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The 1st International Makeover Record Breaking Event

So, I'm sure you're wondering what was the photo shoot i had was all about? Well, here it is! If you haven't heard, Highlight Event Management is currently running a record breaking event than spans over 12 countries, providing the best hair-do's , Make up and crazy talented photographers to shoot you.

The event took place at Empire Damansara Perdana, and the location was remarkable. The fact that it was my first time there, it felt like a whole new world. It was similar to a new york layout, but in Malaysia. So, to all my archi friends, you should go have coffee there and check the place out. Yesterday, i arrived at 10.30am and they personally came down to greet and gladly showed the way to their studio.

As excited as i was, i decided to take a mandatory celfie, just so that i can compare how i look like at the end. HAHA. So please, ignore my pale face. I had to wait around half an hour as there were tons of people doing their hair and make up, but i can assure you that they did a good job with the makeover. The time was definitely worth the wait.

Me looking really pale before the makeover
While waiting, i met Claudine, a beauty blogger who was super petite and adorable who bravely came up to me to ask if i was Aliza. I was too nervous to ask, so respect goes to you Claudine! It was nice getting to meet you in person. Too bad you looked amazing and i on the other hand looked pretty pale next to you. Haha. Hoping to see you in future events maybe ;)

Also not to forget Jessy Ma, who came around the same time as me earlier. I didn't know she was  a blogger too till the organising members came to pick us up at the same time. And she was uber friendly with a hyped up personality. Love.

The pretty friendly petite beauty blogger, Claudine.
And I'm next, and standing behind me would be Jessy Ma, a super friendly blogger all dolled up for her photoshoot session!
So next in line was me. While waiting for the beauty stylist to be ready, i managed to check out their make up kit and it was like everything! From lash curlers to eyebrow shaper, to spotting cream, to just anything, you name it. Most of their make up was by Celebre Images, which is a professional make up artist company, you can't really buy what you're going to wear. The colours were really strong, so i guess its not so much meant to be worn on a regular day basis. 

When both my artists were ready, i was told that they had to do this almost every weekend, and with over 60 people everyday! How crazy is that?! But it was only till the record is complete, which would take another 3 months more. They were really professional when they got their hands all over my face. I had Candice, doing my face and Fish getting my hair done up nicely. It took then around 30 minutes for them to get everything done, which was pretty fast considering they covered my blemished and also my spots. Yes, i don't have perfect skin i have to admit.

The variety of make up used.

With Candice on the left and Fish on my right. Don't you think they did an amazing job?!
And as you can see, Candice and Fish did an amazing job on me. I could barely recognise myself, i swear! They were really gentle on me too, you know how curlers can be really painful and hot sometimes? I barely felt anything while they were doing everything on me. Amazing much! And to think that they took the consideration to match up my hair and make up with my #OOTD without me telling them to, how thoughtful. I felt pretty fierce after all that hair and make up was on me. roar.

Next, after that was done and over with, it was time of the photoshoot session. The photos were taken by TJ & Co and also by Mr TJ himself. I was told that he is a very professional photographer who usually does shoots for magazine spreads and to think that he's shooting me, made me felt like i was getting to be in a spread of magazine as well. A girl can dream.

This is me looking all 'unpale' and ready!
Mr TJ working his magic with his camera. LOVE.
I am aware that usually the average top both photographer along with a professionally lit studio, would usually cost up to RM500, minimum an hour. Which was like a 90% off deal, PLUS your make up and hair done. Definitely worth every single penny. To think that Mr TJ usually shoots high profile celebrities and models, he's here to shoot me as well. He was a really nice photographer too as he gave guidelines of what to do while you're posing. Thank you Mr TJ for your advices to get amazing shots of me.

You might be wondering how was the outcome? Well, that a simple question, flawless. It didn't take him long to take the best angles of me as he was doing all the moving in the studio. He is truly an amazing photographer i must say. Talented and equipped with skills to help a matures like me pose better in camera's. Since, its pretty I'm not a model nor a high profile celebrity. Here are a few of his shots taken by my phones camera. Mr TJ was nice enough to allow me take a few shots

One of his sneak peak shots.
My jaws dropped when i saw his shots. Ah-mazing! Will most likely get him to shoot my wedding. Just take all my money already! As you can see in these shots, my make up and hair completed the whole look i had. I looked fierce and well, fabulous. Thanks to the international makeover team, super talented and skilful with their work. All and all, the shoot ended at around 2pm, and they were nice enough to send us all the way down just to make sure we don't get lost.

As they are still looking for people who are interested to participate in the world record breaking event, why not be apart of the world breaking record? As this is not a profit making event, the main purpose was to get 1,000,000 participants to join and break the record. So they're actually giving the opportunity to people to experience a professional experience for just RM50. All that for RM50? i think its pretty mind blowing.

