Monday, November 29, 2021

Get bigger cashback rewards and more Shopee Coins on Dec 1 ShopeePay Day!

We are entering the last month of 2021, and what better way to start the holidays and festivities with cashback of up to RM10, a chance to win up to 36,363 Shopee Coins and be treated to the best deals in town with Dec 1 ShopeePay Day


Top Up & Win up to 36,363 Shopee Coins: From now till 11 December, ShopeePay users who top up RM50 and above will get a chance to win either 12, 121, 1,212, or 12,121 ShopeeCoins. On Dec 1 ShopeePay Day, the fun and excitement triples as users stand to win either 36, 363, 3,636, or 36,363 ShopeeCoins when they top up their mobile wallet with at least RM30. 


More savings with 1 sen ShopeePay Vouchers: sen can do wonders for ShopeePay users by getting them attractivecashback rewards - up to RM10 on Dec 1 ShopeePay Day. Look out for the amazing deals below:


● Secret Recipe: Receive RM10 cashback with a minimum spend of RM50
● Gong Cha: Receive RM6 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15
● Kenny Rogers: Receive RM6 cashback with a min spend RM18
● Boost Juice: Receive RM5 Cashback with a minimum spend of RM10
● Boat Noodle: Receive RM10 cashback with a minimum spend of RM20
● Haagen Dazs:  
Purchase 2 Chendol Milkshake or Berry Yogurt Twist or Mango Orange Fizz at the price of RM38 (NP: RM52)
Get 2 Ice Cream Handpacked Pints of your choice at the price of RM63 (NP: RM69)
Get 3 Ice Cream Handpacked Pints of your choice at the price of RM88 (NP: RM103.5)


To get these special deals and more, just follow three simple steps:

1. On 1 December, head to the ‘Deals Near Me’ icon on the Shopee App homepage
2. Check out the ShopeePay Vouchers available near you
3. Purchase them for as low as 1 sen and head over to the outlet to redeem the voucher when you pay with ShopeePay


More savings for first time users with eDuitFirst time Shopee users will receive RM100 when they activate their ShopeePay, and will be entitled to RM25 ShopeePay credit if they successfully activate their mobile wallet premium account. They will also receive RM60 worth of ShopeePay Vouchers, and a RM15 Welcome Voucher applicable for their first purchase on Shopee


The Dec 1 ShopeePay Day is taking place in conjunction with Shopee's 12.12 Birthday Sale happening from now to 12 December where the e-commerce platform has prepared a series of surprises, excitement and rewards for Malaysians. 


Users will get to enjoy free shipping with no minimum spend, 12 million vouchers and also a chance to win a new car by playing Spin & Win Hyundai Kona, fully sponsored by AIG Insurance Malaysia Bhd. 


For more information on Dec 1 ShopeePay Day, visit

To be part of Shopee’s birthday celebration, check


Terms and conditions apply.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Christmas Promotions and Fun Activities at Citta Mall

As we're all trying to keep our distance during this pandemic, I personally like to go to Citta Mall being one of my favorite malls to explore considering it's like your little neighborhood mall that practically has all the things you need. From food, entertainment, groceries, and so much more, I gotta say that the mall is conveniently located within Petaling Jaya and that parking is always plenty. You won't ever have to worry about not getting a car park whenever you're there. Considering the virus also spreads faster in air-conditioned areas, I'm happy that Citta Mall has an open concept, making it way safer to enjoy the outdoor breeze without being under the hot sun. 

After a while of not being out, I decided to check out what Citta Mall has to offer with close friends, especially when I haven't been there for a while, and to my surprise, there are so many new stores being opened at the mall. Lucky enough, my favorite stores like Onde-onde is still there, so I'm pretty much contented with the whole minor change of the mall. In fact, it just got better! While waiting for my friends to arrive, I made a pit stop at SOStretch, which is a Physiotherapy center that helps to solve your body pain issues. I had no regrets popping by as they really did a great job in minimizing my shoulder pain. Also before I forget to mention how I ended up at their outlet, it's only because they were offering this amazing deal at RM88 per session which usually would instead cost you over RM169+ per session. That's more than half the price, and I couldn't really resist! So, if you ever want to experience the physio solution to solving your body pains, this would absolutely be a good time to do so. 

