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Big Bad Wolf Books | First-Ever 'The Big Little Book Sale'

With the pandemic taking a toll on the little ones, i'd like to take this opportunity to share with you the activities that i conduct with my 2-year-old, which involves books. I know what youre thinking, arent books too traditional? Well, to me, if youre talking about the little ones, books are their first experiences in exploring imaginative possibilities. It starts off with getting the perfect book for bedtime, followed by some coloring books to chase away the boredom of the day or even a book to enhance their reading and writing skills. 

In todays era, even waterproof books exist to make a childs bath time experince more exciting! Living in a modern era, there is no doubt that books now are more entertaining and at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, they offer books at an affordable price with amazingly discounted books that wont leave a dent in your wallets. Just to tease you a little, theres is a 'RM1 Book Deal' promotion with a minimum purchase of RM100. Too good to be true? Read on to find out!

Be sure to set a reminder on the sale to not miss out on the crazy deals happening from the 29th of July to the 2nd of August 2021. The Big Little Book Sale will be offering some great deals, where you can stock up on some books for your family, especially the lil' ones from the safety and comfort of your home. Some books to look forward to would feature visual books, auditory, tactile or kinesthetic where the kids can grasp and undestand the essentials to help nurture the parent-child relationship of growing and developing new skills. 

For starters, Baby Wolf's recommendations on some exciting and educational children books categorized according to age groups that can be found at The Big Little Book Sale. If you have a newborn to two years old like me, here are some highly recommended books to look forward to. 

Baby Montessori: Garden
Publisher: White Star Author: Agnese Baruzzi
Category: Board Book 
RRP: RM21.00 | The Big Little Book Sale: RM8.99
You Saved: 57%

It is said that babies will only be able to perceive colour once they can develop colour sensitivity a few months after being born. And that newborn babies can only see in black and white, with shades of grey.1 As a way to assist your baby's visual developments and help build listening and visual skills that are important in forming the basis for them to communicate, Baby Wolf highly recommends you look for Board Books and Sound Books! Filled with colours and illustrations, Board Books and Sound Books are durable and provide auditory stimulation that creates a joyful and loving connection between babies, toddlers, and their parental figures or guardians.

Draw With Yasmeen Ismail: Let's Go Find a Tiger!
Publisher: Macmillan | Author: Yasmeen Ismail
Category: Activity Book 
RRP: RM51.90 | The Big Little Book Sale: RM10.99
You Saved: 74%

Getting fun and creative with the kids is always a good idea as they grow! Activity Books, Work Books and Puzzles, which include drawing, colouring, and counting, allow parental figures and guardians to interact, inspire creativity, and encourage developing good reading habits. Activity Books also promotes the development of hand-eye coordination, an important skill to build during this age.

Superheroes Without Capes
Publisher: White Star Kids | Author: Isabella Grott
Category: Reference Book 
RRP: RM70.00 | The Big Little Book Sale: RM19.99
You Saved: 71%

As children start to develop their own interests and hobbies, they will also have the ability to spark greater imagination and curiosity. Various types of books such as Picture Books, Literature and Reference Books may help promote and develop the ability for children to focus and hone in on their social and communication skills.

 BIG BAD WOLF Books continuously strives to reach and connect with people through various innovative and creative ways to share the joys of reading and build the next generation of readers. Through The Big Little Book Sale, the aim is to provide parents and guardians with an easy and convenient way to shop for children books by offering them hundreds and thousands of books at a click of a button whilst advocating the wonders and benefits of a book. 

For more great picks from the mischievous Baby Wolf, head to the BIG BAD WOLF Books website at and register for free! With over 60,000 book titles offering exciting promotions and discounts ranging from 50% to 95% off the recommended retail price, you can easily browse for books by genre or search by keyword(s), title, author, or ISBN. What's more, you can also browse according to the age group [categories] to see what may suit you and your lil' one! We're sure there will be something suitable for every little learner out there to pick from the virtual bookshelves of The Big Little Book Sale!

