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[REVIEW] Bonnisan by Himalaya | Natural Remedy for Digestive Problems for Infants and Children

Being a mother of two, it can be a struggle to deal with their discomfort, especially when it relates back to the digestive discomfort and gas in the stomach.  I would say that the biggest struggle is that in younger children, they struggle to describe the discomfort that they face, which usually would either be colic and gas or when having digestive problems. While exploring some options to resolve this issue, i found myself exploring Himalaya's Bonnisan as a natural supplement for kids that targets to solve discomfort relating to digestive problems.

Benefits of Bonnisan

Some of the benefits of Bonnisan that caught my attention is that it helps to promote healthy growth. For me with 2 kids, it's pretty convenient when it comes to usage to be suitable for both infants and toddlers as well. It enhances and improves appetite while relieving colic and gas in the stomach in which most younger kids would struggle with. With a 4 month baby in hand, I do notice that it helps to reduce prolonged and intense crying too, which my biggest suspect was that he is struggling with colic issues. This also means, the Bonnisan definitely did solve my problem for my poor baby. 

Bonnisan Treatments

In terms of treatments, other than acting as a colic discomfort remedy, it also can be used as a treatment of common digestive problems in both infants and children. With a toddler who is pretty picky when it comes to eating, I would say that the Bonnisan pretty much improved her appetite as well. It can also be a daily health supplement in infants and children as well to prevent common digestive complaints while promoting healthy growth. 

Naturally Sourced Ingredients

Most importantly, I admire that the key ingredients that make this a great health supplement for kids would be that it relies on natural resources namely, dill oil, cardamom, and Indian long pepper which helps to relieve colic and gas in infants and children, giving them a better-lined stomach to ensure that they would not have to suffer from the discomfort. 


My little son is currently 4 months, so I usually give him 1 teaspoon, three times daily, and that is enough to keep my little bub happy daily. Meanwhile, for my 2-year-old daughter, I would give her 2 teaspoons, three times daily. I guess the worry I had was to get her to enjoy this, but surprisingly she accepted the flavor as it's not that strong and pretty much gives a little tickle on her tongue to explore the flavor. Other than that, below would be the recommended dosage otherwise: 

infant (up to 1 month) : half teaspoon, three times daily

baby (1 month to 6 months) : 1 teaspoon, three times daily

children (6 months to 3 years) : 2 teaspoons, three times daily


As a verdict of my overall experience of giving this as a health supplement, I would definitely say that I see a difference in my kid's behavior. They're pretty much happier, and my little 4 months baby wouldn't cry even when he tries to burp. I guess Bonnisan did the trick and I would definitely recommend it to my friends who are new parents to get this as a health supplement for their kids. Most importantly, it's a natural remedy containing no chemicals that would harm the little ones. 

Himalaya Malaysia

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Al-Hamra Integrated School (AHIS) offers an Integrated Holistic Education System

To a fresh start for the coming year in 2022, Al -Hamra Integrated School has introduced the concept of holistic integration in their education system (Integrated Holistic Education System - IHES). The learning system in a holistic integration is an educational process that integrates all aspects and values in learning such as moral, religious, psychological, philosophical, and social values that will be practiced and carried out comprehensively into the souls of children, making it one of the complete ways to expose them into different concepts of life.

This approach aims to create a teaching environment that can stimulate children to have the ability of basic skills, understanding, relationships, which also includes different academic disciplines. Indirectly this approach allows children to think, synthesize and respond to what is being taught. Since the education system is in IHES, it does not limit to focusing on examination-based learning alone but also cares about sharing comprehensive output-based learning. Especially when it comes to producing a generation that is literate in the Al-Quran, not only they would be able to read and memorize but at the same time able to understand what is explained in the book of the Al-Quran.

The determination of classes at Al-Hamra Integrated School depends on the ability of students through assessments conducted by the school. This means that the education standards of a 7-year-old may possibly jump into the class of an 8-year-old. The assessment will be based on a set by Cambridge (Cambridge Assessment International Education). Al-Hamra also offers IGCSE and SPM exams for their students (depending on the wants and needs of the students themselves), which provides a complete solution to educational options.

At Al-Hamra, the classes begin at 8 a.m. and end at 4 p.m daily throughout 5 days of attendance in a week. For Al-Hamra Integrated School, offers two types of classes to choose from, either physical (attending school) or online. In conjunction to control the exposure of Covid, every week students and staff of Al-Hamra Integrated School are required to do a Covid screening test to ensure everything is free from the virus from spreading to ensure that the environment is safe for students to learn and for teachers to teach.

