing method? The concept of it is that it uses an up and down motion against the skin's surface, eliminating friction caused by rotating scrubbing motion. It has also been found that it helps keep the skin more naturally supple and resilient too. The result of this method has been proven to give healthier skin which retains its natural moisture and elasticity.


The NION BEAUTY Opus Expess
Currently, there are 3 variants of the cleansing device and an eye mask available if you're looking try it out for yourself. For travel goers, you may consider getting the disposable Opus2Go which would give you the benefits of a full sized Opus cleanser in a convenient size. Or if you're looking to get the full-sized cleansing device at a budget, you may consider checking out the Opus Express (which is the one im currently using right now) for a wonderful cleansing experience.

You can even get a little hands on by cleansing an orange
But if you're looking to splurge a little, you may consider trying the Opus Renew pack of 3 or known as the Opus Renew eye mask which claims to lessen the appearance of dark circles. Honestly, I find this a little too good to be true, but its worth to give it a shot since they claim that the results have been proven. Going into a more exclusive cleansing device, you might as well splurge a little on the Opus Luxe which fully covered with silicone with a 20% larger cleansing surface. It also features 3 speed of pulsating lifting massage vibration and it also comes with a USB rechargeable battery so you won't have to worry about looking for batteries all the time. hehe.


You can now get it exclusively at dUCk Cosmetics in Pavilion
Well, if you're excited to get one for yourself, the NION BEAUTY is now available at dUCk Cosmetics! I've managed to check out the store in Pavilion, and you can get a little hands on the product before purchasing. YAY! Alternatively, if you're not living in Kuala Lumpur, you may also check out their official website to purchase online. Feel free to hit me up if you may want to know more about the product, and I'll try my best to share with you on what I know. Do check out the links below for more deets. xx


Saturday, November 10, 2018

[REVIEW] Haruharu | Fermentation Korean Skincare

Haruharu invades Malaysia with femented skincare
It's insane to think that skincare has been brought to a whole new level. And as you can see, the title of this post practically speaks for itself. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my hands on experience with my first Haruharu moisturizer which I've gotten myself to try out and share with you my thought as an overall. As you know, the idea of fermentation has been a technique by the Koreans to preserve food for a longer period of time since they didn't have refrigerators back then. Going into beauty history, did you know that medicines and cosmetics were used by women in the royal chambers had adopted the same fermentation method too? Keeping traditions into the current generation, Haruharu presents a unique collection of Fermented skincare that would give you that ancient natural glow.

Going back to traditional ways for better skin
One thing that really caught my attention was that the product has incorporated traditional ways of fermentations into today's beauty industry. The idea was originated from Korea and in fermentation, it usually involves natural plant-based ingredients such as ginseng, team flower and herbs making it safe, non-invasive and harmless for the skin. So, when I got my hands on the Haruharu Wonder Skincare Series which features 4 different variants, I was super excited to try it out for myself as it's my first fermented skincare ever! Now let's get in-depth on details.

Honey Green Aqua Bomb

Honey Green Aqua Bomb in 90g
Has a slightly transparent texture
Texture: Rather thick, but super moisturising!
First up would be the Honey Green Aqua Bomb which I've been told is suitable to provide moisture for the skin. I was recommended to use the Honey Green Aqua Bomb since I have oily skin, as it penetrates active ingredients from green tea into the skin deeply. We all know that green tea has detoxing benefits, and after doing a little research, did you know that fermented tea activates more of anti-oxidants from its ingredients? The main ingredients being green tea and honey with hyaluronic acid, it feels very light on the skin and it has this very light scent of fermented tea which almost smells like herbs as you apply it on your skin. Im not a fan of creams, but surprisingly, this works pretty well on my skin.

Honey Green Brilliant

Honey Green Brilliant
Creamy Texture
Slightly thick, but eventually absorbs by the skin pretty well
Moving on to another variant, the Honey Green Brilliant is for those who seek to brighten dull skin. Suitable for all skin types, its excellent in brightening and repairing the skin. The key ingredients feature fermented green tea, with honey and niacinamide, which helps you to get that extra glow with anti-inflammation and regeneration benefits. I was advised to use this together with the Honey Green Aqua Bomb to maximize results as it repairs, moisturized and gives the skin a gentle glow. Talk about dual benefit! hehe.

