Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shoes For Women | MUST HAVES

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When it comes to shoes, shoes can create such an impact to determine the whole look of an outfit. To complete a look, one has to wear the right pair of shoes. I mean, seriously, you can wear a simple print dress, or just jeans with a plain tank top, and when you pair it with sneakers, heels, sandals or gladiators, it defines your entire look instantly!

There are plenty of shoe designs available in the market, individually comes with its own character. There is a saying that I’ve heard of which sounded something like this, ‘too much shoes is never enough’ and ‘ give a woman the right pair of shoes, and she will conquer the world’. These saying triggers me to buy shoes every time I walk by a shoe store. Haha. So yes, the ladies would have to agree with me that when it comes to shoes, pick the one that gives you the perfect boost of confidence. Give a woman sports shoes, and she’ll run a few miles. Give her a pair of boots, and she would go for an adventure, give her heels, and she would make your jaw drop. See what I mean?

So, apparently I have a list of three gorgeous shoes for women that they must have at home. Just to make things more convenient of course, these are the 3 main pairs that would create an entirely new image for yourself. If youre thinking of changing your style but not change your entire wardrobe, well, let the shoes be the solution to that! Hehe

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1 | Statement Boots

I have to admit that I am a sucker for statement boots. They always spice up my outfit and if you’re a fan of a bohemian trend, statement boots is the way to go! Statement boots add an extra dramatic effect, and you can never go wrong with boots, believe me. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a dress, a bodycon dress, jeans, shorts, just anything goes pretty well with boots. Boots are now available in many styles, from embellished with studs, laser cut style and buckle design, and more! I believe that every woman needs at least a pair of badass boots to flaunt.

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2 | Sparkling Glitter

It is undeniable that every girl would fall from head to toe for all things that sparkle. They say that diamonds are a girls best friend, so do things that sparkle. Hehe. Glitter high heels will get you to feel stunning and glamorous effortlessly! Let your shoes do all the talk, while you wear your comfiest evening dress at dinner parties, a special night or at formal events. This could be your cheat when your rushing to dinner from work. Feel and look like a million dollars when youre in these pair of shoes.

Photo Credits: Google.com
3| Pretty Lace

And last but not least, some things cant be forgotten. Laces has always been a statement on its own. From furniture’s, clothing lines, decorations, lingerie and more, laces would always add a touch of classic vintage if you like to keep things classy.  Lace designed shoes, doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of high heels or slip ons, the lace footwear will be suitable for the ladies who want to show off their feminine side of their personality.  Walk out of your house feeling confident and still maintain your feminine appearance. Laces will always make you feel special in so many ways, that’s why its also a top choice for brides on their big day!

So ladies, tell me which one is your favourite and why? Don’t you agree that heels are one of the most important accessories to any outfit? I SAY YES! Well, im gonna end my post here, so that you can think about where to get your next pair. Heres a hint, its available online, and it starts with a Z. If you really want to know, leave me a comment below and I’ll tell you my little secret. *wink

Bye for now, and happy shoe hunting!

Sara xx

Sunday, September 27, 2015

GoGet ; Extra help on errands

Hello everyone!

I recently 'applied' to check out whats this GoGet all about when i saw the ad on facebook, and since it somewhat makes money, i was thinking like, why not give it a go right? HAHA. Just so you guys know, im currently doing my MBA at the moment and im also working part time when i feel like it. So usually my timetable is free. And with all that free time i have, wouldnt it be great to decide to work at any hour of the day and still earn money? If your answer is yes, do check out GoGet and see what they have to offer.

Francesca Chia, Founder of GoGet.my //Photo Credits: The Malay Mail Online, Picture by Yusof Mat Isa.
Here is a photo of the person who made it happen, introducing to you Francesca Chia, the GoGet,my founder. The GoGet is described as a marketplace for errands, which offers people the chance to save a few extra hours by relegating little task. And this is where GoGetters come in.

GoGetters are the people who sign up and decide on which errands would be convenient for them to help out on. From collecting and sending flowers on someones anniversary, to collecting documents from offices, you dont need to know much in order to know how to follow instructions. Your pay comes in depending on how much of errands will you be willing to do.

But of course, to be a GoGetter, you would have to attend a training which would last for around 2 hours or so, just so that you understand the system. Personally being there, i think its great to mingle around with people who have the same interest. :)

Team GoGet!
As i arrived, there were around 12 attendees to attend for the meet-up and basically we were given a presentation on how GoGet works. IT DOESNT END THERE, as there will be a short quiz to test your skills in responding to customers. HAHA. So better pay attention when youre there. My marks wasnt as bad, but fear not, as its not that hard to answer it.