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” ― Garrison Keillor.


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Mental Health App Friendly for Muslims | Mindful Muslim

In today's post, I would like to share with you some serious situations where mental health has been very taken very lightly, especially in Malaysia. Coming from a family with a medical background, I must say that in Malaysia, we don't normalize emotions, stress, and anxiety as much as we should. Usually, we are just told to shake it off as it's proclaimed to be a temporary emotion that we have to deal with personally, but I do believe that when we are experiencing feelings that relate back to mental health, it should be observed and given attention to. 

Since we can't depend on the human society in Malaysia as much since we are not brought up to express these mental illnesses, it may be hard to control these feelings, thus for today's topic, I would like to share with you an app that would help you manage your mental health that is also in compliance with the Islamic theories. I present to you the Mindful Muslim, which has been founded by Mohd Akhtaar, who had a mission to inspire Mental Health amongst Muslims. 

Introduction on Mindful Muslim

The Mindful Muslim was founded by Mohd Akhtaar who is now based in New Zealand, and he realized that there is a serious awareness that needs to be given attention to, which is basically the lack of attention on mental health amongst Muslims. Being in line with this statement, I would have to agree that this statement is very true. Personally being brought up in a mixed background family, I would have to admit that I grew up in a lot of stress when it comes to differentiating culture and religion. It's very hard to talk to anyone about this topic, as we all have different paths in life, and usually, if I seek guidance, I would be told to look deeper into religion. 

Of course, religion always has a peaceful essence where you can find peace, but since I was not entirely brought up to be extremely religious, I do struggle in finding ways to understand certain verses and interpreting them into life's context. With that being said, there was no platform for me to really manage my mental health at the time (especially when I was younger) and of course the comfort of guidance to be a better Muslim by managing mental health the right way. Thankfully, when I found out about Mindful Muslim, I had to applause for the amazing conceptual app that would actually help the community and real people who are struggling with mental stress. Did I also mention that the app currently is the market leader in the mental health segment?

How it started

The Mindful Muslim App actually won the grand prize in the XChallenge Tech Start-Up Competition in New Zealand and has received an investment offer of USD $1.6 million to further build out the app and translate the app. With the funds being there to grow the app, even more, you can expect that the app would be a revolution for Muslims who would like to manage their mental health. With an aim to support Muslims facing stress, anxiety, and depression, I truly believe that having this platform with communities to educate on the importance of mental health, would definitely reduce the rates of suicide due to stress and loneliness, and also nurture users of the app to be better individuals.

Mental Health X Covid

I would have to highlight that due to this pandemic taking over everyone's sanity, there are some people here who are struggling with the stress of being retrenched and also the environment of working from home with the paycheck being cut due to the loss of profitability of the company. In this case, other than the awareness of how important is hygiene and SOP's are, I would say that mental health has been overlooked in Malaysia. With the stress of financial income, not being able to go out to enjoy the sun, and the total lockdown of staying indoors for weeks, has anyone really took a moment to look into the mental health of what these people are facing?  

The app has gained thousands of users within less than a year and I can pretty much see why it's growing really well. Just a little teaser on what you can expect from the app, you can expect that the app would provide you some surah's, dua, ruqyah and also give you stories of prophets that conclude with moral values to help build your mental strength in understanding the challenges in life. With the funds from the Start-Up Competition, the app is looking to be translated to be more user-friendly for users in Malaysia (and for the rest of the world) who would prefer the app to be available in different languages. 

My User Experience

The minute I found out about the app, I just had to check the app out myself. In case youre wondering about my impression of the app, I would say that I wished this app existed way earlier in my life. Thinking back on all the stress I had to go through on my own, I would have to say that this app is perfect in possibly guiding me through understanding my mental health concerns while helping me to manage my mental health when im facing stress and anxiety. Honestly, I would have to share that ever since I become a mother, postpartum was one thing I struggled dealing with, and the anxiety of being unsure if i would be able to be a perfect mother to bring up a small human being who depends entirely on me to guide her in life. I wanted to be perfect for her, and ocassionally I still do experience insomnia at night with all the worries of how will I teach her about life. 

