Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Celebration at 1 Utama

Social Media Is Not That Scary
Earlier today, i decided to check out the Halloween Celebration happening at 1 Utama, and boy they had tons of things to do! This happens to be 1 Utama's first social media event to actually provide more exciting events for shoppers to enjoy.

This is happening from the 30th of October until the 1st of November 2015 at the Ground Floor Promenade, just right in front of TGIF this weekend. So if you happen to be around, be sure to check them out to win some exciting goodies!

Spooky Skeleton
What caught my attention was their tagline which said "Social media isnt that scary" where there feature different platforms of social media looking epic in a Halloween themed design. After a second glance at the social media icons, it does make the whole event look and feel like the season of fear. Boo! Good job 1 Utama!

You gotta be with me that their deco is the BOMB!
Never really liked spider webs, even if theyre fake.
Mr Spider wants to join you for tea.
But i have to say that they had an EPIC living room, really attracted all the attention, complete with life sized skeletons, cobwebby bookcases, fireplace, and eerie decorations for shoppers to take photos and share it online. Even i managed to take a photo with the set too! IT LOOKS AMAZING! I mean, not to expect much, but if 1 Utama ever happens to have a haunted house one day, with all the sets looking similar to this, it would be the highlight of any Halloween day/night.

The Friendly Dead Mascots of the day.
There were a pair of creepy friendly mascot characters walking around to embrace and get shoppers to feel the Halloween spirit! Despite looking very ghostly, even little kids were not afraid to snap pictures with these mascots, cause they were ever ready to just meet more people this halloween.

Now the fun part! Did you know that you can redeem gifts by just being there? And no, no spending necessary, this time they uniquely use social media as Halloween currency to make redemptions more exciting. Woohoo! There are three social media stations which are available at the event area, where each social platform gives you different rewards.

Instagram Photobooth Area
Get your photos printed out instantly!
Theres an Instagram Station, where you can take selfies with friends or family at the spooky photobooth and all you need to do is share it our on your instagram, and hashtag #1Utama to receive a complimentary ghostly 4R photo print! Each day, they'll be giving out 100 TGV cinema movie passes, so be sure to be the early bird tomorrow to get yourself some passes!

Facebook station gives out edible goods.
Got myself some fresh cotton candy and popcorn. Yums
Next would be their Facebook station which is a favourite for the kids, cause by liking 1Utama's official facebook page, you get to redeem yourself sinful treats like free popcorn and cotton candy. Managed to get my hands on them, and it felt oh so Sinful!

Youtube // Twitter Station
Spin the wheel to determine your prize.
Last station would be the Twitter & Youtube station where you get to spin the wheel of Horror and win prizes! All you need to do is to follow them on twitter or youtube, and you instantly get to bring yourself some devilish freebie depending on your luck. Hehe.

S&J, 10% off for 1Utama Card Holders.
Free makeover for 1Utama Card Holders
Candies were on sale!
And for ONECARD Card Holder's, you can get yourself some Halloween Privilege Treats as well! For being a ONECARD Card Holder, you get three benefits to enjoy, from getting a free special effect face paint, an additional 10% discount at Cold Storage, and an additional 10% when you shop at S&J!

Kids enjoying their Keychain Workshop
Not forgetting the kids, 1Utama has decided to give them some opportunities to enjoy the season too! But in a less scary version, by giving them a DIY Halloween Keychain Workshop and a Decorate Spooky Cupcake Workshop. So for today, i managed to check out the workshop, and the kids looks like they had tons of fun making pumpkin and macaron monster keychains by using air dry clay. The Decorate Spooky Cupcake workshop on the other hand will be happening tomorrow, so be sure to register yourself early tomorrow for your kids, as this is only complimentary for kids aged 5-12 years old and limited to the first 20 pax.

Take a picture and bring it back home while you still have the chance to
Its great to see 1 Utama interacting with their loyal customers, and of course, im sure we are all looking out for more event organised by 1 Utama right? So there you have it. 1 Utama in Halloween mode. Dont worry, its still not to late as you can still enjoy halloween by dropping by 1 Utama tomorrow!

Be sure to follow 1 Utama social media's to keep yourself updated with more events!

