Sunday, April 30, 2017

Caffe Bene || Mangotella Series

Mangotella at Caffe Bene anyone?
As they all say, 2 is usually better than 1. Hehe. I never really thought mango and Nutella would be a good combo, but after getting a taste of this, YAS!! It's like love at first taste. For a limited time only, Caffe Bene Malaysia is offering a seasonal time menu which will bright excitement to the lovers of Nutella and Fruits! Featuring Nutella chocolate and Mango's as the season's highlight, its no doubt that it would make you wonder how deliciously yummy it is. And with that, I would like to share with you the four different seasonal options to choose from!

Mango Yogurt Bingsu | RM29.90

Be on the safer side with the Mango Yogurt Bingsu
First up which I would like to introduce would be the Mango Yogurt Bingsu! This yummy cold icy dessert is topped with juicy mango cubes and seasonal Yogurt Gelato. Holla at cha girl if you're a fan of yogurt as this is super yummy as I must say that the combo goes really well. Suitable for those who prefers to be on the safer side when it comes to taste. hehe.

Mangotella Bingsu  | RM29.90

Go slightly darker with the Mangotella Bingsu
When it comes to Caffe Bene, we all know that they're famous for serving their 'to-die-for' icy bingsu. Now if youre looking for some adventure in flavours, the Mangotella Bingsu would not disappoint. This has to be one of the dreamiest combination where it combines Nutella, mixed nuts, cookie crumble base with mango cubes topped with the Nutella gelato. Yummy! I don't usually like nuts in my bingsu, but surprisingly the mixed nuts and cookie crumble base actually gave the bingsu some interesting textures when you scoop a mouthful of it! LAV IT!

Mangotella Waffle | RM17.90

Mangotella waffles anyone?
Drizzle some hot-fudge onto your waffle
Not seeking for something icy? Well, thank God Caffe Bene serves waffles too! The Mangotella Waffle is definitely a must try! Just talking about it makes me crave for more. It's waffle is topped with sweet mango chunks, almond slices and covered in yogurt gelato. And just when you think the goodness ends there, it doesn't as you can make this taste even yummier when you drizzle hot-fudge Nutella all over your waffle.

Mangotella Smoothie | RM11.90

Be quick and on the go with the Mangotella Smoothie
Alternatively, if you're looking for something that you can grab and go, I would automatically suggest you to try the Mangotella smoothie to quench your thirst. I usually have a hard time deciding whether to drink fruity drinks or something chocolatey, but at Caffe Bene, I get both in one cup! hehe. This tasted really smooth and creamy and surprisingly the mango taste is stronger than the Nutella taste. Nevertheless, the combo has just the right sweetness that does not overpower.

My blogger buddies for the night :)
So what are you waiting for? Drop by Caffe Bene while you still can! I might be heading over to Caffe Bene later at night for some dessert time catch up session with friends. And just to get things exciting, I cant wait to see what my friends would have to say when they get a bite of this. #cravings!
 Psst, be sure to keep yourself updated with Caffe Bene via Facebook to keep up with the latest updates. xx

Saturday, April 29, 2017

"Wild Wild West" Pet Fiesta 2017 | Setia City Convention Centre

So over the weekend, i got a chance to catch the Wild Wild West Fiesta 2017 and if youre here to read all about it, i'd be more than happy to elaborate on what you missed out on. But of course, with hopes that the organizers would re-plan another yet successful pet event, we can now keep our fingers crossed for an even better Pet Fiesta in the near future. If you're a dog lover, a cat lover or in fact, an animal lover, you'd be excited to see the pictures that I've included in this blog post.

It was held over the weekend from the 15th - 16th of April 2017 at Setia City Convention Centre which i was actually pretty surprised to the fact that it was held indoors! Lots of pets, in an air conditioned hall doesnt sound like a good idea, but surprisingly, i was impressed that somehow the organizers managed to control the odour of the animals, and that the pet owners present with their pets are really well trained to listen to orders thus made me feel very comfortable without the worry of being attacked. It was nice to get the chance to see pet lovers mingling around with other pet lovers and its also a great way to spend your weekend with your pets too! There was a charge on entrace fee of RM5, and i think that was fairly priced!

The whole occasion featured dog competitions, cat shows, a petting zoo, pet training, pet adoption and more! My favorite among the must-see events would be the MKA Dog Show. I've usually seen in through TV's, but seeing owners testing their dog's discipline live in front of my eyes was exhilarating (but it also could because im an animal lover). HEHE. Like any other animal events, cat shows are a must where cat owners show off their pet to visitors and other animal owners on how well-groomed and rare their pet is. And not to forget a little something for the kids, the petting zoo attracted a lot of the kids attention. From the photos i've attached above, you would notice how happy they are to get up close with animals they wished they had. (OVERLOAD CUTENESS!)