Lunch at Original Kayu

So, to start off with our outing, we decided to meet up at Original Kayu which happens to be a new attraction to Citta Mall. I don't remember seeing Original Kayu previously during my last visit (which was also before covid happened) and now, they have it here! I love how quiet it is, and not to forget that there are ample of seats at the restaurant. If you're a fan of Mamak food, you'd know that Original Kayu serves the best of the best, so this being a gathering occasion, we couldn't resist ordering what they were famous for, which was their Fish head curry, the fried squid, fried chicken, daging masak hitam and more! What was even better is that I felt like we were living in the future, since Original Kayu had these robot waiters serving us our main dish. Hands down, we are definitely living in the future considering I'm experiencing this. 

Firezone (VIP room)

After filling in our tummies, we just had to sing our hearts out for finally catching up after years of not seeing everyone. One thing I love about Firezone would be that they have this seperation for smokers and non-smoker users which I appreciate as I never really enjoyed the smell of cigarettes. To spice up our experience, we just had to book ourselves the VIP room which was really pleasant as the space is huge, and it even comes with this old school mike where you can imagine yourself taking center stage when you're singing. Gotta say we had a blast!


Got a little thirsty after all the singing, so we made a pit stop at one of my favorite places, Onde-onde. They serve amazing variety when it comes to Nyonya food, and I love how consistent their dishes are served. Considering we made a pit stop here during tea time, I just had to cool off with their ABC accompanied by the kuih muih's that were really colorful for the picture. Just to name a few on what we ordered, we had Sago Gula Melaka, Cendol Gila Melaka, ABC, Aromatic Rojak Buah, Cucur Sayur, Belacan Eggplant Chips, Keropok Lekor, and aneka Kuih Muih which pretty much was great for sharing! 

Baskin Robbins

While exploring the new changes in the mall, we passed by Baskin Robbins and couldn't resist checking out their latest promotion offering a little something with the theme of minions! They had a pretty good array of limited-time minion offers on the menu, but I guess I had to go for the classic pint-size ice cream to bring home cause I wanted to enjoy it with the fam bam. Also, take note that there's this banana ice cream flavor that I think is pure genius! I mean, we all love banana boat sundaes, but banana ice cream... that's a whole new level of ba-na-na glory! 

Movie Time

Also, I actually never knew that Citta Mall had a cinema, and we explored the top floor where they actually had GSC as their tenant! Initially, we didn't really plan to watch a movie, but heck when we saw that GSC was offering new recipes on their popcorn, who could really resist? haha. I mean, I haven't watched a movie in agest since I had kids, so why not just live the moment to the fullest right? So, while exploring the hallways, I notice that this has to be one of the most colorful cinemas that I've been to. Even the cinema hall is different than your common cinema hall. Considering watching a movie, but misusing out the movie crowd? Citta Mall is the place to be. 

Peak Fitness

Believe it or not, after all the hectic activities that we've done, I actually planned a fitness session with Miriam to do a HIT workout together. I mean, being a mom and all, I never really have the luxury to work out at my own time, so here I am making time after all the indulging from Original Kayu and Onde Onde. I gotta say that this isn't my first time at Peak Fitness, and the reason why I love this place is that it's super private, and the crowd is pretty much 'less intimidating if you know what I mean. haha. Nevertheless, I had a good workout session with the trainers and of course with close friends. Great place to plan a fun workout together. 

Common Ground

Got some work to do? Common Ground is one of my favorite places to be when it comes to co-working spaces. If you're already familiar with the providers, did you know that Common Ground at Citta Mall happens to be the largest co-working space in Malaysia? With a pantry, unlimited internet access, and the ability to participate in Common Ground networking events, it's definitely a great place if you're doing self-entrepreneurship or simply just handling a small SME business that might just grow when you meet someone while you're there. I'd like to say that Common Ground is where miracles happen (in my case, getting my job done for the day).