Hope you enjoyed reading my post, to more updates loves.
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StyleTribute's First Pop-Up Store in Malaysia

Bringing exciting news to fashion enthusiast in Malaysia, StyleTribute travelled all the way from Singapore to reach out to Malaysians. StyleTribute is an online destination for pre-loved luxury fashion pieces which are made available at a fraction of the price. So imagine getting a Prada bag which is worth RM12,600 at only RM2,400 instead? Have caught your attention yet? Hehe.

The Set Up
So, if you would like to get more hands on, you can drop by their Pop-Up Store happening at Vineria, Bangsar Shopping Centre. I was at their official launch, so i managed to take some pictures just so that you guys have a preview of what to expect. Also, i warn you that you might be SO TEMPTED to actually spend while youre there. I know i was. haha

Start drooling girls
Chanel classics were available too
Spot your favourite
Balenciaga cluthes were available too
Being surrounded by Chanel, Celine, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, Prada and more, it was hard to resist myself from getting my hands on it. So if you love branded goods, be sure to pop by and maybe you could bring something home instead of waiting for it through postage.

Some dresses which some were 90% off!
More options
They even had luxury brand pre-loved clothes, which are in excellent condition, and checked if it was authentic. I also heard that some were even never worn, which makes it entirely brand new! I knew i saw a Prada Tweed Jacket at RM300++ from RM2,600! And it was a really stunning piece i truly admired.

They are available online!
But if youre feeling a little lazy to pop by, why not get a preview online instead? Yep, available online to make it convenient for you to shop. What is there not to love right? They have a variety of clothing's, bags, shoes and accessories from various brands, which are available online, so if you spot anything that you fancy, be sure to grab it FAST because they will literally disappear when you come back the next time.

Shoes on ST.
You can also shop based on designer for easy navigation.
If you happen to have your own luxury goods which you would want to sell, well good news! because you can sell it here. They also created StyleTribute as a platform to sell luxury goods. There is a saying that a persons trash could be another persons treasure. And by treasure, i mean looking and feeling expensive without spending too much.

You can also decide to sell your goods too.
Well, be sure to get a taste of their luxury pieces at a fraction of the price. Imagine that the discount are up to 90% OFF! So if youre lucky, you could possibly get your hands on a dress or a bag at less than RM400, in excellent condition. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to make your way and start hunting! Here an ootd of me and the girls looking pretty darn fine at the launch. Hehe

#OOTD with the ladies
Well, i'll leave the decisions to you and be sure to drop by while you still have the chance to! They'll be in Vineria Bangsar Shopping Centre, from the 28th of October until the 3rd of November 2015. Do visit when you have the time, and check out some possibly new products that might be your dream bag.

Official Facebook Page:

Thanks for dropping by,

Friday, October 30, 2015

[REVIEW] Gran's Remedy ; For smelly feet & footwear

As much that im embarrassed to admit this, but the truth has to be told that i have smelly feet each time i take off my footwear. Im not too sure if its my feet or footwear, but its usually when im out and when my feet get all sweaty. I know, eww. So today, my purpose of writing this would be to share to you about my latest discovery to solve your smelly feet problems.

Each tub of Grans Remedy comes with their own spoon!
What causes Smell Feet? 

I think we all know that our feet are the natural habitat of bacterias, and they thrive on sweat and dead skin. And these bacteria's are the reason behind the stinky smell. So when your pair of shoes are sealed nicely to make you feet sweat, apparently you've created a feast for bacteria.

I was introduced with Grands Remedy to solve my smelly issue, and it claims to be the perfect remedy for smelly feet and footwear. The packaging doesn't look as attractive, but it does give a feel that the recipe has worked for years, making it a great representation of Gran's Remedy. Now, lets find out if it is THE solution to smelly feet & footwear.

How do i use it?

The packaging.
1 spoonful of powder
Each tub of Gran's Remedy contains about 50 gms, and its sufficient to last you a week, to give you six months protection from icky bacteria and stench. First, shake the tub well to make sure the ingredients are well spread out. Next would be to place a spoonful of powder in your most worn shoe, once a day for the entire week. And thats it!

My icky smelly shoes.
Spread the powder like so.
After a week of usage, it should leave your shoes, and you feet without any odour. But since i know that my feet are clean and clear from bacteria, i decided to take extra pre-cautions to wash my feet before walking in my favourite pair of shoes, just to make sure that the treatment last longer.