As this is growing and more people are starting to know about it, they are limited spots due to spots are currently being taken pretty fast. A session would be RM50 and i might be able to hook you up for next weekend, be fast because I'm not too sure on how many spots are left. So if you're interested you can just email me at or hit me up on Facebook. So what is RM50 worth at the event? Well, thats simple, let me break it down to you.

1. Professional Photography + 10 images will be given to you
2. Hair and Make up by Celebre Images
3. A meal at a korean restaurant, San Nae Deul
4. A limited Edition 1,000,00 Record breaking T-Shirt.

Think thats exciting? Thats not even all yet,  theres also a competition running, where the panel will be selecting two best photographs to win the a Mercedez Benz A250. A fair deal right? So if you're planning to participate, don't forget to get those poses and expressions worked on.

Before leaving the place, i just HAD to take another mandatory ootd shot at this lovely place called Empire Damansara Perdana. Credits goes to my sister, Ellina Danae for taking this natural shot of me with the pretty pink umbrellas. Well, I hope that this has been an informative discovery and i hope you would get as much experience in professional photoshoots as i did. Kudos goes to Highlight Event Management for having this fabulous session!


For more reference to the pages of these amazing crew in International Makeover:
International Makeover 
Highlight Event Management
Celebre Images
TJ & Co. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wevents Review ; The Retro You

Photo Credits: Google

Lets just cut to the chase, i was super excited about the Wevents 4th anniversary party, themed 'the retro you'. I mean, common, the title says it all. We're practically living in the 21st century, and going back into time would be an amazing experience. Well, not exactly back in time, but well, maybe to dress according to a certain period would be an amazing experience. HAHA.

Theme: The Retro You
Date: 15th August 2014
Time: 6pm -9pm

I was looking forward to the event as the theme is super interesting and the fact that its a ladies night kind of event (not clubbing) where we can enjoy being women and not be judged, it was something any woman would look forward to after working, some womanly time! I had a great time and at this very moment, I'm not exactly sure where to start. LOL. 

So, i went with my high school peeps and also my mum, cause I've always think that my mum need a break from all the work that she has been going through to make sure me and my siblings have proper education and food. So, yes, i think i was the only one who actually brought my mum to the event. But lets just admit the fact that any working woman deserves a break right? And I'm proud to have my mum there with me. On the plus side, made me felt pretty young too. Win -Win situation.

Lets talk about how i decided what to wear that night. Theme, was pretty obvious as the whole event was called 'The Retro You', so we're pretty sure you're suppose to dress retro that night right? And what i did was what any other girl would do, ask uncle google. haha. So here are my findings that i wanted to look like.

POLKA DOTS! you can never go wrong with dots right?! Or am i procrastinating. lol.  Pretty much effortless really. Because i was too busy to think about what to wear that night, i wasn't sure what to do with my hair too. So i decided to drop by Number 76, and got @76Calvin to do my hair. & how was the results? Flawless. Thank you Calvin!


With my hairstylist , Calvin

Im sure you're already wondering what i look like right? so, here's what i look like after some light make up, accessories, and a red retro head piece. drum rolls please.

 *drum rolls*

i guess it was close enough to what i wanted. yay! I was so sure that i was ready freddy! As i arrived the hotel, we were greated nicely by the registration team even though we were late. So kudos to the amazing team you have Wevents. Everyone was super nice! So here's my thank you for making me welcomed :)

(Photo taken from wevents official Facebook page.)
As we were seated, there were food for us to eat. Most of them pretty healthy, and its easy to eat too! It was more to light bites, which was good enough for me as we were going to be on the dance floor anyway. So here's a photo of me and my dates for that night. Thanks for the company girls.

While we enjoyed our meal, we had entertainment too by special strong women who were daring enough to be on stage. From dancing to singing their heart out. It was such a pleasant experience to be able to see how happy these women can be especially off working hours.

Me and my girls enjoying our meals and mango juice.

Singing her heart out, and she sounds amazing!
(Photo taken from wevents official Facebook page.)

Dancing with full expression with poetic body language.
(Photo taken from wevents official Facebook page.)
Activities were also happening, from bringing your old photos from the past for a show and  tell and also a competition for best dressed. Its funny that my mum was one of the finalist. GO MUM! haha. But i think it was mostly cause of the hat she was wearing. How can you not look at that big fancy hat walking around in the hall? :p

(Photo taken from wevents official Facebook page.)
The finalist for best dressed, congratulation girls, you guys look amazing nothingness :)

And the winner of best dressed goes to.. RUPA! Lets face it, who can beat her in that outfit.
(Photo taken from wevents official Facebook page.)
 And the party doesn't even end there yet, next was the open floor, we had to shake our booty and get some moves on the floor. how exciting! and the best dancer on the floor will win a prize from one of the sponsors. not a bad deal right? try and see if you can spot me on the floor. HEHE

You don't have to worry if you don't know how to dance though, because they had a professional dancer to give you instructions of what to do. What fascinated me the most was that our instructor was pregnant! Who says you can do work when you're pregnant? THUMBS UP TO  NIKKI LAW FOR BEING AMAZING! This proves that nothing can stop a woman from having fun.

