Monday, February 19, 2024

Useful Computer Maintenance Tips You Should Know

If you are a computer user, there are some useful computer maintenance tips that you should know. It is important to perform maintenance work on your computer because it will affect the computer performance in the future. Other than that, it will help to protect all of your important data from being corrupted too. It is crucial to know the importance of taking care of your computer if you are a frequent computer user because it will help prolong your computer’s lifespan.

Some Useful Computer Maintenance Tips You Should Know Includes:

Delete unused files and programs to free space
Do review and delete all unused files and programs to clear up some disk space as this will help the computer to be easily updated to newer software. Beside that, with some free hard disk space, the computer will run smoother with less lag.

Be careful and avoid bringing food and drinks near your computer
It is important to avoid bringing drinks near your computer to prevent liquid spillage on your computer. The computer may be damaged which may cause some unwanted issues to the internal components of the computer including device failure.

Do not overheat the laptop
It is important to ensure your laptop is properly ventilated at all times. Use a cooling pad or fan if you’re using the laptop for many hours. Avoid putting your laptop under the direct hot sun because it will heat your laptop temperature and may lead to file corruption. Seek an experienced PC repairman to fix your overheating Microsoft Surface device quickly if you are unsure of how to resolve the matter on your own.

Take care of the laptop’s battery
Check your laptop battery health periodically. Don’t overcharge your laptop or leave your laptop charging overnight. If the battery looks swollen, seek help from an IT professional for a laptop battery replacement or repair service.

Cleaning your laptop’s hardware
Please ensure to clean your laptop periodically using a keyboard brush and clean dry cloth to help protect it from dust build up that can cause computer overheating issues and more.

Clear cache, cookies and history on your internet browser periodically
It is important to clear all of the cache, cookies and history on your Internet browser every two weeks or so. By clearing the cache, it will help to fix all of the frozen pages, outdated pages with old content and some applications that load way too long.

Ensure that you take good care of your computer with the tips given above for long lasting computer performances.

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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Maple Clinic Publika QRST Laser Treatment Review [2024]

Maple Clinic @ Menara 1 Dutamas (within Publika)

Turning into my thirties, I never thought that skin health is necessary when it comes to maintenance. I do not have really big concerns, but of course, I would definitely want to sustain my youth where possible. Today I'll be sharing with you about my visit to Maple Clinic in Publika which I recently visited and the reason to why im writing about it is because the services that they offer is beyond expectation. I was looking for a quick solution that solves not just one concern, but more of an overall combo that would target a majority of my concerns at one go. And here is where I met Dr. Aren.

I was served with tea while waiting

Meet Dr. Aren

On a first impression, Dr. Aren was actually very welcoming and I could tell from my first time meeting him that he is very passionate in his work. Pursuing to Master Dermatology and Aesthetics, Dr. Aren decided to further pursue his interests in these fields. In 2016, he obtained his Medical Aesthetic Certificate (MAC), specializing in dermatological and aesthetic procedures. This additional training allowed him to expand his expertise and provide comprehensive care to his patients.

Very detailed in explaining the skin layers to me & why problems arises

Dr. Aren’s dedication to his profession is evident through his continuous pursuit of knowledge and certification. Based on my personal experience, I would have to say that the impact that I knew that Dr Aren has went through extensive training in various aesthetic medical procedures, I can say that I know my skin is safe in his hands. In terms of trust, he definitely won mine effortlessly as he shared about his passion to embrace better improvement for the skin, just because. 


Now, the scarier part comes in when he highlighted about the procedure he recommended to do, which was the QRST treatment, which is the Quadra-Rejuvenation Skin Therapy that offers 4 advance modals to rejuvenate the skin. Hearing about this was really new to me as it combines different treatments all at one go! For those who are always running around the clock, this would be the perfect treatment to consider as it addresses skin concerns, strengthen the skin barrier, reduces chronic inflammation, and of course provide long lasting results. 

The treatment room

The Sylfirm X machine

The PicoSecond Laser and Aerolase Neo Elite

This treatment would involve 4 devices that I would say cost a whole lot of money, which includes the Styfirm X; focusing to repair and restore, then the picosecond laser ; to improve skin texture and skin tone,  followed by the Aerolase Neo Elite ; to reduce inflammation and destruct abnormal blood vessels, and ending it with the polycleotide skin booster ; which repairs DNA, promotes cellular regeneration and revitalise skin microenvironment. With that being said, would you believe it when I say that you can solve so much concerns all at one go, which would only take you about an hour of treatment? 