Ohsem Chai

If you're a lover of tea, Ohsom Chai is something you would want to check out. They offer authentic blends of CTC Black tea with natural herbs & spices (that comes with a variety of health benefits too!). brewed the traditional classic way to give you nothing but the authentic flavors that we all love from chai tea. So while you're there, be sure to check this out. 

To conclude our day, i personally find Citta Mall one of the safest malls to explore with family and friends since they strictly follow the SOP during this pandemic to prevent any infections. Would i recommend to shop and dine in at Citta Mall? I would say a big fat yes! I really felt safe and best of all, they had all the things i wanted to do while i was there. Its a great place for families too considering the mall is friendly for family with kids, which also assures me that i would want to take my family out (when in need) at Citta Mall. Well, i hope you found this blog post usefull. Till my next outing to another mall. xx

Friday, November 19, 2021

MF by GCDC Won Malaysia High Court Ruling Over Illegal Goods

In light to the recent incident where goods produced and labelled with Mike Frederiqo had been seized in Malaysia for illegal acts according to the Malaysia High Court, MF by GCDC has won its court case as their goods were accused wrongly for being pirated and infringed the trademark’s policies.

Mr. Huang said “Brand or Label by Mike Frederiqo is trademarked and solely owned by Mr Huang, brand owner of MF by GCDC, who worked together with Mike Frederiqo for nearly six years from October 2013 to May 2019. I take a serious approach on any accusation, defamation & damage towards our brand and have then issued a statement in June this year to clarify on the issue.”

Mr. Huang has then invited many illustrators and designers to form a new MF design team and rename the brand MF by GCDC to avoid confusion. MF here stands for Made in Future to express the future of pop culture, seize the trend of the new era fashion trend and convey the spirit of creating a popular brand.

MF by GCDC, has evolved from a designer brand to a true lifestyle fashion brand with accessories and items showcasing a whole new attitude of life. MF by GCDC brings various artists across the communities together and builds a brand new platform aiming to spur up more inspirations and ideas with different creative ways globally.

To find out more about these creative lifestyle fashion items, feel free to visit

Monday, November 15, 2021

[REVIEW] SIMPLYSITI's Reflection of Perfection Cosmetics

SimplySiti has grown to be well known and loved by the citizens of Malaysian beauty enthusiasts, especially when it comes to her cosmetics. To celebrate the growth of SimplySiti's current collection, the brand has introduced a whole new range that has been inspired to be a reflection of perfection. SimplySiti has been in the industry for over 11 years in Malaysia and now has been very well known to suit all types of Asian skin. 

Within the range, I would have to say that the beauty of the range is that it offers a matte finish, which definitely is a trending texture when it comes to cosmetics. Not only that it has been designed and formulated to leave a matte finish, but also leaves your skin a natural finish as well. With this launch, SimplySiti hopes to regain its business back on track again as the brand has suffered a tremendous loss during the pandemic. 

On top of that, coming back into the industry with a big bang, SimplySiti has appointed a new brand ambassador, Zahra Zura Aziza Zahanor who happens to be a UITM student. She was chosen among 700 other participants in a competition to be the face of SimplySiti. She is the first ambassador appointed by the brand and will continuously be promoting the range by SimplySiti. So don't be surprised when you see her on shelves in stores.

The beauty of the beauty range would be that it's designed to be easy for Muslim women, especially when it comes to preparing for prayers each time. The range has been scientifically proven and clinically approved to be Halal Certified. Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza is happy that loyal users have been continuously supporting the brand and she is happy to ensure that the brand is easily accessible by ensuring that it's available not only in retail but also through Shopee as well. 


Considering that the range is new, I just had to get my hands on it to really test it out myself. Among the items that I'll be reviewing today would be their Eye Shadow Palette, powder blush, mascara, miracle sunscreen, semi-matte lipstick, eyeliner, loose powder, two-way cake, and liquid foundation. Since there is a lot within the range, I'll be basically concluding my thoughts on each of them and i'll also be sharing a few swatches for you to check out through this review as well. 