To qualify as a GoGetter, you need to score an 80% and above. (SCORE!)
So, at the end of the session, we were given a sticker, a car sticker and a shirt as a welcome gift for being a part of GoGet. And now, im ready to decide on what would i want to 'GoGet' for people. hehe. I really cant wait for my first duty, so here goes nothing. Wish me luck :*

Tempted to know more? Head on over to https://www.goget.my to read up on more information. Or if you have any other questions on GoGet, do leave a comment below :)

Well, thats all for now.

Sara xx

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A memorable proposal in the sky with MaxisONE Club

So, i happen to stumbled by a video which really touched my heart. And this is what i would want to share with you today. Im a maxis user myself, and just recently, Maxis had a Dinner in the sky campaign for MaxisOne Club Priority moments. One lucky member had a one in a lifetime experience to celebrate one special occasion with the help of MaxisOne Club.

On the first day, they had a customer named Khai, who was looking for a special way to propose to his 8 years girlfriend. In the spirit of unmatched customer experience, MaxisOne Club decided to help him plan a very pleasant surprise for this. And if youre wondering what went down, check out the video below:

We’re delighted to have been able to help make this moment a memorable one for MaxisONE Club member Khai and Qiu Rong. We wish them every happiness in their new life together.:)
Posted by Maxis on Monday, September 7, 2015

Dont you think this proposal was out of this world? Well, i wouldnt say it was literally out of this world, but it was really above the ground. hehe. I couldnt help myself but teared a little to be able to witness this amazing moment through the video. I really cant imagine what it would feel like if i was proposed in the air. (talk about sweeping off a girls feet of the ground, right?) hehe

I heard a little birdy telling me that there will be another version of this video to offer viewers to experience and witness Khai's romantic marriage proposal. Im really hoping its a live view video (keeping fingers crossed). I guess imagining to be proposed on the air would be good enough to get myself to experience the moment too.

Well, i hope you enjoyed the video as much as i did. Wondering if my proposal would be as extravagant than this one day? Only god knows ;) Do also stay turned for the other version of the video which i cant wait to share to you, as i will be updating you all when the video is officially out!

Do check out https://www.facebook.com/maxis/videos for more videos by Maxis.

Till then,
Sara xx

Friday, September 25, 2015

[BEAUTY] Davines ; Sustainable Haircare.

If you think my scalp treatment by Davines was impressive, well, today i'll be talking about the varieties that you'll have by Davines! I was invited to attend the autumn/winter preview for Davines, an Italian hair care and styling brand which never fails to impress. I cant wait to share more about it, as this might really be treading BIG this coming year end season.

The Essential Haircare line.
The conditioners.
The brand itself has a very sustainable packaging where everything was carefully designed to satisfy the needs of the customer. And personally i think this particular brand would be one of the few brands that i know who cares for the environment. Going green is definitely trending, in order to save the environment and Davines has considered the weight and the volume of the product to reduce its environmental impact. Plastic usage was minimized, and the type of plastic used is the food grade kind to be sure that the content wouldnt have any chemical reactions. There was a lot of thought put into such an amazing product dont you think so?

Did you also know that they also help save special breeds of plants from extinction by working with Slow Food Presidia and farmers from all over Italy? And i think its a great way to spread the awareness to people on the extinctions.  Their products are highly natural, biodegradable, free from parabens and sulphate too which has been carefully designed to suit the customers needs. Instead of using sulphate, they use a more organic option to still keep the foam fun the lather on your hair.

^This guy right here is Italian.
Some information on the packaging.
We even had a someone all the way from Italy to explain to us about Davines' Essential Haircare line. And i absolutely love the fact that all the information stated are so minimal, yet meaningful. You can even find information like the farmers name and the location of where the ingredient came from in Italy. Now thats why i call transparent information right there.

Some of the varieties available.
No one likes to memorize things, or at least i think most of us dont. haha. So Davines has decided to use cute nicknames for their products, to be easy to to remember and it does give a cute ring to it too right? Above would be the nicknames of their Essential Haircare line, followed by whats the function. So have you found out which type suits your hair yet? Pretty easy huh?

Presenting the "More Inside" range.

They really make use of the wrapper too!
And now, lets check out their hair styling products. I know my eyes was all over their "More Inside" range. They come wrapped in beautifully-patterned paper so its always like your receiving a present each time you receive it. The fun doesnt end there, as when you flip-side the wrapper, theres  description to tell you more about the product on different ways to use it. Functional and creative dont you think so?

Some demonstrations on how to use the products.
That sexy volume ;)
Moving on on the hairstyles for Autumn/Winter 2015, well its all about gold and honey tones this season, perfect to compliment the shades of the season. And from the photos above, i think it pretty much said it all, BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFULLY sexy. haha. We were shown on how to create extra volume using the products and a hair brush, and youre good to go in less than 5 minutes.

