Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Timberland | 45 Years of #Nevermissedabeat

Earlier this month, I was thrilled to be celebrating Timberland's 45th Anniversary as they introduce a new spin on a classic. In case you're wondering why Timberland has created such impact on the world, in 1973, they were the first waterproof leather boots of its kind introduced by Abington Shoe Company. Every detail has been specially made to incorporate premium full-grain nubuck leather, thick rubber lug soles, and unprecedented craftsmanship, the yellow boot has become its own iconic piece.

Did you know that the boot never intended to be a fashion icon, but it was made for hardworking New Englanders, rugged terrain and wet weather? The Timberland original waterproof boot started to become popular in the mid-1980s in Italy, the United Kingdom and in Germany. 5 years later, it became popular in Hong Kong with the rise of urban hip-hop, and today, the boot has gone through a long way to be where it is today.

October 2018, marking their 45th anniversary, Timberland introduces a special collection of boots to celebrate the heritage of bootmaking. While i was at the party, i saw tons of rare collections by Timberland featuring remixes of the iconic yellow boot. Since i got a closer look at it, i could tell that the craftsmanship was excellent. Each boot presented during the party had its own flair, and its insane to be able to see such rare pieces right before your eyes.

To celebrate the occasion, Timberland has added yet another collection where each boot is remixed with sapphire highlights, a symbol of the 45th anniversary, making them distinctively unique and worthy of caring on the legacy. Featuring different cuts, namely, low profile chukkas, pull-on Chelsea styles, and Eathkeepers versions, these collections are exclusively made with eco-conscious materials. 

6" Premium Boot

The 6" Premium Boot features an upper made with premium leather cut from an LWG Silver rated tannery, and has been designed with 400grams of PrimaLoft insulation. The seam has the classic seam-sealed construction with 100% nylon laces. With leather linings, rubber lug outsole and 3/4 length of the leather-lined anti-fatigue footbed, it would sure to impress any fans of boots. Retails at RM899 and it comes in 4 shades, namely Wheat Nubuck with Dark Sapphire, Dark Sapphire Nubuck, Teak Trailblazer, and Peat Trailblazer.

Premium Waterproof Chukka

Moving on to the other design, the Premium Waterproof Chukka is designed with upper made with premium leather from an LWG Silver-rated tannery, featuring a seam-sealed construction. Its constructed with 200grams of PrimaLoft insulation and has 100%nylon laces. With a padded collar and removable anti-fatigue footbed, you will definitely rock this style in comfort. It retails at RM689 and it comes in Teak Trailblazer and Peat Trailblazer.

And there you have it! Legitly, I am in love with the Wheat NUbuck with Dark Sapphire as its bright yellow, making it a statement piece of its own to rock any outfit. Also, to celebrate Timberland's exclusive private party, me and my plus 1 decided to do a little shopping to get a piece of Timberland to bring back to remember the occasion. Hehe. Well, that's all for now and if Timberland is reading this, HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY Timberland! To many more years of fashionable iconic boots. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Confluential 3.0: Pret-A-Porter Preview

Confluential 3.0 @ 8 Conlay
A late blog post in which i was really excited to share with you about was on a recent exhibition i went to within the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Organized in one of KSK Land's properties, i was lucky enough to be invited to the preview of YOO8 Tower B, and in conjunction to that, they presented an exclusive exhibition featuring popular designers, at the 'Confluential 3.0: Pret-A-Porter'.

Presenting Kitie Yi Yi's masterpiece
By Jonathan Liang
The series of collections by different designers
This exclusive fashion presentation featured select works by eight of the most sought-after designers in Malaysia – Self-Portrait, Khoon Hooi, Joe Chia, Jonathan Liang, Ezzati Amira, Kittie Yiyi, Cassey Gan and Moto Guo. Its pretty rare to only feature one piece from each designer for a fashion show, but i believe the idea of it was very intrique. With this concept in mind, it gave attendees the chance to appreciate every detail of each designer has implemeted in their artwork.

A closer look at Kitie Yi Yi's artwork
Presenting Ezzati Amira's creation
Conceptual creation on contrasting prints
Going into detail of each of their fashionable pieces, i was triggered to be more attached to Ezzati Amira and Kittie Yi Yi's style as they were very unique and exciting to look at. Not to say that the other designers were not as good, but if you gave me a choice to choose, the 2 designers mentioned really took my breath away when their pieces walked through the runway. Kittie Yi Yi expressed a more casual yet statement piece, while Ezzati Amira had a very fancy flare of sophistication.

