Friday, July 27, 2018

HUAWEI unveils Nova 3 and Nova 3i | AI Quad-camera smartphone

Tech geeks, its time to keep yourself updated with the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i, being the third-generation of HUAWEI nova range being released in the market. This time around, claiming to be the best AI selfie camera, HUAWEI has equipped the both Nova 3 and Nova 3i with a 24MP camera, creating a quad-camera powerhouse that revolutionizes the world of photography with the fashionable design that mimics its predecessor, the Nova 2 series.

So as we all know, Nova has been growing pretty strong in Malaysia and with the new HUAWEI nova series looking extra elegant and innovative with its AI technology to usher in the new era of smart living. Also, just to let you guys know, the series aims in improving the experience of users in taking selfies and the latest HUAWEI nova devices feature a wealth of improvements that are made possible by AI. With its radiating elegance, the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i offer all-new users experiences that ease users into embracing the AI-enhanced life.


The look and feel of HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i are pure perfections! When it's in your hands, you can feel that it's really smooth and sexy 'if y'alls know what I mean'. hehe. HUAWEI nova 3 features double curved 3D glass on both front and back of the device, and underneath the front glass, there is the 6.3 inch (2340x1080) FullView Display which is similar to HUAWEI nova 3i. These specs enable the display to push bigger and sharper images than its predecessor while looking slender and elongated.

Did I mention that it also hall Full HD+ panel with 19.5:9 aspect ratio to give it a more streamline look too? The precise engineering techniques employed by HUAWEI is to ensure that four of the corners are curved identically so that it aesthetically looks pleasing. Both models are available in an exclusive gradient color, Iris Purple, in which the purple slowly transitions to a shade of blue. It really reminds me of the starry night if you ask me. Alternatively, if you don't like bold colors, the nova 3 is available in black and red, while the HUAWEI nova 3i is available in black and pearl white.


Bring the third generation of nova series, HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i allows their uses to explore new possibilities through the lenses of its four AI cameras. The AI selfie feature not only captures, but it also comes with the most intuitive photography experience. HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i are equipped with dual front-facing cameras with a 24MP primary sensor and a 2MP sensor to capture details with its f/2.0 wide aperture lens and also to capture depth data with dedicated depth detection too.

Whats even more exciting is that the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i can recognize over 200 scenarios across eight categories which includes Blue Sky, Plant, and Beach, and apply a unique set of optimizations for each scene while beautifying the image you're taking. So imagine getting to take stunning photos by just using your HUAWEI nova 3/3i that can create authentic bokeh effects. The beautification algorithms also take into consideration how people around the world would perceive beauty and apply different set of adjustments to people of different gender and skin color.

Cutting things short, the other features of the tech-gadget includes real-time HDR footage preview and recording in five studio-quality lighting (soft lighting, butterfly lighting, stage lighting, split lighting and classic lighting). It can also accurately map the five facial features of your face to develop a 3D model then identifies an area that requires lighting and beautifications too! Both HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i serves as the "photography mastermind" capable of effectively distinguishing more than 500 scenarios, categorizing them into 22 types, optimizing the image for each scene. When taking a photo, the handset also assists the use of intelligent composition of helping amateurs still take amazing photos!

People are becoming increasingly comfortable with communicating using short videos, making the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i a suitable camera that can capture 480fps super slow-motion video, be it parkour run or skateboard stunt. Don't get me started talking about the 3D Qmoji which is a fun feature that digitally transposes your face into a cute digital avatar. IT'S SOOOO CUTE!


Other than keeping up with the latest technology, the HUAWEI nova 3 is equipped with an ambient light sensor which allows face unlock that features to work in any lighting conditions. With 24/7 fast unlocking, an infra-red sensor is placed beside the 24MP camera to help read the face of users even in dark environments. It has both SIM slots that support 4G and VoLTE allowing users to play games and make calls simultaneously too.

For gamers, this HUAWEI nova 3 features the Kirin 970 with 6GB RAM, while the HUAWEI nova 3i carries the Kirin  710 with 4GB RAM. Both these devices can support up to 128 GB internal storage, combining with the GPU Turbo, it also enables high-quality gaming experience by improving 60% of graphics to process efficiently while lowering the Soc power consumption by 30%. When encountering with network problem in a game, both gadgets have the ability to optimize the connection by switching to a network with the lowest latency.