Conducive Classroom Atmosphere with Great Facilities

When children are able to learn in a very comfortable environment, they can certainly focus and be happy to understand what the teacher is sharing. It's even better when there is the availability of various best facilities and learning aids that would facilitate the learning process of a child.

On each floor of the school building, there is a bathroom, shoe racks, and lockers (student storage) for convenience. I actually love this feature offered by the school as I remember the classic days of carrying REALLY heavy books around and that can be very pressuring over the shoulders of a growing child. There is also a computer room, library, laboratory and surau for the use of learning for teachers and students as well. 

Levels of Learning at Al-Hamra Integrated School

The school offers 3 levels of classes at Al-Hamra Integrated School, namely Early education/pre-school (early years), Primary School, and Secondary School. To adapt to the covid situation, all food during their breaks will be delivered to their respective classes (during mealtime). This is to avoid too much movement of students and also sitting in large groups.

Sunnah Oriented Co-Curriculum

At Al-Hamra Integrated School, 3 types of co-curricular activities are offered, namely swimming (year 1-year 3) and each student is required to participate in martial arts. Apart from that, there are also archery and horse riding activities. I have to admit that i love that these skills are required according to the Sunnah. For children to be exposed to these Sunnah co-curricular activities, this would benefit a child without parents worrying about looking for a seperate school that would provide these activities for self-benefit.

STEAM-Based Supplementary Co-Curriculum

Other than that, Al-Hamra also offers cooking classes, robotics, coding learning, and so much more.

Enrollment At Al-Hamra Integrated School

Student registration is now open, and parents may register at any time of the year. However, officially there are 2 main registrations for more formalities in July and December. To have the opportunity to send a child to receive an education at Al-Hamra Integrated School is a long-term investment that is very definitely worthwhile. Not only will they be well educated, but it would help, and shape their personalities with worldwide education. Preparing children to be a generation ready to be leaders and caliphs on earth.

For the 2022 school session, a discount for siblings of up to 100% for tuition fees will be given. The fees at Al-Hamra are currently competitive compared to international institutions, with a budget between RM900 to RM1900 a month according to their level of the syllabus. 

For inquiries and registration:
Al-Hamra Integrated SchoolEncorp Strand Garden Office
Block A, A-GF, No. 12,
Jalan PJU 5/1,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +603-2630 8010

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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Shopee rounds off 12.12 Birthday Sale

In Malaysia, top sellers selling home and living products collectively recorded over 

RM4.8 million in sales in a single day on 12 December


Shopee concluded the region’s most joyful year-end celebration, 12.12 Birthday Sale, with visits surging 6 times on 12 December compared to an average day. Shopee users also soaked up the holiday spirit and enjoyed the best deals and rewards, with over 850 million Shopee vouchers claimed on 12.12 across the region. 


This translated to a timely lift for sellers and brands on the platform, as orders on Shopee Mall surged by 14 times compared to an average day, and 1 in 8 users are first-time Mall shoppers. At the same time, more people were able to support local businesses with Shopee, with 9 in 10 users shopping from local sellers on 12 December. 


Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer at Shopee said, “We are heartened to be closing the year on a positive note with a successful 12.12 Birthday Sale, the finale of Shopee’s year-end shopping festivals. We are glad to be able to spread joy to all our users by bringing shoppers the best deals whilst boosting visibility of more businesses.” 


“2021 has been a year of accelerated digitalisation. We see this through the increase of online-first customers, as well as the number of new sellers to our platform this year. As we move into 2022, we look forward to continuing connecting even more shoppers, businesses, and the wider communities so they can enjoy the benefits of e-commerce.”


12.12 Birthday Sale highlights in Malaysia


Catered to all shopping needs in the holiday season: Closer to home, Malaysians were taking the opportunity to hunt for the best gifts for themselves and their loved ones. Popular products include:

            Home appliances were snapped up during the 12AM-2AM Midnight Madness where users enjoyed 12.12 Only Deals, 95% Off 12.12 Only Vouchers and ShopeePay Vouchers with 100% Cashback. For example, over 3,000 orders were made for robot vacuum cleaners in 2 hours.

            Parents took the chance to prepare their children for the new school term, as stationeries such as pencils, pencil cases, sharpeners and more were in high demand. On 12 December, close to 870,000 units of stationery products were bought.

