Wednesday, December 31, 2008


24th december 2008 to 29th december 2008.

will update about it soon :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

25th december

It's christmas!

finally! how long i've been waiting for this! lmao. presents! shoes, handbags, top designer's shirts and etc... yeay! ahah. well, im in singapore now. wooh! christmas in singapore in snow world. XD nice eh? but still i would prefer celebrating christmas with my family. everyone now is in sarawak celebrating christmas and having fun. mann, i wish i was there. huhu. im hoping for next year. this years party is like the whole big family is going to be there. my uncles and aunties from holand, germany, japan, UK, brunei, andd australia. singing competition, best dressed, etc. its mainly something like a prom but for families. haha. :D so, yeah. celebrating with my mum, dad, daniel, and baby. i guess thats enough. :) *just being thankful. lol. so eveyone.....


Monday, December 22, 2008

Tagged by Michelle :)

*1. Those who get tagged must answer the question about themselves.
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Time: 11.28am
Name: Aliza Sara
Age/Birthday: 30.7.92
School: SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, PJ
Elder Sister: Im the eldest
Younger Sister: Ellina Danae (baby)
Elder Brother: None
Younger Brother: Daniel
Favourite Liquids [Drinks]: Ice Lemon Tea , smoothies, tropical fruits, and whatever that's expensive. haha. lmao
Favourite Consumables [Food]: Ice-cream , Chocolate , Sweets etc.
Favourite Place To Sleep: my floral bed
Flying: so wish i could. no traffic jam if i wanna go shop ;p
Swimming/Diving: after you own one, you wont feel like swimming -.-
How Much Friends In MSN:75
Couple: iloveyouu (:
Loved Ones: Family and Friends
Get Kicked On The Butt?:my close friends do. playing around
Allergic?: none ?
Gastric?: nehh, i eat alot. haha
Whole Fortune?: ok laa .
Age Of Marriage: Above 25 below 30
Children Wanted: 3 :D
Age Of Death: idk?
Animals In House: hamsters, terrapins, fishies :D
Longest Fingernail Ever Kept: my fingernails are always short :p
Wanted Birthday Present: anything lah (: but good friends are enough.

Q: In your dream, God tells you you are a billionaire in your dream world and gives you a wish. What would you wish for?
A. same as chloe and michelle woooohhh. have the power of what i want and i'll get it. haha

10 people to tag:
yen peng

Sunday, December 21, 2008

2nd post todayy :D hottie

haha. 2 posts in one day? cool! :D

mann, tired baby siting -.-
so yeahh, went out to dinner at 8pm with my german relatives. showing them some malaysian food.
they love Malaysia food. haha. surprisingly!

so, we ate kangkung belacan, tomyam, steam fish, kerabu sotong, daging merah etc.
my mum ordered alot!

ohh, and thats Felix and daniel.

felix is 14? so yeahh, i chated with him. mann, he's cute lahh! lucky he could speak english.
his english is better than his parents. so, i asked some questions:

me:so, what do you like about malaysia?
Felix: shopping. i love shopping and melaka(with his german accent).
his parents: yeah, we shopped for 3 hours just to look for felix's shoes.

felix told us that our 5ringgit is like 1 euro. if he bought shoes in german, it would cost like 135euro's and in malaysia, he would have to pay around 25euro's. haha. so he was like, malaysia is freaking cheap! :p cant imagine. baru shop dekat KLCC. not yett in bukit bintang, sungai wang, times square. haha. so, he bought all those branded stuff. i was like whoa! RM1000++ a day? he was like, yeah, in german we would spend around RM2500 on shopping day. whoa! speechless. XD

Daniel: whats the name of your school?
Felix:Wentzinger(in german accent)
Daniel: wzzz? what?
Felix: maybe i should spell it out for you.
Daniel: yeah sure.
Felix: (writing)
Daniel:*reading it* whenzinger? (sounds like zinger burger) lmao.
Felix: *laughed*
Daniel: whoa! idk how to pronounce this.
Felix:haha. whats the name of your school?
Daniel: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Abdul Samad.
Felix: whhhatt?

haha. yeahh, it was funn. felix learned a malaysian word. *tidak* lol. :D

thats all for now, im sleepy and its almost midnight. goodnight

baby siting

its was my sister's friend birthday party, Jamie.
so, my mum left me in charge. nooo! sadlyy, i did nothing but sit and sit and sit. my sister was having fun in the pool with all her other friends. me on the other hand, hoping that she wont drown :) haha.