You must be wondering with all these highlighted features, what is the pricing of the phone? Well, after doing a little research, starting from 28th July 2018, it retails at RM1899 and RM1249 for nova 3 and nova 3i respectively. Both devices can be purchased at all HUAWEI Experience Stores, display zones, authorized dealers and major telco companies. I believe there will be crazy offers before the month ends, so be sure to grab the opportunity while you still can!


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

POTBOY X FAVE | Free Online Grocery Delivery

Offline Cashless Shopping anyone?
Waddup guys! Having a busy lifestyle, it gets a little hard to plan your day ahead, especially when there are groceries to accomplish. Don't get me wrong, I still love grocery shopping cause I find it therapeutic to plan on what to buy, picking ingredients which leads to your menu, the things that you want to do at home for the week, and more! But let's be honest, sometimes we get too busy that we don't have time to do groceries, which then leads you in a delay of chores and things to do at home, am I right? Now, what if I told you there's someone you can depend on to get the job done?

The delivery bikes
Dettols offer for the day
Has anyone treid the lowest sugar carbonated isotonic drink by 100plus?
Pokka was there too giving you offers you wouldn't want to miss
Even the parents are in it with diapers by Kao
Earlier this month, I attended the Potboy Groceries online-to-offline groceries sale, which happens to be the first of its kind in Malaysia. Since the event was around the area I stayed in, I've decided to just make my way to see what this online-to-offline grocery thing is all about. It was throughout three-days in which I've only made time to visit on the last day over lunchtime and boy I got hooked till evening. So the idea of Potboy is that you are now able to make payment via Favepay, a mobile payment application to give you a cashless/cardless experience.

Just look at that, CHEAP STUFF!
A dream for maggi lovers
What made me went crazy while I was there were the prices. Like legit, the prices of the items that I normally buy is so much cheaper! It took me a lot of resistance not to buy most of the things that I saw, but I'll just break it down to you on what I got. Participating brands included Sofy, Milo, Dettol, 100 Plus, Coca-cola, Maggi, Soyfresh and more. I swear I tried to control myself, but I think I managed to bring something home almost each store present. At an insane irresistible price, it was pretty hard to decline the offer.

OH look, for each RM20 spent, you get a token to redeem a prize!
Here are what the tokens look like during that day
The highlight of it all was that I got to enjoy my cashless/cardless experience of shopping using only my phone to scan on the items that I want. I am a Favepay user since earlier this year, but with this collaboration with Potboy, they've taken Favepay to a whole new level of convenience. It's honestly slightly scary as you don't see the money going out, but trust me, imagine life without the need to bring anything else other than your phone? Sounds like a pretty easy life to me!

Took on the challenge to shove Pedas Giler Mi Goreng down my throat (failed!)
The fear in my eyes are real
Aftery 2 bites, i gave up. haha
Congrats to the winner who snagged RM1111 cash on the spot
Oh, and since I was there, they were having this spicy Maggi noodle challenge which I can't believe I signed up for. HAHA. I've only joined for the fun of it, but I think I had fun even though I only got myself 2 bites the noodles cause it was just too spicy. Boohoo. The Maggi actually tasted good, just that im not a fan of the burning sensation on my tough. Im a weakling! There were about 40 people who tried to snag the grand prize of RM1111 for just eating a bowl of noodle, so hands down to the winner who managed to be the fastest to finish a bowl of the spicy Maggi noodle.

Red Chef noodles! My fav was this spicy shrimp prawn soap noodle
And just look at all those cartons I brought back home
And this sums up the stuff I purchased during the offline sale. 
With up to 75% off on famous brands, I literally brought back cartons of the things that I like. CAUSE IT WAS SO CHEAP! From planning to just browse through, to filling my whole car boot with goods, I'd say every penny spent was worth it! I have no regrets on my purchases and im actually hoping that they have the same even online to offline setting when im in need of stock. HAHA. But yeah, im looking forward to Potboy Groceries to get my groceries done on an average basis. So if you want to be a part of the online grocery shopping evolution too, be sure to download FAVE and checkout Potboy Groceries.