            Similarly, pet owners took the opportunity to pamper their furkids during the year-end shopping festival, buying up more than half a million products including pet food and treats for their pets to enjoy the year-end festive period together.


At the same time, customers from Sabah and Sarawak took advantage of the 12.12 Birthday Sale celebrations to shop for items, as each state recorded a 5 times uplift in orders on 12 December as compared to an average day. Among the products sought after by Sabahans and Sarawakians include groceries such as dried foods, health supplements, pet supplies like cat food and cat litter as well as tools for knitting, crocheting and even gardening.


Accelerated growth for local businesses: The surge in traffic during the 12.12 celebrations has given a bigger exposure to more sellers. As a result, top local sellers from the Home & Living category collectively generated RM4.8 million in sales in a single day on 12 December. The category was very popular amongst Malaysians in the lead up to the holidays with sellers offering home improvement and decoration products enjoying higher demand. 


In addition, more sellers outside big cities were also able to participate in the digital economy and boost their online presence at the 12.12 Birthday Sale; they saw 4.5 times uplift in orders, compared to an average day. 


Shoppers also turned to ShopeePay for all their shopping needs, as users topped up their ShopeePay wallets 1.5 million times on 12.12 to enjoy a seamless payment experience, both online and offline. 


On top of that, ShopeePay also enabled more users to connect with offline merchants at 12.12. With over 2.5 million purchases made through Deals Near Me, Shopee’s location-based online-to-offline feature, offline retailers enjoyed a boost in footfall throughout 12.12 as users redeemed their payment vouchers in-store.


A celebration for local sellers: Via its #ShopeeSapotLokal initiative, Shopee concludes its ‘Seller of the Month’ contest with users voting for their favourite local business. Drum Coffee Roasters emerged as the crowd favourite, and Malaysians can tune in to their heartwarming story on the #ShopeeSapotLokal Show on Shopee Live at 1PM on 15 December. 


Based in Kota Bharu, the coffee retailer turned to e-commerce during the initial stages of the pandemic and changed their business model to become an online wholesaler. They are now shipping their products nationwide and even to Singapore via the Shopee International Platform. Drum Coffee Roasters will be taking home up to RM6,200 worth of prizes, including a feature in a Shopee Live stream session, store vouchers, Shopee ads credits and exclusive merchandise. 

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Kitsui Korean White Skincare Halal | Brighter, Healthy, and Smoother Skin | Suitable for Oily and Acne skin

Hello everyone! Today I'll be sharing with you a little review on Kitsui Korean White Skincare range which I recently got to try out myself. Before I get into details, the beauty of this skincare would be that it's a Korean based skincare that is halal, to also be known are a brightening skincare range to suit oily and acne skin. Typically if you know your skincare well, whitening products tend to dry out the skin, which usually doesnt work well for those who have oily and acne skin, lucky enough, Kitsui Korean White Skincare offers a solution. 

Kitsui Korean White Skincare Halal 

Starting off with a little introduction on the range, it offers 4 products which would be the Cleansing gel, Toning Lotion, Essence Serum and Moisturizer. This whole range itself is a complete skincare regime if youre looking for something that would make your skin brighter and healthier without damaging your existing oily and acne skin. With that being said, lets jump into a little review of what i think about hte product from the feels of it on my skin, to the fine texture of each product. 

Korean White Cleansing Gel

As usual, the first step to cleansing would be to start with the Korean White Cleansing Gel. The Cleansing Gel has a transparent gel like texture that doesnt foam up when you lightly massage your face, but what fancied me about the product would be the minty scent. I cant figure what it is, but i love the minty fragrance that basically leaves the skin with a cooling cleansed effect that feels really refreshing. After cleansing, it doesn't leave that squeaky clean feeling (Which is good) because it does leave the skin still moisturized. 

Korean White Toning Lotion

Next step would be to tone the skin with the Korean White Toning Lotion. The Toning Lotion is pretty basic cause well, its a toner! This toner has a similar relaxing scent like the cleanser but really i enjoyed applying this over the skin. Its theraputic with its aromatheraphy scent + the fact that it leaves the skin very cool after applying. It's been a week since i've been using this and i would have to say that it does a pretty good job in minimizing my pores. 

