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Marrybrown App Offering More Savings and Amazing Deals!

In case you havent heard about the latest news, Marrybrown has recently laucnhed their new app which can be downloaded for FREE from this link right here. Being a huge Marrybrown fan myself, i decided to download the app and to my discovery, i found myself exploring amazing deals! Previously i've been seeing a lot of people sharing about the MB App having this Raya deals, but if you think you missed out on it, their deals are actually still ongoing! 

If you're wondering what to expect,  you can get up to 40% off deals and to enjoy it, you have to be sure to redeem it while the quota is still there. Just to share with you on what the deals you can look forward to, i've included some screenshots for you to check out and to get yourself tempted to see how amazing these deals are! Personally, I'm surprised that there's a lot of savings and it can be instantly redeemed without any requirements! 

I went to the outlet at Citta Mall and all I did was walk into the store, showed the deal from the app that i wanted at the counter, and they scanned my phone to redeem the deal, and that's it! I got my savings just by using that deal in my order. Saving money has been more effortless all thanks to the app. My daughter wanted their chicken nuggets and its usually priced at RM8.49, but i got it at only RM5.90 with the App. Sadly, only one deal can be redeemed at a time, so if youre smart, you can get your partner to line up again to redeem another deal (shhhh.) hehe. 

I think the best deal would be that for every new user of the Marrybrown app, there's a welcome gift where you can redeem 1 pc of MB Crispy Chicken for Free! All you need to do is order a drink and basically its like a buy 1 free 1 deal for you to not miss out on. Talk about eating smart when youre out am i right? Gotta say that the best meals are usually the ones that are free. There's just something about it that makes it taste better. 

So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to download the app to not miss out on any amazing deals each time to visit Marrybrown! On top of that, you will be collecting. MB Reward Points as you continuously use the app to redeem more surprises. After all, only members get the best perks! Download the app by heading over to and be sure to check if the outlet yours heading to is one of their participating outlets by checking it here

Marrybrown Malaysia

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Samsung Galaxy A33 User Experience | Foodie Content Creator

As a writer and a content creator, I would have to say that staying connected is key when it comes to my overall lifestyle. One of the gadgets that I cannot live without would be two things, one a mobile phone, and the other being my laptop. With these two devices that goes hand in hand for the past few years of my life, I can confidently say that I can live without them! But of course, when it comes to keeping up with the latest features and technology, an upgrade is always a must. And this time around, I'll be sharing with you a perspective of what it's like to be using the Samsung Galaxy A33 in my daily life as a content creator. 

I went to get myself the Samsung Galaxy A33 in white because I find white to be an everlasting classic color that would suit practically anything that I wear. It's also a very chic shade considering that it's full-on white even up to the lens of the camera making it look very modern in appearance. You might wonder why I got the Galaxy A33? Well, for starters, the reason why I went for this model because the specs of the camera suit the needs of my digital era lifestyle offering up to 48MP quality photos, plus the 5G specs that offer the speed that I need when I'm living in the city! Other than that, it has been designed to offer a two-day battery life, making it great for long usage when I'm out and about trying to explore and share about the everyday life as a blogger and for the purpose to create memories to be recorded in social media. 

 Sleek Body & Appearance

Starting with the appearance of the camera, I got to admit that the design of the Galaxy A33 is very stylish, slim, and sleek which reflects the era that we live in today. If I would have to describe the phone in 2 words, I'd say it's minimalist and techy! It's pretty, durable, and offers functions that would suit any person who is all about detail. The glass of the mobile uses the Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which makes it very durable and it also has IP676 water and dust resistance feature to ensure that it still looks good after any unexpected accidents. Being excited about everything that surrounds me, this mobile gives me the assurance that it will withstand even the toughest scenarios! 

Camera Features and Clarity

Taken with the Main Camera (8MP)

Taken with Main Camera (48MP)

Offering quad camera's in one lightweight device, I would say that this is an accomplishment of its own! I used to bring around my bulky camera with its interchangeable lenses to take different angles of photos, but with the Samsung Galaxy A33, all I need is to slide it into the back of my pocket and I'll be ready for any unexpected moments! The mobile offers a main camera of 48MP, a depth camera of 2MP, an Ultra Wide of 8MP, and a Macro Camera of 5MP with a front camera of 13MP. Overall, I think the main usages of the device would typically be the main camera which offers a huge clarity, and the front camera for any sudden video meetings to catch up with. 