Potboy Groceries (with FREE DELIVERY)

Unboxing CubeCrate June 2018 Box

It has been a while since I wrote about Cubecrate, so let's get a little personal on my post this time around. Got my June box in July and trust me, I am loving the themed mystery boxes in accordance to the festive season, RAYA VIBES! With their whole new look featuring full-on sticker covering the box, I believe its an extra effort by Cubecrate to make the box pop! I honestly kinda like both versions, minimalist and bold colors, so let's find out on whats inside June's mystery subscription box by Cubecrate.

Upon opening the box, I sense Raya vibes all the way, and based on a first impression, I feel like the box I received is filled with green Raya colors. This month's box features 2 brands, namely earth care, and duplr. A little strange that this time the box featured fewer brands, but I believe that the value of the products would actually be more than usual I guess. As usual, you'll find a pamphlet with the brands being described in the list.


First up would be not one, but TWO products from Earth Care, featuring a face & body soap and foot bomb. I was pretty excited to see this in the box cause things like these are usually handmade (Sorry, a sucker for handmade products). hehe. First up that attracted my attention was because its all green, the Pedi Bomb in Pandan. NEVER in my life, I've seen a pedi bomb in pandan, so I love the twist of integrating Malaysian scents into the products they make. Since I was feeling pretty tired throughout the week, I used this immediately. To use, all you need to do is let the bomb fizzle in a tub of warm water and just soak your feet in as you enjoy the fragrance filling up the bathroom.

Next would be something pretty exciting as I sniffed it first even before using it! The botanical blossom face & body soap has been created to suit all skin types and despite saying 'botanical blossom' i found it smelled like sirap bandung. Its either im craving, or it just really smells like it! Hehe. It's like a combination of rose and milk with floral vibes all over. Hehe. Haven't gotten the time to use this yet cause im looking for a bubble net for my soap. Hehe. CANT WAIT TO USE THIS!

*UPDATE: The Pedi Bomb is actually from CubeCrate (Not from Earth Care)


Another item I found in the box would be a little something from DUPLR. It's my first time being aware of DUPLR and it's actually a brand that aims to bring the marvels of 3D printing technology to everyone. This is good stuff to me, cause I might want to get some things printed in 3D, BUT im a little worried on the price. HEHE. Due to the festive Raya season, they gave a cute ketupat looking 3D printed item. Not too sure on what I can use it for, but im thinking to include it with flat lays I take, OR turn it into a keychain. hehe. Thanks, Cubecrate!

 Last but not least, I got myself some almonds! Just what I need to spice up my breakfast in the morning. I usually like to take cereals and oats in the morning, cause its pretty much saves tons of time. Adding these delicious almonds would be a great addition, or I can just simply enjoy it as an afternoon snack. YUMS! So that pretty much sums up my unboxing for the June Box. Thank you Cubecrate for these monthly surprises!

Subscription Price: RM35 monthly


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Shopee’s Electronics Expo up to 90% off | Lowest Price Guaranteed (LPG)

Dont you love sales? Well, i'd like to share with you on a recent sale that you wouldnt want to miss out, and its on my favourite online shopping platform, SHOPEE! Shopee is the leading 2-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan willbe launching Sho[[es Electronics Expo offering Lowest Price Guranteed deals from the 23rd to 26th of July 2018. With more than 20 popular brands being involved namely, Armaggeddonm ALcatroz, honor, Mono Digiral, Philips, Russel Taylors, Tefal, Vivo, Xiomi and more, you would be spoilt for choices if youre looking for smartphones, gadgets, home appliances, computers and accessories with up to 90% off!

There will be over 1,000 electronic products, and to enjoy the best deals offerint the lowest prices on all items, be sure to keep a look out on the 'Lowest Price Guranteed' tag! Oh, you found another site that sells the same item at a cheaper price? FRET NOT!  Shopee is committed to refund the 120% of the price difference in Shopee coins, giving shoppers like you and me a relief shopping experience.