SimplySiti Cushion Foundation

Starting with the Cushion foundation, they offer 3 different types of shades, but I got mine in medium which is like the in-between shade from light and tan. With such minimal choices, I was initially a little reluctant to give it a go, but when I swatched it, I noticed that the shade blends in with my skin really well! Having oily-combination skin, I love that it feels light-textured, and it has this blurry effect to give it a natural finish. It's also water-resistant, making it perfect for traveling, and not to forget that it has SPF 50 as well to protect the skin from harsh UV rays. 

SimplySiti Matte Lipstick

Next would be the Matte Lipstick which is to die for. Usually, I'm not a fan of matte lipstick considering that it usually leaves the lips dry and flaky, but this is a whole new formulation! The texture is creamy, pigmented, and most importantly, moisturizing! It has a pretty good balance of oil and wax, to ensure that it keeps the lips hydrated and nourished. What more can you really ask for from a Matte Lipstick? I did a test today but forgot to take pictures, and I would say it's pretty long-lasting for up to 12 hours!

SimplySiti Powder Blush

I've been needing a blusher and i have to confess that its one of the toughest things to bring around when you need a brush to bring with you if your blusher comes in a palatte. Lucky enough, SimplySiti found a solution for this problem. The blusher comes in a puff blusher form which makes it really easy to apply it over the cheeks. Despite it being in puff form, the shade is well pigmented, so after applying, i noticed that it instantly lisfts and softens the application making it a quick on-the-go blush check when youre really rushing. The shades offered are really luxurious and i got mine in shade____ which suits my skintone really well. 

SimplySiti Eye Shadow Palette

The Eye Shadow Palette comes in nude natural tones which makes it pretty good for everyday use. The shades came in a really good combination to suit and create day looks, and even night looks, depending on your creativity. But really, if youre wondering if its pigmented, here are some swatches for you to see. The swatch i did is a one time swatch and i would say that the pigment is pretty good. Its not as strong, but the good side of this is that its easily blendable and you can basically layer it depending on how thick you want your eye shadow to be. For endless eyeshadow creations, this has provided the perfect formula. 

SimplySiti Eye Liner

As simple as it is, the eye liner is a retractable eyeliner which saves you from the typical eye pencil that you have to constantly sharp before using it. I did a swatch test and im impressed with how pigmented it is! Literally i did not put too much effort when it comes to pressing the eye liner on, but man, this is good stuff! It's easy to navigate since its thin enough to fill in the eye, and it's also smudge proof, giving you less worries when it comes to contact with water. 


In terms of pricing, i would say that its extremely affordable for the quality that it offers. If you have to ask which product would be my top 3 from the range, i would definitely say it would be the cushion foundation, the powder blush, and the semi matte lipstick. The finish over the skin is amazing, and i must say that it stays on the skin pretty well throughout the day. No smudges, no sudden unevenness, and the appearance on skin overall is satisfying. If you would like to get your hands on it as well, be sure to get it from shopee or in selected pharmacies! 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Shopee now offers seamless hotel bookings in partnership with Agoda and

As travel starts to rebound, Shopee is now offering hotel bookings in partnership with global digital travel platforms Agoda and Through this exclusive partnership, Shopee users will now be able to access one of the largest online inventories of hotels, resorts, homes and apartments supplied by Agoda and

This new service offering is timely in meeting the needs of consumers, as domestic travel re-opens in Malaysia, and more people are planning holidays amid the year-end seasons. Agoda’s search data in September revealed that searches for domestic stays have risen by over 57% compared to May this year. There has also been an increase of 37% more users in Southeast Asia searching for international destinations. Users can enjoy greater savings and exclusive travel deals by booking directly on Shopee. This partnership will also help to increase the reach and visibility of hotel partners to boost domestic and international tourism.

Apart from Malaysia, the partnership spans across other markets: Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Users across the region can seamlessly search, book and get instant confirmation for more than one million properties worldwide, all through the Shopee app.

Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer at Shopee, said, “We are pleased to partner with leading travel platforms, Agoda and to launch this new hotel booking service, which aims to provide our users with easy access to a wider variety of travel products and experiences. We also look forward to supporting the recovery of local travel and related tourism industries by promoting fun staycation ideas together with hotel partners. We invite everyone to travel safely and earn greater savings by booking their next holiday through Shopee.”

As users browse for accommodations, they will also be able to discover top landmarks near their chosen hotels, which can help them to plan travel itineraries that explore local enclaves, neighborhoods and attractions.

Damien Pfirsch, Chief Commercial Officer, at Agoda, said, “Travelers know and trust Agoda and to help make travel easier, because we are passionate about using our technology to connect people with the widest choice and greatest value deals, whether they are in Asia or across the world. This partnership with Shopee, the first with a regional e-commerce partner, will conveniently bring these great deals to Shopee customers, on a platform they are familiar with. At the same time, we can better support our hotel partners and tourism operators by connecting them to the biggest online community of shoppers in Southeast Asia. Such partnerships will help accelerate the recovery of the domestic and global travel and tourism industry in the long term.”

In conjunction with the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, the e-commerce platform brings the biggest savings in town via the 11-day long Book Hotels & Flights on Shopee campaign in partnership with Agoda, and Airpaz. Happening from 11 to 21 November, Shopee users will be treated to exclusive deals and 10% discount vouchers (capped at RM20) for hotel and flight bookings on the e-commerce platform.

On top of that, users who have made a purchase during the campaign period are automatically entered into a daily lucky draw to win 11 prizes which include five Grand Prizes and six Secondary Prizes. The Grand Prize consist of a 3 Days 2 Nights stay for two adults at either one of these hotels - Sabah Oriental Hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Hotel Grandis in Kota Kinabalu, Sunway Hotel Georgetown in Penang, Sunway Hotel SeberangJaya in Penang and Hallmark Crown Hotel in Melaka together with a RM777 voucher for flight bookings on Shopee. Another six lucky winners will score themselves Secondary prizes - RM777 voucher for flight bookings on Shopee.

Meanwhile, users can get even more amazing discounts and deals on current activities and attractions across Malaysia, with tickets on offer under Shopee’s “Event Tickets” feature. This includes attractions such as the Awana Skyway in Genting Highlands, the Bayou Lagoon Water Park in Melaka, and Legoland Malaysia in Johor.

Payments for hotel and flight bookings can be made using ShopeePay, credit and debit cards, online banking and payments at 7-Eleven and KK Super Mart branches. Book your next stay at

Anlene educate Malaysians on bone health and care in conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day

As we continue to aged, bone health is a concern to most of us. On World Osteoporosis Day, Anlene educates Malaysians on the importance of bone health and care. In a recent survey conducted among Malaysians aged 40 to 59 years, it was found that 95% of respondents are concerned about their bone health and how it may affect their strength and mobility when they are older. The top three contributing factors they cited for their concerns are lack of exercise, insufficient exposure to sunlight (for production of vitamin D in the body to aid calcium absorption), and avoiding dairy products (which are daily sources of calcium) in their diet.

Findings from the survey also indicated, while middle-aged Malaysians understand the importance of having strong bones, 42% say their current focus is to protect themselves from getting COVID-19; and 33% say they are already doing their best for their health including bone health.

The survey was initiated by Anlene, Malaysia’s No. 1 Adult Milk Powder* and an advocate of strong bones, joints and muscles through good nutrition coupled with an active lifestyle. It was conducted blindly earlier in August among 320 middle-aged respondents to gain insights into their awareness of and viewpoint towards bone care and health in general.

“From their responses, we found there are still gaps in their understanding of bone health, especially when it comes to areas of bone care and whether they are doing enough to support their bones, which work together with joints and muscles to help us move and live our daily lives,” said Puan Megawati Suzari, Director of New Product Development, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Fonterra Brands Malaysia.

To help Malaysians understand bone health better and to encourage them to pay more attention to care for their bones, Anlene is launching an educational campaign in conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day 2021, which falls on 20 October annually. The campaign will highlight how our bones may start to deteriorate after they reach peak bone mass at about the age of 30, which makes it necessary for everyone to make lifestyle interventions to help slow down this process, so our bones can continue to support an active lifestyle with good mobility into the silver years.