Taken with Main Camera

Taken with Main Camera (48MP)

Taken with Main Camera (Night mode)

Honestly, it offers pretty good specs to suit today's digital era, where we revolve a lot around e-sports and mainstream social media because the features of the mobile complement the camera. Not many cameras offer good quality images when it's low in lighting, but this Galaxy A33 is ready for breathtaking sunset pictures! Since it offers an innovative AI-powered camera, the processor can improve night shots which synthesizes up to 12 images all at once. It even brightens up videos in low lighting while giving less noise quality to ensure that it performs at its best possible. I tried and tested this at night, and wow I am impressed!

Audio Accessories and Usage Speed

In terms of audio accessories that would be unique to the latest Galaxy A series would be that its designed to seamlessly work with other Galaxy devices. I was a little unsure about this feature at first, but then when I did a little more digging on this, I was surprised to find that with the Galaxy Buds Series, you can connect the buds with more than 1 pair of buds, which means that if you're listening to music or streaming through your mobile, you can stream together with a friend and use your device as a screen. To me, this feature is really handy when I want to get a little cuddly with my husband while the kids conquer the TV at home. On top of that, there's also this feature where you can link to windows 11 and connect the Galaxy A series to a windows PC to work effortlessly. I'd say that's pretty impressive.

On top of that, if you're a gamer, I would have to say that the Samsung Galaxy A33 is sufficient in ensuring that your gaming experience is a smooth one. With 2 days battery life and 90Hz Super AMOLED speed, it would give you a silky smooth experience. On top of this feature, I would have to say I enjoyed editing videos on the go considering it was very smooth to edit any films. Skip the hassle of transferring videos and photos into your desktop and do it while you're having lunch. 

The Final Verdict

Ultra Wide Angle Camera of Restaurant (8MP)

Portrait mode which offers harp clear images

As a verdict, I would say that I'm beyond impressed with the Samsung Galaxy A33. Being priced at RM1,499 only, it's a definite value for money to match the specifications and features of the device. If you're looking for a mobile within a certain budget, I would say that this mobile is decent for daily usage, even for a content creator! Offering a sufficient high megapixel camera quality that also takes portrait shots, plus the low light AI adjustments, it makes taking photos and being creative enjoyable. 

Landscape photography with backlights

Food photography to show enhanced color 

Food photography to test clarity

Considering this is one of the latest Galaxy A series, I can't deny that it's well crafted. A pretty good investment if you're looking to create content be it for youtube, Instagram, or simply just for a gaming experience to enjoy. Will continue using this mobile to explore and I'll be updating some content with what this mobile can do! Be sure to follow my social media accounts to keep yourself updated, or if you do have any questions in mind, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll get back to you soonest.

More details on Samsung Galaxy A33 (click here)

*All photos that were taken in this post is by the Samsung Galaxy A33 with no edits

Galaxy A33 | Offering 5G Experience for Great Value

Let's get down and dirty with all things with the all-new Samsung Galaxy A33 5G. Samsung itself is the lead brand in the tech industry, we can't deny that the brand offers great value when it comes to pricing and features of a mobile device. Today, we'll be exploring the specs of A33 which brings the most essential features into a simple, smart device, Galaxy A33 5G as it levels up on the fundamentals for its users. Living in a world filled with social media and content creators, the device lives up to its name by giving everyone a lifestyle to adapt to the social media trend and device usage.

Just a little teaser on what you can expect, the Galaxy A33 5G, coming from the A series', offers AI camera system to take crisp, steady shots effortlessly, and this guarantees that any photo you take that seems instaworthy would definitely look good in every upload. If you live and breathe media, then this gadget would allow your workflows to be smoother and content to be clearer on Galaxy A33 5G’s expansive 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, and power it all for longer with a two-day battery that helps you create, connect, and call your own shots. So yes, that means a longer lifespan, with longer entertainment without the need to charge! If this got you hyped up to know more, then let's get into details on the specifications! 

The Galaxy A33 5G is available from 22nd April 2022 onwards, alongside the A53 and A73, making it one of the 'youngest' tier members among the latest release of the A-Series. Despite being the youngest, do not disregard the experience that it offers as the Galaxy A series has been one of the most popular Galaxy smartphones which lead to the democratization of the latest Galaxy innovations at a great value. For this release, the mobiles that I mentioned are all powered by a brand-new processor, coupled with Galaxy's signature AI camera, expansive and smooth display, and two-day battery life. On top of that the new Galaxy A series features 5G connectivity, and defense-grade security, built to be eco-conscious, stylish, and slim with advanced connected experiences. The Galaxy A33 also includes supports One UI, Android OS upgrades, and security updates to ensure the user mobile experience is always awesome.