And just a little something for pet owners who would love to spoil their pet with love and affection, i was actually facinated to find interesting treats and gourmet food present at the Pet Fiesta. Since some of the stores were giving samples around to pet owners and non-pet owners, you'd be surprised how a small gesture would turn non-animal lovers to wishing they had a pet of their own. Hehe. Nevertheless, your pets would be spoiled with choices when it comes to food and treats that are unique to its own brand.

Variety is there where you can shop away to find something to pamper your pet with. And whats even better would be that they were having promotional offers during the Pet Fiesta! Just more reasons for me to buy and save, and give your pets the love they deserve. I managed to bring a few of my cats favourite treat back at a discounted price, and im really happy with my purchases during the event. But i still regret that i didnt get the cool pet bag that makes them look like an astronaut, which i will promise myself that the next time that i find these bags on promotions, i would buy on the spot! (And yes, the price was cheaper than the ones i usually see online guys!)

For the animal lovers who love exotic creatures, the Pet Fiesta also had a section for you to enjoy! I've never been a fan of reptiles and insects as pets, but when i got a chance to meet pet owners who has passion to raise these animals as pets, it was nice to gain some knowlege on the animals that i never really done reasearch about. I even got a chance to get a hold on to these exotic pets and somehow partially managed to face my fears at the same time! Yes, i was afraid, but not anymore! #achievement.

Well i would tell you so much more, but i'll keep the rest as a surprise when you decide to visit the next pet fiesta happening! To keep yourself updated with more pet events, and occasions, be sure to visit to get the latest updates. Would you call yourself an animal lover? If you have the time, please share me your favourite animals in the comment box below. Cant wait to find out what the Pet Fiesta has in store next.

Friday, April 28, 2017

[REVIEW] Simply Lynn | Rahsia Kulit Cantik

Hi uolls, hari ni terlebih excited nk share dgn korang tentang product yang dibuat oleh orang tempatan kami sendiri, iaitu Simply Lynn! Kalau korang dah selalu ikut blog Sara ni, korang akan perasan yang Sara sentiasa tulis review dalam bahasa inggeris. Tapi kali ni sebab nak highlightkan barang orang Malaysia, kita kena lah sekali sekala tulis dalam bahasa Malaysia. Gittew. HAHA. Ok, kalau korang nk tau tentang produc Simply Lynn dengan lebih lanjut, baca la blog post ni. Sara dah susah susah tulis, tak kan korang tk nk baca kan? Hehe.

Sebagai intro, Simply Lynn adalah produk yang mengutamakan orang yang inginkan kulit yang flawless dan cantik. Haa, kalau korang mmg nk tau rahsia retis yang muka nampak macam sentiasa glowing je, Simply Lynn la rahsia dorg tu. Malaysia ni panas, dan mmg penting sangat untuk kita jaga kulit kalau nk sentiasa nmpk muda tnpa jerawat ataupun sun burn. Dalam entry blog ini, Sara akan kenalkan EMPAT produk dari Simply Lynn iaitu Simply Lynn Glowing Gel Treatment, Simply Lynn Glow Day Cream, Simply Lynn Glowing Beauty Spray dan Simply Lynn Booster Glow Whitening Plus Detoxin.

SIMPLY LYNN | Glowing Gel Treatment

Produk pertama yang Sara akan terangkan dengan lebih lanjut adalah produk Simply Lynn Glowing Gel Treatment. Produk ini digunakan untuk menghilangkan jerawat, menghilang bintik hitam (jeragat), menghilang kedutan dna garis halus, melambakan tanda penuaan, membentuk dan menegangkan kulit, melembutkan kulit, membuat muka menjadi lebih kurus (v shape), menyejukkan muka, mencerahkan muka dan membuat muka nampak lebih glowing.

Haa! Terkejut korang tengok satu gel boleh buat pelbagai benda. Sara pun suka sebenarnya kalau produk yang boleh dijadikan pelbagai guna. Selalunya, lepas cuci muka, Sara akan apply Simply Lynn Glowing Gel Treatment sebab ia akan menyejukkan muka. BEST SANGAT RASA DIA! Tk perlu nak risau pasal jeragat yang mengada kat muka. Botol dia pun kelas sangat! Dengan 2 pum cukup untuk satu applikasi.

SIMPLY LYNN | Glow Day Cream

Produk yang seterusnya adalah Simply Lynn Glow Day Cream. Sara anggapkan Glow Day Cream berfungsi macam cream biasa, tpi apa yang best ada krim muka ini tidak melekit! Kegunaan Glow day cream ini adalah untuk melindungi kulit daripadan sinaran matahari (cahaya UV), memberi muka kesan yang gebu & glowing, menutup pori-pori, dan menjadikan wajah lebih licin dan sekata.

