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Wayang Kulit art comes to life at Paradigm Mall

Watch Wayang Kulit in Paradigm Mall
Each time its the Raya season, most of those who celebrate look forward to going back to their 'kampung' to experience the nostalgic moments with friends and family within the scenic environment of joy and happiness. But for people like me, living in the city without a kampung to run back home to, it may be a little tricky to understand these nostalgic feelings. Recently found out that Paradigm mall brings the ancient art of wayang kulit this Raya for their shoppers to enjoy, and I managed to catch the show the other day which really gave me different feels after not seeing the wayang kulit show for years.

The kids from Rumah Telaga Kasih showcasing a performance
But before I go in dept, I'd like to share the joy of giving by Paradigm mall to fifty underprivileged children aged between two to sixteen years old from Rumah Telaga Kasih. The kids had a memorable time to immerse themselves into the shadow puppet play against a traditional Terrenganu Kampung backdrop. hroughout the 30 minute performance, the dalangs. narrated various folktales and traditional epics through the interplay of light, shadows, action and traditional music.

The Wayang Kulit show
After the show, the children were given a workshop to understand the origins and how Wayang Kulit works. In addition to that, the children were treated to a shopping spree where they got to choose new Raya clothes and collected duit Raya, then enjoyed a Buka Puasa session held at Pasar Baru, New World Hotel in Paradigm Petaling Jaya. Now, you must be wondering if you may be able to enjoy the Wayang Kulit show like these kids? Well, as a matter of fact, the Wayang Kulit will take place from 25th May until 24th June 2018 every weekend at 4.30pm.

Ketupat workshop
To get their shopper to be in the Raya mood, Paradigm mall also offers a clay art workshop, a ketupat workshop, and the kuih Raya workshop every weekend at 12pm. Or if you happen to be around the event area, you should really check out the Raya goodies available around the atrium. There will be Raya attires, cookies, carpets and traditional snacks on sale to look out for. Just to get you prepared for your Raya celebration at home. hehe.

Share the joy and excitement of Raya by spending a minimum of RM250* in a single receipt and get FREE Raya packets...
Posted by Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya on Friday, May 25, 2018

For shoppers who spend a minimum of RM250 in a single receipt within the same day (excluding purchases made at Tesco, prepaid reloads, money changers and bill payments), will be able to redeem exclusively designed Raya lantern along with the themed Hari Raya packets! I've already grabbed a Raya lantern for myself, and im planning to get myself another one so that I have a pair of it to light up my Raya nights. Hehe.

Get carpets to revamp your new home
Last minute Raya shopping
Yep, as low as RM39!
Scroll through for our Raya-themed events and activities curated just for you! :)
Posted by Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya on Thursday, May 24, 2018
 Being a frequent shopper at Paradigm mall, it's hard to resist not to shop in a mall that has so much life. There will also be special performances such as the Cak Lempong, a Minangkabau music performance every Saturday at 5.30pm. Not to forget, you can also catch the silat performance every Sunday at 5.30pm, or their Raya dance, every weekend at 3.30pm too! Be sure to make your way up to the Upper Atrium (Level UG) if you happen to be in Paradigm mall on a weekend! For more information, visit their official sites in the link below.

Paradigm Mall

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[REVIEW] | Healthy Lunch Delivery

It has almost been two weeks since we started fasting, so im just wondering how are you guys holding up? Hehe. My 'buka puasa' meals has been either bazaar food or me cooking at home lately, and honestly, im running out of ideas on what to eat. The hard thing about puasa is that i would crave badly on food that i actually dont need. So, i decided to change my eating habits to be more healthy and nutritious. But really, when youre fasting, it may be a little tiring to get back home and prepare your healthy meal each day, which is why i will be recommending to you a great meal to enjoy during this fasting month, prepared by

Get your healthy lunches delivered to your office is an online platform offering a healthy lunch delivery within Klang Valley. I know that when talking about healthy food in Malaysia, usually our main concern would be it would usually be rather expensive in comparison to food that we eat everyday. But, what if i told you that offers you an affordable option of healthy meals that are guranteed to be delicious? Well, thats what is, and since i got my hands on a few meals that they offer, i'll be sharing with you my overall thoughts on it.