How To Use

On the go tubes in 30g (My current travel buddy)
Now you know the two products I've gotten myself, you might be wondering how I incorporate this into my skincare regime. Usually, I would cleanse my skin, apply toner followed by Haruharu Honey Green Aqua Bomb followed by Honey Green Brilliant, spreading it out evenly in an outward motion. Once it's fully absorbed, I like to lightly tap my skin to enhance the absorption. It takes a while for my skin to absorb the cream, but despite it having a rich texture, it blends into the skin pretty well making it perfect as a makeup base. hehe. Bonus points!

I personally practice using these 2 for maximum results and so far, im loving it! It has been roughly 2 weeks now since I started using, and I find that my skin is so much softer and bouncier after using this combination. I was also suffering from breakouts cause I 'over-scrubbed' my face with microbead, and the Haruharu was practically a life savior for saving my skin. Just for your information, Haruharu products are exclusive because they've applied their very own patented natural liposome which encourages healthy skin functions, targetting a multitude of skin imperfections! What more can you really ask for from a cream?

Mandatory photo with the collection
Haruharu Prologue Mask Series
Other than the products im using, they also have other variants and series that I have 'yet' to experience it for myself. For those who are seeking for anti-aging benefits, you should consider trying the Maqui Berry Anti-Oxidant, while if you're looking more on targeting on skin repair, it would be recommended that you consider trying the Honey Green Repairative.  Also, the Haruharu Prologue Mask Series has a great range targetting anti-aging, brightening, repairing and moisturizing for a quick dose of benefits for the skin. Well, leave me a comment below if you may want to know more, and I'll do my best to get back to you when I can as I love reading your comments and questions. Till my next post. xx


Available at SENHENG outlets 
Pandan Jaya, SS2, USJ Taipan, Kepong, Bukit Tinggi, Setia Alam

Friday, November 9, 2018

W7 Cosmetics Swatches | From London to Malaysia

W7 Cosmetics is now available in Malaysia!
Being a beauty junkie on a budget, I got super excited to find out that there's a new cosmetic line invading Malaysia! Coming all the way from London, Asia Healthcare has decided to introduce a new cosmetic brand to Malaysia called W7 Cosmetics, a makeup brand that offers an extensive range of cosmetic products for every young individual who is seeking for beauty that is affordable and expressive in being able to re-create different looks. 

Genius Feather Light Foundation *Best Seller
The Puff Perfection Compact Powder
Swatches of the Puff Perfection Compact Powder
Since I was invited for the launch, the brand aims to encourage young and vibrant women to be bold and confident in creating looks that match their unique style and character. Using only the finest ingredients in their formulation, it would definitely help any individual to create any desired look. I heard that the full range compromises over 600 makeup products, but as an introduction, there would be about 100 make up products in the local market featuring makeup primer, foundation, concealer, face powder, blusher, contour makeup, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, lip liner and lipstick and more! 


Eyeshadow Palette (with 12 shades)
Shades of the Blazin' eye palette
In case you're wondering on the price range, the collection features cosmetics that start from as low as RM20. Other than the attractive pricing, W7 also features cosmetic products in eye-catching packaging designs with diverse names that represent the brand's personality. Honestly, I got my eyes on their eye palette cause the shades they provide are mesmerizing. I was also told that the best sellers in London would be the Blazin eye palette, so be sure to keep your eye on that when you see them in stores.


Face Fantasy Matte Finish Foundation
Legend Lasting Wear Foundation
Sheer Foundation Smooth Lasting Finish
HD Foundation 12 hour
The variety of compact powders
You would definitely be spoilt with choices as W7 Cosmetics offers you variety of makeup primer, foundation, concealer, face powder, blusher, contour makeup, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, lip liner and lipstick and possibly more! These are only some of the photos of the products that i managed to take, and i wish i could have taken photos of all the products, but im afraid i might be oversharing with too much photos in my post. hehe. I guess you'll have to find out yourself by making your way to selected Guardian stores to see it for yourself. 