Mandatory photo before treatment

Too good to be true, I was actually impressed by the services provided by Mable Clinic. Definitely something very different that the other aesthetic clinics that I've been to. Dr Aren did elaborate the whole procedure and he did warn me that the skin booster treatment would involve needles and would be the most painful out of it all. I have to admit that im afraid of needles, but Dr Aren reassured me that he will be very fast during that procedure to reduce the pain period for me, which I thought was very considerate of him to be very honest pre-treatment. 


Very clinical and clean

Applied numbing cream

Jumping into the treatment room, I admire that it had very clean aesthetics, and behold, I saw all the machineries all in one room. Starting off with numbing cream, we had to leave it on for about 30 minutes to get the effects going, which led us to the Sylfirm X to repair and restore. I was a little surprised that this involved micro needles upclose but since this was the first treatment right after the numbing cream, it was barely painful. I would give it a 2 out of 10 on pain scale. Dr Aren then proceeded with the Aerolase Neo Elite which helped to reduce inflammation. Overall I would say that this had a laser feel over the skin, but still pain wise very bearable. Then this brings to us the Picosecond Laser which was no stranger to me. Typically it felt like a light burning sensation which targets pigments and darks spots, and honestly still not too bad despite the numbing cream effect was starting to fade.

Sylfirm X treatment the Aerolase Neo Elite

Followed by the Pico Laser and Polynucleotides Skin Booster Injection

Now, the last step was the Polynucleotides Skin Booster which was basically the needle injection over your skin. I told Dr Aren to not show me the needle cause my fear to it was rather real. Kept my eyes closed throughout the whole time, and I would definitely agree with Dr Aren that this was the most painful procedure compared to everything else. Considering the numbing effect started to fade, all I can say is that the pain was twitching on a scale of 6-7 out of 10. Still not too extreme, but I appreciate that Dr Aren knew that I was in pain half way, and he speeded up the process to make it real quick. After all, beauty does require slight pain am I right?


Right after the treatment was over. I was shocked with all the bumps

But 10 minutes later, the bumps slowly subsided

The whole process took about 60-90 minutes which I would say is rather quick. It's definitely a suitable treatment for those who are looking for something fast, yet effective in the long run. In terms of the down time, Dr Aren mentioned that it would be roughly 3 days. But to me, I would say that its about 3-4 hours visibly. After the injections, it did leave uneven bumps due to the booster essence, but as time passed by, my skin did appear a fairer with slight burn marks due to the laser within the same day. But it slowly subsided to be less obvious within 3-4 hours. The session ended at about 3pm, and by 7pm, the marks were barely noticeable. 

The moment I got into the car, not too bad in appearance

I actually had a meeting right after the treatment which I rushed for, and to my surprise, I got complimented that my skin looks glowy. I was actually really thankful that no one noticed the small bumps on my skin, but really, I think the instant glowing effect was definitely obvious. My skin did feel a little more sensitive towards sunlight, but Dr Aren did mention to avoid the sun for the next 1 week when possible to encourage better recovery. 


Post 1 week treatment. Skin seemed smoother but dry and reduced redness

As a verdict of my experience, I can say that the whole treatment did give me better skin, and may I proudly say does miracles. My concerns highlight more towards, acne marks, pigmentations, uneven skin tone, and aging, but after the treatment, the results were beyond my expectation. My acne marks and pigmentation definitely reduced significantly and my skin post 1 week looks sooo much healthier than before. I now have smoother skin with less bumps, lighten marks and pigmentations, reduced redness and less congested pores! Im pretty happy with the outcome and this definitely beats any aesthetic clinics that I've been to for its combination therapy that not only focuses on multiple concerns, but also giving you long lasting results. 

A month later, my skin was glowing. Bare in mind, this was very minimal make up, and I was only wearing blusher

Moving forward to a month post treatment, I can say that my skin still looks amazing just how it appeared after the treatment. Of course, to maintain good skin, I was also very diligent in ensuring that my skincare routine was well taken care of at home without skipping any sunscreen to optimise and prolong my skin improvement. Would I recommend you to seek of skin consultation at Maple Clinic? Without a doubt, it's a big fat YES! I love that there was no hard sell, their fees were very transparent and honest, and most importantly these are handled by trained experienced doctors to really focus on solving your skin concerns. The QRST treatment only requires 3-6months gap for maintenance if preferred, and the rest assured promising you results of improvement. 

Be sure to say hi to Dr Aren!

