Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sugar Skull Makeup ; DIY

Hey everyone, since halloween is just around the corner and some of you have been wondering how i got my sugar skull makeup done, so here it is! the moment of truth. This would be my first time blogging about a tutorial on how to DIY sugar skull make up. Feel free, or do let me know, if i missed anything out. Happy reading!

Now, first, before we start, obviously we need to know what we need? In my case, i was just using the things that i have at home which we're not entirely based on just make up.

Things you need:

1. Maybelline Color Tattoo : Blue, grey and turquoise
2. Johsons Baby Powder ( since i didn't want to use white face paint ) haha
3. Maybelline Sharp Eyeliner
4. Silkygirl Lip liner
5. Gem Stickers.

Now, once you have all that in your list, you can start on painting you face into a beautiful skull. First off lets start with pre-preparation. If you have long hair like mine, i would suggest that you tie it up into a bun to make sure your hair doesn't distract you from applying makeup. What i did was i tied my hair up into a bun, cause i like my hair to be all tied so that it stays neat.

My hair let down

Tied hair into bun
Next is the fun part, what i did was i lined a circle around my eyes with baby powder (cause i wasn't confident enough to draw directly using an eyeliner), or you could just directly use eyeliner to draw your circle around your eyes. Once you're done with that, you can just colour your nose partly like how i did or they're also different ways to do it, depending on your nose structure.

Draw a circle around your eyes

Colour your nose black.

When that is done, you would roughly know where to apply white to your face. This is optional if you don't have white face paint or if you prefer not applying white, would be fine to. You can skip this part if you want your look to be more natural. Im suppose to use white paint, but i didn't exactly prefer to have a sticky feel on my face as white face paint leave a sticky feeling to it, i decided to use baby powder. haha

The next one would be applying the Maybelline colour tattoo to the inner part of the circle, in my case, i mixed blue and turquoise. But any colour would be fine depending on the clothes you wear. If you don't have colour tattoo, eyeshadow works the same way as well.

All white around the face.

Apply colour in the inner circle of your eyes.
Almost there, just the final touch ups, would be drawing some patterns on your forehead and also around your lips. I used maybelline colour tattoo in grey to my eyes to create a more dramatic look, and also applied some eyeliner like how you would usually apply it to your eyes.

I applied some lip liner on the inner part of the lips to create a certain to, but you can apply it any way you want it, be confident! Adding red lipstick would be fine too, but since i made my eyes dramatic, it would preferably be better if you let just one part of your face gets the attention. And since i had these diamond stickers lying around at home, i decided to apply it around my circle to create a more dramatic look.

And wallah, let your hair down and your look is done! To give it a complete look to it, add flowers to your hair and wear the perfect outfit to be looking hauntingly beautiful.

I hope this was clear enough for you to understand, and feel free to ask me any questions or maybe some tips on how to improve my tutorial writing skills. Have a good day! and also...


Much love, 
Aliza Sara xx

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Forget haunting ghouls and spooky ghosts!

Are you a parent? A big brother or Sister? Looking for some fun with your baby sister/ baby brother? 

And you don't know what to do for Halloween? If you're up for some not so spookish fun, makchic will be organising a scream party at The Bee, Publika on the 2nd of November, 11am till 2pm. And not to forget to mention that admission is free! So, why not have some fun on a sunday before the monday blues hit you up again. 

"We can hardly contain ourselves – it’s I Scream Party time this coming Sunday, 2 November 2014! Taking place at The Bee in Publika, it’s going to be a spooktacular time for kids and adults alike. 

Admission is free! 

We're going to have lots of fun activities planned for the day which include: 

+ Free ice cream thanks to Nestlé (offer valid while stocks last).

+ Storytelling: Get spooked at our live story telling sessions at 11.30 am & 12.30pm. 

+ Trick-or-Treating

+ Face painting

+ Arts & Crafts: Get crafty and make your own monsters and ghosts!

See you there!"

-by Makchic

RSVP here:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bollywood Professional (New York) Launch ; Muse by Watsons

Event: Bollywood Professional's Official Launch
Location: Muse by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid
Date: 4th Oct 2014, Saturday
Time: 2.30pm -  5pm

Hello fellow readers,

If you've been following my Instagram, I'm pretty sure you might know what i've been up to last weekend. In fact, if you're a cosmetic lover, you would really want to check out the magic of Bollywood Professional (New York). But before i go further into explaining on the product, you might be wondering what is Bollywood Professional is from.

