Friday, February 6, 2009


see the dude in the picture? yeah, that's nazrain. haha.

and nazrain, please please please jangan marah :D you do look cute in this pcture ;D
haha. OMG! Nazrain! seventeen already? wait for me lerr, at least. ahhh! tau la looking forward to driving license, and whatever you nak when you're officially seventeen. i freaking hate u and yet i don't. haha. *naz sahaja yang faham*. so yeahh, happy birthday old dude :D yeay! the penting thing is that im still cuter than you. haha :) and and and and and sorry for not getting you a gift yet. i cant find the perfect gift for you. nak beli Ferrari, not enough money, nk beli country for you pun i tak de duit. so, tak pe lahh. haha. at least you dapat _n_in from langkawi and singapore. naz, you fill in the blanks okay? haha.

sekian, terima kasih :)

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  1. Haha...mesti best kan xD btw you look beautiful in the sabah uniform =)