Well, I hope you found my write up useful, and I'll be very honest that this is an honest review that no one told me to write. From the experience to the results, im genuinely happy with the outcome. If I knew about their services sooner, I would have just ran to Maple Clinic instead of browsing through other clinics. Maple Clinic is located in Publika and for those planning to visit, they have a special car park for you to park at, right in front of the clinic. But really, they offer one of the best treatment that compliments really well with their hospitality. Will definitely come back here again and recommend you to visit Maple Clinic to seek for professional solutions to give your skin better life. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Unveiling Timeless Beauty: Skeyndor Eternal Launches in Malaysia

Beauty enthusiasts and skincare aficionados in Malaysia gathered to witness a momentous event – the launch of Skeyndor Eternal, a groundbreaking skincare line that promises to redefine the standards of timeless beauty. The anticipation surrounding this launch was very exciting, as im pretty sure all of the attendees wanted to know more about the world where science meets luxury; to unlock the secrets of eternal youth.

The launch was nothing short of a glittering affair. The venue was adorned with the elegance synonymous with the Skeyndor brand, creating an ambiance that seamlessly blended sophistication and innovation. I have to admit that we were all treated to an immersive experience that showcased the meticulous craftsmanship and research that explained more on Skeyndors latest range. 

The opening performance featured a mesmerizing dance routine with ballerinas adorned in LED-decorated costumes, setting an elegant and beautiful tone for the event. To kick off the launching ceremony, we had International beauty specialist Ms. Margaret Beales, who shared valuable insights on Skeyndor's skincare regimes, and we were really lucky to witness a demonstration of how to apply the Eternal range for optimal effectiveness. Ms Margaret did also highlight that for best results, you need to combine good ingredients with proper technique to achieve impressive results.

Awards were presented to Unique Aesthetics Sdn Bhd, recognizing it as the Top Leading Trusted Company For Professional Brand 2023/2024. The Skeyndor Eternal Series received the New Successful Product Innovation of The Year 2023/2024, while La Skinz Beauty Centre earned Editor’s Best Choice 2023/2024 and The Best Service of Beauty Salon 2023/2024 awards.

After the presentation and awards, it was finally time for the official unveiling of Skeyndor Eternal. The skincare range, presented with a curated collection of products designed to address the diverse needs of modern skincare, emphasizing the timeless allure of radiant, youthful skin.

The Eternal range underscores Skeyndor's dedication to anti-aging excellence, with a primary focus on the innovative use of plant stem cells and biotechnological ingredients, aiming to rejuvenate and redensify the skin at a cellular level. The range features:

Skeyndor Redensifying Night Oil: A lavish oil that nurtures the skin, promoting overnight rejuvenation.

Skeyndor Extraordinary Redensifying Serum: A luxurious formula revitalizing the skin for a youthful glow.

Skeyndor Rich Redensifying Cream: Specifically formulated for very dry skin, providing deep hydration and rejuvenation.

Skeyndor Redensifying Eye Contour: A targeted treatment for the delicate eye area, reducing puffiness and dark circles.

Skeyndor Eternal Redensifying Facial Roller: Complemented by salon-grade products.
Anti-Aging Innovations: Skeyndor Eternal boasts cutting-edge anti-aging formulations that harness the power of scientific advancements. Attendees were introduced to serums, creams, and masks infused with potent ingredients to combat the signs of aging effectively.

Beyond its efficacy, Skeyndor Eternal indulges the senses with its luxurious textures and captivating fragrances. The products offer a sensorial experience that goes beyond skincare, elevating the routine to a moment of self-care and indulgence. Honestly, this is the creme de la creame of skincare if you're looking for something that promises you results. Some of the benefits that I'd like to highlight from my attendance that day would be on their adaptive Formulas: One size does not fit all, and Skeyndor recognizes this. The Eternal range features adaptive formulas that cater to different skin types and concerns, ensuring a personalized approach to skincare for every individual

To conclude the day, it became clear that Skeyndor Eternal had successfully made its mark on the Malaysian beauty landscape. The launch event was not just a celebration of a new skincare line; it was a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering unparalleled beauty solutions. With Skeyndor Eternal, the pursuit of timeless beauty is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality. As Malaysian beauty enthusiasts embrace this revolutionary skincare range, Skeyndor cements its status as a beacon of innovation in the world of beauty and wellness.

The event also marked the launch of Skeyndor's Christmas and New Year CSR project, benefiting Rumah Kasih Harmoni Paya Jaras, home to 123 children. Gifts were presented to the principal of Rumah Kasih Harmoni, En. Jamalludin bin Wahab. In addition to Skeyndor's contributions, guests were informed to bring gifts for the children, which I thought was very sweet.

