Saturday, May 23, 2020

Wireless earphones with powerbank by CLIPtec

With the drive to exceed customers’ preferences and produce excellent, high quality, user-friendly technology that is essential to the ever- changing digital world today, CLiPtec is no stranger to the tech community. With the optimism and determination to invent futuristic products for today’s digital lifestyle, CLiPtec is on track with the latest trend as it introduces its latest Bluetooth earbuds.

The CLiPtec BTW308D Bluetooth Digital Display True Wireless Stereo Earphone With Power Bank (Dot-X) comes with a built-in advanced Bluetooth chip version 5.0, enabling the earphones to have higher compatibility and excellent sound quality with a low power consumption for calls and music. It’s charging dock is also equipped with a 2-way digital LED display screen that allows the user to see the power volume, battery balance and also ongoing charging status. Now we no longer have to worry about our earphones giving up on us halfway through a call or while our favourite tracks are playing.

This pair of earphones also comes along with a power bank function as it is equipped with a unique conductive portable charging system of 2200mAh capacity battery, so users will never have to worry about running out of battery on their TWS earphones and mobile phone. Equipped with one-step pairing technology, taking both earphones out of the charging box allows them to auto-pair with each other to ensure users get the best sound quality experience.

For music lovers out there who appreciate a good-quality sound performance, these earphones come with an innovative acoustic design and cutting-edge stereo sound, delivering a clean treble response and distortion-free deep bass. With no more wires bound, users can enjoy sports and music to their heart's content.

Talking about convenience and safety, the one-button design provides users with a multi-functional singular button to answer or reject phone calls, Bluetooth pairing, power on-off, and play or pause music. At just 4.7 grams per unit weight, this small and light comfortable design lets users enjoy music up to 5 hours at 70% volume.

Music lovers can get the CLiPtec BTW308D DOT-X Bluetooth Earphone for only RM169. If all of the above have not caught your attention, then this will. From now till 31 May, the earphone will be up for pre-order at only RM89.00, almost half its original price for the first 100 customers only at CLiPtec’s Official Store on Shopee Mall. These first 100 customers will also be receiving a free CLiPtec THE LOCK Slim Flat USB 2.0 Micro-B Cable OCC100. They can also enjoy a special purchase-with-purchase offer of the GZU360 USB Charger at RM3.00 only (RRP: RM15.00).

The CLiPtec Official Store on Shopee is where shoppers can be assured that the products received are 100% authentic, while enjoying a worry-free 1-year warranty. For more information on CLiPtec’s deals and promotions, head over to the CLiPtec Official Store at

Friday, May 22, 2020

Ver5ion | Be the First to know about Health, Beauty and Fashion Trends in Malaysia

If you consider yourself a trend setter, and a person who enjoys keeping track of the latest trends, then Ver5ion has got you covered. Just recently, Ver5ion went live with thie digital site,, that offers Malaysians on all the latest news on health, beauty and fashion from all around the world.

Founded by Veronica Lee, Chief Executive officer, she shared that her team is very excited to share this site as they want Malaysians to be aware of the latest trends, while encouraging them to maintain external and internal image though this portal. The website offers seven sections, namely, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Blog, Ver5ionShop, Discovery and Brands for visitors to browse through. Ver5ion offers more that your usual portal as it offer a hybrid of driven self expression while indentifiying self choices.

Going though each section, the Fashion section offers segments covering trends, inpirational outfits, celebrity styles and fashion advices. With latest trends being offered within a few clicks on your digital devide, you will be ever ready to get the right advise before making a purchase for yourself.

The Beauty section focuses and provides information on Skincare, Makeup, Hair, Body and Nails, Fragrance and Beauty news that would keep you on track on the latest gossips on beauty. I also heard that by visiting this section, you can also get a quick update on some beauty hacks to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant as you grow older. Getting advise wouldnt hurt right?

In the Lifestyle section, the topics they offer covers Wine & Dine experiences, Fitness & Health, Entertainment, Travel & Interiors, Technology, Guide to Life and New bites so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. If you consider yourself a socialite, this section should be bookmarked as you can plan your outings with friends by impressing them on the coolest places and activities to do on an outing.

