Friday, June 24, 2022

Shopee to help local sellers boost sales with more collaborative features

Shopee shared initiatives and resources to support local businesses at Seller Summit 2022 

Director of Shopee Malaysia Kavan Sito emphasised that the platform stays committed to helping more people and businesses access the benefits of the digital economy through technology.

Shopee seeks to help local sellers attract more new and returning customers on the platform with new and more collaborative seller marketing tools.

According to Kavan Sito, Director of Shopee Malaysia, starting Q3 this year, all sellers can expect to expand their reach through over 13,000 Shopee affiliate partners to gain a wider audience and boost sales via Shopee Affiliate Marketing Solution (AMS).

The affiliate partners include social media influencers, coupon and cashback platforms, price comparison platforms and content publishers.

Selected sellers who participated in AMS between October and December last year achieved up to 16 times return on their advertisement investment.

Speaking at the Shopee Seller Summit on 16 June, Sitosaid that reviews are essential to help create trust and appeal for a product online. As such, Shopee will also be enabling sellers to reward users for leaving useful product reviews.

Apart from that, the platform will also be enhancing its voucher features that will enable sellers to incentivise new buyers as well as reward repeat buyers for their loyalty.

“These are among many innovative seller marketing features that Shopee will be launching in the coming months to help sellers drive long-term business growth,” Sito said.

The Shopee Seller Summit-themed “Level Up: Driving Growth Together” was held at Sunway Resort, PetalingJaya, attracting 500 physical and close to 2000 virtual participants.

Sito said, “Shopee remains committed to upskilling and empowering local businesses. Apart from free training modules provided through Shopee University, Shopee is glad to be the trusted partner of government agencies to support local communities and drive training initiatives that help to upskill local businesses. This includes supporting sellers of all types, even some 5,000 university student entrepreneurs kickstarted their online selling journey through the Siswa Mall initiatives in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education.”

Shopee Seller Summit is also part of the #ShopeeSapotLokal initiative that aims to drive inclusiveness and create more opportunities for local communities.

An avid user of Shopee's programmes such as Facebook Collaborative Ads (CPAS) and Seller Affiliate Programme, 46 years old Kelvin Yam, who runs a stationery store - CX Trading on the platform said that the programmes had not only incentivised him to market his Shopee products on Facebook but also helped increased his average monthly sales by more than double.

“These programmes were very helpful for me to scale my Shopee business as I saw an almost 5X increase in sales. I am now generating an average monthly sales of about RM50,000,” Yam said.

Another seller, Ammar Izzuddin, 33 believes that beyond learning, one also needs to network and learn from other sellers to gain further experience in selling.

Ammar who sells baby products on Shopee said, “Through the networking opportunities at the Shopee Seller Summit, I gained insights on how other sellers strategise and forecast business opportunities, as well as manage their resources. These are all very insightful to help us understand how we can do better and scale in the long run.”

Ammar has been a loyal participant of Shopee Seller Summit for four consecutive years.

Sellers looking to impart their skills and knowledge can look forward to the ShopeeXperts programme applications in early August this year. Through this programme, selected top-performing sellers will be given an insightful 1-month training in marketing, operations, sales and presentation skills. This is a chance to establish credibility as qualified trainers and be able to help other sellers to drive growth for their businesses.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Mentholatum's Lip Pure Natural Beeswax | Food Grade Ingredients for Healthy Lips

Occasionally I would have to confess that I do love home remedies when it comes to coming up with whatever I have in the kitchen as a solution to a problem. For example, playing with honey and sugar, and turning it into a lip scrub when needed! I would have to say that the best satisfaction of using your own ingredients is knowing what is being applied to your body and skin. Today, I stumbled upon Mentholatum's Lip Pure Natural Beeswax in-store, and i found it interesting because it claims to use food-grade ingredients!

Considering if you're looking for the best for your lips then there's no wrong when it comes to picking a lip balm that is made out of the best and purest ingredients! When ingredients are natural, then you'd know that your lips will absorb only the best nutrients to maintain that healthy instagramable pout. The Mentholatum Lip Pure is a lip balm that your lips will love as it is formulated with essential natural ingredients to keep moisture on your lips locked in all day.

It contains only the highest quality of food-grade ingredients that have been globally sourced such as Beeswax, Royal Jelly, and Manuka Oil from honey bees, Lip Pure is formulated with Shea Butter and Avocado from America, Almonds from Spain, Macadamia from Australia, and Argan Oil from Morocco. Talk about having a fraction of the world's natural treasure on your lips? 

Lighly swatched

The Mentholatum's Lip Pure Natural Beeswax features key ingredients that are rich in Fatty Acids, which naturally moisturize the lips. It uses Avocados, which are rich in Vitamin A, D, E, and Shea Butter have been proven to promote natural collagen production, and with that, it can help the lips stay youthful. To top it off, Beeswax, Royal Jelly, and Manuka Oil from honey bees are used to lock in moisture and provide long-lasting hydration to keep your lips smooth and supple throughout the day.