Delicious Eye Colour Palette (14 shades)
Swatches of Delicious Eye Colour Palette
The Mega MAtte Lips Lipstick
Shades of Mega Matte Lips Lipstick in Billionaire, Sinful, Hasta La Vista and Oddball (From top to bottom)
Swatches of the Genius Feather Light Foundation *Best Seller
Swatches of Duo Blushes
Strobe and Go Strobing Stick
Swatches of both shades that are available
From the swatches of some of the products, you might see that some pigments are not as vibrant as some shades, but it could possibly because I have tanned skin. It's not exactly extremely pigmented, but you may need to swatch more than once just to get the color you want to be more vibrant. Alternatively, I would have to say that their makeup consistency is great for beginners, as it would not scare you too much with strong colors. It's easy to work with and flexible for those who are experimenting with makeup. 

Catwalk Concealer in 4 shades
4 varieties of Eye Liner by W7 Cosmetics
Swatches of the 4 eyeliners
All of W7 cosmetic products are free from heavy metals and they do not contain other harmful ingredients giving you a sense of relief when playing around with W7 Cosmetics. Rest assured, the ingredients used to create all their products are raw materials that are complied with the strictest worldwide regulation. Not to forget that they are also against animal testing and has never tested any of its products on animals, giving me more reasons to love a brand who loves animals too! W7 makeup products are exclusively available at selected Guardian pharmacies nationwide. So, what are you waiting for and be the first few to actually try out W7 Cosmetics yourself today! 

W7 Cosmetics

Monday, November 5, 2018

29th TCE Wedding Expo | Win A Trip To Santorini for Two

TCE Wedding Expo | Mid Valley Exhibition Center
Being engaged, im all into anything that rings my heart with wedding bells. And to love birds out there who are planning to get married, be sure to make some time to plan you weekend ahead by making some time to attend the wedding expo presenting a concept of "Exceptional Wedding Destination" at the 29th TCE Wedding Expo in Midvalley Megamall Kuala Lumpur from the 9th of November till the 11th of November 2018. With this concept in mind, every couple who confirms their wedding at the expo will stand a chance to win complimentary flight tickets for two (2) to Santorini! - With hopes that it might be me. Hehe

Stand a chance to win a trip for 2 to Santorini!
Now, you might be wondering on how do you win this exclusive trip to Santorini with the love of your life? Easy! I'll give you a little hint that this is all organized by Dorsett and Silka Hotels Malaysia to add in a little excitement to potential brides and grooms who are in search of their dream wedding destination! Other than that, at the Exceptional Wedding Destination by Dorsett and Silka Hotel Malaysia, you may also check out Instagram-worthy booths in collaborations with Anggun by Jay Event as the official event partner. So, be sure to make a little pit stop to take amazing photos to fill your Instagram album.


Im missing my partner, but all you have to do is to bring your partner to the TCE Wedding Expo!

This is your chance to possibly win yourself some prizes all sponsored and contributed by Dorsett and SIlka South East Asia (SEA) hotels. There will be 100 stays and dine vouchers to be given away during the three (3) days expo. You may visit their booth at #3 and #4 at the 29th TCE Wedding Expo 2018, and take your photo at the both, post it on your Instagram, Tag @DorsettGrandSubang @DorsettKualaLumpur @DorsettPutrajaya @SilkaMayTower and @SilkaCheras and Hashtag #ExceptionalWeddingDestination #YoutFirstHappiness #DorsettMYWeddings and #SilkaMYWeddings and you'll be entitled a prize of lucky draw on the spot!


The 29th TCE Wedding Expo
Get yourself some amazing packages to plan your dream wedding!
If you receive the highest like before 11th November, 12am, Dorsett will stay in touch with you as you will be entitled to a mystery prize! So get your friends and family to contribute their likes for a chance to win the mystery prize as I believe Dorsett is being pretty generous during this time of the year. Not to forget, even your followers might just be rewarded by just giving a like to your photo! Just more reasons to spread the joy. Be sure to plan your best pose before heading there, as you wont know you might hit the jack pot. hehe

So what are you waiting for? Plan your week ahead!
If youre clueless on where to go and whats an average budget on spending on a wedding, the 29th TCE Wedding expo is the place to be. Im pretty sure you'd know where i'd be keeping my eyes to especially when there so many giveaways happening. hehe. Its pretty obvious that i'll be targetting Dorsett and Silka Hotels as i believe they have great deals and pakages to offer while im there.

TCE Wedding Expo