Capture an Awesome Shot in Any Situation

First off, being a content creator myself, i would have to say that the first thing that caught my attention is the camera specifications. Cutting to the chase, the Galaxy A33 5G offers an advanced, next-level camera experience, packed with many of the powerful and fun features from the Galaxy S series. Galaxy A33 5G’s camera system features a 48MP OIS Camera that takes sharp and steady shots for every image you take. Meanwhile, it also offers a 13MP front camera that delivers great selfies and clear video call experiences.

Another favorite feature that the new Galaxy A series’ offers would be the innovative AI-powered camera that makes every image look impressive – even in low lighting. With the brand new 5nm processor, this has significantly improved night mode automatically which synthesizes up to 12 images at once, which makes night shots that you take, look brighter with less noise. It doesn't end there because even when shooting a video, it will not disappoint when it comes to clarity by automatically adjusting the brightness of the video. 

A favorite feature that I would like to highlight would be the Portrait mode which captures the depth and takes clear sharp outlines with its dual cameras and powerful AI ability. If you would like to snap pictures in party events, then the mobile also offers Fun Mode which makes images more playful with filters and effects that you can explore and unleash your creativity! It even works with the Ultra-wide lens too. Skip the wait and struggle of getting that insta-worthy clean background shot with the Galaxy A33 because you can use its Photo Remaster to erase those photo bombers in the background effortlessly! 

Maximize Viewing Experiences Anywhere, Anytime

Have you ever had one of those days where the sun is shining too bright that you can barely see your smartphone screen? The Galaxy A series offers an intelligent algorithm that ensures the display comes through in vivid detail, even when you're out in the scorching sun. The Galaxy A33 5G features a 6.4-inch 4 Super AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and is now equipped with up to two-day battery life and 25W Super Fast Charging5, which typically means that your viewing and streaming experience can last longer! 

Beautiful, Durable, Functional Design

At glance, I would have to say that the Samsung Galaxy A33 is very sleek and sustainable when we're talking about the personal experience of usage. I would like to highlight that i admire the detailing of its slim bezel which creates this uber smooth and stylish appearance with its seamlessly blending the body towards the camera. Just to give you peace of mind, the A33 5G features the tough Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and IP676 water and dust resistance to ensure that it's durable enough even in tough accidents that we face in our daily lives. Me, having kids, I believe that this is definitely ane extra precaution especially when the best option is to avoid shattered glass in any way possible.

The Connected Galaxy Experience, Secure and at Your Fingertips

The new Galaxy A series ensures data and information stay protected, secured by the defense-grade Samsung Knox. When storing private photos, notes and apps, Secure Folder offers users an encrypted, digital safe, so only they can access its contents. Using Private Share8, users can control exactly who has access to files and for how long. To keep up with the modern era that we all live in today, the A33 5G will also include the new Samsung Wallet9, a convenient and protected place to safely store everything from boarding passes to credit cards.

If you're a Samsung user, then you would not have to worry as the A33 5G is designed to work seamlessly with other Galaxy devices for the full, connected Galaxy ecosystem experience (I mean, it's their entire galaxy that we're talking about here!). To match with accessories, the Audio options are expanded by connecting the Galaxy Buds series with a range of devices which also includes the Galaxy A33 5G. I'm honestly just looking forward to a feature where you can just link to windows 11 to connect the new Galaxy A series to a Windows PC to copy and paste documents, transfer files and even answers call or texts, which to me makes your lifestyle even better! 

The Galaxy A33 is now available in stores starting from 22nd April onwards, so be sure to head on over to your nearest mobile outlet today to get your hands on this value for money experience by owning the latest Galaxy A33. Trust me, creating memories and surrounding your work and lifestyle just got even smoother with the Samsung Galaxy A33. With Samsung, taking over the Galaxy would be pretty much a piece of cake. BTW, i'll be also sharing a little lifestyle write-up of an up-close personal experience of using the Galaxy A33 in my daily lifestyle, so be sure to keep up with that post coming on the blog to you soon! 

More details on Samsung Galaxy A33 (click here)

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Shopee to Enliven your Raya!

After almost a month of fasting, many are looking forward to celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri with their family and friends. Some may be preparing to balik kampung while some may be busy preparing their homes to welcome their loved ones.