SKEYNDOR products are available online at Skeyndor's official website or through authorized beauty salons. For more information, visit the official website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sunplay's 'We Care for the Ocean 2023': A Wave of Success in Combating Beach Pollution

In a resounding triumph against beach pollution, Sunplay, Malaysia's go-to sunscreen brand, proudly announced the successful conclusion of its third annual CSR initiative, 'We Care for the Ocean 2023.' This year's campaign, conducted in collaboration with Watsons, the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), and climate action advocate Melissa Tan, has left an indelible impact on seven key locations across Malaysia.

Sunplay's General Manager, Lim Mei Yuen, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "Partnering with Watsons, the MNS, and Melissa Tan has truly amplified our efforts and made this campaign an extraordinary success. We were able to fundraise RM40,000 throughout the month of November."

Beach Cleanup Achievements


The dedication of 256 volunteers during this year's campaign resulted in the removal of an impressive total of 1,490kg of trash, surpassing last year's tally of 1,348kg. Cleanup efforts spanned across seven beaches, each with its unique contribution to the cause:

Pantai Sekendi in Sabak, Selangor – 165.9kg collected
Pantai Sungai Kajang in Tanjong Karang, Selangor – 720.9kg collected
Pantai Redang in Sekinchan, Selangor – 80.3kg collected
Pantai Batu Laut in Tanjung Sepat, Selangor – 23kg collected
Pantai Cunang in Tanjung Sepat, Selangor – 116kg collected
Pantai Blue Lagoon in Negeri Sembilan – 284.3kg collected
Pantai Morib in Selangor – 99.2kg collected

Lim Mei Yuen shared her delight, saying, 
"We are thrilled about the high volume of trash we managed to remove from our beaches."

Partnership and Mission Alignment

MNS Executive Director, Mr. I.S. Shanmugaraj, emphasized the alignment of the campaign with MNS's mission, stating, "We strongly feel that the core focus of this campaign resonates with our organization's mission, as it emphasizes conservation and appreciation of nature."

Melissa Tan, a fervent advocate for climate action and sustainability, echoed the sentiment, saying, "I believe we need to not only raise awareness about ocean pollution but to galvanize Malaysians to take action. What we choose to use or not use every day directly contributes to the problem."

Sunplay's 'We Care for the Ocean 2023' has not only achieved remarkable success in cleaning up Malaysia's beaches but has also fostered a sense of environmental responsibility and unity. The collaborative efforts of Sunplay, Watsons, MNS, and Melissa Tan demonstrate the power of collective action in preserving our oceans. To delve deeper into Sunplay's commitment to ocean conservation, visit Sunplay Malaysia's Official Facebook page. Together, let's create a wave of change for a cleaner, healthier planet.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Taking you to the OATSIDE Dessert Trail

Are you itching for something sweet to eat? OATSIDE is collaborating with more than 50 beloved cafe partners across the country on an enticing campaign that will leave you wanting more! Dessert enthusiasts are welcome to explore the delicious OATSIDE Dessert Trail from November 1st to November 30th!

As we reveal a trail of exquisite creations from Malaysia's most talented dessert artisans, get ready to embark on a dessert lover's dream. OATSIDERS have the opportunity to support neighbourhood cafes, participate in a national search to find their favourite candies, and enter to win special prizes!

Here’s how to join in the fun! 

Order the exclusive OATSIDE-infused dessert! 

There are two categories; 
OATSIDE Dessert Premium and OATSIDE Dessert Essential.

Scan the QR code during checkout; collect points to win big! 

For every purchase of OATSIDE Dessert Premium you’ll collect 2 points/per purchase; and for every purchase of OATSIDE Dessert Essential you’ll collect 1 point/per purchase.

More points = More chances to win!

Be one of 10 lucky winners and snag amazing prizes! 🎁🌟

"We're genuinely thankful for the strong partnerships with our cafe partners. Together, we've cultivated a strong community of OATSIDERS who always yearn for a more sustainable and healthier dessert option. Luckily for us, OATSIDE is so versatile and can be infused in so many dessert creations, from classics treats such as croissants to local-inspired delights such as Pandan Gula Melaka Panna Cotta. Personally, I can’t wait to try them all!" 

-Jessie Chuah, Country Manager for OATSIDE Malaysia.

#OatsideDessertTrail #OatsideMY #IndulgeYourCravings