I cant believe how far shopee has grown since they just started, but time does really fly, and Shopee has done so much justice for me in saving some ka-chings. This time around, im pretty happy that Shopee is partnering with several top brands to expand the electronics-related category offering buyer more options on mobile, gadgets, computers, laptops and home appliaces to over 10 million shopee users!

I can recall one time, Shopee did an exclusive HOnor 9 Lite sale which sold out 1,000 units in just unders 5 minutes. Isnt that insane? This kinda proves that Malaysian users LOVE electronics products which are sold online at a cheaper price. With the coming Electronics Expo, Shopee aims to take another step further in becoming a one-stop online shopping platform that caters to the needs nad prefences of all Malaysians! YAY! Shopee, i hope youre referring to a true Malaysian like me. PLEASE BRING IN MORE STUFF AT STEAL PRICES! hehe


Be sure to lock the dates on the 23rd of July, because Shopee will be treating users to a 24 hour electronics only shocking sale offering HUGE DISCOUNTS on tons of branded electronic products. You can expect exciting sales, and for those looking to refresh their computer accessories, you can keep an eye on their wireless keyboards, and gaming mice from Logitech. Music loves, you can aim on getting yourself the Marshall's noise-cancelling headphones too! I cant wait to find out what else they have in store, and all of which will be discounted.

Aside from the Shocking Sale, there will also be hundreds of tech deals at LPG Tech Zone throughout the 4 days Electronics Expo. Each day, Shopee will feature two major electronic brands with a gallery of promoted products. There will be two theme sales featuring LPG Tech Zone where you'll find over 500 products at lowest guranteed prices, and the other section 'Everything for your Home' sale to suit different users and their needs. Psst, to save even more, users can redeem vouchers worth up to RM100,000 during the campaign to earn further discounts on their purchases too! WOW!

Also, not to forget Shoppe's Facebook fans, there will be having a 'Tag a Bro, Win Like a Pro' contest from 23 to 26th of July! All fans would need to do is find an electronic product with the LPG label on shopee, take a screenshot of it in their shopping cart, and tag a male buddy and leave a comment on why you want those items. And if youre lucky, you might receive your favourite electronics worth up to RM1,000 each to share between yourself and your bestie. You've heard is, so be sure to keep your eyes on the prize. Be sure to also visit the Elextronics Expo starting from 16th July 2018, and if you havent downloaded the Shopee app, its about time you do ;)

Download Shopee 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pure Beauty's Illuminating Protective Skincare Range | Exclusively at Watsons Malaysia

Shield your skin with Pure Beauty's Illuminating Protective Skincare Range
So, being a city girl air-pollution is one of my biggest concern as its the single most toxic substance for the skin, making it harder for us to achieve flawless skin for those who are living and working in traffic polluted areas. In case you’re not aware air-pollution contains free radicals which will leave a direct a negative impact on the skin's health and if left unprotected the skin would look my stress dull and tired. I don’t know about you but what if I there is skincare that shields the skin against Air-pollution? If you’re reading this blog post, good news cause Pure Beauty Is giving a solution to those who are regularly exposed to these damaging environment. Rest assured the beauty brand is there Dermatologically tested,  Paraben free lanolin free and alcohol-free, to providing you fewer worries with more benefits!

Pure Beauty is here to save the day!
And a little introduction to pure beauty the brand and originated from Korea with a philosophy following the 4P’s, ensuring preparation, preservation, protection, and prevention is assured to their users. This Particular range features ingredients such as Willowbark Nerolight Ceramide 123 and EP white giving you healthy skin while reducing dark spots. Now you know what pure beauty offers, Let’s get into details on the products.

SERUM | Illuminating Urban Shield | RM59.90

Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Serum
After cleansing your face and applying toner, the next step would usually be to apply serum if you want to give your skin that extra glow. The Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Serum has a special ingredient, nerolight that helps to decrease dark spots, as it evens the skin tone. That's not all! It also has nutrients that would repair damaged skin and defend it against pollutants. To me, serums are usually enhancers for the skin, but this serum repairs AND enhance the skin condition making it a valuable skincare product!

Some descriptions on the product
Cream like texture, lightweight, and well absorbed by the skin
I gave the serum a pump, and I honestly love how the texture feels. It may look like cream, but as you gently apply it to your face, you would notice that the formulation is well absorbed by the skin after a few seconds. Now, we all know that after applying Serum, the next step should be to lock the serum in by applying moisturizer! But if you want to give your skin an extra boost, scroll down to find out what you can use before applying moisturizer.