In order to assist Malaysians with the last minute Raya shopping, Raya With Shopee is offering the lowest price and best deals in town. On top of that, Malaysians can enjoy the following during Raya With Shopee from now till 5 May 2022:

Free Shipping Min Spend RM5

Forgot the cinnamon sticks or star anise for the rendang? Fret not as it is available on Shopee and you get to enjoy free shipping with a minimum spend of just RM5. Just claim the free shipping vouchers and apply them before checking out for your purchases.

100% Raya Coins Cashback 

Besides convenience, Shopee provides extra savings through Shopee Coins Cashback. Without any minimum spend, you will receive 100% Coins Cashback (capped at RM5) for your purchases when you claim and apply the 100% Coins Cashback voucher. How about getting Coins Cashback for the last minute Raya cookies shopping?

Weekly Motorcycle Giveaway

It is not too late to Spin & Win to collect golden tickets daily to be in the running to win a Vespa Sprint S 150 motorcycle and Gold Bars as consolation prizes. Don’t miss out the opportunity to accumulate additional golden tickets for a better chance of winning!


Have you gotten your hands on the SimplySiti Pearl Collection? It is the brand’s latest collection launched in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri. If you have not, do visit to find out more.

Shopee Mall highlights, featuring daily 25% Coins Cashback, Induldge in a wide range of 100% authentic products guaranteed under Shopee Mall, with offers and discounts available and refreshed daily. Enjoy 25% off days, 25% Coins Cashback and 25% brand vouchers and much more! Celebrate this Raya With Shopee with irresistible deals of 40% off and above from your favourite brands like vivo, Watsons, Laneige, Levi’s, and more!

You can also look out for great offers from brands on Shopee Mall such as Caltex, Dr. Cardin, Gaabor, Grafen, Kitchenz, Logitech, Maserati, MY Mentholatum, MYDIN, Polo Hill, Tealive and Vinda.

In conjunction with Hari Raya festivities, #ShopeeGivesBack and Shopee Supermarket are teaming up to serve the underprivileged. Together, they are inviting all Malaysians to come together to help those in need.

Purchase a Care Box of your choice to be donated to selected NGOs. On top of every Care Box purchased, Shopee Supermarket will also donate RM4. Make an impact here -

Exciting deals from ShopeePay & ShopeeFood

This Hari Raya, save up on your fuel expenses and earn rewards when you pay using ShopeePay. Earn RM5 cashback with a minimum spend of RM25 at any Caltex stations. Additionally, get more with ShopeePay by checking out the 1 SEN ShopeePayvouchers from a variety of merchants!

Having a gathering with family and friends this Hari Raya? Liven the festivities with delicious food from ShopeeFood. Choose from the array of delicacies on the platform and enjoy free deliveries all day long! To sweeten up the deal, purchase the ShopeeFood Savings Pass at 1 Sen to get more discounts!

For more information about Raya With Shopee, visit

Terms and conditions apply.

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Kontiki Juadan Kampung Buffet | Ramadan Malaysian cuisine 8th April till 2 May 2022

Honest review at Kontiki The Federal KL Hotel

I have been missing the buka puasa sessions after the long hiatus of being locked at home for the sake of safety. Lucky enough that we’re at the endamic stage where everyone is slowly accepting the new norm. With that being said, my choice of having a decent family buffet iftar would be at none other Kontiki at The Federal KL. This year, Kontiki celebrates rich culture of Malaysian cuisine which will be available from 8 April - 2 May 2022. Without further ado, let me share you my review on the spread. 

The Grilled seafood, Satay and Grille Lamb Section
(lamb was all gone by the time i got time to take a photo)

The main entrance to Kontiki

The Ox tail, Dim Sum, lok-lok and yong tau fu section

A mandatory with the queen of my heart

One for the memories

To celebrate a whole new year, Kontiki at The Federal Kuala Lumpur shares a spread that represents a celebration to embrace togetherness and gratitude. For those looking to spoil their tastebuds with a variety of flavors, you can start making your reservations from 8 April till 2 May 2022 to enjoy the spread prepared by Kontiki. I decided to go with my mother and sister, cause I wanted to enjoy the spread with the people I love most. 

The sashimi and sushi section (There was salmon earlier)

Ikan Bakar section

The popular Fish Head Curry! *Must try

Butter Chili Prawn

Seafood on ice

When we cant decide where to start, we feed the camera first!