As you enter the app you will be able to choose your preferred setting of having a playlist that you can custom to your needs. You can select your choice of dua's options, ruqyah according to your needs to manage your mental health (examples would be: Sleep, punishing the jim, protection, anxiety and more), in which it will open up a list of ruqyah's that would be related to your custom choice. There's also a night Quran where you can listen to before you go to bed to give you peace of mind before you doze off as well!

My favourite feature of the app would be the background sounds where you can choose either sound of river streams, gentle rains, dessert nights, and more, to accompany your custom guided talk-down for the day. The talk down features topics on Anxiety, Belief, Understanding Allah, Sustenance, Miracles, Managing Anger, and more. Once you have created your playlist accordingly, you're then ready to sit back and relax as you listen to a combination of dua's and talks to help you end your day at ease. When I had my first time experience on the app, i dozed off pretty well, and had a really good sleep after listening to my playlist, and trust me when I say I've been having problems with sleep the past few weeks. 

I've been using the free version and i would have to say alhamdulillah that it did help me have positive thoughts in mind to strive through the day without feeling depressed. Alternatively, if you LOVE the app, be sure to subscribe to the app to unlock all the features of the app. It's a good investment if you are struggling with emotional pain and mental stress, and im already tempted to subscribe for me as well. I've been recording my sleep diary and so far, I've seen my thoughts being more relaxed and blessed with what Allah has provided for me. I think I'll leave my thoughts on Mindful Muslim here and let you download the app yourself to have your very own first-hand experience to understand what I mean. Remember, when you need help, there are always ways to find solutions if you look a little harder. Syukur Alhamdullilah.

Mindful Muslim App Download

Mindful Muslim

#MYMindfulMuslim #MYMindfulMuslimStory

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Virtually Improve your skills through iLearnFromCloud

Hello everyone! Looking to improve your skills while you stay home during this pandemic? Fret not as I found something useful for you to do during your free time which wouldn't cost you a bomb, AND the fact that you’ll get an official completion certificate after you have completed the courses taken from ILearnFromCloud. If this is your first time hearing about the site, well, to simplify it to you ok what the website is about, it’s actually a social learning platform designed to assist individuals who seek to acquire skills that would be useful and in demand in most industries globally. 

Being a very motivated individual myself, im always up to improve and learn to gain more experience and knowledge, what more when it comes to useful skills that can be used not only at work, but also to be adapted into my lifestyle? iLearnFromCloud currently offers 3 courses, which would be ‘The Art of Problem Solving’, ‘From Rat Race to F.I.R.E’ and  ‘Mind Mapping 101’. I actually took ‘The Art of Problem Solving’ course for myself since i believe i would like to enhance my problem solving skills, and the beauty of this course would be that it all can be done based on my own free time of availability. Here’s my humble review on what i think about the course offered by iLearnFromCloud. 

Review Time 

The signup process was super easy, where all you need to do is to sign up for an account on the site. Next would be to select your preferred course, and basically add that to your cart to start your learning journey based on the topic that you have picked. The course that i’ll be sharing in my review would be on ‘The Art of Problem Solving’ and personally, I thought the course was well structured despite it being conducted online. 

For ‘The Art of Problem Solving’, it had a complete set of 7 lessons and 2 quizzes to go through for your to pass the course. The lessons would be based on the topics below: 

Lesson 1: What is A Problem 
Lesson 2: Why is it Critical to Acquire The Art of Problem Solving ASAP? 
Lesson 3: What are the Rewards to Solving the Problem Quickly? 
Lesson 4: Laying The Foundation To Become A Great Problem Solver
Lesson 5: Solve All Your Problems in 7 Easy Steps
Lesson 6: The One Tool To Master The Art Of Problem Solving
Lesson 7: Moving Forward - The Next Step

After going through all the 7 courses, I must say it was an eye-opener to be able to look at things differently after completing my course. If youre wondering if taking the course is worth it, I would say that for the amount i paid, you are learning more than what you paid for, which concludes to my review in saying that the course is pretty impressive. At first, i was thinking that it might be a little boring to get it virtually done, but somehow, iLearnFromCloud has made it really interesting to understand and learn on the selected topics. 