The plan & pricing offered by
Now here's the fun part. Instead of providing one meal at a time, offers a unique style of delivering the menu where you get to choose your own subscription plan. There are 3 plans to choose from at the moment, giving you an option between complete, moderate and light. These pricings are inclusive of delivery, and you will have over 40 healthy choices of dishes to choose from! Starting from RM12.50 for a healthy meal, i'd have to say that its a steal if you want to start having a clean balance diet.

Greek Salad With Couscous

Greek Salad with Couscous
First up would be the cold Greek Salad With Couscous, which is packed with fresh veggies and topped with a sprinkling of rich feta. By just looking at it, you would be able to tell that it has plenty of nutrients and despite it being a full on vegetarian dish, i actually liked it a lot! It has like this combination and sweet and sour flavours which taste light and refreshing. The portion to me was huge and trust me when i say that the combination would gurantee you with a full tummy. Not to forget the colours of the dish actually made it look very appetizing too!

Roast Chicken with Root Vege

Roasted Chicken with Root Vege
Next i tried the Roast Chicken with Root Vege, where its purely roast chicken with a combination of potato, carrot and sweet potato in tomato based sauce. YUMS! Im usually not a fan of tomato paste because its usually very sour if its coming out from a can, but this tomato based sauce was beyond that. It tasted very homemade, and the sauce complimented the roast chicken really well. I would also like to emphasize that the Roast Chicken cooked well, and it was still very juicy despite it being roasted. This has to be one of my top favourite dishes from, and i can predict myself craving for more of this for lunch. #drools

Brown Rice Bibimbap

Brown Rice Bibimbap
The Brown Rice Bibimbap is an addition to their vegetarian menu, offering a combination of brown rice, fresh vegetables, mushrooms, eggs and tofu. It came with some kimchi sauce in a seperate container, and to enjoy this, i actually mixed everything up with the sauce to create like this combination of fried rice in a bowl. It really reminded me so much of Korea! I would have to highlight that despite it being vegetarian, i actually enjoyed the texture of the dish, and the most important fact would be that the dish was flavourful. A little too healthy to my liking, but great for those who would want to cut off on meat for a day.

Mediterranean Fish

Mediterranean Fish
And last but not least, i also got a taste of the Mediterranean Fish. This was actually pretty good as well. The Mediterranean Fish had broccoli and cauliflower on the side which was cooked to perfection. The sauce of the mediterranean fish had an interesting combination of spices to compliment the tomato base. I actually really liked this and will definitely repeat the order. The fish and veggies were fresh and it was not overseasoned, just the way i like it.

Meet Alexandra Prabaharan

The chef behind
In case youre wondering on who is the person behind these delicious meals, meet Alexandra Prabaharan, a certified nutritionist with an American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA). I was present during her cooking workshop the other day, and i was immediately mind blown on how easy she made cooking look like. With the food being in her hands, rest assured, you wont have to worry about the ingredients used in your meals from


Mandatory photo with one of my favourite dishes from
Menu changes weekly
As a verdict, i would have to say that has to be my ideal go to lunch delivery, especially when the prices are at an affordable price for an everyday kindda meal. Hehe. Im planning to get the complete plan once the Raya is over so that i can enjoy these amazing healthy meals in the office. Who says its expensive to change your eating habits? You just gotta look harder to find something that would make eating healthy, convenient, and tasty! So what are you waiting for? Get a meal that would suit your diet plan, and start living a healthier lifestyle. More details at the end of this post. xx

Disclaimer: Since i ordered meals during the fasting month, kindly take note that you can order their meals to be sent to your office or home during lunch time, keep it in the fridge and reheat when its time to buka puasa. hehe. Its easy, and saves you tons of time!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Nimpmos Mobile App Now In Malaysia

The official launching of Nimpmos
It's time to keep yourself updated on technology! Nimpmos Sdn Bhd happens to be the first blockchain live e-commerce platform from Malaysia, offering downloads for iOs and Android users. You might question, what is Nimpmos? Breaking it down for you, it is actually a live streaming application with e-commerce technology. Launched in March 2018, many youths from all around South East Asia, and to move forward to their great achievement, they have been listed on Nasdaq in the United States and has also signed an MOU with US company Montgomery Securities LLC on the 26th of May 2018.