Rani Barring giving us some details on Bollywood Professionals.

Bollywood Professional started in New York by founder Rani Barring to embrace the use of make up from Bollywood films. A coincidence that Deepavali is just around the corner, Bollywood Professionals came during the perfect time to launch it officially in Malaysia with all their vibrant colours in their collection to make sure every female in saree's this coming Deepavali would be absolutely as gorgeous as Bollywood Superstars.

As i had the opportunity to explore on their cosmetic range during their launch, everything i see based on my first impression was all glitz and glam. Oh so gorgeous and since i had a free makeover by their professional stylist, i was looking forward to what magic can Bollywood Professionals could do.

The layout at the Muse by Watson in conduction of Bollywood Professionals

Make over session specially for the beauty bloggers.
The generous refreshment prepared by Bollywood Professionals. Yums!

The preparation for their first Malaysian launch at Muse by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid, the store was completely transformed to be suited to a Bollywood theme, with array mirrors and makeup, balloons and super friendly makeup artist who were more than willing to assist. My make up was done by Irene Khoo and she was really nice to beautify my face with Bollywood professional products.

Irene Khoo, the amazing artist who did my make up for me that day.

Was trying out their liquid lipstick, and boy it took just one swipe to have this really bright colour on me.

One of their highlighted range of products, according to Rani Barring would be Bolywood's professionals latest edition ; the liquid lipstick. Retailing at RM92 per piece, they come in 12 tones of bright colours. I got the chance to actually test it on my skin, and the amazing thing about this liquid lipstick is that it doesn't only make you look amazing, but it helps reduce pigmentations and works as a moisturiser too! How amazing is that? So don't worry about getting your skin dry, cause it would keep it looking supple and kissable as ever!

Colours available by the name: Pumpkin Spice , Electric pink, Electric Taffy, Uncorked, Just Bitten, Cherry Bomb, Razz Dance, Code Red, Brown Sugar, Wild Orchid, Electric Coral and Mink Pink.
10 out of 12 of the colour range of liquid lipstick by Bollywood professionals.

To be honest, I'm slightly particular with the lip stick i use on my lips as i don't like the uncomfortable dry feeling or sticky feeling once its on, but this particular liquid lipstick was the BOMB! Even though their shades are extremely bright and intense, it still gave full coverage with just one swipe, which was like a shock to me as some lipsticks can look that bright and they end up not even being close to bright. Based on my opinion, its a definite two thumbs up, not that it keeps your lips moisturised, but its also long lasting to last you the whole day looking oh-so-FAB!

Pretty shimmers by Bollywood Professionals.

Another thing that caught my attention, was their glittery shimmers and mineral eyes shimmers. They came in all sorts of colourful shades, and i love their bright glitter tones which seems to be very bold and shimmering to complete your glamour look, anytime, anyway. 

I tested some out, and i was really amazed on how strong the colour sticks to your skin. It was with just one swipe, and the colour was already bold. Rani did mentioned that its actually a benefit for people with darker skin tones, but at the same time, if you have light skin, the need of using a lot of amount isn't necessary, which also means, it would last longer than usual coloured shimmers to get yourself the right tone. 

Photo Credits: Muse by Watsons

 Not to forget the chance to actually meet the founder of Bollywood Professional's, Rani Barring in person, with her amazing personality and upbeat character, she could really inspire you in so many ways. We were also given a first hand try to sample Bollywood Professionals collection at use by Watsons.

Photo credits to: Muse by Watsons

Last group shot with amazing beauty bloggers.
It was an amazing opportunity as this was actually my first butterfly project, and i would like to thank Tammy for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the event. It was also really nice getting to meet other butterflies with all their perky friendly personalities. Not to forget to thank Muse by Watsons, Bollywood Professionals too for their welcoming team to make us feel at home!

For more information on Bollywood Professional:
Official Website:

Bollywood Professional's is also available at Muse by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid. Hope you find this post informative!

Tata for now,