By Cassey Gan
By Joe Chia
By Jonathan Liang
By Khoon Hooi
By Joe Chia
A closer look at the other amazing designers creations, you would notice that they have put a lot of thought to create this one piece to impress the eyes of those who see it as a work of art. I like to appreciate fashion as if it shares a story that shares meaningful ways of viewing how a piece of art would create impact on how a person feels.

Just a mandatory shot with the modeals on stage
The bunch of people i went to the fashion show with
The fashion show was curated exclusively for 8 Conlay as we celebrated the confluence of lifestyle, fashion and luxury in Kuala Lumpur in a stunning venue. 8 Conlay is located at Bangunan KSK, 32 Jalan Yap Ah Shak, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was actually really nice of them to integrate the fashion show, and at the same time feature an exclusive preview on the units as well. After going a series of fashion by different designers, the venue itself, gave a very classy touch to it. 

And there you have it! It was honestly an exciting weekend for me as i enjoyed the Confluential 3.0: Pret-A-Porter Preview which had an interesting range of collection, and not to forget that all of it were elegant and influential in its own way reflecting different lifestyles of individuals. The exhibition may be over when youre reading this, but im telling you, you need to pay a visit at 8 Conlay to understand what upper class lifestyle feels like. Its a pretty cozy studio, and if wouldnt harm to get inspired by visiting them while youre at it. Hehe. I really hope they continue having interesting presentations on fashion shows as such, and till my next post! tata for now xx

Thursday, October 25, 2018

BeautyExpo 2018 Tour | Top booths you missed!

Hello beauty enthusiast, before the month ends, I'd like to share with you my experiences of attending my first ever BeautyExpo 2018 which was held at KLCC, within the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I was actually a little skeptical on whether if they have a nitch to attend to non-business visitors such as myself, but surprisingly, you'll find tons of new gadgets and beauty revolution that left me pretty impressed after my visit. Not to forget the gadgets and beauty products that I managed to snag during my visit. #noregrets!

Honestly, not all the booths targeted to make consumer sales during the BeautyExpo, but there were also a number of booths which were selling tons of beauty gadgets and products which were actually cheaper than in stores! But before I go in depth, let me just share with you a few facts about the BeautyExpo 2018. The Beauty Expo 2018 is organized by UBM Asia and has over 380 international and local exhibiting brands promoting in areas of beauty, hair, nail, makeup & education, natural & health and as well as halal cosmetics.

It's a 3-day long exhibition, in which I've managed to attend for the second day, exploring each corner of the BeautyExpo to see what I can find. I personally think that the Expo is a great way to explore business opportunities and it also gives attendees networking opportunities in terms of quality and quantity. During my tour around the expo, I managed to learn about new beauty technologies, trends, and innovations giving me some insights into the beauty industry on a worldwide scale. Check out what brands that caught my eye below.

#1 Weilan MYS Enterprise (Booth No 1098) 

The minute I stepped into the BeautyExpo, this booth was the first booth I saw. WeiLan was established in 2015 as a mobile e-commerce platform, and throughout the 2 years when they started a business, they have proven themselves to be a world-class mobile internet e-commerce platform! I was pretty impressed with the collection since it had this magical touch to it.

#2 Skinphy Sdn Bhd (Booth No 1097)

Next would be a little something by Skinphy, where its a dreamland for K-beauty fans. This booth offered all kinds of products, including an oil mask that would definitely get you excited on what they have to offer. What actually attracted me here was that they had this special brush that can be used when you shower. First time hearing about this, and I guess it kinda made my visit worthwhile as I learn about new things that are in trend within the beauty industry.

#3 KD Medical Co Ltd (Booth No 1129)

Next would be a little something more high tech as this would be a must-have for those who seek flawless skin. When I made my stop here, I was introduced to Lady Rhea which is recommended for those who wants to reduce blackhead,s acne, large pores, improve skin condition and as well as to really cleanse the skin to gain back clean and soft skin. This was pretty interesting to see, and im impressed that it has been exclusively designed to be used at home and even for professional use too!