(Photo taken from wevents official Facebook page.)

(Photo taken from wevents official Facebook page.)

(Photo taken from wevents official Facebook page.)
As the clock was slowly reaching 9pm, there was a lucky draw prize give away, and i didn't think i would win anything, so i decided to check out the pretty Photo Booth and take some snap shots before everyone jams the place up. hehe. So, here are some of the outcomes of the photo. It was so nice for the committee to email us the photos. The photo booth was by 123cheese as one of their sponsors. They also do Photo Booth for events, you can refer at the bottom of this post to find out how you can contact them :)

(Photo taken from wevents official Facebook page.)

Some props
(Photo taken from wevents official Facebook page.)

Don't we look amazingly Retro? ;D

And the fun doesn't end there! How can i forget about the goody bags?! Yes, we got tons of stuff by the sponsors, so thank you to Syoss Malaysia, Jurlique, E&O Hotel Penang, Simple Malaysia, Montagne Jeunesse Malaysia, BrandImage International, A Cut Above, Benefit Cosmetics, Marquise Patisserie Chocolaterie, Amante, Garett Popcorn, Ms Read, Dude and Duchess, Sundays, Colour Culture (OPI nail Bar) and also Carcosa Seri Negara. Check out whats in my goodie back, can't wait to use them all! :D

Well, i guess thats all for now, thank you Wevents for organising such an amazing event for the ladies. If you need any ideas on the party, do call me up. i would love to contribute some ideas to the team to make sure every women would have fun every once in a while. Im glad i attended my ever first Wevent event! So thank you for having me. Looking forward to your next event. I think you should limit to just 1 wevents in a year. (;

i hope you find this read, fascinating. Till my next post.
Aliza Sara

About WEvent
Wevent is the very first Women Only Men Not Invited social event for women, by women.

Events are held in a casual environment with the idea of bringing working professional women together for a fun evening. Women can build connections, network and make new friends, Its a platform for working women to let their hair down after a hard days of work.

You can find more information on their official websites here:
Official Website, by clicking here OR through Facebook by clicking here.

About 123 Cheese
123 Cheese is a mobile photo booth rental service for memorable parties & events in Malaysia.

You can find more information on their official websites here:
Official Website, by clicking here OR Facebook, by clicking here.

+Photo Credits:
WEvents Official Facebook Page
Own photos

Friday, August 8, 2014

WEVents Presents: The Retro YOU

This post is up and its for the ladies!

If you haven't heard, wevents will be celebrating their 4th anniversary of the YOU series. And whats so special about wevents? Its only for the ladies (sorry gentlemen, but you're not invited). Seems to be like a stress reliever for all working women in Malaysia and this might help us women calm our tits a little. (oops, i might have said too much. hehe).

If you must know what is wevents all about, let me just explain it to you.

What on earth is a WEVent?

Wevent was started by Jeanisha Wan and her company, J1 Cnsulting and organised with the help of a working committee and other supporting working women volunteers.

Wevents was conceptualised by Jeanisha as a social event for women by women entrepreneurs (WEs) during a casual email exchange with a fellow woman entrepreneur. Both realised they have spent almost half of their time working for to servicing companies on events but there were few events for women, by women.

WEVents was born with an objective of allowing women to have an outlet after office hours, get to meet new friends and catch up with peers. All the people working behind WEVents are Wes who freely volunteer their time or provide sponsorship in terms of products or services towards the event. Just so women can relax, enjoy themselves in an event they can truly call their own.

Their philosophy: 
"if you do good to someone, do not expect payback. If someone does good to you, pay it forward."

So where are the details of the event? 

Date: 15th August 2014
Time: 6pm to 9pm (after working hours)
Location: Cititel Hotel

So, well, thats about it. Thats like in a weeks time! Need i explain more? Looking forward to the event! woppeee!

Cant wait to attend the event and tell you all about it.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Review: Seventeen's Makeover Party 2014

Hello chika's,

So earlier i posted a post on the seventeen makeover party 2014 and if you don't remember, you cn check it out by clicking here. I must say that i really had fun at the event. Made new friends and learned something new. Definitely an amazing experience. And i will try my best to maximise not the information so that i don't miss out with all the fun! teehee

Location: Modesto's, The Strand
Date: 19th July 2014
Time: 11am - 4pm

First, guest to the event were served with a mocktail that i think was a mixture of cranberry and sprite topped with a cherry on the side. So you can try that out at home, and as the matter of fact, i might make myself one too! cause it actually tasted pretty good. YUMS! And the whole restaurant was pretty much reserved for the event, super exclusive.  Talking about the attendees btw, everyone was at their best look, fabulous!