The art of colouring your hair this Autumn/Winter season
What amazes me was the colouring technique applied on this model to create a natural gradient to the hair colour. The secret to achieving this colour was by using something they called falmboyage which is a transparent sticky sheet that assist into getting the colour to blend in naturally. This style needs no touch up as once your hair grows, it makes it seem that you did it on purpose. *Jaw drops*

An edgier type of colouring, two tone colour.
Its also about texture, and a on the go hair style.
Healthy curls to die for.
What makes Davines unique is that they have hair styling products specially made for those with curly hair too. So if you have problems with styling your curly hair, Davines has the answer for you! I personally got my eyes caught on their Shimmering Mist from the "More Inside" range that instantly shines your hair. Who does love shimmers on their hair?

Presenting to you the Autum/Winter hairstyles for 2015.
The complete "More Inside" range.
Here i present to you the More Inside range which i absolutely love the prints on every bottle. Its easy to differentiate it too if youre planning to get the whole set of it. haha (Woops, guilty for wanting everything from this range) From moisturising mousse, hair sprays, sea salt spray, and more, its no doubt that Davines has already did a lot of research on the needs of the consumers.

The Essential Haircare line.
I managed to get some sniffs on the aroma of the shampoo, and guess what, they dont smell like saloon! They smell very fresh and a hint a nature, literally. Doesnt smell like chemicals at all! This brand sounds promising to me and i cant wait to give it a go. I'll be trying out the Minu for coloured hair and we shall see how it turns out soon! ;) Keep a look out for my Minu Shampoo and conditioner review soon!

For more information on Davines, do head on over to their official website. Theres more to come! Stay tuned in ;)

Aliza Sara xx

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Journey of Malaysia's Influential Individuals

Malaysia recently celebrated Malaysia day on the 16th of September 2015, but instead of staying home on that day, i decided to make my day more productive by attending an event which had a story line up of influential individuals of Malaysia, to share their journey and life experiences towards success.

The occasion of this event was known as 'Their Story', and we had three great figures in the country to share their experiences and their lives journey. And if youre wondering who the three great figures are? Well, its none other than Dato Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin (Malaysian International Singer) , Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (Founder of AirAsia) and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (ex- Prime Minister of Malaysia).

Th Generasi Bersatu Malaysia members who made 'The Story 2015" happened :)
Im impressed that The Story was organized to inspire the younger generations of Malaysians to be inspired to strive for success in the field theyd want to undertake. The initiative was by Generation Bersatu Malaysia (GBM), an organization to help the youth of the future to focus on developing solutions to address social problems and improving quality of life in Malaysia by broadening minds and ideas.

Dato Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin receiving an appreciation gift. 
The event started by having Dato Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, who gave us a live performance of her singing which really blew minds away with her amazing voice. She shared her experience of how she was brought up by her mother and now producing over more than 20 albums which have already won more than 200 awards, and still counting!

Dato Siti Nurhaliza's Story :

She is one of Malaysia's mot iconic singer, and an idol to many young people, easily convincing them that anyone is capable to enter the entertainment industry. Dato Siti Nurhaliza came from a musically inclined family where her siblings are singers, her grandfather was a famous violinist and her mother was a local traditional singer.

She also shared her challenges in life where we had a tough decision to choose at the age of 17, right after the major exams, where instead of furthering her studies, she decided to for URTB to pursue her singing career. And i found it funny that she shared the part that if she didnt end up a singer, she would be a polis, like her late father instead. Its really hard to be singer as you have to expose yourself and eventually it will receive a balance of criticism and compliments, said Dato' Siti.

Datuk Kamarudin Meranun receiving an appreciation gift. 
Next, the audiences were brought to soar in the clouds with Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, the CEO of Air Asia X & founder of Tune Group. This corporate and airline figure has inspired people to dare to dream, to be ambitious and strive for their career. He shared his journey from the beginning which had lead him to what he is today. Despite being one of the richest person in Malaysia, he also has a very humble personality which future leaders should take consider to follow.

Datuk Kamarudin Maranun's Story:

He started his career as a portfolio manager handling high-net-worth clients investment funds, both institutional and individually for the Arab Malaysian Merchant Bank from 1988 to 1993. Then he was also named the best student by the Life Insurance Institute of Malaysia in 1983. Even with an educational background of actuarial science and financial investment, he strongly preferred a career behind the scenes related to financial management and funds.

The biggest challenged that he had to face was during the financial crisis in 1998 where there was a 250 mil lost which was a peak point of his life, but thanks to his supportive family and his belief in god, he has managed to stay strong to make a come back. His advice was to set your principles right to be able to go through challenges.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad giving his two sens of thoughts.
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia fourth Prime Minister was the last to be invited on stage to do the final sharing of the day. He is known as the Fathers of Malaysia's Modernization, inspired the audience with his stories worth 22 years of experiences at the Malaysia Prime Minister.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's Story :

From 1981, to 2003, he managed to opened the country to foreign investment, reformed taxation, reduced trade barriers, oversaw the privatisation of numerous state-ownend enterprises and created a world-class physical infrastructure. He also sought to bridge Malaysia ethnic divides by increasing general prosperity.