#4 Touch Beauty & Health (Shenzhen) Co Ltd (Booth No 2034)

Another booth that attracted my attention was at the Touch Beauty & Health booth, where they showcased their exclusive beauty devices for face, and even body care! It really felt like a hands-on showcase as we get to try and feel the products that were displayed on the table. If you seek for personal care devices, this is definitely what you should be looking out for.

#5 B&B Labs (Booth No 2072)

Walking deeper through the expo, I found myself discovering something familar to see! I remember getting testers of this featuring pretty interesting ingredients, and being able to be there myself at their booth was an eye opener on how much the evolution of beauty has grown. Other than being famous for this skincare using mangosteen extract within its ingredients, I even saw a skincare that uses durian extract to create the skincare. Shocked, but pretty impressed that they have taken the extra effort to explore into the benefits of our tropical fruits to our skin.

Honestly, theres just a lot to share, but so little time! I wish i had the whole time in the world to share with you on how exciting my BeautyExpo journey was, but i guess i'll keep it short up till here. Trust me, if you havent been to a BeautyExpo before, then you should really plan your year ahead by attending next year's BeautyExpo so that you wont miss out on the things that i've seen. No regrets, and im definitely looking forward to next year. hehe

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

[REVIEW] Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack | Honest Sharing

So, it has been almost a month that I've been using Zephyrine Classic, and if you don't remember the introduction I did on the brand, well, just hover over here to read all about it. Im going full-on honest on my thoughts of the brand because this post deserves an honest post. Before I start off with my overall review, let me just highlight to you that I have oily combination skin, thus more or less, if you have the similar skin type as me, you would most likely experience the same thing.

Usually, I start using the Zephyrine Classic Starter pack right after cleansing my face with cold water. Right after cleansing, I would use the 1 | Zephyrine Rose Essence Treatment lotion, a fresh textured enhancer that accelerates absorption of lotion and essence. My personal thought on this is a little different as I find that this toner very moisturizing that it may take longer that your average toner to absorb. Not that its all bad, but I love the idea that instead of leaving my skin dry (like most toners do), this somehow takes a moment to be fully absorbed by the skin, and I really enjoy just seeing water droplets covering my face. Take a moment to let the treatment lotion to sink in.

Next, I would use my favorite serum, followed by the 4 | White Truffle Repairing Cream. The cream claims to revive impaired skin with premium ingredients and forms an efficient protective film for the sensitive skin and I can't agree more. When I say protective film, I really mean that once you apply, it feels like you're wearing a silky thin layer that feels like it protects your skin. Unlike your typical moisturizer where you would want it to be fully absorbed, this is a little different.

I usually like to apply the cream at all 5 points of my face, and just gently spread it out evenly. Personally, i would prefer wearing a thin layer of serum plus moisturizer, then to lock in all those good nutrients for the skin, the White Truffle Repairing Cream would be a protective layer to ensure that it locks in all the good stuff in the skin barrier. Because it leaves this silky layer on your skin, I have the tendency of not wanting to apply any makeup (which I did go to work without makeup), just to find my colleague complementing me on my skin. NOT KIDDING! Rest assured, when you have good skin, you won't exactly need to wear makeup on a daily basis.

And to complete the Zephrine Classic Starter Pack, I've been obediently using their Placenta Extract Repairing Mask which is a mask that is an ultra light mask that provides reviving essence and luxurious moisture for the skin. The box had sadly only 3 pcs of masks, which only lasted me for about 3 weeks, and the results are remarkable! Each mask has layers in pearl, cotton and a plastic blue film, so before using it, please keep in mind to remove the pearl and blue film when you apply the mask on.

During my off days, I usually like to remove my blackheads, which leaves my skin with reddish spots, so to just soothes the pores, I decided to apply this mask and guess what? After leaving this on for about 20 minutes, my skin was glowing! No more red spots and my skin was soft like a baby's bottom! hehe. For maximum results, I would advise that you use all these 3 products at one go, but for maintenance, the Rose Essence Treatment Lotion and the White Truffle Repairing Cream is enough.

As a verdict, I would actually label the Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack as one of the extraordinary skincare that you would want to try out. I actually love how natural it feels on the skin, and fact that it doesn't feel like it contains chemicals at all was a bonus. Since I occasionally mix these products with other brands (such as my serum and moisturizer) I would have to say that the Zephyrine Classic products actually boost any product in contact with it! So, as a conclusion, if you're looking for skincare with boosting results, you have to try the Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack to experience natural beauty yourself.