What makes this different?
Unlike other eLearning sites that provide online courses, we think that the most effective method to study is to have someone by your side, guide you every step of the way, and point you in the right direction. Usually, if youre traditionally going for a course like this, it would take you at least 2 days to get it done. This iLearnFromCloud course on the other hand, doesnt require you THAT much time, and the fact that the details of the course are straight to the point with no running around the bushes. I thought it would take me days to get it done, but surprisingly, if you have a lot of time in a day, it only takes a day to get it done! 

It accommodates quick learners, minus-ing out time wastage, and not to forget if you need a more customized guide, there is always an option to request coaching & mentoring courses as an add-on. Not that i think its necessary, cause based on my opinion, everything was very easy to understand and i would say that i benefited on enough information to understand on 'The Art of Problem Solving'. 

Courses Available

Currently, they offer 3 courses that would be available to choose from which is "The Art Of Problem Solving", "From Rat Race To F.I.R.E" (personal finance) and" Mind Mapping 101". Honestly speaking, the course doesn't have a minimum age to join, and really, I love the fact that I can just come back here to gain extra knowledge or refresh my mind on the skills I've obtained through the site. The pointers are very well explained and if you aspire to be more successful in life, I would recommend you to take on the courses offered. 


I would like to proudly share the certificate that I've earned today and I guess i can add this to my resume for added value. All in all, living in the modern era, learning a new skill doesn't have to be unaccessible considering that everything around us is ready and available. To take up a skill through iLearnFromCloud, all you need would be a gadget and internet, and youre good to go! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to to sign up for a course that would change your life and how you would look into the things that youre doing. It doesnt matter if youre a student, an employee or a founder of your own business, i can say that every topic that has been covered in the course, is something that you would benefit from. 

The founder of iLearnFromCloud is FC Hong who has the right amount of experience to guide and train anyone from different fields. With extensive experience in technology skills, im very happy to see him taking this approach to guide and lead other individuals in the right direction. Im honestly looking forward to more courses offered by the website and who knows if the course might give me better opportunities when it comes to business plans and leading a team. For more information on iLearnFromCloud, do check out the links below. 


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PROVITAL Immuna Plus | Activate Your Immunity, Activate Your Life

Mead Johnson Nutrition just recently kicked off their Activate Your Immunity, Activate Your Life campaign by introducing its first adult nutritious milk, PROVITAL Immuna Plus, featuring its unique proposition that provides Triple Immunity Protection from yeast beta-glucan, selenium and vitamin C that strengthens the body’s immune function [1,2,3]. Having parents who I love very much, I decided to explore their campaign and found myself joining the PROVITAL Immuna Plus partnered with Watsons Malaysia who had Dr. Kent Woo Chee Keen, Consultant Physician, Allergist and Immunologist of Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur to share the importance of immunity during the launch. 

“Mead Johnson Nutrition is proud to continue to introduce products that we believe will help build healthier Malaysians. The introduction of our first adult nutritious milk, PROVITAL Immuna Plus aims to offer Malaysians adults a nutritional source to activate and strengthen their bodies’ natural defenses. The Activate Your Immunity, Activate Your Life campaign was launched to support the overall awareness and education on the importance of nutrition in caring for our health, especially in enhancing the immune system in our later years,” said Gonzalo Balcazar, General Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam.

I do believe that health is a fundamental aspect of our lives especially in this new normal here currently. Having Watsons understand the challenges consumers may be facing during the time of the pandemic, hence initiated Health 45+ program, a value-added program for those who are 45 years and above, hoping to ease some burden to Watsons members when shopping for their health productsPROVITAL Immuna Plus’ unique proposition is a great addition to Watsons’ selection of health products to cater to the specific needs of adult customers in their golden years. With this partnership, consumers who sign up for this program get to enjoy the additional discounts when purchasing PROVITAL Immuna Plus.