Korean White Essence Serum

After toning, would be one of the highlighted product among the range. The Korean White Essence Serum is formulated with allantoin, coenzyme Q10, Rosemary Extract and Niacinamide. If you have been up to date with the kbeauty trend, you would be aware that Niacinamide has been very popular in the beauty industry. Niacinamide helps to repair the skin and the fact that it provides all the good stuff to the skin, its hard not to admire this Essence Serum. Compared to the cleanser and toner, this doesnt have a strong scent, but the essence feels very lightweight over the skin (which i love!) and it does a great job to keep the skin hydrated at all times. It has a slightly sticky feel when you freshly apply it over skin, but it eventually fades off when you pair it with the moisturizer. 

Korean White Moisturizer

Down with the last product, the Korean White Moisturizer, i would have to say that im beyond impressed with the quality. Not usually a fan of moisturizers cause they feel pretty thick over the skin, but the Kitsui Korean White Moisturizer has a unique formulation that has a water-based feel that also glides very smoothly over skin when applied. To basically get the message out, i would say that its a water based moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated and personally i find it great at keeping my skin hydrated when im always in air-conditioned rooms.

As a verdict, I would have to say that I can reassure you that it fits my oily-combination skin really well. Appearance-wise, it comes in a minimalist style featuring white with some shades of pink and purple in a plastic bottle. Most skincare I buy are usually in glass packagings, but this is more suited for daily use as it prevents any breaking accidents in the bathroom. Overall I would say that the quality of the product is definitely way better than how the packaging looks, so it would be really appropriate to say to 'not judge a book by its cover'. In three words to conclude my review, I would say that this range offers brightening effects, hydrating, and feels very lightweight reassuring you that you'll enjoy using this daily! 

All Kitsui Skincare are guaranteed to be Halal, free from alcohol, and only uses essential oil as a natural fragrance. On top of that its also free from ingredients sourced by animal, artificial colouring, paraben's, toxins, sulfate, perfume, parrafin and silicone which assures their users that their products are clean and safe to be used. For more info on Kitsui, feel free to check out their official links below. 

Kitsui Halal Korean White Skincare

Kitsui, Cantik Semulajadi ! Grab your KITSUI now at pharmacist near you ! Enjoy 10% Off with no min. spend with any purchase of KITSUI Skincare at Kitsui’s Official Website or Shopee today using CODE ‘KITSKIN‘!

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Sunfeet No.1 Orthotics Expert in Asia since 1978 Relocated to Wisma Daju

The exterior or Sunfeet's new location

Just like cars, did you know that our foot needs to be checked too? When it comes to foot alignment, i would have to say that i trust Sunfeet the most with Dr Edmund Lee being very experienced in this field. When talking about foot in general, i think we are usually lacked of knowledge when it comes to options. Usually when you have foot pains, going to the doctor or surgeon would be the first thing that comes into mind, but little that you know that you can also consider an Orthotics Expert to help you solve your problems.

Some write up features on Dr Edmund Lee

The basic fee's for consultation

When it comes flat foot, usually you would mostlikely be prescribed with pain killers or going under surgery to get the problem solved, but when meeting an Orthotics like Dr. Edmind Lee, this option doesn't require any prescriptions nor surgery as they can evaluate, consult and provide solutions that would be customized and catered to your feet. After all, when it comes to feet, each and every foot is unique in its own way. 

Get your feet alignment checked

Talking about the Orthotics Centre, Sunfeet is based in PJ but now has relocated to a new location in Wisma Daju. In a quiet, private corner, the center provides custom food orthotics services, footwear, gait analysis, and personalized advice by Real certified orthotic experts. To celebrate the relocation, you can get a food alignment check for Free (worth RM250) when you visit the center. Without hesitation, i managed to make my way there to get my food alignment checked and gotta say that Dr Edmund Lee is really friendly and patient when it comes to explaining my concerns when it comes to foot health. 

With Dato Dr Edmund Lee

Did you know that occasionally, back pains can be caused by either the wrong foot wear or possibly that you have never got your foot check to realize later on that you have flat foot? Thats where Sunfeet comes in to provide a solution for anyone with foot concerns, especially when it comes to flat feet, heel spur, high arch feet, intoeing gait, plantar fasciitis, patient OA knee, and morton neuroma. Having a child myself, i guess i wanted to be sure that i know my facts when it comes the alignment. Did you know that body alignment can be off when you feet alignment is not where it should be? 

Some equipment to check body alignment

Dato Dr Edmund Lee explaining on the types of flat feet

Sad enough that Malaysian are not aware that there is a solution to solve this other than just accepting the fact to live with the pain. With Dr Edmund Lee, he can assist by offering 3D Custom Orthotics which is design to place the feet in the ideal position to support all four alignments of the feet to promote even body weight distribution. Offering over 3000 styles, flexibilities and sizes, it allows customers to have a variety of options to ensure that it provides overall comfort. 