Inspired by the rich melting pot of cultures of Malaysia, the chefs at Kontiki prepared a buffet dinner spread which includes traditional Malaysian dishes as the main highlights and, not forgetting the Japanese and Western favorites to choose from. My personal highlights that really attracted my attention while i was there was the Fish Head Curry, the Butter Chili Prawn, the Grilled Lamb slices, the Roast Beef, The Fresh Cut Sashimi based on request, and the Oxtail Soup! I wish I took more photos of it cause it was really REALLY good! 

There's a salad bar as appatizers

Tons of ready made salad for you to try

And being Malaysia, how can we live without the ulam?

Will be topped up when it runs out! 

On top of that, there were a lot of authentic Kampung delicacies to indulge into, and not to forget the traditional delights to compliment your meal for the night. There was an ulam spread, some pulut lemang, kerabu and so much more that I'm pretty sure you would be spoilt for choices while youre there. I had a hard time trying to decided on where to start, and if you're there, you would know why. It was just a lot to really take in with the variety that they offer, especially when youre coming with an empty stomach, everything looks tempting! 

The Tunku's Favourite' Cuisine

Daging Salai Siam *My personal fave

Ketam Chili

Sambal Sotong

Yes, i tried it and loved it like a Prime Minister

A special spread that I enjoyed the most was that they included an ever-lasting favorite from Tunku's Kitchen which belonged to Malaysia's beloved first Prime Minister, Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. Every night, they will offer different dishes of Tunku's favorites, but for tonight, i got to try the Daging Gulai Siam, Ketam Cili, and Sotong Sambal which had just the right kick of creamy, spicy, and sourish goodness! Between the three, I would have to say my personal favorite was the Daging Gulai Siam. I was told that The Favourite Dishes from the Tunku’s Kitchen or Hidangan Kegemaran Dari Dapur Tunku, most importantly, this legacy cookbook is our Federal Hotels International and The Federal Kuala Lumpur’s tribute dedicated to our Malaysia’s beloved first Prime Minister or our Father of Independence, Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Pari Asam Pedas

Yong Tau Fu Station

Lok-lok station

They have Hainanese chicken rice *Kids favourite

Lady Fingers in dried curry

Bone-Marrow Soup or Sup Tulang

At Kontiki, it will surely offer you a bountiful spread of break-fast-centric, traditional dishes and relish in harmoniously balanced flavors that are distinctively Malaysian with a thoughtfully curated buffet of age-old kampung recipes, and rending cooked in great aromas of spices, homely made by traditional flavors that have been passed down through generations. A full range of food stations, serving a vast of Malaysian, Asian, Japanese, and international favorites like satay, noodles, soup to the roast station and so much more to indulge in. the roast station serves a variety of meat selection to suit your taste for the day. There is also a section for vegetarians for those who would enjoy more greens in their diet as well. 

Kuih kuih manis

Kuih Lopez

Variety of Jelly & Pudding

Icy Shaved Iced Cendol

At the dessert corner, Kontiki serves both traditional kuih to western desserts to cater to and satisfy sweet tooth cravers which will definitely cater to any taste bud. My daughter definitely enjoyed the marshmallows with chocolate dipping the most, while I on the other hand enjoyed their caramel pudding and fruity jello because really who wouldn't? There were also really nice kuih which you can indulge in if you're a kuih lover, but I was immediately hooked over the shaved iced section in which I could custom my own ice kacang topped with gula Melaka and rose syrup to cool off and re-hydrate the body from fasting. 

Not to be missed, Teh Tarik *must try

The after-math of the amount of food we consumed

Mummy looking like a queen

An overall thought of the spread, I would have to say that for RM148nett per adult, they offer a pretty widespread with that price. I got to enjoy really good food all in one location, satisfying practically all the cravings that I would have craved for the next few days. Haha. I ended my meal with a cup of their Teh Tarik, and I must say that it hit all the right spots for me. Trust me, their Teh Tarik is made to perfection! The night was very much memorable to me, because not only the food spread was decent, the service provided by their staff was also excellent! I was mostly served by Mr. Ganesh which i would like to highlight that he provided spectacular hospitality to me and my family. Im pretty sure attendees that night would have agreed! The venue itself will also bring food and people together this Ramadan.

The Juadah Kampung Buffet Dinner is available every day from 7pm to 9:30pm from 8 April to 2 May 2022. Prior reservation is required and the price for the buffet would be RM148nett/adult, RM74nett/ senior citizen, and RM48nett/child. Bookings can be made via or you may also opt to call them now at +603 2148 9166 ext. 2239 to book a table or by WhatsApp them through this number +60183712080.