In conjunction with the launch, Mead Johnson Nutrition shared vital insights into the perceptions and attitudes of Malaysians towards nutrition and immunity, gleaned from a survey conducted with close to 3,000 respondents recently. [4].


Amongst the key insights revealed by the survey was that there has been a positive shift in the level of awareness on topics of immune health amongst 60% of Malaysians since the pandemic, where 67.5% of respondents had consumed more nutritional products to strengthen their health. The survey also revealed that 44.5% of respondents believe that nutrition is a key factor for strong immunity. This correlates with their behavioral changes in making healthier nutrition choices, where 91.5% of respondents have included more fruits and vegetables into their diet whilst about 60% have added or increased the intake of nutrition products. A large majority or 78.7% of respondents aged 40 and above think that their immunity levels grow weaker as they age.


Gonzalo added, “Now more than ever, concerns around our immune health have come into sharper focus; and it is for this specific reason that PROVITAL Immuna Plus was formulated. This high calcium and protein milk powder can be integrated into one’s daily diet to enhance immunity and mobility. Its key ingredient – yeast beta-glucan, helps to support immune system associated with colds, and 2 glasses of PROVITAL Immuna Plus provide 204mg of yeast beta-glucan which is the recommended level to show effect.”


“As immunity declines with age and the immune system become weaker, human bodies will become more susceptible to infections and illnesses. Proper nutrition which can aid in the development and maintenance of the immune system, together with a healthy stress-free lifestyle is one of the best ways to strengthen the immune system. Nutrients such as yeast beta-glucan is shown to enhance the immune system. Beta-glucan from different sources provides different health function, while yeast beta-glucan is the type of beta-glucan that support the immune system. [1,5,6].” Dr. Kent Woo shares.

Calling for all Malaysians to embrace life positively!


PROVITAL Immuna Plus also would like to celebrate the admired efforts of local heroes who have contributed to society in their own ways as part of the ‘Activate Your Immunity, Activate Your Life’ campaign in conjunction with Malaysia Day.


Known as “Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia”, this program aims to recognize, honor and celebrate ordinary Malaysians doing extraordinary things in making a difference in their communities today. We urge the public to join our efforts in showing our appreciation for inspiring Malaysians who have been championing a cause for the betterment of society by nominating them to be a Local heroes too.


The program is now open to nominations. The public can nominate deserving Malaysians who have carried out activities or initiatives that serve or meet a community's needs. Nominations can be submitted via from 19 July 2021 until 8 August 2021 at midnight. Each Local Hero will receive a one (1) year supply of PROVITAL Immuna Plus adult nutritious milk and have their stories featured on PROVITAL Immuna Plus’ digital platforms.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Unbelievable Packages for Takaful & Road Tax Renewal Plans

The numbers of the Covid-19 cases have been uncontrollable since and im pretty sure all of us are struggling with getting our errands done for the year. While you are safe by staying at home, let me introduce to you CAKNA, who will always offer attractive packages to help lighten your needs! This time around, CAKNA takes you towards a blessed and more significant transaction to get your errands done at ease without worries. 

I would significantly say that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has left not only me but has also been a huge impact on the economy and daily lives of Malaysians. CAKNA has been called upon togetherness to all government agencies, including the private sector, to work together facing this very difficult period by reducing the burden of society through a solution that they have come up with, CAKNA. The role of CAKNA may be small but our focus is to help ease the burden of Malaysians.

For your information, CAKNA offers the Takaful and Road Tax Renewal Scheme (TRTS) through a digital application developed by CMA Solutions Sdn Bhd with the support and cooperation of Coshare Holdings Berhad as a salary deduction agency recognized by the Accountant General's Department of Malaysia, rest assured guaranteeing you a safe platform to renew your schemes through a digitalized platform. 