I think he was directly looking at me. (NOTICED) :O
I think talking about his achievements might be as much as a book, so if you would want to know what else he did, might as well google it out. But what he shared on this day was more personal. He was brought up growing in a simple life, being surrounded by different races as his friends, which made him opened up to see the world more differently. And at times, people wonder why is his english good, its because he reads a lot when he was young, which motivated him to be very good at it.

He hopes that the youth would open up to more possibilities without thinking out of the box. Tun Dr Mahathir encourages the youth to not waste time on racing on bikes, but to be productive, in order to achieve your goals. The Q & A was interesting, but what caught everyones attention was that he managed to put a show on stage by singing My Way. Check out the video below which i managed to record to see him sing:

I'd say that it was an event worth attending for. Its nice to see that these successful people are so humble and down to earth in person. The youth should have more events like this to at least learn how to set principles and learn lessons from those who are more experienced.

My lunch in the making cause i got hungry.
Local Food Truck.
Since the event was throughout the whole afternoon, it was a long 5 hour sharing sessions, but thank god they had food trucks lined up outside the hall. Just a little pricy than average, but for the convenience, why not right?

Free For All concept unleashed.
Do check them out for event sponsors, and im sure they would be glad to ;)
One of the sponsors of the day was from Free For All, which literally free for all! An innovative idea to spread the message, as we all know, who doesnt love free stuff right? Especially when its something that we need daily. So if youre looking for Malaysian sponsors, why not give them a go?

Group shot of the VIP's of the day for making the day happen.
The crowd saying farewell to Dato Siti Nurhaliza, Dato' K spotted too and Tun Dr Mahathir.
In an overall view, i think my day was well spent and it was definitely a productive holiday on Malaysia day. Im truly glad that Generasi Bersatu Malaysia has organised such an amazing event to inspire the youth in so many ways. This event also has touched on concerns such as human capital, education, motivation and dreams to be made possible. I was glad to be there to cover it, but i'll be honest that theres a lot of information shared on the day itself which i admit is too much to be written in my blogpost.

So if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below, and i would love to tell you more about the event. Do tell me whos your favourite speaker too! Mine was of course Tun Dr Mahathir, as he has been such an inspiration to me since young. Well, i'll end my blogpost here, and i do hope you enjoyed reading about my day at The Story 2015.

Thanks for dropping by!
Sara xx

Monday, September 21, 2015

Amal's Bridal Shower

Hello! Recently me and a close uni friend planned out both of our classmate's special bridal shower just before her wedding which will be happening in early October! And Amal, if youre reading this, congratulations! Im so happy for you that im actually writing it out in my blog to remember the moment. Hehe.

Now, the decision was pretty hard to finalize on the location at first, but we finally decided on having it at The Majestic Hotel's Colonial Cafe as all the brides maid agreed on the pricing for expenses of the day. In case youre wondering, The Majestic Hotel does not allow too much deco to happen, but if youre decorating the table area, then they are fine with it. In our case, we really wantes baloons to be there, so we got an agreement with the management that they will keep the baloon and then take the baloons out once its a photo session. I think they were nice enough to consider out needs as well.

What we ( me and Putri) did to make the ocassion special was that we had a customised place mat, place cards of the attendees, some flower deco with petals, and a customised salted caramel cake in a jar. Simple, but it was really a lot of work to finalize and to get all the props prepared before the day. 

And when the bride to be arrived, we even surprised her with a veil and a sash to have some fun to give the crowd the message that there's someone here dining with us is getting married real soon! Hehe. Hoping you were surprised Amal! It took a lot of work to hunt down for theae props as it usually runs out of stock really fast at stores.

The day continued with the popular hightea set which usually requires reaervation to enjoy your afternoon in a lovely setting of the colonial days. We took photos and of course enjoyed our yummy pastries, sandwiches and cakes! Yum. And if you ask me, the hightea snacks were really filling despite the fact that this was me and Putri's first meal of the day. We had struggles finishing it too. 

A mandatory selfie of the bride to be with her brides maids is a must of course. Hehe. The day was filled with smiles in our little corner in the Colonial Cafe of The Majestic Hotel. We also enjoyed live music being played on the grand piano which really lifted the ambiance to be more sur-real. 

If youre planning to have your friends bridal shower at the Majestic Hotel, all you need to do is pay them a visit as they have really attentive staffs available who are more than happy to make your day a memorable one. Well thats all for now. If you have any questions on how we planned it all out, so not hesitate to leave me an email or leave me a comment below for more details which i would love to share with you. 

Thanks for reading, 
Sara xx