ESSENCE |  Illuminating Urban Shield | RM69.90

Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Essence
After applying serum, if you need an extra boost in repairs and protection, you should really consider getting the Illuminating Urban Shield Capsule Essence. This has to be the STAR PRODUCT within the entire range, as it has been designed to have a technology to help activate the capsules within the bottle just before application. Now, I bet whats running in your mind now would be "whats the difference between Essence and Serum? Serum enhances the skin, whereas essence is more like an extra dosage to add some 'kick' to your recovery process. This essence has been designed to reduce dark spots, and not to forget that it also contains special pearlized capsules to give your skin a more luminous look.

Product descriptions
The capsules break when applied
You can either use this to replace your serum OR include this in your skin regime after applying the serum. But if you're not planning to get both, then, I'll clarify to you that the Essence is a must have! So to use, all you need to do is to pump 2 times and gently massage into skin until its fully absorbed. This has a very watery texture once it evenly spread out, and I love it!  Because this contains special capsule in the product, I find that it's very exciting to apply it to my skin. Hehe

MOISTURISERS | Illuminating Urban Shield

Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Water Gel | RM55.90
Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Cream | RM59.90
Now, ironically, Pure Beauty offers 2 different types of moisturizes to suit different people, who have different skin types. The moisturizers that Pure Beauty offers are namely, Illuminating Urban Shield Water Gel and the Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Cream. Having combination skin, I would have to say that my favorite is the Illuminating Urban Shield Water Gel. From the name itself, you might have guessed that it's water based. Believe it or not, that moisturizing feel that it gave me was really satisfying as its lightweight, while keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized.

The texture of the  Illuminating Urban Shield Water Gel
The texture of the Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Cream
Based on a personal preference, I prefer using the Illuminating Urban Shield Water Gel on a daily basis, but for specific moisturizing treatments, I'd definitely go for the illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Cream for an extra boost while im sleeping. It really depends on your preference as both have the key function to moisturize the skin. The water gel is lighter in comparison to the radiance cream, and to me, the cream is like an added skincare benefit to pamper the skin when your skin needs some love and attention.

SUN PROTECTOR |  Illuminating Urban Shield | RM49.90

Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Sun Protector
Their Sun Protector, the Illuminating Urban Shield Sun Protector SPF 50+ PA++++ has been formulated with Nerolight, which has been specially derived from Organic Star Lily to decrease dark spots. Guys, if you haven't been including sun-block in your daily skincare regime, it's about time you put more attention on preventing your skin from being attacked by UV rays. Also, what if I told you that sun-protector is the key to anti-aging?

Descriptions on the product
Looks like sunblock, feels lighter than your usual sunblock
Since I managed to get my hands on the actual product, it came in like those tube containers where you just squeeze out the content just before applying it to your face. Usually not a fan of sunblock, but this is acceptable as it doesn't have that sunblock smell, and it feels very lightweight on the skin. I've tested it out, and im loving how it doesn't leave that patchy white layer on your skin once applied.  Also, it keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day, with SPF50+ PA++++ benefits too!

Did you know? 
SPF relates to how long it takes to get burnt when you're under the sun
PA relates to Protection grade, where the more (+), the higher the protection

Took a few moments to test out the products at home, and i am legit in love!
Got my prevention stash to keep my skin protected.
Now if you're an outdoor city girl like me, and you are looking to reduce dark spots as you even out your skin tone, you should really try out the Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Range to shield your skin from the harsh everyday pollutants and UV rays. The range is now available at all Watsons stores nationwide, and the range aims to provide the latest technology to enrich your skin's natural glow, protecting you from daily pollution. With this range, I have no worries with dust and dirt that invigorates the skin, and I can feel carefree while being outdoors knowing that the Pure Beauty's Illuminating Protective Skincare Range will effectively protect my skin, decrease dark spots, strengthens the skin barrier and shield the skin from harmful elements. So what are you waiting for? It's time to shield your skin from urban pollutions!

Pure Beauty