Wednesday, September 30, 2009

au revoir

yes, i know, what does au revoir means? it means goodbye in french. Starting from today, i'm going to try my very best to avoid the internet and social networks, as SPM is in another month. i'm sorry i have to leave, but, yeah. i need to concentrate more on my academics. Trials will be starting tomorrow, i still think i'm not knowledgeable enough, so all the best to me. School was extremely boring today because we weren't having proper classes. thinking that in another 47 days, i will be sitting for my SPM examination, makes me incessant to think about SPM. i cant imagine how life would be after SPM. you wont be seeing familiar faces anymore, you wont be wearing your school uniforms anymore, no more canteen food, earning your own pocket money. Its going to be different, but i'll make the best of it. mainly cause you'll be by my side (:

, adiĆ³s amigos

Sunday, September 27, 2009


nadai nyamai idup aku endok nemu jakuk.

aku jakuk iban nadai manah.

but what the heck? im not letting half of me die :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


noooo! today im suppose to be at syasya's open house, looking at my parents body language, they look tired. pluss, my dad just got back from Scotland yesterday, and the jet lacks. penat

syasya, if i dont make it today, dont kill me! i really really wanna go. but err, yeah. my parents cakap its too last minute. aww man! im still persuading my parents ni. all the best to me :D

mummy daddy, can i go to syasya's house? at puchong je ;D
please please please please!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what was i thinking?

about my hair, yes, i went to the saloon to trim my hair sikit just before raya. i had no intentions to cut my nice sexy fringe XD but somehow, i just went with what the hairstylist said;

hs: you should have a new fresh look. lets cut you FRINGE!
me:errr, my face looks round (fat) when my fringe is short.
hs:oh no, you'll look fine when im done with you, ok?
me:are you sure? i already like how my hair looks like right now
hs:its a trend now, have you ever tried cutting your hair with the china doll fringe?
me:dont think so?
hs:yes, are you ok with it?
:err, umm, okay.

the before look

the after look

now, before all of you say anything, im NOT lala. got it? thank you. regreting cutting my hair. im now know as the malaysian lady gaga. haha. within my family je la :)

waiting for my frige to grow D:

Monday, September 21, 2009

lala's back!

so, she flew back to KL on friday together with her friend, steve. yesterday most family members attended aunty cordy's open house. and it was fun. i was there from 10am till 10pm. most of the cousins went back the same time. steve was super nice, oh and did i mention he works with the bad company? he's a sound engineer and he was on tour with aly and aj just before he met umm lala XD OMG! cousins ate a lot and parents were like persuading us to watch this indonesian movie, cintapertama. old movie. a high school musical version for teenagers 30 years ago. lol. soo, yeah. the movie was dramatic like any other indonesian movie. this guy killed his wife, then he stole his fiancee, macam macam. complicating movie to watch. but it was a must watch movie dulu according to my mum. when she was my age,if you tak pernah watch cinta pertama, you're just considered as an outdated person.

cousins,loving this picture :)

this picture was taken after everyone watched cinta pertama. then we were supposedly to watch another version of cinta pertama but most of us cant take it anymore. the complexity is just too much to handle in one day. so the movie was running, we were too running :D

now, thats lawrence tarang a.k.a sam or sammy.

my sister is obsessed with him. literally. when she was a baby, she would cry whenever sammy was she's not that bad.

simple 1st day of raya.just the way i like it :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Its Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir dan Batin

I'm taking this opportunity to apologize to every single human being, mammal, reptile, amphibian, birds, invertebrates and any other living species out there that if I've hurt or maybe made you mum says to always forgive and forget. so that's what I'm gonna do, starting from today. to all those jahat people, i forgive you. and yes, you. again,


have a fun and blessing raya this safe.
open houses, here i come :)

duit raya!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

before raya

had physics today. and it was HARD i tell you.
thats what you get for not being prepared

estimated grade: below C

mati laa, mummy, i love you. dont kill me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


called me back last night ;D

called more than 10 people last night.
really, i was M-A-D.
lost me there.
books are forever.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15th September

great, just GREAT! you just had to ruin my day.

thankyou so much.

tonight, im sleeping without my emotions.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Michaela Dayun

she flew to malaysia to introduce her so called 'friend' to the family. it was late at night when she arrived KL last night. today she'll be flying off to sarawak, to meet the rest of the family first. especially inik. her flight was in the evening, so we just taught of bringing her around Putra Jaya before she takes off. she'll be starting her studies again soon, so she taught just before she continues her studies, she should visit the family first (: yay! her friend is flying to malaysia together with her from sarawak. im still wondering who steve is?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things in Life

from men point of view,

housework is a snap since i realized "hey, im a guy!"
*dont you even think about it.