MOU Signing Ceremony between Nimpmos and Montgomery Securities LLC
Since I got some in details on the recent grand launch of Nimpmos, held at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur, I'll share with you some exclusive images of the MOU ceremony. During the ceremony, it was signed by Ms. Ines Yao, founder, and CEO of NIMPMOS, John Alfred Rittler, Managing Director of Montgomery Securities LLC, and Mr. Wadih Maalouf, Dubai Blockchain Advisor. In case you are unaware of Montogemery Securities LLC, they are a planning listed company and is currently planning the listing cooperation with more than 80 companies including Yahoo, IQIYI and many more.

Miss Ines Yao sharing her thoughts on the newly launched app
Miss Ines Yao shared a few words during the launch, mentioning that she believes the team is capable on consistently developing new live streaming features and recruiting and grooming prominent influencers to be part of the Nimpmos team. Other than providing a platform to do live broadcasting shows, the influencers will also represent the company by attending major events, filming, brand endorsement and so much more!

The launching gimmick
The happy attendees present during the launch with their lucky draw number
The application does not limit its features on broadcasting, but it also claims to be a one-stop internet solution company that offers additional services such as social media marketing, video production, photo shooting, and live program recordings as well. With all these varieties of services, im pretty sure that some of you might be interested to get to know the company even more.

The social welfares Nimpmos contibuted to
I think it was also sweet that Nimpmos also contributed in a CSR act where NIMPMOS Sdn Bhd made a charitable contribution of RM10,000 to 6 social welfare homes namely Pertubuhan Baitul Rahmah, Baitul Ulfah, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary, Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat, Charis Home, and Angels Children's Home.

Presentation by Ms Yoko Hsu
Namewee's special performance
To celebrate the whole occasion, the occasion continued with a special performance by Namewee and Joyce Chu singing their heart out to the lucky attendees present on that day. So if you haven't downloaded the app yet, I've included the download link at the end of this post. Who knows, you might get a chance to talk to your favorite influencer or celebrity! Hehe. Everyone can now be their own broadcaster on Nimpmos's Mobile App.

Download Nimpmos 

Nimpmos Sdn Bhd

Saturday, May 26, 2018

[BEAUTY REVIEW] Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Duo | Toner & Cream

Reviewing Mamonde Floral Hydro Toner and Cream
This has been an extremely outdated post, but its better late than never. There's just so much new skincare's coming out, but I only have one face to try them all! Thus, taking me a while to finally try out the Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Duo Toner and Cream. Both the toner and cream are currently in my skin regime, and let me share with you my experiences on the range. This range was launched in mid-2017 and claims to be a skin-friendly skincare range, the Mamonde Floral Hydro Duo which is inclusive of the Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner and Floral Hydro Cream.

From Left: Multivoltine Narcissus and Dutch Master Narcissus 
Being a fan of Mamonde, honestly, I noticed that some bloggers with dry and sensitive skin are not a fan of the range. But since I have combination skin, im keeping an open mind on what I really think about it. Through Mamonde's research into harnessing the power of flowers, the botanists at Mamonde have carefully selected two types of Narcissus which showed a high content of moisturizing ingredients to develop the Floral Hydro Range - the Dutch Master and the Multivoltine. Did you know that this flower has a long blooming period of over 80 days after it blooms? (which equals to high storage of moisture!)

REVIEW - Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner (RM89)

Floral Hyrdro ampoule Toner, 150ml | RM89 
Upon first impression, im actually pretty impressed with the appearance of the bottle. The toner comes in a 150ml bottle and has a pump head which makes it easy to apply toner. It harnesses the hydration properties of the Narcissus flower through Mamonde's Ampoule Texture Technology that allows maximum moisture and provide ultra-smooth texture that absorbs well by the skin. As you flip it around, the instructions are all in Korean so it would be best for you to ask the sales girl if you're unsure of the usage. Alternatively, you can use the google translator app too!

