Monday, March 30, 2009

guess what?

im in love with a MELON HEAD HOTTIE

you know who you are? (:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Samadian idol ; Finals

Finalist bbyh!

haha. like omg! its been a month, me, competing in samadian idol. blablabla. very lazy to type. ahah. oh yeah, before i say anything, i would like to thank my classmates from 5C, and all my supporters. you guys rock! thanks alot! so yeah, all 8 finalist were suppose to sing 2 songs. 1 english song ( limited) and 1 malay song (anything). i sang 'when you say nothing at all' with aarons band. haha. it was funn :) then i sang ' bukan cinta biasa by siti nurhaliza'.lesson learned, dont ever sing any of siti's song. very susah -.-. so yeah.
2nd runner up was, kanagarajah.
1st runner up was, mua (like omg!)
and the samadian idol for 2009 is (*drum roll pls) obviously........ HERMAN! haha

conclusion: like serioously, i cant sing ppl (: 1st runner up was bcause of my supporters. thank you. oh yeah, not to forget my mum ;)

pls read the conversation:

mummy: how much should i vote for you?
me: no need to vote laa.
mummy: but i must support my own daughter.
me: well, okay, but make sure its not more than RM10.
mummy: eh, no, u keep quiet, im your mother.

haha. like what la kan? i love you mommy :)

ps: Herman still rocks bbyh. you are sooooo gonna go far. dont forget me when u do go far? just remember that annoying little chipmunk that cant really keep quite. ahaha. :D oh and, congrats! whoooh! 2009's SAMADIAN IDOL!

that is all :) thankyou for reading.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dinner this coming Thursday

! having dinner with the ICC council members to celebrate the success of our concert this thursday! :)

till then....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Azhary! :D OMG! seventeen. not sure what to get for you? :p

yours truly,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

ICC concert 2009

today is the day! ICC concert 2009. held in HGH hall sentul, on the 14th of March 2009.
To those who came for ICC today, as one of the councils member, i would like to thank everyone of you guys for coming and supporting the concert, making it a successful event.

To the organizing committee:
It was fun working with you guys. you guys so totally ROCKED!

so yeah, samad backstage, everyone of them woke up at around 5a.m. me on the other hand, woke up at 5.45 a.m. enjoying my sweet time. haha. so picked up karis at 6.15am then singgah to cheryl's house to pick some other ppl. karis went to tumpang cheryl and yen peng, vishal and sean tumpang my car. ahaha. i was sleepy in the car, pluss, the temperature was like 22'C. very cold. Vishal was like, when the temperature drops rapidly, it means the place is hauted. haha. right? i was still half a sleep in the car. sleepy laa. not enough sleep. then, we reached the hall at around 6.56am according to vishal? haha. with no sight of vijay around who told performers and backstage ppl to come by 7am. -.- very vijay like. fashionably late. haha :)

haha. Caprice was taking around 45minutes on stage. haha. professionals; every performance has to be perfect. haha. then we started with all the other performances till around 11? had to seriously be ready d. -.- so quickly quickly change like kelang kabut. karis was like 'i dont wanna change in that red dress'. haha. lol.

12pm. the hall was already half full. like whoa! ramai gila orang! bla bla bla.

12.30pm sharp. the concert began. the video played. Me and Nen Lin was the First 2 ppl to walk down the aisle. walk walk walk down the aisle.hoping the sticky tape would stick on the board. fix the puzzle pieces. show the freaking huge backdrop. BOOM! opening act done. Hunny Madu and Henry Golding came out and officially started the concert. Speech by rotarian Kevin,followed by Vijay. haha.sorry guys, lazy too type for some reason :)

Performances started with Mia Pallencia, then the talent competition started.

dance dance sing sing.

*finally ended* :D

Caprice performed and he so totally rocked the stage while waiting for the scores.

The results of the talent competition:

Dance Category

1st: King's Cross
2nd: Urban Attitude
3rd: Hot "N" Cool

Singing Category

1st:Novia Chua
2nd:Melissa Tan
3rd:Wan Kaiyisha Zawawi

The concert ended with One Buck Short.

Conclusion: the 10th ICCPJ Charity Concert was the BEST Concert so far. agreeing with Trishna :D

To the:-
Presidents:Pei Tsen, Rajah, Karis, Aaron,Trishna and Vijay
Vice Presidents:Yue Vern ,Xin Yan, Krithan, Carrie, Vishal, Malek and Yee Hsiong
: Nen Lin, Sheau Woan, Amira, Chun Wei and Jonathan

I love you guys so much and we so totally rocked this years ICC Charity Concert! wish we could organize more concerts together. haha :) and hard to say that im gonna miss the ICC meetings :o

ps: like whoa! what am i saying? ahaha

with love aliza sara

Friday, March 13, 2009

Samadian idol ; Semifinals

todays performances was fun. haha. lynn was singing tear drops of my guitar by taylor swift. me on the other hand, was singing sometimes by britney spears. haha. this time 15 ppl were competing for semi. my mum came for samadian idol just to support me and lynn. aww, i love you mommy :)

after i sang.

judge 1 : be careful of high pitch.
judge 2 : agreeing with judge 1 and complimented on my dress. haha. i looked good :D
judge 3 : something about my smile :) then something about my advantage for being a shy person. and something about my voice? haha then he said 'i want to see you in finals!'. woooh :D

so, yeah, it was funn, while waiting for my turn, which was 3rd last, i was talking to herman. alot. haha. i freaking love his voice. haha. seriously, i would be the first buying his album, if he does record one.he sounds like a professional singer. sure ramai peminat lahh. kalah jason mraz. i guess? haha. herman, if your're reading this, i just wanna say that ' YOU ARE SOOO GONNA BE THE CHAMPION OF SAMADIAN IDOL!' ahaha :D if you do become a super huge famaous rockstar later, dont ever DARE to forget me :p *hugs*

results were out on the day itself. haha. woooh!
only 8 ppl made it to finals.
i only can remember ikha, me, lynn, husaini and herman in for finals.
another 3 ppl not sure who. haha.
ahh! what song to sing? mann, susah laa. hate thinking of songs to sing. -.-
at least we have another week to think about it. haha. holidays!


with love;
aliza sara <3

Saturday, March 7, 2009


today at 7.30 pm, they, the samadian ppl, actually called me up and told me that i passed and im so going to compete in semi finals. OMG! :D

ps: ahh, practice, song to sing, outfit, promote myself ( etc.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Samadian Idol ; Quarterfinals

like, OMG! haaha. today's the day.
me.... singing... on that huge stage..... alone... ;D
haha, whatever it is, i had funn. i wasn't that confident on stage. nervous much? it was my first time on stage singing. so what do you espect? ppffftt. haha. so yeahh, guess what song i sang?

guess guess guess :o

i'll tell you guys later lahh. so, basically, i was competing with another 22 contestans. ahhhh! as if i'll pass for semi finals. oh yeah, alex, she so totally ROCKED the stage! haha. seriously, she sounds like avril lavigne. woooh! alex was the 1st performing. lynn's number was 15 and i was 16. yeay! when it started, i was seriously nervous. then slowly, i loosen up a little. thanks to husaini. my official new friend. he was with his guitar, like, whoaa! haha. singging while playing a guitar? ait that cool or what? unlike me. -.-

so thats that. dont think i'll qualify for semi finals :)

*btw, i sang kiss the girl by ashley tisdale ;D