Sebanarnya, masa dapar produk ini, ada la jugak terasa macam comel sangat bekas dia yang mengandungi 20gm. Tapi haa, bila dah guna produk ini, sikit je kena apply bila dah tepek kat muka. Memang la masa  letak tu nmpk agak putih,  tapi Sara suka blend krim ini dengan foundation smbil gunakan berus makeup. Boleh la nampak macam glowing glowing muka tu. Hehe. Apa yang Sara suka adalah sbb produk ini tidak melekit, ringan di muka, bertahan lebih 12 jam (LAMA WEH), dan makin korang berpeluh, muka akan makin glowing.

SIMPLY LYNN | Glowing Beauty Spray

Antara semua produk Simply Lynn, Glowing Beauty Spray adalah antara favret produk Sara. Kalau korang nk make up tahan lama, dan produk yang beri effect glowing & flawless, ini adalah rahsianya untuk kulit yang lebih cantik dan segar. Setiap pagi, Sara akan gunakan produk ini sebagai base make up. Ia boleh juga merawat masalah jerawat, jeragat dan resdung, menjadikan kulit lebih awet muda, membantu mengecilkna liang pori, membantu menghilangkna pigmentasi pada kulit, and mengurangkan kerengsangan pada kulit. Patut la tengok setengah orang muka sentiasa glowing je, rupanya Simply Lynn Glowing Beauty Spray boleh membantu untuk mencantikkan kulit. Hehe.

Ia sangat sesuai untuk wanita, lelaki dan semua peringkat umur termasuk bayi juga. Cara penggunaannya selalunya, Sara akan semburkan pada wajah 3 atau 4 kali sehari sebelum dan selepas menggunakan make up. Juga, produk ini boleh juga disemburkan pada rambut untuk melebatkan dan merawat rambut anda (ataupun semburkan pada kepala jika ada rasa migrain). Sekarang Sara tinggal separuh botol dekat rumah, separuh lagi dekat tempat kerja. Bila sakit kepala tu, Sara spray ni memang rasa menyejukkan.

SIMPLY LYNN | Booster Glow Whitening Plus Detoxin

Tidak juga dilupakan, adalah Simply Lynn Booster gow Whitening Plus Detoxin. Ia diperbuat oleh bahan bahan semulajadi seperti extrak tumbuhan, extrak lemon, stawberry/blueberry yang kaya dengan kandungan vitamin C. Selain itu, ia juga boleh membantu cepatkan process penurunan berat badan, memberi tekstur kulit yang cantik, menguatkan anti bodi badan dan lain lain lagi. Kelebihan Booster Glow Whitening Plus Detoxin ini adalah ia membantu menghilangkan parut dan jerawat, menguatkan kuku dan rambu, mengurangkan masalah migrain, membantu melawaskan pembuangan dan mengempiskan perut buncit, dan mencerahkan badan.

Sebagai kesimpulan, Sara sudah mencuba guna produk Simply Lynn selama seminggu lebih dan antara keempat produk tersebut, Sara suka Glowing Gel Treatment dan produk glowing beauty spray sebab dua dua akan kesan yang menyejukkan. Kulit asal Sara selalunya mcm berminyak tapi kering dekat T-zone, tapi lepas guna produk ni selama seminggu, kering kesan dan berminyak dah tk de sangat! Best je feeling dia. Hehe. Untuk maklumat lebih lanjut, korang boleh lah tengok facebook dorang yang Sara akan letak link direct di bawah.

Contact : 0162430390 / 0172953447

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Transformer mania | Midnight Madness

In conjunction with the TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT movie release in June, Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) has decided to organize the exciting midnight madness event to celebrate its first movie tie-in merchandise. With fans lining up at Toys R Us in Mid Valley, it really got everyone present to look forward to the launch of the exclusive tie-in merchandise. What's even more exciting, it would be the exclusive movie tie-in merchandise was revealed to scores of dedicated fans at Toys “R” Us in Mid Valley Megamall when the clock struck midnight. On top of being the first to get hold of movie tie-in merchandise, fans were also able to get hold of limited edition Deluxe and Voyager class figures as gifts-with-purchase.

The emcee asking some fan-based questions to fans who were lining up
Before the doors opened, fans were treated to a meet-and-greet session with TRANSFORMERScharacters Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Ten lucky winners also walked away with TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT merchandise by participating in the Facebook Photo Pose Contest and I must say that everyone tried really hard to be one of the best. In addition, Toys “R” Us went on Facebook Live with the crowd and those featured won prizes on the spot just by participating in the interactive session.

15 minutes count down!
Prior to the release of Hasbro’s first wave of toys and consumer products inspired by the TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT movie, the REVEAL YOUR SHIELD programme kicked-offworldwide on 25 April on TRANSFORMERS’ digital and social channels with a week’s worth ofexclusive content inspired by TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, including a video featuring anew action figure, BARRICADE.