3pm-6pm: read magazines :) galaxie and seventeen. slowly reading for 3 whole hours!

mann, i love their pool. <3

haha, while i was sitting alone, i heard weird sounds? scarry at first. then, i went to check it out for a while. guess what? monkeys? haha :D


Monday, December 15, 2008


i was freaking bosan nak mati! haha.

woke up: 10am
had brunch:11am-12pm
piano class :2pm
then for 6 hours : watched tv and ate some jellybeans. woohh. funn.

so, yeah, im grounded for 3 months. no need to know why.
my plans everyday for 3 months : wake up, survive, go back to bed.

wish me luck :/

Saturday, December 13, 2008


we had dinner today with my uncle tom and aunty petra. they miss the chicken rice in malaysia -.- they love malaysian food alot! pluss, the food here are cheaper than in german. there, u cant afford to eat out twice a week. its mainly not worth it. haha. so yeahh, lucky to be living in malaysia :)

haha, thats it for now, its late. night! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

again && again

Again, Pavillion. haha. -.-

baby ; excited!
she seriously loves roxy and expensive stuffs.
mummy: too many shoes are never enough :)
OMG ; im so totally getting fatter!
need to eat less -.-
was bored in the car

so yeahh, went back around 4pm to avoid traffic jam :)
daddy: i like Pavillion. because sara wont buy anything. *too expensive* haha.

that is all, sleepy. nights!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

lisa lucas

haha. wee, she came to my house today :) took pictures oni.

lisa: mann! your house damn boring. (i took that as a compliment)

well, its true. to appreciate your life. come visit my house. it wont take more than an hour. XD

woohh, yeahh. watch tv, went downstairs for lunch, took pictures by the pool, went up and go online. veryy sad kann? but, i got used to it, so, yeah. thats my lame boring life.

food: mushroom steak, sweet & sour chicken and chicken wings.
drinks: ice lemon teas, sprite.

the toilet? haha
yehh, the waterfall :) near the swimming pool.

i miss school, school is much more interesting and fun'er than my house. -.-
haha. wee.. so yeah. thats it. :D

byebye. im sleepy. night.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

dot dot dot

paris's advice
loads of expensive clothes + no personality = no mates. its a simple life!

kerry's advice :
tell the world how crazy your mum is, while going to extreme lengths
to show everyone you're just as bad.

haha. im just writing it down for fun :) so like, its been a long time since i've updated my blog. the reason to that is basically because im doing alot of stuff. wee. well, it was fun.

friday, went to pavillion with adibah and some guys.
and i made a new friend. sofie :D she's nice.

10.15-12.30 : watched bolt 3D with daddy, mummy and baby
(but i came out erlier)

12.00-2.30 : twilight. ahh. it was nice. but not as nice as the book. the book was nicer still.

haha. next, we went to sungai wang. crowded much? haha. did'nt like it. but i love their prices there. bapak murah nak mati. LMAO! i was hungry, so suma terpaksa pegi mcdonals. eat eat eat. they make fun of me, cause i ate like a baby. haha. so what? i am a big baby! and i cry like a baby when i dont get my way. teruk kan? haha. then buy buy buy sampai everyone was cashless. it was worth it. i think? XD *sigh* i miss adibahh. sofie? haha. she was exactly like me. we own the same purse. haha. the colour was the only thing diffrent. so, yeah, sofie is now officially my bff! :P i miss her too.

ahaha. thats need to know about other things. i know is lame.but lucky thing is, i dont care :D

Monday, December 1, 2008

cant wait!

haha. christmas presents! 25th of december! 24 days to go.

*wish i could celebrate with my grandma in sarawak. *sigh* this year their having a christmas party with all my aunt's , uncles, and cousins. including the ones staying overseas. :/

christmas was always like family time together but better since it includes presents. haha. XD

off to bed. nights! :)