Gel-like texture, which turns to water when in contact with the skin
Directly apply to skin or apply it on a cotton pad
After cleansing my face, I would apply the Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner on the palm of my hands and evenly spread it out with both hands before directly applying it on my face. It has a clear gel-like texture which turns watery once applied onto the skin. I was expecting it to be sticky since it had a gel-base texture, but surprisingly it felt really smooth and lightweight on the skin. Honestly, despite it only being toner, it was very moisturizing that it keeps my skin hydrated even before wearing moisturizer.

REVIEW -  Mamonde Floral Hydro Cream (RM109)

Floral Hydro Cream, 50ml | RM109
Next up in line would be the Mamonde Floral Hydro Cream. It comes in a 50ml tub, and it has a classy feminine look that I like. Also, don't be fooled by the word cream as this is definitely not your average cream. The cream is an ultra-moisturizing cream with a lightweight moisturizing texture that locks in moisture inside the skin without leaving any stickiness. Sounds too good to be true? Let find out!

Water based cream texture
Feels VERY moisturising when applied to skin
So as im removing the concave cover, you will find another cover that protects the cream from being exposed to air. Double protection is always the best. After applying toner, I would usually use the Floral Hyrdro cream to lock up the moisture in the skin. The texture is somewhat like a waterbased cream texture, and they are not kidding when they claim to guarantee moisture for the skin! It was a little too moisturizing for my skin to be worn on a daily basis, but when your skin is extremely dehydrated, this would be your best bet!


What are my overall thoughts? (btw, this is how I look without makeup)
As a verdict, I can confirm to you that both these skincare products from the range are designed to be lightweight, smooth, and comfortable on the skin. It does locks in moisture and keeps the skin feeling fresh and hydrated throughout the day/night. Loving the Floral Hydra Ampoule Toner, but not too much of a fan for the Floral Hydro Cream. Just an honest opinion, the toner was already good enough to moisturize my combination skin, but the Floral Hydro Cream was more of an extra dosage of moisture which eventually got my skin to have pimples when used too much. If you have combination skin, I would suggest you control the application of the Floral Hydro Cream.

Skin still looks great after a month of using it
The range is amazing when it comes to hydrating, but being in Malaysia, maybe the weather doesn't work well with the product as my skin is already oily due to the humidity, and the boost in moisture may be a little too much if you're outdoors. Not saying that these products are bad, but more of its too powerful in moisture. So if you have combination skin like me, this has to be used wisely. Like, if I have a day being indoors the whole day, both products feel great on my skin! Psst, I am a huge fan of their Floral Hydro Mist! Hehe. Will be writing another review n their Floral Hydro Mist, so stay tuned! Do leave me a comment if you have any questions, and I'll try my best to get back to you. xx


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Adibah Noor at Klang Parade Mall | 3rd June 2018

Meet Adibah Noor
So, I haven't really shared with you on which celebrity I like and love seeing, and since I got some time today, im gonna share to you on why I love Adibah Noor. Well, to begin with why I love Adibah Noor, is because my mum is a fan. I remember growing up hearing her on repeat, and to be specific, its one of her top hits, 'terlalu istimewa'. The song actually made me cry when I played it through youtube recently, and y'know what, when you're older you tend to understand somethings better than before. Other than having an amazing voice, she has a heart of gold.

I met her once at one of the comedy shows that I attended to, and managed to say hi to her. It was like a moment of spazz because she was so nice. I need to find the photo and share it with you guys! I mean, I would have to say that she's one of the most humble celebrities that I know, and she never fails to make you feel warm on the inside. Above would be a video of the song I kept hearing on repeat, and each time I listen to the song, it never fails to give me goosebumps!

Thats Adibah Noor on the highway billboard
It is impossible that anyone in Malaysia who don't know Adibah Noor, shes even on the billboards on the highway. Literally! She sets a good example for the entertainment industry that if you be true to yourself, people see beyond looks and the stereotype ideal celebrity material. If you've seen her acting, she does it really well, and I'd usually stop and watch each scene as long as she's in it. She puts so much effort and she deserves it so much!