The high concentration of natural ingredients in the formula allows even those with sensitive skin to enjoy Lip Pure lip balm. The properties of each ingredient allow them to absorb deep into the delicate skin on the lips with just one swipe. Wear it by itself for a natural look or under your favorite liquid lipstick to keep your lips from cracking and drying out. No matter what the situation, Lip Pure gives you the moisture that you need to keep your pout soft, smooth, and all-around enviable.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're looking for some natural goodness for your lips, then be sure to give yourself a go on Mentholatum's Lip Pure Natural Beeswax. The Lip Pure range offers 2 variants; the Mentholatum Lip Pure Botanical Oil and Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance-Free. You can get it from leading pharmacies across Malaysia for RM18.50 which I believe is worth every penny! Get yours today! 

Metholatum Malaysia

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Glow with Nutox Renewing Treatment | K-Pop Skincare offering Hydration and Glowing Skin

NUTOX Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence and Ampoule provides an instant, 
lasting glow with 72 hours of hydration

I grew to love Nutox when I was doing my degree, and I would have to say that it has never failed me when it comes to giving me clear skin. Since K-beauty is coming into the generation, the trend has taken the world by storm with a Korean wave craze! We're now returning to the office and universities in an effort to adapt to the endemic phase, NUTOX – Malaysia’s leading anti-aging skincare brand – is kicking off a K-pop-inspired thematic campaign to help Malaysians unlock hydrated, glowing skin with their NUTOX Renewing Treatment range. So get yourself excited! 

The NUTOX’s Get-Set, Glow campaign kickstarts with a bespoke K-pop-inspired music video with the same name, taking you on a journey to get that instant, lasting glow whilst highlighting the two stars of their Renewing Treatment range – the NUTOX Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence and Ampoule. The music video is now available for all to enjoy on NUTOX’s social media platforms and campaign microsite. I've included the video above, and i would have to comment that im loving the young vibe's!

I've used the range before and I would say that I love it just as much as i love any k-beauty skincare that i own. The Korean influence has driven the desire for ‘glass skin’ - hydrated, glowing skin - which the NUTOX Renewing Treatment range offers. For starters, I would highlight that this range has been formulated for a fuss-free, minimalistic skincare routine, which we see is perfect for the modern girl bosses, hustlers, on-the-go millennials, and Gen Z. ​​Used in tandem with each other, it’s the perfect recipe for instant, glowing skin.

Achieve Instant Radiance, 72 Hours Hydration

The NUTOX Renewing Treatment has been intricately formulated to boost hydration and radiance, giving you that instant, lasting glow and confidence without the need for an extensive skincare routine. Its Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence and Ampoule pack powerful vital ingredients such as Actistem Gold Nest (Bird’s Nest Collagen), Caviar Lime (AHA), Betaine, and Niacinamide, which have been proven to improve skin texture, and boost moisture and promote skin renewal. The range is also made with technology targeted to exfoliate gently, rescue deteriorated skin and brighten the complexion.

The Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence is formulated with moisture-packed molecules that penetrate quickly and deeply to provide instant and long-lasting hydration for up to 72 hours, whereas the Renewing Treatment Ampoule elevates the absorption of active ingredients. It restores a natural youthful glow, revealing instantly radiant skin in one application.

Ready, Get Set, And Win

The Get-Set, Glow campaign is now set to help Malaysians learn more about achieving the glowing skin of their dreams, beginning with the NUTOX pop-up at Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur till 15 May 2022. Visitors will be able to experience a skin test, view product demonstrations, enjoy NUTOX’s special photo booth, and more. The NUTOX pop-ups will also be happening at the following locations Queens Bay Mall, Penang (2-6 June 2022) and IOI City Mall, Putrajaya (22-26 June 2022).

On top of that, NUTOX has also partnered with Watsons to offer customers a special prize at their pop-up booth in Mid Valley. Until 15th May 2022, customers who spend a minimum of RM 100, RM 180 and RM 250 respectively on NUTOX products will stand a chance to win gifts that include the full Renewing Treatment range! The promotion also offers a weekend special where any RM50 purchase of NUTOX products can win you a cosmetic pouch, NUTOX tote bag, nano mist sprayer, and a NUTOX Bath Towel; while a purchase of any NUTOX products will see you walking away with free Korean snacks, and on weekends between 12-4pm, you could even redeem a free Korean-style makeup and hairstyling touch up by a professional!