good morning world *lame moment* haha.
well, wasnt doing much. i woke up for sahur then nazrain called.
chatted about some stuff and other funny stuffs.
i dont feel like taking a shower now, i stink.
and if you smell something stinky, thats you. :)
today im going to study additional mathematics. wish me luck

ohh, was browsing other peoples blog, and guess what?
its Ekin Aziz's Birthday.
You're finally sixteen. happy birthday girl.
may allah bless you and again happy birthday!
the hottie who came for samads carnival :)
even though we dont know each other that well,
we know each other kan? you got my back, i got yours.
haha. have a BLAST on your birthday.

loads of love, alizasara

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello, Sailor!

today, nothing much really happened. we had puan rema's physics seminar to attend to. it was tough enough that we had to cover 2 chapters within 5 hours. OhMyGod, im having a major migraine now. my brain cant stop thinking of electronics -.- so yeah, puan rema warned us about the seminar earlier. she was like 'be there or you better run when you see me coming'. haha. but she was okay, every hour she'll give us 5 minutes of break. azhary gila. just because i sat infront of him, he cant stop bugging me. azhary menyusahkan hidup orang untuk study :p haha. talked japanese with azhary before the seminar started. we only knew basic sentences. so, the conversation was agak cacat :) lol

oh, before i went home, took some pictures with ainah and fatin while waiting for my driver to sampai. thanks to our PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER :) gaji naik. haha

, and lovin' it

for once, i was tall :D

were talking about how bad it is for someone to slouch. haha. so we started sitting straight with correct posture.

i have nothing, toddles .

Thursday, September 10, 2009

curiosity killed the cat

today's a boring day. i guess i'll go study. the lifeless moments.

SPM, here i come baby

currently hungry

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September babies

2nd of September
Happy belated birthday nukman :)

6th of September,
Happy belated birthday to Chi Cheng, Lisa Lucas and Andrea Shivani

Chi Cheng, happy birthday! i've known you since last year. the girl who was always highest in class. i still remember the times where we skipped chemistry cause you wanted to see the performance for IR night. then you and yik loong? were laughing non stop. and nicholas started copying what we did :) it was fun. happy birthday Chi Cheng.


Lisa Lucas, so, finally sweet sixteen huh? remember when you and me and faisal? haha. you diva! we've known each other for 4 years now. and i think i know too much about you now. ohh, and remember the swimming pool? the one we went together at your club thinggi? you meanie! bully your little brother. haha. he'll eventually hide behind me whenever you become a witch. i miss those times. then you moved to your private school. the last time i saw you was like last year D: i miss you baby sis. one day, we so have to go hang together :) BFFL


next, Andrea Shivani. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! if im not mistaken, youre 14 huh? haha. enjoy 14 life baby! well i couldnt remember who added who on facebook. but who cares. haha. thanks for being my friend :D

7th of September,
Happy birthday anak amir

Adibah sayang, i miss you. Happy 18th birthday! dah bebas dah. whats your plan now? you've always been like a sister to me. ingat tak we shopping together smpai spend lebih RM700 untuk beg sekolah JE. eh, and that black sweater? hafiz and ijal dah la tak larat dah nk jalan jalan. adoii. rindu lah shopping samaa sama :) ohh, and ingat tak movie yang kiteorang tengok tu? yang pasal politik? penuh dengan orang tua je kot. haha. tak sampai 30 minutes dah keluar. bosan gila k? aiyo. dbah, nnti after SPM, kiteorg shop like M-A-D tau? lets buy the whole shopping complex. XD sayang dbah <3

loads of love,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Berita Harian Workshop

.teachers were perverts.
.they talk too much.
.guys were desperate.
.azie buat orang insaf.

that explains everything. on the first day, i was suppose to be there by 8.30am. and guess what? i woke up at 8.30am. not leave. haha. so fatin was like, 'aliza memang, suka grand entrance'. haha. so, overall, the seminar was freakishly lame. during break time, me and tin purposely masuk class lambat. but by 10 minutes or so. it was torture! the teachers were okay, but they were perverts. i have no other words to say how lost i was during the seminar. at that moment, this explosion exploded in my head. haha. OhMyGod, i think my brain just STOPPED functioning. i should have went for the biology thing. i still need help for bio. FAIZ, im waiting :p

SPM is killing me softly,
thank you SPM.

beware, retard crossing....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Dear nicky, its your birthday. and i would like to take this opportunity to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you're the best asst. class monitor ever! and thanks for being my singing partner where you would sing 'marry me aliza you'll never have to be alone' then i'll be singing 'i love you and thats all i really know'. 'i talk to *errr*, elias go pick out a white dress'. 'its a love story baby just say yes'. haha. good old memories. im lucky to say that you ARE my friend :) i wouldn't want you in any other way. here's a song for you ;

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday toooooooo youuu :)
*i sang for you d in class XD*

hoped you enjoyed your birthday. once again, happy birthday!

yang ikhlas, aliza sara
*thanks for being my friend :)