A participant joining the Pose contest
The stars of the show were present there too to greet fans
Not only that, the TRANSFORMERS have found their allies as Influencers declared their allegiance to the Autobots or Decepticons on their social channels throughout the weeks of celebrations leading up to the release of the movie. It was indeed a rare opportunity for many as they were given the chance to take some photos with the hero's of TRANSFORMERS too.

And everyone just wanted to grab a few merchandises to bring home.
And you bet that everyone was so happy to bring back an exclusive merchandise home.
Other than surprises that appeared on TRANSFORMERS social channels, new games and activities are also coming to and in the TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT App. To view all of the exclusive TRANSFORMERS news and content, you can visit, Instagram or the official TRANSFORMERS Facebook page. It was indeed an exciting night for everybody and it was definitely a night to remember.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Unboxing CubeCrate; March 2017 Box

Unboxing  Cubecrates March 2017 box
And just to welcome April, my cubecrate for March 2017 is here! I know this may be a delayed post, but I would like to share with you on what I got from the March CubeCrate box. Surprisingly, this time around, they have turned the March box as a sleeping theme box. How exciting! I guess with CubeCrate, it's a hint for me to always get enough sleep despite working so hard. Boohoo.

Here's a little sneak peak on whats inside
So in the March 2017 box, we have 4 featured brands namely Candlenuts by Nadia (One of my favs from cubecrate so far), HowSmooth, J&E Botanicals and The Tea Republic. Now, I noticed that some are repeated featured brands, but since it's a different box, they offered something a little more different compared to getting repeated items. YAY! Now here's a tiny review on what I got.

Candlenuts by Nadia
(Click for more info)

The Special Edition Candlenuts by Nadia
I kindda think it looks pretty <3
First up is Candlenuts by Nadia! After about 2-3 boxes of receiving items from this brand, I must say that I have grown really attached as it has really de-stressed me at home thanks to its therapeutic candles that I would usually light up in my room when I'm feeling stressed. Candlenuts by Nadia are different than your usual candles because they use palm wax, which is better for the environment. I received a special edition candle in a shot-sized cup and I must say it smells amazing! I'm assuming that its special edition because it has unique shapes that pop's up in 3D to make it look fancier, thus it's no doubt to say that I love it.

(Click for more info)

Packaging on point HowSmooth
This is my favourite item to use before i sleep
Next would be something new as this is my first time hearing about HowSmooth. What is HowSmooth you may wonder? Well, HowSmooth specializes in handmade soaps and body care products. Upon first impression, I'd say that the packaging is rather impressive, the fact that it's sealed. BRAVO HowSmooth! In my box, I received a sleepy rub and it contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, essential oil of lavender and frankincense. I managed to give it a try, and just a few rubs of the product around your nose, I have instantly relaxed that it made me felt like sleeping.
Ps: good to use when you have troubles sleeping / bad to use when you need to get work done. Hehe.

J&E Botanicals
(Click for more info)

Body Lotion by J&E Botanics anyone?
Loving its water based texture btw
Next would be something from J&E Botanicals where the brand believes in providing a better lifestyle without toxic and synthetic chemicals. Got myself one of their handmade body lotions which I currently love to use when im indoors. It's cooling and therapeutic to calm the soul and mind. This is safe to be used at any time of the day, and I admit that it works well as a de-stresser too. Once my tub of 20gm finishes, I might be getting more of it from their store perhaps. Hehe.

(Click for more info)

Tea ball by thetearepublic
Some instructions on how it should be served
And our last featured brand for this post would be from thetearepublic. After my first item I received from thetearepublic, I definitely knew that theterepublic will never disappoint. From the quality of their tea's to the taste of it, it's all maintained to be served to perfection! I still have a pack of tea bags from thetearepublic, and for the March 2017 box, I received tea in form of tea balls! New to you? Well, I'd say that these tea balls are rather rare in Malaysia for people like me to find, so I'm excited to test it out! Did you know that tea balls will bloom like a flower once it's placed in hot water?

OH lookie, a panda sleeping mask which i think is super cute!
And there you have it! 
And when I thought that's over, I also received myself a panda sleeping mask from CubeCrate  Malaysia. How sweet. Teehee. Thank you CubeCrate   So it looks like the March 2017 Box is all about pampering thyself and encouragement to give yourself a break. Just thinking about getting a break, I swear it has been a while since I pampered myself. (Workaholic issues). Thankfully with CubeCrate, I could skip the shopping experience drama. hehe. Till my next post gais xx

If you happen to want to subscribe to CubeCrate's subscription plan, be sure to head on over to Cube Crate Malaysia's website to see what plan they offer. In case you're wondering, each CubeCrate box is priced at RM35.