Get the glowing skin of your dreams today with NUTOX’s must-have trial set promotion, exclusively on the NUTOX Official Store on Shopee! You can purchase the set with RM50 off for a limited time from May to June only. Meanwhile, the NUTOX Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence retails at RM79.90 and NUTOX Renewing Treatment Ampoule retails at RM88.90 and is available alongside the full NUTOX Renewing Treatment range at Shopee, Lazada, and in-store at Watsons, Guardian, and AEON Wellness.

Check out the NUTOX Get-Set Glow music video on NUTOX’s Facebook and YouTube pages at @NutoxStayYoung, or on Instagram @nutox_my. You can also watch the video and learn more about the campaign at

Friday, June 10, 2022

Join Order & Win Contest to Win Prizes Up to RM10,000 on ShopeeFood Day


ShopeeFood invites everyone to join the Order & Win Contest and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM10,000. With an array of exciting prizes ranging from MMX Cordless Vacuum CleanerMMX Rotisserie Oven, MMX Hand Blender & Food Processor, and ShopeeFood vouchersto be won, you can also double your chances of winning by ordering from any Super Deals restaurants. 


To participate, simply follow the official ShopeeFood Instagram account (shopeefood_my), order RM25 and above from ShopeeFood between now till 14 June and like/comment your order ID on this link to enter. Lucky winners will be announced on 30 June 2022.


Here are 3 WAYS to maximize savings on ShopeeFood Day:


1. Make the best of limited-time vouchers

Get your favorite snacks from popular joints likeBean Jr, Dao Desserts, or Lol Soon Kee Desserts that will surely tickle your taste buds, and redeem limited-time vouchers up to 65% daily between 3PM to 5PM.


2. Enjoy FREE delivery to the fullest

Surprise your best pals with something refreshing like LiHo Tea, Chatto Tea & Coffee, or JuiceLab to re-energize them after a long day. Let it be known that all-day-long free delivery vouchers are up for grabs! 


3. Get more discounts with the 1 SEN ShopeeFood Saving Pass

Satisfy your cravings from local and international restaurants like Little KL Food Hall, Salad Atelier, or Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill at only 1 SEN with ShopeeFood’s Saving Pass that allows you to get vouchers up to RM232.99. 





Be sure to check out ShopeeFood daily vouchers and checkout using ShopeePay for a seamless and convenient payment process.


ShopeeFood is currently available for delivery in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, and Penang. For more information on ShopeeFood Day, visit or follow@shopeefood_my on Instagram.


Terms and conditions apply.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Unlocking e-commerce success with Shopee Seller Summit

Attendees will have the chance to gain early access to Shopee’s Year-end Mega Campaign packages and special attendee-only deals

Returning as a hybrid event, Shopee will hold its annual seller summit on 16th June 2022 at Sunway Resort, Petaling Jaya, sharing key insights on how sellers can sustain their business growth online. The theme Level Up: Driving Growth Together, features a series of talks and panel discussions from industry leaders and distinguished experts. Shopee will also highlight support initiatives that will empower sellers to unlock new milestones. 

Tips and tricks from industry experts

Participants can look forward to gaining insights on boosting sales by tapping into Shopee’s ecosystem to understand new consumer behaviour. This includes leveraging the in-app engagement features such as Shopee Live and Shopee Feed to connect sellers with consumers, forging a personalised, engaging and social shopping experience. 

With the economy transitioning into the new norm, it is important to identify new consumer behaviours to adapt one’s e-commerce strategy accordingly. Through such guidance from real-life Shopee sellers, participants will be able to fully prepare themselves while seeking to expand their businesses in the long run. 

Learning useful knowledge to grow and scale online

Leon Wong who has been attending the Shopee Seller Summit since the year 2020 said the event is very insightful and helpful to sellers. “I will definitely recommend every seller to join the upcoming Shopee Seller Summit to be one step ahead.” 

Sehrish Kamran who planned to participate in the event again this year, emphasised her main takeaway from the previous event was hearing experiences from other sellers such as ShopeeXperts. “Hearing them talk about how they went from a one-man show to full-time business was something that really motivated and inspired me. I will definitely be joining again this year especially since we will be seeing it in real life.” 

Exclusive benefits for participants

The summit is open to all business owners including MSMEs, part-time sellers and more. Attendees will have the chance to gain early access to Shopee’s Year-end Mega Campaign packages and special attendee-only deals. All participants will also receive a digital certificate of attendance after the event. 

Tickets for the online session are still available at RM25 each. Existing Shopee sellers are eligible for RM50 in paid advertising credits for each ticket purchase and up to RM100 to be claimed for the purchase of more than one ticket (terms and conditions apply).  

Grab this chance to level up with Shopee!

Echoing Shopee’s mission of benefiting local communities through technology, Shopee Seller Summit 2022 is here to forge new opportunities and create values for the e-commerce community. The ticket sale ends on 3rd June 2022. Visit the Shopee Seller Summit’s page for more information.