There is also a blog segment sharing a wide range of topics, sharing important information from external and internal sources from Ver5ion. There is also the Ver5ion Store to check out where they offer an e-commerce platform, which allows visitors of the site to purchase their favourite things without breaking your bank account. The Discovery section offers insights on deals, promotions and sales that would definitely save you some moolah.

Not to forget, they also have a section that covers on Brand that would allow you to discover a huge variety of brands and possibly diversify your views on various brands and topics. When it comes to Brands, i would usually seek for the core source on how it all started. I had a run through on this section and boy it has tons of good information on Brands to go for and brands that should be a miss.

Well, now you know that Ver5ion offers informative content while providing you life topics that would help you with your wardrobe choices during different seasons, games that would entertain you when you need it, 9 podcasts to listen while keeping your brain in check, and so much more! With Ver5ion being available now, this site acts as a great way to alert you with the outside world without the need of you to step out of the house.

In celebration of the launch of, Ver5ionShop will be offering a special discount of 20% when customers purchase a specific fashion brand. Subject to selected brands in all categories at Ver5ionShop, this promotion will run from May 15, 2020 until June 14, 2020, where customers can save money on buying blouses, shorts, skirts (skirts + shorts), pants, dresses, skirts and blazers. With people taking precautionary measures during these difficult times, Ver5ionShop will be sending orders to customers in the Klang Valley for now. Learn more about Ver5ion today at or checkout their social sites on FB or IG.


Thursday, May 7, 2020


Reviewing Thank You Farmers Deep Toner and Light Gel Cream
When it comes to Korean Skincare, I would have to admit that I know that you can't really go wrong when it comes to hydration. If youre a beauty enthusiast, you would know that Korea is well known to be the beauty supplying the industry for mass, and we all know that they are leading in providing quality beauty products at an affordable price gaining trust from all around the world. Without hesitation, I saw a review on THANK YOU FARMER from another blogger and got pretty convinced with what they have to offer. After my recent trip from Bali, my skin was a little dry, so I wanted to find something to hydrate my skin better, leading to you to a review on two products from THANK YOU FARMER which would be the True Water Deep Toner and the True Water Light Gel Cream.


The product usually comes in a box that looks like these
Each box is sealed to assure you that it's new
Before I get into details, let me give you a short introduction to where THANK YOU FARMER came about. Starting off with the name, it may sound a little funny at first glance since youre thank you to a farmer, but behind the meaning to that is actually the concept of thanking a farmer since they are one of the most honest people who follow the law of nature. From sweat and endeavors, they can get healthy grains and fruit from nature. That is deep poetry right there. So, behind THANK YOU FARMER, they make cosmetics with the heart of an honest farmer by providing skincare that can achieve healthy skin naturally without putting to much stress on the skin.

Oh not to forget that there are their lot number and expiry date too
The brand carries a few ranges for you to choose from, providing a solution for a variety of skin concerns that we may face. Just to give you an idea, they have skincare ranges such as Miracle Age, True Water Deep, True Water Light, Sun Project, Be Beautiful, Back to Iceland, Back to Pure and Relax, Star Mask and Country Man. I believe the beauty of the brand would be that their skincare can inter-exchange among the ranges, making it customizable skincare for you to solve your skin concerns. Isn't that great? Now, let's get into details of the products that I’ve gotten for myself. 


True Water Deep Toner
Since im having dry skin outside of my T-zone, this seemed like a good product for me to hydrate the skin. This range offers a calming moisturizing that provides deep moisturizing for dry skin. The range provides hydration, whitening, evens out the skin, and prevents premature aging with a special ingredient of Inositol and Hyaluronic Acid (My favorite ingredient in any skincare!).

Slightly thicker than your usual toners. (Combi liquid and gel texture)
Upon the first impression of the packaging, I would have to say that I love the minimalist look of it. The True Water Deep Toner comes in a glass bottle. I would think that all toners are pretty much the same, but when I tried this over my skin, its definitely beyond ordinary! Most toners may only have a function to minimize pores and they tend to usually be pretty drying for the skin, but the True Water Deep Toner is a game-changer as it not only minimizes pores but moisturizes too! The texture is slightly thicker than your usual toner, but it ends up to be well absorbed by the skin. 