The waiting time was pretty long to wait, because we had some late comers coming in. So, i arrived at 11am, the event only started at 12.45pm, which was soooo long. But in the mean time, i got to made a friend, who came alone like i did. So yay! Most of them signed up with their peeps, so it wasn't so much on making new friends. Which i think was really uncool.

So when they opened the event space, i saw these 4 brands which were, Panasonic, Lineige, Casio Exilim and Oxy in their own corners promoting their products. As everyone was separated in groups of 4, i was in the 3rd group consisting of 8 people. So in my group, i was personally more attached to two people which was Julie and Celine. Super nice girls.

So, Group 3 was assigned to the panasonic corner first, and everyone had to pick their own seats, and to our surprise, we had these hair brushes and mirrors and curlers laid on the table. looks like we were given the task to get our hair done ourselves, and i was right! There was an instructor, teaching us how to use the panasonic curler, which i found super adorable, as it was hot pink and with gems on the side. (Total diva hair iron!)

So after using the iron it actually took me awhile to get used to the iron, as it was my first time using a straightener and trying to curl my hair. And i usually just use a hair curler literally to curl my hair if i do so. The instructor did mention about putting hair heat protection lotion so that the heat doesnt spoil and dries up your hair. (tip 1) After a while, it got easier to curl my hair and i attached photos below of the final outcome. Do tell me what you think about it. Ignore the pale bare face that i have. haha

Final outcome of using the hair curler.

After styling hair is done and over with, we proceeded to the Casio Exilim corner. And basically each of us were given a camera to test out. And it was apparently specialised for selfies. (lol) 

The special thing about the camera was that it could stand on its own which made taking selfies easier! How cool is that? Its like a tripod on a camera attached. As you can see, we had a lot of fun taking photos with the camera. 

Another amazing feature the camera was that it had an automatic snapshot feature, and all you need to do was wave your hand at the camera, and it would set the camera to a 3 second timer to get you ready for the shot. And if you're wondering who's these fabulous people in the photos with me, that would be Celine and Julie. Even though i met them for only a day, less than 24 hours, i just fell in love with their personality.  Love, love, love!

When thats over and done, next on the list was Oxy. We were to tryout their new range of products which was the oil control edition which was basically to control oily skin. And whats shown in the photos below, would be a cleanser, lotion, emulsion and a mattifying cream. 

Here's a photo of them showing a demonstration of how to really wash your face and get that oil free smooth skin by using Oxy. I found it a little bit too dry on my face to be honest, but what caught my attention was the oil control mattifying cream. I found that actually worth buying because it keeps your skin oil free anytime any day, even with make up on, you can still apply the mattifying cream for instant oil free skin. I would suggest to try the mattifying cream if you would want to try this particular range by Oxy.

And last but not least was the make up session by Lineige. We were ordered to tie our hair ups to make sure no hair sticks out while applying make up and each one of us, got ourselves a pouch of face brushes and new compact sponge to control on hygiene which was a bonus! YES!

Our hair is all tied up and ready for our face makeover!

We had a beautician explaining and showing us the correct way to apply make up, and not just an ordinary look, but the typical korean cute puppy eyes look. Well, since lineage is currently one of the best cosmetic products in  Korea, i wouldn't be too surprised that they decided to do a tutorial on a Korean look.

And tadaa, the final outcome! Its nothing too much, but it looks natural don't you think so? Its not that bad when it comes to an everyday look. It seems more presentable. If you disagree, do let me know what your opinion would be. I would like to Casio Exilim for the amazing opportunity of letting us try out the latest camera which was uber cute and trendy too.

And oh, one last thing before i forget, how can i forget the best part? GOODIE BAGS! Thanks to the amazing sponsors who were Oxy, Panasonic, Lineige and also Casio Exilim. Woop woop! Everything in the bag was practically worth over RM200 of products man. The best part of any event i must say.

Whats in the bag?
1. Oxy products
2. Panasonic electrical tooth brush
3. Lineige cleanser travel set
4. Casio Pouch

And not to mention, there was a lucky draw during the event, and i was lucky to win myself a nano care! Thank you panasonic for sponsoring, and also Seventeen for the prize! Totally made my day. It was more like an early birthday present for me. teehee.

Alright, i think thats all for now. Looking forward for the next makeover party! teehee

Goodnight peeps

Regards, and much love,
Sara xx