Here are some pointers on how to care for your bone health:

  • Regular exercises to build muscles and maintain strong bones
  • Eating balanced diet that contains important nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and protein.
  • Maintain body weight within normal range of BMI

Interestingly, Anlene’s survey also found that 30% of the respondents do not know how much calcium and vitamin D to take daily; and only 30% of the respondents drink milk every day.

To this, Megawati further explained: “Adults are advised to consume 1000 – 1200mg of calcium and 15 – 20mcg of vitamin D in a day, as part of their daily bone care routine. However, many are not aware that, in a typical diet that is lacking in calcium rich foods, it may be difficult for us to meet our daily calcium needs. For example, we may need to consume 200 – 240 bowls of cooked rice to get all the daily calcium we need.

Hence, identifying and consuming calcium rich food sources are important part of a balanced diet. In fact, calcium can be found in food sources such as milk, leafy green vegetables, anchovies, soy products or other calcium fortified products. While vitamin D can be found in fatty fish (e.g. salmon, sardine), egg yolk and vitamin D fortified products including milk.”

She added: “As such, we encourage all adults to make smart food choices and consume a balanced diet which consist of milk. Milk products that contains key nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and protein can help to meet their daily nutritional needs”.

For example, each glass of Anlene™ milk comes with key nutrients that are important to support adults’ daily nutritional needs. The ACTIFIT 3X™ range comes with high calcium, high protein, collagen, and vitamins B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E. While Anlene™ GOLD 5X™ is scientifically formulated for adults aged 45 years and above, with key nutrients as above, plus MFGM Active™, that provides milk fat globule membrane. It also has no added sugars.

Recent study shows that participants who consumed 2 glasses of milk added with MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) and important nutrients plus regular exercises everyday, had 2 times the improvement in flexibility, 3 times the improvement in balance and 40% more improvement in muscle mass compared to control.

Speaking in a TV talk show as part of Anlene’s World Osteoporosis Day campaign, Associate Professor Dr Nor Faissal Yasin, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, University Malaya Medical Centre and UM Specialist Centre, advised Malaysian adults to look at risks of developing bone related diseases, such as osteoporosis which may affect nearly 1 in 4 Malaysian adults (mostly women) aged 50 years and above.

As strong bones are one of the foundations to support mobility, find out what is your Move Age by assessing your posture, strength, flexibility and balance with the Anlene Move Check online quiz .

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Samsung's New Lifestyle Roadshow and Grab Exclusive Offers and Rewards at IOI City Mall

Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) recently announced its New Lifestyle Roadshow for Malaysians to experience Samsung's wide range of lifestyle products. The New Lifestyle Roadshow kicked off at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, from 3rd to 7th November followed by One Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya, from 10th to 14th November. The roadshow showcases Samsung's premium lifestyle product line-ups including The Frame Lifestyle TV and Galaxy series smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G.

"We know customers miss experiencing Samsung products with new technologies that are increasingly meaningful in their lives. By launching our Samsung's New Lifestyle Roadshow, we are delighted to meet this desire and customers get to experience first-hand our cutting-edge 2021 line-ups of lifestyle TVs, phones and more,” comments Elaine Soh, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Combining style and practicality, visitors can take delight in experiencing each category of Samsung products at the various experiential areas set up at the venue, and enjoy exclusive roadshow offers.

Be Double Rewarded with Your Purchase

The opportunity to catch Samsung’s New Lifestyle Roadshow is not to be missed for eWallet fans as Samsung is giving away credits worth up to RM6,000, along with gifts and special purchase-with-purchase deals during this exciting promotion period. Among the amazing display products and offers waiting for visitors at the Samsung New Lifestyle Roadshow includes:




85" QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV


Free Gifts worth RM6,499

·              e-Wallet (Touch 'n Go or Boost) credit worth RM6,000

·              Free Slim Fit Wall-Mount worth RM499

75" QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV


Free Gifts worth RM4,499

·              e-Wallet (Touch 'n Go or Boost) credit worth RM4,000.