Loving how lightweight it feels on the skin
I usually apply this after cleansing by applying the toner over my palms and lightly dab all over my face until its fully absorbed. I don't usually use my palms to apply toner, but when the product is good, we shall not let the cotton pads absorb all the good stuff! Hehe. I absolutely love the cool moisturized feeling it gives, and it works wonders around my dry skin area without stinging the skin. 


True Water Light Gel Cream
This range is formulated to be light and airy for oily or combination skin, which is perfect because I have intense oily T-zone + occasional acne around my face. Too much moisturizing ain't all that good, so with the True Water Light, this gives me just enough moisture even for my combination skin. The range offers a solution for pore and sebum concerns by providing just the right amount of moisture while controlling the sebum secretion over the skin. This has been made possible by two main ingredients which would be Inositol and Trehalose.

The tub comes with the seal to keep its content fresh at all times
Checkout the pastel shade! It's sooo pretty!
To combine with my toner, I decided to use the True Water Light Gel Cream which has a purpose to hold the moisture of the skin. Other than holding in moisture, it also soothes the skin from redness too! And again, you have to give credit to the design of the packaging. I love how it looks very minimalist and it nicely matches my toner despite it being from a different range.

The texture is light and translucent
The texture of this pretty much matches the name of the product, as it has a gel-like texture. Im a little particular when it comes to gel-cream textures, but this had a really good feel when applied to the skin. Other than it being very cooling when applied (great to minimize pores!), it’s also well absorbed by the skin too! It does feel a little sticky when freshly applied, but once the product sinks in, it has a mild layer of moisturizer to prevent the skin from losing moisture.

Easy to apply and feels amazingly light on the skin
I would usually apply this after applying toner, and essence. A side note, don't forget to use a spatula to kee the contents as hygienic as possible, instead of dipping your finger in which might contaminate the product. This gel-cream does a great job in locking in moisture and essence giving my skin optimum benefits of letting the products and nutrients sink in without it being naturally oxidized. Not to forget it also works pretty good as a primer too since I can just apply to makeup over my skin, and that would last me a good 8 hours throughout the day which I think is a fair amount of time. 


After 2 weeks of using this, my skin has definitely become smoother and brighter effortlessly
As an overall verdict, I would say that im pretty impressed with the two products that I’ve tested. Other than it being very aesthetic, it's also a quality product to pamper the skin. I’ve been diligently using this in my skincare routine for the past 2 weeks, and I would say that the results are rather convincing. Previously, I had flaky skin and oily T-zones, but after using this, it really moisturizes the skin and controls my oily secretion really well, giving me worry-free skin throughout the day.

THANK YOU FARMER products are also Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free,  made out of natural ingredients, safe for sensitive skin and has been dermatologically tested making it an extra bonus! In terms of pricing, it may be a little expensive than your drug store skincare, but judging by the quality of if, I would definitely say that it's worth every penny! After this finishes, I would say that I would repurchase it as it suits my skin well.


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

[REVIEW] Why you SHOULD get the. Mamonde Rose Water Toner

Mamonde Rose Water Toner Review
Before i share with you about my thoughts on this toner, i would like to share with you that this is not at all a paid review and the content in this post is purely based on my experience of using the Mamonde Rose Water Toner. This being my 5th bottle to date, i would have to say that i am under a floral love spell with this particular toner. If you are curious about how good this toner is, im here writing this post to reassure you on what makes it good and why i love it so much. So, lets start off with a little introduction.

Every packaging is sealed so the freshest stay at its finest before you start using
Mamonde itself has been one of my all time favourite skincare brand ever since they launched, considering that their products are pretty innovative in repairing the skin by using the power of different flowers from nature. That being said, being a person who loves getting bouquets monthly, it was like fate has brought us together. Since they have tons of ranges offering different skin concern solutions, i'll start off by sharing with you on something more versatile and suitable for all skin types, the Mamonde Rose Water Toner.