If you have any open wounds on your feet, it is not advised to use Gran's Remedy, until your would is heal. The ingredients might be reactive to open wounds, and we wouldn't want them to fight with the wrong bacteria.


After about a week of using Gran's Remedy, my shoe which has been collecting my pile of sweat each time i wear it has not left any smelly scent on my feet every time i take my shoes off. MAJOR LOVE! Now i can walk around confidently without worrying about how bad my feet smell. Would i recommend this? YES!

If youre wondering, my shoes are about 3 months old with leather lining on the inside. So you can imagine how bad leather and sweat smells. But Thanks to Gran's Remedy, it left my shoe feeling fresh without harming the material.

Some information on the content.
My Verdict

+ To be used everyday for a week for best results
+ Protection would last for about 6 months
+ Removes smelly odour from your shoes and feet
+ Comes together with their own spoon
+ Easy to use
+ Traditional remedy handed down through generations (Since 1982)
+ Comes in Original, Cooling ans Scented

Psst, i heard they're having pretty snazzy promotions that you wouldnt want to miss online.
Thanks for reading and if you have tried Gran's Remedy out yourself, do share your experiences below. Would love to know how it works on you as well ;) Be sure to visit Gran's Remedy's Official Website if you would like to read up more on it, or if youre up for their social media updates, be sure to visit their Official Facebook Page for promotions and discounts.

To better smelling feet for a confident you!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

[REVIEW] MiaCare Acne Patch ; For day & Night

Say Goodbye to Acne
Good morning! Im starting today with a review of MiaCare Acne Patch. They can be said very new in the market, and theyre doing pretty well cause when i wanted to restock my packs of MiaCare at home, the stores ran out of it. Now im reminding myself to grab and go whenever i see them in stores. haha. Wondering why are these acne patches selling out fast? Well, im about to tell you why.

Seal Sticker
Comes with instructions, and patches sealed in a pack
These patches are practically 'life saviours' when youre in need to get rid of acne. In my experience, i usually would get an acne attack at a certain time of the month. Its either when my periods are coming, or when im cleaning the house, and BAM, the next day, acne's spots on my face. And thanks to MiaCare, they have made it easier to remove acne within less than 72 hours!

Some information
Some information
Each pack of MiaCare Day & Night Acne Patch comes with a pack of Day Patches, a pack of Night patches and a guideline book on how to use this life saviour patches. What these patches do basically would be that they absorb the icky white stuff which are also known as pus, from your acne, then acts as a protective layer to prevent bacteria infection, leaving your face acne free without scars.

How do i use MiaCare?

Well since the pack comes with instructions, its not that hard to really use them. But based on the instructions, its advisable to make sure that your acne and your hands are dry and clean to minimise on bacteria contact.

Tear one patch out
Once your hands and face are clean, first you might need to tear off one of the acne patches then remove it half way to release the paper. Next attach the center of the patch to the acne and remove the remaining paper. Gently press the patch for 3-5 seconds for better adhesion and invisibility.

Individual piece
When Acne patch becomes white in colour OR if you have used it for more than 12 hours, replace it with a new patch for faster recovery. Acne patches are to be used until acne is completely healed, but in my case, it goes away after 3 patches which is equivalent to 1 and a half days. Woohoo!

Tear half the paper out and stick the patch do desired acne.
And thats about it! What makes MiaCare Acne Patch unique is that they have designed ultra thin patches which makes acne look invisible. The difference between the day and night patches doesnt look as different, but they function differently which i believe is a great effort by MiaCare.

The Difference

The difference.
Day patch
Day patches reduce and clear acne invisibly, and if its not invisible enough, you can always apply a layer of make up to cover it up.

Night patch
Night patches are slightly more obvious when applied to acne, but the absorption rate is higher since all you do at night is sleep.

The Verdict

+ Day patches are ultra thin
+ Night patches has stronger absorption of acne pus
+ Easy to Tear off patches individually
+ Fast Recovery
+ No scarring

Say goodbye to acne the minute you say hello to MiaCare. Its amazing how MiaCare Acne Patches are ultra thin and absorbs acne pus, without leaving any scars. Thanks to MiaCare, i will giving 3 lucky readers a chance to experience MiaCare acne patches themselves!


Giveaway time!

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Its really not that hard to get yourselves these
Good Luck and all the best! Be sure to visit MiaCare's official Facebook Page to keep yourself updated with their latest products ok? Till my next post