·              Free Slim Fit Wall-Mount worth RM499

65" QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV


Free Gifts worth RM2,999

·              e-Wallet (Touch 'n Go or Boost) credit worth RM2,500

·              Free Slim Fit Wall-Mount worth RM499

130” LSP9T The Premiere 


eWallet Credits worth RM6,000

·              e-Wallet (Touch 'n Go or Boost) credit worth RM6,000 

120” LSP7T The Premiere 


 eWallet Credits worth RM4,000

·              e-Wallet (Touch 'n Go or Boost) credit worth RM4,000 

85" The Frame QLED 4K TV


Free 85” Bezel worth RM1,798 and Free Art Store subscription* for 3 months. 

75" The Frame QLED 4K TV


Free 75” Bezel worth RM1,598 and Free Art Store subscription* for 3 months. 

65” The Frame QLED 4K TV


Free 65” Bezel worth RM1,398 and Free Art Store subscription* for 3 months. 

55” The Frame QLED 4K TV


Free 55” Bezel worth RM1,198 and Free Art Store subscription* for 3 months. 

50” The Frame QLED 4K TV


Free 50” Bezel worth RM998 and Free Art Store subscription* for 3 months. 

43” The Frame QLED 4K TV


Free 43” Bezel worth RM798 and Free Art Store subscription* for 3 months. 

32” The Frame QLED 4K TV


Free 32” Bezel worth RM399 and Free Art Store subscription* for 3 months. 

*Free Art Store subscription is only available to new users.

Redemption period starts from 3rd November 2021 to 15th January 2022 for Roadshow at IOI City Mall, and 10th November 2021 to 15th January 2022 for the Roadshow at One Utama Shopping Centre.

Customers can redeem their free gifts from Samsung Online Store, selected Samsung Authorised Retail Dealers including Harvey Norman and HomePro in IOI City Mall, or Best Denki and Sen Q in One Utama Shopping Centre.

Bundle it up with the Galaxy Z Series

For Galaxy fans, grab the Ultimate Bundle Ecosystem Pack offer to enjoy various Galaxy series products at great savings or bring home a Free Limited Edition NW S Bag when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. Designed and crafted to perfection by Sometime By Asian Designers, in collaboration with Samsung Malaysia Electronics, the Samsung-edition NW S Phone Bag is a perfect match for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. So be quick to get your hands on these amazing deals for Galaxy devices and save up to 20% OFF exclusively at Samsung’s New Lifestyle Roadshow:

Ultimate Bundle Ecosystem Pack

Product Name



Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB


Ultimate Pack A bundle at just RM11,399

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 256GB

Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm

Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm

Galaxy Z Flip3 Phone Case (up to RM339)

Galaxy Z Fold3 Phone Case (up to RM339)

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB


Ultimate Pack B bundle at just RM12,299

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 256GB

Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm

Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm

Galaxy Buds2

Galaxy Buds Pro

Galaxy Z Fold3 Phone Case (up to RM339)

Galaxy Z Flip3 Phone Case (up to RM339)


Free Limited Edition NW S Bag with every purchase of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G1

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 256GB


Receive a Limited Edition NW S Bag worth RM169

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 128GB



While at the roadshow, be sure to snap Instaworthy shots at the Galaxy Z series experiential area and tag @samsungmalaysia on social media. Galaxy fans will also receive a free customised Galaxy Z sticker pack[2] as a treat. These beautifully curated themed stickers were illustrated by 4 amazing illustrators – Weekend Sticker Pack (by Marianne Tan), Fashion Sticker Pack (by Limzy), Festival Sticker Pack (by Bunga & Bintang) and Brunch Sticker Pack (by Little Cece).


Details of the roadshows:


IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

One Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya

LG Floor, Centre Court

G Floor LUXE (Near Parkson)


3 – 7 November 2021

10 – 14 November 2021


10:00AM to 10:00PM

10:00AM to 10:00PM

For more information on the New Lifestyle Roadshow offers, visit, and follow the latest news from Samsung at