Getting feet alignment checked through a scanner

Customized options available to cater to your feet

Dr Edmund Lee Orthotics offers individually designed orthotics for your feet, to ensure that it achieves a balance foundation and stabilize the pelvis. The customs are handmade for unique feet based on 3D scans and cast which Dr Edmund Lee will follow very closely when it comes to correcting the position structure of the foot. With the right balance and alignment of your feet, it can increase sports performance, reduce injuries, improve posture, provide comfort, eliminates back pain and improve balance. 

Just a mandatory photo at my first visit at their newest location

A portion of the shoe collection that is 20%-30% off in conjunction to the Back To School Season

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out the center and get your foot alignment check for FREE when you visit their new location at Wisma Daju. While you're there, I was also told that their shoes are also on sale in conjunction with the back-to-school season. With 20%-30% off on Orthotics approved shoes, this is a sale not to be missed if you're looking for shoes that would be suited for kids going back to school, or simply something for work as well as they offer a variety of shoe types to suit different purposes and occasions. For more details, do check out their official social media in the link below :)

Sunfeet Malaysia

Address: G1-4, WISMA DAJU 5, 
21, Jalan Barat, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Nature's gift with Taste Australia Summerfruits and Cherries

Today I was really blessed to be invited to witness an exclusive cooking show before my eyes where Dato Chef Fazley Yaakob shared an exclusive presentation on how to make summer fruit pie with cherries. Other than that, I guess the highlight in today's post would be my all-time favorite fruit to indulge in (especially during summer!), which are basically the sweet goodness of summer fruits and cherries from Australia.  Taste Australia's freshest range of Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots and Plums are now available in Malaysian shores.

Just a little fun fact, Australian growers have invested millions of dollars each year into their industry to deliver world-class quality fruit. If you're wondering what they invest in, it would usually be continuous investment in biosecurity, pest and disease, and breeding research and supply chain to monitor initiatives to ensure that the production growth is at its highest quality possible. With the launch of Australian Cherries and Summer fruits, Malaysians can now enjoy these delicious fruits to celebrate any occasion be it to gift it to loved ones or to simply just indulge in them! 

Reminiscing the times I was in Australia a few years back, I would have to say that their summer fruits left so many sweet memories in my tastebuds. Known for their nutritional properties and sweet flavor, these fruits are farmed by Australia's stringent processes to ensure that only the highest quality of fruits are exported to Malaysia. I Gotta say that while I was at the launch, these fruits are indeed remarkably at their best standards.

Peaches, nectarines, apricots, and plums are packed with nutritious vitamins such as vitamin A, E, and C, which contain antioxidants to provide energy while boosting the immune system to fight infections! A little beauty fun-fact, vitamin C is known to increase the production of collagen for beautiful healthy skin. Cherries on the other hand are filled with fiber and potassium! These fruits are all low in calories and glycemic index, making them a perfect snack for anyone who is looking for a healthy snacking diet. On top of that, did you know that these fruits are great to maintain heart health as it lowers blood pressure and provide an overall boost to your immunity?


Dato Fazley Yaacobs Summerfruits and Cherries pie

My little masterpiece tart decorated with Summerfruits and Cherries

Sharing a little fun idea on how you can enjoy these wonderful fruits other than in baking, you can always pair these fruits in a cheese platter! Cherries and Summerfruits are incredibly versatile and fit well in any pie, tart, or dessert you have planned for your holiday dinners! Psst, with Christmas around the corner, these fruits would definitely add an impression on the table as it fills the room with hints of sweetness and color. Overall, I would say that I enjoy every tinge of juicy sweetness in every bite!


For contest goers, here is your chance to show off your masterpiece on social media while standing a chance to win some amazing prizes! Titled Basket of Summer Joy, the contest invites you to get creative by arranging a fruit basket featuring any one or a combination of Australian Cherries and Summer fruits! The most creative entries will win RM200 worth of cash or supermarket vouchers. The contest will run from 19th December 2021 to 26th February 2022. For more information, visit Taste Australia's social media pages.

Taste Australia's range of Cherries and Summer fruits is now available at major supermarkets, such as Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, QRA, Lotus's, and AEON supermarkets across Malaysia! For a daily kick of delicious fruits, be sure to head on over to your nearest outlet today.

Taste Australia