And I think I started being a fan when she sang a Disney song with another famous singer when I was younger, Vince. I wish she continued to make more albums cause she is talented. Just check out the video above to see how well she sings 'Beauty and the Beast'. Her voice can go so high man. And I think you can see that she has a little humor too by just watching this video. I swear, even tho she's not exactly my age group, she is the cutest! I really think she is cute, and that what makes her so real.

Adibah Noor as Puan Hajar in Oh My English! (Photo credits:

Not to forget Adibah Noor as Fatimah in Phua Chu Kang
Not to forget her appearance in acting. Having a younger sister with an 8-year gap, I had to tolerate watching kid shows. But one of my favorite times watching shows with my sister would be when she starred in Oh My English, as Puan Hajar. I always thought she was very funny on the show, and she really played the role really well. Also, in the famous TV Show, Phua Chu Kang where she acted as the maid. I guess this is how she keeps herself updated with the generation making her lovable by all different generation, from my mum's generation to as young as my sister's generation.


Be entertained by celebrities at Klang Parade
What if I told you that you can get a chance to meet Adibah Noor in person? A little bird told me that she'll be making a special appearance at Klang Parade Mall. There will also be other artists present during the event, but my specific highlight would be Adibah Noor. Im a girl fan and im not shy to admit that I love her. hehe. Present also would be Hael Husaini, Baki Zainal, Kilafairy and Khai Bahar. So better catch them while you still can. Be sure to save the date!

When: 3 June 2018
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Location: Klang Parade Mall


Since it's during the fasting period, I understand that some of you may be concern about where to break your fast. Fret not as I have just the solution! You can consider going to their revamped Next Food Junction where they have tons of variety to choose from. Just to name a few, you can have Mee Hun Soup,  Chicken Chop, Burgers, Sup Tulang and more! Check out the video above to get a little idea of what the food court offers. With the amount of variety offered, there's surely something for someone.

The Next Food Junction
Food to Indulge
Don't forget to take this opportunity to meet your favorite artist as I've marked my calendar to be there too! There are tons of things to look out for and there will also be performances by famous artist and celebrities to entertain you at Klang Parade Mall. So what are you waiting for? Plan your weekend ahead and maybe meet up at Klang Parade Mall where you can meet celebrities as they entertain you. Hehe. That's all for now. Let me know if you'll be there by leaving a comment below. Who knows, I might say hi to you! Hehe. Ttfn xx

Allyoung Malaysia Online Haul! | Micrite 3D Mask + Complex Serum

Have you signed up yet?
In case you haven't heard, I happen to find myself on the Allyoung International Website when I wanted to purchase more Swissvita Products! YAY! Previously I had to do my shopping via FB PM, but with the new website, it makes the whole shopping experience more convenient and fast. What honestly got me hooked on the site was that they were giving out a free Swissvita Regenerating Vital Essence worth RM345 with no minimum spend. Which also means, with whatever purchase I made, I got the essence for free! Not to miss out on this deal, I quickly took action and put the things that I wanted in my cart.

Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum
Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Mask
I created an account signing in via FB, which was really quick and started shopping. Wondering what I got? I basically got myself two products which were the Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum and the Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Mask. It was actually a bonus that the  Swissvita Regenerating Vital Essence was automatically added to my cart. Without any hesitation, I clicked the checkout button which leads me to the checkout page.

Checkout Page, shows the total, payment method and your required details

Once payment has been made, it will then lead you to a page with your order number
Got a PM through facebook as well!
The checkout page was pretty direct actually, despite signing in, since I haven't filled my details in yet, I was required to fill in my shipping address. And as you can see, on the right side of the website, you'll see a summary of whats in my cart and the total amount that I need to pay. You can pay using PayPal or molpay as an option, so it's pretty easy to just get the transaction done online. Once you have completed your order, I was pretty surprised that I got a notification from Allyoung through facebook messenger other than my email. First time experiencing receiving a complete order notification through FB since I logged in through FB to sign up for an account. Hehe.