On top of that, CAKNA also offers micro-credit financing with the concept of 'Qard Ul Hassan', which is shariah-compliant financing without "interest" and interest-free. Repayment of this financing is in installments through deduction of staff salaries without charging any "interest". Together we are definitely moving forward towards a blessed and more significant transaction. With CAKNA, it is possible to get all your needs done in a much safer environment. 

3 Key Advantages of CAKNA 

1. Manage completely online - fast, easy & simple. 
2. Easy payment without interest 
3. Easy payment with salary deduction - personal information details are protected 

Who is Eligible to Apply for CAKNA 

1. Government Employees 
2. GLC employees who have registered with Coshare Holdings Berhad * for salary deduction 
3. Private Company Employees * COSHARE HOLDINGS BERHAD is a company entrusted by the government to use the salary deduction CODE of government employees and statutory bodies. Coshare does not use SPACE BUREAU DEDUCTIONS but deductions through COSHARE (Civil Servant Salary Deduction Code Owner). Coshare is not a Cooperative and has no membership fees.

How Does CAKNA Work? 

1. Get a quote, complete the form online as shown below. Be reminded ye, to get a quote, road tax at least 2 months before expiration. 
2. Select Takaful Package 
3. Log in to the CAKNA portal 
4. Select the payment method (3 types namely Government Employees Salary Deduction, Private Company Salary Deduction and Direct Online Banking) Want to understand more, you can watch the video below which is a clear explanation of how to make a new registration on the CAKNA website.


So what are you waiting for? Be sure to get your price list and quotation now! It's not just an easy application format, but the price is definitely affordable too! Head on over to by choosing from various packages that they have to offer. The interest-free package is charged on the financing and the E-cover note will be displayed as soon as 48 hours! So, be sure you register now!


Thursday, July 15, 2021

[REVIEW] PLDQ Waterful Moisture Snail Cream | Water Based Snail Cream

When was the last time you moisturized?

I don't know if you realized, but Malaysia has recently become pretty hot with all the heat coming from the sun. And when we talk about the sun, im talking about the harsh UV rays which actually are the main cause of aging to our skin. Yikes! Without further a-do, I decided to hunt for a moisturizer that would keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, and when it comes to moisturizing, usually snail-based moisturizers never fail. 

Got my parcel all the way from Korea with some freebies!

The first time I heard about these snail moisturizers was during my visit to Korea and we all know that Korea is like the land of beauty, which lead me to explore Korean brands and found myself being hooked on PLDQ's Waterful Moisture Snail Cream. It comes in a big 200ml tub and it functions not only as a moisturizer but also as a night mask as well! Gotta love the multipurpose usage!

Presenting to you PLDQ Waterful Moisture Snail Cream

Texture: Gel-like texture 

Just for your information, the PLDQ is manufactured in Korea and it comes in a 200ml Big Size tub which I believe would be sufficient to last me a month or two. And the hook that got me into getting this would be that it's multi-functional, offering benefits of reducing wrinkles and brightens the skin as well. With the main ingredients of 10000ppm of snail mucus filtrate, Cantella extract, walnut root extract, and rosemary leaf extract, it naturally provides restoring benefits to the skin while providing the moisturizing nutrients to ensure that skin stays energized and supple. 

May be a little thick when applied, but it feels lightweight on skin

Going into detail on the texture, as we all know, snail mucus tends to have a sticky residue since that is the secret ingredient that protects the skin from drying at all times. At first, I thought the texture was a little too thick for my oily skin, but after a few minutes of leaving it on, the cream slowly becomes lighter and it doesn't feel as heavy anymore. Considering it's a hydrating moisturizing cream, I guess you can expect that it's super thick when you apply it at first, but as you leave it on, it gives your skin a nice dewy glow. Major love! Btw, in case youre wondering how to use this snail cream, here are some tips on multiple ways you can consider using them! 