We know that there are tons of proclaim rose water toners in the market, but what makes Mamonde's Rose Water Toner different would be that the content itself gurantees over 90% of its content to be purely Rose Water. That being said, did you know that the benefits of Rose water has soothing and moisturizing effects for the skin that offers hydration to keep your skin soft and supple. Not to forget, since this product is sourced naturally from the flower itself, Mamonde managed to keep this toner free from 7 harmful chemicals, namely free from animal ingredients, mineral oil, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, trithanolamine, silicone oil and its also free from synthetic colour! 


Waterry texture
But the smells like roses. Not too strong, but mild enough for you to enjoy the scent
Now, texture is something that i find really important when it comes to toners. It plays a really important role in functionality and comfort which would usually result in how loyal you can include this toner into your skincare regime. The texture of this is watery but the highlight of this is that the toner feels very lightweight on skin when applied. It doest leave any sticky residue and it really cools the skin after application leaving your pore's minimized after every cleanse. I just love how it feels on my skin, and that is the key to a good toner. 


Use a compressed mask that you can usually get from Daiso
Soak it in the toner
Apply it on face and leave it on for a good 10 minutes
This being one of the most natural toner's i've ever used, its just more than your regular toner that you apply after cleansing. Other than a toner, did you know that this product is also great as a face mist and as an impromptu face mask? During my travels, i just had to pack some of this toner in my on the go travel sized spray bottle and it has done a good job in keeping my skin well hydrated throuhout my trip that it became a habit for me to bring it around wherever i go. Not to forget, you can also just get those compact mask packs and rinse it in the toner, and waa-lah! You have a face mask to keep your skin hydrated. Since its very versatile and can be used in different ways, i found myself loving this product which in result kept me coming back for more.

Its juts one of those recomended toners that is beyond average.
As a conclusion, i would have to say that this toner really does wonders to your skin or if your skin is in need of hydration. I have combination skin and my skin tends to flake around the lower cheek area which i find really irritating, but after using this toner, i havent experienced any dry skin situation ever since. Its multipurpose, great for hydrating needs and smells amazing! Mamonde offers a variety of toners as well to counter different skin concerns such as sebum control, firming, exfoliating and sensitive skin too! Despite not trying any of the other variants yet, im pretty sure they are just as good! Price wise, it may be on the higher range, but for the quality it provides, theres no going wrong with this toner. Anyways, if you have reached this far in my blog, i would like to thank you for dropping by and i hope that you found this post useful in making your decision. Till my next post xx

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆
Repurchased: YES!
Suitable for: All Skin Types

    Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Thermal Collection | Limited Edition

    How cute is this Guardian Exclusive tokidoki Thermal Collection
    Dont you just love being rewareded for just shopping for your regular things that you get from your next door pharmacy? In case you havent heard, after the success of the Travel Series in collaboration with tokidoki, Guardian Malaysia just recently launch yet another promotion offering the tokidoki exclusive series up for grabs! For those who are huge fans of tokidoki, this is your chance to continue to expand your tokidoki collection by collectiong th tokidoki Thermal Series next.

    In conjuction with the Ramadhan season, the tokidoki Thermal Series is to encourage their customers to eat and drink healthily. As there is a saying 'Health is Wealth', we definitely need to pay more attention on what we consume to ensure that our immune system is at its optimum strength to fight off viruses and diseases. With Guardian tokidoki's Exclusive Thermal Series, we can now safely bring heatlhy food and drinks from home or even serve it to our family members for them to bring to work or school. Since its from a thermal collection, you can now own collectable containers that will keep your food warm or cool based on your preferrence. 

    The tokidoki Thermal Collection

    You can choose pink if you love pinky shades
    Or go for blue if you love the colour of the sky
    Guardian is very proud to play their part in encouraging customers to protect the environment by using reusable containers to reduce waste in this collaboration. There are THREE items to collect and customers can get this set at a special price of RM80 per set with a minimum purchase of RM20 and above in one receipt that includes participating brands, or spend above RM40 for purchases for non participating brands. Guardian tokidoki's Exclusive Thermal Series contains heat / cold resistant bag, Thermos Resistant Flask (350ml) and Hot / Cold Food Container (500ml). For your information, flask and food container can hold cold drinks for 10 to 12 hours or hot for 8 to 10 hours. The design is cool, cheerful and up-to-date which would certainly capture the hearts of millennial collectors.

    Available at Guardian now!
    This exclusive collection is also available at Guardian's online store and it will be sent directly to your doorstep along with your order. Since Guardian tokidoki's Exclusive Thermal Series is limited edition, so be sure to act fast if you want to get your hands on this. The collection will be available from the 1st of May till stocks last, and its available in all Guradian stores in Malaysia. Participanting brands for this campaign would be from Bio-essence, Garnier, Clairol Herbal Essences, Maybelline, Nanowhite and Sunsilk while joint sponsors are Energizer, Flavettes, Libresse, L’Oreal (Hair), Shokubutsu, Scott’s and Systema. So whaat are you waiting for? Shop away! #tokidokixguardian

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    [REVIEW] Kundal | Macadamia Damaged Care Solution Ultra Serum

    Reviewing Kundal Ultra Serum
    Times can be rough when you cant head to the saloon just to give your hair some pampering, especially when they need it most. I have been facing some serious hair damage lately and it has been pretty dry despite me washing my hair with conditioner. Which in results, means that I need to zest my hair care regime to keep my hair at its best. The solution to that? A good hair oil might just do the trick! This time around, I decided to try a brand called Kundal, a haircare brand originated from Korea. We all know Korea is popular for their skincare, but this time around im exploring their haircare options. Want to find out more about it? Scroll away!
    Packaging is pretty straight forward and i love how classy the bottle looks!
    Starting off with the brand, the word Kundal is actually derived from the word 'Kunst' where in German means  'technology' and 'Kindal' in native Australian means 'Macadamia Tree'. Combine these two words together, you get Kundal that represents innovation from nature. We all know that the Macadamia fruit contains high nutrition and has very well moisturizing properties, and with Kundal's technology, they have managed to innovatively extract the nutrients to turn it into an exclusive hair serum.

    Got mine in baby powder fragrance
    This hair serum goes beyond your regular hair oil as its formulated with non-harmful ingredients, its full of natural nutrients, carries endless research and testing, uses high-grade ingredients, generous in quantity and is sold at an affordable price so that everyone can afford it. One of the factors that got me instantly hooked with the serum is that other than being functional, it smells amazing, and being a mother myself, I got myself the variant that smells like baby powder. And believe me, it really smells like baby powder.


    Just like hair oil, but way lighter!
    The main ingredient that makes this ultra serum moisturizing would be credited to 2 ingredients that is within the bottle, honey, and macadamia. With both these ingredients, it definitely guarantees high moisturizing benefits. Okay, if youre a regular user of hair oil, you would be aware that it's usually pretty oily and sticky after application, and if applied too much, it would make your hair look flat right? With Kundal, I was pretty surprised to find that it's not at all sticky and it feels very natural when applied on your hair. The texture has a good combination of oil and serum, but once applied to hair, it feels very lightweight! That left me impressed as the residue didn't even stick onto my hands.


    The results are pretty instant too! Just look at the difference!
    If you know me, you would be aware that I do a lot of sports, my hair is usually exposed to sunlight which eventually leads to leaving my hair looking dry most of the time. To use this serum, usually, I'll apply this after drying my hair from the shower, pumping an appropriate amount (depending on hair length) on my palms, and applying it onto my hair from the middle to the ends. Once applied, you can choose to style it with a hairdryer or leave it as it is. In my case, I decided to apply it on my dry hair and as you can refer to the images attached, it really does make a lot of difference! Other than smelling amazing, it really does keep the hair strands looking healthier than usual.


    Been using this for a week now and i must say that they have definitely won my heart!
    As a verdict, I would have to say that this hair ultra serum is very impressive. I don't usually share or talk about hair oils cause im never a fan, but after trying out Kundal's Macadamia Damaged Care Solution Ultra Serum, it has left me speechless! Who knew that there's such a thing as a hair serum to replace hair oils? After using it for a few days now, I would really recommend you consider this ultra serum if you're looking for a solution to repair damaged hair. You won't have to worry about your hair smelling oily too as this comes in a variety of fragrance that would leave your hair smelling fresh throughout the day. It is also affordable and most importantly it does what its supposed to do which makes it worth every penny spent! You can get this from Guardian stores and it retails at only RM28.00. For a product that works really well, it's definitely a good buy.