Love how well its packaged
And my items has arrived in incredibly good condition
And after about 2 days, my parcel reached to me safely! I love companies who work fast to ship the items purchased online, where I can scratch out the thought of worrying about the parcel. I mean, I ordered some items online and it took them over a week to arrive! Gotta give my compliments to Allyoung for the fast delivery. Also, you would realize that the items I ordered came in a box. YAY! Rest assured, you won't have to worry about the items you ordered being damaged.

REVIEWING MY HAUL | Micrite 3D All Use Mask

The Swissvita  Micrite 3D All Use Mask 
Individually packed mask
So since you already know what I bought, im gonna give you a brief review of the products that I got, starting off with the Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Mask. The mask was something I needed to pamper my skin on days that it looks tired, and the Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Mask looks like the perfect solution! Its suitable for all skin types and the mask claims to maintain and help the restoration of the skin. It also claims to target aging skin, improves skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and sagging skin, improved dry skin and evens the skin tone. Im practically sold and got a box of the mask which contains 5 pieces.

Easy tear to use mask
A close up on the 3 layer mask
Skin fit, and comfort approved. It was very thin, but felt very comfortable on the skin
The packaging is pretty minimalist, which gives this clinical feeling when I look at the product. I liked the fact the box is sealed which gives me the confidence that the product is unopened. The mask comes in individual sheets, but what impressed me more was that the mask had like 3 layers when I took it out of the pack. As much as I wished it had 3 layers, the 3 layers actually control the hygiene and to emphasize on the easy application experience. The mask is very thin using Botanical Fiber Mask which helps to instantly replenish moisture into the skin and leaves the skin with a radiant finish. Wore it for about 15 minutes and my skin was feeling refreshed! Definitely looking forward to wearing the mask again.

REVIEWING MY HAUL | Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum

Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ratio Complex Serum
The next product I got was the Swissvita Mandelic Acid Perfect Ration Complex Serum. This has to be the highlight of my purchase because it was one of the reasons why I somehow located myself on the Allyoung website. The Serum is enriched with 3 beneficial ingredients that gently exfoliates the skin while giving brighter skin and controlled oil balance as a result. Being a person with combination skin, I hope this would help me with my oily skin problems. The serum is suitable for all skin types and targets to solve clogged pores, acne, blemishes, dirt and oil production.

Comes with a dropper
Texture feels very light and watery
Easy direct application
As I was unboxing the product, the serum comes in a very clinical like glass bottle with a dropper as the cover. I kinda like how the serum looks, to be honest, and im convinced that it would give my skin the perfect ratio. With the dropper, it's very easy to control the amount that you want to use. The box has no exact instructions on how to use it, but I personally use this after toner, and before moisturizing. It feels very light on the skin and I did notice that it made my skin feel so much healthier. Also, it has this very cool feeling when its absorbed by the skin. Loving this so much!

REVIEWING MY HAUL | Swissvita Skin Regeneration Vital Essence [FREE GIFT]

A little free gift i managed to snag during their lauching promotion
And last but not least would be the Swissvita Skin Regeneration Vital Essence which game in as a complimentary gift! Im not going to unbox this in this post yet because im planning to use this once my serum runs out. The Swissvita Skin Regeneration Vital Essence claims to restore your supply and bouncy skin. With the retail price at RM345, im pretty sure this is the closest to a youth elixir. Hehe. Can't wait to try this out, or if you have tried this out, please let me know how good this is! 


I literally have no regrets!
As a verdict, im actually satisfied with the products I purchased which compliment my current skincare routine pretty well. And as for the website, I actually love browsing through it. They offer other products as well like brands from Ellie Skincare, AEV√ČOP, CITY COLOUR and SUDDENBE, but as of now, imma stick with my fav Swissvita products first. Hehe. Overall, I would have to say that I will definitely repurchase from the website again to restock my beauty products AND, a little birdy told me that there's a Pre-Raya special sale happening on site, so be sure not to miss out! Hehe.

Allyoung Malaysia