Application 1 | Night Routine

Use it by applying a thick layer and leave it on

After washing your face, you can apply PLDQ Snail Cream on your face and wrap your face with a new cotton sheet to let the nutrients and benefits of the cream to sink into your skin for 9-13 minutes. Remove the face mask and lightly dab the skin to let the skin fully absorb the remaining essence of the snail cream.

Application 2 | Night Cream

After cleansing your face, apply toner and apply the PLDQ snail cream. Gently massage your face in circular motion till the skin fully absorbs the Snail Cream. To ensure that the cream is well absorbed by the skin, lightly tap the skin to encourage absorption. 

Application 3 | Daily Usage

Apply just enough amount as a moisturizing cream before applying make up

This is by far my favorite way to apply the PLDQ Snail Cream. After cleansing, apply toner then apply a pea-sized amount of snail cream and spread it evenly on the face. It will create a primer layer on the skin, giving it just the right texture to apply to makeup while it keeps the skin well hydrated throughout the day. I noticed that using this method, also made my makeup last longer than usual. 


As an overall verdict, I would have to say that for RM59.70, it's definitely worth more than that! The original price on-site actually cost RM107, but I got this from Shopee at 44% which I think is a steal deal! It may not be like a big international brand, but the quality of the formulation is just as good as the big brands I'd say. Would I repurchase? I would definitely say yes because it's affordable and fact that I've been using it for over a week now, I still love how soft it makes my skin feel, not to forget the appearance that it leaves on my skin. Be sure to get it on shopee at this exclusive price! I'll share the link below in case youre interested. Hehe. Tata for now!

Shopee Link:

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Up to 63% off Tea Leaves, Teawares & More

Tea lovers, are you ready? Purple Cane 34th Anniversary Member Day is finally here with up to 63% off tea leaves, teawares and more! In a blink of an eye, Purple Cane is happy to have come full circle and without realizing Purple Cane has been establishing and spreading tea culture for 34 years. All this could never have happened if not for all their tea friends and tea business operators. Fans of Purple Cane Tea will be thrilled to know that we have planned 20 days of exciting tea promotions and giveaways especially to thank all our fans for supporting us all these years. The Purple Cane 34th Anniversary Member Day Sale will be happening from 13 July to 1 August 2021 simultaneously online via Purple Cane E-Shop ( and all Purple Cane Tea Art Centres nationwide.

In light of the pandemic which we are still battling, this year Purple Cane would like to advocate and emphasize on Live Life Green With Tea For Immunity Boosting. With exclusive once a year tea deals and offers up to 63% off, tea lovers rest assured and have the peace of mind to stay calm with relaxing tea fragrance, boost your immunity and maintain good health. For those who are unable to visit Purple Cane Tea Art Centres or prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes may join in this sale online! Purple Cane E-Shop offers similar deals at and FREE Shipping within West Malaysia with no minimum purchase until 1 August 2021.

Purple Cane 34th Anniversary Member Day Sale Offers:

1. Super Value Puer Bundles up to 63% off

2. Tea Leaves & Teaware up to 34% off

3. Special Selected Purple Clay & Purple Cane House Brand Teapots for up to 35% off

4. Lin’s Ceramics Series, Cane’s Tea Bags & Nett Price Items up 20% off

Exclusive voucher giveaways total worth RM3MIL from their participating partners (TEAX, Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Tea+, Signature Market, Youbeli, Cite, Love18, RT Pastry and more). Additional Purple Cane RM30 cash voucher with minimum spend of RM100 online or in stores.

Additionally, users who checkout with ShopeePay for their Purple Cane orders on will receive RM3 cashback daily with minimum spend of RM15. This offer is valid once per day per user. All bonus campaigns will be automatically terminated once fully redeemed. T&C Apply.

But wait! There’s more. Purple Cane has launched their new and upgraded Purple Cane Communi-tea Rewards that allows tea lovers like yourself to save more when you drink more tea. Register during this period for free and join the community to SAVE MORE as their Star Member or Gold Member. Additional perks on your birthday month, members only promotions and more. More details on Purple Cane Communi-tea Rewards: